The Split (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

- Hannah's been sleeping with Christie.
- Thank you, Nina.
If there's anything you're not telling me, Hannah, - you need to tell me now.
- I love you, Nathan.
- You know I'm pregnant.
- I presume the father does know.
Mr Carmichael? You do know he was grinding my wife most of last night? They found five of these.
- One was in he bedroom.
- It will never happen again.
I slept with Christie the night before our wedding.
Nathan Nathan Oh Oh It's so like you! Yes or no? And in doing so, you destroy yourself and my life! - I'm sorry! - You have destroyed my life! - Stop this! - You think of yourself as ethically - and morally right - I said I didn't want - to do this! - but you're a fraud! Yes or no?! Because you toss people over! Non-molestation order.
- I'll call my lawyer first thing.
- Lawy lawyer? You idiot! - Nathan! - The night before our wedding, you slept with Christie.
No - No? That's it.
- Not good enough.
- Where? Where? Where? - I said I don't want to talk about it.
- Say it! - Please, Nathan.
Say it! Say it! Oh, God.
Oh Is it true? Christie and a client? Zander is waiting, and I would like to set my face before I go in.
Yes, it's true.
- How depressing.
- Yeah.
I really thought your generation had cleaned up its act.
But you You're meant to be better.
- Right.
- Seriously.
- Mother, could you please just stop? - What? You want to go easy on him? Fine.
Christie's cocked up.
But to get caught on film Well, yeah, I don't think that was the intention - And you are covering for him.
- I'm not covering for him.
You've always been too soft when it comes to that man.
- Not today.
- What? I can't Not today.
- Don't be so wet.
I expected - Better? Yes! I hoped your generation Won't cock up in the same way as yours? Well, I'm afraid you don't have the monopoly on that, Mother.
- Well, if you can't learn from our mistakes - Oh, I'm so bloody sick of that stupid mantra, Mother.
"Don't don't make my mistakes.
" Why not? Why are you the only one who can screw up? - Well, I just - Because people screw up.
They screw up.
They don't mean to, but they Hannah Nathan's left.
Nathan's left.
First rule: never leave the house.
Oh Please be a mum today.
Not a lawyer.
Just be a mum.
There you are.
Shall we begin? Only I have two hearings at court in an hour, so Yeah.
- Winter 2008 - No.
- You had a wobble and slept on Mum's sofa.
- Croup.
Tilly had croup, - and I had a big case.
- Yeah, and then you went back the next day.
Yeah, well, this is different.
- Talk to Hannah.
- I will.
Can I stay at yours again tonight? No, get yourself a hotel.
Or better still, go home.
Rise and shine.
Like our love.
I like what you did there.
- Has Nathan gone? - Hmm.
What time were you up with him last night? Until three.
I knew it had got bad when you rolled out Springsteen.
I mean if they can't make it, what chance have we got? - It'll be - Don't say fine.
We're not Hannah and Nathan.
We're broke.
- Hmm - No, what are you doing? - Getting up.
I've gotta get my job back.
- No.
Stay in bed.
I've got this.
I've got a nannying job.
Three kids.
Loads of overtime.
- Rose - I mean it.
I've got it.
I can't bear to see you put on that suit again.
Where the hell are you? You're meant to be taking the kids to school today.
Hurry up! Richie? - Alarm didn't go off.
- What, and Ali didn't wake you? No.
No, she's being a complete bitch, so Yeah, well, what do you expect? I mean, you treat her like crap.
Didn't you get the call from the office? The show is canned, Richie, and they're all pointing the finger at me.
I'm the one who's unfit to look after my kids.
Just calm down.
All right? Just leave it to me, Fi.
All right? I'll smooth it over.
Door! Smooth it over? You bugged my house, you shit.
And they say I'm the cokehead? The heat is on Fi Hansen and her stability as a mother.
The last thing we need is for any more salacious details to get out.
But it happens.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm presuming it was just the one time? - Yes.
- Well, Melanie is brutal but straight.
So, any footage they have of you and Mrs Hansen We ask for it to be delivered up so it can be destroyed.
It doesn't serve her client to be exposed as spying on his wife.
No, it points to a predilection for voyeurism, - of which we know he has form.
- Agreed.
But, more than that, it compounds the coercive behaviour.
I mean, abusive behaviour.
We're currently trying to iron out the child arrangement situation, and he is not making it easy for us.
I suspect he's leaking stories to the press to show his wife in a bad light.
- It's a mess.
- Well, we can clean it up as elegantly as we can.
There are enough stories circulating around him - to surely push back a little.
- Yeah.
But none of them are making the press.
We need to find the women who are willing to talk, offer legal protection to break their NDAs.
After the way the press annihilated the nanny, no-one's willing to come out and say who Richie Hansen is.
Either way, you can't be on this case any more.
Ruth's going to take it over with Hannah from here.
Zander You've compromised yourself, Christie.
You know how vulnerable she is.
- She's a grown woman.
- And you took advantage of that.
So, we're done here? Hey.
Just wondered if you'd look over the Hansen position statement.
I changed a little of the wording.
Change it back.
I just I thought it was a little clumsy.
I've been doing this 18 years.
Don't be clever.
Clarity over finesse.
Oh, sorry.
Last para you were right.
Cuts are great.
It turns out Richie Hansen planted cameras in the family home.
He's bugging his wife? Yeah, well, it happens.
Er, we've gone in hard with his lawyers and threatened civil proceedings.
I mean, I I don't know if there would have been much on it, but it's one way to keep track of your spouse.
It's the use of incriminating.
There must be something.
NHD would have noted it as such if there wasn't something worth shutting down.
I'll find out more.
Just for clarity's sake.
- Nathan - I've left Hannah.
- OK.
- It surprisingly is.
It's been coming for a while.
I'm fine.
- Where are you going to stay? - Um Last night, my sister-in-law's, but, erm, probably best to draw territory lines - away from family, so - Yeah.
- You can always - Er, no.
No, no, I'm fine.
I'm a grown-up single white male.
We know how to do these things.
Credit card, toothbrush, takeaway.
We travel light.
Just to clarify, I wasn't asking you if you wanted to stay over.
There's a notice board for flat rentals in the Chambers bar.
And as the yoot of today would say, I can highly recommend Spare Room.
Yeah, rub it in, why don't you? I'm sorry.
I am too.
But it's not over till the fat lady sings.
- You've lost me now.
- Fat lady.
- Fat lady sings? - No It's a turn of phrase: fat lady, fat lady sings.
Oh, get out of here with your bloody Spare Room and your Airbnb! Oh, Airbnb! It's radical.
Hannah, I know that you're angry.
Your message was certainly clear.
Not only is it a massive infringement of my client's privacy to knowingly record or film without permission, but you don't need me to also remind you that if you try and use any evidence as leverage at the forthcoming child arrangements hearings, any judge will recognise it as unscrupulous, especially as it includes recordings of his own children at home and play.
But you have to admit what it threw up was pretty titillating.
Also, it's a little bit embarrassing for your colleague.
With regards to my client, I have to admit that I don't approve, Hannah.
And we're not going to be using it.
But it doesn't put Fi Hansen in a very good light.
Clear examples of drug-taking, compounded with a rather racy three-way already in the public domain I mean, it asks questions whether she has the ability to be able to focus on her children.
Fi Hansen has not got a drug problem.
I mean, either way, it won't play well with the judge.
Your client is orchestrating all this to his advantage.
But the press can turn, Melanie.
And they will turn quick, - given the right information.
- Threats, Hannah.
That is not your style.
But you might want to be careful, because Mr Hansen is a little volatile right now because his children are everything.
But your client failed to take his children to school this morning.
If we can't come to an agreement on the current terms, which it doesn't look like we can, then Richie might have to get nasty.
Still, one has to question Mrs Hansen's emotional stability.
They both have a show going down the pan.
Let's hope he can still pay your fees.
Not to mention the rumours circulating.
Or are you choosing to ignore the growing chorus that your client is a manipulative sleaze ? We have both been in this business for long enough to know that the likes of Mr Hansen Have a shroud of wealth and a retinue willing to cover up - and serve them.
- Exactly.
So there'll be a new show, the next project, which no-one will want to jeopardise, - a week from now.
- No, Melanie.
- That's the past.
- But is it? It is amazing what a couple of hundred grand won't do to shut those girls up.
Oh, anyway I've said it before, those Russian and tech billionaires are just so much easier.
We want all the footage.
And we'll be making an application within these proceedings for delivery up of all recordings and to prohibit your client from using any of it.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Mr Pope.
Not to put too fine a point on it, Hannah, but a baby? - My baby? - Right.
Welcome home.
Not exactly.
Not entirely.
Sarah's gone ballistic.
Nice tan.
How was LA? - Amazing.
- Nina.
Your mess.
You're pregnant.
Hello to you too.
You're pregnant.
- Yippity-doo.
- And it's definitely mine? Or the guy from Uber Eats.
Who knows? Yes, you dick, unfortunately it's yours.
Read the letter.
Should you even be carrying that? It was just a courtesy, but if you'd like a DNA test Yeah, I would.
A legal letter? Well, what did you expect? I'm a lawyer.
I made it as easy as I could to read.
And you don't want anything? Erm No, thanks, you've done your job.
So that's what it was? Oh, don't flatter yourself.
No, it was three mojitos and a good gag about your old headmaster that swung it.
I've kept that one in.
And then you went back to your ex-wife.
How is that going? That? By which you mean Sarah? The weather helps.
Oh, congratulations, by the way.
- Your show? - Do you like it? No, it's pretty shit.
Sarah's not happy.
You chose to go back to her.
To be frank, we might not stay.
It's tanked.
Your show's tanked.
That's not the point.
God, you do this, you throw me off my point, which is a baby? Yeah, that's what I'm hoping we'll get at the end of this.
- Wow.
- It's fine.
- It's not fine.
- Well, it's happening.
I've got my scan tomorrow.
I've got a gig in Toronto.
I could maybe push the flight back a few hours.
I wasn't inviting you.
I want to be there.
We need to talk.
Dinner? Just, please, give me a few hours tonight.
I've missed you.
Eh Rex, Tyler.
You're on that Netflix thing.
My nephew loves it.
How old's your nephew? Er 15.
Stay calm? How long will the press run with this? I'm everywhere! He's going to take my kids.
The press are inferring, at best, that I'm a party girl.
- Fi - He's going to capitalise on this.
When he wants something, he gets it.
- And he wants my kids.
- He's not going to get your kids.
Ruth is my colleague.
She'll be working with me now that Christie has left the team.
- Mrs Hansen - Bullshit.
Is this what you do? Lure women like me into thinking they stand a chance? No.
Have you any idea what it's like, looking at your life ripped apart? Exposed to the fact that your whole life has been a lie? Can you imagine your life without your kids? No? 'Cos you don't have to.
- You're not where I'm at.
- Mrs Hansen, you're not going to lose your kids because he is not going to win.
Because you are a good mother.
Because you have safely brought up three children so far.
I presume they're all at school today? - Yes.
- Yes, so, look, anything that any newspaper says is just the grease that turns the wheels of another press day.
So, you breathe.
You leave us to prepare your case and you trust in your lawyer, because she is good.
She is very good.
And it's what? It's one grainy still from a sex tape and a whole lot of rumour? Fi, we need to find women willing to go on record against your husband, push back that bad press where it belongs.
Have you spoken to Ali? She's leaving.
She texted me this morning.
I don't think Richie knows yet.
Ah, every time! Ali.
- Do we have a meeting booked in? - No.
You're leaving? Yeah, I'm terminating my interests.
- I really shouldn't be talking to you.
- Then why did you leak the tape? - Like, legally I can't talk to you.
- You signed an NDA.
- Can't.
- Which you can break.
Yeah, right.
We will support you.
- Look, NHD can help you.
- Help me? How? You leaked the tape, Ali.
You're halfway there.
And before, call it calculated denial.
Now? It's out there.
And, like it or not, the cover's blown.
- We can guide you.
- I started working for Richie straight out of college.
My entire career is based around that man.
He actually wasn't born an arsehole, it's just people like me make people like him feel that it's all right to be one.
I have spent the last decade cleaning up and sanitising that man's life.
That's what we do.
And if I break that trust, - it's - What? What, the sky will fall? I know you've been approached by the press.
- Half of them are my mates.
- Then talk to them.
There're a million Richies.
We book every appointment.
We bail them out with vit B shots and rehab.
We buy presents for their kids.
We prop them up on the red carpet.
We smooth out the wrinkles and the loose talk.
But we're nobodies.
I'm a nobody.
So, if I speak up, I will be silenced.
- No client would ever trust me again.
- Then get better clients.
Get new clients.
Now, you can keep smoothing out the creases, smiling on red carpets, but life is coming for Richie Hansen.
You want to be a spectator? Or do you want to stop burying your head in the sand, look this thing straight in the eye and call it for what it is? But for once you can do something.
Change it.
Change you.
Because you can't go back.
So, let me help you go forward.
If you choose to talk, we've got you're back.
Look, you owe yourself and all those other women that.
Rex is back.
- Sounds like the title of a bad romcom.
- I'm serious.
Oh, God, I had a feeling you were.
I mean, he was really sweet.
- And back with his ex-wife.
- And genuinely supportive.
And back with his ex-wife! - How's Hannah? - You know Nathan stayed with us last night.
Sometimes I just want to go back.
Like, way back.
To before all this shit.
When it was just fun, Rose.
When it was just uncomplicated.
- There is no going back, Nina.
- Mummy, I need some help.
This is all you get: one shot.
So, you might as well enjoy it.
I'm sick of waiting for life to happen.
If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't - Zander! - Sorry, am I interrupting? No.
Thanks for your call.
You are in trouble! Yeah.
Before you start, Nina, as much as I appreciate this intervention, could we not have this conversation? - I'm your boss.
- Yeah, of course.
Only You have this way, you Defoe women, of getting in one's head.
It's lonely.
It gets lonely.
And the danger is you don't grab something when it comes your way.
But you did grab it.
And But he's not perfect.
But who is? He's here and he's someone who might stay.
So, I'm just saying, whatever Tyler's done, it's not irredeemable.
Duly noted.
I'm ready now.
For apologies.
Again, I apologise.
See, I wasn't feeling that.
- I do not make a habit of - I'm not talking about a bloody client.
I'm talking about Hannah.
Yesterday's little performance at Moot Court Hannah's reaction to Mrs Hansen We've known one another since we were 19.
Her name is above the door, Christie.
What does that mean? It means she means something.
To the firm.
To this company.
You fall from grace? Your name is not above a door.
We can take the hit.
But Hannah? Hannah Defoe is the best we have.
Her name in the press? It comes back to me.
You think I don't know that? How far I've strayed from who I thought I was.
Want to be.
But I promise, whatever she means to you, she means a whole lot more to me.
This I can't help you with.
This I can't clean this up.
I know.
I don't want to fire you.
Don't make me fire you.
Tell me that isn't a superhero costume.
Tyler's idea.
No, no, no, no, no.
Ah, Tyler.
Excuse me.
Er, Zander, when I'm in a meeting Have you told people to come as superheroes tonight? Yeah, we were discussing the, you know, the great films of our time, and you defended I passed comment.
I said I thought the last one was overrated, and you said I did not mean I want the entire team at my bachelor night - dressed as superheroes.
- So you do want a bachelor night? Still? You are not forgiven.
I know.
But You want a bachelor night.
Go back to your meeting.
If you've got me a cape, I You OK? - Hannah - No.
No, no, I I I'm leaving.
- When? - Soon.
I can't stay here.
I can't stay with you here.
Not after Mm.
Just come tonight.
To the stag.
Please? I thought it was Nathan, but I'm the arsehole.
- No.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I am I am.
We tell people not to accept these NDAs.
But when you get married, there's this invisible NDA that you all mentally sign on the dotted line.
The promise that all the worst bits of yourselves, even the bits that aren't OK you've found someone who will live with them, who will live around them, who will get used to them, who won't taunt you with them.
Well, sure, you'll moan about them to one another.
But they're your secret.
They're They're part of the marriage NDA.
And you'll tell yourself that they're the quirks that make you love one another.
But, in truth, these are the things that really grind you down day after day.
Coffee granules dumped down the drain again.
The sloppy drunken evenings when you've forgotten why you're married in the first place.
Nasal hairs left in your tweezers, even when they swear they're not theirs.
Those tiny intimacies, I carried them, - I carried them around like weapons.
- Hannah The sex is better with you.
I told him that.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Hard to come back from.
Sackable offence.
Looks like we're both out of a job.
Then hopefully I'll see you there.
Hello, this is Nathan Stern Wear the blue.
You look good in the blue.
- Ah, let's just order pizza.
- Mum.
You OK? What's happened? I've done the worst thing, Liv.
The worst thing I could have done.
Can't you just call it quits? Uh That would be nice, but It doesn't work like that.
He won't be able to manage without you.
He can't cook.
Yeah, he has a phone.
He, erm He doesn't know what tie to wear when it's important.
Yeah, I think that they're overrated.
He needs you.
You need him.
That's a different thing to want.
You have to want someone as well as need them, - and your dad and I - Yeah.
You'll pass.
Thanks, Liveroo, yeah.
That's Rose.
We don't need a baby-sitter.
Yes, you do.
So, I'm on my way to the stag do.
And, er, I'm not sure if you're going to be there.
Erm, I hope you are.
It would be, er I really need to I don't even know where you're staying.
I guess you checked into that hotel.
Rose said you had, so, erm I just hope you're OK.
I've been thinking about you all day.
I'm just so, so If you would like to re-record your message Great.
There's just an energy out there.
A dynamism.
And they love us.
They love us Brits.
Sarah hates it, obviously.
To be expected: she hates everything, including me.
Well, the writing's on the wall, Rex.
So, in some ways, I think this actually helps.
To cut the tie.
- A new baby! It's punctuation.
- Sorry? For both of us.
Her and me.
And she gets it.
Like, she gets that you're going to need help.
So - I think we can make this work.
- OK, rewind.
I mean, we're hopeful of a second series.
And you can commute.
Or visit.
I mean, I won't be able to get back all that much, but maybe if, and it's a big if because obviously - there's Eddie - Rex.
What? Can I just say no, right now? Like, a flat no.
You and me.
We are a no.
The baby is a big yes.
Look, I'm willing to make space for you in the baby's life, but whatever you think is happening here This is on me.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
You're doing great.
You're with your son.
- But you and me - OK, I think I'm having a panic attack.
No, you're fine.
You're going to be fine.
- What? - I woke up.
I woke up.
Let's keep talking.
Your people talk to my people.
Up, up and away! Oh-ho-ho! At last! We thought you'd eloped.
Ah! Please tell me you signed the pre-nup.
You old romantic fool, you! This man is a lost cause.
- You be very careful with him.
- Yes, boss.
- Really? - Sometimes, you've just got to take that dive.
I give it a week.
- You OK? - Yes! Happy.
Very happy.
He's not here.
Drink up.
You made it.
Couldn't miss your speech.
What? Just pleased you're here.
Christie Speech! Speech! OK, OK, OK! I'm coming.
- Jesus! - Get on with it, Superman! Some people have accused me of not being the marrying type.
My reply: perhaps I, eh, never found my type to marry.
Also, every good lawyer needs at least one divorce under their belt - Hi.
- preferably their own, to really perfect their craft.
But if two people are lucky enough to collide in this world, then that is an act of courage and faith, worthy of any superhero.
- Hear, hear! - And so I raise a glass to our superheroes of the night.
Mr Right, who found Mr Right, I salute you.
I applaud you.
I wish you signed that prenup.
Deal done? Though I sincerely hope I will never have to gloat and say I was right.
And so, on that note - cheers.
- Cheers! Congratulations to you.
Well done.
- You made it.
- Yep.
- Mr Hale.
- No.
Thank you fellow traveller.
There you are.
You came.
For Zander and Tyler.
What are you doing? He's left you.
And I'm here, Hannah.
- Oh, my God.
- What, you think I'm not going to challenge you on that? - We talked about this.
- When it was crazy.
When when I was mad.
It was mad.
You said You said You think because Oh, my God! It was better with you.
But everything else - everything else - Nathan is everything else.
Just go and talk to someone else, Christie.
Go and enjoy your night.
You're not coming on? Er Thanks.
This and this has to sleep.
See you in the morning, Captain America.
Thank you for putting a word in for me with Zander.
I couldn't let a good thing go to waste.
He got lucky.
Why are the best men always married, ugly or gay? You did it.
You just did it.
I have to Yeah.
Rose? All OK? Yeah.
Whatever you did, you did right.
So wrap 'em up, I'm taking 'em home.
Kids come in many different ways.
What am I looking for anyway? I threw the results for that test.
I figured, it takes a village, right? And my village is pretty cool, so I love you, Rose.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Oh, I don't know.
- Ask me tomorrow.
- I will.
Ew, you just stink of whisky.
Terrible, terrible drink.
Er, sorry to keep you waiting.
Maggie, later.
Tell me how much is it going to cost me to get you to stay? Well, either you've been burgled or you're mid-renovation.
Why have you packed all your books? - I'm moving.
- Where? Not sure yet.
But a very nice American couple, big into Wimbledon, are going to give me a disgustingly large sum of money for them to stay here over the summer, so Yeah, and before you ask, I never move in after the first night.
- Have you gone completely bonkers? - No.
It's just I can feel the blood pumping in my bed when I lay down at night.
It's unnerving.
What? Ten, 20 years at best.
There's not a moratorium on having your mad years midlife.
I'm throwing caution to the wind.
How do you think you got to stay the night? - I'll remember this.
- Yeah.
Like trying to catch a firefly.
Houston, we have a problem.
Now, it appears you've backed yourself into a corner, one that I can no longer get you out of.
So, let's use our brains here.
Television personality Richard Hansen today faces allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.
It is believed six more women have come forward with their stories following claims Get off me, you're going to make me late.
What are you doing? Get your own bag.
Hello, this is Nathan Stern.
Please leave a message.
You can't leave me.
I won't let you leave me.
Please, please.
I don't know how to do this without you.
How to be without you.
How does it work tonight? What do we do? Liv's Spanish thing.
Because we're family.
How do we still be a family? Can we just be a family tonight? - Ready? - Definitely.
Leave it to us to speak.
We've got this.
My client is currently under immense pressure and, quite frankly, a media siege.
Which I'm sure he does not wish to inflict upon his wife and children, thus furthering their trauma.
In the immediate future, my client believes it is best for the children to live with her, and to agree the days on which they will spend time with Mr Hansen.
Certainly whilst this latest - media storm - Blows over.
Yes, that's agreed.
It's for the best.
- I'm not taking them away from you.
- Aren't you? They're lies.
In return? My client will refrain from making any statements - to the press or interviews.
- Good.
You should know, however, that she will be fully cooperating if there are any criminal proceedings.
It doesn't serve anyone to draw this out any longer, Mr Hansen.
Whole room full of you.
What? Fuck the lot of you.
Thank you.
Right, I guess I'm out of here.
Nothing like a happy customer.
Well played, Hannah.
- So, Ruth.
- Mm.
- Till the next time.
- Next time.
- You ready? - Yep.
- All good? - Mm-hmm.
- Good luck.
- You too.
Nail it.
How do we do this? Wave and smile.
That's not what I meant.
We tell them after.
"The night is shattered and the blue stars shiver in the distance.
Escribir, por ejemplo, 'La noche esta estrellada, y tiritan, azules, lo lejos.
' I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.
Yo la quise, y a veces ella Through nights like this one, I held her in my arms.
En las noches como esta, la tuve entre mis brazos.
I kissed her again and again under the endless sky.
La bese tantas veces bajo el cielo infinito.
She loved me sometimes and I loved her too.
" Seriously.
It was amazing, Liv.
- Really? - Really.
I'm sorry.
It's And most of you probably don't know this, - but I first seduced your mother in a bar in Barcelona.
- Dad Which I believe, is the lyric from an Ed Sheeran song.
I had some moves.
Mum? As well as celebrating Liv's night, erm we are also here because, mio amigos, your mother and I want to talk to you.
- Ah, Tils, you've eaten all the peppers.
- Vinnie.
None of what we're going to say is going to be easy but your mother and I have decided to take some time apart.
- I told you they were going to divorce.
- No.
It's just your dad and I are We're just Why? Because when two people do the very best thing together ie, you three then they have to look at one another and ask if they can top it.
And we can't.
But we will always be family.
It's fine.
It doesn't have any legs.
It! There.
She's got two.
All fine.
Oh, well.
I like it.
It was! I think it's beautiful.
It was! Nathan? Nathan?! I'm going to make tea.
Oh, darling Oh, darling, darling.
Oh That's right.
That's right, my baby girl.
Oh No, no.
Give your ma five minutes.
She'll be fine in five minutes.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, guys.
Yeah, come on.
The rabbit's back! Good.
I'm starving.
Perfect for a pie.
Mum, Mum! The rabbit's back! Mum! Mum! Mum! Come see! Mum, it's back! Quickly, Mum! Coming!
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