The Split (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

1 - Have you signed it yet? - Not yet.
Kate! Of course, you know Nathan.
Nathan's told me so much about you.
The principle at the heart of any decent family lawyer is the quest for the "good" divorce.
He wasn't supposed to fall for someone else.
Sure you're not free later? I need to know I can trust you.
Leni, always.
I'm leaving you.
I can't tell her.
I just can't do it.
A baby I'm sorry.
You're going to make the best dad, Jimbo.
I'm so sorry, Rose.
It's James.
It's OK, Hannah.
I'm here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Right, let's get all this inside.
Yeah, sorry, can you grab that? Tilly, can you get off the trampoline? - Goodbye.
- Oh, bye.
Thank you.
Buddy, er, listen, I was saying to Tilly, Friday, we could get some takeaway.
Disappearing again, Dad? Have they gone? Yeah, the last ones are just leaving now.
And James's parents? Did you tell them I was sorry? Yeah.
And he said that, erm she'll call you tomorrow and to say it was a beautiful funeral.
You should eat something.
SHE GROANS Why do people always say that? Well, there's clean clothes and your post.
Argh, I just I think I need you to go.
Thank you so much for coming.
Well, thank you for the flowers.
You know your way back, don't you? Yeah, I've got it.
Are you going already? I've got a position statement to finalise for court tomorrow.
- Mind if Cora and I catch a lift? - Sure.
I've just put the rubbish out, and if you're off, can I share a ride? - Really? - Yes, I, erm I thought I'd go back to mine.
It's good to have you back for a while, favourite son-in-law.
Oh, thanks, Ruth.
- Liv, see you tomorrow? - OK, Dad.
Ronnie and Nathan are showing Liv around our old alma mater.
Oh! Knew we'd get her there eventually.
See you, Nate.
"Nate"? - Mm.
- Man-child's coming along? Oh, happy day! Right, come on, you.
So, erm, are you going straight to Kate's book launch tomorrow? Melanie's hosting.
I presume that's why we got the invite.
Ah, right.
NHD in force.
Well, I wouldn't want to miss kid shrink's big night.
I like what you did there.
I We couldn't have got through this last week without you.
Why are we doing this? No, no.
No, really.
Hannah, we've been over this.
Have we? Have we actually talked, just you and me? Without, you know, a child, or my mother, or a phone buzzing? James is dead.
Doesn't that tell you something? Doesn't Doesn't it show you we only have this one life? And I'm sure Kate's a perfectly nice person.
But, honestly, how long has it been? A few weeks? Months, at best? We have 20 years of chaos and brilliant mess.
I just I want you to see Kate's pregnant.
What? How many weeks? Um, ten, 11.
It's early.
I I don't know.
I'm still trying to get my head around it.
You didn't use contraception? Well, I didn't have to think about it with you.
Not since you I mean Stop, please.
So, is she going to keep it? Wow.
You know Oh, Hannah, I I'm going to I'll ring you.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
How did it go? Beautiful.
His father spoke about the Boy Scout years.
His mother was very quiet.
Does it help he saved a life? Zander! What? He donated his heart.
I can only apologise.
I'm simply saying it's an act of generosity that I don't think I've got in me.
No, I think Zander's right.
I think it's marvellous, and I, for one, am very proud.
Yeah? Yeah.
Will we see you tonight? - Book launch invite.
- Damn! - Is that tonight? - Mm.
- I can't.
- You're falling like flies.
It'd be good to show your faces.
Do the rounds.
Honestly, I can't face it.
No "can't".
You shall and you will.
We show Melanie Aickman that we are unafraid, unabashed and unfazed, because that is exactly what this whole Kate/Nathan relationship is, - a phase.
- I'd argue it's a little more than a phase.
Well, then someone must bring him to his senses.
And now that we have shared my personal life with the entire office, will you please excuse me? There's no way I'll get a sitter this late.
I can do it.
I can pick up Cora, feed her, put her down tonight.
Really? Don't look at me.
Two prenups and the Devereux relocation statement to do.
Believe me, it's for the best.
So, not planning on children, then? You'd make such a good dad.
Don't encourage him, please.
It's never going to happen.
So, finally, you're taking my advice.
Are you moving? But your flat is so bijou.
Thanks, but we can't swing a cat, let alone accommodate the truckload of plastic crap - that Cora's accumulating.
- "We"? Well, I suppose you are a "we" now.
I've a buddy in real estate.
He's working on a project near the Crossrail.
I could check it out.
- You'd be buying off plan.
- Off plan's fine.
Real estate? That's so American, Tyler.
Oh, the sisters have arrived.
- She knows.
- Paranoid.
She knows.
How was your journey? Thank you.
It was fine.
Our nine o'clock is here.
- Yeah.
- I can't see it.
Oh, yeah, you're right.
He does have my big feet.
Obviously, this is an informal agreement confirming that this conception was via artificial insemination, and, as such, there are no legal rights or parental responsibilities for you, Gus, as a known donor to a married couple.
Bella and Sian are the legal parents, rather than yourself.
It's crazy seeing it in print.
If this had been a natural conception rather than an artificial insemination, then your legal position would be different.
You could be the legal father.
- But this way - Well, you're a free man.
But he still gets to keep my big feet.
Hey, don't do yourself down, man.
It takes a lot of practice to get it in that cup.
Uh, for the record, I was a couple of margaritas down.
Gus and I were on a trip to Bali for a shoot and Ping! She starts ovulating, slap-bang mid-weekend.
Fashion Week in Paris, and there's no way I could be there, so I left it up to these guys.
We got lucky.
So lucky.
And I guess Tequila is no name for a child.
That's yours.
Can we please pop the champagne now? Ooh, right! Sorry.
Cortado, already ordered.
I missed you last night.
It went on much longer than I expected.
Then I had to help out clearing up and, erm What? James has only just died.
Yes, but just don't let grief be a means to avoid this.
This? I'm still getting my head around this.
Well, at some point, you need to integrate this, you know, us into your your life, our life.
And now I sound like one of my reports.
I told Hannah.
I didn't think we were telling people yet.
She has a radar, always has.
I've never been able to get the big stuff past her.
How'd she take it? Well, she didn't shout.
Scary, but you told her.
Doesn't that tell you something? That I'm a blabbermouth? Perhaps that you want her to be part of our reality now? Can you see it's great? I'm getting there.
- Good.
- Mm.
Because half of your family are invited tonight.
Nathan, I need you by my side.
Ah, sh Sorry.
I've got to go, sorry.
- Go.
- Yeah.
- I'll see you tonight.
- Yeah.
Oh, cheers! - Cheers.
Congratulations again.
- Thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
You've been amazing.
They're going to make great parents.
Have you known each other long? Bella and me? Yeah, we've known each other since we were five.
She always says she was the one who got me into fashion, - but it was actually the other way around.
- Huh.
Did her first catwalk in my back garden.
I've been following her ever since.
You're good to go, man.
Oh, Bella's just gathering her things.
Everything takes her time right now.
You know you'll always be part of my family Well, yeah, that's Just, er Just phone.
Um, thanks, Hannah.
I want photos as soon as he arrives.
Thank you.
What was all that about? Bali, margaritas? That child was naturally conceived.
And? It's a grenade waiting to go off.
Gus could be left with no parental rights if he changes his mind and wants to be recognised as the legal parent.
So you're assuming that they've slept together? No, no.
But if they did, don't we have a duty of care? Bella is our client.
We have a duty to protect her.
Legally, we have a duty to the child to know who his parent is if he was naturally conceived.
As long as the child is loved, does it matter who the actual parent is, or how or why they did the deed? Rex hasn't seen Cora since she was born.
Yeah, how's that working out for you? What? Who rattled your cage? There's a child involved now, but screw what happens to everyone else? Does no-one care about the truth any more? Erm, Rose Cutler, to see, uh, Liza.
Just take a seat, please.
Rose? I could've dropped the items round.
Oh, no, I wanted to pick them up myself.
Here's James's phone.
How are you doing? - OK.
- Do you want a few minutes? Erm, yeah.
Hi, Hannah.
I'm seeing JJ Johnson this morning, Felix's lawyer.
Any response? They're looking to defend the petition and will not accept your grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
You said keep my reason simple, something that wouldn't raise the guard.
We knew they wouldn't make it easy for us, Leni, but they know you're hiding something.
JJ Johnson's a sniper, but, you know, he's a reasonable man.
How's the transplant patient? He's good.
He? He's a he? How's Rose? As well as can be expected.
Allison, the transplant coordinator, will be happy to speak to her if she wants to talk with the recipient's family.
It's an opportunity to connect, if both parties are willing.
Uh, I think it's a little early for When she's ready.
It can help sometimes.
I'll be in touch.
JJ Johnson's in the diary for today.
You advised your brother-in-law to get good representation.
Clearly listened.
It's going to be fine.
They told the boys yesterday.
How did they take it? Well, judging from the amount of whisky Felix and I drank after, not well.
It just doesn't make sense.
Felix is worried about Leni's state of mind.
So am I.
Her state of mind is fine.
Her reasons are not.
So clearly, there's something missing.
At least for Leni.
Something Felix did not provide.
Is there someone else? What? Nine times out of ten, there's someone else involved.
She's your sister.
We've never been the kind who talk.
So, please, probe a little further.
Get Felix off my back, because I don't think my liver can survive another night.
Incidentally, the meeting with Nathan at Melanie's is first thing tomorrow.
I know you've been very distracted over the last couple of weeks, but as you ripped up your divorce agreement, I'm not sure of our game plan here.
Me neither.
Oh, great.
Well, it's all a little hypothetical, but I suspect they want to make some adjustments to the agreement.
Just remember, Melanie is a master at racking up the hours.
Pfff - JJ.
- Hannah! I haven't seen you since Erm, Buffer and Buffer.
Well, you came back once or twice for a couple more rounds, right? Oh! Yeah.
So, Samuelson and Hale, we are, as you know, going to defend Leni's divorce petition.
- Mm-hm.
- And you don't need me to tell you the reasons stated for unreasonable behaviour are weak.
The respondent belittles the petitioner's role as an equal contributor to the household and, with childcare responsibilities, this has caused the petitioner to feel unsupported.
Now, my client insists that he has been strongly supportive of his wife, but has been concerned of late that his wife seems tired and might have been overdoing it.
My client has been clear that she feels he has been disengaging from family life for quite some time.
And based on these, my client is refusing to accept his wife's petition for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
Felix will defend his position.
You won't succeed.
I would be doing my client a disservice if I didn't affirm just how saddened and surprised he is by his wife's actions.
My client is quite determined.
Well, if this is genuinely her position, then Mr Samuelson would appreciate both his wife and children being supported and advised by a mutually appointed psychologist to best manage the impact on their sons.
There is a risk here that this thing could completely blow up, and Miss Hale would be best served complying, at least as an acknowledgement of Felix's concern and despair.
We both know the value of family therapists and psychologists in these situations.
I'll get back to you on that.
Great seeing you again, Hannah.
I'll give you a quick tour and then you can grab lunch before the lecture.
So why else did you want to come today? Have you got something to tell me? You're seeing someone, aren't you? Actually, I am.
Does this someone have a name? - Kate.
- Kate.
Do you do you regret screwing it up with Mum? OK.
It's natural to want to take sides, but it's complicated, Livvy.
Doesn't seem that complicated to me.
You walked out.
Well, you might want to talk to your mum about that.
So it's serious, then, is it? With Kate? - In a way, yes.
- In a way? And how old is Kate? Is she younger? Hmm? Younger than Mum? - Come on, Livvy.
- Yeah.
I'm quite capable of handling a grilling from my daughter.
Thank you.
Years of practice.
39, 40-ish.
39, 40-ish? Very specific.
A real grown-up.
It's typical and, quite frankly, pathetic the way men can do that, just meet a younger woman.
And yet if Mum was to do that, if Mum was to go and start pulling a bloke a decade younger than her Then I'm sure we'd all be really impressed? It was a joke.
Your mum's a really attractive woman.
You know, she's quite capable of She could easily pull Not younger than Not I mean, she Someone who most people would consider attractive.
You're such an arse.
Oh, Livvy No, it's Liv! It's not Livvy or Liveroo or Livvy Boo or Liverpool or Liver Cakes, none of which you've actually called me since I was like six.
It is just Liv! I'm nearly 19 and I'm getting married.
And if you want to start lecturing me, then maybe you should look at yourself, Dad, 'cos we're doing fine.
It's you that's fucking up this family.
Sorry, Nate.
It's Nathan, not Nate.
It's Nathan! He thinks I've gone mad? No, no, they're simply They're raising concerns and they're They're struggling to understand your decision.
Your boys are naturally upset.
They could use this as further evidence that both you and the boys need to be psychologically assessed.
Anyone coming in and probing into your personal life may uncover things you don't wish raised that could be used if there were subsequent court proceedings.
I know you feel you can't share this with Felix, but have you ever considered he might just be the right person to support you? You love your husband, Leni, I know you do - Hannah - Your diagnosis is going to be increasingly difficult to hide.
I'm going to die, Hannah.
And I won't let Felix see that.
There is no cure for motor neurone disease.
Leni You've taken your wedding ring off.
I have.
And you're still wearing yours.
Let a psychologist assess me.
What's the worst that could happen? It's not going to change my mind.
Hi, James.
Are you still coming over today? I've got to leave soon.
All right, James? I was expecting you about an hour ago.
Can you give me a call, let me know if you're still on the way? Thank you.
Where are you? I need you.
Hurry up.
I, erm I I-I-I can't tell her, I just can't do it.
I mean, a baby I barely survived my last three.
I'm just not ready to be a father again.
How do you tell the person you love most in the world you've screwed up? - Gus is in reception to pick up something.
- Right.
Hypothetically if you had a client withholding medical information intrinsic to a divorce what would you advise? Uh Well, professionally, we keep quiet.
Personally, if it intrinsically changes the landscape of two people's divorce, then fuck it.
Or to coin a little-known phrase someone recently said to me Does no-one care about the truth any more? Atticus Finch, eat your heart out.
Come on, fish face, we're going out.
Kid shrink's book launch, hosted by the delightful Melanie.
- Oh, Nina - Come on.
Tyler's baby-sitting, so I've got a free pass tonight.
Coat on.
Walk in, head held high.
And hosted by Melanie.
Come on.
This is why you need to get out.
- Nina, the bag? - Shit! - Sorry.
- Gus.
How old? - Five - Five, nearly six months.
So cute.
Thank you.
- I'll catch you up.
- Yeah.
Don't tell the feminazis.
They'll never let me baby-sit again.
Oh, have you have you got a minute? Yeah.
Just So, I'm going to be straight with you.
I have done this kind of agreement before, but this one? Something qomething about this one Something is not right.
And lies are always found out.
I do not represent you, but I have a duty of care to Bella.
So I find myself in a difficult situation.
It was one night.
And I promised Bella.
She loves Sian.
Then that deserves some kind of honesty, doesn't it? And I can't advise my client to sign something I know not to be true.
So, be honest now.
I'm heading out.
I noticed you had a call booked in with Dewhite's.
Yes, I've been helping Christie with a US client.
He's well? Oh, ho-ho! Midtown corner office and some of the best ski runs in under three hours.
He went to you rather than me? Zander, he resigned before you pressed him to leave.
Plus, I have extensive experience in financial irregularities with high-income clients.
You're working on financial irregularities? A bungled trail of missteps from New York to London, possibly enough to warrant sending someone over from Dewhite's here.
How did you know, Ruth that you wanted children? I didn't.
It was the '70s.
You didn't think about the ifs and buts and whys.
- Don't work too late.
- Night.
Are you sure this is all right? Huh? Yeah, we're going to be fine.
Absolutely fine.
Did you mean that? About me making a good dad? - Earlier.
- Yeah.
Sh, sh - I'll get that bottle.
- Sorry.
Hey, hey, let's go, let's go.
Thank you.
- Rose! - How many kinds of idiot are you? - Well, when you put it like that - A baby? - A baby - Please, don't play that.
I barely survived my last three.
I'm just not ready to be a father again.
If I told you that it wasn't planned, would that sound any better? No.
I mean, I'm right to presume it's not with my sister.
- It's not.
- And she knows? She knows.
- Zero empathy? - Rock bottom.
And James knew? The guy who had no chance of conceiving a child of his own, and you told him that? That, Nathan, that is zero empathy.
I'm so angry with you right now.
Well, if it's any consolation, you're in a pretty nonexclusive club.
Vinnie hates me.
Liv and Till are close behind.
Hannah is so angry and disappointed in me.
Are you going to cry? Do you want to go and get pissed, then? - Kate's book thing - Yeah.
'Cos I'm not going for the book.
And this doesn't mean you're forgiven.
I know.
Wave and smile.
- I need a drink.
- Hmm.
Hannah, can I have a word? Sorry, Ronnie, can we do it later? I'm just going to What's so important? Erm Nothing that can't wait.
I think Ronnie's prepping to dump my mother.
- Really? - Yep.
But I'm getting good with surprises.
Learning to set my face.
How was the grand tour? Oh, Liv was on cracking form.
Do you know she's questioning her decision on law? Dropping out with a dropout? Yeah, you're going to have to get over that.
Get over my 18-year Sorry, soon-to-be-19-year-old, brilliant, poised-to-be-top-legal-student, daughter saddling up with an overcaffeinated, underpaid, oversexed entrepreneur, aka drug dealer? You know he wants to get a work placement at a coffee roaster's, aka import coffee, aka cocaine? Xenophobic and wrong.
He has nice hair.
Oh, yeah, doesn't he? Lovely hair.
You told her about Kate? Was that all you told her about? Well, this is very nice.
How was Law College? Nathan's suspicious because Gael has nice hair.
Just ensure she signs a watertight prenup and hope it'll be fine.
No-one ends up with their teen romance.
Bar you two.
You need to talk to Liv alone.
Divide and conquer.
Failing that, have him taken out.
What are you talking about, huh? They're working out how to take people out.
Just cycle left across a T-junction without looking.
Ta-da! Fucking hell.
Not to overstate it, but our author will be reading an extract in the next five minutes.
So please grab a glass and your copies while you can.
I'll be giving one out with every decree nisi So you Hannah, have another drink.
"Divorce is a grief all of its own.
The unravelling of a marriage like a death, but one without a corpse and yet still with all the grief, - all the sadness " - There is death.
- " that sadly the law and this industry " - There is death.
" so often capitalise on.
" "But what I am certain of is that, out of this, if we can redirect the narrative of divorce, then out of this mournful reckoning comes the possibility of the new, perhaps even of the blended, of light on the horizon.
" Thank you.
- Wow.
- Double wow.
Bravo! So, how do we For that, we need to go back in time.
When I first studied psychology, a professor said to me - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
We used to spend hours in libraries like this - when the children were little.
- Hmm.
Vinnie was always nicking stuff.
It's good to start 'em young.
It's so weird to think I'm never going to do any of that.
- Rose - No, don't.
Don't say it.
Don't say there's going to be someone else, another life.
I don't want to hear there's going to be another life.
I, erm The last thing I said to him was that I didn't want to adopt.
It was the last thing he heard.
He never heard I wanted I wanted to adopt with him.
- I spoke to Leni today.
- Don't.
- She said - I don't want to know.
It hurts too much.
I get it.
- I do, I really do.
- Yeah.
James was just the best.
I know how hard it is.
I do.
I do.
There are days when I look at Nathan, and I can't believe it's happening.
Are you seriously equating your divorce to my grief? You You You didn't lose Nathan.
You discarded him, you cheated on him, and then when he does the same to you, you act like you're the one that's being wronged.
- Rose - No.
I'm just not ready to be a father again.
How do you tell the person you love most in the world you've screwed up? He screwed up.
You screwed up.
That's the only thing that's the same.
You have a choice, Hannah.
James is gone.
Nathan is still here.
Whatever happens next, you have a choice.
So, stop.
Stop blaming everyone else.
- Do something about it.
- Ro Rose Rose! So when they forwarded me the premise of a TV show, I mean, the clue's in the title, right? Make It Or Break It.
And I thought, "Ghastly! Imagine me on television!" And then I thought, "You know, that's our raison d'être.
" Hannah! You have met Kate, haven't you? Twice now.
I've just been telling Ruth what a nightmare it's been pulling my new show together.
Huge pressure.
Well, it's a 9pm slot, but I hope you'll all tune in.
We can't wait, can we, Hannah? Yep.
You two, tomorrow, meeting at nine, let's wrap this whole thing up.
- Yeah.
- Yes? Then everyone's lives can move on, right? Oh, excuse me.
How nice to see you! Absolutely Have you had a nice evening? Not particularly.
Love the book, though, what I've read of it.
It was, erm My apologies.
I'm always so impressed by those who write.
Thank you.
Particularly those who have so little direct experience with the blended family.
Kate's meticulous with her research.
Yes, of course.
Fully throwing yourself into the practical now, what with a baby on the way.
- Crap.
- Yes, they are with child.
Isn't life amazing? Out of the ashes, a Phoenix may rise.
I'm going to go and get us a car, Hannah.
Yeah, agreed.
Darling, let's move, shall we? I think that might be a good idea.
Piss off.
Yes, I think we might just take a couple of photographs.
- I'll see you in - Ten minutes.
She seems very nice.
Isn't she? She's very pleasant.
It's actually quite a relief.
It's just going to take a little time to get used to it.
Hi, Kate.
JJ Johnson Understood.
I don't expect you to be supportive.
The taxi's here.
We'll be fine, Nathan.
Hannah, um, I was just talking Sorry, Ruth.
I was just talking to Kate and saying that it might be a thought to get her on board the Felix and Leni case.
Obviously, it's a joint decision.
It's brilliant.
Yeah, that's a brilliant idea.
Yeah, OK.
Hannah You know what's What's most embarrassing? I actually thought that you wanted to get back together.
Do you really want this? I heard the message, Nathan, that you've screwed up.
I mean, does she know that? Because y y you need to tell her that.
Do you really want to go through with this? Yes.
Hannah, taxi.
Hey, git face, it's me.
Where are you? Erm, look, I'm sorry.
OK? I I do want them.
Big, chubby, beautiful, funny kids millions of them.
Oh, you're going to make the best dad, Jimbo.
And the driver and the cameras Danny's been zero for four.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You OK? - Yeah.
- Erm, he ordered takeout.
- OK.
- There's still some left if you - No, I'm OK, thank you.
- I'm going to check on Cora.
- OK.
She's fast asleep.
Child whisperer.
You know, she's going to need her own room.
Particularly if I'm going to move my stuff in.
Where's everyone? Amateur.
Complete amateur.
How do you do this and function the following day? - Mm! - And they're your own.
Tell me that I'm wrong, but kids are a constant headache, a weight around the neck.
Do you count the days until you're free again? Yeah, lazy weekends in bed and no-one to worry about but yourself.
I faintly remember those days.
And that's what they do to you.
- They make you forget why you didn't want them.
- Mm.
If I love him I need to give them to him, right? Kids.
How can I deny him children? - Mm.
Hmm, hmm.
- Mm.
- That was my thinking.
- Goodnight.
- What was that all about? - Nothing.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
Well, I'm relieved, in a way.
It's out there now.
A little earlier than maybe we wanted.
At least you can both start talking about it now, working it into your divorce decisions I know you're scared, but we're going to get through this.
We're going to work this out and we're going to make this right.
It's going to be OK.
Everyone's scared of turning the page on a new life, but you can do this.
You'll do this.
Hannah's opened the door, in a way, for you to start looking at ways to integrate the family now, and the kids can get to know me.
No more secrets.
God, I love you.
No Rose? - Hi.
- Hi.
Erm - Shall I? - Yeah.
It was a beautiful funeral.
Oh, his mum told me to say you spoke really beautifully.
His parents, actually, insisted on the burial.
I would have had him cremated.
I think that's what he would have preferred.
I mean, we didn't talk about it.
Thought we had more time, I suppose.
Last mistake.
Uh, yeah, I'm not I'm not going to stay long.
I don't really know what I'm doing here.
I've got his bike, erm, which It just felt wrong to leave it unclaimed.
It's all part of how he was going to hawk his wares around.
Of course.
Brain on a Bike.
Nicely ironic, in retrospect.
They couldn't do much with his brain.
His heart, however, saved a life.
I think I'm supposed to get solace from that.
Yeah, I saw you, erm You have jumble sales.
- Third Friday of every month.
- Yeah, cool.
'Cos there's so much of his stuff, you know, that he's So much shit that I Do you know what? I think I'm going to go now, erm Sorry.
The wedding was even more beautiful.
We had Oh, we had an amazing wedding here.
- You did.
- Yeah.
The best day of our lives.
There's a reason we have those, isn't there, the best days? Like the tent pegs to hold on to when the rest just blows away.
Rose Please, don't say that this is part of God's grand plan, because it sucks.
It sucks.
If it's any kind of plan Yep.
I'd have to second you on that.
Because because he's gone.
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Rose.
We're being watched by the breakfast helpers.
Ah! Be prepared.
Melanie's going to come in hard.
First, you ripped up the agreement, and now there's a baby But we can still regain control.
Hi, I'm here to see Melanie.
- Can I take your name, please? - Nathan Stern.
If you just take a seat over there.
Now, as we seem never to have received the signed papers, and as Nathan's circumstances have obviously changed, we now feel that the agreements aren't entirely fair.
We'd like to make some amends, starting with the financial agreement.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Oh, God You want me to sell the house? We had reached an agreement that any sale would occur after the children had left home.
Yes, and we've changed our minds because the circumstances have now changed.
I also consider that our negotiations were still on a "without prejudice" basis.
We can always ask the court to rule on that.
Ha! Calm down.
I'm sure we can reach a compromise.
We can agree that the parenting plan has some flex, namely that my client wishes to spend one night a week in the family home.
I'm sure I don't need to explain the concept, which is proving quite popular.
Now, the day is yet to be decided where a parent can alternate, but preferably to coincide when your client is working late, which I understand is frequently, so as not to disturb the children's routine any more than they have been.
The kids are just getting used to us being apart.
The kids are going to be fine.
Is that the title of Kate's next book? Look, I'd like more than a couple of hours a week with Tilly and Vin in somewhere other than whatever chicken shop we can find.
Oh, you think that's why your son is hostile? Because the chicken place isn't to his taste or style? Nothing to do with the fact that his father has just absented himself from family life without any real attempt to try and work things out? Look, you can play with the narrative Narrative? N-No Oh, that's brilliant.
Yeah, I can't do this.
Yes, that's OK.
I think we've all said enough.
We are going to need some time to discuss these new requirements.
But clearly, the amicable divorce is out of the window.
There's no need to defend or underline the finer points.
Neither can it be an excuse to take the gloves off and turn this into the street fight we all know, Melanie, you are capable of.
Coming from you, Zander, I take that as a compliment.
You know what I find most extraordinary, Nathan, is that you've even read any book other than Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and the entire canon of John Grisham.
You want to see me play with the narrative, you selfish, self-involved, heartless prick?! What, because I want to spend time with my kids in a place they can call home? Well, they have a home! That I don't get to live in any more! So I will be visiting the house that I also own and pay for.
I will have one night a week, without you, in the company of my kids, with my new girlfriend, who is keen to be part of their lives.
Because it is my life now, Hannah, and you no longer have a say over what I do, including who I sleep with and who I choose to build a life with and have a fucking kid with! I don't know who you are any more.
- Sorry.
- No, that's all right.
OK, back to work, people.
I'm OK.
I'm OK.
OK, can we all just calm down, please? It was just one night.
- It wasn't even a whole night.
- I don't believe this.
Please, Sian, please just Just listen to me.
Do you feel better now? Do you think I didn't know? Did you really think I needed to hear that? Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Why the hell did you have to say anything? Great lawyer.
The truth is better than a lie? - Gus, I am I am so sorry.
- Yeah, I don't want to hear it.
Dan Quinn scored three times helping the Penguins pass the Jets, 8-3 Hi, Christie.
It's Ruth here.
It's time.
You need to get on a flight to London.

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