The Spanish Princess (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Fever Dream

1 Previously, on "The Spanish Princess" ARTHUR: My bride has sailed, Mother? She has, Arthur.
LADY MARGARET: She's arrogant and overprivileged.
QUEEN ELIZABETH: Perfect character for a queen.
I don't like her.
She brings the might and wealth of Spain to us.
CATHERINE: You were more caring in your letters.
And did you write back? Harry.
People call me Harry.
I'm glad that you wanted to kiss my neck.
She thought she was writing back to you.
It doesn't matter.
He's jealous, because you will be King.
We paid a high price for you.
Your mother would only pledge your hand if there were none to challenge Arthur for the throne.
- Take your hands off me! - Let's have some fun.
OVIEDO: Do not be alone.
Men think of you badly.
You should have guarded me.
There is nothing I won't do to save my boys.
- HARRY: Hello again.
- CATHERINE: Daughter of Spain.
Wife to Prince Arthur, and soon, Queen of England.
Does it scare you? I asked my mother once why I was not afraid of my destiny.
She said I may as well be fearful of my own reflection.
There is no fear.
Our marriage has brought peace.
In the south, yes, but Scotland They raid across the borders.
They kill and rob your people, rich and poor alike.
Butcher them.
My father has a worse punishment in store.
He'll probably send my brother Harry to them, hitch him up to some Morag or Mordina.
Did I hurt you? Calm.
Calm, Arthur.
I am calm.
I may touch you? [GASPING] Do I not please? I cannot be rushed, like some horse to stud.
We should sleep.
As you wish, my lord.
[WAVES LAPPING] [BELL RINGS] [BELL PEALS] I'm glad you wanted to kiss my neck.
[DOG BARKING] [BELL PEALING] [SEABIRDS CALLING] You talk in your sleep, in Spanish.
That's a pity.
I wish to dream in English.
You should have woken me.
The banquet today is for the toast of Gaunt.
My father's idea, celebrate our bloodline.
I warn you we'll be required to dance.
I could teach you the pavane.
Must be English.
[FOOTSTEPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Some person from their consulate Ah.
he came and told me I should meet a Duke of "Rot-es-char.
" Rotes - "Rot-es-char.
" - char.
He has lands.
They all have lands.
"I have some countryside here and some countryside over there.
" Ah, but they do not all have wives.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] HARRY: Uh, good morning, brother.
Sunt tibi bene, uh, as the old Benedictines say? [LAUGHING] Well, but can you have a good night if you're a celibate monk? On your way, little brother.
I'm just concerned that she was too much for you.
[SNICKERING] What did Socrates say? When When men who are fond of spirited horses master those beasts, they find the rest of life easy to cope with.
And did you master your Iberian thoroughbred? Gentlemen, last night, I was in Spain.
- [LAUGHS] - Yes.
I will need a fresh fire in this room.
Last night's burned so fiercely.
There was much to burn.
[LAUGHTER] Fetch me more oil of rosemary.
Yes, Highness.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATION] [SIGHS] Good day again, exotic maid.
I am on business for the Infanta.
Our lady, the king's mother, has issued a decree that eligible noblemen, such as myself, should be introduced to the Infanta's ladies.
Uh, Her Highness chooses me my husband.
Your matchmaker is Lady Margaret, the king's mother.
No one marries in this court without her sanction.
The Infanta's ladies will be married to high-ranking Tudor men so she's certain of your loyalty, or else you will be tossed out from court.
I will choose my husband, alas, my lord, from men, not boys.
Uh Be sure Arthur manages the tenant lands.
Ludlow Castle is his formal seat now, and its estates are the responsibility of the Prince of Wales.
Of course.
We leave tomorrow.
I notice you avoid the princess Catherine.
Why is that? I-I do not, my lady.
I expect you or Sir Richard at court regularly to report back on the prince and princess and how they fare in Ludlow.
I imagine, my lady, the king's mother has her own methods of observing them.
The girl has a simple job to do conceive.
See to it that all elements of the house are conducive to it, and waste no time in sending news when she does.
We can shame the Spanish into sending the rest of the dowry - once the prince - Once the child is with child.
Oh, and I do observe, Lady Pole comings and goings, whispers in corridors.
Do you whisper in corridors? What would I possibly have to whisper about? [MUSIC PLAYING] [BELL PEALING] [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Our newlyweds look refreshed, don't you think? Well, reasonably.
They are working hard for England.
KING HENRY: We are gathered here today to celebrate the first day of the union between the crown of England and the kingdom of Spain.
When we look upon these two young people, we look upon the future of the throne and to their heirs.
[APPLAUSE] Arthur, Catherine you are both descendants of the first Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt.
England and Spain united in you.
[MUTTERS] [LAUGHS] If the wind changes and you're still staring, you'll be stuck like that forever.
HARRY: Poor thing, climbing under the sheets with my cadaverous brother.
What do you say, Chaplain Woolsey? Oh, Harry, you've changed little since your school days.
Is it this light, or does she look especially ordinary today? [MUSIC ENDS] [CROWD QUIETS] I don't know this.
It's a galliard.
A long, long road to this day, but it is here, by God's will.
And by the king's will, Your Grace, and by yours.
Is every word you say a rebuke to me, Maggie? Is every word you say to me a threat? I know nothing about these plots against England you imagine.
- [GALLIARD BEGINS] - [WHISPERING] I don't know it.
Your Grace.
It's like a pavane, same path, same pas ensemble.
Lady Pole.
I beg forgiveness for what was done in my name.
I throw myself upon your mercy.
I did not know.
I-I cannot speak of it.
Get up.
I am here, only because an innocent life was taken, your brother.
Edward was innocent.
I was a child, too, when it happened.
I am so sorry, so sorry.
- Oh! [GRUNTING] Ah! Hey, hey! [LAUGHS] [HARRY LAUGHS] [MUSIC ENDS] [APPLAUSE] Leave her alone, brother.
You're drunk.
[CROWD MURMURS] [MEN CONVERSING] - It's the Scots! - Aye.
[CROWD MURMURING] You disgusting heathens.
You dare to foul this day? Your Highness, these men are guests.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Now, as you recall from It's Come on.
Why are they looking at me? [STRINGED INSTRUMENT PLAYING] [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] Where did you learn the vihuela? Many people taught me many things.
Mi príncipe.
[PANTING] Do you love me? I love you.
I love you.
LADY MARGARET: Have courage, child.
KING HENRY and I can assure you that she is.
Then it's agreed, Your Grace.
I'll dispatch a message to Edinburgh.
To let the king know we have a treaty.
Then she'll suit him? She's young.
That suits him well.
Meg, you know these gentlemen.
They've ridden from King James.
Scottish thugs, Father, men who raid our land and kill our people.
William Dunbar is the most celebrated poet in Scotland.
And an eloquent ambassador.
King James and I have brokered peace between our two countries that will put an end to our grievances, a peace that will be sealed with your marriage.
[SIGHS] Just like that? Like that.
[WHISPERING] Our countries have been at war for two centuries, girl.
You knew that one day a husband would be chosen for you.
A gift of goodwill.
Uh LADY MARGARET: Wait! A wild girl for a wild country.
Meg, this treaty with Scotland turns the sword into a wedding band.
You throw my body to them for their old king to pounce on.
Catherine would kill them with her bare hands.
ARTHUR: You did not enjoy the day, did you? Was it Harry? I did not ask your brother to write to me nor did I know it was him when I replied.
I feel foolish enough that I was tricked.
Can we not just put it behind us, Arthur? The letters are now ashes.
I understand now what it took for us to marry.
Your cousin, Edward of Warwick, was executed.
Don't talk about that.
To clear the path for us.
On your own mother's command.
You blame my mother for this? Blame your own.
Is that why you can't touch me? When we reach Ludlow, you will learn to perform your duty.
I am trying to perform my duty now, Arthur.
You won't let me.
I will sleep alone tonight.
Should I warn my ladies this is what it is to be a Tudor wife? The cold and the damp shrink all desire and all joy.
I have seen things that you, hidden away in your dark little country, could never dream of.
I am the daughter of the two greatest monarchs this world has ever known.
If you challenge me I shall defeat you.
[SCOFFS] Perhaps you already have, Catherine.
I am ordered to see you off and wish you well, but I wish they'd ordered me to come with you.
Still, they say the sweat is back.
Maybe I'll be lucky and drop dead.
Meg, let us say goodbye properly.
We are sisters now.
So strange.
You knew about your wedding since you were a girl.
My mother told me stories of England since I was this high.
Now, I thought at first they were child's tales, but she was turning the soil, and planting this country in my heart.
Now, even though it is strange and new, it still feels like mine.
It was my mother's gift.
It was a gift I wanted.
And you never doubt? Whatever awaits you in this life, you must fijar fix your place in the heavens.
What if you don't want the place that others pick for you? Then pick your place, not theirs, sister.
That rose petal gets to be the King of England, and dull-eyed Meg gets to be the Queen of Scotland.
My darling, you have the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet.
God has gifted you a thousandfold.
He has great plans for you.
Ah, Meg, are the Scots to your liking? Have you learned to "toss the caber"? - [GRUNTS] - Ignore him, Meg.
Give those Scots merry English hell.
What do we do in Ludlow? Uh, there is no better way to learn how to rule a country than by ruling a principality first.
My lady, the king's mother has given many instructions to keep your days filled.
Your nights, of course, you can fill as you choose.
Board games, perhaps, though not solitaire.
[SNICKERS] What did you tell him? [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [SINGING ENDS] CATHERINE: If just one of my childhood stories had made mention of this awful English light Then let us change it, and maybe it will lighten the prince's heart.
[PARROT SQUAWKS] [PANTING] Who's winning? The tree.
[CHUCKLES] I have realized something.
I have seen a portrait of her, but she never saw a picture of me.
You are the sweetest of men.
Hmm? You You used to do that to us as children.
No, it wasn't me.
Teddy used to do it.
Oh, it's all right.
I've had my own struggle with Catherine, but then I thought she must be spinning like a top in her mind also, yes? She just hides her fear better.
Besides, I think Teddy likes her.
What do you mean? Oh, he's never far away.
If he were here, we'd all be playing fox and geese together.
[LAUGHS] Oh, Arthur.
Aunt Maggie, my mother asked me to spy on you.
Of course she did.
Your mother and the king see plots abroad and plots at court.
But we out here have a chance to be happy.
[CHUCKLES] I should take confession.
Too much like a church? Please, come here.
You are afraid, because you do not know me.
I want you to understand what I am.
I am your wife, yes, but I am also Infanta of Spain.
- I know that.
- But you do not know.
I grew up in a Christian court.
We are Catholics, and we made all of Spain Catholic.
And yet there is another side to us not in faith, not in culture.
We eat at low tables.
We say grace, but we live in rooms studded with jewels of al-Andalus and Ethiopia.
I believe in the one true Catholic faith, but I respect the beauty of Islam.
I want you to know these two sides of me.
Tell me more about your home.
The Alhambra? When you enter the first room, it is small - like a merchant's house.
- I was told it was grand.
But then you pass through the first room, and you enter the Golden Chamber.
When I was a girl, the Golden Chamber seemed as big as the sky.
I cannot remember a time I was not betrothed to you.
We were both small children then, and now look at us.
Look at us, Arthur.
We are masters of our destiny now.
And we have time to know each other in all ways.
[MUSIC PLAYING] [SHUDDERS] [PANTING, MOANING] ARTHUR: "I will never boast, but cherish humility instead.
"I will speak the truth at all times, "and forever keep my word.
"I will defend those who cannot defend themselves.
"I will honor and respect women.
"I will be faithful in love and loyal in friendship.
I will be generous to the poor and to those who need help.
" King Arthur? Which makes you Guinevere and Westminster Camelot.
- [LAUGHS] - Why not? - Who would stop us? - Una mesa redonda? The Round Table? And we'll make Stafford and Wiltshire and Suffolk, make them all sit around it.
No more plots and secrets.
Fair taxation.
Something to work for, then, together.
Look at this.
It's a thing of beauty.
It's a page from my own translation of De Imitatione Christi, printed by Caxton on his press for me.
I supported him when he began his labors.
Lady grandmother, my father is making a mistake.
What kind of men serve this King James? They have been here for months, and they are drunk all the time.
Oh, Meg.
Do you know why this is beautiful to me? It is the mind settled on a page.
A life settled can be just as beautiful.
You should be grateful that your life is settled.
Many would want it.
They leer at the married ladies of the palace.
They even touch them.
They call me "little fishy," their king's little fishy who has been caught.
Is this dignified for our family? One of them relieved himself against the Royal Chapel.
The king prays in there every day.
Is this what they think of us, that our palace is nothing but a street market? Would King Henry of England send his daughter to such men? For peace, yes.
And you pay these brutes huge sums of money to take me away.
That is no concern of yours.
King James is old.
Not that old.
He's old, and he'll die, next winter, if it is harsh.
And who will take his place? Someone who wants peace or good old war? My daughter bleats.
It may sound like reason, but trust me, it is simply bleating.
And yet I find myself wondering why we're paying out 100,000 crowns to King James when he might be dead in a year.
For the treaty.
But we can't pay the dowry on Meg if the Spanish don't pay us for Catherine.
We can't afford it.
Spain will pay as they promised.
Well, then let us cancel the wedding and hold on to Meg until they do.
Your thoughts? [SIGHS] Forgive me for saying it, Your Grace, but no Spanish money is forthcoming, so perhaps we should change course.
The Scots wouldn't make war with us now that Isabella is our ally.
The treasury is empty, Henry.
The Scottish peace will hold without an expensive wedding.
It has to.
At least, for now.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [BEE BUZZING] What is this? It's not very I've read the poets and Aquinas, but I do not possess their abilities.
It is very fine, Arthur.
But not as fine as others can achieve.
Others have not achieved my hand.
They walk, play games, and they're always [SMOOCHING] - Ah, come on.
- [LAUGHTER] ARTHUR: But this means that I dare not Have they found love? They have found something.
So have I.
You found ruin, but now it must be over.
Eh? I am gitana.
Once we came from the east, and then A gypsy, I know.
And we marry for love, and, um, they say on English is Desire.
And we marry for love and desire.
But here, we marry for our future and our safety.
We came here to be ladies of the court.
We must marry into Tudor, or we will be sent straight back to Spain.
It's true.
We may not pick just who we wish.
He must be Tudor.
So you will marry Charlie "Barandon"? [LAUGHS] No, not him.
Someone else.
And first you will take your ruin with the bowman? Of course I won't.
Don't say such things.
But you must stop your whoring.
Don't say it like that, Lina.
You will stop your games with Lord Stafford, or you will not find a Tudor man to take you.
I will not see him, on my family honor.
- [GASPS] - I will not.
Uh, you are sick.
I am just warm.
- [GROWLS] - [LAUGHTER] Coming! Isn't it a good day? [MUSIC PLAYING] [BIRDS WARBLING] Lina! Lina! [MOANS] Forgive me.
ROSA: What are you doing to her? [HORSES NEIGH] [WATER SPLASHES] ROSA: Is she going to die? Lina, I am here.
[MOANING] Lina And now you know of me.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [RUNNING FOOTSTEPS] [NEARBY SHOUTING] WOMAN: Come quickly! Come, come! Where are my ladies? Lina? Rosa? [MUSIC PLAYING] I do not understand why he is in this wing of the castle and why I cannot see him.
Don't come any closer.
No, you must not.
But what is the nature of this illness? PHYSICIAN: Stoke the fire.
He must sweat it out.
- Yes, right away.
- Where are you Why is he leaving the prince? He's preparing him a draft.
They will not neglect him.
I am staying.
You can't, Your Grace.
It is the sweat.
Thousands died when the Tudor army brought it to England.
[HORSE NEIGHS] It's all right.
[BELL TOLLING] I will come and get you very soon.
News from Ludlow.
What is it? I'll call for our escort.
We have a long ride ahead of us.
I know how much you love him.
I also try to love him.
I know you love the idea of being queen.
You still think so badly of me.
No, it's not your fault.
You were bred for it.
But I have seen so much ambition in my life.
My family have been the victims of it.
Lady Pole Maggie come.
Pray with me.
[VIHUELA PLAYING] You cannot risk this, Your Grace.
This is too dangerous.
Catherine, don't.
Everybody out.
Leave me with my husband.
[ARTHUR MOANS] S-Stay away.
[SIGHS] What can I do? What do you want? I want [COUGHS] to live.
Your father will ride to you.
I know it.
[SHUDDERING] I'm sorry.
They will They will send you back to Spain.
And I dreamed of Camelot.
[MUSIC PLAYING] And And Teddy was a knight of the Round Table.
[COUGHS] And he had a place set for me.
Not Arthur.
Please, not Arthur.
His body comes to London.
His heart will be buried here.
He found happiness with you.
I believe some, Your Grace.
KING HENRY: You will return to Westminster with us.
We will see if you are with child.
Pray God you are.
He liked honey.
I will make sure there is bread and honey after the funeral in London.
Maggie? I told you this would happen, Lizzie, and you let Teddy and your own brother die on that scaffold.
I told you the Tudor curse would grip you and your children.
Where is his future now? Oh, Arthur, to be born into such a family as this.
You say too much.
Perhaps you and the king have enemies after all, Your Grace.
Rosa says you sat with me day and night.
Not all the night, eh? I have to to sleep to keep my fine looks, no? [LAUGHS] You saved my life.
For your trouble.
Forgive me, Highness.
I am told you were sick.
I am much improved.
I am glad.
I am so sorry for your loss.
He had hopes and dreams.
[MUSIC PLAYING] We are returning to London in the early morning.
You wished to see me, Lady grandmother? Yes.
Our deal with Spain has altered.
Into what, we don't know yet.
God has turned our faces towards the north, gently, but firmly.
We will need Scotland more than ever now.
[SPEAKING LATIN REQUIEM] [BELL TOLLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] What will happen to her now? I do not care what will happen to her.