The Split (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 What I should've done is left you years ago.
But I didn't know then that you were screwing my best friend.
My concern is that he's not being as transparent as we would like.
- Rosy-posy.
- Daddy.
Did Rose just call him Daddy? - Yep.
- Oh, God! I want my share of Defoe's.
I want to sell.
And you can't do that without the girls, without their signatures.
- Night.
- Night.
There were noises.
You and Nina are going to get along fine.
Well, at least she's not married.
I was meant to be on a date.
Not coming.
So, how'd it go with Nina? First rule: you get one Defoe sister, you get them all.
- Thanks for the heads-up.
- Oh, hey.
This has to stop.
Because I chose Nathan.
There'll be someone for you.
There's always someone for everyone.
PHONE RINGS Good morning.
Family Planning.
PHONE RINGS - Good morning! - Maggie? - I'm running late.
- OK.
I'm just pulling up background on Jaynie Lee ahead of tomorrow's meeting.
You know it says lifestyle guru, activist, syndicated columnist and cancer survivor on her Wikipedia? Nowhere does it say she made her millions from colonic tea.
Well, we all have our skeletons.
- I'm heading in.
- OK.
- These? - Mum! These are not a sign that you are a grown-up.
OK? They are not a sign that you can just have sex in the house.
They are so you don't have a baby! They are so I don't have to bring you back to that clinic.
It's my body.
You don't get to tell me what to do with my body.
No, I don't.
You're managing that perfectly well on your own.
I love him.
You still need to use condoms.
They did tell you that? Nina! - I'm going - Insane? - to Noble and Hale's summer drinks.
- Tonight? - Mmm.
- You never go.
- Yes, I go.
- No, you don't.
Grouped with Christmas parties and Dress Down Fridays.
Are you trying to snoop on Hannah? How else does one check the competition out? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
I think we should be there.
Have you shrunk? You will too.
Grandma Dora came up to here by the time she died.
And you are behind on new business.
A senior partner needs to bring in more.
Much more.
Do you want to scream this out so everyone can hear or join me for a cocktail in the drawing room? I've asked Donna to go through our lists.
Do not ask me to cold call.
- Put in the occasional call.
- Are we pulling our belts in, Mother? Simply looking at ways to build business.
- Incidentally, did you bill for ? - 250K.
Settled at the 11th hour.
And Donald Kovac called again.
- Please say - Both accounts.
Yes! (KNOCKING) Car's here.
Right, I'm in court on the McKenzie case this afternoon.
I would like you there as my partner.
- Goldie.
- No.
No! You can screw my husband, but you are not having my hairdresser as well.
I thought you were in court today.
- I'd never have come if I - Oh, if you'd known I'd be here? I used to tell you everything.
When I was going out to do a bit of shopping.
If I was going to visit my mum.
Must've made it much easier for you.
- Please.
- No, no.
I'm glad he had company.
It must have been hard for him, living with an alcoholic like me.
But give it a few years, it'll become the "last job of the day" for you too.
It's his birthday on Friday.
Hi, Danny! Well, I am his godmother.
You saying I'd forget? PHONE RINGS KNOCK AT DOOR Your sister keeps calling.
McKenzie FDA, this afternoon.
Copy of Davey's accounts that Goldie found.
Thank you.
McKenzie and McKenzie.
Court three.
Let your barrister do the talking, and we'll be fine.
Thanks for those bank statements.
By the way, good hair.
Big day.
Mother wants you by her side.
Pick up your sodding phone.
We need to talk.
Excuse me.
Oh, thank you.
- Thanks.
- Nina, no.
No, no.
When do I get to speak? You don't.
That's what your barrister's for.
All rise.
- DOOR CLOSES - It's impossible for us to have an effective FDA today because the husband has not given us sufficient disclosure regarding his assets.
We would like Mr McKenzie to confirm that the Form E accurately reflects and discloses all subsidiary accounts.
Your Honour, this is an unacceptable request.
Apologies to the applicant that it wasn't included in the bundle, but it has only just come to light.
Permission to present a document to Your Honour? As you will see, we have concerns with regard to an unnamed account to which a number of sizeable deposits have been made over the last three years, possibly longer.
We'd like full disclosure of this account, and any other omissions.
- Why were these not Shh.
- You broke in? - You broke in to my office.
- Which she was able to legally access - within her capacity as company secretary.
- Ms Grace.
I am disappointed by this omission.
The proper process is expected in my court.
We cannot proceed.
- This is a farce.
- Be quiet.
Or I'll have you thrown out.
We request that a penal notice is attached to the judge's order so that we can apply to commit Mr McKenzie to prison - if he breaches it again.
- Agreed.
I want you out of the house! When we next meet, a new Form E will have been submitted with all the relevant accounts.
- Book club on Thursday? - Yes.
You just won that round for them, Mr McKenzie.
Then you should have let me speak.
I've been running meetings since I was 19.
I had my first board by the time I was 23.
I'm coming for you.
Advise your client to resist making threats, or he'll be facing more than contempt of court.
She was meant to settle.
- You said she'd settle.
- No.
I said possibly she would settle.
I also warned you that if she listened to her solicitor she may very well proceed.
Particularly if they found anything incriminating, like certain bank statements about which you may have failed to tell me.
Now clearly, they did.
If you have been moving funds, I would rather not have this conversation in a public place.
Now, it's a stressful time.
Perhaps you forgot that you had done so.
It happens.
This is your first divorce.
It most certainly is not mine.
If you want me to help you, from now on I will need to know exactly how much you forgot.
Now until then, send over everything you have to Noble and Hale.
Bury them in bank statements, tax receipts.
backdated VAT claims, every shred you can find.
And then pray that between now and our next court date it will not be enough time for them to actually go through everything.
Now calm as you walk out.
I really never read that to you? Oh.
It must have been, er, Hannah and Nina, then.
HE LAUGHS Cool drawings.
Yeah, it's a bit young for Vinnie and Tils.
That is, er that is a beautiful ring.
- Oh.
it's - Oh, it was my grandmother's.
- Oh! - It's the original setting.
- It's, it's very - Big.
Yeah, I need to get it Sorry, can I just ? It's the wedding.
It's just overwhelming.
You start with the idea of it, and then shebang.
Nerf guns.
Now that is some Bad Grandpa shit.
Oh, er, yes.
A lot to take in.
I wasn't here, and now I am here.
It's not that I'm not pleased.
Happiness is, er, a large, loving, close-knit family - in another city.
- SHE LAUGHS My father had that above his desk.
The miserable bastard.
Terminal dinners when I was a child, sitting alone with my mother.
I used to imagine that he had a family somewhere else.
I swore I would never do that with my own kids.
I wondered if you would like your father to walk you down the aisle.
he just He wants to walk me down the aisle.
- Wow.
- Thank you.
- Er, don't you have work? - Yes.
- Er - Can we give you a lift? Er, no, no, no, I'll I'll walk.
MUSIC PLAYS Na zdorovie, comrade.
Did you know Dad can't sell his share of the firm without all three of us agreeing to sign? This is why you need to pick up your bloody phone.
Did you know Dad can't sell his share of Defoe's without all three of us agreeing to sign? Who said anything about selling? Why else do you think he's back? I know.
Let it sit with you for a while.
- Because you'll find it doesn't improve with time.
- Oh, bastard.
Wouldn't that be nice? To be an actual technical bastard.
Could be anyone, so accidental would the mix of our DNA be.
Mick Fleetwood for me.
Iggy Pop for Rose.
Dr Phil for you.
He needs our signatures.
- He can't do anything without them.
- Yours, mine and Rose's.
Mum'll buy him out.
Pay him the money.
Send him home.
He's checked out of the Connington.
He's staying at the Walden Gardens flat.
No, I thought that had been sold years ago.
- After Grandpa died.
- Clearly not.
Do you remember those terminal Sundays, we'd go over there and he'd try to teach us how to play chess? Christie turned up at midnight the other night.
What? I'm the go-to booty call.
Not worth an actual date, but Ugh, I'm done with men.
Then I will have to drink for you.
Everything I do, I do it for you.
Did you just quote Bryan Adams at me? Mmm.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, thanks.
Finally, I get to welcome you to Noble and Hate drinks.
I'm flattered.
Don't be.
It's on the Central line on my route home.
Quite convenient, in fact.
I saw you got the Aranov account.
It's the Saudi Royals I'd kill you for.
You poached my senior partner.
Hardly poached.
She came of her own accord.
How was the McKenzie FDA? Now that is poaching.
You know, if you're serving vodka, you really should have better snacks.
Thank you.
That's called a drive-by.
I came.
I saw.
I smiled.
I want to go kiss my kids goodnight.
- But Nina's still here.
- Hannah You're disgusting, Christie.
You booty called my sister.
And she declined.
- You ever do that again - It's none of your business.
It's my business when it comes into my family.
You think I want my personal life mixing with work? Then why did you come to Noble and Hale? - Because I needed a job.
- Really? Because you called, and we agreed we could do this.
Yeah, well, I lied.
You been upsetting somebody else? You have that effect.
Nina er I'm sorry.
- The other night, I was - Yes, you were.
No, it's my turn! My turn! - Your mum's home.
Your mum's home.
- Mum! - Mummy! - Let's go to bed.
Where have you been? Night-night.
Love you.
Go to bed.
Why are you still up? Dad said we could.
He's bad.
The man-child is upstairs.
Did you take Liv to get the pill this morning? Yes.
Even though I expressly asked that we discuss it first? You want to discuss the intricacies of our daughter's contraceptive situation and the merits of if it is, or is not, better she's protected now that she's clearly having a very healthy and exceptionally noisy sex life? Night.
It's like being burgled when we're still home.
I just wish we'd talked first.
When do we ever talk first? - This is because your mother didn't give a flying - Oh, excuse me? You had no-one keeping check.
And so now you're perfectly happy - to let our daughter just - You really just said that.
What about getting to know one another? Taking it slow? - We did it on our second date.
- We were 19.
You were 19.
I was 18.
So you want her to just give herself to anyone? - Tie herself to anyone? - No! That's exactly what I don't want.
To fall in love with the first person, to just rush into the first relationship and make the same mistakes We made? I didn't mean that.
I didn't, I didn't, I didn't mean that.
I didn't mean that.
No, no, not now.
- Sorry.
- It's all right, it's fine.
James is running late, and I was early, so Oh! Thanks.
Is it boys or girls you ? Mmm? Oh, girls.
PHONE RINGS She's just asked me if Suzie was pregnant.
Ah, it's a touchy area.
She means she's fat.
That's my new barrister? The, er, final hearing starts tomorrow, so we just need to get through the next few days.
He's very experienced, er, sensitive to the high profile cases.
You said that about the last one.
He's also my husband.
You want me to put him to the test? Chill.
I'll be nice.
You OK? Received last night.
It's a last minute offer from Elliot.
I've been thinking we should accept.
BABY CRYING Can someone please move that baby? You offered 20 million.
He wanted 40.
- He now says he'll accept 30.
- Yeah.
For that, you keep all assets from the marriage? - Exactly, yes.
- The assets to which he's referring, I presume, are the frozen embryos - you stored prior to your cancer treatment.
- They are.
Which aren't assets.
Houses, jewellery, cars, yes.
Frozen embryos, no.
But if she doesn't accept, he'll withdraw consent and they'll be destroyed.
It's a threat.
It is deliberately designed to force you into a corner.
I get it.
But what do I do? You received this e-mail at 1.
03 this morning which would suggest it was written in haste, and it comes direct from your husband, not his lawyer.
Any agreement we make based on this offer would not be legally enforceable.
We can't accept.
Not on these terms.
OK, then what would you suggest? Nathan? If you give him what he wants, you will have no legal recourse if he were to renege on the deal.
Can you trust him, Jaynie? Because I have seen no sign that you can - at any point through this divorce.
- And that is undue pressure.
Jaynie, if you want to accept this offer, then do it.
Er, may I remind all of us that this is a financial hearing? Strictly speaking, this offer is not even relevant and shouldn't be brought into the court.
Do you have children? Three.
That's what I thought.
Even after it all, after we broke up, after he moved out, even after I finished my chemo treatment he said they were mine.
I just want to have kids one day.
My kids.
Which way is going to give me the best chance? Er You're a businesswoman, Jaynie.
Your entire success has been based on your incredible business acumen, and you're barely 30.
You have your whole life ahead of you.
If you were to settle on these terms, you would have given him £10 million over what you first offered, with nothing but an e-mail as a guarantee.
It doesn't make business sense.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to be at odds with you guys, but this is too important.
The risk here is in declining, you will effectively ensure that he withdraws consent.
By accepting, there is a chance, however slight, that Jaynie will get to be a mother.
BABY CRYING Let's get your financial arrangement settled first, then we can come back to this issue - once you have your divorce.
- OK.
I'll go with you on this one.
This thing is so goddamn itchy.
It's OK.
Bark's worse than its bite.
When you were nine, you had a complete terror after Nina told you that Dawson of Dawson's Creek could see you getting changed from under the bed.
I've lost the ring.
- The horrible ring? - Not horrible.
Very valuable.
Very sentimentally valuable.
Do not say horrible, Mother.
I lost my engagement ring down the plug of an Indian restaurant in Pirnlico.
Took your father six months to notice.
Not comforting.
That is five days old.
- What's an immune system for? - Pub.
- Pub? - Where I met Dad.
Did he used to read to me? You were 14 months when he left.
He, er, wants to walk me down the aisle.
I said yes.
I said yeah.
That's absurd.
Almost as absurd as you getting married in the first place, Rose.
I mean, you've not done anything with your life.
Not yet.
Getting married will be the sum total of your achievements.
I mean, a nanny, for God's sake.
Did he tell you the one about how he used to have to sit all alone at dinner with only his mother for company? No.
Yes! SHE SIGHS Hello? Quick, she's here! Vinnie, she's here! - Oui, oui.
- Play the music! - FRENCH MUSIC PLAYS - Bonsoir, madame.
May I take your jacket? - Ah, oui, merci.
- LAUGHS Voulez-vous vous asseoir, madame ? We have the finest Deliveroo can offer.
CLICKS FINGERS - Garçon! - Of course.
Er, merci.
Here, we have chicken and prawn balls.
Think of it as a Chinese Amelie.
Prawn balls.
Oh! Ambassador, you are, er, spoiling us.
Ah, you are pushing the limits of my French now.
- FLATULENCE - Vinnie! Oh, less of the farts.
It wasn't me, it was Tilly! - Ah, sacre bleu.
- No, it wasn't! It definitely was Tilly.
- You know what sacre bleu means? - Madame, would you like some wine? - Merci.
- It means sacred blue, because the French, they worship the colour blue.
On Sundays, they go to church and they kneel before a giant Smurf.
So, er, do you have a name for your moustache? - Er, Jeremy.
- Genevieve? Jer who? - Jeremy.
- Gellovieve? Jeremy.
Are you OK? Do you need to lie down? CONVERSATION FADES OU BANGING ON DOOR Hello?! - BOTH SQUEAL - Christ! Oh! Ohh.
- Er, hi.
- It's only you.
Yeah, I, er I think I might've dropped my engagement ring here today.
Oh! Oh, oh, oh, that won't do, will it? - Has anyone handed anything in? - No, but let's, er, - let's have a butchers.
- OK.
I'm such a scaredy cat, I tell you.
Oh, God, he's going to kill me.
It was his grandmother's.
Can't you pray or something, to find it? HE LAUGHS I hated it.
The moment he gave it to me.
I really did.
Is that normal? - Sometimes.
- It's like a shopping list.
I hate this shirt he's got, and the sniff.
He says its hay fever, but it'll be a brain tumour resting on his sinus or something.
I hate his friends.
Not all his friends, but a lot of his friends.
I mean, they don't get me, I don't get them.
I mean, what is transfer pricing? Right.
There's this, er, film I'm making for the wedding, all this film, and, er, I'm not in half of it, but they are.
Hannah and Nina.
With my dad.
He was gone for a long time, but now he's back.
And it hurts because, er I always had my sisters and my mother, and they were enough.
And then I found these tapes, and I started to see it.
This hole.
And it feels weird.
Because Because er, I miss him.
SNIFFS I miss my dad.
Even though Even though he's here.
Oh, my God.
(HE LAUGHS) Are you a believer now? Thank you! Thank you.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
- I'm so sorry.
- Er Oh, my God.
Er, R R Rose! Rose.
DOOR CLOSES Keep calm.
Answer all the questions succinctly.
Don't let yourself get riled.
Trust in the system.
No Christie? Must be running late.
Elliot! Look at me.
Look at me! We went to Whitstable and we sat on the beach and we made plans.
- We agreed.
- Let's go in and sit down.
You promised.
Elliot? You promised me those embryos.
Mr Lee, would you say your wife has been fair to you over the years? Yes.
She settled both the mortgages on your mother and brother's houses.
She's also, over the course of the last five years, transferred properties in Switzerland and Long Island into your name.
So you would say she's a very generous woman? She has been.
In the past.
£30,000 a year for a personal trainer, Mr Lee? £100,000 for travel? This brings me to a question of conduct.
I'd like to refer to an e-mail received by Mrs Lee from you early yesterday morning.
We strongly disagree with this line of questioning.
This is a personal e-mail sent at a highly emotional time.
I'm going to allow it.
Er, if you would look at the e-mail, please, Mr Lee? In it, you agree to settle on all our points for a one-off payment of £30 million and for that your wife keeps all other, quote, assets from the marriage? I was drunk.
And yet you still make promises.
Promises that we can't be sure you will keep.
Like promising my client while she was undergoing her cancer treatment that she would one day have children.
Why do you do this, Mr Lee? Because I Answer the question.
Answer the question.
Because I didn't think she'd live.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
They tell you to imagine a control room in chemo.
To to walk into it.
To stand and to look at your life.
To look at all your failings and all the things you regret.
And then they tell you to take all of that darkness, take the driving seat and move towards the light.
In that light were those children.
- Jaynie - I've always wanted a family.
Everything in this world is for four.
Family meals, family discounts.
"Is it just a table for one? Because we've got a booth if you've got your kids?" Give him what he wants.
But he could still withdraw consent.
You've only got one life.
And I won't live with regret.
I would like to strongly remind everyone that I am approving a financial order only.
Three payments of £10 million each to be scattered over a 12-month period.
Additional assets as agreed.
Mrs Lee, I hope today will bring you some kind of peace.
Court rise.
FOOTSTEPS RECEDE So, overall, a very healthy quarter.
Go, go, go.
I need you to keep earning the money.
- Hannah? - Yep? Jaynie Lee.
How did it go? Er, she settled.
Let's hope her husband keeps his promise about the embryos.
- Nathan did what he could, but - Did that work out OK? - With Nathan? - Yep.
He's a good barrister.
He is.
And was everything OK with you and Christie? Yes.
Things seemed a little heated between the two of you at the party the other night.
Whatever the problem is, I need him back on his game.
Out there, fine.
But in here, you work for Noble and Hale.
We good? Mm-hmm.
Oh, your mother! WHISTLES What a dame! Davey McKenzie's files.
They've just arrived from Defoe's.
They sent a truck full! Any unusual expenditure, please mark up on the board.
Order pizza.
We may be here some time.
Takeaway? - Er, fine.
- DOORBELL RINGS I bring weapons.
You must be Nathan.
I'm Oscar, Hannah's father.
Ah, er, Hannah's still at work.
Does she know you're here? No, I'm so sorry.
Is it terribly inconvenient? I can come back.
You must be - Matilda ? - No.
He's Vinnie, - and I'm Tilly.
- Oh! Liv.
My mother's name! But you're much prettier.
Now where do I put these bags? Lead on.
KNOCK AT DOOR Pizza's arrived.
- You want me to bring you some? - No, I'm fine.
- Found anything? - One or two interesting deposits.
PHONE RINGS They go back a long way.
It's nothing.
- We're just friends.
- Yeah.
With benefits.
Didn't you ever have one of those? Urgh! Have you had that one? Urgh, it's disgusting.
- Nathan - Mayday.
This is not a rehearsal.
We're at Defcon one.
Your father is here shamelessly corrupting the kids with Nerf guns and BeanBoozled.
What are BeanBoozled ? Taste like dog food.
Hannah's not answering.
Oh, God.
this one tastes like strawberries.
- Nina's on her way.
- Oh! Good.
You got Spotify? Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, let's get it on! Vinnie! Let me do it.
- That cover matches my scarf.
- Vinnie! Argh! Argh, argh, argh! Shoot! Take cover! SHE SIGHS PHONE RINGS Hello.
Goldie, er, sorry to call late, but I'm looking at the accounts Davey sent over and the transfers to this account, er, go back about ten years.
We're talking on average a million pounds a year.
But it's It's a serial number rather than a named account.
Do you have any idea who that could belong to? Cou Could I call you back? It's just There's someone I need to Sure.
SHOW TUNES PLAYING - Go big or go home.
- I love you.
Ah, the memory of show tunes.
It's all coming back.
Get glasses.
It's the only way through.
TEXT ALER In my defence, I was exceptionally drunk when I called on Nina.
Oh, God, I'm over it.
I've got, er, a ton of work, and right now my father is at my house doing God knows what, so can we just talk about this another time, please? You made a choice.
Really, Christie? You want to do this now? - I get it.
- TEXT ALER I get Nathan and you, and I'm glad you're happy.
I want you to be happy.
- It's just that - I have I have to go.
MUSIC PLAYS I'm going on a kamikaze mission, ready? Yeah! Got ya! LAUGHTER You haven't got a flag! - Ow! What the fu - Hannah! Hannah! Nathan and I called several times.
This is what happens when you don't answer your phone.
Resistance is futile! You've just got to run, Mum! - Seriously? - Seriously?! - I'm not doing this.
- I'm reloading! This is not my idea of fun.
Ow! Over here! Right! LAUGHTER AND SHOUTING MUSIC PLAYS LAUGHTER AND SQUEALING Mum! Someone's at the door! For your son.
He is yours, isn't he? Yeah.
Look I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! I'm sor Goldie, look, please.
You always wanted three.
Ho ho cake free and dried hum.
You don't read to him any more, do you? No, not since he was eight.
He was humouring me.
- What time is it? - Late.
I'll drive you.
Thank you.
It's controversial, but he's OK.
You've drunk too much.
You're horrible.
Oh, you're both horrible.
I don't really know any of you.
None of you ever really let me in.
Do you know what it's like always feeling the outsider with you lot? It's like watching people live with ghosts.
It's a relief to finally meet him.
- What? - What? It's not easy.
None of you are easy.
Rose is easy.
Rose is nice.
You don't like men.
- Well - None of you.
Well, you don't.
None of you.
You tolerate them, but you don't like them.
Hannah barely tolerates me.
Well, that's not true.
We never have sex.
Doesn't want to.
I like you, Nina.
I like you, Nathan.
Oh, Nathan.
Don't be weird.
Nina? I'm driving him back.
Do you want a lift? Fine.
You can drop me at Mum's.
I'll - Yeah.
- I'll stay at Mum's tonight.
HE GROANS - SIGHS - OK? Yeah, just can't do late nights any more.
Go back to sleep.
KEYS JANGLE Can I come in? WATER RUNNING I didn't know we still had this place.
I need to sit down.
There's still a burn in the carpet.
Nina tried to make a bonfire for her Sindy.
Grandpa threatened to throw her out of the kitchen window.
I had to talk him down.
So, er, you need our three signatures.
Er, if it's just about the money, - we'll buy you out.
- Hannah You don't need to do all this.
- I don't want you to do all this.
- It's not.
I don't want my kids to like you.
Nothing for 30 years.
We wrote.
We sent presents every birthday, for For years.
Easter, Christmas.
A telegram for when you married Nathan.
Did you get anything? No.
- No.
- Han Hannah? DOOR SLAMS Wha ? Hannah? Hannah? - Hannah?! - Nothing.
- Stop it! - You say nothing! What? Hannah, what do you think you're doing? Is this what a nervous breakdown looks like? Liar.
Liar! Liar! Key.
I want I want the key.
Give Give me the key, Mother, or I will break it over your head.
Hannah No! He left you.
He didn't leave us.

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