The Split (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

- Kate's pregnant.
- What? Let a psychologist assess me.
What's the worst that could happen? If I love him, I need to give them to him, kids.
She's going to need her own room, particularly if I'm going to move my own stuff in.
So you're equating your divorce to my grief? James is gone, Nathan is still here.
You have a choice so stop blaming everyone else.
Rose You've fully thrown yourself into the practical now, what with a baby on the way.
My client wishes to spend one night a week in the family home.
- Nesting.
- Bravo.
You no longer have a say over what I do, including who I sleep with and have a kid with.
I don't know who you are any more.
Christie, you need to get on a flight to London.
Doorbell! Somebody get it, please.
Thank you.
Good morning! Well, you've got two replacements.
- No, I didn't order - You've got oat milk - for soya and there's no kohlrabi.
- Kohlrabi? Yeah.
You happy to accept? - Er yes.
- Lovely.
Have a good day, Mrs Stern.
- Rose? - She's already gone.
Did she say where? Home, to pick something up.
then you and the team come in, and what happens? We come in to sort their lives out Have you seen this, Hannah? to help them move on.
Help them press the eject button if necessary.
- Yes.
- Oh, please.
No, no, don't.
Don't touch anything.
Not till I've talked to your dad.
potentially have a much better life than you had with some dreary husband.
We'll certainly be watching.
Starting next week, Wednesday, 8pm.
Yes? So why are there bags of groceries now littered across my kitchen? Ordered in Mrs Stern's name, so I can see the confusion.
Or did I did I miss something? Did you get married again? Oh, no, no, 'cos we're still not divorced yet, - unless bigamy's your thing.
- Er They're for tonight, which is my night at home, as outlined - in our last agreement.
- Any other night, you'd order pizza.
Kate has offered to cook.
If that's OK.
Hannah? Are you still there? So not only do I have the inconvenience of moving out for an evening, but now you're bringing your new bird too? Yeah, I'm sorry.
I know that wasn't part of our agreement.
- I should have - Yeah, yeah, you should.
Anything else you haven't told me? Because they are not ready to hear she's pregnant yet.
You can't tell them yet.
Will Mrs Stern Mark 2 be staying the night as well? Right.
Right Thanks for the heads-up.
I can presume you'll take the guest room? Yeah, of course, no problem.
You're late, by the way.
We're supposed to be meeting Nicola in court in 20 minutes.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I have groceries to unpack.
You selfish selfish prick.
Dad? Bringing his new girlfriend tonight.
Just the messenger.
Yeah, no, Dad already told me.
What, and you didn't think of mentioning it? Gael and I are going to a gig anyway, so - I'm going out too.
- No.
You have you have to be here.
No arguments.
No excuses.
All of you.
Or your father will blame me.
The psychologist is coming this morning.
Any advice? OK.
If she makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, asks questions you do not want to answer, then you don't answer.
Do you think she will? Possibly.
She's a psychologist, and it's her job to probe and assess you.
It's not yours to answer.
Look, I'm going to be in court for a couple of hours, so good luck.
I'm sorry.
- The case of Giustizia.
- Shall we? Ciao, stronzo! - JJ.
- Hannah.
Less of the expletives, please, Nicky.
About Leonora's meeting with Kate Pencastle this morning.
I wanted to apologise.
I had no idea there was a personal connection.
Melanie suggesting it was, you know Very much Melanie's style.
Well, see you on the other side.
Establish the long family history in the sense of ownership of the brand.
It's integrity meets experience, - and ultimately, it's - Yeah.
Mr Giustizia.
For how many years have you owned and run Giustizia? - 25.
- Giustizia, meaning justice.
Four generations on my father's side.
We've been running restaurants since 1912.
So not only does the family name have a deep personal attachment, but also as the name of the restaurant and a brand in its own right.
And for this it is priceless.
My client has been more than honourable in the divorce settlement already agreed and wished to give his wife the adjacent property to the family restaurant to do with what she wished.
She's about to open a new restaurant, one which Mr Giustizia has been fully supportive of until he learned that she has blatantly taken the same name.
Here we are today because your wife, a culinary talent in her own right This is not in doubt.
she believes that she is entitled to the brand.
- We built that brand together.
- Silence, please.
Which is very funny to me, because I had to beg her when we got married to take my name, and now she won't give it back.
There is a saying in Italian.
Please forgive my accent.
Al cuore non si comanda.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
Bravo! Molto vero.
Si dice cosi.
Is that why you slept with Yara when my back was turned? Mr Johnson, please calm your client.
Apologies, Your Honour.
No-one underestimates that the disentangling of lives, both personally and professionally, is painful.
But the fact is, the wife has breached the terms of the legal agreement, the parties' consent order, and we ask that the courts do no more than give effect to their agreement.
I'm dreadfully sorry, Your Honour.
Grazie, grazie, grazie! - It was the right decision.
- Get in closer, please.
- Hannah? - Hmm? One more of those.
Today is not only a day of justice, but for Giustizia and everything it stands for.
The family, both professionally and personally, proud of its name.
There's a woman over there who's been evicted from more than her name.
There's winning, and there's showing a little respect.
- Yes.
- Nicola! Nicola has asked if NHD want to join him tonight at Giustizia.
He wants to cook for you all.
Obviously, I'm otherwise engaged.
We won the man his name back.
And his ossobuco is out of this world.
Too bad you're going to miss it, then.
I hope she's going to be OK.
I'll be interested to see the outcome of Kate's assessment this morning, because I spoke with an extremely distressed Felix Samuelson last night.
He's convinced there's a third party.
A series of trips to Zurich found on a credit card.
Perhaps you could discuss it with your client - before our meeting next week.
- Mm-hm.
So how would you describe yourself as a parent? Relaxed? Not always.
Certainly when they were younger, we were perhaps a little too vigilant.
I was asking about just you.
Er I like to think I got the measure right.
I understand you went back to work when they were just three months old.
If you're asking if I was there I imagine that must have been hard for you.
Do you regret your decision? I don't see how this is relevant.
I'm just interested in your story.
You know, to help me get a sense of your early bonding - with the children - We bonded well.
You're a mother? I wonder if by asking me that, you're wondering if I'm judging you.
Well, aren't you? This isn't a test.
I've no doubt you're a good mother, Ms Hale.
That's really not in question.
But I've been asked to help you through this as a family.
My mental health is fine.
No-one was questioning your mental health.
I'm here to support you and your family.
So sorry, could I use your bathroom? Of course, yes, it's just It's me.
Is she there yet? Yes, and she's probing me hard.
Can you come? Right, I'm jumping in a cab now.
Leave this to me.
Hannah! It's highly unusual for the lawyer to be here.
Well, my client called me, clearly distressed.
I'm actually finished.
I've got most of what I need.
But could we have a private word? Mm-hm.
I don't think I asked anything particularly provocative.
Clearly you did.
I did note that she seemed a little anxious.
It's an anxious time.
But then maybe that's just, you know, the family lawyer in me, because, well, as you say, divorce is the one human tragedy that reduces us all to accountants.
Yeah, I'm just an onlooker.
I think you're a little more than an onlooker, Kate.
My job is to calmly come in to an often toxic and hostile environment and quickly understand what the issues are.
Your client has riluzole prescribed in her name in her bathroom.
That's strong medication.
You're seriously crossing a boundary now.
I'm simply voicing my concern that your client seems to be taking medication used to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
What is going on here, Hannah? You're meeting my children tonight.
I am.
Looking forward to it.
They're my children.
Tread carefully.
Is that a threat? They don't need to know everything yet.
Please don't break your news to them yet.
They are still processing Their father's new relationship.
Of course.
Although I might argue that a healthier option would be full transparency.
Enjoy your evening.
I'm sure we will.
Leni, your medication? She saw it in the bathroom.
Does the General Medical Council know you have an illness that could potentially affect your performance as a surgeon? I would never put a patient at risk.
This is not sustainable.
Felix's solicitor's asking questions I don't have answers for.
- Like what? - Trips to Zurich? A work trip.
The second, a conference.
OK, they are looking for things to try and understand why you're doing this.
They're querying the possibility you've had an affair.
SCOFFS That is funny.
Talk to Felix.
You might find him more supportive than you know.
I know it's 200,000 above your limit.
I I think I could get it down.
Yours Yours would be about about there.
Got you a south-facing garden.
I mean, it's small, but it's enough room for And we want a home.
We do.
We do.
" You said, "We.
" I want I want you both to be OK.
I want you to have a home that you like, that's, you know, that's safe.
Well, it's not even built yet.
I just wanted to gauge your interest.
Really, there's no rush.
No, but look, they're going! That's marked sold, sold, sold Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
And then open them, and if it feels like it could be home, then - Yeah? - Mm-hm.
Do it with me.
- What? - With Cora and me.
That's That's crazy.
No, I know it's crazy.
You're with Zander, - you're talking about starting a family.
I know.
- Yes.
Yes? Yes.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
I'll make the call now.
Oh, careful.
Just like that, you're here.
Hello, Ruth.
New York suits you.
- It does.
It does.
- Mm.
And I woke up listening to your podcast.
- Oh! - Wow.
The interview with the nuns? Thank you.
It's really inspiring.
I mean, I'm a fan.
Thank you.
- Welcome home.
- Thank you.
How's everyone? By "everyone", I presume you mean Hannah.
What? Don't tell me work's the only thing that brought you back.
She's as well as can be expected.
You heard they're divorcing? I may have put a few feelers out, yeah.
So what have you got for me? Too little to know for certain yet.
Too much that one can't quite put it to bed.
Am I right to be concerned? Correlates with what we already suspect.
Are we ready to talk to Zander yet? Not yet.
You may need a little more evidence.
A photo.
Confirmation of identity might help.
- OK, thanks.
- Morning, sir.
Caught you! - And you've been where? - Really? Did you feel that? Zander breathing down my neck? Thank you.
Macavity Hudson.
Do you remember the development I was telling you about that he's heading up in Belfast Square? Introduced twice.
Tyler's helping me find somewhere.
Oh! We're in the mood for moving.
- Ah, here's hoping.
- I look forward to the house-warming.
What? Offer accepted.
We're doing this.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hannah! Hi! Hey.
You're back.
I'm back.
Isn't it marvellous? - How long are you ? - A few days.
I'll see you inside.
We'll speak later.
That's mysterious.
- So are you, er ? - Good.
Er Great.
And the family? You heard.
I heard, yeah.
What are you doing here? Well, I had some business in town, needed to draw on the experience of your mother.
Why didn't you tell me? Well, technically, you and I haven't spoken - Ten months and - Nine days.
How's, er ? - Oh, New York? - Yeah.
Oh, great.
Yeah, great.
Met some great people.
People or person? Not any of your business.
But it's not the same as you.
- I should, er - Yeah.
I'm staying at the Garson.
Just in case you're interested.
How did it go in court? We won.
Respondent can't use Giustizia.
There's only one of those.
God, have you tried their melanzane parmigiana? No.
But you can tonight, courtesy of Nicola.
- Do with it what you will.
- Are you kidding? Chef's table? You're definitely coming.
- Giustizia tonight? - You won't get a table there for weeks.
We will and we have.
You, Hannah, Tyler, me Ruth! Are you and Ronnie free tonight? Hannah's got us a table at Giustizia.
Ooh, what fun.
I haven't been out properly in weeks.
I want a word with you.
- Sorry.
Can't now.
- Really? You didn't think of telling me that Christie is back? I thought you'd rather it was a pleasant surprise.
Oh! You OK? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ma's about to interrogate Tyler and Zander on her podcast.
Can you afford it? Oh, why do you always do that? Why do you always question my choices? You can be - a little too spontaneous.
- Ah.
Just looking out for you.
Well, back off, please.
It's nesting tonight, of course.
And bringing his new girlfriend.
Mm, that's fast.
Well, I guess they're having a baby together, so Good to have you in my court.
You're being weird.
- Christie's back.
- That's it.
You're being Christie weird.
- Is that a thing? - Oh, yeah.
Jangly, a bit excited.
Well, yes, that sounds like the average affair.
Only this time This time, it's almost legal.
You're Mrs Stern no more.
I'm not divorced yet.
OK, someone got out of the wrong side of bed this morning.
Someone's being giggly and acting jangly Don't do that.
Don't get all Nancy Drew on me.
Either you're drinking again, or - Sorry, I'm late for my four o'clock.
- You My guests today are Zander Hale of Noble Hale Defoe, and his husband, Tyler.
Zander is one of the most experienced family lawyers that I know.
But also, despite all that experience, he and his husband, Tyler, threw caution to the wind and married spontaneously in a private ceremony with no family, no friends and no prenup.
Even lawyers are allowed a moment of rash spontaneity.
Call it instinct, but just this once I met someone worth taking a risk for.
Was getting married on the spur of the moment out of character? Er Giving up my life in Chicago and following Zander home within six weeks of meeting Yeah, it was pretty radical.
Home? Yeah, I guess I consider home to be wherever the person I love is.
Where we love is home.
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
That is so romantic! But I do think there is something interesting here that we could explore.
Now, we know the value of a prenup, a way of securing some autonomy if the whole thing goes to the wall.
So such abandon, someone must have been the driving force.
You can put it down on paper and have it signed.
But we've decided not to do that and, instead, we've kept it very simple.
What's mine is mine, what's his is his.
If we were to break up I want nothing.
Here's hoping I backed the right horse.
Come on.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I was looking for Glen? - If that's jumble, it's my domain.
Womenswear? Um No, it's my husband's, actually.
- Rose! - Hey.
- Um - Hey, how are you doing? Second visit in as many weeks.
Yeah, I was just clearing out James's stuff.
Thank you.
Er Very efficient.
- Yes, they do that.
- Yeah.
Must have been hard.
Oh Oh, God, no, no, no.
Been longing to get rid of some of that stuff for ages.
'70s Afghan coat was never coming back in.
How's it going? Grief? Great.
Glen! I can look after them for five minutes.
So, are you Marni? No, wait.
You're Marni, you're Tali.
- I'm Marni.
- So who ate Betty? - I'm Betty! - You can't be Betty.
Betty was this tall with bristles on her chin.
I am that tall! No, you're not, you're only that tall.
- You're only that tall! - No, I'm that tall! Surgery went well? Perfectly, thanks.
What are you doing here? I've been checking our bank statements.
No, no, no.
Your credit card, yeah? March last year, then August, then October.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No, then February of this year.
Bardane Hotel, Zurich! Felix, this has to stop.
There is no-one else.
Please go home.
Just Hey, Rose.
If you're doing a runner, can you please take me with you? No, I'm just coming to pick up my stuff.
She's cooking.
Another reason you might want to get out.
- Is this OK? - Perfect.
If you're calling to see if Lady Shrink is here, she is.
And she's massacring something plant-based in the kitchen.
Perhaps I was checking if you were OK.
In what way? You went back to the house.
Yeah, which is where I live.
Hence I'm moving my stuff as we speak out of your spare room.
How long are you going to be like this with me? - Like what? - You know what I mean.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I compared my grief to yours.
It is, of course entirely different.
Barely on the scale.
Are the guest bedsheets clean? SHE SNIFFS Ish.
Oh, my She's not staying the night, is she? Uh-huh.
So do you want to grab some dinner later, maybe? Yeah, I would.
But I've got to have dinner with the entire office.
Some of us are weighing up the merits of Marmite on toast versus Pot Noodle.
Well, perhaps if Lady - Lady Shrink is cooking - Er, I have certain loyalties to maintain.
Thank you.
But can you change the sheets first? Yas, Queen! I love you.
It was good to see you today.
- Hannah! - Might you be free for a nightcap later? Just give me a call.
Ronnie's meeting us there.
He's behaving very strangely.
I keep finding him creeping up behind me, and when I ask him what he's doing, he just looks at me blankly.
- Maybe he's trying to top you.
- Mm.
Watch those open windows, Mother! As for you, you still haven't told me exactly what you're doing with Christie.
He's asked me to help him unpick some financial trails.
- Mm? - What? It's business! - Guys? - I can't talk about it.
So don't ask! OK.
- So, are you enjoying it here? - Yeah.
- It's really beautiful.
- Vinnie, want to give us a hand, buddy? - I'll do it.
- Thanks, munchkin.
Does anyone want another drink? No, not for me.
I'll have some water if it's going, though.
So, Liv, Gael, how did you meet? Expression.
At a club in Sao Paulo.
Actually outside.
She was being sick in the street, so I walked her home.
Oh, my God.
How is it possible for mere words to induce an anxiety attack? That isn't actually what happened.
He, er He likes to exaggerate.
- Vinnie! - Mum lets me! Oh, I didn't know you were here.
On your way in or out? Out.
Just to say the spare room is free.
Sheets are clean and fresh.
I'm sorry.
I'm Rose.
- We met at the - Oh, at the book launch.
Yes, sorry.
That night was a bit of a blur.
Rose, Kate, formally introduced.
Is Vinnie going to take long? Because we're meant to be going to a gig.
That's polite, Liv! You want to take this to the table? Calm down while you're at it.
Are you sure you won't join us? No.
Got to go home eventually.
Oh, God.
Of course, sorry.
I meant to say, my condolences.
- Oh - No, we brush over grief, but if we don't talk, how will we find the language for it? Too often we forget.
I don't forget.
Rose Sorry.
She's nothing if not - Open? - Yeah, that's a word.
I'm good.
I'm I'm fine.
Nathan? Sorry.
Coming, yeah.
Signora, per te.
Per te, signore.
Table 4, table 12, table 6! Downstairs! Sorry, sorry, sorry.
She's more pissed than ever.
Last shift tonight.
Just eat it, Ronnie.
It makes me nervous when food wobbles.
It's sea urchin.
It's very sweet.
Flown in from Bali.
It looks delicious.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's rather marvellous to see you still working together.
Is everything all right? - Good? - Mm! Wow.
Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
Now, who was it who said that? Oprah Winfrey! I believe it was Oscar Wilde.
I don't think I could survive it a second time.
I'll drink to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Now, photo, please.
- Mm - No, no, for my podcast page! Ronnie, you do it.
You do it.
OK, now, everybody You too, Tyler.
Happens every time.
I haven't got a single photo of him where he's not just out of eye.
- And Nicola.
- Right.
Three, two, one.
Giustizia! Giustizia! Thank you.
- Do you want some more? - No.
- It was very - Rich.
You don't drink.
No, not right now.
But you, er, you do drink normally.
Nathan, can you get the ice cream, please? If it's any consolation, they hate me far more than they hate you.
Oh, it's OK, it's part of the territory.
I'm threatening.
It's important they find ways to express that.
- I don't want any dessert.
- Vinnie Vinnie, come back.
- Dad, leave him.
- Well, what about your plate? - I can get that.
- Thank you.
Consider yourself adopted.
Vinnie, are you going out on a school night? Seriously? - Mum lets me.
- Actually, we'd better head.
Sasha's gig starts in half an hour.
Sasha, as in "dumped you in a brutal, misspelt text"? - Thanks for that, Dad.
We're friends now.
- Oh, OK.
- Right.
- Let Olivia go if she wants.
She's 18.
Yes, I am.
Don't be rude.
I can only imagine how disorientating this must be for you all.
But it's important that we all come together and find a way to communicate, because I'm not going anywhere.
Oh, Vinnie! Are you pregnant? Liv, don't be rude.
Actually, we are.
Well, I am.
Well, congratulations, Daddy.
Gael, let's go.
- Gael! - Sorry.
It was nice to meet you.
- Congratulations! - Thanks.
Hey, you haven't had any ice cream yet.
I'm full, thanks, Dad.
You told her.
She asked.
Doesn't mean you have to answer her.
Not yet, Kate.
What would you take if the house was burning down? I guess my entire Marc Bolan back catalogue.
Marc Bolan? I didn't know that! That's because you don't know this man.
Four shirts, four pairs of trousers and a Marc Bolan collection.
One suitcase.
I'm serious.
That is the entire man.
The only thing of value I have to my name, Zan.
Apologies if we don't all have a penthouse apartment - and a bolthole in the South of France.
- Oh, now, boys, please.
Well, I would argue that it's it's people one should really treasure.
Everything else is pretty replaceable.
And there's a romantic speaking.
Hannah? Er, well, my children, and my mother.
There's a clue there that someone needs to move out! - Excuse me? - I don't know, I don't know.
Er I suppose, yeah, the rest is it's all just stuff, isn't it? It's memories.
That's what's bound in my house, and a fire won't take that.
Well, I'd have to say Ruth.
I'd save Ruth.
Preferably, for the rest of my life.
Oh, Ronnie.
Ruth, would you do me the honour? Will you be my wife? Oh, and a cake as well! Oh! Well yes! Of course! Congratulazioni! Congratulations, Mum.
- It'll be OK.
- Thank you.
- Ronnie - Not getting any younger, Hannah.
- Start working on your prenup, then, darling.
- Absolutely.
- Welcome to the family, Ronnie.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations, Ruth.
- Oh! - Oh! - There we go.
Blow it out.
- Well, cheers.
- Cheers.
- You OK? - Fine.
Come on, the band's about to play.
This first one goes out to anyone who's ever loved and lost.
One, two, three, four! So, this is your new place.
This is it.
I'm sorry about today.
What? Even your barrister whipped my arse.
Soon to be ex-husband.
I know how shitty it can be.
He's going to miss you.
That's a little justice.
Good name for a restaurant, though.
Now, there's an idea.
- Hannah.
Will you be all right? - Mm-hm.
I'm staying at Nina's tonight.
I thought it best to be out too.
I'll be at Ronnie's.
For the rest of your life! Oh! What have I done?! Don't panic! Oh, sorry.
Mum! Mum? Mum, I've done something really, really bad.
Liv Liv, tell me where you are now.
Liv? - What's wrong? - I've got to go.
- Hannah, keys.
- Thanks.
- I can drop you off.
- OK.
Be careful.
- I don't know - Yes, you do.
Er Hang on.
Listen, you've got to drink some water.
We got to get back.
Liv? I'm sorry.
She just kept drinking.
I tried.
Liv? She's having a baby.
She's having a baby! - OK.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's just here.
Thank you.
We can't do this any more.
You're married.
- Hey, I'm going to tell him.
- Tyler I'm going to tell him.
Don't let me down.
Please, don't let me down.
So, downstairs loo.
- OK? - Careful.
And then I'll get, er water.
You're OK.
You're OK, Liv.
What's happened? Hannah? Hannah.
Liv? Sorry, sorry, did I disturb you? - I'm so sorry.
Good evening.
- What the hell happened? Your daughter has got drunk, quite possibly because she's just learned her father is having a baby.
I'm sorry.
It just came out.
- Do Tilly and Vinnie know too? - Possibly.
- Liv's thrown up.
- If you've got a bucket I thought that we'd agreed to tell them - when the time is right.
- Well, Liv pre-empted that, so we felt we needed to honour what I think she already knew.
Honour? Yeah.
Kids aren't mind-readers.
They are often selfish, mainly self-absorbed entities.
And what she needed you to say was, "Oh, let's wait for your mother to get home, - and then we'll discuss it.
" - I understand you're upset, - but Liv is a grown-up.
- You want to tell me what my kids need? - Hannah - You're not a mother yet.
These these are still my kids.
In fact, if you really want to nit-pick, - he's still my husband.
- All right.
That is enough.
Why have you not shared how much you're freaking out? He's terrified, because, unlike you, he has done this bit.
And 50% or more, you will find, is a pain in the arse! It's vomit and shit.
I'll do it.
What? She's taken my husband, she doesn't get to clear up my daughter's vomit too! Mum? Coming.
I'll take it from here.
So you you sleep in Liv's room tonight, - and I'll put her in the spare room.
- OK.
All right, all right.
- I'm sorry.
- Shh, shh.
It's all right.
I'm here.
Er Somewhere you need to be? Christie's in town.
What, for for business? Er, are you going to his ? You have your pregnant girlfriend lying in our bed.
You don't get to ask questions like that.
Mrs Stern.
Oh, it's Defoe.
I'm Defoe now.
- Nathan - I just want to go to sleep.
This is nice.
Oh, God.
I I lost it tonight.
Sometimes I just can't control the feelings.
It's like my heart's going to burst through my chest.
I mean A baby.
He's having a baby.
What? They're going through with it? You'd think they'd know better at their age.
It's not the same.
They're not kids fresh out of law school.
That was d I'm sorry.
It's OK.
How do I do this? Do what? Separate my life, my entire existence, from another human being.
Begin again.
How do you do that? You've been divorced.
I don't know.
I guess it just happens.
I guess you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
And try to keep yourself open.
To what? A possibility of a future? The next chapter? I don't know.
Call it what you want, but it's coming, whether you like it or not.
So you have to decide what you let go of and what you want to keep.
What are you really doing here? Does it matter? I'm here.
I'm here.
Er Oh! Sale doesn't start until nine.
Er, no, I know, I know, but I just realised there's some stuff I really, really want back.
- Donations really can't be returned.
- OK, sorry No.
Who's ? Hey, hey, Hannah.
- Rose.
- I need your help.
So, I've made a massive mistake.
I took James's clothes to the jumble sale and now, er, they won't give me them back.
- Sorry.
- Han? Yeah.
No, I'm I'm listening, Rose.
Yeah, we'll be there.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Might I have a word? - We're not open yet.
- I'm Hannah Defoe, and this is - Ruth Defoe and - Nina Defoe.
From Noble Hale Defoe.
There are some items here that were incorrectly donated whilst the deceased's estate had yet to be discharged.
- What? - If we can extract the contentious items, then we'll be on our way with the minimum disruption.
And to compensate for any inconvenience, Noble Hale Defoe is willing to make a charitable donation which matches the entire profit of the jumble sale today.
I really don't understand what's going on here.
Thank you.
- Coats? - Yeah.
Morning! - Morning.
- Great night last night.
Wasn't it? Back off from my sister.
- Morning.
- Morning.

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