The Starlost (1973) s01e02 Episode Script

Lazarus from the Mist

A gigantesca terranave ARK drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
I wonder how do these things work.
I say we give up and go back to Cypress Corners Devon! Look this! Look! Command Medical Center: emergency.
Medical center level G.
Command Medical Center: emergency.
Medical center level G.
- What can this be? - I do not know, but we'll find out.
And now, where are you going? Computer room of command Command control bridge There must be a medical command center somewhere around here.
Seek medical symbol.
- What happened? - Do not know There is something here Shadows, a glow or something.
We must return? No matter where we go, there's something on both sides.
Medical Center.
What is that sound? Thieves! Burglars! Get them! Afastem-ou eu cripple! Devon, open the door! Listen, open the door! Garth! Garth, entra logo! I'll be fine, hurry up! I can not open.
What about Garth? Escaped, he can find his way back.
Meanwhile We will try to find a way out of here.
"Emergency"? There is nobody here.
There is someone here? Rachael, look! Can I help you? Can I help you? It is a general information machine.
Like I had on the bridge.
Can I help you? Where are we? Its location is the Command Medical Center Cryogenic registration division.
O que significa "criogênico"? The suspension of life science for extended periods of time by extreme cooling process.
The patient remains alive, and it can be resurrected.
Why do you keep people like that here? People who designed and built the ARK, whose skills are indispensable, they were well preserved.
and remain in a safe, close to your location.
Rachael, I think they can help! If we can bring back the man, we can find out all about the ARK, how to put it into operation! The people who built the ARK! How many of them in the safe? Seventeen design engineers and builders preserved.
Who are they? In alphabetical order, the names are: Gerald W.
Aaron, James T.
Atkinson, The first.
Where is he? House 78 row 54 section C in cryogenic safe.
Take the passage B.
I can be of further assistance? Can I help you? Aaron came wake.
Hall 78, row 54, section C.
Signal indicator activated in section C.
Again, signal indicator activated in section C.
Nolan Anton Adams Trent That's weird.
Some of these containers are empty! Aaron Here, Devon! I found! International Society of Electronics Engineers Full cryogenic procedure on July 29 2291.
Are five hundred years! Rachael Let's wake him.
You! Come on! Come on! Sergeant! You look grumpy, what happened? Bring someone back to life We are not bringing back to life, we are waking him up Devon, do not think we should.
Animate matter should be left to the Creator.
Rachael everything was prepared for it.
How do you know it? Rachael Understand one thing: these people have been preserved for the future for when they were needed.
Well, now is the future! We need it! Perhaps we are dealing with something that we should not Devon, please understand! We may end up killing him! Even if we do everything right, and it did not suffer damage , If we bring back, you know what might have happened to him? with his mind, in all these years? Devon, please.
Let's think about it! Rachael, we have no choice.
There is no one to help us! We can never figure out how to save the ARK, and that's what he's here.
Right now, we need to get help for Garth.
I do not know what can happen with Dr.
Aaron the wake, but I know what will happen to all if we do not.
In the end, it'll be the same for Dr.
None of these people will be brought back.
Who knows, maybe Dr.
Aaron can be able to tell us what to do.
Maybe even how to get out of here! Rachael! Look this! - What is this? - "PhyMec".
Mecanismo médico.
[Physician Mechanic.]
Portable power unit for restoration of unconscious life.
Where it should be placed? Do not know.
A moment it seems It has the same size It fits! Try pressing one of the buttons.
DANGER! DANGER! Timer should be activated! DANGER! DANGER! Timer should be activated! There is no movement! If he were alive, I could shake See your eyes! Devon, he's alive! Patient will remain disoriented and unresponsive in the first moments of consciousness.
memory slowly returns.
Monitor vital signs reports: satisfactory restoration of vital processes.
Insert cassette medical history on the computer module.
History of medical tape on the computer module.
Aaron, Dr.
Gerald W.
, Número social: 090-40-6930 Age: 40 years old on the date of the cryogenic procedure.
Emergency medical treatment required.
Patient suffering from radiation virus.
Incurable by known procedures.
Terminal after two hours of resuscitation.
See central computer doctor's report, A-34S code Repeat: Terminal Patient 2 hours Immediate medical treatment required.
Devon We Woke to die! Who are you? Good whoever they are, they seem concerned.
I am fine.
Never better.
There are two more! Where? Prohibited in the Dome of the Dead! They entered! Who are you? Respond! My name is Garth.
From where? - De Cypress Corners.
- Cypress Corners? Where is it? In the tubes.
That's all he says.
He threatened us with it in the fight, but I caught it.
Let's kill the others with this thing! - Let me see.
- No! And the others? You know? They are my friends.
We came from the same place.
- Cypress Corners.
- Cypress Corners? It is a dome from here.
Not like this place, huh? Do not.
Much better, you think? Better than our place? No, it's it's different.
Tell-me, as different? Good Cypress Corners is hot It has sunshine, and trees, grass is such a big dome that takes days to cross.
Days? What do you mean "days"? Morning Sleep wake up this is one day.
A man takes two or three days to walk through Cypress Corners.
That huge! Does not look like this, eh! What is "grass"? And "trees" and what is this light you said.
Luz do sol.
There is a big bright light in the sky, Some of the time have light heat is tasty.
The rest of the time is well, it's like here.
Since we tubes.
Soil is It is soft, warm can lie in it.
Is tasty.
It makes the plants grow.
things eating fruits, vegetables - Apples! - Apples? - Food! - Ah, food! Food! Have experienced an apple? It Is Hard and Round twelve Very juicy.
I do not know anything.
candy Inventories of our village, just have wheat other food.
we have nothing here that's sweet or juicy.
What are we going to do? - I got it, I kill! - I got it, I kill you! Wait! We kill.
First, let's find the others de Cypress Corners.
Cypress Corners, hmph.
Calm, doctor.
Calm! My legs are tingling.
- How you feel? - I'm fine, I I feel my fingers again.
Where am I? Who are you? My name is Devon.
This is Rachael.
You are in a cryogenic chamber.
Where are the doctors, the nurses? Why am I not in the hospital? Because you uh A voice told us that you were in cryogenic suspension.
- Who brought me back? - It was us.
I do not understand.
You are the medical staff? There's nobody else.
Just us.
A ARK We landed! - No, Doctor.
- So we are in orbit! I'm not sure what it is, but I know we're traveling by something called "space" I'm sick, I was sick.
Why the hell am I here, I was in a hospital I know, this is the cryogenic safe.
But why am I here? I was put on hold.
Virus radiation.
How long do I have? - It was 400 years since the accident - How long ??? Two hours.
I am sorry, Doctor.
We did not know of his illness.
Why mess with what you do not understand? Why not leave me out if they can not help me? Because We need help! There is no more crew! The ARK is on a collision course! Sorry, Doctor.
I apologize.
Jane I have to find her.
She's dead now.
Just may be.
I feel the Lazarus back from the dead, it's like like a dead waking up.
None of this was in my plans.
You see, I must be dead for five hundred years, but for what you say, none of us will survive.
Aaron, Do you remember my wife, always worrying about everything with my health My memory is slow, I can not remember REMEMBER why you need me.
It was something about a collision? The spherical projector told me the ARK is on a collision course with a star class G.
What about the course corrections made by the crew? The crew.
The bridge.
Doctor, I told you There are crew.
They all died.
What about the thermonuclear reactors? I've heard but do not know what it is.
Oh well A terranave ARK é movida a energia nuclear.
How long we are on a collision course? - 400 years.
- From the little we know, we look like - There should be term forecast one.
- No there is not.
Then the end can come at any time We looked out the bridge, but only saw distant stars.
Doctor Doctor, we brought back to tell us what to do.
We are talking about the lives of everyone in the ARK, including my own, - I'll do what I can.
- Do not have much time.
Maybe we can find someone who can help.
I think Dr.
Aaron should come back.
- Not a bad idea, maybe later - There may be no later.
I will do what I can, but I am a communications engineer.
I do not understand anything reactors.
Communications engineer? My wife was nuclear engineer, worked together on this project.
Maybe maybe you can help us.
If she's here, I need to find out.
We talked about it, it may be! There must be some information.
What was this? Maybe Garth has returned! Is Garth? Garth! Garth? They got him are many! If we escape, we can not defend Garth.
They can kill you or not.
I think they're using it as bait.
But I will not take the bait.
Can you open the door? Yes, but if you go out you will not have a chance.
What can we do? Look in the supply cabin, should find sedative bottles.
Be careful when handling, they can be activated with sudden movements.
I found! - How many? - Four.
We will try.
I need something to bring them together Join them.
We need a bit of tape.
What are you going to do? Look for gas masks.
One for you, one for Rachael.
Are these? Sim.
The handle.
So fasten behind.
They got out.
- What are they doing? - You can not see! I say: Let's kill this now! Va se Danar.
You will do what I say.
Abram a porta! Now! Again! Oops! Again! Oops! Wait I get to control the door, and arremesse.
Soon! Back! Take the lead and bring inside, hostage.
Fast! The bottles will last a short time.
Rachael! Take the cable on the ground, tie it with him.
Where is Dr.
Aaron? This is a consultation on Jane Gregory Aaron.
A-a-r-o-n Name noted.
What is your question? It is listed? Under what category? By category que care! She was placed in suspended animation? By cryogenic procedure? No information available.
The following message VT C768422 Para o Dr.
Gerald W.
Eu sou o Dr.
Identification code.
And I know there identification code? I'm Dr.
Aaron, Jane Gregory's My Wife Número Social: 090-40-6930 Enter the following code in the terminal keyboard.
JGA-3497-LV HGA- Ahn repita.
JGA-3497-LV [The spherical projector must be shitting (N.
do T.
Press Space to start playback.
Jerry Honey, I asked to record it After they've been put in suspended animation I begged that he might be placed with you It was a wonderful life, Jerry.
always love you so.
With you, our life was so complete.
shared everything we rely so completely, even in our work When the authorities decided that only one of us would be preserved, I insisted it was you.
I had to stay back and continue my work.
After all, I still have some time.
What, according to doctors, you do not have.
not as do not find cure for the virus of radiation.
I know that someday there will be healing.
I wish you a full and productive life, then, this is my goodbye.
Sorry, I have no words It must be hard to see me saying that.
I hope that you keep good memories of me as well as keep her.
Eu te amo, Jerry If you did not, I'd be dead now, Devon.
I tried to explain to them that we are not enemies.
Friend, who are you? Where they came from? Our Place of the Dead is forbidden to outsiders.
We dominated this place.
We wait.
Let's get all of you.
Hey, wait.
Listen, friend.
I know how it feels isolated.
I came from a place where people live like that, so We can work together, we can help each other.
Help us? Bah! Nobody ever helps us.
Strangers come, take what they want.
My people will come.
- Listen to me.
- Devon! He is weakening! Garth? Let us take you back to the safe.
- Dr.
Aaron, - Devon, The ARK communication system is fully integrated, Computers deal with everything that has been stored, all types of information.
You can access from anywhere, but I could spend a month talking about it, and not go into details.
But some domes have construction manuals, written culture, books, as Omicron.
Some jump tubes have sketch maps, showing paths for different parts of da terranave ARK.
You must find them, they should save themselves and everyone at ARK or we're all doomed.
The People of the tubes, I was thinking there was nothing like this in the ARK in my time.
Residents had guards in the security body, whose duty was to protect the command 24 hours a day.
Isolated for centuries, they They must have degenerated in these people out here.
The Domo 2, a dome reserve, can be helpful.
It was not used, an Agrarian dome used to be used for retirees crew It is the Cam-puder for, and estabelecê-the may have a chance for a better life.
Doctor okay, really.
I'm ready.
Hurry up, Devon! They are opening the door! A criogenia funciona automaticamente.
You can use the activator? Thank you, Doctor.
Aaron, e quanto a Jane? What about her? We could not help but overhear It must have been wonderful.
I can say the same about you and Devon.
They can not hide their feelings for each other.
You know it's hard for us Cypress Corners, did not talk much love.
only duty to the Elders Yes but You are no longer in Cypress Corners It started a long and difficult journey, Now you have a duty, a responsibility, working to save all people in the ARK all people, in all biospheres.
I'm ready.
Adeus, Dr.
I see them! EI you! Hang on! Devon, look! Throw it.
Hold your arms.
Rachael! Bandages.
- Must have at the medical center.
- I'll look.
Keep it stopped.
I stopped Let us help you Hold it, Garth.
Let's fix that.
You will feel better.
Well it's ready! Are you feeling better? Hopefully! My good people! I could have died with it! but they saved me! We should be friends.
Give back the thing that triggers.
Friends There is a dome a place where everyone can go and live a better life.
Aaron told us about it.
It's like the place from which I said, where we come from, Cypress Corners.
We'll show you.
You will show us this place? Come on.
The place is behind this door.
We never managed to go through a door that.
You will.
Do not trust them! They lie! An apple! Is true! Everything you say is true! We live here.
They are at home now.
We should also.
Cypress Corners.
Let the elders decide what to do about the ARK.
Garth I will not return.
My place is here.
Do not care about the danger? Does not matter.

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