The Split (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

He so wants you! I'm pregnant.
If there's anything you think we're missing.
I love you, Christie, but Nathan won.
- It could have been mine.
- Christie.
Christie Mr and Mrs Stern.
What were you thinking of? and she's confident that Mr Lopez gave her no indication that he might be receptive to that kind of photograph.
It was stupid.
He barely knows who I am.
OK, Liv.
That's fine.
I think today's meeting was to once more reassure your parents that there has been no inappropriate behaviour on the part of the school here.
I'm confident this was a lapse of judgment on Liv's part, - and it won't happen again.
- Er But we just want to be sure everything's OK at home.
Liv? Everything's fine.
Good to know.
She was insinuating that we are crap parents.
At least when she was seeing, erm - Sasha.
- Yeah, he was age-appropriate.
She has a crush.
Sometimes it's not obvious until it's staring you in the face.
You were arguing in the garden.
It was just about work.
- All right, darling, give mummy a hug.
- I just need to, er I'll take the Tube in.
Oh, don't forget, lunch today.
Law Association.
Yeah, shiny gong stuff.
I've been trying to get hold of you.
Richie moved out to a hotel last night.
The press are outside the house.
Got a picture of him, suitcase in hand, leaving.
He tipped them off.
- I know he tipped them off.
- This is designed to intimidate.
I don't know how he thinks he can even have the kids in a hotel.
- He's never home before midnight.
- Look, hold your nerve.
They're just waiting for me to break.
Well, then don't give them the satisfaction.
- Well, then don't let him take my kids.
- No, no, no, no-one is taking your children.
Now, we've got an 11 o'clock at Melanie's office and we'll be going through the proposals then.
I've got your back.
Don't cut off Defoe.
Hannah, you're in my shot.
- Do you want my daughter in? - Oh, God.
No, please.
Mother, really, I've got a meeting.
This 360 thing is getting everyone so rattled.
We never had 360s.
You were either in or you were out.
I'm not rattled.
Yes, you are.
Ah, today is an opportunity for us all to see ourselves from 360 degrees.
Do we have the right of veto? No.
Welcome, Hannah.
- Err, sorry, client meeting.
- Personal appraisals.
Everyone will be reviewed by a colleague, a manager and, if appropriate, someone they manage - I think I'm going to throw up.
- employee and company profile.
- That's morning sickness for you.
- No, it's worse.
It's personal growth.
No, seriously.
See it as an opportunity - to take stock.
- Did you tell Christie I'd had an abortion? Check your inboxes: we'll be starting meetings this week.
This is an opportunity for us all to look really hard at ourselves.
You can run but you can't hide.
The Clarks have cancelled again.
The Gibsons have just arrived, they're in reception.
For the adoption case.
You've got your 11 o'clock with Fi Hansen and Melanie's just sent a redraft of the child arrangement schedule.
The Law Association also want a quote about your mother.
- Maybe later.
- Sure.
I'll be with the Gibsons in five minutes.
Yep, I'm happy with that.
Always there.
S - I don't know what to say.
- Let's start with sorry.
- I'm - And now let's move on to, how could you not have told me, Hannah? I was a kid.
But old enough to get married? I'm sorry.
- This, ah, with bloody lunch - Yeah.
Nathan's going to be there.
And you want me to step aside? Well, obviously you should go because it'll be weird if you don't, but it might be best if we kept it normal.
It can't look weird.
What, weirder than you keeping your pregnancy: no, strike that, abortion, from me? Weirder than us having an affair? - He knows.
I think he knows.
- About us? - Possibly.
- And you think I told him.
Right? - I can't do this.
- Christie Our child would have been nearly 20.
Ours? - That was no guarantee.
- 50-50 chance.
I would've taken those odds.
- You can't say anything.
- Who says? Please.
- Morning.
- Hi, yes.
The Henrys' revised accounts are in for the final hearing.
I marked up the figures.
- Nathan? - We're going to be, er, late for court.
Full disclosure: I haven't actually gone over them.
I've made notes.
They're a bit illegible.
He's either lying to HMRC or he's lying to his wife.
I think he'll prefer to admit to the latter.
Why don't you lead? - Really? - How would you open? Er Well, I'd ask him if his financial statement to the court was accurate.
And then I'd ask him if his return was also accurate.
And then? I'd quote Lewis Carroll at him.
"Like Alice, I try to believe six impossible things before breakfast.
" Cute, but never quip in court.
- You do.
- Yeah, well, I'm a professional.
It's all in the execution.
- How was your party? - It was - a party.
Lot of dim sum.
- Dim sum? You get to 20 and the gifts get really good.
20 years.
That's pretty impressive.
I'd celebrate if I could find someone to be with for that long.
I'm sure you will.
- Anyway, we've got bigger fish to fry.
- Thanks.
- I think that means you're in my corner.
- You're going to be great.
Your social worker will have gone over the next step in your adoption schedule.
So tomorrow you'll be facing your matching panel.
Now, we know the questions they will ask.
They're wanting to ensure that you're the best fit for Mia.
She's our priority right now.
All our family are behind us.
We've got photos of her up everywhere.
We're just keen to meet her now.
Well you certainly have, er, the goodwill of the adoption agency.
Tomorrow is is just a formality.
You've proven yourselves.
So, there is this one area.
There's a distant cousin in Mia's family who is raising concerns and, er, may prove problematic going forward towards the adoption process.
- We're not going to get her.
- No, Steph No-one is saying that.
We just need you to be aware - that it may come up tomorrow.
- Ultimately, the court will look out for the welfare of Mia.
We've been through these hurdles before, and every time we get through them, don't we? - Our hope - Hey.
is that if you are successful tomorrow, Mia could be living with you within months.
Weeks, even.
- Weeks? - Mm-hmm.
- We've got training coming up in Portugal.
- Yeah.
S Er - So? - It's not a problem.
We'll take Mia with us.
It's less than a year till Tokyo.
And in normal circumstances, that that would make sense.
But to flag a word of caution, you are in process towards adopting a child who has - been through a lot.
- There may be questions around stability for Mia, compounded by you taking her out of the country.
It might be more persuasive, if it comes up tomorrow, if you can indicate that one of you is willing to stay.
I want you to go away tonight and talk it over again.
You need to present the best case supported by very positive evidence tomorrow.
Can you name five positive attributes of Hannah Stern? Straight in for the kill.
Take your time.
Er Oh, she's insightful.
Always brilliant.
The first to lead.
She's loyal.
Sometimes to a fault.
That's a negative? Depends if she's batting on your side.
And I say that from bitter experience.
She's the best.
When she's by your side, then you're winning.
And if she's not God help you.
- Hi.
Hannah Stern for Melanie Aickman.
- And Christie Carmichael.
She's expecting you.
Please have a seat.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- I waited for you.
- I wanted to walk.
How did your 360 go? Swell.
Sorry for the delay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Eyes on the prize.
Yeah, can we clear the room, please? This is a private meeting.
Oh, yeah.
Er, everyone, please.
Don't forget that you've got a phoner - straight after this.
- Yeah, yeah.
Cutting straight to the chase The purpose of today's meeting is to establish a schedule for the arrangements for the children.
Now, we have looked over the proposal that you sent through, and, yeah, to be frank, it's unacceptable and unrealistic.
As I am sure we are all keen to find a calendar - that works for everyone - We've made a few amends.
Can you pass them down? Thank you.
Every third weekend? I don't think so.
We want a split share of time.
I'm happy, though, to leave it to the judge.
Full transparency.
Everything out in court.
It could be exposing, but, hey, if that's what you prefer.
A judge will fix dates, leaving neither of you with any flexibility in your lives, and you know that, Melanie.
Yeah, that's why I said it was interesting.
'Cos I know how you like to settle, Hannah, and I know that it's quick.
A 50-50 split based on Mr Hansen's schedule is - unrealistic.
- Look, we live in a world where children happily move between parents.
We need you to radically improve on these figures, Hannah.
- And immediately.
OK? - This is madness.
- Can you see this is madness? - What's madness is you wanting the kids half the time.
You're never even home.
So, I'll stay home more.
And if I have to be away, I'll hire a great girl.
Or a manny, if you prefer.
You prefer a manny? I always think a manny sounds so much fun.
What was that film? That wonderful film with Robbie Williams? Robin, Robin Williams.
What was it? Er Based on your current schedule for the next 12 months, the dates that you have put in place are just not feasible and we cannot agree to them.
Oh, well, that's a pity.
I'm sorry.
We so didn't want to have to go to court, but I'm afraid, sadly, as we've reached an impasse, you leave me no alternative but to apply for a Child Arrangements Order.
So, we'll have the children tomorrow for an overnight stay.
He's happy to pick them up from home.
And once again, thank you for your fine work, Melanie.
Mrs Doubtfire.
That's what it was.
Mrs Doubtfire.
Great film.
All right.
See you in court.
- I can't bear it.
- Breathe.
Your children aren't going to be taken away from you.
But if this does go to court, I need to know everything.
What are you not telling me? Hi.
Great views.
Yes, we've just acquired two more floors.
Plenty of corner office space, if you're looking.
Doesn't it get exhausting being you? Yes, very.
That's why I'm looking for outsiders.
Kindred spirits.
You know anyone? - I'll give it some thought.
- Good.
Room six.
Let's get on with it.
- There's a tape.
- Oh.
- We made a sex tape.
- "We"? Me, Richie, and Carrie, our nanny.
Two years ago.
Maybe longer.
We'd been to a gig and, er, - Carrie stayed late.
- Right.
This is making sense.
We were messing around and he started fooling around with her phone.
We need to meet Carrie ASAP.
- Where's the footage now? - It was on Carrie's phone.
It was stupid, and we were just drunk.
The next day we just brushed it off.
Little did I know that he and Carrie had carried on.
- So it can't go to court.
- There's, er, there's paps outside.
Do you want me to get them to bring your car out the back? Er, yeah, maybe.
Heads up.
Front it out.
Can you sign here? Mm-hmm.
- OK.
- Thank you.
Did it go OK? Your 360? Yeah.
It was good.
I was very complimentary.
That's not why I asked.
Er, I can't support your promotion.
You're a good lawyer, you'll be a great one, but you've got a long way to go.
I disagree.
Next year, year after, you'll be in - a very strong position.
- Right.
Well, thank you for letting me know where I stand.
Er, Grayling.
I noticed that there are no more meetings with Grayling.
- There's usually two or three a week.
- Mm.
Didn't go anywhere.
Well, that makes sense.
You didn't bill any hours for him.
Well, he decided not to make the leap.
You must be disappointed.
You and Christie.
You win some, you lose some.
It's probably for the best.
Look, I'm shaking.
What are you talking about? You're steady as a rock.
- Let's run.
- Ah-ah-ah! JJ Johnson, Marvin feels like graduation.
- Didn't we both get stoned? - Quite possibly.
Then good you passed with flying colours.
There's isn't a lawyer here that you haven't had on the ropes at one point or another.
Enjoy this.
This is your swan song.
Thank you.
- Hello, nice to see you.
- Ronnie.
I had a dream like this.
Only I was naked, and you were No, I must have woken up by then.
Is it me or is everyone getting younger? Did you know McCulveys just landed the Popov divorce? This is why I hate these events.
They put everyone on edge.
It's a little presumptuous, they haven't given it to me yet.
Rumour has it you're the only candidate.
It's a glorified eulogy.
- Stop that.
- It's amazing.
Thank you.
It's very kind.
Actually, I had my first day in court today.
In which she was hugely impressive.
Very, er, bold.
I think I should be flattered.
I should have been bolder.
I was too retiring.
- What? - Finally! Hello.
Can someone remind me what we're actually celebrating today? - Our mother, the wallflower.
- Is that a joke? I never get your jokes.
Is any of that going? - Er, should you be? - Ah, again: boring.
Ladies and gentlemen! Please make your way inside Oh, sorry.
Too early in proceedings to make a break for it.
- In search of my table.
- Oh, you'll be on Hannah's, I would expect.
- Yeah, you're next to me.
- Oh, yeah, probably best to keep you two apart.
- Nathan.
- What? I'm just curious.
- Tell me.
- Well, er why you and my wife were bickering at what, to all intents and purposes, was our wedding anniversary.
I mean, putting politics aside, what can you two have been so hotly discussing? I think they're calling us in.
What's wrong with you? Nathan.
We're at table eight.
Oh, shit.
In these changing times, where the whippersnappers are biting at our heels, Ruth Defoe remains a fixed point.
The guiding light who embodies the principles of why I came into law.
She's also the only person in my career to have pointedly asked, "Are you sure the law is for you?" It proved to be one of the very few times she was wrong.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Law Association honours with its Lifetime Achievement Award, Ruth Defoe.
Hear, hear! Whoo! Thank you.
I only asked him because, at the time, he seemed more interested in dancing on podiums in nightclubs.
"Are you sure the law is for you?" Well, that was a question I was asked many times at the beginning of my career.
I graduated from Leeds in 1970, when women with law degrees were still being ushered into areas of the legal world that were unfashionable at the time.
No-one was interested in divorce or family law.
Or should I say, no men.
At least they weren't, until we proved that it could be rewarding and, more importantly, lucrative.
And then that's when they tried to muscle in.
I wasn't having that.
That's why Defoe's has always been a family firm.
A haven, not just for my generation, but for my daughters'.
And now, at the other end of my career, the expectation is that I leave.
I've had the pleasure of teaching on a law course recently.
It's worthwhile, respectable, invaluable work.
But I know absolutely that it is not for me.
What is it about age? Who says when we are done? I mean, really.
Do I look done to you? Now, don't answer that.
So, for my naysayers, and those eyeing my shoes I'm not going anywhere.
But thank you.
I guess that's telling us, then.
There we go.
There are laws against stalking.
The only person I'd consider stalking is Anderson Cooper.
I did not see that coming.
Er, why do you keep staring at me? I'm not staring.
I'm just trying to figure out what happened to you.
- Oh, God, you do therapy, don't you? - To dislike people so much.
I don't dislike people.
You're not people.
Ah, yeah.
I see what you did there.
Er What I said What I told you Whatever it was, it's most probably best if I forget.
I'm sort of between jobs at the moment.
Well, your mother always said you were a free spirit.
Er, that is Defoe-speak for not joining the family trade.
Some people just take time to find where they should rightfully be.
I'll miss your mother teaching at the university.
- I bet you will.
- Rose.
If you've something to ask me Are you the reason Oscar divorced my mother? And there she goes.
Well, I think it's fair to say I was a contributing factor.
Anything else? Ronnie.
Have you met Ernest? He was on the International Committee.
God, this is dull.
You seem to be making the best of it.
- Ow.
- Sorry, sorry.
It's fine.
It's all good.
Mumbas are getting huge.
I hate this.
- Can you get me out of here? - Mm, yep.
Well, I couldn't just ask him, could I? "Are you my dad?" I've sent off the DNA test.
I figured if it comes back the same as Nina and Hannah then I'm home and dry.
- Yay.
- Do you even care? What? What ? Do you remember those awful formals? - I do.
- I once lent you a shirt.
- Did I, er, return it? - No.
- I'm ordering a car.
- Really? We were just reminiscing.
I want to be there for when Liv gets back.
Oh, the joys of being a parent.
This is what I hear.
Yeah, we got pulled in this morning because our daughter sent an inappropriate photograph of herself - to a Spanish teacher.
- Nathan.
And I didn't know what to say to her, because if I was to challenge the wisdom of what she'd just done, she'd reply, "What, seriously? Like, whatever! You lecture me?" - You're drunk.
- No, I'm just realistic about who her parents are.
Nathan, darling, go home.
Please, God, no.
Christie, have you met Caroline? Caroline.
This is Christie Carmichael.
No, no, no, no.
Just leave them.
Sometimes you just have to let people work things out for themselves.
You know I'm pregnant.
Isn't it wonderful? I presume the father does know.
Hi, it's Hannah Stern.
Please leave a message.
"No"? "Please, God, no"? Is that what you're worried about? That I'm going to tell him? Well, you're right.
I will.
If you don't.
So you should, Hannah.
You should tell him everything.
Hey! I love you, Livvy.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Has, er ? - Has Dad done it again? - No, no, nothing like that.
I'm just going to freshen up.
OK, rabbit's still on its run.
Can someone put it in its hutch? Now! Liv's made dinner.
Let's go down, eat with the kids.
- Hannah.
- Whatever you want to talk about, whatever it is, can it just wait until tomorrow? Please.
This day is too long already.
Who just called you? Who was the message from? Er, it's a client.
- Which client? - Er Grayling.
Oh, yeah? It doesn't matter.
It can wait.
"No"? "Please, God, no"? Is that what you're worried about? That I'm going to tell him? Well, you're right, I will.
If you don't.
So you should, Hannah.
You should tell him everything.
You coming? It smells good.
This is This is to be encouraged.
You not hungry? - I was prepping Chloe today.
- Yeah.
Basic cross-examination techniques.
How to tell if a witness is lying.
All that.
Most people, not everyone, but particularly those who aren't in the business of lying, they pause just after they've lied.
It's as if they're checking to see they've given anything away.
It's not foolproof, but it's, er, it's useful to bear in mind when you have someone on the stand.
It's just that I notice you pause whenever you mention Grayling.
Right, he's a difficult client.
Too much money.
Is this what it was like watching me squirm? You should listen to the voicemail.
"Grayling's" voicemail.
Oh, no, you shouldn't have Yeah, probably not.
I warn clients against it all the time.
Mum, the rabbit's got out! Fuck.
Looks like he's a goner.
It's a pity.
There's a Jamie Oliver sweet and sour rabbit - I've always wanted to try.
- It was you, Tilly.
- You left the door open.
- More looking, less arguing.
Gunner?! He's probably dead.
- Gunner, come! - Nathan Here it comes.
It was tit for tat? A fuck for a fuck? Gunner, where are you? Come on! - You want to do this now? - How many times? Um - Once or twice.
- Once or twice.
Don't ever tell me that it didn't mean anything.
That man has been in our house.
He's danced with our children.
It was It was nothing.
It it was a moment - A moment.
- that just got out of hand.
If you hadn't listened to that voicemail, it would've just gone.
Just would have been forgotten.
- Like you forgot my indiscretion? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Right, sure.
Like you haven't made me suffer? You haven't made me sweat for the last three months? Begging you, pleading with you to forgive me? God, I'm such an idiot.
I screw some faceless woman I picked up on the internet and you shag some man you've wanted to shag for the last 20 years, well, congratulations.
- You can strike that off.
Job done.
- No It's words, just words.
We're bloody lawyers.
We're masters of bullshit.
Tills, have you tried behind the shed? Gunner?! Gunner! Gunner! Come on! I can't be late.
I can't find my homework! - Vinnie, have you got my trainers? - Oh, shit.
Dad, I need that money.
Why didn't you tell me last night? It's just a fiver.
They said it's for charity.
- Purse is in my bag.
- Thanks, Mum.
Vinnie, you're standing on my coat, get off it.
Get off! Vinnie, get off my coat! - Go, parasite.
- Thanks, Dad.
Tills, hurry up.
- Don't shout! - Tilly! You're so annoying.
Hurry up! Argh! Shit! I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Let's get started, shall we? How are you this morning? Err, great, great.
That's number ten.
Ten late starts.
I'm a partner, Tyler.
And six missed meetings.
- Has a client complained? - No.
But they might.
You don't look well, Nina.
A lot of days you don't look well recently.
Well, I'm fine, really.
OK, well, let's make a start with the self-appraisal.
Er Can you give us three words that describe you at work? Scared.
Er, unprepared.
That's, er Th That's fantastic! Congratulations! Er, I thought you might Er Er, thank you.
I have been meaning to say.
I just haven't found the right moment.
Well, it was either morning sickness or one hell of a hangover.
Hey, there they are.
You all right? Yes.
Hey, listen, you're going to love this hotel, I'm telling you.
All the sports channels.
Listen, you're going to go crazy for it.
Hey, there he is! Aah! Give us a big squidge.
All right, let's do this.
All right, monsters.
We're outta here.
Is it all right if I perch in meeting room five? Actually, Ruth, no.
- Zander.
- Whilst I appreciated your little performance yesterday.
I do need to remind you, Defoe is prefaced with Noble and Hale.
Lest you forget.
But yesterday also distilled for me a growing sense that I want more for us too, Ruth.
I don't want to be one of the leading family law firms in the capital.
I want to be the leading family law firm.
So, let's begin as we mean to go on.
I can't invite you back to NHD because you never really left.
So, take a breath.
Settle yourself in.
Stalk the corridors.
Breathe a little fire over one or two of the new paralegals.
And find me the big cases.
I mean the big, big cases.
That is music to my ears.
Ms Scanlon, thank you for coming in at such late notice.
Ms Scanlon, er, we believe Mrs Hansen's being intimidated by her husband with knowledge of footage we suspect he has in his possession.
They know about the sex tape.
We want to take out an injunction to stop it being leaked in the press.
It's our understanding that it was recorded on your phone? I I didn't give it to anyone.
I never told the press.
So, you do have a copy? He also sent one to himself.
We don't need to see it, but we do need to ask some questions about it.
Are your faces clearly visible on the recording? - Yes.
- And Richie's too? You see him from behind a couple of times.
But but mostly he's Holding the phone.
Drug use? We did some coke.
There's no judgment here.
People make mistakes.
People do things they would have done differently if they had their chance again.
You cried afterwards.
We couldn't look at each other for a week.
He makes you feel as though you're going mad, but it's only when you get out you see that you're the one that's sane.
- I can't actually - He treats you like shit too, Fi.
You know there are other women that he's abused like me and you? Most of them have worked for you at one point or another.
And they're coming for him.
This time he won't get away with it.
How many women? You want to talk about it? Best not.
You sure? I'm known for my chat.
OK, let's chat.
What do you want to chat about? Actually, scrap that.
Here's some chat for you.
Here's a priceless, juicy piece of chat.
For the last 20 years I've lived with a woman who I've long suspected loves someone else.
Call it professional instinct.
It's incredible how one lies to oneself in the hope, in the absolute hope, that if you keep trying, you keep doing your best I think I need to, er I think I need to Hi, this is Steph Gibson.
I can't get to the phone right now but please leave a message.
Hannah Stern again.
Just checking where you are.
Please call.
- Remind me why we're here again.
- Moral support.
I'll try their assistant again.
Already tried.
It doesn't look good.
They haven't done themselves any favours.
- We can't wait.
- Ann, I am really sorry.
Please apologise to the panel.
Every time.
Can you send that, please? Call the Gibsons.
Find out why the hell they missed their matching panel today.
Thank you.
You didn't tell him.
I didn't tell him.
Some things are yours and only yours to tell, Nina.
Er I can't stop drinking.
I'm nearly 12 weeks pregnant and I can't stop drinking.
- Do you want to? - Nope.
- I need to.
- That's a good place to start.
So? Tonight.
City Church.
There's lots of hedge fund managers and uptight bitches, so you'll fit in fine.
I knew it.
I knew you went to meetings.
Who says I go to meetings? It's your air of smug superiority, of course you go to meetings.
I'll be there.
If you need someone to hold your hand.
But cut the attitude or they'll never let you in.
The Gibsons are here.
Thanks, Maggie.
We are so, so sorry.
- We've been up all night.
- Suppose that's my fault? I am 1.
8 seconds off what I ran in the Commonwealth Games.
Yeah, I'm coming back from an injury.
Someone needs to stay.
Someone needs to be here.
Well, do you want to toss for it? What? Enough.
Now we can sit here arguing the why and why nots of who's willing to parent here.
But you didn't show up today.
Hopefully the local authority will give you another opportunity to be matched with another child.
I won't.
I'm sorry? Get yourself another lawyer, because from where I'm standing, a child needs parent to be there.
And if that is her elderly cousin or whoever is willing to show up for her and be there, and perhaps who has none of the, er, privilege and wealth you have, then my advice is to let that child go to a parent who wants them.
And I'm calling it.
You've got to know when you are ready and when you're not.
And both come with sacrifice.
Now, excuse me, I need to get on.
Can you show Mr and Mrs Gibson out? Fuck.
And you weren't ready.
That's why I didn't tell you.
That's why I didn't come with you that day.
I chose Nathan.
I chose Nathan to be the father of my children.
I'm sorry, but I did.
And that's why I won't tell him about the night before the wedding.
And you can't either.
Because if if you do, you destroy my marriage.
And I am begging you not to do that.
I left the adjustments to the Hansen schedule on your desk.
I was just going over the last of the prenup paperwork.
- Time is pressing.
- Ruth, please.
Not today.
Could we, er, regroup? Tomorrow.
Of course.
You're a prick.
Do you know what you've done to us? Do you know the damage you have left behind? - OK, let's go somewhere and - And do what, thrash it out man to man? You think this is something about a fragile ego? You think it's something I want to sit down with you and talk about? This is about my children.
This is about love.
This is about real love, for Hannah, for them.
And now you've just walked in and you have ripped it apart.
- Now what are you going to do, Nathan? - Beat the shit out of You really want to do this, huh? Yes, I do.
Fuck! What did I do to you? What did I ever do to you? Hey! Nathan, Na Nathan, Nate Nathan, wait.
Hannah Hannah.
Zander was looking for you.
Tell him she's gone home.
She's not well.
- Oh yeah, I I left my computer on.
- Can you shut it down? - Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
It was booked for Fi Hansen.
Fi Hansen.
- Bastard! - You OK? Richie.
He's cancelled my car and closed my account.
First night without the kids.

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