The Spanish Princess (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

An Audacious Plan

1 Previously, on "The Spanish Princess" Poor thing, climbing under the sheets with my cadaverous brother.
CATHERINE: I understand now what it took for us to marry.
Your cousin, Edward of Warwick, was executed.
On your own mother's command.
You blame my mother for this? Blame your own.
We can shame the Spanish into sending the rest of the dowry once Once the child is with child.
The Infanta's ladies will be married to high-ranking Tudor men so she's certain of your loyalty, or else you will be tossed out from court.
ARTHUR: Don't come any closer.
You can't, Your Grace.
It is the sweat.
I told you the Tudor curse would grip you and your children when you let Teddy and your own brother die on that scaffold.
We will see if you are with child.
Pray God you are.
MAGGIE: What will happen to her now? I do not care what will happen to her.
[SLOW-MOTION BELL TOLLING] QUEEN ISABELLA: "Daughter, if God has not graced you with child, you are to return to Spain, but only after your dowry's repaid and your marriage portion of the prince's lands settled on you from my own hand.
Your mother.
" [TOLLING CONTINUES] The litter has arrived, Highness.
I didn't send for a litter.
My lady, the king's mother sent it to carry you to the funeral.
Why would God take him from us? He sends us another.
Please try and eat something before we leave.
AMBASSADOR: My lady, the king's mother, a day so Sí.
And I hope you bring happier news, Ambassador.
The unpaid half of Catherine's dowry, perhaps? Oh, uh, no, my lady.
Uh, I come to tell you that, uh, Catherine, Princess of Wales "Dowager Princess of Wales.
" We say, "dowager," for widow.
She thanks you for the beautiful litter, but she prefer to arrive, um And how exactly does she prefer to arrive? In a gilded chariot drawn by the horses of St.
Mark's? [BELL TOLLING] Bless you, Princess Catherine! - Bless you, Princess Catherine! - Bless you, princess! [CHATTER FADES] God bless you, Princess Catherine.
Arthur is in our hearts.
Bless you, princess.
Bless your husband.
God bless you.
God bless you, Princess Catherine! HARRY: Princess Catherine.
Your loss has endeared you to the people.
They share your grief.
They didn't know him.
My own grief is, defiled with guilt.
I wasn't very kind to my brother.
[PRIESTS CHANTING] Princess Catherine, may I lead you in? [CHORUS SINGING] [ARMOR CLANKING] [SNAP ECHOES] [MUSIC PLAYING] [WAILING] [ROSA WAILING] What in heaven's name are they doing? They are keening, my lady.
This is the tradition in Spain.
We're not in Spain.
They must stop.
Let them wail.
[KEENING CONTINUES] [MUSIC PLAYING] You prefer a mule to a litter made especially for you? A mule was good enough for the mother of our Lord, my lady.
Is this your way of sending us a message? Are you to be a mother? Your condition is an affair of state, and under our agreement My condition is unclear.
Ergo, so is your standing in this court.
You are no longer Princess of Wales.
But, if you're carrying a son, you will be lady mother of the king, just like me.
God willing.
Come and play with your brother.
The people are afraid.
They say the sweating sickness that took Prince Arthur is back to end the Tudor rule.
How much longer will they feast upon that? Until the line of succession is clear, my lady.
Spain insists we pay the widow's jointure, a third share of Arthur's lands promised in the marriage contract, and we must return the dowry.
The boy is barely in his grave, and all they can think about is gold.
Unless that girl is carrying an heir, our alliance is in shreds, and every York who ever had a claim will be raising men against me.
I'll hasten Meg's marriage to Scotland.
That will keep one hostile camp at bay, at least.
People speak of the color in her cheeks.
They say she is glowing.
She always glows.
We should start sewing now, little hats [SPEAKING SPANISH] and vests for the baby.
Rosa, she will tell us when she knows herself.
Let me get you some wine, Highness.
I never would have allowed Arthur to roam free around Ludlow if I knew there was an outbreak of the sweat.
I didn't "let him" do anything.
He was a man grown with a wife.
You sent your own children away to protect them.
- After Arthur fell ill.
- How fortuitous.
This is your foul harvest.
Don't try to lay it at my doorstep.
Children something sweet will soothe your pain.
CHILD: Yes, please.
Now, let me see if I have this right.
You must be Ursula.
I am.
Which means you must be Reginald.
Yes, I'm Reggie.
Highness! [PANTING] You've had your courses for days, but you do not tell anyone.
I do not understand.
My mother writes that I must return to Spain.
Tell me, Lina, what will happen to you if we did? To Rosa or any of my household? - I have - It will be a modest life, not the one your parents planned for you.
Plans must change sometimes.
Arthur dreamed that England might be ruled, as in Camelot.
It was a beautiful dream, for you to be the queen, for us to marry nobles, but now we are awake.
I am a Spanish princess, sent by God to marry the future king of England and bring peace, and that's what I shall do.
God would have me wed Prince Harry.
But you are his brother's widow.
It is impossible.
It is forbidden.
Not if Not if I'm a virgin, if my marriage wasn't It was not consummated.
But it was.
But think, Lina.
Did you see us? Was anyone in that chamber except Arthur and myself? Forgive me, Highness, but you were heard, not just by me, but by Lady Pole.
And what did you and Lady Pole hear? Some noises of pleasure.
I did try to please him, but we did not lie together.
I won't be passed around Europe like a collection plate, handed off to France or Austria.
I came here to forge an alliance with England, and that is what I'll do.
Only then can I protect my household.
Don't you see? There is no going back for any of us.
Do you even know if he wishes it? Do you wish it? I cannot stay here with the queen.
I will take the children home.
Maggie, you must make peace.
You know our children have been interviewed by Wolsey? What? He asked if we'd had any visitors at Stourton, any cousins from abroad, what the talk is at our table, what banners we keep in the house, and whether you write letters.
We've done nothing.
They are children.
And so was Teddy, and that didn't save him.
Make your peace.
There is nothing more dangerous than a grieving monarch.
Henry feels God has crossed him, so he looks for others that do the same.
A snake bites not because it's been stepped on, but because it might be.
Children, you all just gather your things, please.
Everywhere, there's talk.
Outside, the people talk of our demise.
Inside, they talk of enemies.
In France, mercenaries are being gathered against us as we speak.
What did Maggie Pole say to you? Did she speak of her Plantagenet cousins? She still refuses to attend my confinement.
Is it all my fault? Is there a curse on us, and am I to blame? [SHUSHING] Shush.
Just be quiet.
All right.
Come, come, come.
[SHUSHING] Now, now.
Now, now, now, now.
No, God loves us.
God loves us as we loved Arthur.
Princess Summertime.
You're the only sunshine round here.
- [CHUCKLES] - Bit soft, really, so - Don't tell Charlie.
- [LAUGHS] I was hoping I might see you.
I wanted you to have something of Arthur's.
It's fine work.
Thank you.
My mother herself never uses a crossbow.
- She cannot bolt it - I should expect not.
She's just a woman.
She cannot bolt it on horseback, and she likes to ride into battle.
What? My mother fought a battle while I was in her womb.
Wild women in your country.
They wail in public, and they fight in battle? It's unnatural.
My lady grandmother says that the wise woman finds strength within her God-given role.
My mother's role is God-given.
She's anointed by the pope.
Her weapon is her horse.
He's an Andalusian stallion, 16 hands, with white socks.
He can break a man's neck with one kick.
I want one.
I'd ride it straight into France.
My mother is also skillful with a sword, and she taught me well.
King James of Scotland has settled his headquarters on the borders at Ladykirk, where he's just built a beautiful church.
Ah, come now.
He's an educated man.
He speaks several languages.
Well, then, I wish him the plague in all of them.
My dear child, that is how every woman feels about her husband at first.
You know, I was married 12 years old.
I'd only had one monthly course, just one, before I was with child.
And that child was your father.
You must do your duty, just as I did, for your father, for me, for poor, dear Arthur.
You must wed to keep the country safe.
[BIRD SQUAWKING] I will see my baby brother born.
No one will deny me that.
Oh, what is that infernal noise? [BIRD SQUAWKING] [SIGHS] Hmm.
This sword is blunt.
They both are.
We wouldn't want you cutting yourself.
Oh, I could still hurt you with this.
You may have swords and spears, but you can conquer nothing without mosquetes.
[BOTH GRUNT] Mosquetes? And cannons.
Well, we have cannons.
Have cannons.
The city walls of Granada crumbled under cannon fire.
Oof! The Moorish sultan wept as he left.
Weeping like a woman for what he couldn't defend like a man.
Weeping like a Moor who sees he is not fighting on the side of God.
[TAPS] [SWORD TIP SCRAPING] What, have you had enough, Princess Summertime? [SQUAWKING] You fight almost like a real soldier.
I am every inch the soldier [CLOTH RIPS] And commander.
And I have my own ideas about our military forces.
I'm going to have a foundry that makes impenetrable armor.
Oh, all armor has weak spots.
- [SQUAWKING] - What is this display? You dare swordplay with the Tudor heir? - Eh, is that - HARRY: Uh I think she's talking about me.
I mean both of you.
Well, it was only in fun.
You are not to blame.
It's natural for a young man to caper.
You, put that down, and come with me.
[PARROT SQUAWKS] And would somebody take this thing to the menagerie, where it belongs? Come along.
Ah, England versus Spain, mano a mano.
I will not raise arms at you, my lord.
Well, I command it.
You're in my country now.
What? [SCOFFS] Oh, God.
In England, widows don't handle swords, much less a widow carrying a prince in her womb.
You do know, I presume, the basic signs if you're with child? Oh, yes, my lady.
The The belly swells like a great piel de sapo, the melon.
The early signs, disagreeable stomach, tender breasts.
My stomach is often against me, as I fast on Wednesdays, and my bosom is always tender.
I'm trying to help you, child.
I must know if you have bled since Arthur's death.
Surely we should have your news by now.
When my brother died, I didn't bleed for four months, so it's hard for me to know.
I hoped you'd be like your mother, wise and brave as a man, but now I see you're your father's daughter, as tricky as a fox.
I have no talent for tricks, and I have no news for you.
[SCOFFS] What are these boys of England? One so weak, and the other, ay! [LAUGHS] [GASPS] Maybe not.
Now Arthur is dead, we don't know what will happen.
[MUSIC PLAYING] [SIGHS] Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
[DOOR OPENS] [PANTING] Where were you? I Taking Dominus to the tower.
You said before that Lady Pole believes our marriage was a a true one.
Then she needs to understand she is mistaken.
I have no power to make her doubt her own mind.
She cannot contradict me if I am to marry Prince Harry.
But did Harry speak of marriage? He likes me.
He wrote me those love letters.
Well, once you're sure the match is in the prince's pleasure, it will be time to speak to Lady Pole.
If you speak too soon, you may make waves against yourself.
I hope my lady grandmother didn't speak too harshly to you.
[CHUCKLES] She's not used to, well, girls like you.
I do not grieve as they expect, and then I feel that I am wrong for being as I am.
I feel the same.
I'll teach you how to play my grandmother, but you will teach me - Sword fighting? - No.
I am much better at that than you, - and I always will be.
- [CHUCKLES] No, um, you will teach me I'll think of something.
I will sleep.
You may tell me in the morning.
[BUOY CLANGING] I knew Arthur's death would affect you the most, darling boy.
The soul of a poet is easily bruised, but it will heal with time.
You will make an excellent Prince of Wales.
And you have another brother on the way.
Does that not soothe you a little? Does that cheer you, hmm? Catherine.
Did you know her mother has a horse that can kill a man with a single kick? Break his neck clean.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Fresh air is tonic for us both.
My last look at the world before so long in darkness.
Your confinement will pass swiftly, and then you will be back into my arms with our newborn son.
My mother said that I should guard my heart, that Arthur didn't belong to me, he belonged to the throne.
He sits beside a greater throne now.
She lost two sons, both destined to be kings.
So many destinies cut short.
Henry, was it worth it? Did so many people have to die so that you could hold the throne? [SIGHS] We've had 15 years of peace, and I would do it all again for England and for you.
We have much to be grateful for.
Three children grown, one more soon to be with us, an alliance sealed with Scotland.
And our love all these years.
Hold that to your heart.
It will keep you strong.
[LAUGHS] Excuse me, Your Grace.
We carry water to warm the Infanta's bath.
Yes, she told me.
[STIFLED GIGGLING] Shh, shh, shh, shh.
He's ready.
[CHUCKLES] Tonight, you will tell him.
You may take the evening for yourself.
See? So many little seeds.
They grew in the garden of paradise.
God spread the seeds all over the Earth.
You must eat all of them, because you never know which one came from paradise.
[SCOFFS] Well, you can be sure of one thing, that none of them came from Scotland, which is far from paradise.
- [MARY LAUGHS] - Come.
Let's play hide-and-seek.
[GIGGLING] MARY: One, two, three [OVERLAPPING CHATTER] It was him, then me.
- [LAUGHTER] - Yes.
I like here.
In England or this tavern? Here, tavern.
[CHUCKLES] Such a strange country.
And they lock up their feelings, but mix freely with each other in the taverns.
The Moor, too, can be free here.
Well, the Moors are free in Spain.
Not to worship, but to live, at least.
I speak to men of ships.
They talk of la Inquísición.
Moors who would not be Christian, they leave Spain, or they die.
What do you mean? The inquisidores, they kill the musulmanes men, women, niños.
I have no news from mi familia, but I think I can never go back.
Ni ahora, ni nunca.
You could convert.
My parents did.
Lina, you no hear me.
The inquisidores no care.
You look like Moor, like me, you go back, you die.
We make lives here now.
[SCOFFS] You sound like the Infanta.
The Infanta will stay? No.
Nothing is certain.
Una cosa si es segura para mi.
[MUSICIANS PLAYING] [SINGSONG] Where are you? You look thin.
Are you eating? - I'm always eating.
You know that.
- Where are you? You are one of those for whom food and good wine do not alter girth.
Lucky fella.
Where are you? For heaven's sake, Mary, she's right there.
- Found you! - [LAUGHS] - Again! - That's enough now, Mary.
Grace, please put her to bed.
Yes, Your Highness.
CATHERINE: If Your Graces will permit, I wish to retire myself.
HARRY: Really? I will spend some time at prayer.
Very well.
We bid you good night.
- Oh, there's our Moor, eh? - Oh, hey.
Trying to slip the traces? [LAUGHS] Lina estos son mi amigos.
They learn for me, uh, English.
Oh, uh, you speak-a the English good, little brown sparrow? I speak English perfectly well.
[LAUGHING] Oh, he's very good, is Oviedo.
Is good, no? I buy the drinks.
You want a Oh, I'm dying for a piss.
OVIEDO: in the circle, no? The Infanta is expecting me.
Lina, stay.
These are friends.
We mix free, like you say.
I am of a royal household.
I can't mix free with [SOLDIER BELCHES] with soldiers.
I-I'm sorry.
I must go.
I was at prayer.
And I'll wager that you were praying for a boy.
But I am always praying for a boy, our blessed Lord, Jesus Christ.
Today, I watched a flock of birds flying home in a giant V shape in the sky, swifts.
They migrate here from Spain to mate and I must follow them.
I don't want you to go.
My mother is already planning my next marriage, though in God's eyes it will be my first marriage.
Your first? How so? I-I won't speak against your late brother.
[LAUGHS] What do you mean? Did Wait.
Did he do something to you? No, Arthur didn't do anything at all.
Because he Because he couldn't.
[LAUGHS] Oh, poor old Arthur.
- I always thought he was a rose petal.
- No, I I don't want to shame him.
No, no, you haven't, and you're not.
It's not his fault.
I simply wanted you to know before I journey back to Spain.
But don't you see? If you are still a maid, then, Catherine, I can be your husband.
You may marry the prince that you wrote love letters to all along.
Will you have me? I - Harry, I - No, Catherine, I will raise you up, you you and all of England.
You will be my princess and and my queen.
Harry, is it possible? I will tell my father that he must get permission from the pope, and then we will be married.
[LAUGHS] He wants to marry me.
He will go to ask the king, and if he agrees it, I must bring over Maggie Pole.
If Harry is for you, she cannot stand against you.
No, the king would need permission from the pope.
It will take time for a letter to reach Rome, and if she should speak against me in that time, then I would be undone.
This is the only way you'll make a marriage to a nobleman, as your parents wished for you.
We must do this for all our household.
I have a cramp.
Should I call the physician? Mm.
HARRY: Father.
Lady Mother, are you well? The child is heavy, nothing more.
What is it, Harry? I would like your blessing to be wed.
As Prince of Wales, my match must be in service of our country.
Well, who would you have, Harry? Princess Catherine.
She's not with child, and the alliance must be Harry, you must wed a maid.
You know that.
She didn't lie with Arthur, so she is intact.
Arthur couldn't do his duty by her.
Father, I would like to marry her.
England is in turmoil, and this will see off any challengers to the throne.
You and your sense of duty warms me.
But papal dispensation is required, I know.
But I believe the pope will give it in the circumstances.
We shall speak more fully about - this as we - [WINCES] - Lady Mother? - Lizzie? The child is coming early.
- Henry! - Are you certain? [GASPS] - Come on.
Stoke the fire.
Help us, please.
- Here.
- [GROANING] - Grandmother, is everything all right? - [SHUSHING] Come on.
- You've done this before.
- Is it always like this? - Henry, go.
- No! Henry, stay with me.
I'm here, my love.
I'm here.
- Henry, it is not right - I'm staying! - [ELIZABETH SCREAMING] - Unlace her.
Very good, my lady.
MEG: Father, what's happening? [ELIZABETH SCREAMING] - MEG: Father? - The ropes.
Yes, here.
Where is her physician? Aunt Maggie.
Dear cousin, I'm here.
Why is she here? You asked for her, my love.
She hates me! She will ill-wish my child! Would you take this son away from me as well? - No, Lizzie.
- MEG: Please, don't - Stay back.
- Will that be enough for you, Maggie Pole, two sons for one brother? Two brothers, Lizzie, yours and mine.
Get out! Get out! [SCREAMS] Go! Go back to Stourton.
She doesn't want you here.
[WAILS] No, Lizzie, Lizzie, now, now.
Now MEG: It's going to be all right, Mother.
[FADING CHATTER] Do you think he's asked his father yet? What if he does not agree? Highness.
A message from the prince.
He says his father will agree it.
[LAUGHS] Lady Pole.
Princess Catherine.
I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness at Ludlow.
Arthur was like a son to me.
I would have done anything for him.
And Arthur was like a husband to me.
He was a husband to you.
Not Not a true husband.
It is a tragedy, but our marriage was never consummated.
I heard you in your bridal chamber.
Your own lady heard you.
We made sounds of pleasure, yes, to cover our embarrassment.
But I am as I was the day I landed here in England.
What are you playing at? Arthur himself told me you lay together.
Of course he did.
We agreed that we would We hoped that things would change and, in time, he would be able I ask you to accept my word, accept it and support it if asked to do so.
Who would ask such a thing? The king, his mother.
Oh, no.
Please tell me you're not planning what I think you are.
Harry and I wish to be married.
[GASPS] So you've lost your husband, but not your ambition.
I warned you against that.
But I will remain here in this country and fulfill God's destiny for me.
And the family may inquire about my first marriage.
This family don't inquire.
They extract the answer they want.
And if the truth is asked of me, my answer will support whatever keeps my conscience and my head attached to my neck.
How else do you imagine I've survived this long in this vipers' nest? [SCREAMING] The ropes.
Get the - The ropes.
- Yes, here.
Brace this.
Oh, God.
And tie it off.
[GASPING] - [WAILS] - Head.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
[WAILING] [PANTING] Bring the child to me.
What is it? Is it healthy? Is it breathing? [BLOWING] MEG: It's a girl, Mother.
[MURMURING] Baby child.
[SPEAKING LATIN] ELIZABETH: She's dead, isn't she? She's dead.
I'm so sorry.
- I want to hold her.
- Shh.
I will be with Arthur before night falls.
No, Mother.
I have to take our baby girl to Heaven and reunite with Arthur and see my brothers.
Do not talk like this, Lizzie.
Tell Maggie Tell her I'm sorry.
No, I am the king, and I command it.
[KISS] You will be well and live a long and happy life with me, Lizzie.
[WAILS] Meg Meg, go fetch your brother and sister.
Go now.
Harry! Harry! Harry! There has never been another for me.
You are my one love, Lizzie.
Henry! Henry! [VOICES WHISPERING] I am your brother.
The darkness covers us all.
Brother, no! Please! Please! [SCREAMS] [MOANS] [SHUSHING] [MOANS] How are we now, my lady? - [GASPING] - [SHUSHING] I would be alone with you, Henry.
Leave us, please.
[MEG YELLS] Mother! He cannot marry her.
What? If Harry marries her, the Tudor line ends.
No more boys.
No kings.
No kings.
He cannot - He cannot - Stop now.
Hush now.
You are delirious, my love.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] What? Why would you say that? Why would you say such a thing? Please, promise me or the shadow that hangs over us will cover us all in darkness.
Lizzie? Lizzie? Lizzie.
[SOBS] Mother! [MARY CRYING] I will pray that Lady Pole will keep her silence.
I must write and tell my mother.
"Dearest Mother, I write to tell you that I am not with child.
" [SPEAKING LATIN] CATHERINE: "Indeed, there was no hope of it, as I am as our beloved Virgin Mary was" [WEEPING] "and still a maid.
" "It means another match for me is possible, and Harry has declared his interest.