The Starlost (1973) s01e05 Episode Script

Children of Methuselah

We are heading for a collision and destruction.
The door is sealed and will not open again.
Oh, yes you will.
Let's leave right now.
Enough! Stop! What are you afraid, Captain? A gigantesca terranave ARK drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Methuselah CHILDREN Rachael! Garth! - I found! - Did what? - The bridge assist! - Are you sure? Yes, they need to see! Come on, come on! RESTRICTED AREA This area is restricted.
Do not enter.
In an emergency, communicate with the security control, in charge of the bridge.
Use código Alfa-Beta-1.
I repeat: Alfa-Beta-1 code.
This area is restricted.
Do not enter.
In an emergency, communicate with the security control, in charge of the bridge.
Use código Alfa-Beta-1.
I repeat: Alfa-Beta-1 code.
Let me try.
How can we get in? Do not know.
Maybe we can take a short This is the Security Center control.
You are under surveillance.
Containment force fields were activated.
Do not try to leave the area.
Wait by security personnel.
- Any luck? - Not yet.
It is opening.
You have a child in there! Are you sure that the Auxiliary Bridge is there? - I think so.
- But it's a girl! It looks like the entrance to the command of the computer room.
What this child is there? Do not know.
Hello! Can open the door for me? You understand me? I would like to get.
She does not seem to understand.
Garth, give me a hand.
Is stuck! - Maybe you can get.
- Go ahead.
Hello! My name is Rachael.
What is your? Rachael! Here seems to be a nursery.
I wonder where the crew will They are control computers.
Should be on the bridge.
Let children play here? Rachael, Take care of them, please.
Devon, are you okay? Garth! That's enough.
What was this? Were they.
It has something to do with them.
They gave a warning.
What did they do? We think pain for them to stop.
They thought? They thought pain for them? - I do not understand - Wait a minute, Rachael.
We would like to see the bridge.
- Can you take us there? - No.
The crew is making a course correction.
When they finish the program, you will be taken to the captain.
Until then, they will have to stay here.
Navigation controller computer listening loud and clear.
Extended Astromedidores.
now connecting.
Reading efficiency: 000.
No air.
The bridge navigation controller now receiving.
We are on course and monitoring.
Campo criogênico no plasma CTR Pulse optimized in a hundred million degrees.
Operating force field sources and waiting.
Flight control receiving.
Lock force fields in the count.
We are now in progress and monitoring.
Performing routine finishing.
Red and Blue teams released.
Team White, monitoring and maintenance.
Come on.
Hang on.
The routine is still running.
They have to wait here.
What is "thinking pain"? What's your name? Five.
That's not a name, is a number.
- What's your name - I told you, Five! As machines have numbers.
People have names.
Mine is Rachael.
This is Devon, and he is Garth.
Please tell us What is "thinking pain"? Think pain is a control developed by us.
How do you do? Where are your parents? Parents? Where are the adults? They can come now.
I can only assume you are deaf, as unable to read.
Consider themselves prisoners.
They will be held for trial.
Take them to the detention area.
Listen, if your captain does not believe that ARK is in danger Why do not understand and do not activate the reactors, and put the ARK on the route? His story was checked in Spherical Projector in Computer Information Center, It was not confirmed.
Five You never had a name? Names are frivolous, and do not help in interacting with computers.
Like her mother called her? I do not remember.
She was on earth when the ARK left.
She was on earth when ? Five You know when the ARK left on Earth? There are about 500 years.
- How old are you? - Twelve.
Twelve! If the ARK started 500 years ago, you should not have 500 years old? Tutors in injected a serum that keeps our constant cell regeneration.
Aging is a break in cell regeneration.
Only that.
You will never grow old or even die? .
There is a serum to restore the natural aging.
- That did not scare? - Oh no.
I want to be a woman like you.
Seven marry and have children to populate the new earth.
Who are the tutors? Those who have chosen us to lead the ARK.
The tutors have trained us in our tasks.
- This was on earth? - At first, yes.
Tutors then brought them to the ARK? Sim.
- When the training ended? - When the last guardian died.
But while we sleep, our subconscious receives data the Information Center computer.
We estimate that this step, the program will end within 475 years.
Did you receive any specific position? Each crew member may operate in any position.
- Even as captain? - Yup.
- You rotate the captain? - No.
Since the guardians died, Number One runs the ARK.
I understand.
You alternate in all functions except the Commander.
What is "thinking pain"? I mean, how do you think pain? You see the area of ​​pain, and projects in person.
- You can make each other? - No.
If he did, the other crew would do the same back.
Cinco, prepare-se.
We have to go.
Very good.
They feel everyone.
I could not determine what the proper procedure, sir.
So let's improvise in order to make progress.
I believe we must follow the law, Lord Law? I am the law.
I see no need to complications.
- Do you understand? - Yes sir.
Efetuei a query to the projector Spherical about their story, actually there was an incident with the ARK.
- Yes.
When was it? - One hundred years after start from the Earth.
Ie about 400 years ago.
The projector has more information about it? No sir.
- Control Center Information? - No data so far.
Okay, we already know all we need.
You are aware of my responsibility as commander of the ARK.
All this ship depend on me to take us to a planet where we can live.
It is open the session, in 1213 sidereal time.
On the second day of the third month Ano da ARK 2790 dC The defendants, known as Devon, Garth young and young Rachael, that deliberately, violated the regulations of the ARK Section 1 paragraph 1, namely: "The Alfa complex is the most restricted area No part or parts may enter or leave that zone without authorization of the Great Council and release of the Central Security.
" And so it goes The Grand Council also decreed that Alfa Bridge .
I've had enough! Wait, let's hear what they have to say.
Would like to present to the court a recording, made by Spherical projector, the offensive act.
We do not deny anything he did.
Just ask you to listen to what we have to say.
We're listening.
- The ARK is in great danger! - We are not listening.
I said the ARK is in great danger! Oh! Como? Is drifting, rudderless, on a collision course with an unknown sun.
And when it assumes that a collision will occur? We do not know.
But it may be soon.
I see.
And me and my crew we're wasting time, planning and scheduling course corrections! - No, look - I leave the ARK be controlled three farmers from Cypress Corners? SILENCE! This is very serious! We have to hear what he has to say! Sr.
presidente da corte, - Excuse me, can I have a word? - As you wish.
It is easy to check this story.
Just enter it in the central computer.
Okay, let's hear your fantasies.
Thank you, Captain.
The facts I want to know, are these: About 100 years after the ARK leave Earth's orbit, taking the Earth disaster survivors, She suffered a great misfortune.
Now, what was this misfortune, it was due to a crash or malfunction, do not know.
What we know is that the Command Bridge was destroyed.
The reactors stopped.
Now, the result of these events I said.
We are heading for a collision and destruction.
We saw the bridge.
It is not working, and the crew is dead.
Maybe you can tell us what we have done in the last 400 years? I do not know, Captain.
I can only say that we are looking for the Auxiliary Bridge.
Good for you.
What do you suggest me? that let's wash our hands and pretend that nothing is going to happen? I do not know! I really do not know.
Who do you think they are? Look at these kids, talking to us like that! Take him to the holding area.
You want to continue? Why do not you listen to me? Want to see why we do not accept your story? Come with me.
Then the reactors are dead, right? We'll see.
Comande rearme do CTR e informe o FDF.
And he said the main bridge was destroyed.
That's right.
But THIS is the Main Bridge! You see some damage here? And what else? Ah, yes, the collision.
Collision Give me the navigation chart.
Home arming key Separation The star chart we have here He tells us about the star with which colidiremos.
Enter current situation.
No, correction: Claim update maps.
PPR type.
It is sell? Nothing! No sun, no planetoid, not even an errant meteor.
Return to normal execution.
So it's all a lie.
- Captain - Take it away.
We sit here? Leave those kids decide what to do? We will allow? So what can we do? Still do not know.
Let's go in there and take care of the bridge.
She should come with us.
It's all right.
Garth! I told you not to go through the door! - I threw back - Some kind of force.
It must come from somewhere.
Must have a box here somewhere.
We decided that you are too dangerous, even being held in the detention area.
So, as a captain responsible for the ARK, I decided that men should die.
No! You decided to keep as housekeeper.
You can not do this! To kill them, will be murder! Not at all.
It will be a law enforcement.
But you need not worry.
And perform their tasks, and will have crew privileges.
I can even allow it to receive the serum.
Accompany it.
She is assigned to the Amusement Center.
Sleep in the housing.
I can stay a little longer? No, there are others waiting.
You've played enough.
Eight! Keep it here.
Come on.
Already instructed him on what to do here? Good The rules, the crew members are entitled to a time for fun.
Come with me.
This is an intracranial implant.
a probe linked to pleasure centers.
You never make games? Games? Sim.
Blind man's buff, hide and seek, such games.
Well, someone has to be blindfolded.
We need a large cloth.
Fifteen! Proceed.
I need someone to be blind goat.
You will be blind goat.
That is all? Others need to play well.
Can come here, please? Now the blind goat should get one of you, and say who it is.
Then it becomes the blind goat.
Four, get one.
- Now say who it is.
- Seven.
He should be rotated and rotated, And all of you should get away from him! Good Four It has a simple mind, is not it? Five.
Take it to the bedroom.
It should only come back when you have it controlled.
Please present-is.
Rachael is a beautiful name.
Devon Garth Rachael can choose a name for me? I do not like "Five.
" You can not do this! I do not care.
You could take me to Devon and Garth? They were telling the truth! The ARK is in danger! The Computer Center is never wrong.
Maybe this time Please.
They need to believe! Climb 4:11 to repair the front door.
- What about the men, sir? - Let them in detention for now.
Be sure to explore around.
Ten! Ten! Hey, Jan! Four? So? It's a game.
She taught us.
So let's mimic the primitive, right? - Where's the woman? - In the bedroom, resting.
- Under Surveillance? - Yes, Five is there.
Full scan Omega Apex I think Sarah would be a good name for you.
You can choose a name for Sete too? For Seven I think it would be David.
The woman was his responsibility.
I want her under strict surveillance, to go through the complex.
What about playing these early games Discontinue them until further notice.
- How to escape? - After I explain.
Sorry, David, help us? They can guide us, as if they were escorting us.
Good idea, but do not know if they'll want to help.
- They seem programmed - Devon right.
We're wasting time.
We have to run.
And you, Sarah? Can you help us? David? Come, I know a shortcut.
Once they are found, should be put in sonic disruptor.
- The woman too.
- It's against the rules of the ARK.
Rules? If they become free, can no longer exists ARK! That's it.
Automatic output of low impedance.
Vamos, Ligue logo! Can I be of service? I want a full security sweep of the Alfa complex.
Effectively inhibited the scan circuit.
Error reading 100 Well, fix it! Manual interference.
Monitoring computer not working.
There is a maintenance team servicing the door.
Have someone there.
I want the sensors working! - It's ready.
- Let's try one more time.
It's great.
Let's check the iris.
- The sensors are disabled.
- We're working.
The captain wants the operating sensors.
Early escaped.
Introduce yourself to the bridge.
Establishing the perimeter of the sensors.
We finished later.
- Do not move, the sensors are back! - All right, let's go to the door.
Come on! Here I am! Send a capture team.
Try the key.
Stay where you are.
You are being watched.
The door is sealed and will not open again.
Oh, yes you will.
Let's leave right now.
Enough! Stop! What are you afraid, Captain? It is a captain or a little boy? But you're afraid, Captain.
Not me, no chance.
Are you afraid of something.
You have nothing to fear, break the seal.
- See what's outside.
- Silence! The first visitors in centuries, and you want to kill us? - Are you afraid - I'm not afraid! So why not listen? Because everything they said were lies! They said the bridge was destroyed.
But THIS is the bridge! As you can see, everything is in order.
- Where is the problem? - The problem, Captain you became equal to their machines.
He lost the ability to examine, - To question - There are questions to ask: There are always questions.
May fear responses.
Why not ask the machinery which its real function? The function is to control the flight of the ARK.
This terminal is interconnected with priority the Command of the Central Computer.
This terminal is interconnected with priority the Command of the Central Computer.
I have not finished with you, sir.
Star chart AstroScan.
Activated cryogenic field.
Emergency in the CTR plasma.
fall to 50 million degrees.
60 100 million degrees.
Reached great value.
Stable and holding.
We are fighting now.
5 4 3 2 Now.
Interconnected direction fields.
Reading astrometer: Dangerous obstacle to 6 degrees 4 minutes starboard Bulk reading in 1600.
Gravitational pull in 3 minutes Estimated impact in 4 minutes and 40 seconds Correction route to exhaust line 075 Enable direction fields for at least 30 seconds Upgrade route computers and wait.
Upgraded computers and waiting Link and wait.
Control of interconnected direction.
Interconnected and waiting.
Interconnected astronavegação chart.
Interconnected and waiting.
Energizing direction field.
Disabled fields.
ARK on route 075 Error reading 000 All systems with optimum efficiency.
Run deviation routine.
Now tell me, who commands the ARK? Now listen to me! The danger just avoided was not real.
Their machines, these computers, They create these hazards training effect.
They are here to train them, not control them.
The problem is that they will control them, if not questioning.
Why have never heard the collision happened? Why the machines did not report them? Quiet! Enough! They take the bridge.
Hang on.
You'll have to listen to me.
- Devon, no! - Do not force me to it.
No! We will be hurled into space! We lose the support life! Separation system activated counting down.
Abort! Abort! Can I be of service? Abort! Ignore the separation of charge! Insufficient data.
Please check program entry.
- Stop the count, you heard! - Insufficient data.
Please check program entry.
- Because? Why did it? - Do not worry, okay.
Sham procedure incorrect separation.
Restart sequence.
Enter corrections Route Rewinding the complete separation simulation.
Please start the correct sequence.
I think you will be Jacob, all right? It was a very good man and a great leader.
Rachael, have a name for me? I think Elisabeth is good for you - Do you like? - Elisabeth.
I liked.
We're leaving.
We have our responsibilities.
Otherwise, we would with you.
When find the Auxiliary Bridge, back to catch them.
Their training may be required.
Captain, Share some responsibility.
No one should be alone.
What's wrong, sweetie? Well, are you ready? - Bye, kids.
- Bye! Please do not yet have a name.
Devon can be? I do not see why not.
It's a good name.
Come on.
- Bye! - Bye! Goodbye, Sarah.

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