The Starlost (1973) s01e04 Episode Script

The Pisces

See! The ARK is moving away! Us is that we are moving away Do not even try, Devon.
I do not want to hurt you.
The Garoway colonel is the commander! - There is something that Devon can do? - We have to find another way! We can give a chance to Devon.
A gigantesca terranave ARK drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Rachael! What was this? Garth! Acorde! Dock crew show up to the dock 8 Dock crew show up to the dock 8 Pisces approaching.
Prepare for docking.
Did you see? It is signaling.
What are you waiting for? Present to the dock 8.
Is that such a Pisces? Let's see! Dock crew show up to the dock 8 Dock crew show up to the dock 8! Garoway am the commander of Pisces exploration ship.
Estas são a Cap.
Janice, e a Ten.
Teale How are you? Well, this is the welcoming committee? Do not take this wrong, but after 10 years traveling I expected at least one band and one of Admiral champagne Anyway do not tell me They sent only three crew members.
They have no idea of ​​all we have to unload! - I'm Devon.
- Well, hello, Devon! We are at home! With so many onboard girls it is good to be back And it is one of the beautiful.
- Nobody is going to present it me? - I'm Rachael Good, "Welcome to home," you should say "Welcome to the home after 10 long years out there" Thank you, Rachael.
And you, what's your name? My name is Garth Well, Garth, do not want to pressure you, but you can start downloading You know, it took me twice as long to find its path You are well off course, does not it, Teale? Teale says you precessionaram 18:33 sidereal degrees.
They know that? What's going on with Admiral Baines and Captain Rogers? Let's talk to our families.
Area crew spacecraft, here's berth 8.
No reply.
Bridge, here's berth 8.
Admiral Baines, please.
Sorry Colonel There's no one there.
There has been an accident.
The ARK is drifting.
Surely you are not crew members.
No we are not.
We come from Cypress Corners.
Cypress Corners? It's a very primitive place, right? Why they left the biosphere? What happened to the crew? What are you doing here? Why can not radio contact for years .
for 9 years! Tell me what kind of accident? We do not know.
When we arrived here, there was no one.
The lights turn on and off, we heard voices, but We find no crew.
We do not know what happened.
It was a long time ago An accident would explain the loss of radio contact How serious is it? Já disse, a ARK está à deriva! The thermonuclear reactors pifaram.
In fact, the bridge can be seen among the mangled metal domes.
There were irregularities in the routing.
Who told you that pifaram reactors? The spherical projector.
He keeps repeating words: "accident", "tell the Bridge" Let's reconnoiter.
Come on, all aboard! You will want to see it.
Enjoy it while you can.
Check battery power CTR Controlled Thermonuclear Reactor checked.
Power cell, reading A: 44.
3 Reading B: Reading 45.
1 C: 49.
9 Operating systems, Coronel Garoway.
Authorization to operate reactors? Turn artificial gravity.
We have visitors on board.
Artificial gravity on.
We do not want anything falling on your head, do we? Are you alright? Yes, I'm fine.
Trigger reactors Reactors triggered.
Reactors triggered.
Navigation, turn gyroscopes.
Activate computer's clock.
Gyroscopes operating.
Checking your computer's clock.
Check with astronomical reference, 06: 00 sidereal 19-02-2390 dC Right ascension: 056, Outer Declination: 67 degrees 10 minutes 14 seconds west Janice, let's go.
Circle the ARK to have an overview.
We have an observation post where you can see the maneuver.
Connect the speakers.
Be a good tour guide We need to tell the Garoway commander! Colonel! Devon, she also slept! Teale! Teale, Colonel fell asleep! The reactors of the ARK Is broken, all broken! It has pieces of metal scattered around the reactor Asked clock setting does not match.
I repeat: does not give.
Values ​​given in right ascension and declination are incompatible.
Teale, the colonel did not wake up! Neither Janice! That's senility space I was right! Leave me alone! - Are you alright? - Please leave me alone! Teale, say what is wrong.
Please Devon, come here, quick! Devon, she also fell asleep! Fast! See! The ARK is moving away! Us is that we are moving away Colonel chord! Please! We are moving away from ARK The ship is rudderless! Janice! Janice, acorde! Janice, the next time you take a nap, no place to ship autopilot.
Sorry, Colonel Already took control.
Colonel I had a huge hole in the side of the ARK pieces of metal scattered everywhere.
Sensors indicate that the reactor is dead.
Let's return to port.
Already checked his accident.
But why ARK does not respond? The bridge is ruined.
The ARK is aimless.
I think you already reported it, Colonel.
Janice, I have my navigation ribbons industry 18 .
You will not ask me to fix the old ARK using only hammer and some nails, are they? We have to go back, Colonel.
Our families.
They may be concerned.
It should be okay.
The accident appears to have affected the area of ​​crew.
Focus on 8 berth Enabling manual controls.
Pisces in manual control.
Berth depressurized by radio control.
Open gate.
- We are wrestling again? - Yup.
My crew is away from home a long time.
Sorry, we have family and and friends who have not seen for 10 years.
Colonel! You are not understanding! The accident happened hundreds of years ago! - Hundreds of years? - Yup.
I know it's a shock exit of an antediluvian dome nothing against, but Cypress Corners is a long overdue community An ideal community, do not get me wrong.
Stroll a little while docked.
I do not want Janice scratch the paint.
What do you think of this? Do not know Devon, I find that they were out for 10 years, as may be gone before the accident? Do not know.
We are safe and sound survivors.
Let's start fixing what's left with our own hands.
Janice was in electronic technique, Teale was promoted to Captain with praise.
We want to review our families.
It's all I can think about now.
We'll talk about the ARK later.
I do not think we can help a lot.
Colonel, you CAN help! You are trained, are engineers.
They know things we do not know.
They know all about the ARK.
Where things are.
How to find people.
Forgive me.
Colonel What Teale meant by "senility space"? I had many dreams about it.
But .
she cried Time does that.
In the case of Teale, she does not see her boyfriend 10 years ago.
I'll see if Janice not scratched the paint.
Girls, it's time for reunion! Let's go! Where is everyone? Some crew in the area? Hello! There is someone here? Families of the crew of Pisces.
Here is Garoway.
Garoway Sra.
Garoway! Colonel! My name is Garoway.
We are Pisces.
Where is everyone? Do not be afraid.
Who are you? Who are we? We live here.
My wife, my daughter, my grandchildren.
We are locals here.
Kontz know the family? Newton against us? Mabel, George against us? Rick Malloy, that name mean anything to you? Rick Malloy! Must have 32 years, he is a tall Here, this is the picture of it.
You know him? It has no Malloy here.
Garoway against Not a lot of people here.
Many wander around all year, never come back, it seems.
Think straight Garoway.
You should meet my family.
I am the commander of Pisces.
Everyone knows our mission! We lived right here in dwellings My whole family, my wife, my daughter Daisy.
It has the same age as his granddaughter.
My mother, my father A Pisces? The spacecraft that leave? Yes sir! That's it! I heard, but it happened a long time ago I do not know anything about it Do you remember? Do not.
Come on.
We're sorry for bothering them Damn, look at that! Heavens, what happened? It was in this state that you found the bridge? I'm sorry.
Our radio signal There was no one to answer.
Can I help you? Yes.
Pisces mission, key data.
Main data, the Pisces Pisces spacecraft, length 60m width 10m, depth 20m.
Displacement 12,000 m3 Driven by twin reactors gigamáticos Launched on January 1, 2381.
On a mission to explore planets suitable for colonization ARK Comandante da nave: coronel M.
Garoway We already know all this.
Come, let's find the crew.
No! This is It's celebration time! Come on, back home !! .
It is one of the best vintages You cook, I wash.
Teale! Please do not.
You know I'm right.
You know what happened out there, no matter what you say we are off course! Speed ​​models I predicted has to be right! We went out 10 years ago, and were 10 who were outside.
Linear time, nothing else! Oh, sure.
Do not touch this panel.
I have to find out.
Can I help you? Starting year of Pisces mission? 2381 dC Teale, please do not! Compare com data presente.
Data presente: 2790 dC Difference: 409 years.
Four hundred and nine years! There was some mistake.
The computer is in trouble.
The crash probably damaged.
He is right.
I have to be right.
But you do not believe me! We suffer time dilation, time passed more slowly for us.
In Pisces it was passed a decade, but the ARK Four hundred and nine years! We are out of our time.
Our time is already past.
You do not understand? All the people we knew are dead! What do we do in life? Janice? Garoway? It's all over for us! Teale? Who is? Sou eu, Garth! - Hello, Teale.
- Hello.
I wish I could help.
How could you help me? He does not understand! But maybe as you can Garth, you're a very good person.
What do these lines? Good This is our journey in space.
It's like a trail.
- Do you remember when I lived in Cypress - Corners.
Thanks Remember when going for a walk, You could find the way thanks landmarks, such as trees, buildings, hills.
But space is more difficult.
We have no points of reference, and not leave footprints And in space you can move in all dimensions.
Up, down, forward, backward, sideways How to find the way? Well, we know where the stars are in space, then we take the three-position them And where the lines intersect is the point that marks our position.
I do not understand how you could have been out for 10 years, and return after 409 years in our time! Good This is something that you will never be able to understand, Garth.
But like you for trying.
It's all right Einstein proved that when approaching the speed of light, time slows.
When the accident happened, we lost all radio contact, So Pisces clock could not be set the master clock of the ARK.
I say, if only we were a little wrong the error was multiplied by the vast distances we travel, the increasing speeds, trying to rediscover the ARK! See Our journey covered a giant circle, at an enormous rate! When we find the ARK again was a very lucky, by the laser beam.
And I suspect the time dilation, I remember, but there was no way to be sure.
And Garoway colonel always knew I was right, He only tried to protect us from the truth.
His eyes were as cloudy as our God, did not understand anything of what you said, I think you are very smart.
but it is also very kind.
I like you.
Like me to show you the Pisces? Sim.
Come on.
I am away from home for some time.
Also I miss everything.
My mother, my home How is for you, Janice? Do not ask me.
- Did you know when it became ? - Space Crew? Yes, I know.
People like us, Teale and I are chosen at birth.
based on genetics, intelligence and personality characteristics.
Already in high school, I was sent for the course in space electronics.
14 years of study.
Pisces The mission was the first for both of us.
I admire both.
True? At home, it would be considered blasphemous if he wanted to be space crew.
In fact, they do not know what a space crew! Nor do I know so far.
What kind of things did you do at home? Nothing very interesting.
I learned to sew, take care of the house I was very good at it.
If he stayed at home, spend life doing those things.
In any case, would have a lifetime.
Maybe you should find a biosphere, and learn something useful to do.
I could work on it for years and would not make much difference.
How to move a mountain, grain by grain, hands.
We have schemes.
It is so complex that even the builders understood.
All they did was to build computers, who built other computers, who designed everything else.
One can say it was a chain of command.
We have to find another way.
Find More people in domes.
And convince local leaders who have been isolated for centuries, to go out and learn to face reality of its own destruction? You have a very strange view of human nature Colonel, we have to be able to convince people! Tell what will happen, and how they can help.
Or all do Or we will not survive.
I'll tell you a story.
England was being ravaged by the Black Death, thousands of years ago, - Have you heard about it? - No.
Do not.
Then consulted the greatest philosophers.
What did they say? "Eat, drink and enjoy yourselves, for tomorrow we may be dead" Janice! Rachael! Colonel Garoway.
Are you alright? I would go to bed, get some rest? He needs a doctor.
We've been in the medical center, there's no one there.
Colonel Garoway Can you tell me how you feel? I am with a weakness but I remember We have an automatic diagnostic unit.
We'll take you there.
Quiet, quiet, quiet Okay, do not treat me like an old victim of the domes War! I can walk, I can not? Provide age, height, weight and health condition of the patient.
Age 44, height 6 ft, weight 173 lb .
Devon! Physiological readings indicate only small deviations from the normal health.
Electrodiagnostic reveals exposure to intense time dilation, Although the body retain physical characteristics appropriate to the physical age, the psychological impact of the experience induces apparent symptoms of aging culminating in premature senility.
Prognosis: irreversible, unless return to the previous setting.
I repeat, immediately return to the previous setting.
"Return to the previous environment"? What does that mean? Well, ladies and gentlemen Eat, drink and be happy! Like that? - Those bubbles make my nose itch! - Were made to it.
Even if it was a bad harvest.
I will spend a home movie for visitors to the Pisces.
It is very quiet, Janice.
Make the comments.
Look at this.
A second magnitude star in Vulpecula.
The Crab Nebula in Taurus.
We use the electronic telescope.
The eclipse of an uninhabitable world in Orion.
Coming here, we see this unusual phenomenon.
I wanted to check with observers from ARK.
What is this? A star solar Class G unidentified.
It was all that we could tell.
Wait a moment.
"Solar Star class G unidentified" Were the words of Spherical Projector! He said that we collide with a star class G unidentified.
- Are you sure? - Yup! The ARK is on a collision course.
Be sure to check it, Teale.
Oh no! Janice! You can come here? This is the star that we beat? Janice! Take a look.
I'm seeing.
You can tell for sure? No, I do not know the speed and distance from the star, or the route and speed of ARK.
But even if there is no impact, and may escape the gravitational field, ARK will burn for passing so close! Why should we take the trouble? - So let's collide? - Yup.
What are you doing? I retire in a dome, tending sheep You know what are sheep? I suppose there are books in Cypress Corners.
Do not.
Sheep are small animals Small animals.
They give wool to make clothing such as such beautiful clothes you wear.
You'd be beautiful in a spacesuit.
From what I was talking about? Ah, yes: the sheep! When developed sheep giving wool, They should have also created that gives nylon, and What I said so funny? Colonel Garoway, we are leaving the ARK! Teale, Janice, respond.
Whats happening there? You know what's going on.
We are leaving! Let me in, it's an order.
I do not receive more orders.
As for the other received.
Do not be silly, Janice! Devon, open you please.
Do not even try.
I do not want to hurt you.
The Garoway colonel is the commander! You Teale Teale, por favor.
You have to open the door.
Janice? Teale? Listen, this is mutiny! Colonel, we can discuss that when we get on Earth.
Pisces was made to resist anything except mutiny.
Colonel, you have to take us back to the ARK! If we had a torch, we could cut the door.
We could not.
All the tools are in the tank of the ship, on the other side of the door.
The repairs compartment.
Sorry, Devon, is this or take another shock that will knock you out for hours What they are doing is wrong.
Colonel Garoway is his commander, he knows it's wrong.
Teale, Take us home.
We have no home, no family, no friends.
An empty seat in the housing, a quick psychological aging process and premature senility, aboard an ARK towards destruction.
And you ask us to go home? Listen, this aging It is not physical, it's mental.
You might overcome.
You can use your knowledge to help save the ARK.
See all the people on board.
You will also die if they do not come with us.
Join us, Devon.
Do not be destroyed with the ARK.
I could not do it.
Not only me, Rachael and Garth too.
We can not save and let the ARK collide.
That selfish people you are? In all crowded ARK and you will sacrifice her to save their own skins? I am sorry for you.
I have led a boring life in Cypress Corners, but at least there learned that all people are brothers.
What you gain back, if the Earth was destroyed in a disaster? If they will find it.
Maybe part of it has been saved.
To our knowledge, life might have continued there.
Be selfless, Devon.
Not sick as us.
You know the space senility? Well, I know.
I remember those affected by the disease.
Its effects are chilling the soul.
You heard the diagnostic system: "Return to the previous environment" This ship is our environment.
Listen, already planned everything.
With the high speed reaches Pisces, connecting the reactors at most drawing course for Earth, perhaps we can reverse time.
But you can not reverse time! You know it, is a scientist! You will wander through space for the rest of their lives.
Teale Do not do that.
Janice, leve-nos de volta à ARK.
Devon's right, Teale, Janice.
Listen to what he says.
Come on, turn it off.
No, Teale, listen to me! There is no way to hit the Earth with no new cores for the reactors.
Checked the readings, do not have enough.
1, 48.
9, 44.
A little low, but it's enough to reach Earth.
You are wrong.
Need more, check.
It is on the edge.
I believe the factory tolerance covers the difference handily I'm sure.
And there's nothing wrong with the reactor cores.
- There is something that Devon can do? - We have to find another way! We can give a chance to Devon.
Teale, listen to me, you're wrong about the reaction cores, the measures are wrong, you guessed wrong.
If the power down, stop the reactors, and we will not go anywhere.
Check reactors, all of you.
I will not warn you again.
You too, Devon.
If something happens to them, the ship will not go anywhere.
Shut your mouth, Janice.
I've got your hands full.
What is happening? - Teale, do not move! - Shoot him! No, Devon! Do not do that! The ARK! We collide! Stabilizers full force! Connect reactors We stabilized.
Take control, Teale.
Let's go back.
And no scratch the paint this time.
Door open berth.
There we go.
Keep in Corte 0.
5 to 0.
1 Cutting force.
Restore pressure.
Welcome aboard.
This is goodbye.
There is nothing more for us here.
Our place is in Pisces.
You will be able to reach Earth? Teale maybe find a shortcut.
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