The Split (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

1 - Imagine there's just you and me.
- And we'd be happy.
- So happy.
- You don't get new beginnings if you're not prepared to give up what you had.
- I've left Hannah.
- No, you haven't.
Do we have to go through with this? The trip our dead brother-in-law spent months organising? We have to rub along together for the next 48 hours.
- You're still coming camping? - I wanna be there.
I'd like to be there.
- Do you even know where we're going? - Do you? Countryside.
I'm sorry.
I can't marry you.
I can't do this! I can transfer the full amount.
No, 50-50.
I'll transfer my half tonight.
He defrauded Christie's client of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
SHOUTS: Get out! WHISPERS: Get out of my life.
Think about New York.
HANNAH SIGHS NATHAN: I have to live.
I have to build a home, a house somehow.
OSCAR: You see, New York, we could talk all night and nobody cares.
Nobody could hear us.
- New York.
New York.
- Mm.
New York.
Everyone present and correct? - Did you call Miles? - Hi.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Uber driver took me on a crazy route.
- Need a hand? - No, thanks.
You have totally lucked out.
I'm in the camper van.
Also, Brown Owl woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning, - so watch out.
- Great.
- Mum, Tilly took my trainers.
- No, I didn't.
- Wear another pair.
- Hi, Tills.
So annoying! Is no-one talking to me? - Good morning! - Thank you.
- All right, Liv.
You know Vinnie.
- Hi.
- VOICES OFF: All right, Lonnie.
- Nina, off the phone.
OVERLAPPING CHATTER - Want me to do it? - No, thank you.
CHATTER CONTINUES - Yes, let's go.
- OK.
I'm not sure that's going to shut.
BEEPING - How's everybody back there, OK? - There's your bag.
Yeah, there we are.
Come on! - That's it.
- Go! OK! Good times.
DISTANT CHATTER I'm half crazy all for the love of you ♪ It won't be a stylish marriage I can't afford a carriage ♪ But you'll look sweet ♪ Well, it's official, it's the countryside.
No turning back now.
Sorry! BREATHLESS: Sorry.
Food poisoning.
- Sorry.
- Mm-hm.
Don't ask.
NATHAN GROANS - Dodgy burger last night.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- Of course.
Oh! It's fine, it's fine.
Say it, you never liked him.
- It's not - Leni.
- I never liked him.
- Thank you.
- Zander, are you ? - I'm fine.
It's better I know now.
Talk to Felix.
He needs to know too.
Stop! Dog! Ah! Ugh! That's disgusting.
Look at it.
- Here, I'll help you.
- I can do it.
All right! Fine, fine.
- CAR HORN - Oh! Whoa! - About time! - Finally! WHOOPING Tell Nate I might need a hand here.
- Where is he? - Don't ask.
- Puking.
- What? Food poisoning.
Now he needs to go lay down.
VOICE OFF: Vinnie, come on! You're right about Nathan.
He does look a bit green.
That's what happens when you microwave old take-out at weird times of the night.
- Shall I take him a bowl? - No, it's the woods, Mother.
He'll be fine.
- I bagsy the van.
- Fine by me.
Er, if Gael and Liv got the small tent, Hannah, are you all right bunking in with Nathan and the kids? Er, no Actually Fine.
- Still alive, then? - No time for funnies.
What don't we do again? - Ow! - Say it.
WHISPERS: Microwave a dodgy burger.
- SHE BREATHES LOUDLY - Go away, go away.
Go away! There'll be campfire songs later.
You'll be missed.
SHE ZIPS TEN Do you think it's a sign? Like another man down.
Oh, gloomy.
Sign? He's an idiot.
Teapot, wonderful.
Thing is, did we remember the tea? Of course! I was only asking.
Oh, well done, you two.
TWIG SNAPS So quiet.
Not a Starbucks for miles.
That's the point.
That's why we love it.
- Do we really, though? Do we? - Just take it in.
Have you got any bars? I've got one bar.
Shit, it's gone.
What is so important? I am just checking in on the house, making sure it's going through OK.
Good news is, Nathan is sitting up, while I have resorted to wine.
- Ah, good idea.
- Does nobody appreciate this? Look, there's the swing.
There's Hannah, it's the swing, it's still there.
- Yeah, it won't be the same swing.
- That's not the point.
The point is, this is the place.
This is the place we used to come.
Remember? The place.
Magic days.
James would've loved this.
He never got to see it.
RONNIE: Really doesn't help, you know.
Fair enough.
Well, cheers, everyone.
- Cheers, darling.
- Salud.
- You, you - Salud.
He would've liked you.
So, family.
James wanted to do this trip I guess because he knew there is no me without you.
Thanks, James ALL: Thank, James.
for bringing us all together so harmoniously on what will forever be called The Family Trip.
I mean, there's nothing more annoying than the woman who has not got off her phone since she got here - from saying words like that.
- Ah, I've got a bar.
- Can you ? - What, look after your baby? At least I've got one, Rose.
Nina! What's wrong with you? Nothing.
He promised he'd call to confirm it's all come through.
Who? This estate agent.
She's waiting to hear on the new place.
Oh, come on! How you been? Sounds like it's kicking off nicely out there.
Smells of sick in here.
I'm trying, Vinnie.
My father your grandpa, do you remember my dad? He was a brilliant man.
He always knew exactly what to say.
I used to flatter myself that I was like him, but I'm not.
I mean, you're way more brilliant than me.
Way more like my dad, and I'm the one floundering here.
Is that why you keep on deciding to be a dad? Yeah, I messed up.
I'm sorry.
My only comfort is that the last three turned out to be pretty incredible, pretty amazing together, and I'm I'm hoping that somehow he will be Bolshy.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, that's a possibility, but I think we both know what we're gunning for here.
Somehow he'll be welcomed into the gang.
What my dad never told me was that one day I would fit with you, with you guys.
I hate the countryside.
Me too.
Ignore her, she's just It's the truth.
It is.
Doesn't mean I'm never going to have one.
I'm sorry.
The family liaison gave me this.
It's, erm It's from the wife of the guy who's got James's heart.
You read it.
"Dear, Rose.
We haven't met, but I wanted to write and tell you what the gift your husband James gave us means.
They say families are the bridge to your past and your future.
He has given my husband back his future and us all hope and the man back that we love.
Today was the first day he got to see his children.
" - He's got kids.
- Mm-hm.
"The first day I think we all believed he might live.
I know this can't take away from the pain of your loss but I hope it gives you some comfort to know that James lives on in our family however painful the cost.
There won't be a day that goes by when we won't thank James and you for this for the gift you gave us.
- Yours forever grateful, Prisha.
" - Thank you.
- It's fine.
OK? - Yeah.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm a cow.
Proper, proper cow.
I'm sorry.
I'll take her.
- Go do your phone thing.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
There's sausages, but you've got to be quick.
What is wrong with her? Er, it's called an affair.
Really? With? - Tyler.
- Tyler? They're buying the new place together.
She's trying to find out if it's gone through.
Got to stop her.
A freezing injunction was taken out against him to protect Zander's assets only yesterday.
The police are investigating him.
- Ma.
- What? I didn't know.
- You know everything.
- Not everything.
- Clearly not everything.
- Shit.
- Nina.
- Damn.
Have you got a phone charger in your car? Not spoken to him yet? Not spoken to who? It's just a friend.
Did you sign something? I signed an agreement.
- And you've transferred the funds? - To the developer's account.
- Tyler - Liaised on everything? I transferred the money last night, it cleared this morning.
- And this developer, you you've met him? - He's a friend of Tyler's.
- Tyler? - Hannah, you're scaring me.
Have you spoken to anyone other than Tyler? What are you saying? OK, tell me.
What? What? He's lying to you.
Nina, he's lying to you.
He's a fraudster, darling.
He's dextrous at running multiple accounts, multiple cellphones.
How did you learn the sale had gone through? A text? That's how he gets away with it.
He tricks people into giving him their money.
I want to go home.
I want to go home now.
- Now.
I want to go now.
- Nina.
No, no.
- Nina.
- I need to go back.
- No.
No! - Nina, stay calm.
- It's not true.
- Yes, it is, sweetheart.
It's NOT true.
Give me Cora.
- Nina.
- Give me my daughter.
I want my daughter.
Ronnie, can you give me a lift to the train station? Are you in any fit state, Nina? HANNAH: If you're going, we're all going back.
No, stay, really.
Rose, I'm really sorry, I know how important this was to you.
NINA SOBS He's going to call me back.
No, darling.
- He really will.
- No.
I gave him my money, Ma.
I know, darling.
We'll drive you back.
Hannah, you and Nathan stay here with the kids.
HANNAH: No, you take our car and then we can drive the van back.
Do you need any help, Ronnie? - He's going to call me.
- It's all right.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- No, it's all right.
It's all right.
Vinnie, grab our car keys.
NINA SOBS NATHAN: Is everything OK? RONNIE: Right.
What's what's happening? HANNAH: You're all right.
It's all going to be OK.
PHONE DINGS TYLER: Hey, it's me.
How's camping? Erm, look, I just wanted to let you know that it's all looking good.
The transfer has gone through, so thank you for that.
But maybe you know that by now.
I'm sorry, Nina.
I'm sorry.
I-I tried.
I I really did.
I tried, but I really wanted it to be right this time.
I just I couldn't I couldn't stay.
So my bad.
Erm, look, I want you to know it meant something however long it lasted.
TYLER SIGHS I'm sorry.
Heathrow, please.
Goodbye, Nina.
Have a good life.
SHE YELLS No, no, no.
No! Idiot.
Idiot! - Nina.
- It's OK.
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.
NINA SOBS You OK? GAEL PLAYS GUITAR How do you know? Hm? How did you know that, erm Dad was the one? I don't think there are ones.
I think there are several ones.
But I knew your dad was a good guy, good man, and he used to make me laugh.
Used to? He did.
He did make me laugh a lot.
Used to make me laugh a lot.
And now you know all his jokes.
Every one.
And that's so great in so many ways.
The discovery.
The discovery of that stuff about someone.
Your dad has surprised me and delighted me - and irritated me - LIV CHUCKLES and loved me and shown me so much.
I can't imagine a world without your father.
So don't be scared of the adventure.
Don't be scared of loving someone, Liv until you can't imagine a world without them.
Even if it doesn't play out the way you want it do it.
You say yes to life.
My sweet, sweet girl.
RAINDROPS PATTER It's really raining, isn't it? Yeah.
Just throw it in! SQUEALING We're leaving now.
Come on! Get in! Shut the door! You all right sitting in the front? Yeah, actually I feel a bit better.
MOCKING VOICE: I feel a bit better.
KIDS LAUGH That's mature.
What about the tent? You get the tent.
Screw the tent.
Home? Home.
THUNDER RUMBLES Guzzled the lot.
- Out like a light.
- Thank you.
- No, I - Drink it.
I phoned your card company.
Frozen all your accounts.
- Tomorrow - He's gone.
He's gone.
So it's in the hands of the police now.
I'm so embarrassed.
There are worse things to be.
Hm, I'll second that.
What What do I do now, Ma? I'm the last person you should ask.
- I've royally mucked it up with Ronnie.
- What? I have.
He could barely look at me on the drive back.
- I tossed back his engagement like it was a - Oh, well, yeah, that.
What? I mean, was it ever going to happen, Ma? Ronnie is nice.
No, he's more than nice.
Ronnie is like the sweetest punch line to a litany of car-crash liaisons that we have observed - some might say endured - from time to time, from the sidelines.
- Suit Press Man.
- Suit Press Man.
- Well, he had - A very fine crease in his trousers.
He had more than that in his trousers.
- Oh, God.
- Too much information.
Way too much.
No, my point is you wonder why Nina is attracted to such arseholes, of the highest order, and I would put our dad at the top of that list for a time.
Like, in your world, Ma, it was always only arseholes.
Being on your own, and you made that seem brilliant, amazing.
I mean, you are the most self-sufficient person I know, Mother.
Get Ronnie back.
I can't.
I can stay.
I can stay here.
- Rose - No, it's fine.
The flat doesn't feel like home any more, so why not sofa surf for a while? Thank you.
DOG BARKS WHISPERING: No, no, don't, don't.
Don't shut the door.
Don't shut the door.
- I'll - No, no, don't, don't, don't.
I don't want you to wake them up.
NATHAN GRUNTS Get these off.
HANNAH SHIVERS - Are you feeling better? - Moderately better.
Sorry, I missed, erm Yeah.
It almost tops Oh, the Wickerman night? NATHAN LAUGHS When Rose went feral.
And your mother LAUGHS had a fistfight with that landlady.
Was that before or after her graduation? - Erm, after.
Liv was - Tiny.
- They didn't even have a - Moses basket.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
- Hannah.
- Mm? Hannah.
I wish you weren't having a baby with someone else.
But you are.
I am.
I'm sorry for all of it.
I forgive you.
Now you say it.
I forgive you for For? I forgive you for every slight even when you didn't know.
I forgive you for every time you didn't take my side for every missed moment, personal indiscretion and emotional infidelity or otherwise.
I forgive you for that night.
HANNAH SNIFFS I forgive you.
You're my best friend, Hannah.
How do we do this? I don't know.
Come here.
HANNAH AND NATHAN LAUGH It's probably easier on the floor than standing up.
Hang on.
Nathan sent me a message.
I I thought with the rain that Yeah, I mean, it was torrential.
So, the kids are inside.
I brought coffee and some dry clothes, but I see you're just fine.
Just get my I'll just get my shoes on.
Hold on, Kate.
Hold on a sec.
I'll just come out.
Kate, Kate! Kate.
Kate! Shit.
It's OK, I'll do that.
You go get ready.
What for? I'm not going back.
Oh, God, you're as stubborn as our mother.
Well well, perhaps perhaps she's better off alone.
Affairs, they never work out.
Maybe it's better this way.
First time in history all four of us are alone, unmarried, unattached.
Technically, Hannah's not unattached.
Not entirely unattached.
And also, technically, I am widowed, I was very much married.
Plus, not to retract the whole leaping at love thing, but this was all your own making.
All right, thanks for that.
- Oh - What? Can't I be bitter? Can't I feel fucked off at the world that has once again shat on me from on high? Broke, completely shafted by another arsehole who we shall never name.
I'm down quarter of a million quid, potentially without a job.
Yeah, well, that was stupid, but not irredeemable.
What, you ? Do you think I should try and claw back my letter of resignation? Yes.
Go, get dressed.
- Come on, I promised Hannah I'd get you halfway.
- No, Rose.
La-la-la-la, not listening.
- Wind the bobbin up ♪ - She's crazy.
- Wind the bobbin up ♪ - Crazy.
Pull, pull ♪ We're not listening, are we? - It's going to be fine.
- No, it's not.
It's going to be horrendous and humiliating.
My desk might've already been cleared.
But you just talk to Zander.
You just say I monumentally screwed up.
Well, Zander's called a senior management board meeting, - so you're going to have to.
- I can't.
You're a partner, Nina, you can't just Where are you going? Somewhere.
She's your responsibility now.
I've got to go.
Come on.
You hold tight on to that little girl and you hold your head up whilst bracing yourself for truly humiliating grovelling.
- That's not funny.
- I know.
Not funny at all.
Come on, we're going to be late for this meeting.
- Well, this is going to be interesting.
- Yeah.
You OK? Are you OK? No.
Let's just try and hold it together.
At least for this morning, - OK, darling? - Yeah.
I appreciate you giving me a few minutes of your time this morning.
I felt it important I spoke to the entire team before you heard second-hand.
You may already be aware that Tyler Donaghue has left the company with immediate effect.
Recent information has come to light which has put into question Tyler's reputation, both personally and professionally.
And as a result, Noble Hale Defoe has severed all ties.
Suffice to say, the police are now involved.
You may receive calls from the press.
Please pass these on to press and media, who will deal with them direct.
Privately, I will be taking time to reflect.
In my absence, Hannah will take on my duties as managing partner, ably supported by Ruth.
All decisions will be made with the management team in my absence.
I would like to take a moment to personally thank Ruth, who has been exemplary in the investigation of the matter.
I can but acknowledge that we are not so far removed from the dramas and betrayals which we so keenly observe within our working lives and apologise for tarnishing the reputation of NHD in any way.
In my defence I can only repeat what I too often have to say to my clients.
To err is human.
To forgive is divine.
Something I hope with time we can all do.
- APPLAUSE - Now, back to work and doing what we do best.
ZANDER KNOCKS ON DOOR I'm just finishing up going through a few simple protocols.
There's a management team meeting Thursday, I can talk you through how to chair it.
A heads-up would've been nice.
Elaine has my diary.
So, anything else? A break.
When? How long for? A few weeks.
Months maybe.
- Zander - I want to spend some time with my sister.
Feel the grass under my feet.
Family, you can't walk away from them, however hard you try.
All decisions, you make with the management team in my absence.
- Zander, I - You can do this.
You're ready for this.
It's time.
Use my office, try my seat for size.
NHD, you're my second family.
I have absolute confidence in you.
Thank you.
I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want to talk about the trail of toxic destruction which that man has left behind, I will do it in my own time.
- Zander - I'm going to take the time, Hannah.
I'm looking at Lennie and I see someone who does not have that luxury.
Facing it, putting others before herself.
I'm not sure if I have, or I'm even capable of that.
But I'd like to try.
Be with her as much as I can.
Has she talked to Felix yet? You don't think an advanced decision would help broker a conversation at least between her and Felix? A proper legal agreement that would draw up the terms of her care so that her wishes are respected when she declines.
I know it's hard.
Lennie's losing control of every area of her life.
It would give her some sense of that control back.
Let me at least talk to her.
That marriage is not over.
If it's not broken, then We both know what broken looks like.
But if a marriage can be fixed, it's worth a try.
Sounds like an option.
Do what you can.
And you're wrong.
You do put people before yourself.
Especially when they make mistakes.
- All right.
- Rose.
- Erm - Oh, litter group.
Graveyards are a hotbed of vice.
Beer cans, cigarette butts and much worse.
Bet that wasn't in the job description.
No, they kept that pretty quiet.
How was camping? Not great.
Erm, look, I can, erm, pick up the girls later.
- Oh, no, it's fine.
- No, no, it's not right.
I mean, if you don't let me pay you.
What else am I going to do? Lots.
- Of course.
Erm - It's not like I'm not grateful, I just don't want them getting too attached.
Yeah, of course.
I totally get it.
It's They've had a lot of upheaval.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare do that! - MAN URINATING - Oh, yeah.
Duty calls.
- OK, well, I'll see you - Around, yeah.
- Go see that memorial wall I told you about.
- Yeah.
SHE SIGHS Penny for them.
Spoken to Ronnie yet? Not yet.
Why not before? Why did you not marry before, Ronnie? It's not like he was out of your life.
Never felt like the right time.
He had his kids, I had mine.
- But then, of course, there was June.
- June.
Ill for several years before she died.
Then we didn't see each other for quite a while.
- He had to grieve, you know, and - Mm.
And now? And now there are a million excuses that can get in the way that I let trip me up once again.
But you want to marry him? Yes.
And now he's the one running a mile.
How do you know you'll fit into his life? Because he fits into mine.
And still I ballsed it up.
Well you're in good company there.
So, what happened in the van with Nathan? We slept on two halves of the same very narrow camper van bed.
Which, incidentally, if you were harbouring romantic notions of weekends away in that thing, then just think again.
- Hannah - Don't.
Don't say it.
It's all been said.
I've missed him so much, Ma.
But it's too late.
We're divorce lawyers, Hannah it's never too late.
Hey, er, I'm leaving now.
Well, you haven't called, I guess your trip's gone well.
Don't forget about New York.
I I love you, Hannah Defoe.
The ball's in your court.
SHE BREATHES HEAVILY Yes? Uh, I can come back.
And say what, Nina? That you're sorry for betraying me? For sleeping with someone we know isn't worth either of our time? I suppose I should take comfort that he didn't take my life savings, as I understand he did with you.
You need to read my letter.
MY letter.
It's addressed to me.
Please, just get it over with.
Just do it, please, just say it.
Just say you accept it, or - say I'm fired.
- Would that make you feel better? Because where I'm sitting, I've just lost one employee, I can't afford to lose two.
So I am going to sit on it and think on it, and you're going to just have to wait, because what you've done you don't get to just resign.
Anything else? No.
Zander, have you a minute? Can you sign off on this? Of course.
You all right? Just a little weary at the end of the day.
I know you're hurt.
And you have every right to be.
But nothing you can do can be as bad as what she's doing to herself.
She's always been, in many ways, the most fragile of my children.
But perhaps that's true of those who burn bright.
They often fly too close to the light.
But you and I, Zander, we're cockroaches.
We survive even the toughest fallout.
Hold this water ♪ In your hands tonight ♪ And I won't be here beside you ♪ But I know you'll be all right ♪ And I'm getting used to life without you ♪ But it doesn't feel right ♪ And I'm getting used to days without you ♪ But I hate the nights ♪ Watch me walk alone ♪ This house no longer feels like home.
♪ I'm not seeing you till tomorrow.
Sorry, you can't stop me sorting things through.
I'm just trying to finish things up.
A fellow control freak.
With that in mind I can't let you do this.
You have so much of life still yet to live.
But you can't hear that right now, and I wonder if what terrifies you about talking to Felix is the fear that he'll try to talk you out of it, too.
Seriously, you really think that life can be neatly tied up organised, and then you quietly slip away? Assisted dying, is that ? You have to tell him, Lenny, because my fear is, what will really have the most devastating effect is not sharing this with him, with the person who really loves you.
- Hannah - I want to help you navigate that conversation.
Let me draw you up an advance decision to refuse treatment.
Not yet.
I think you'd feel better if you laid out your terms.
This is an advanced decision.
What it gives you is an opportunity to explore your options, to consider what your family's role might be, and it can clearly lay out the terms of your care, including what happens nearer the end and how how you choose to control it.
Lenny, no-one can say which way life will fall, but there are some decisions that you can control.
I know life can be fleeting, always finite.
But your marriage, the vows you made they're made for these moments.
Shouldn't Felix be allowed to honour those and for you to accept them? Life's thrown you a curveball.
The end of your life doesn't mean the end of your marriage.
Don't say it.
You slept together.
Please, Kate, let me explain.
We slept together, we didn't sleep together.
Nathan, do you love her? Yes.
I'm sorry, Kate.
I spent half my life with Hannah.
That doesn't just stop.
- OK, wait, wait, I need to get something.
- I like the flowers.
He's coming.
Get the champagne.
You got my message.
Yes, I I did.
MUSIC PLAYS - Thank you.
- Here you go.
- Enjoy your evening.
- WHISPERS: Good luck.
Enjoy, love birds.
I've given this a lot of thought.
It takes a lot to divorce, so therefore even more to marry again.
I have not been married for a very long time and I wasn't sure I would survive it the first time.
And that was not to nearly such a nice man as you.
Oscar had his moments.
Yes, I suppose so.
But my point is that, when I think of my life of my children's life, before and after Oscar had gone it was you who taught them how to ride their bicycles, it was you who picked up Nina when she was drunk from pubs I'd rather not imagine, you who encouraged Hannah to consider law and you who reassured me that Rose would find her way eventually.
It has always been you, Ronnie.
You've been my neighbour, my friend, my very, very best friend.
So, to acknowledge, to to make that permanent, when history and indeed our daily life teaches us that nothing lasts well, it made me bolt.
But I would very much like to unbolt now.
I'd like to stay still and say I want to marry you, Ronnie.
Very good.
Come here, Ruth.
Yes, please, Ronnie.
RONNIE CHUCKLES Someone ♪ Who sighs like you ♪ I'll know this love ♪ I'm dreaming of ♪ Won't be the old love ♪ I always knew.
♪ Ah.
HANNAH SIGHS You were never not going to marry her, were you? I've known your mother such a long time.
I held each of you when you were born.
I learnt a long time ago that it's about sitting it out with your mother.
Time, the wisest counsellor of all.
Lost time is never found again.
So we have to make the most of this little life of ours.
- Goodnight, guys.
- Goodnight, Gael.

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