The Starlost (1973) s01e03 Episode Script

The Goddess Calabra

Shaliff! Make arrangements as soon as possible! - I do not understand - I'm going to marry her! - Stop! You have no right ! - Take them to the cell.
You refuse my challenge? It's the law, you know.
A challenge to a duel until the death of the loser winner takes all.
A gigantesca terranave ARK drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Garth, stop getting protecting me! I'm not afraid.
Where this map says we are now? You will sit in that plan and keep stretching this map forever.
- Maybe there's something useful here.
- You may have something, how can you not have anything.
Let's find out.
Someone built it.
Where are they now? Yes, Devon, where you will be? Who are you? I do not understand what you want! Turn that thing off! We are friends! Who are you? We are not enemies! We came here for help.
Turn it off, and we will tell what they want to know! Names, district classification, identity numbers.
We do not know these things! We come from elsewhere, from outside.
We are strangers! Brak I am the captain of the palace guard of the government.
You broke the rules 1-7-8-0.
I do not know that non-military citizens They are forbidden to leave the homes after the 20: 00? I do not care about your rules! We are not here! We Cypress Corners, another place.
I'm Devon, this is Garth and this is Rachael.
Want to talk to someone who has authority! A woman? Calabria! That's not possible! Why are you kneeling? Calabria! You are not entertaining me.
Try the gym.
Where is Shaliff? - In the sanctuary.
- So call him to pray for me! When a good soldier needs a priest, he disappears? - SHALIFF !!! - I'll get him.
What now? - Name and post.
- Brak, sir! Night patrol! A miracle happened, governor! - She came to us.
- What? She? Explain yourself, Captain! It is the Goddess Calabra! Who are you? My name is Rachael.
These are my friends, Devon and Garth.
- We come from elsewhere, Cypress - THERE else! - They came from supply pipes? - Yes, the tubes.
Should be contaminated by radiation.
You are mutants? We strive to exterminate malformations.
How do you survive? Governor? Governor, I Governor, we are not changing, or whatever they call us.
We come in peace.
We came to warn them that the ARK is in danger.
We need your help.
If you could show Silence.
So you are not a boy.
By acting so strangely? Why is there no women here? Do you really not know? They will not suffer any harm.
Asked why show such reverence? This is impossible! They believe that.
But you do not? Why should not it? Oh no! But but I'm a woman! Tell me, Shaliff, since you are a priest, all hope that at least you can recognize a goddess to see her.
Shaliff the priest is here! In their presence, declaring the return Calabra! Come on, goddess.
Announced his return only with a purpose.
Shaliff! Make arrangements as soon as possible! - I do not understand - I'm going to marry her! - Stop! You have no right ! - Take them to the cell.
- No! Devon! - Hang on.
As you wish Calabria I apologize for my rudeness.
Serve them lunch accommodation, food.
- And the captain - Yes? Make sure that they are kept from intruders.
Let us Shaliff.
I want to learn more about my bride.
Eat something.
I'm not hungry.
I bet you will not let us leave.
Right now he's there with Rachael.
How kind to protect us.
You are a very beautiful goddess.
My name is Rachael.
Yes, I've said but not like the servants hear.
Not as long as they believe that you are Calabra.
Do not you believe me to be Calabra.
Why not tell them that I am an ordinary woman? No woman is common here.
And as the divinity So what if you can not do miracles, create fire with a snap? This makes it less divine? What have you done with my friends? They have all the very best.
Food, bedroom, bathroom, servants You seem to not understand why we are here.
Bring them here, and they will explain.
There is no hurry, my dear goddess.
There is! We need to see his books, his writing culture.
Maybe there's something Devon calls "Technical Manual".
Books on machinery We need them! They do not realize the danger we're in? The ARK is on a collision course! You are quite incisive.
I do not know if it's because you're a woman or a beautiful woman Anyway, we'll get married.
Please, we need to see the books.
They were burned! Hundreds of years ago! And it was very good, you know? There was a war because of them! Because of corrupt books! We are better off without them.
Look around you, all good men.
A society of perfect peace and pure order.
Oh, my poor goddess Disse something that entristeceu? You banned books! Ah, still some left over to give occupation to the priests.
But do not ask Shaliff.
He did not violate their vows.
I am a goddess.
I demand to see the books.
Well, does not require of ME, my dear.
I never said you were a goddess.
If you think not, then why did you marry me? Oh, marrying you I become a god! It's an old superstition.
You want so much to be a god? Does not care about how I feel? Your feelings are pretty disadvantages.
Can have its advantages.
You and your friends live.
They could die.
I am a survivor.
You know how is the succession of governors? The governor is the best among the strongest.
It is bound to face challenges, many men dueling to the death.
To the victor go the spoils.
I look beautiful to you, my dear Calabra.
As you wish I'm getting old.
When will it end? This year, next year ? One day someone will come, a little faster, a little more alert, and So take my seat and play me in a shallow grave.
I was once at a ceremony, it was very unpleasant.
- You have to live like that? - Hmm? The force is all you understand? You is alien to our customs.
But I do not believe you are mutants.
Come with me.
As you have children without mothers? We learn to develop life artificially.
I do not understand.
Well our storytellers I mean, our priests They say that long ago, we lost all our wives.
and many of the men in a disaster.
which, in my view, is only a myth.
Anyway, they say Our air purifiers absorbed radiation automatically but something happened with the double X chromosome, element for generating females.
It was destroyed.
Now, the sperm fertilizes an artificial egg.
and it is nourished during embryonic process.
Can believe? I myself have been developed there.
But if you can do it all Create scientifically the double X chromosome? Take a poll: "We are happy?" We eliminate the weak, the gentle, intellectuals.
Oh, I should know how they are.
But the latter escaped before the sentences were carried out.
They fled through the tubes.
They never returned, of course.
No one ever returns.
There are few who still try to escape.
It is believed that the contaminated tubes.
Eu I feel like you're starting to like me.
I feel sorry for you.
Sorry for me? Because? - You never knew love - Psssst !! Uh, I do not care what you use that word, but only when no one is around.
This is considered unnatural.
But it seems even beautiful, the way you say.
Where do you come from? So? We run.
Yes it is The guards have already recovered.
It'd better hurry.
What is this? My wedding dress.
Well you better get your shit - Because we go - Do you like? Garth? Yes it is - Is beautiful - It's beautiful.
Rachael, we have no time! I do not want change.
I liked the dress.
It makes me feel like a bride.
Well, you will not be one? Oh it's you who decides? You're not serious! I would like to make my own decisions, if you please.
Vai allow eu decide? Of course, ever! That's good! Listen to what I discovered.
Shaliff has written, the last left over.
Devon, forget these writings.
We have no time.
We have to find a way out of here.
But we came through it.
Forgive me, goddess.
I thought I heard voices.
I do not deny I'm surprised.
The governor does not believe that I am God.
Why should you? You do not look a mutant.
There are no women here since the Holocaust.
Where do you come from? We come from another world, like yours.
For hundreds of years, we closed in on ourselves.
We end up forgetting the truth.
All these worlds are connected by tubes.
It's a huge ark floating into the sky, saving the best of our planet, to start a new life in a new world.
But the ark is in danger, heading for certain death.
You are the Goddess Calabra! How could I know the words of our secret scriptures? I know of no secret.
Devon told me everything, it's no secret.
We traveled by ARK, we saw.
The Ark is a myth, a sacred myth! it's just a myth Why do not I ask my friends? "And the goddess rescued the souls of the departed in a large ark, then transported them to the most distant places the kingdom of heaven.
" This is the fundamental meaning of our secret scriptures! Bequeathed to us by our ancestors.
How can I find that you are not a deity, when you know what you know? We take lifetimes to interpret as divine truths das scriptures! Shaliff Rachael is as human as you.
- Or Garth, or me.
- Oh, I know I'm flesh and blood.
And I know you are human.
After all, Gods do not need to escape, knocking and tying guards.
But I wonder if they know what are your chances to remain free.
I think it could help us.
Yes, I think it could.
But already advance that there's not much I can do.
Sanctuary in our chapel.
It is only right that priests have, which can be applied to civilians.
And we have used from time to time.
Rachael should also go.
Shaliff, can not deny asylum to it.
One thing I can not allow, It is not respecting the limitations of my office.
She'll be safe as long as I can postpone the ceremony.
I'll be fine, Devon.
Go see the scriptures.
Hurry up! They will look for you everywhere Foreign call for sanctuary! They are entitled by law.
Governor received the authority to arrest the prisoners! Open, Shaliff! Not surrender the sanctuary of the chapel.
Open, Shaliff! - Shaliff, we need to see written.
- No no! All of you have been called by the governor.
Now! We must obey.
EU I ir.
They will.
But should not allow them to see the scriptures.
Later I take care of you.
You know why we're here? By sanctuary.
In the monastery.
But there is another reason.
I heard that they want to examine our sacred scriptures, but this is impossible! Shaliff told them.
Shaliff do not understand how important this is.
Our lives are in danger! Yours a de Shaliff of all people, everywhere.
Where are the scriptures? His interest in scripture is not common in the mutant, or what kind of aliens you are.
Sorry, I can not condone that.
Only those who made their vows, enlightened minds can read them.
Even if they could examine them, they would not understand anything! Its nature is complex and unclear.
Our priests devoted entire lives, only to interpret a single line! For example: "Dentro do núcleo do CTR, the superconducting magnets are cooled to cryogenic temperatures " Can you understand that? No, not you! I think it relates to the power of the goddess of cold and heat, as in "And the passage of the goddess caused great cold on earth.
" It took me ten years to get to that interpretation.
But three of my predecessors have devoted their entire lives, before me.
I wish it had permission to read us.
Maybe they could bring new inspirations.
We could, of course.
We are not scientists, but we have seen many things, I think we could help.
Let him see the scriptures.
Then we depart.
We have to see if Rachael and Shaliff are not in danger.
- You have a good heart.
- These are the scriptures? - We need to see - NO! We dedicate our lives to protect them.
You'll have to kill me first.
So let's wait for Shaliff.
What will happen to him? I can not say.
He and the governor are old companions, but are also rivals.
One is the temple, and the other, the state.
Two institutions who live in a precarious harmony.
Devon! The guards returned.
Perhaps Shaliff.
Garth They are the same who met us when we arrived! Those who thought Rachael was goddess! What do you think would happen? They would fight goddess, if you know that she is getting married against their will! Let's open the door and find out.
A priest must spend part of the day kneeling I am sure, my old Shaliff? It should be better than obey the governor.
Delivered those men! They are not entitled to sanctuary! Why do you think not? They infringed the laws! Escaped from custody, they attacked my guards! They came in peace, did not violate any law, and he imprisoned them.
You are challenging me, Shaliff? They are asylum in the temple.
I promised to protect them.
They are no danger to anyone.
except maybe for you.
How to me? They know the truth about Rachael.
She is not a goddess, is an ordinary woman.
If people believe that his efforts to marry her, to become a god, will be useless.
My efforts, as you say They are to keep me in power.
And while I keep you too! Unless you change your mind.
How long do you think you hard with a new governor? Everyone knows that you are attached to me! They will sacrifice him in a bonfire in honor of his beloved Goddess! Perhaps it is time to change some things.
Forget that I even government, I can discard it when I want! It's a little late for that.
If they had not seen their goddess, it would be easier.
But now I have power in my own area.
You say that people will not challenge you It will not be time to challenge yourself? You are a soldier, not a god.
You made your choice, Shaliff.
Oppose me traga a guerra civil You are a man of peace, fighting for principles, I'm fighting for my life! Anyway, war is my element, not yours.
You do not care about your life.
He never bothered.
Think about the deaths of all his followers, there is blood in YOUR hands! Sorry, Shaliff, you must give your answer NOW.
I never wanted this position.
You forced me to occupy it for their own reasons.
And I occupied, without knowing the implications.
But then I began to believe what he was doing by struggling.
I even lift me against you.
He gave me all this strength.
Now, in a nutshell, you're throwing it all away.
What you want? First, give me the men.
Not to be killed.
What to do with me, to undermine my authority? They will return to their place of origin.
The tubes, where they came from.
It's ok.
But remain in the palace for safety.
After all, we agree on something.
You see Rachael I see: A woman? Yup.
A goddess? Do not.
I did not say that.
Do not be silly! I do not know where it came from, or was created, nor care, the important thing is that she's here now.
And people will accept it as a goddess, if you like to proclaim.
CASE-NOS! It's the only thing that can unite state and Temple, and bring unity and peace to all.
You will not regret, Shaliff.
I promise.
The wedding will take place today.
You are magnificent, goddess! I thought only you could be magnificent.
We are both great! You are offended? Everything about you offends me.
Garth and Devon are more to your liking Much more.
They are kind and considerate.
You could teach me these things.
I can not teach it.
You are a woman.
There are many things I can learn from you You think I'm vain, proud, unbearable.
I do not deny anything.
But is that necessarily bad? Need you.
His character challenges me.
I have a feeling for you, Rachael.
Yes, I called like that.
We met makes so little time but I've started to change.
I have not changed you.
You did see me as the man I am.
a man who could love.
You are a man who rules by terror.
That's all it means.
Someday, men dominating will to rebel and overthrow him.
Just as you knocked those that preceded it.
So I chose to marry you.
Then surely no man will challenge me again.
If I were a man, I would challenge.
Then he would be the man I most fear.
But you are not.
You're an extraordinary woman! A goddess and my fiancee.
Go ahead, Shaliff.
Begin the ceremony.
Captain, what does that mean? A palace revolt, Governor.
You, Captain? Do you aspire to take my place on the throne? You think you can keep me cut your head with a single blow, as I did twenty challenging before you? Get back to work, and I'll forget this nonsense.
Indeed to capture the escaped prisoners I promote the colonel.
- Secure them.
- Hang on! I challenge! Governor, YOU??? You can not even hold a bat! Denied challenge.
Take him You refuse my challenge? It's the law, you know.
A challenge to a duel until the death of the loser winner takes all.
That's ridiculous, Shaliff! I'm about to marry the goddess.
Closing these duels forever! But it is the law, Governor.
You can not refuse a challenge.
So you want to die Very good As challenged, I choose the weapons.
Attack, do not give him the advantage.
Remember, he's old.
Devon! First rule: Never give an opening to the opponent.
Levante a guarda! Circule! Listen to your friend.
This may give you one or two more seconds of life.
What are you waiting for? The law allows cut off my head.
Then everything will be yours.
I will not take your life.
Unfairly his mercy dishonor me! Golpeie! You not meant to be governor! "Devon, the Merciful!" How long do you think that lasts? I do not want the throne.
I want the right to see the scriptures.
They can help us.
And the right to leave.
And the right to leave.
Now! If I go back to being governor, what makes you think I'll let them go? Will be in your hands, governor.
I'm not the only challenger.
Shaliff follow the orders, but it is a great responsibility to reveal the scriptures for those who have not made the votes.
You should show them.
But be quick! They must leave soon! Shaliff What is this? I do not understand! There's nothing here, and more columns and columns of numbers! "Logarithm tables" Nothing but numbers, nothing! But these are the scriptures! You are not a priest, how could understand without a lifetime of studies? Your priest said in full sentences These are the interpretations of the numbers! Can you tell us what interpretations.
There are many, all cryptic.
Devon, that's weird I see shapes below the figures.
You are right! Here's more - And here - It seems the Ark! Ark? There is another quote, in addition to the scriptures that can help them find what they are looking a very old quote, passed orally, "And when there is no passage for the Goddess area, where they come from all directions, Then you should find your new domain in more remote regions of his large chest.
" - I do not know what it might mean - more remote regions of the Ark Domains domes! - You said "all directions"? - All instructions, yes.
Clear! - The bridge! - We were on the bridge, there's nothing there.
Yes, but suppose there is a reserve bridge.
Shaliff thank you! - You may have saved the Ark! - We must go.
I will show you the way out.
I can not go any further.
You know the way.
- Caring dela.
- Look after.
One moment, please.
They are, in all truth, our friends.
I assure you.
Do not give me that priest talk, Shaliff.
As one of my old comrades, I would like to stay a little longer to see how I deal with the "other challengers" I congratulate you, sir, but Which one? What about Rachael? Why U ask? You have us.
Could force me if I wanted to.
But it would be a poor victory.
See, I learned something About the love.
There is no reason to force.
I know what the options are.
You beat me twice today.
I will not kill anyone.
It can be an interesting way to govern.
They are free to go.
I pray that we helped.

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