The Starlost (1973) s01e01 Episode Script

Voyage of Discovery

A terranave ARK the largest and last human achievement uncontrolled drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers are descendants the last survivors of the dead Earth.
Closed worlds apart to his fate long forgotten.
Heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
We are the first living beings here in 400 years.
We must return, Devon! Never! We must return, Devon! Never! This is our world Cypress Corners.
Good ground! All we need, we find on life support system, in an endless stream.
Sim We have our work, and our habits.
And so we will achieve salvation.
We must not seek daydreams.
Profits or impossible.
You violate the laws of our world? No! And the desire of their elders? You Devon! I told you DEVON! You keep secret grudges against the elders? Just I raised some questions.
We send them to the hills, to clear his mind.
Have you learned nothing? You sent me to the hills to punish me for loving Rachel.
Devon His parents died a long time ago.
You must obey the Elders.
You have no family, location, land or inheritance.
And their ways are not in keeping with the customs of our society.
Furthermore, the genetic load is inadequate.
The girl Rachael is betrothed to the young Garth.
The Creator's Voice so announced.
You question it? That and much more.
Quê por Why can not we ask questions? If you do not know the answers, we must stop thinking? Jacob, Why the sun crosses the sky like the way he does? Isaac, where does water come from? Who put them there? Jubai, what is death? And you, old Jeremiah Quê por I can not marry Rachael if I want to? Por Que? Tell me why Rachael should marry someone, if you do not love him? I'll tell you why Because question is blasphemy! You understand that you are blaspheming? And when you question the elders, when blasphemously you're falling into disgrace! But it seems that is still not satisfied, He is still living in disgrace and wickedness.
Consider the union between Rachael and Garth.
It is genetically relevant to consider Devon como par para Rachael? Answer.
New factor programmed.
Inappropriate Devon.
Altered balance.
Answer: not unite.
Gene pool requires keeping original union without variations.
Now, before the congregation, upon hearing the word of the creator will join the congregation to celebrate the union between Rachael and Garth? Never! On behalf of the Creator, Devon is possessed by evil.
an abomination, a poison, and should from my land.
Marriage between Rachael and Garth take place as ordered.
The cult is closed.
Garth! Garth, I had to do it Do not listen to what the old man says.
It made me look like an idiot! You love her? What are you trying to do, disgrace my family? Garth you love her? It's my job.
I married.
You can not change it.
But I need your help.
What the elders say is law.
I can not just counter.
I do what they're told.
Rachael does not love you.
Stay away from her.
Is only.
BEYOND IS DEATH - Abraham - Sim? How is it? You do not fear the Elders? Hehehee I'm too old to be punished And They have my family.
I do not think Jeremiah worry about me.
I had no one, until he met Rachael.
- Abraham - Sim? - They will call Gaga.
- Hmph.
I know you.
I know you're not.
Why not again? to your friends Family How can I live like this? They were long and lonely years, Except for nature studies Who, when commenting to someone, "Blasphemy", humiliation, punishment, loneliness, sorrow That's all you can.
Punishment, loneliness and suffering.
I'll tell you one thing: Do not ask questions! - Good evening, Abraham.
- Good evening.
Devon? Rachael I can not stay.
Please go! You will not marry Garth.
There is nothing you can do.
There is a way.
New factor programmed.
Inappropriate Devon.
Altered balance.
Answer: not unite.
Gene pool requires keeping original union without variations.
These were the last moments of Devon.
In shame with those words! He asks many questions, Jeremiah.
And the way he faces me I know how you feel.
System, record the following words of my voice, and then convert to the voice of the machine: My desires were thwarted by insubordinate Devon.
It has become more than a nuisance: a danger.
It must be sent to six feet below the ground.
These are the orders of the creator.
Selecting the invariant gene pool.
New encoded factor.
Devon tries to stop great genetic balance.
Interruption factor should I repeat, MUST be eliminated from the gene pool.
In creator's name, new factor coded: Devon must be eliminated.
You! And you YOU is the voice of the Creator! Soe o alarme.
We can get married! Please, Devon, go away.
Go before they do us harm.
- Spare us of blasphemy.
- Listen to me There is nothing that prevents me and Rachael get married! We can get married.
There is no restriction.
Is Jeremiah.
It is the voice, not the Creator! See! He put it in the voice machine! And then we heard the Creator! - Is the tape of the creator of the machine! - Get out now, Devon! Rachael! Come on! Devon, vá.
Eu te amo.
- Devon, they are behind you! - I do not care.
- They are many! - I know! What can I do? I have this key long ago, never had the courage to enter.
Now I offer you that opportunity.
"Nook OF CYPRESSES" Right! You are on the brink! You know by my teaching: One who go there must abandon all hope! Who enters does not return! The Creator made this passage to punish the wicked! Come with me.
SPHERICAL PROJECTOR I can be I can be Can I be of service? What can I do for you? Who are you? Sou Mu-Lambda-165 Programmed automatically for general information.
Can I help you? Sou Mu-Lambda-165 Programmed automatically for general information.
Can I help you? Are you real? You are viewing an appropriate view for the voice response interface the main program.
Next question, please? Where am I? What place is this? I was pushed through a tunnel Description Heels tube.
Biosphere that you originate? - What is the biosphere? - Environment.
Could be Cypress Corners? - Cypress Corners - Sim, Cypress Corners! Agrarian ethnic community, HG-3 biosphere Terranave ARK.
Terranave ARK? Examine tray containing numbered cylinder playback.
Select cylinder 42, and insert into the slot for short story.
This is the continuation of Earth's history, the cylinder 41.
What is Planet Earth? The home world.
Astronomical and geophysical data can be obtained in the cylinders 1-6 look in the subject index in the chapter on Nature.
At the moment, you just need to know life began on a cold celestial body in the Milky Way, with around 13,000 km in diameter.
No ano 2285 dC, a catastrophe of galactic proportions threatened to extinguish all life on Earth.
That catastrophe? Select cylinder 41.
Is not here.
I am not programmed to summarize previous cylinders.
News of the disaster caused panic, turmoil.
A committee of scientists and philosophers selected Earth's life samples to sow new planets.
For this committee, between Earth and the moon, built the Terranave ARK, the most monumental building ever built by mankind.
A large carrier to environmental domes, or biospheres, interconnected by tubular columns, for life support, energy and communications.
Within the biospheres live representative samples from various populations, Three million people in total, living in separate ecosystems.
Isolated to preserve the original features.
Thus was launched the ARK, on ​​a long journey into deep space, Programmed to search for a solar system with a star class G.
You mean Like that All this is within the ARK? Terranave ARK? And we are traveling the what's deep space? Terranave ARK travels the program Update Terranave ARK traveled for 100 years without any sign of difficulty.
So there was an accident So there was an accident then there was an accident Hope! Pare! What happened? What accident? What happened? When happened? The accident record: year 2385 AD Terranave ARK is on a collision course with star class G A sun unidentified.
That's where we're going? To repeat: Terranave ARK is on a collision course with star class G.
The accident record: year 2385 AD Presente ano terrestre: 2790 dC The accident what is it? To repeat: Terranave ARK is on a collision course with star class G.
The accident record: year 2385 AD Presente ano terrestre: 2790 dC Four-five years ago The accident what happened? There is no recorded data.
Your question will automatically triggered communication with the central control of information Central control information reports: all short-circuited queries.
Emergency consultations transferred to the Command Bridge.
Circuits of central control information in bypass.
Reporting: all communications with the Bridge are cut.
Report Bridge.
Report Bridge.
Where is the bridge? Where is the bridge? Can I be of service? Where is the bridge? Report Bridge.
Report Bridge.
Is Devon! He returned from the dead! It's my funeral are celebrating? Ritual simbólico.
An act of faith.
More than you deserve.
His return does not surprise me.
It was cursed by powers that are not of this world.
Just go.
Leave this place.
Keep it away from our land.
Not yet.
Not before telling everyone what I saw.
Listen to me.
Arrest him! Everything we believe is a scam! Silenciem-no.
Garth, you need to help you.
Do something! There is nothing I can do for him.
Pay attention to the words of our Creator.
Analysis of these and coded factor process evidence.
If Devon computes on behalf of the creator.
Decision: Final disposal of the gene pool factor.
Keep up with the orders.
Take this son sinner to the criminal chamber.
Stoning must end this aviltação.
- Stop! Listen! - Silence it! Rachael, my child At dawn, you can cast the first stone.
Devon! Rachael Eu vi I saw wonders I saw wonders that I have to describe.
Devon If I can escape you come with me? Devon, will kill you! It Would you come? Where? Where could we go? Where ever find us.
Trust in me.
Eu te amo.
Eu te amo.
Go, Rachael.
Go! It's not safe here.
No! Do not let them kill you! - My daughter, stand back! - Dad, I love you! Let me stay! Wants to take stone too? Garth! What are you doing? No one deserves to take stone on the head.
Do you believe in me? - You will come with me? - No! Por quê? I want to stay here with Rachael.
She does not need you.
Get out of here, go anywhere you want, but leave us alone! OR! Come on, Garth.
They are waiting.
I will not.
Devon is free! Garth, come quick! Devon escaped.
He took Rachael! Arrived late, Jeremiah.
I know it will take a long sermon, full of pests, and lock it down.
Devon and Rachael escaped from their rotten tendrils.
Abraham, I should take care of you years ago, by diverting young people Come on, silence me, to silence everyone! You think you're beyond any punishment for being too old? I know how you put words into the mouth of the Creator machine How long do you think you can keep us ignorant fear? How long do you expect us to believe that addition is Death? Devon All that meant was: It is a journey into the unknown.
Perhaps the old fears grow old young people can overcome them.
My poor Rachael Abraham As open? No, Garth, do not even think about it! Pare! Eu proíbo! Rachael will bring back.
DEVON! - For there is Cypress Corners? - Yup.
And what's there forward? I do not know.
I'm afraid.
Me either.
Wants to go back? I want to stay with you.
BRIDGE Approaching the bridge.
Stop for security check.
Security check: Pass between detectors, please.
WAIT! You took her against her will, risking her life! That's what I was afraid to do.
Garth, no! Come on, Rachael, we will return.
- Garth, wait! - I'll kill you if stop.
Come on, Rachael, we will return.
I saw enough to know it's dangerous.
Where are we, anyway? All these tunnels, machines I will not take one more step.
Neither do we, Garth.
I'll take Devon.
We need to find a place called Bridge.
Come back if you want.
We're going to the bridge.
Do not.
I'm staying.
Rachael will not lose sight of.
I'll take you home.
Come on.
Security check: Pass between detectors, please.
The accident.
We are the first living things here in 400 years.
We must return, Devon! Never! Devon what's that? Do not know A star?
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