The Split (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Did you tell her? - Not yet.
- I saw Dad today.
- What? Did you speak to him? - And say what? - "Where have you been for the last 30 years?" You always made it feel like it was just the four of us against the world.
How is the mouth-breather, by the way? He has a sinus problem.
This is my new lawyer.
- She's going to help me.
- With what? With our divorce.
First rule: all bets are off until the letter of engagement is signed.
So represent me.
Give me the divorce you would want if you were to ever find yourself here.
- So she brought the man-child.
- How's your boyfriend? - How is Christie? - FUNNY ACCENT: Still Danish? - He's still Dutch.
- Tremendous.
- Nathan Stern.
- Christie Carmichael.
Couldn't pass by without kissing my wife.
- Hey! - Hey! He got better with age.
Nina suggested we grab a drink sometime.
- You don't mind? - I love my husband.
That's not what I said.
Family is fragile.
No-one is immune to it breaking, not even you.
- Survived! The last wife survived.
And for a bonus point, I will need all six names.
Philistines, all of you.
Seriously? - Catherine.
- Yeah.
Your DNA.
Both of you, most definitely your mother's side.
PHONE RINGS SHE SIGHS CHATTER Corral them into the boardroom, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you'll please start making your way into the boardroom.
Diallo Diopo.
He's the greatest centre forward of his generation.
And your point is? Let me know when Kelsey arrives.
- Christie.
- Hannah.
- I see you got your corner office.
- Hmm.
I want in.
We're talking about the finer intricacies of a prenup - between a footballer, and, uh - Glamour model? - Oh, you snob.
- Well, they're rarely neuroscientists.
(SHE SIGHS) Two weeks until the wedding, and still I have nothing signed.
All exchanges so far, done by e-mail, with obstacles put in our way at every turn.
So today, the circus has come to town.
Big game Sunday.
Last of the season.
- And you want to help me how? - Well, I speak French.
- Ah.
- Oui.
What, like, really speak French? HE SPEAKS FRENCH: Donne moi les termes principaux.
ã1 million in the event of any infidelity on his part, to be forfeited if it is on hers.
Plus, an extra ã100,000 for every year she serves.
- This is what the Suffragettes fought for? - SHE SCOFFS His lawyer is the bitch from hell.
Patronising, officious, - also speaks French, often in e-mails.
- Merde! Mmm, exactly.
Google Translate can only get a girl so far.
- Lauren.
- Yeah.
Formerly Carmichael.
It's been two years.
Now forever to be known as my ex-wife.
What? Fine.
But sit quietly.
Be nice.
I couldn't find anywhere to park.
Breathe, let me talk, and let's get this signed.
Mr Diopo, Mrs Brooker, this is my colleague, Christie Christie Carmichael.
- HE SPEAKS FRENCH: Je suis un grand admirateur.
- Merci.
- Oh.
You're, erm - Five, nearly six months.
Well congratulations.
- Adrian must be - Terrified.
I I should have called.
So if we could start by picking up on our amendments to clauses two, four, and five.
That card? - What the hell was that card? - You stopped taking my calls.
- You gave it to Hannah? - Good to see you too, Ruth.
What do you want, Oscar? You got fat.
And you got old.
Sadly, that has nothing to do with growing up.
Where are you even living? The Connington.
Of course.
Is she with you? No.
I left her in New York.
Every cloud.
Go away, Oscar.
I want to see the girls, whether you like it or not.
What, and hurt them all over again? Aren't you tired of this? I've still got a few rounds in me yet.
You keep away, from Hannah, from Nina, from Rose.
Especially from Rose.
She's too young to remember you.
I'd like to keep it that way.
You walked out.
And now I'm back.
You keep away from my girls.
Try full name, Oscar Richard Defoe.
SHE LAUGHS - That is one very ugly baby.
- Oh-ho-ho! What you two doing? Er, bridal fitting.
At 5.
00? It's in your diary.
- It's not a good day.
- Right.
Use the Amex.
Pick it up from Donna on your way out.
- It's fine, James said he'll do it.
- It's fine.
We're going to get something with a really long train.
Is that you being funny? You look pale, Rose.
We have to tell her we're seeing Dad later.
She knows.
She always knows.
Try Hannah again.
She's not picking up.
Classic Hannah.
What is wrong with you all? It's like none of you care.
(SHE SCOFFS) Care? That woman did not get out of bed for a week when he walked out.
Hannah had to get her up, make her brush her teeth, get you to nursery every single day.
So forgive us if we're not skipping at the thought of seeing him today.
But I'm doing it for you, frog face.
And at least I'm coming, which is more than Hannah's doing.
Now smile.
With Mr Diopo's planned transfer, a share of his earnings and assets will be lucrative.
And therefore relevant to my client and future welfare of any children they have.
- 40% is too high.
- Lauren SHE SPEAKS FRENCH She's concerned this level of settlement only encourages - other young women - SHE CONTINUES IN FRENCH with a propensity to date footballers in the hope of making money - by similar large prenups.
- Hmm, thank you, even I got that.
It is both offensive and inaccurate to align my client with any such behaviour.
Mr Diopo is about to be transferred for a considerable figure.
And we believe the offer of 20% of all assets and earnings currently on the table more than accommodates this.
We have been going back and forth over this - for weeks - And you're not listening.
All we are looking for is to offset such a deal so that in the event of a marital breakdown I can't do this.
I can't do this any more, I'm sorry.
You're upsetting her.
I appreciate this negotiation is difficult, Ms Ashworth, but it's not personal.
Historically, we have examples where players have been manipulated.
This is just the start, OK? This is supposed to be the happiest time of our life, and you're already talking about the end.
I don't care about this.
I don't care about any of it.
I just want it to stop.
OK? I just want to stop all of it.
I don't care.
OK? I don't care.
I'll sign it.
I will sign it.
As you continue to not take these amendments seriously, I would like some time to advise my client.
(HE SPEAKS FRENCH) Nous prenons cela très au sérieux.
I want her to be happy.
Lauren? We can't accept these amendments.
Then I have no alternative than to call time on this meeting.
HE SIGHS (HE SPEAKS FRENCH) Ce n'est pas ce que je voulais ! Your client has just said she is happy with the agreement as stands.
No amendments needed.
So why not let my client get back to doing what he does best, and let's get this signed? You have to trust her.
I'd hate to see these negotiations go south.
You make threats, and I will cite undue pressure, which will undermine any subsequent prenup in a court of law, if they were to divorce.
So you talk to your client and explain that to him over the next 24 hours, or this marriage will crash and burn before they've even walked down the aisle.
- Let's regroup tomorrow.
- Your funeral.
Oh 20 years from now, when you have followed him all around the world, had his children, looked after his life, you will care if you are not recompensed.
You have to care.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- I'm just tired.
I mean, seriously, what the hell made you marry her? She's fighting her client's corner.
Ah! She was once nice? Yes.
- She's rude, patronising - And I loved her.
Well, the good news is, you have your date with Nina.
Oh, it's graduated from a drink to a date? - Must be doing something right.
- And you split why? - No no.
No need to tell me why.
- I didn't want kids.
She wanted kids, and I didn't want kids.
You and Nina are going to get along fine.
She's never wanted them either.
Plus egg quality seriously depletes over 35.
Well, at least she's not married.
PHONE CHIMES It's PHONE CHIMES - SHE SIGHS - KNOCK AT DOOR Yeah? - The Daniel prelim hearing? I Did you ? - Donna sorted it.
A week Tuesday.
So, erm, today Hannah would normally talk to you about this, but as she's not here, the dress fitting.
This might be your last chance.
Hannah Well, we all know about Hannah.
It was all a bit last minute.
And as the likelihood of me walking down the aisle any time soon is zero, this is it.
Your last chance to do the whole mother-of-the-bridezilla thang.
Good talk.
If your father wants to see you, a word of warning.
He will wine and dine you, and once he has got what he wants, he will leave all of you again.
There is this little thing called joy, Mother, and sometimes Rose needs to see it.
No, correction, we all need to see it.
You should've told the kids we'd meet them in town.
What I should've done is left you years ago.
But I didn't know then that you were screwing my best friend.
The McKenzie Form E? - Just in.
- Your taxi's here.
Give me five.
Oh, come and look at this! Unbelievable! SHE CLEARS HER THROA Ruth Defoe.
I've received your Form E.
Hello? I know you're listening, Mother.
And you know what? Go to hell! Thanks.
Say yes to the dress.
Say bye to the guy.
Have you even watched Say Yes To The Dress? Yes.
Liv watches it all the time.
NINA SCOFFS Someone says yes to the dress.
That is where you are so wrong.
It is a tiny microcosm of the futility of human existence.
The bride comes out.
She loves the dress.
She looks to those she loves to love the dress.
They hate the dress.
They kill the dress.
They kill the dream.
The dream is dead.
This is what happens when you drink before 5.
Yours was a quick phone around and then we all legged it to that registry office around the corner from Ware is a beautiful place.
The bride after you wore flip-flops and a Pac-a-mac.
And you were mysteriously late for your own wedding, by the way.
Rose! I have to prep for a conference call back at the office this evening.
Thank you.
Nina, make her come with us to meet Dad, please.
So, you and Christie when are you going out? Tonight.
He doesn't want kids.
And in the unlikely event that we do procreate after our first date, then good to know we're on the same page.
Hannah, I can't Hang on.
Wow! I'm so nervous about meeting him.
I feel sick.
You'll be fine.
I don't even know what he looks like.
Like Gene Wilder, but with less hair.
And hopefully a little less creepy.
Please can you come? - I really need you there.
- I'm getting Nana Jo's arms.
WHISPERS: You're the only one I really love.
WHISPERS: Thank you.
Hannah's going to come! OK.
Yes? Definitely yes.
- You all right? - OK.
- Thank you.
I'll just - Hannah! - Oh, could we get three of those, please? - Yes.
Are you going to kiss him? I mean, should we kiss him? Or just hug him? Or perhaps neither.
He looks more like Gene Hackman.
Rosie Posey! Nina Regina! HE CHUCKLES You grew up.
That's what happens.
- So, where's Hannah? - Here.
Ah! - Did you order? - Yes.
- Rosie Posey.
- Daddy.
HE CHUCKLES - Well, this this is, erm - Unusual.
- So, you arrived ? - A couple of days ago.
Is she with you? Maya? No.
No, no.
She would have come if she could.
We both so missed London.
New York's fine, but, erm We talked about honeymooning in New York.
- You're getting married? - Yeah.
James used to work out there.
- He's in finance.
- James? My fiancé.
That's wonderful! Congratulations! And I hear you've left.
the family firm, Hannah.
(NINA CLEARS HER THROAT) She felt like a change.
- Mmm, yeah.
- Mmm.
What was your excuse? Mmm A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.
I want to toast James.
I just can't, actually.
Erm, maybe I'll - Sorry.
- Hi.
Well done, nice walk-off.
Did Rose just call him Daddy? - Mm-hm.
- Daddy? - Yep.
- She did! Oh, God! Oh, God.
BOTH LAUGH I just Oh Oh, God.
And please just stop fake laughing.
It's called easing the situation.
Well, don't, cos it's not you.
You screw things up.
You you argue.
You you resist polite conversation.
Just keep on doing that.
Oh! This is weird, it's weird.
Isn't this weird? It's 30 years It's weird because it doesn't feel weird.
It feels normal.
For once, no-one has to fill the gap.
Are you doing therapy? No.
And pilates is very, very bad.
You're still in there somewhere.
OSCAR AND ROSE LAUGH Tonight! He has a beach house.
And a boat.
They caught lobster.
We sold it.
Years ago.
I have to go.
- What? - Hannah? - Why are you back? - Don't.
Just while I've got you.
- I wanted to see you.
- We're fine.
As you can see we, we have turned out fine.
- We're fully cooked.
So you can go home.
- Stop it.
Please stop it.
I'll get it.
Hannah Wait.
Hannah! They say the parents are the bones upon which children cut their teeth.
You've got three grandchildren.
I'll be sure to tell them that Dad.
ON PHONE: It's been a long haul, but I'm sure we can all agree it's been a significant breakthrough.
We're now happy with the re-workings of clause two.
Right, we're all agreed.
And I confirm my client will provide the flight and hotel details fourteen days before travel.
CONVERSATION FADES circumstances of the negotiations I haven't been easy on anyone Oh, and if it can be countersigned by your client by the end of the week, that would be great.
- Good working with you again, Hannah.
- Nice talking to you, too.
The, erm Oh, the Antholous call just ran on late, so Lauren just, erm She just swung by.
Hannah Hey? It's fine.
It's all good.
Oh, you are jo Hey! Oh.
- He's got his period.
- Hmm.
Your nose is red.
It's cold.
Where's Dad? Spying.
If you were any kind of spy, - you'd have shinned up the wall by now.
- Ssh! - Night.
- Night.
WHISPERS: There were noises.
- She's 16.
- I'd know if my daughter was having sex.
And you're naive.
He has a beach house.
No, sorry, he HAD a beach house.
And a boat.
They caught lobster.
Bet she hand-smoked it on the beach.
Why do you never use her name? (SHE SIGHS) He had a beach house with Maya, our 24-year-old nanny from North Carolina.
She wore a brace, for God's sake.
30 years on, I expect her teeth I are pretty straight by now.
I My father had an affair.
It's end of.
Affairs don't happen in secret, Han.
There are usually signs which we choose to ignore.
Don't you want to hear the other side? Nina and Christie are going on a date tonight.
Not interesting.
- She's psychotic, and he's a - A good-looking bastard.
She'll text me before the end of play, because this is what I do.
It's what I've always done for my sisters.
Just be there to hold everyone's hand.
Do you really think Liv is sleeping with that boy? No! Don't, that's nice.
I mean, he was nice.
Really nice.
And it's not like they're not meant to screw you up, your parents, is it? PHONE VIBRATES So, are you on a date? Yeah.
I was meant to be on a date.
Not coming.
You're just meant to use a ruler and pencil to cross out.
- I want a pen.
- Not in pen.
I really want to do it in pen.
You smell good.
HE COUGHS I'm swinging by your office later.
Zander called.
They want some pointers on fertility law.
- Oh.
- Vinnie? - Don't throw it, don't.
- Four lines, and then you're done.
"Busty model Kelsey is no stranger to scoring from offside.
A regular in the VIP area at Boujis, a source confirmed that Diopo is not the first footballer she has tried to snare.
- With the ensuing prenup battle " - In every paper? Even got the figures for the Sunset clause right.
The Diopo prenup this morning? We're meeting in boardroom four.
Sorry, I'm in court for Zander.
How ? How did the date go? LIFT BELL RINGS - He's still not answering.
- It was a hen weekend.
We were all drunk.
All the girlfriends and wives.
I didn't sleep with any stripper.
I didn't sleep with anybody.
I don't even know who these two guys are.
Unfortunately, it's shaken my client's confidence, and his sponsors.
The same source says there were also drugs involved.
And that is libel.
An unnamed source used as evidence is libel.
Diallo! I've been ringing you all night.
That's not true.
- You know that is not true! - That's not how it looks, Kelsey.
- There are concerns this situation - You're not doing this! - brings too much damage.
- No, I don't want to hear it from you, I want to hear it from YOU.
Say the wedding is off! Say it.
Say it to my face.
Say that you cannot marry me.
(HE SPEAKS FRENCH) Je ne peux pas.
Je suis désolé.
Hannah, do something.
Say something! - This is unacceptable.
- Diallo, could you wait outside? You will, of course, be recompensed.
It's a generous offer.
In return, you will agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement not to discuss your relationship with my client any further.
Yeah, well, I don't want it.
I don't want his money.
Someone on your team leaked that photo.
Who else does this benefit? They had details of the prenup, specific clauses that could only have come from your side.
And that is speculation.
Either way, this photograph is embarrassing and damaging for my client.
I have to protect him.
No matter that it is deliberately misleading and that he has been misinformed? Christie's in court all morning.
- If I interrupted anything last night - No, it's complicated.
We hadn't seen one another since the divorce.
My last image is of me screaming at him in some restaurant in Hong Kong.
Well, we've all done that before.
Your first? Uh-huh.
- You? - Three.
Like a grenade in my marriage every time.
I'm sorry it didn't work out.
With you and Christie.
He mentioned he didn't want kids.
She's a sweet girl, and this might have just done her a favour.
I'll send over another copy of the non-disclosure.
Encourage her to sign.
That guy you were seeing, the clerk dealing with the injunction register.
- John.
- Mmm.
Have you still got his number? It was one night.
Get him to do a search for any other women who have signed non-disclosures on Diallo.
Mrs McKenzie's running late.
WATER RUNS SHE GASPS SHE SPITS Can you see that this gets back to him, please? Are you sure? It's too big anyway.
She's young.
Divorce? Prenup.
Tell her to run for the hills.
So Davey's Form E is in, and should show us the full financial picture of your family.
I I thought he'd paid off the mortgage on the Nice apartment.
And he hasn't put in the yacht.
Or the plane.
That's why I'd like to send our forensic accountant over to the house this afternoon.
He'll take an inventory, a true value of everything.
- Do I have to move out? - No.
You do NOT move out of the house.
It's your home.
Goldie, do you hear me? Once we've gathered the information we need from the family home, we'll move onto his business accounts.
My concern is that he's not being as transparent as we would like.
OK, so now this is where Davey has chosen to cite his own reasons for divorce.
Respondent "drank to excess"? It's two, maybe three glasses of wine of an evening.
"In the latter half of the marriage, there was little to no sexual companionship.
Mrs McKenzie treated it like it was the last job of the day.
The marriage was done.
" That bitch.
He had an affair! He was the one that cheated on me, with my best friend.
This is intimidation.
They want you to settle, and that's why they have made you a separate offer here.
But it's too low, so I want to go back.
From personal experience, I know that his solicitor fights hard for her clients.
But you've got me, Goldie.
I'm on your side.
So, are you ready? Yeah.
Sorry, court ran over.
Let's go into my office.
Ah, you want me to erm ? Oh, no, no, no, some times it's nice to watch her when she doesn't know I'm looking.
Good! You came.
Christie will look after you.
- Good win on the Netson settlement.
- I try.
Next time, can you be on our side? So, how'd it go with Nina? First rule: you get one Defoe sister, you get them all.
- 20 years' experience.
- Ah, well, thanks for the heads-up.
So fertility law.
We have various cases that I know Zander wanted you to look at.
You've finished up on the Diopo prenup? No, currently on the rocks.
I was just about to run over the various cases, Jaynie Lee in particular.
She fired her second barrister a week ago, and we thought Nathan could be her third.
Zander's idea.
Well, I'll look forward to you filling me in.
Bill for double time.
See you at home.
A forensic accountant? ã600 an hour, he costs.
And I'm expected to pay.
D o you really want to do this? I thought I'd made a decent offer.
I don't want decent.
I want what's fair.
I want what I'm owed.
God, have Have you had your bags done? (SHE LAUGHS) You have! You've had your bags done.
Where did you get your bags done? Do they look all right? I'm not sleeping, - and you get your bags done? - Goldie? You have ripped my heart out so it hurts to breathe, Davey.
I don't want you to be in pain, love.
Well, I am love.
CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS Do you know what I don't understand? What I've never understood? That you were abandoned, you were deserted, and yet you show no sympathy for women like Goldie.
It's not my job to show sympathy.
It's my job to get the best deal for my client.
Accusing her of alcoholism is the best deal? Trying to get her out of her house is the best deal? Nobody said divorce wasn't a shock.
We all have to stand on our own two feet one day.
She's been standing on her own two feet for 40 years! Just not in an office.
She signed up to this man, and he's let her down.
You were just like this as a little girl.
- You came out screaming.
- And you never asked why? We saw Dad last night.
He wastes no time.
It's 30 years, Mother.
- Is he dying? - It's that, or he's skipped bail.
- I don't know Hannah.
- Yes, you do, you always know everything.
- Well, perhaps he wants to make amends.
- Great.
He can buy me the unicorn he promised, or tell me where he used to stash his dope.
And where's Maya, by the way? Don't you think it's weird he's come without her? I don't know.
Let's hope she's died.
Do you want the Burgundies logged in with the other reds? BOTH: Yes! I won't talk about this now.
- But - Please, Hannah.
It'll buy us a few months' travelling, and then I'd hope that once we're back, we'll start a family.
- Really?! - Within a few months.
Not in a few months? A few years, maybe.
James, what are you thinking? - Well, I just thought - I'm not ready for kids.
You love kids.
You work with them every day.
When I get home, I want to - Do what? - Do stuff! We haven't got anywhere to live.
We have.
We have my flat.
You just don't want to move out of your mother's house.
Who, as a result, we have to spend way too much time with.
Which is weird, and and unfair, because - she doesn't like my parents.
- That - That is not true! - She thinks they're too normal.
- I never said that.
- Hah! - You said - I said, at times, your dad is a little nice.
Too nice.
- He's kind.
- All the time.
- Yeah.
- It's weird.
No-one is nice all the time.
- Well - Except you.
You're nice all the time.
HE SNIFFS Thank you.
Ooh, is that Kelsey's ring? Rock that big, what's he hiding? When did you get so unromantic? When I realised that love is a triggered biological reaction that we call "in love" compounded by the social construction of what love means and how it unfolds.
There's some lasagne left if you're hungry.
He seems, erm, nice.
So you ? I know you're both 16, I know you think you're mature enough to sleep with one another, but you're not.
- When I was 16 - We're not.
It's Vinnie.
He's watching TV in my room.
PHONE VIBRATES Seriously? Good morning! Please tell me your friend found something.
You owe me.
We had dinner AND cocktails.
Turns out Diallo's team have shut up five other women.
I've just sent you everything.
You can catch Mrs Brooker in court now.
I saw.
I spoke to Diallo this morning.
Apparently, she's agreed to sign the unamended prenup.
Even with all the facts? Five non-disclosures drawn up by you for the same player.
Agreements that ensure this player is protected from any damaging or salacious accusations.
I mean, admittedly, the majority of them are pre-Kelsey, but not all.
It makes for good reading.
I will now talk to my client.
Because this this means she gets what she wants.
Every amendment that we have asked for, you will agree to.
How long have you known my ex-husband? A long time.
It's you.
You're the Hannah.
You were right.
He never wanted kids with me.
He never wanted them with me.
You're angry.
The blood rushes to your ears when you're angry.
You are so bloody irritating.
Go home, Oscar.
Pick up the cheque and go home.
I am home.
And our youngest daughter is getting married, I hear.
Oh, you didn't get your invite? - I'll look into it immediately! - Ruth The damage that you did.
The damage that you still could do, Oscar.
How? How am I going to hurt them now? They're fully cooked.
They're all fully cooked.
What do I need to do to get you back on a plane to New York? That cheque won't quite cut it.
I want my share.
I want my share of Defoe's.
I want to sell.
And you can't do that without the girls.
Without their signatures.
Of course! SHE LAUGHS Brilliant! What? So get them drunk, and then hold the pen? Wow! That's not how it works.
- The deal - There are no more deals, unless you'd like to buy me out.
30 years, Ruth.
Those who murder do less time.
Five non-disclosures.
Five separate women.
He's told me everything.
They were before me.
They were all before me.
Not all.
- My job is to protect your future, Kelsey.
- Hannah, I know.
He won't cheat again.
But if he does? In five years' time? In ten years' time? It's hard for you to imagine, but what about in ten years' time? Everyone has a past.
- And if it comes back to haunt you? - It won't.
But if it does, the prenup is written by the head for when the heart's forgotten it once loved.
So, if you're happy to proceed you just need to sign.
We're going to get married! - Madame Diopo! - Sorry, sorry.
Yay! DOOR CLOSES Dad asked me to pick up his post.
Have you eaten? - Has Michael been over? - Mm-mm.
Your dad's still got you working hard, then? Mmm.
Did you know? About Yvonne? Maybe.
Don's funeral.
There was just something.
You didn't have a clue? He's a shit.
He's a total shit.
Michael wants to kill him.
Dad's acting like nothing's happened, just walking around the office, shouting at us all.
Do not let him bully Michael.
Your brother's soft.
It's you that's all steel.
Well, where did I get that from, then, eh? INDISTINCT CONVERSATION He wanted to be sure they took the right things.
Oh, well.
Better let them in, then.
DOOR OPENS Well done! You got her a very generous prenup.
And you got tickets for the game.
So So, are you ever going to tell me? How did you and Nina get on? Er we didn't.
I got caught up with work.
You are terrible with women.
You've always been terrible with women.
The casualties, as I seem to remember, were evident on a fairly regular basis.
It was me who had to mop them up in the morning.
Tell them that it wasn't them, it was you.
Your particular affliction being that they were great and beautiful and brilliant, and you could never see what was right in front of your nose.
You're right.
I couldn't.
Why did Zander bring Nathan in? Oh! Well, that's Zander.
When he gets an idea in his head And Nathan's sharp.
Amongst other things.
He doesn't let people down.
That night.
That night before my wedding.
We, er drank a lot, and we talked a lot - and we - Slept together? And you asked me not to make a mistake that I would regret for the rest of my life.
Whatever this is this has to stop.
Because I chose Nathan.
I married Nathan.
End of NEARBY CONVERSATION There'll be someone for you.
There's always someone for everyone, - eventually.
Er the other night.
I'm sorry.
I I bailed, and you were - So I thought I'd - Call by just in case? Bad idea.
Actually, I've got someone here.
Oh, God.
- Bye.
- B
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