The Split (2018) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 It's highly unusual for the lawyer to be here.
- My client called me, clearly distressed.
- I've got most of what I need.
February of this year, Bardain Hotel, Zurich! There is no-one else.
- How's it going? - Grief? Great.
Ruth, will you be my wife? Yes! Of course! I guess I consider home to be wherever the person I love is.
- You're married.
- I'm going to tell him.
Mum, I've done something really, really bad! - What the hell happened? - Your daughter has got drunk, quite possibly 'cos she's just learnt her father is having a baby.
Is there somewhere you need to be? Christie's in town.
You will have to decide what you let go of and what you want to keep.
Imagine it's just you and me.
Wake up late, coffee, long walks Just the two of us.
Just the two of us.
CHUCKLES WHIRRING HANNAH: OK, then, so - tell me where we'd live.
- Oh.
OK, um - Tribeca.
- Oh.
It's a little hip, but the views over the Hudson are CHUCKLES - What? - You.
You're smiling.
Well, I'm smiling because you're there with me.
How would we live? Hmm.
Lazy mornings.
Pick up coffee.
Then a long walk along the High Line.
BIRDS CALL Go to galleries and, um we'd meet for dinner after work.
I'm thinking corner office CLICKS FINGERS: Bam! - Bertini - Mm.
- Close to the park.
- We'd be rivals.
Oh, yeah.
Professionally: big time.
Oh Personally we will have the best days of our lives.
And we'd be happy? So happy.
Everything would just fall into place.
Well, if you want it to.
Do you want it to? See you later? Yeah.
RUTH: Happiness is a choice.
But that choice won't always make us happy.
So the question is, can we still make that choice when we hurt the ones we love? Matters of the heart, always difficult.
The trick is to know when to speak up.
So, spit it out.
It's moving too fast.
- What? - You, me, this.
This? This is something to be celebrated, something to be marvelled over, Nathan.
Maybe it's different when it's your fourth time round.
- Shit.
I didn't - No, you meant exactly that.
You're right.
It is your fourth time around, maybe even your fifth.
- Low blow.
- Sorry, you're asking me to be sensitive around the woman who cheated on you the night before your wedding and ? - Hey, you don't get to say that! - The truth? Because that doesn't fit with your narrative? Whatever narrative you're playing out now.
No-one likes endings, Nathan, but you don't get new beginnings if you're not prepared to give up what you had.
- I've left Hannah.
- No, you haven't.
Mentally, you're still with her.
Work out what you want, Nathan.
Because I'm not going to wait around any more.
WOMAN: Hi, Hannah.
- RUTH ON PODCAST: He and his husband Tyler - Morning! You're very bright this morning.
threw caution to the wind and married spontaneously in a private ceremony, - and no prenup! - Can someone turn this down? Don't forget.
Got Melanie and Nathan coming in at, er Yep.
They're going to come back hard after your nesting, er Yes.
Yeah, say it.
- Fiasco? - Yeah.
And Kate's report, isn't that in today, following her meeting with Leni? Mm-hm.
Leni's in later.
Felix and JJ too.
I'm going to sit in.
TYLER: you know, wherever the person I love is.
- Please, can we get this off?! - RUTH: Where we love is home.
Thank you.
At last! - We still good for dinner tonight? - Not now.
Sleeping bag.
We're one down.
I think you borrowed it at Easter.
Oh, God, do we really have to go through with this? What, the trip our dead brother-in-law spent months organising before his untimely death, to recreate the holidays of our past for the woman he loves? - OK.
- Morning.
- OK, spit it out.
- How long has it been going on? - A while.
- Nina Tonight, he's He's telling him tonight.
So, what, that gives you the weekend to work out what you're going to do with your life on Monday? - It's not like in the past.
- Uh-huh.
It's different? Right, yeah.
It's everything.
It's everything I've ever wanted, Hannah.
Can you not just fake it? Just be happy for me.
Watching my sister screw up her career and another marriage? Um no.
- Rex went back to his wife.
- And the moral of that story is ? Can you possibly consider a world in which not all infidelities are a disaster? They can actually have longevity.
Ronnie and our mother, that affair has been on and off since time began, and now - they're getting married.
- Bad example.
She's already got raging cold feet.
- What? - Ask her.
You see the whites of her eyes.
- And Christie, the last four nights? - So, your point? - Um, a shoddy, menopausal - Wow! rekindling of an affair.
Yeah, not an affair.
Right now, we are both unattached.
- Erm - OK, I'm almost unattached.
But I have been there.
I I just want you to think about what you're doing.
I mean, don't you don't you care? What, that I'm about to break Zander's heart, screw up his life? Yes! Of course I care.
But I have found a man who has a genuine desire to build a life with me for me and Cora.
Oh, God, Nina Oh, you're buying the new place with him.
So what if I am? Ooh, tent pegs.
Ronnie can only find five, and he says we'll need two dozen at least, if we don't want the whole thing blowing away.
CHUCKLES Wish people would stop saying that.
I thank you.
It's not that I'm ungrateful, but we've only got engaged.
But so many flowers.
What was I meant to do? He put me on the spot.
Say, "Ronnie, the jury's still out and, anyway, we're too old"? Possibly.
Alternatively, "Ronnie, you're a very nice man, but I don't love you.
" Well, I couldn't say that, because it wouldn't be true.
I don't have time for this.
What is wrong with you all? Aversion to camping.
When you were children, you used to beg Ronnie to let you sit in the front of his old camper van.
Oscar and I would be relegated to the back with poor June.
- Poor June.
- Oh, good, - Zander's back.
- OK.
Full disclosure.
Christie's been here for five days, and according to your diary, you've seen him at least twice.
And? - Who is the American client - Hannah! and what does it have to do with NHD? Oh, you pulled up the entire company accounts yesterday.
I'm not an idiot.
And neither is he.
You you are you're sneaking around.
Oh, I'd say it was you and Christie who are sneaking around.
And now you're giving me gags.
I have covered for four nights.
Even Liv is growing suspicious.
Don't don't sidestep.
The American client is a gentleman of high net worth, and Christie felt that he would benefit from my experience and advice.
As good as you are there are any number of lawyers he could have gone to if he was looking for a forensic investigation.
Many of them, believe it or not, more experienced than you.
Thanking you kindly for that, Hannah.
Go away.
Incidentally, the blow-up mattress has got a puncture.
Zander, have you a minute? Of course.
- Christie's in town.
- Yes, I am aware.
Big city, small town.
Then you're also aware That you've been running financial checks on the partnership's accounts? Yes.
Specifically mine.
I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and I want you to answer them as honestly as you're able to do, legally.
Well I'll do my best.
You're investigating me? Yes.
And those closely associated with me? - Yes.
- Why? We have concerns for you.
And would those concerns be related in any way to your American client? - They would.
- Who is? A victim of fraud by the man he married.
And he's trying to track his former Not former.
Under New York law, he is still very much married to this man.
And you've traced this man to London? We have.
It's taken time.
He's very clever very mercurial.
He travels light.
He leaves no paper trail, no digital footprint.
Until last week, there was barely a photograph of him that could help us identify and confirm that this was the same man.
What do you have now? He's charming personable yet highly skilled.
Double phones, double accounts, double life.
He defrauded Christie's client of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Oh, whilst this is secondary to the client, his primary concern is to divorce this man - now believed to have - Married a second time.
Before we serve him divorce papers tonight, we need to be sure that history doesn't repeat itself and that this second husband is protected.
Not second husband - bigamy - rendering Any other marriage void? Yes.
Do you need a moment? No.
I want to know everything please, Ruth.
I will, um, have my lawyers look over it.
That's OK.
I had mine look over everything.
- He's very thorough.
- Mm-hm.
He's even put a clause in if you bail.
I'm not going to bail.
- We're doing this? - We're doing this.
PHONE CHIMES Do you want the last bit of bacon? Sorry.
Just, er, we're putting Ronnie in charge of all things camping.
And it looks like rain! Er, what are you doing tonight? Er Oh, God.
- Rose? - Er, no, no.
It's me, it's me.
I I've been putting out these really confusing vibes.
I was going to ask if you could baby-sit tonight.
- I've got a date.
- OK.
Well, yes, of course, because you're a normal human being whereas I'm, er Yeah, of course I can baby-sit.
Sit on those babies or not.
Just, um, cook dinner or sit and watch crap TV.
CLEARS THROA LAUGHS I mean, tonight she seems very nice.
And if not Then it'll be a serial killer.
Yeah, one for the memoir.
It's been a while.
It'll be four years Er, my wife, breast cancer.
Betty was only two.
I didn't want to ask.
I'm so sorry.
- Six o'clock? - Great.
PHONE RINGS Oh, you're a dumb, dumb ass.
And you too.
Have you spoken to Nina about this place that she's buying? Not really, but, I mean, I guess it's progress.
I mean, up until now, she's only house-sat for some truly overprivileged assholes, or gone reckless - way beyond her means, so - Yeah.
Is there something you're not telling me? I'm always not telling you something.
That is the power move of an older sister.
I just want to be sure that she's making the right investment and that she is of right mind.
Well, I mean, currently, I am sleeping on the floor next to our my old bed because I can't face getting into it, so At least you'll be well prepped for a night under the stars.
What ? What is it with you people? It's just It's one night.
One night where we're just going to sit in front of a campfire and and just share memories.
I'm going to hang up now.
Just don't want to start.
- Just be there.
- OK.
KNOCK ON DOOR ZANDER: Ready? Nathan and Melanie are here.
They've just arrived in reception.
- Oh! - Sorry, sorry.
Er, scan.
Two arms, two legs, one head? Er, yes, all present and correct.
- No backing out, then, now, right? - Melanie! Ruth! First things first Congratulations! Getting married? So inspiring at your age.
Now, have you seen my new show yet? Complete disclosure, dud or delight? Well, I thought the opening episode was inspired.
Six million viewers, and they said it'll be more like nine with catch-up, not that I care.
Ah, is it Is it true Christie's back in town? Yes, a whistle-stop trip.
We're closing on some business for one of his New York clients.
I think he flies home Sunday.
- Really? - Mm.
Isn't it wonderful that you're all on such good terms? I mean, most of my ex-employees are persona non grata, and those are the ones that have signed the NDAs.
BOTH CHUCKLE - Oh, how's your podcast? - It's marvellous.
Someone keeps turning it down.
Shall we? RUTH: as two men working in family law Oh, Nathan, would you have five minutes later? I'd love to run something past you.
- Yes, sure.
Happy to help.
- Yeah.
So, nesting Let's be honest, last week was a bit of a balls-up.
My client was made to feel very unwelcome in his own home.
Perhaps dropping the bombshell that the girlfriend is with child didn't help.
You kicked that ball game off by announcing it to your entire family at the girlfriend's book launch, so I'd call that quits.
Just further evidence to the importance that we all need to define our boundaries now.
I think it clearly isn't going to work, my client visiting the family home, so it's even more important for us to once again consider the sale of the house jointly owned with my client.
And, again, we have been quite clear: you're forcing our hand, and that was not the agreement we reached.
It's our belief that in the interests of the children A stable family home is obviously vital for Vincent, Matilda, and indeed Olivia, for as long as they're still at school.
Or when they choose to move out.
Well, this is London.
They'll be living at home until they're 35! CHUCKLES Good to see you have such confidence in our children.
A stable family home is obviously what we both advocate for.
But, may I remind you, for all my client's children, present, and future included Oh, congratulations, by the way.
First scan.
Now, to that end, my client is willing for your client to buy him out.
I mean, he has got to leave this marriage with something.
We bought that house With money that was left to us both, Hannah.
By my great-aunt.
A point of little interest to the courts.
It should also be noted that your client is considerably better off than my client, with considerable shares, which we are confident, Hannah, that you can draw on any time, if needed.
First, pushing for me to sell and now robbing the family silver to do it.
Classy, Nathan.
CHUCKLES: Really classy.
Yes, and we'd like to get a lick on it.
There is nothing like a new baby to remind one that time only moves in one direction.
And I know that Nathan and Kate are keen to set down roots.
- Hannah - Don't talk to me.
Hannah, we have to rub along together - for at least the next 48 hours.
- What, you're still coming camping? He's my brother-in-law as well.
That's touching.
It's very touching.
Can we stop this, please? None of this is our finest hour.
Then why did you hire Melanie if you didn't want a dogfight? This is This is really the way you want to play it? - My lawyer has advised me - Your lawyer gives bad advice.
Can we just not talk about it at least till after the camping trip? I want to be there.
I'd like to be there.
Unless you'd prefer me to get the train down? Is there even a train? Do you even know where we're going? Do you? Countryside.
But the good news is that, um, Liv and Gael are hitching a ride with Ronnie and Mum, they're still not talking.
Ronnie's got Gael lugging camping gear.
First scan? Blurry.
But it looked in keeping with the last three, so Must have been a relief.
I have to live.
I have to build a home a house, somehow.
- You can't move into hers? - Oh, no.
Too many plants.
- I can pick you up if - That's all right.
I can make my way to yours.
Rose said about, erm - Erm, yeah, 7am.
- OK.
Nathan, do you have that five minutes now? - Yeah, sure.
- Yes.
Well, it's not actually with me, but I'll walk you down.
If you have anything else to add, I'd prefer it if you went through my lawyer.
I'd actually, er, like a private word, please.
Um, in your in your office, if that's OK.
Uh This is all very novel.
That's sweet.
I've always been fascinated by the way people bring their home life to work.
We've got a very strict policy at Aickman's.
I once fired a junior partner for having a furry gonk stuck to his phone.
Melanie, shall I shall I go first? Yes, I regret all my past indiscretions.
No, we are not back together.
Yes, the last few months have given me time to reflect.
No, I do not regret not having a child with Christie.
Oh, well, that's something we're in agreement on, although the The gene mix might have been interesting.
Which brings me to why I'm here.
I need some legal advice CHUCKLES because, unlike you, Hannah I did go through with the unplanned Rory, who's now 35 and does something in finance.
- What does he want? - I don't know.
A mother's love.
But I suspect he's made contact because of my growing media profile.
I need you to pay him off.
And if you can stop it tipping into six figures, I'd appreciate it.
Why are you not talking to your dispute resolution team? You're an independent professional and this is an exceedingly private matter.
And I'd hardly call us friends.
I'd go as far as to say I never trust people who don't have enemies.
It's a mark of an unlived life.
And to be frank, Hannah I know every grimy little detail of your private affairs, which I'm quite sure you don't want getting out.
And if it makes you feel any better, there are times when we all need a lawyer to advocate for us when you don't have the strength to fight for yourself.
Is that how you hook your clients, then? - Nathan - Nathan has his doubts.
So it's up to me to ensure he gets what he deserves.
What he deserves? A chance to start a new life.
Isn't that what you want too? I think we all know those clients for which divorce is sometimes subterfuge.
In fact, an often very expensive reset on a marriage which discovers it still has life.
But if you're honest with yourself, Hannah, truly honest that is not you and Nathan.
You just need to weather the storm.
I want you to meet him on my behalf.
Let's call it a favour.
But this is your son.
Well, do I pay for one ill-judged night for the rest of my life? Ah, it's been too long.
Thank you for this.
- I can give you 15 minutes.
- Great.
Er, Ruth will have brought you up to speed.
Been tracking down this man for several weeks.
And now that we've found him, we need to issue divorce and financial proceedings.
We'd like to serve papers ASAP, but in order to protect the interests of any others inadvertently involved - You need a freezing injunction.
- By the end of the day.
Wait, these are Zander's accounts.
The ex is Tyler.
It's important this never gets out.
Ruth and I approached you as someone we could trust.
I can have a position statement by four, if you get me the brief by noon.
Thank you.
You well? I'm well.
- New York suits you.
- It does.
- I can't do this.
- Nathan You broke up my marriage.
Well, not entirely.
Nathan Congratulations, by the way.
What, for me or you? Seriously? Really? Oh, God.
You won, Christie.
I'm right, yeah? You and Hannah, you're together? Oh.
She's too good for you.
Don't fuck it up.
- Well, the jury's still out.
- Oh, come on.
This was always the way this was going to go.
Oh, yeah? Then how come you're the one who got to have kids? Do you really think you'd have stuck around if you'd had a kid together? You got a life with her, Nathan.
Don't I get to have one with her now? I'll have this done by the end of play.
How long are you going to be like this? Gael? I left my family, I left my friends, I left my flat for you, and I stay here with you, with your weird, crazy family.
And I'm thinking, "Why am I staying with these people who are all breaking into bits?" Why am I carrying a fucking box of shit to go to some stupid place for a dead guy I don't even know? I do all of this for you, and you get drunk and you piss me off.
I just I don't care about this stupid douche with the guitar, who can't even play.
I care you make me feel crap.
- Gael - No.
Break into pieces if you have to.
Be like your family.
But one day, Liv, you have to make life without them.
Love someone even as much as them.
Maybe more.
And I don't know if that is me.
Liv, roller skates circa 1995 ? SOBS What's going wrong? It's all going wrong.
It's all going wrong.
- Hi.
I'm meeting up with Zander later.
- Will you, um ? - Tell him? Over dinner tonight.
I'll call you as soon as I have.
- Mm-hm.
- If I can, I'll come to yours tonight.
If not, if I'm if I'm worried about him - What, you think he's going to ? - No.
- But I need to know he's going to be all right.
- Mm.
I'm going to be honest.
- I'm just going to say - Say what? I want to start the rest of my life.
Don't be scared.
- Oh, you're not scared? No, I'm I'm I'm not entirely not BOTH LAUGH Terrified! - I'd better get these back.
- Yeah.
The transfer.
I can I can transfer the full amount.
I'll transfer my half tonight, RUTH: Nina, your two o'clock is here.
Er, coming.
Nina? I will leave my letter of resignation on his desk tonight.
EXHALES All right? Get a grip, buddy.
It's going to be OK.
- Akay.
- Yes? Can you see Mr Johnson and Mr Samuelson through to boardroom nine? There's no need.
Leni, I'm your brother.
I think we can all agree that the psychologist's report was nothing if not fair.
- And, well, it clearly shows - Certain concerns.
Namely? That Miss Hale is not being as honest as she could be, reference to Miss Hale's distraction.
Miss Hale is a very busy woman, and every mother Can't always be there.
But we believe that the report, while clearly highlighting Miss Hale's devotion to her sons and commitment to her family, demonstrates that, of late, she has been, as said, distracted.
We can reassure you, Mr Samuelson, - that your wife - Three trips taken to Switzerland between March of last year At least lie.
At least say it was for work.
- It was for work.
- I had a call late last night from Martin, concerned.
He should never have called you He's your colleague and friend.
You've resigned.
Leni? You love surgery.
It doesn't make sense.
I want the truth.
This is me.
I love you.
We celebrated 20 years together only a few months ago.
What was that? A last hurrah? Because you've been preparing to exit this marriage for the last year, moving money around, transferring assets, setting up a trust fund for the boys, and hiding it from me.
You've executed your exit with such a level of care over the last 12 months, Leni Organised your finances so that you're asking for nothing.
Bar the apartment, which, as you'll see Which you've also transferred into the boys' names.
So I would question how you intend to live, Miss Hale, with so little actual finance beyond your pension.
That question isn't relevant.
A judge still needs to approve this.
Then it's just because you don't love me any more? We're done, then.
Just tell me what I need to sign.
DOOR OPENS DOOR CLOSES Leni? You've resigned.
It's magical to be able to give people back the chance of life when all hope is gone.
Sometimes you have to accept when you can't do something any more.
You were right.
So I resigned.
This is getting too hard to hide.
The weakness in my hands, the muscle cramps and twitches And the trips to Zurich.
Are you doing what I think you're doing, Leni? You don't want to end your marriage.
This is you controlling the end of your life.
Pre-emptive strikes to secure your children's future, Felix's future.
You're visiting a clinic.
I've hidden it for as long as I can.
I just can't hide the rapid decline.
ZANDER: Oh, my God.
Leni I won't be like our father.
I can't let this disease take me the way it did him, gasping for breath, as we watched him die.
I can't do that to you, Felix or the boys.
Why didn't you tell me? The trips to Zurich are ? - To a clinic.
- No.
It's just that dying is not the only way.
You have a life still to live.
Not for me.
You can't I can.
I will.
It's what I want.
How long have you known about Leni's illness? Since she first came to see me.
But I didn't realise that meant she had thoughts of ending her life.
When we were children, my father used to say "The man who can keep a secret may be wise, but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.
" Hmm.
We would say, "Yes, Pops, we'll never lie.
" But everyone has secrets, don't they? If only the ones they keep from themselves.
Are you going to be much longer? Maybe another hour.
I hear you're going camping.
Rekindling of holidays of old.
Nina said.
Have a good time.
OK, maybe we could get takeout? For God's sake, Tyler, I don't care! I don't care what we eat tonight! Fine.
Zander you all right? Uh-huh.
FAINT CHILDREN'S VOICES Hello? GLEN: I'm in the kitchen.
Tali is refusing to do her schoolwork.
Betty and Marni have gone maverick and are eating cold pasta and refusing to get down from the back wall.
- You've got something just - Oh, for Um This was a mistake.
Yeah And what was a slight stain is now like a small map of the former USSR.
- Why? - Erm I've got nothing to talk about.
Just be yourself.
What, a more than slightly dishevelled, overworked, fading father of three, whose main focus is stopping the winos from pissing up the church wall and Pet Paws on repeat? I'm in.
CHUCKLES Movie? It's her choice, possibly French.
You're a pushover.
She'll be loving you already.
CHILD YELLS Hey! Hey, guys.
Oh! Go, go.
Eat crap.
Read OK, so who wants to play - with some roller skates? - Me! These were mine when I was your age.
SIGHS Oh, damn.
You weren't meant to be back yet.
Oh, well, never mind.
- What do you think? - Oh, my God.
I got the seats at auction.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Original leather upholstery.
And, erm, a new fender.
Roof still goes up.
CHUCKLES You might have to shove it a bit.
Ronnie, I can't do this.
Oh, yes, of course.
You're You're tired.
Well, never mind No, this.
I can't.
What? You don't like it? No, it's beautiful.
It's magnificent.
But it doesn't work like this.
Life isn't there to be renovated.
I'm too old, and it's too late.
I'm sorry.
I can't marry you.
I can't do this.
SIGHS - You heading out? - Mm.
In a minute.
I've got drinks with a client.
I'll see you first thing.
- Weather looks like - Shite? I know I've not always impressed you with my choices, Hannah.
I know I walk in your shadow.
I do.
I do.
But you have to let me do this.
I've left my letter of resignation on Zander's desk.
My life.
- Night.
- Night.
Good, I caught you.
Will I see you later? SIGHS: Christie Come on, you owe me for one more night.
Huh? SIGHS I saw Nathan today.
He, uh, needed some advice.
First my mother and now my soon-to-be ex-husband.
He's starting a new life.
Hannah, maybe you can too.
I'm serious, move to New York with me.
EXHALES Come live with me, Hannah.
What, upending my children and selling my house? Find a new house! A new life.
With me.
Hannah? But let's not waste any more time.
I have to go.
Hannah I've got drinks with a client.
SHE SIGHS OK, OK, I'll see you tonight.
Judging by the fact that it's you and not my mother here, I don't think we need to make small talk.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Miss Aickman would like to give you this.
She hopes that it will go some way to compensate for Her absence? For any harm you may have experienced at all.
No harm, just a genuine desire to know her.
It's a large sum.
I can't comment.
So she doesn't want to know anything about me, then? Pity because she's actually a grandmother.
I wanted to thank her, actually.
You did? For giving me away.
Because my parents were amazing, truly amazing.
And I have had - am having - a good life.
You could just call it the last piece of the puzzle I needed to try and put in place.
Because, like it or not, it's been missing.
A scrap of the past you keep looking for everywhere else.
Uh, no.
No, it's on us.
"Us"? Thank you.
Tell her I won't bother her again.
By the door to the left.
- He sold me out to the press.
- Rory? After my father.
He was a vindictive little shit too.
Ready now? I just need to grab my jacket.
I sat in on a meeting with Leni and Felix today.
He thinks it's someone else, some illicit affair.
Maybe met at work.
No-one planned it, but as much as you try, as hard as you try it's not what you want.
Because when you look at that person and imagine spending the rest of your life with them you just can't.
Zander this is It's no-one's fault.
You you and I.
It was it was crazy.
OK? It was fast.
You know, and I I I do this, you know, I overcommit, I overpromise.
But I thought no, I hoped, gosh, that with you, it It would be different.
You have one hour to go to the apartment, pack You take nothing from this office, or I call security now.
Have you been to a meeting lately, Tyler? It's it's nothing to do And Nina? Are you screwing with her sobriety too? CALMLY: How long have you known? Maybe from the start.
Maybe from the moment I met you I knew this is what you would do.
And this is where you say I I love her.
You know STAMMERS I genuinely think you believe that.
One hour or I call the police and tell Nina and anyone else who's interested everything.
You'll find all our joint accounts have been frozen, and you can't access my credit cards.
SHOUTS: Get out! Get out of my life.
EXHALES CHRISTIE: I'm not sure if I was meant to have kids.
I should have told you.
I should've given you a choice.
Imagine we start all over again.
Don't ask.
Well, it turns out I quite like French films.
Mais bien sûr.
There just wasn't that Je ne sais quoi.
Oh, sorry.
- Dead-min.
- Oh, none of my business.
EXHALES I got a letter from the wife of the guy who got James's heart.
Is it terrible that I hate that there's another person walking around with his heart? Like, I should be glad, right? Like grateful that, out of his death, someone else gets the chance of life.
But I'm not.
I can't I'm not.
I can't get over it.
I don't know how to get over this.
I I don't know how to accept he's gone now, to live my new life.
SIGHS Stop trying.
Accept it all.
Just take it as it comes.
Hmm? I still have mornings when I I crawl back into bed after I've got the kids off.
Days when I am raging at her because she's not there for the sports day or the lost tooth or Or just have that argument about which box set to watch.
I've stopped trying not to miss her now because I accept that missing her is a part of how I get on with my life.
Loss is a part of life, Rose.
You ever been to Postman's Park? Er no.
There's a mural there in memory of those who gave their lives to save others.
You should go and see it one day.
It's beautiful.
Not terrible.
But he saved a life.
CHRISTIE: You did, you did! You were sitting there, two rows in front of me, and you were always so keen to get the first question in.
And it was It was It was - Introduction to tort law.
- Yes, tort law! CHRISTIE LAUGHS DOWNSTAIRS I tried talking to you, and you you just looked straight through me.
No, that's not that's not true.
You walked away.
Oh, shit.
No, I did! - I did.
- You did.
And you left me to the mercies of - An auburn-haired girl.
- Yeah! Yeah, I think I think he took it really well.
Zander? SOBS Oh, my God, and then I lost my whole summer - Yeah, and your heart.
- No.
No, 'cos my heart was always yours.
- CLANKING - Now what? VINNIE SPEAKS UPSTAIRS WHISPERS: Now, you see, in New York In New York, I've got a deaf lady above me and a New York symphony pianist below me, so we can talk all night and nobody cares, nobody can hear us.
MOCKS: "In New York.
In New York.
" - In New York.
- "In New York " MUSIC And I know things have to change ♪ And I've been going in circles all of these nights ♪ You'll have to go quietly.
Yes! Think about New York.
I mean it.
- TILLY: Love you, Vinnie.
DOOR CLOSES And we grow ♪ And the seasons know ♪ There's a quiet that shows in the space between ♪ And our fire ♪ No longer bright ♪ Is out of sight ♪ And we both know ♪ And I've been going in circles ♪ All of these nights ♪ Trying to find a way back home ♪
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