The Spanish Princess (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

A Polite Kidnapping

1 Previously, on "The Spanish Princess" KING HENRY: I will take Princess Catherine of Aragon to be my wife.
Did you trifle with me just to win my father? No! Of course I didn't.
You don't know what you want.
LADY MARGARET: Your own marriages must be addressed.
Charles Brandon has selected you.
I was told I was to have a say in who I wed.
Well, perhaps you might have if Prince Arthur had not passed away.
I am in love with Oviedo.
I think you love Harry.
May God help you if you do.
You will have a dowry from me, three gold plates.
I'm carrying your child.
And I will make arrangements.
Henry! Henry, come and help me! Please, Richard, please.
Don't leave me.
I withdraw my proposal of marriage to you.
You will instead be betrothed to my son.
You may be married only when your mother sends the dowry.
CATHERINE: "Dearest Mother, the weeks have passed and still I have heard nothing from you.
King Henry waits upon a dispensation from the pope and my dowry before my marriage to Prince Harry can be sealed.
The marriage will accomplish everything you sent me here to do, but more than that, we are happy.
Mother, please, I beg you now to settle this debt with the king.
Harry is devoted to me.
He is devout.
His knowledge of the Catholic saints outrivals even yours.
We share a dream of how we would rule England as a land of chivalry, basking in the holy light of God.
Queen of England is my destiny, as you have told me since I was a girl.
Your devoted daughter, Catherine.
I am certain my mother will respond as I have asked.
I don't care if she does or not.
We are to wed.
I don't care what my father thinks or Wolsey or my grandmother.
If we were wed, maybe I could help poor Margaret Pole.
I've written to her, offering whatever help I can give.
Who will take care of her now she's lost her husband? She will be forced to live on charity from relations.
- You have such compassion.
It's one of the many things that I love about you.
You're mine, Catherine.
And no one will stand in our way.
Henry! Henry, they're here, the Spanish, in England.
God smiles on us.
He sent them to us.
Does the baby give you pain? Why does Stafford take so long to tell me of his plan for me? [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
A letter.
Lady Margaret.
I am to be lambasted, I suppose? What wrong have I dealt the Tudors this time? The queen of Castile is in England, on her way to Westminster.
My mother? She is here? [SIGHS.]
Oh, Lina, I have missed her.
What? It is your sister who is here Joanna.
Your mother passed away and Joanna is now queen.
Lady Margaret and King Henry offer their condolences and invite you to the court while your sister is in London.
I LADY MARGARET: Isabella of Castile is dead.
The new Spanish queen has been blown off course in stormy seas, sailing from the Habsburg Empire to claim her kingdom.
God has seen fit to bring her to these shores.
I fail to see the fortune in this.
Queen Joanna's husband Philip is son to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian who harbors our most wanted traitor, Edmund de la Pool.
We have invited them to court while their ship is towed to Tilbury docks for repair, but it will only take a day or two.
We must impress upon this Philip the many benefits should he persuade the emperor to turn his York friend over to us.
I thought Maximilian had sworn he would not do that.
Then we must be persuasive.
Your Majesties, Queen Joanna of Castile and King Consort Philip.
We share your sadness on the death of Queen Isabella.
Please, leave your weapons here.
You are our guests.
WOMAN: Oh, Your Highness.
See how brave I am? [LAUGHS.]
Princess Catherine my condolences.
You were a child when I last saw you.
Do you know how she passed? She died of grief for our brother John.
That's what they said, seven years of grieving for her favorite child.
May we not embrace? Your husband died, and Mother wouldn't bring you back to Spain until the king here paid your widow's jointure.
Always land and gold before her daughters, always her alliances [LADIES LAUGH.]
always God.
After our repast, tonight's mass for All Hallows will be dedicated to your mother.
You will have to drain your treasury to fund the mass our mother needs to save her soul.
All the gold in Spain wouldn't be enough.
That's a wicked thing to say.
Oh, yes, that's right.
You loved her.
Well, I didn't, because I knew her for the whore she was.
We don't need your mass.
Pray instead our ship's mended by the morning so I can sail to Castile and my crown.
We will have a mass for her.
Oh, so beautiful a girl.
Don't tell me.
Princess Mary? No? And you must her charming nursemaid.
Your Highness, I hope you and the queen won't find our meal too humble for your tastes.
The queen is on her way, I hope? My father, he says to me that your piety est célèbre in all of Christendom Well, that's very While my wife doubts God altogether.
Her mother's passing, I suppose that would shake her faith Oh, no, no, no, no.
No, she does not believe at all.
She says he is une fantaisie we make in our own mind.
- Oh, no, surely she - But I keep faith, for Spain and for the Habsburg Empire.
Your Highness.
Sit beside me.
Whilst you are in our court, I hope we can speak about ways to seal the bond between our two nations.
Mais oui, but first, we eat, no? Of course.
Your Grace, I must say that this feast One moment, Charlie.
Catherine, I I know you loved her very, very much.
But it seems my sister didn't.
Now she is queen, my father says we cannot marry.
He has written to the pope.
He says your father will not pay the dowry now that your mother is with God.
And my grandmother adds that your rank has dropped too low to be wife to the king of England.
But they are bloodless, all of them.
What passion have they known? Harry.
You must meet the Spanish royals.
I thought I was addressing one already and offering her comfort in her grief You will be the king of England, and whether it may please you or it doesn't, you must make pleasantries with our royal guests.
I will meet them because they will be family to me.
Lady Catherine.
STAFFORD: as it is.
LADY STAFFORD: What is wrong? Uh, nothing.
Highness? Lady Pole was right.
This is a game that must be played.
If my father will not pay the dowry, then my sister must.
Aelwyd, I'm sorry, but I must have the rent.
GIRL: Wait for me.
The harvest's been bad.
We're short.
Buy your children something sweet - a treat.
- Thank you.
You have not paid your taxes to the Crown.
Wh-what taxes? Upon your husband's death, your sons were made wards of the king.
A 2/3 portion of your rents and produce must be paid over each month.
But You are three months in arrears, plus a fine for your late payment.
Show me your rent ledgers.
Uh, but I received no letter.
Please, my tenants cannot even pay their rents.
There's nothing to spare.
Then you shall make up the shortfall.
- Come on! - Please, I need more time.
You are already late.
If you cannot pay, then we'll take your goods in kind.
- Mother? - Mother! REGGIE: What's happening? [MUSICIANS PLAYING.]
KING HENRY: Well, the circumstances are unfortunate, but we are glad to offer you our hospitality.
In any case, your grief and your trying journey have not dulled your beauty.
When we have supped, we will confer on trade and matters of the state.
Joanna, tell me of your children.
Your new baby is a boy.
The baby stayed behind at home with our children and a nursemaid.
Cathy, let us dance.
We used to dance when we were children.
Your hands were tiny.
Your mother has just died.
Then we will dance to celebrate her life and triumphs.
Oh, yes, I would love to see you dance.
Música española! LADY MARGARET: No, I don't think so.
Someone get my father out of here before we all throw our guts up on the table.
- LADY MARGARET: Harry! - The Spanish queen is someone else's wife, Father.
You must learn to find your own.
So you would shame your own king, would you now? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
I tried to raise the question of Edmund de la Pool.
- Mm-hmm.
- But Philip either dodges it or else becomes unfathomably French.
- Henry.
- Hmm? Try to keep your mind on the opportunity before us.
- I - In case you'd forgotten, it is not dancing.
With the Spanish women, that's how we dance together.
Oh, goodness me.
- Oh, wait.
Bravo, jolie Princesse Mary! [LAUGHS.]
- Joanna.
CATHERINE: Joanna! Good Christians, let us go to mass.
MAGGIE: "Your Grace, I cannot pay the taxes that the Crown requires of me.
Your clerks have taken everything of value that I own, and still there is debt to pay.
I throw myself upon your mercy, as my children will be hungry if this debt cannot be waived.
I am ever loyal, as I was to Lizzie.
And I grieve her passing every day.
Please, Your Grace, have pity.
There's no one else to help us.
Your loyal servant, Margaret Pole.
You said that Sí, I know.
Then I am saying yes.
Please? Uh, to to our wedding.
So you don't think about my wages now? I The Infanta gave me three gold plates, a dowry.
You may give them back to her.
We marry when your husband can support you.
What are you doing in here alone? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
Kissing you.
You didn't come to mass.
I hoped to find some comfort with you.
There is nobody to pray to, or else He isn't listening.
Joanna I know we haven't seen - each other for many - Tell me.
Did you love your husband? Arthur? I tried to.
I feel ashamed, but I think I don't remember anymore.
I loved his kindness, what he could have been.
Joanna, there is something - I want to ask - In Flanders, at his father's court, Philip took his seventh lover of our marriage, closest lady of my chamber.
He said I imagined it, so I cut off all her hair.
He raged.
He wouldn't speak to me so I had my ladies put love potions in his wine, because my heart is in a noose.
But he caught them.
He dismissed them, and he locked me in my room.
Now he's writing to our father, saying he will rule instead of me.
He means to have coins minted with his own face next to mine, to try to be the king himself, and now our father does the same and also tries to steal my kingdom.
But you are the queen.
Our mother's crown passed on to you.
They have no right.
All they see is power that they want and they will take.
I'm just a chicken bone they squabble over not a wife.
Not a daughter.
Never marry, Catherine.
Men are pigs, and marriage is a trap.
You're lucky you're free.
Avez-vous vu mes vêtements? Joanna! Your sister is délirante.
I cannot even see a woman before she's so certain I'm making love with her.
You see what I must live with? I see my sister is unhappy, and I also see the cause of it.
Oh, petite soeur Catherine, wife of no one.
KING CONSORT PHILIP: All she has is words, nobody to listen to them.
We will leave in the morning.
It is freezing cold and damp.
Keep him warm or her.
I can sleep without.
I had my chance to ask her for the dowry, but I didn't grasp it.
She is too tormented.
I do not see my future anymore how I can ever be a wife to Harry.
We have no eggs.
The men took all the chickens.
Then I shall make some pottage.
Joanna! Joanna.
KING CONSORT PHILIP: Joanna! Joanna! Joanna! Your Highness, I have bad news.
Your ship is not yet ready.
¿Qué? There was a cracked mast.
- That is all.
- But there was a hole found upon the stern.
I've just this moment come from Tilbury.
The carpenters are working hard, but they say it'll take at least a week.
If our ship's not ready, you will sell us one of yours.
How much gold to buy a ship? You cannot say you do not need it.
We don't have any ships to spare.
LADY MARGARET: So let us settle down and eat and see how we might trade.
I have another chance to win my dowry.
Where is Rosa? I will find her.
Rosa! - OVIEDO: Rosa! - Rosa! [BELL TOLLING.]
Rosa! Rosa! - Rosa! - Oviedo.
Oh, Rosa.
He didn't come.
Will you talk to him? Please, Lina.
Find out what we'll do.
Of course I will.
All is not lost, Rosa.
The Infanta's sister stays, so she might try again to win her dowry.
God smiles on her.
What, you don't believe in Allah now? I know Allah is not the reason that they stayed.
Will you take her back to Durham House? She needs to rest and warm herself.
I'll tell the Infanta.
You are right, that men control us.
Henry Tudor thinks he can control my life, but we are sisters.
We must help each other.
You can help no one.
There is no marriage you can make now.
You're soiled, have no dowry, and no rank.
My marriage was not I remain - a maid.
I will sooner believe in God than that.
It is the truth, Joanna.
I will marry Harry, Arthur's brother.
He is different to other men, Joanna.
He has wanted me since I first came to England, before I came.
He wrote to me and told me of his love.
He has walked through fire to win me, and now all I need to have him is my dowry to be paid.
Will you help me? If he is so different, you do not need a dowry.
He will marry you for love.
When I am Queen of England we can be each other's allies.
Harry will do anything I ask of him.
We'd stand with you against our father and your husband.
England is an ally Spain needs against the French.
Then we will both be queen and rule our own lives.
Always Mother's favorite, and now you win in love as well.
We play the hand we have, Joanna.
The ship's mended.
Any fool can see that they are lying.
It must be Philip.
He doesn't want me in Castile, where I rule him, so he tells them to keep me here, just as he locked me in my room in Flanders.
We rule nothing, you and I.
But that makes no sense.
If Philip wants to take your crown, then he would want to be in Spain before our father takes it for himself.
You think that I am wrong? Then why do all our horses have no shoes? Come.
Follow me.
Watch this.
Ah, we all want peace in Europe, but I have labored for it through my reign, and we are close.
The king has sacrificed to win it.
Yet even here in England, two sides form rich nobles and then the poor people, who hate you for their taxes, no? De la Pool will plunge us back into bloodshed.
No one benefits from this assault on the English crown.
You could stop it.
Your father My father he hates walnuts.
Uh, yes, wall-nuts.
Des noix? Walnuts? They give him the gas.
Vraiment terrible.
Yet he keep them in a great plateaux d'argent Silver plate, oui? For his guests.
They love them.
So now it's une tradition.
He must eat one walnut with each favored guest, even though there's the consequence.
Now, other men of power would shun things they detest.
My father is a Christian man, so I will tell you this.
My father ate a walnut with Edmund de la Pool.
You mock us! [BELL TOLLING.]
Harry? I barter for the future of this throne while you dawdle on the sidelines making love-play! - What? - You're the one who let him slip through the net.
You should be in there, negotiating his return! I do not think he is important.
You mock us for our efforts to keep this throne for you.
Well, perhaps I will not do it anymore.
Perhaps I will choose myself a new successor.
Hah! Well, I think God might pass comment upon that, since I am His heir.
You ungrateful little shit.
One day, you'll not have us to guide you.
I count the days.
Do not bait me, Father! I will win! What made him so angry? You, of course.
It's always you.
But I will not let him break me.
Let me tend to your eye.
He says that there will always be love in his heart for you.
He says that his situation has now changed and he he cannot help you.
How? How has it changed? Rosa, he We will help you.
We will find a way.
No! No! The baby knew it wasn't wanted so it died.
Go! - Highness.
- Leave us! Yes, Your Grace.
I need garlic, onion, and sheep's stomach, if they have it.
My mother used it after battle.
Let me kiss you.
Your blood is up.
Let me soothe you first.
A virgin should not entertain a man alone if she hopes her reputation as a maid will be believed.
Joanna, please.
I am tending to his eye.
We should be acquainted if you are to be my family.
We met already, but you had other victims in your sights.
Victims? You think that I have victims? Joanna, please.
You think that I am cruel? Please, don't.
Don't what, tell him the truth? You wouldn't like that.
Or perhaps I will tell you the truth of what she did to me our mother, because she loved her God so much.
- What? - Our mother used to torture me.
You don't remember.
You were too young, or she kept it from you, precious little Catherine.
She wouldn't want her pretty babe to know.
She would hang me from a beam or a hook, like this You're mad.
- Of course she didn't.
- and tie weights to my feet.
She thought she could cure me of my blasphemy.
Our mother was a queen, a warrior.
It's you who made her ill, with worry and with nursing all your children when she had her own complaints.
I don't know why you would defend her.
She said you were not her daughter, because you lost your husband and failed to have a child.
She washed her hands of you.
See? You're our mother's daughter after all.
Your dowry's dead.
You won't get a single coin from me.
Give me my horse.
Give it to me! Right.
So are you scared of me? Hah! Of course not.
You're a girl.
But I will bid you my goodbye.
Go, then.
Run after her.
I'm not running after anyone.
No? She said you'd do anything she told you to.
No one tells me what to do.
I'm I'm going to get some wine.
There is wine here.
Unless you're scared of what your father wants.
Of course I'm not.
Scared to make him angry, if he thought you had had it and he had not.
LINA: Catherine? It's Rosa.
Mother, a letter from the court.
MAGGIE: "Our dearest cousin, I bid you come to court, and I will help you with your plight.
His Grace, King Henry VII.
" Come.
HARRY: Not my father, my grandmother, nor the council I did not budge an inch, Catherine, not with any of them.
I was very clear that I loved you and that That I've never loved another and I never will.
You must believe me.
You must believe I love you.
I do.
I thought that I had frightened you.
My my sister is unwell, I think.
Oh, I-I care not one jot for her.
But I should not have slapped her.
It was wrong of me.
- It doesn't matter.
- I was upset, what she said about our mother.
Is it true? My mother was a warrior.
She was my inspiration, and I will love her to my dying breath.
I will not have her name besmirched.
Joanna was right, though.
They tried to stop her leaving Westminster.
My father wants his enemy returned, Edmund de la Pool.
Philip's father has him.
My father and my grandmother want a deal to have him handed over, so they'll stop your sister and her husband leaving until they get it.
Why didn't you tell me? Joanna can persuade him.
It's her who wears the crown.
She's the one Maximilian will have to trade and make a treaty with.
I can have my dowry in exchange for her escape.
I know how you can free yourself from here and I will tell you, for a price.
What price? My dowry.
Joanna I know what you said was true what our mother did to you.
She tried to keep it from me, but I remembered a moment from when I was a girl and you were screaming.
I'm sorry.
How do I free myself from here? Give me your word you will pay my dowry.
You must write to Philip's father, Maximilian, and tell him to return the York man, Edmund de la Pool.
Philip will try to stop you, because he means to take your power, but you are queen, and the power is all yours.
He'll never I have come to trade with you.
You want Edmund de la Pool returned? My husband has misled you.
His father will do nothing for him, whereas I am queen of Spain, and Maximilian needs to keep his treaty with me.
Maggie, you are here at court.
I have come to see the king.
I hope you received my letter.
I wrote to you of my sadness at your husband's passing, and and now I have lost my mother.
I'm sorry.
They are both of them with God.
Lady Pole.
This way, please.
I hope our paths may cross again.
QUEEN JOANNA: Maximilian is a Christian man, and the reason why he will not hand de la Pool over to you is because he thinks he'll lose his head upon your block.
Swear on this splinter of the one true cross that his life will be spared, and I will see to it that your request is granted.
This is playacting.
You don't believe in God.
But you do, and Maximilian knows that, so he will trust it.
I, Henry, King of England and Lord of Ireland, do swear on this most holy relic stained with the blood of Our Savior, that no harm shall befall Edmund de la Pool on his return to England, so help me God.
Then I will tell the emperor he must send him back to England or lose all trade with Spain.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Your Highness.
Lady Margaret.
You thought I was the king? Most letters come through me, and I didn't see fit to pass yours on to him.
It seemed to me a woman's matter.
I only want to save my children.
They are small.
They're innocent.
None of this is their fault.
They are starving.
And they shall receive.
All their mother has to do is confess her sins.
Unburden yourself, Lady Pole.
The weight must be immense.
The Spanish princess and Prince Arthur performed their marriage duties.
They knew each other.
All you have to do is say it in the face of God.
The face of God? And then your children will be saved, and they will grow to live full, happy lives.
There is no depth you will not sink to, no evil you will not peddle, no cruelty you would spare.
I would warn you, Lady Pole, to watch your words.
I have watched my words and deeds my whole life, and tell me, how far has that got me? You Tudors killed my brother in cold blood.
You crush anyone and anything in the path of your foul power lust.
Well, maybe hunger has made me mad, but I will not be an instrument of yours, my lady.
That was my last olive branch.
You and your spawn can die in the gutter, where you belong! The deal is made.
Your Highness, I have a second matter to discuss that would ensure a pact between Castile and England for all the years to come.
Will you hear it? Let us sit.
Good day to you, oh secret one.
The Infanta's sister is being held at Westminster.
I think that you removed their horses' shoes, no? I am a soldier.
I take orders.
So now they pay me, three shillings a week.
I save it for our wedding.
So, what else are you keeping secret? All places on your body I would like to know when we are wed.
We are blessed to have each other, and the Infanta, she is blessed now, too, because she'll have her dowry and her prince.
You needn't look at me like that.
You will not win.
Is it done? Did you succeed? We came to terms, so Philip and I will leave tomorrow, and their traitor, de la Pool, will soon be shipped back here.
And you will pay my dowry? You were right, that an alliance between Spain and England keeps me safer in my reign, but it's stronger if the alliance is between my children and this crown, so I have made a marriage between my son and Princess Mary.
It was proposed by Lady Margaret.
We do not need you, Catherine.