The Split (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 There's a tape.
We made a sex tape.
You know there are other women and they're coming for him? - You OK? - First night without the kids.
- I can't stop drinking.
- City Church, I'll be there.
I'm ordering a car.
- Really? We were just reminiscing.
- You're drunk.
Is that what you're worried about? That I'm going to tell him? I will, if you don't, so you should.
- How many times? - Once or twice.
Once or twice? That's why I won't tell him about the night before my wedding.
And you can't either because, if you do, you destroy my marriage.
And I am begging you not to do that.
This is about my children.
Argh! - (FOOTSTEPS ON STAIRS) - Hey, Tilly, come and look at this.
- (DOOR SLAMS) - Stop mucking around, Vinnie! (SHE SIGHS) (BALL BOUNCES) Shit.
Were you in the spare room last night? Vinnie, get your shit together.
Coat, shoes, bag.
Dad's back's bad again.
You haven't forgotten, er, Moot Court today? (HE SIGHS) Perfect.
Well, there's something to be grateful for.
Yeah, I might drop by on my way to work.
No, not yet.
I'm not ready to talk yet.
You left your face cream by his bed.
Vinnie, I'm leaving.
(MUG CLATTERS) I hate foxes.
(DOOR CLOSES) (THEME MUSIC) (DOORBELL RINGS) (SHE SIGHS) Sorry, I just presumed you'd get up early with - The kids are - Stayed with Richie last night.
Of course.
Oh, you already got here.
I thought that was your car.
So you're up to speed? The tape's been leaked.
(HE SIGHS) Yeah.
I'm just looking at it now.
He's leaked it? The idiot, he's leaked it! Oh, my God, it looks like we've taken loads of drugs.
I'll call Jimmy, get him working on an injunction.
It was filmed on Carrie's phone.
We'll get them on copyright.
(QUIETLY) You stink of red wine.
Did you stay here last night? Jimmy, - we've got a problem.
- He's not picking up.
- Try him again.
- He's going to play this.
- This is perfect leverage for him - (PHONE RINGS) to take the kids from me.
I can't believe you.
You arsehole! RICHIE: Top of the morning to you too.
- Where are the kids? - The kids are fine.
Dropped at school 8:25, teeth brushed, hair combed, - all smiles.
- Do they know? - Look, it's white noise.
- It's a sex tape, Ritchie.
- Their parents are in a sex tape! - Ah, you're losing it.
- We'll go out there together tonight and - You think we can go - and do a show tonight? Are you mad? - I didn't leak it.
You're a liar! You had the tape, you were holding the phone.
You did all of this to humiliate me.
There's no way I'm going on TV with you.
Yeah, well, your contract says otherwise.
- See you tonight, babe.
- Screw you.
Hey, we'll take care of this.
- It's what we do.
- I need to get dressed.
I've gotta be at the studio.
Nice eye.
- Looks painful.
- You think? No, don't do that.
Don't make me feel bad to make you feel better for sleeping with a client.
What, you're not even denying it? Really? Nathan got into your flat.
- He broke in? - A key, my key.
He found my key.
That's why you got a crack to your face like that.
Right now Right now, I'm with him.
I'll meet you outside.
You're spying.
And for once you're in on time.
What's going on? Zander's concerned the sex-tape leak came from within the firm.
So, yesterday, what the hell was that fight about? I know nothing.
Shall I give you my interpretation of what's going on here? Continue.
You, aforementioned sister, are protecting her, your much-revered colleague and family member, when, in fact, you might find that I am the perfect ally in the mysteries and chaos of the modern affair.
So And I'm right.
((HE EXHALES) SHARPLY) - You can't tell anyone.
- Zander No, please.
And "revered" is a little strong.
Then why are you so disappointed in her? Er, incidentally, congratulations.
Unanimous approval from your peers.
Your appraisal.
Officially I shouldn't be telling you this, but you ranked very highly.
Wow, thank you, Mr Donaghue.
Though you drop a mark for sarcasm.
I, er went to a meeting this morning.
Well, when I say I went to a meeting, I stopped outside the door.
You went.
- Well - That's dedication.
My first time, I bailed in favour of a line of coke in a back room of some dive bar.
Just got to Chicago.
Second time was better.
The second time I stayed.
She was upset! So you saved her with your heroic manhood? How noble of you to take one for the team.
She's a grown woman.
I didn't force myself on her.
She is vulnerable, you idiot.
What you What you did, it was It was unethical.
You're going to lecture me? Your husband broke into my flat yesterday.
- He did not break in, he had a key.
- And then he attacked me.
What do you expect? You slept with his wife.
And you think I should feel bad about that? This is what you do.
You make everyone else - seem like the guilty party.
- And this is what you do.
You turn yourself into the victim, when you knew what you were doing every step of the way.
- OK, we don't have time for this now.
I'll walk - The moment you you walked into Noble & Hale, the moment you came back into my life, the moment you you slept with me the night before your wedding.
The moment you chose not to tell me that I could have had a child.
We could have had a You did this, Hannah.
Not me.
And what's worse, you don't care that I slept with Fi because it was me.
You care that I might have jeopardised your work, like I might jeopardise your family, or your your marriage.
Well, you did that, from the moment you slept with me and married him.
You've been lying to yourself for 20 years.
- Now get in the car.
- No.
Hannah! No.
Meeting, entire team, now.
I think it was leaked from here.
Tell me you shut my computer down.
IT are going through every e-mail, every file that left here last night.
I don't need to tell you just how damaging it will be for NHD if that tape was leaked from here.
And I will not let this company be maligned in any way.
People still spread with their mouths what their eyes don't see.
Melanie's office has already called.
She wants to talk to you direct, Hannah, so deal with it, please.
But my suspicion is that she's already circulating that it came from us, and we all know she is master of capitalising on the tawdry and indiscreet.
We can't afford to let the critics in.
Particularly when it comes to client security and confidentiality.
All files will now be password-sensitive.
All skeletons, put them back in the cupboard.
Prenup? Our families fly in this week.
Are we getting anywhere with it? I need to catch up with Ruth, but I think we're nearly there.
Keep me informed.
Er, for everyone joining me today at Moot Court, cars are waiting downstairs.
Why did we say yes to this? - You don't say no to Ruth.
- Good point.
(HE SIGHS) (CHATTER) Melanie! Ruth! - You look wonderful.
- Oh, thank you so much.
To everyone else, it's Weight Watchers, but between you and I, it's a gastric band.
- No! - Yes.
I was enormous.
- The only way to go.
- (THEY CHUCKLE) - Front cover? - Yeah.
It is rather nice.
Though the earrings look a bit ridiculous.
Did no-one think to intervene? (THEY LAUGH) You're here to see ? - Ah.
- Ah.
- Hey.
- Melanie.
- I don't have long.
- Moot Court.
Nothing like showing the next generation how it's done.
NHD have kindly agreed to help out at CLS today.
Oh, yes, I heard that you were doing some teaching.
That is such a selfless thing to do in retirement.
Isn't it? Though sadly only a brief foray.
Name's still very much above the door, Melanie.
- Business as usual.
- Of course.
(SHE CHUCKLES) Shall we? She slept with one of my junior associates, I seem to recall.
He never recovered.
We're leaving in five.
Hannah, I thought it best that I come to you direct.
Now, I'm assuming this is an NHD cock-up.
But just for the record, my client had nothing to do with the leaking of that tape.
- Well, you made threats to.
- Semantics.
It's only due diligence that you'd have a copy.
Though, to be frank, it has rather worked in our favour.
Now, not to state the obvious, but that footage undoubtedly jeopardises your client's case.
- Well, it's incriminating for both parties.
- Hardly.
He has five years' recorded sobriety.
Whereas in Mrs Hansen's case, well she certainly looks like she's having quite a party.
At one point she seems to be holding a wrap.
You're accusing Mrs Hansen of a coke habit now? Isn't she going through enough? She has the press trailing her 24/7.
Get real, Melanie.
They were both on that tape.
No, actually, he's never fully in shot.
Only briefly from behind.
Only Mrs Hansen and the Nanny are observed partaking in recreational drug use.
And it certainly will be taken into consideration at the Child Arrangements hearing.
- Melanie - Though if I was to hazard a guess at who else might have leaked it, we're considering a breach of the nanny's employment NDA.
She's the person with a vested interest and she's clearly Devastated.
Who's holding the camera? Who's plying them with booze? Who's clearly pressuring them to go further than they seem comfortable to go? We both know who's under real scrutiny here.
Your client is not a nice man.
Well, they often aren't.
But that doesn't mean we don't represent them to the best of our ability.
Why are you protecting him? There are other women, Melanie.
Y Well, you know there are other women.
Former employees.
- Well, where are they, then, Hannah? - Watch this space.
I wouldn't want to keep you waiting.
Moot Court calling.
You know, I haven't been back to CLS since the mid -'90s.
Oh - didn't you two graduate together? - It's where we all met.
Hannah, Nathan and I.
Oh, yes, Nathan! How is Nathan? Good.
Well, isn't that marvellous that you managed to weather the storm? Don't we all pray for more Indiana Rays? I'm sure you're still collecting on that one, aren't you, sweetheart? Who let you in Aickman? Zander, you're one of the few people I don't mind using my last name.
It's rather like being back at school.
Oh, no technical problems.
That is a pain.
Yeah, but I do love this building.
You've just got to keep on billing those hours.
(SHE LAUGHS) All right, bye-bye.
Shall we? (ROSE GASPS) DNA results! All hail the great gene reveal.
Or possibly just more Amazon crap.
I watched a documentary about this.
Some trucker trying to prove he was descended from a Russian tsar.
It's not the same.
It kind of is weird and a bit desperate.
You have two parents.
- Living parents.
- Some might dispute that.
I don't think I've had a conversation with my father since the '90s.
Beyond cricket and the insidious nature of spam.
Don't you want your kids to know who their grandfather was? Ah, you just said was, which means you don't believe is, which means that deep down you know that Oscar was your father and that Ronnie is simply your mother's - Go on.
- former concubine.
- (SHE SNIGGERS) - Could I just posit the idea, Rose, that you don't have enough going on in your day? - Wrong.
- What are you doing today? I mean, actually doing? Apart from getting a very expensive eyebrow-pluck.
- Many things.
- Mmm.
Like four client meetings, two review committees and a team-building session, which means carrying a plastic barrel from one side of the office's car park to the other.
You were born with a sense of vocation! Oh, yeah.
I dreamed of banking.
I tried three times to get in here.
On a good day, I may have called them the happiest of my life.
And on a bad? Should have become a dentist.
- Hello, Nathan.
- Welcome.
You ought to get some steak on that.
- Gone vegan.
- Gentlemen.
I thought you might need me to make sure everyone plays nice.
Today, we put differences aside.
Whatever's happened, whatever's taken place, these students are here to learn.
And remember, if push comes to shove, try and content yourself with the fact that he is the one with the black eye.
(CHATTER) OK, good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
(ROOM QUIETENS) Thank you.
So, our case today.
Ben is an international war journalist, married with one child.
He went missing and was presumed killed by a militant regime whilst working in the Middle East.
Five years on, Isabel, his wife, now remarried to Marcus and expecting a second child, gets a call.
RUTH: With the fall of the regime, Ben has been found alive and wishes to return to his wife and child and the home that he once knew.
Isabel finds herself caught in her own personal war zone.
Now, today we are very fortunate to have with us four leading family lawyers from NHD.
The two here representing Isabel, and those two over there, representing Ben.
And, in addition, their barristers, one here, one there, who will argue the case.
Very good.
Let us begin.
When Isabel learned that Ben had gone missing, she presumed he had been captured and killed.
There was specific evidence? Er, yeah.
A last sighting two days before, in an area of opposition fighters.
Isabel grieved for several months, and then in the January of 2017, started dating Marcus.
- A colleague of Ben's? - Yes.
They married a year later? It was only after starting a relationship with Marcus that Isabel applied for a declaration of presumption of death.
On the specific basis that there had been ? Nearly two years, no word, - so presumption of death was - Not a given.
The Ministry of Defence were in agreement.
But there was no actual body? No death certificate as such? - No.
- And no irretrievable breakdown of the marriage - prior to Ben's absence? - Not that we know of.
As a mother, she surely had a responsibility to maintain the marriage, if only for her child.
Any questions? Well, it seems a little archaic to argue for the maintenance of the marriage, solely for the sake of the child.
Also a little sexist.
The assumption that, whilst he had a career, the family happiness, or its breakdown, - was her responsibility.
- Agreed.
I'd go as far as to say she'd experienced - a long period of neglect.
- Conditions were ripe.
Mrs Stern? Well, are you in agreement with your counsel? Now, this is very interesting.
You see what he's doing here? He is using a moment of indecision to undermine and shake the judge's confidence in the opposing client.
She was fine.
She'd tried for quite some time to make it work.
But marriage to a man who worked consistently was lonely.
She supported him through the early years.
- She worked too.
- She did.
- Made the hard decisions when needed.
- But still his career always came first.
She stayed at home with the children.
- Child.
- Er There's only one child then.
But she was happy? Well, certainly she told herself she was happy.
Thought she was happy.
But then Marcus came into her life at a difficult time.
And he shamelessly, without heart, without honour, took advantage of the situation.
RUTH: Let's watch the purple prose.
- Tame your argument.
She didn't go into the relationship lightly.
She never does anything without thought.
She loved her husband, undoubtedly she still loves loved her husband.
RONNIE: OK, very good.
The bar has certainly been set high.
Don't forget, we've got them back tomorrow.
Liv, just checking you're OK.
Don't forget Tils and Vinnie have piano practice, so if you can corral some food into them before then.
I know, I know.
I owe you.
Anyway, just, er - thinking of you today.
Hope school's going OK.
- FI: I'm under siege.
- Paps are still at the front door.
- Are you OK? I just don't know how I'm going to get through this show tonight.
- Maggie said I should expect a call from - Cafcass.
It'll be very straightforward.
They're there to safeguard the children, so be as honest as possible.
You can do this.
Fi? You take your life for granted, Hannah.
It's only when you've got someone measuring it in questions and answers and which Sundays you're going to get to see your kids, that you realise none of this matters, none of it if you can't be their mother.
I mean, what planet have I been living on? Seriously, it's invigorating.
My God, I don't think I was half as bright - as this new generation.
- Hmm.
- It's unsettling.
- Its more than unsettling.
We need to harness them before someone else does.
Aickman will have her head-hunters circling before the year's out.
So we need to get them on staff.
Ruth? I'll talk to Ronnie, ask him to sift through.
Tyler's pointed up areas where we could be stronger.
- See you tomorrow for round two.
- Er, Christie, a word.
You too.
"Areas we need to be stronger?" He doesn't mean you, Maggie.
We're talking about the, er, paralegals and juniors coming through.
It's not personal.
- Isn't it? - Maggie is there anything you need to tell me? I asked you to close down my computer.
- Right.
- Now, I know you're angry with me I didn't leak it.
And if I had, we wouldn't be standing here right now.
Mag Maggie.
And you accuse me of dishonesty? SHE SCOFFS So, er, Moot Court was amusing.
How did I not see what was going on? Because you're you.
Because the world revolves around you.
Around me? What are you talking about? The whole world revolves around you.
Every family gathering, you take command, Hannah.
You make it work for you.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.
You're a family, and family trumps me and Rose, whatever insignificant plans we might have.
"It's lunch, Hannah and Nathan's this weekend.
" Nathan and you and the kids always trump.
DRYER BLOWS However many times I might have begrudged it, and I And I did, I do, but I also like it.
Liked it.
Although it's weird, you never screw up.
- I screw up all the time.
- No, you don't.
From the moment I wake and I say the wrong thing to the wrong child I push with the wrong client, I pull back from the right, argue with Nathan.
So many arguments.
So much fighting over the years.
I have spent the last 20 years trying to make up for the fact that I screwed up big-time.
So you had an affair.
It's more than an affair.
Well, what? The night before my wedding Christie and I God.
You think you can keep this from Nathan? Hannah.
- Was your office always as yellow as this? - Really? - Your bike? - Yeah, Maggie said.
Rose, whatever it is you need right now, - can we save it for another time? - What am I doing with my life? Oh Not to repeat myself What - What the actual hell? - Yep, she's going in for the kill.
I have done literally nothing with my life since college, bar waitressing and nannying and getting married.
That's the sum total of my life.
You, both brilliant, I am destined to wear dungarees my entire life.
It's like It's like I'm searching, constantly searching for what? For a career? For a father? For a bra that doesn't dig into your tits? Is it any wonder that James looks at me now like it's the worst mistake of his life? I mean, these are the first few months of marriage aren't they meant to be the best? Aren't these meant to be the time you realise everything is right? Ev You know, you're complete.
Two becomes one, then three, or not three.
You know? If you're not three and you just stay at two, then what are we? Friends? Pretending we have a life? Because if we don't If I If I If I don't If I can't Then what ? What am I? Who am I, and what's my purpose in life? What? Hannah's been sleeping with Christie.
Thank you, Nina.
Shit! Oh, my God.
Are you OK? What are you not telling me? You're stalling on the prenup, and it has to be signed, so spit it out.
- It's only supposition.
- Ruth? Putting aside Tyler's debt Putting that aside.
- of which there is a lot.
- That I am aware of.
Putting that aside Tyler was struck off as a solicitor in 2008.
He moved to the States a few months after and didn't tell his new employers and resumed practising international law within the year.
Without a licence? - We can't be sure - Without a licence? You need to Talk to him.
Give me five.
It's called losing your head, sweetheart.
It means the eyes don't always see straight.
We're all guilty of that at one time or another.
Oh! - Hi! - Hey! (BABY CRIES) (CHATTER, BABY COOS) - Bye! - Bye! We're looking at a 12% earnings growth.
Sorry, sorry Er A 12% earnings growth.
Er (HE EXHALES) I'm sorry, I I I can't.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Do you want to grab something to eat? - Is that a no? Is that a yes? - I'm not hungry.
Do you know how hard it is to manage a firm of this size? Of course you do.
Then you should know I do not let people into my life easily, Tyler.
I consider, I assess I deliberate.
But with you is it true? I could take the money, the debt I could take the past war stories, but two years? You practised for two years when you were clearly not fit for service? Yeah, and it was a mistake.
And you know, it meant that I could work.
I got better.
I let you into my world my life.
- I don't do that.
- Zander.
OK just let me explain.
So just let me do the talking.
- Zander, just please - I'm managing partner.
You make me look foolish.
You make my colleagues be the ones to inform me of your stupid, crazy, illegal, morally objectionable "mistake".
You make me not fit for service.
- Zander, just - No.
Afternoon, Mrs Hansen.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) I'm going.
I don't know who it could have been.
It could have been Christie's.
And I just didn't want to take that chance.
- I'm glad you called.
We really need - Where are the kids? Uh, they should be home.
Vinnie and Tils have piano.
I know.
Their teacher's here.
Have you tried Liv? Of course I have.
She's not picking up.
Vinnie! Tils! Liv! (CHEERING) - Hey, Mum.
- Where are you? Er, we just arrived.
Arrived where? The studio.
I'm with the band.
Are Tils and Vinnie with you? Yeah, Richie picked us up in a limo, chauffeur and everything.
He said he checked it with you.
It's so cool, Mum.
It's like, thank you so much.
Vinnie's doing backflips.
Let me speak to Mr Hansen now.
- She wants to speak to you.
- OK.
- Yeah? - Is this some kind of joke? This is completely inappropriate.
- You - It's cool, Hannah.
You guys should come and join us.
No, you You have no right to take our children without asking.
Yeah, it hurts, doesn't it? Do you want me to have you for child abduction? - I'll leave your tickets on the door, yeah? - Mr Hansen.
- You are not helping yourself.
- Liv.
JOURNALIST: Fi, Fi! Let's have the kids in as well.
Lovely! There she is.
(PAPARAZZI SHOUT QUESTIONS) Hi! - You in movies now, Richie? - Just smile, yeah? You invited all the kids down? - What the hell are you doing, Rich? - It's one night.
One Can't they just be out for one night? - I'm tired.
- Tired? You didn't even have the kids last night.
A lot of women would be grateful for an evening off.
Hey, I hope you knock yourself out.
JOURNALIST: So, Richie, you in the doghouse now? So how do you want to approach this? We hold fire.
We just get our kids out as fast as we can.
- It's abduction.
- Dramatic.
It's not abduction.
He drove them in a very nice car.
Yeah, and the Child Catcher had a car and a lollipop.
It's deliberate game-playing.
Yeah, well, at least on that we can agree.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) (CHEERING) All right! What do we think, guys? What do we think, should we let these guys stay? CROWD: I'm with the band! I said, should we let these guys stay? LOUDER: I'm with the band! All right, that's more like it.
Let's hear it again for Cartoon, everybody.
(WHISTLING AND CHEERING) The gorgeous Fi Hansen, ladies and gents.
Caught you.
Trying to give us the slip? Us? I know you, Hannah Stern.
I see you.
You're fake.
Yeah, I'm the king of fake.
When you come for my family I'll come for yours.
Ritchie, network's here.
- Danny T wants a word.
- Yeah, just give us a minute.
- Yeah, I said you wouldn't be long.
- SHARPLY: I said a minute.
Yeah, it's not surprising you're not very trusting.
- My husband's nothing like you.
- Right, right.
But Mr Carmichael? You do know he was grinding my wife most of last night, right? I mean, they They looked like they were having a good time.
- A really good time.
- Looked? - And how did you see? - My lawyer's really disappointed.
Are you trying to scare me? You think I've not seen worse than you? Do you know, I once had to testify against a man who had decapitated my client, his wife.
So no, I'm not scared of you.
So no threats against me, against my client, or even against my family are going to stop me doing what I'm doing, which is ensuring that women like your soon-to-be-ex-wife get a better life.
You come within inches of my family and I will slap you with a restraining order that ensures you go nowhere near them or their school.
Which It could make life difficult for you, Mr Hansen.
So many words.
(HE CHUCKLES) Hey! One more beer.
See? I'm all about love.
I come in peace.
- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.
- Rabble, adios.
- You leaving already? Uh, yeah.
It's amazing, isn't it? So many years of getting away with this shit.
Try shovelling it every day.
I hope you take him for every penny.
It was you.
Ali you leaked it.
The sex tape.
You leaked it.
No comment.
It's called an NDA.
Sh ! OK.
- Mum, just a bit longer.
- No.
Get your house swept.
He's bugged your house.
(FRIDGE OPENS) Don't do it.
Despite all my training.
(SHE SIGHS) That's a terrible show.
What happened to real music? Nothing like a good old sex tape to revitalise a tired genre.
(HE SIGHS) I got much more work after I I never knew that.
People seem to trust me more now, not less.
- Nathan - It's not just that you did it.
It's that you did it with him.
Do you love him? From the moment we met, it was you.
I loved you.
Everyone else wore crap washed-out Nirvana T-shirts and there you were, crisp blue shirt every day.
You looked like what I knew.
And we fitted.
Because before you, men were er crap.
Men were let-downs.
- Men were - Oscar.
Nathan, we have children.
- And the children need you.
- And you? What does that mean? I don't know if I can forgive you.
- I've forgiven you.
- It's not the same.
And if I do walk out, you'll be able to say again, "You see?" "Let down by a man again.
" So if there's anything you're not telling me, Hannah you need to tell me now.
I love you, Nathan.
Lucky for you, you never had a poker face.
Han I've just got to sleep.
The moment you, you slept with me the night before your wedding.
The moment you chose not to tell me that I could have had a child.
Our child would have been nearly 20.
50-50 chance.
I would have taken those odds.
Thank you.
OK, so, throwing this out to anyone else here in the room.
OK, then, just a few notices.
- Hi, I'm Nina.
- ALL: Hi, Nina.
Uh Er I'm an alcoholic.
Oh, I'm two days sober so I'm pretty new to this thing.
I tried to come here before, be in the room, but I left.
And then a friend suggested I try again.
So here I am.
I don't know why I'm speaking.
I'm just so disappointed.
So let down with myself, other people most of all with myself.
I need not to go back.
So if I say it, if I speak it, it's out there now, and you're all borne witness.
Because it's so terrifying to find yourself so far out in the darkest depths for so long.
You just get used to it.
Get used to just drowning while the rest of the world's just ticking on.
And at least it's familiar.
At least it's what you know.
That's what scares me the most.
That maybe I won't can't find my way back.
It's OK.
Thank you, Nina.
I mean, you're right.
I've got to face facts.
If I'm not Oscar's, that's no guarantee that I'm Ronnie's.
I mean, she swung.
I had a mother who swinged.
Plus, she's really secretive.
I grew up with a lot of really weird, secretive women, which makes sense why I have an obvious mistrust of the world.
And which also you could argue is why I find it difficult to find my place.
Shut up! - James?! - For five minutes can you stop wanging on about the same old crap I've been listening to for the last five years? You're a mongrel.
You're all genetic mongrels.
32% northern European, 12% Scandinavian Eh, I think you'll find it's a little more.
- You don't get blonde locks like these - That's not the point! The point is you wang on about it forever.
Blame it for everything.
We all listen to you and look after you because you're the baby of the family.
But, no.
You're just a baby full stop.
You were born, someone planted their seed in your mother's vajoozi and bingo, baby Rose bounced into the world.
But we we won't get to do that.
No, that's - That's not - Yes, it is.
I hate my job.
I hate it so much I walked out yesterday.
James! But most of all, I hate this.
My stupid, defunct inability to deliver the most basic stuff.
It's me, Rose.
- Yeah, and - Test results.
I got them back yesterday.
You're ignoring my calls.
The other night was completely unprofessional.
A questionable choice.
I've been making a number of those recently, so I can only apologise.
- Christie - You're a client, and I shouldn't (APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS) - You OK? - You were right.
Cameras everywhere.
They found five of these, and two on my phone.
One was in the bedroom.
(HE SIGHS) (QUIETLY) Can you show Mrs Hansen downstairs? - Thanks for this, Fi.
- Thank you.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Moot Court, round two.
Call Melanie, tell her we need to talk first thing.
Oh, God.
And you need to tell Zander that you slept with Fi Hansen.
This stuff, as we know, gets out.
Zander? Thank you.
- We need to talk.
- No, that's the last thing we need to do.
Our parents fly at in the end of this week, for God's sake.
Zander! Later.
- Zander, can I ? - Maggie, I've got to be at this damned Moot Court.
I wanted to let you know that I wish to resign.
My position here has become untenable.
Does Hannah ? I thought it best to come to you first.
You should know that Melanie Aickman has made an approach, and I'm planning on meeting her in a few days.
Can I ask you why? Hannah's made it perfectly clear that there's no movement for me here right now, so Thank you.
I've truly enjoyed my experience here at Noble, Hale and Defoe.
But I look forward to seeing you in court one day.
Your sleeve is inside out, by the way.
Christie, whatever it is I guess it can't wait.
Isabel loved Ben.
And then Ben left her.
Actually, no, more than that.
Ben left her through no fault of his own and she mourned his absence, mourned his death, without a body carried that loss through life until she found Marcus.
Saw another opportunity, found her "the one" again, married him, had another child.
And then Ben returns.
And we want to believe, er, the romantic fantasy.
We want to believe the seed that has been planted in our mental DNA Isabel couldn't really have found love again.
Couldn't really have found another "one".
But she did.
She has.
And though he will forever ghost her life Isabel has to let Ben go.
Because our client loves the life she's got, and knows the jeopardy Ben's return has placed on it.
And so, for that reason, my client wishes to inform the court that whatever decision they come to today to her, her marriage is not void.
She will not cling to a love from her past.
And if it is, she will begin immediate proceedings to divorce Ben and remarry Marcus, because this is the man she loves.
This is the man she chose.
Well, let's put it to the judge.
Ruth? Too sentimental.
- It'll never hold up in court.
- (LAUGHTER) Oh, my God, Nathan, you had sideburns.
An attempt at sideburns.
What am I missing? Oh, wow, Christie.
Beard even then.
Was this before or after you were married? - Before.
Long before.
We got married - Three years later.
Good memory, for someone who wasn't there.
I bailed.
In favour of some blonde from Putney, if I recall.
We - We got a telegram.
- I forget.
Probably no-one.
Can't even remember her name.
Cars are outside.
- You look like Vinnie.
- We're not that young.
Yes, we are.
- Coming? - It will never happen again.
I slept with Christie the night before our wedding.
I close every door ♪ - Don't leave me waiting here ♪ - Nathan Nathan! I will hold you if we both capsize ♪ Lose sight ♪ And the colour in us fades on both sides ♪ We lose fight ♪ I'll still have you if we both can say that we tried ♪ We'll say we'll try.

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