The Starlost (1973) s01e06 Episode Script

And Only Man is Vile

Ideal specimens reached the board.
Even you must admit that is a great challenge to prove my theory.
I am not suggesting that leave.
We can not take it with us.
It belongs to this place.
I breaking them in 48 hours.
Admit that my view of "human beast" It is more realistic than yours.
A gigantesca terranave ARK drifting into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Sim I think they will be fine.
It's beautiful! I imagine that the Earth has been.
Do not know Certainly far from being as Cypress Corners.
It is, boot it away.
What is this "Leisure Village"? I suppose it's a kind of resting place We were lucky to have come here.
Where every aspect pleases .
And only man is vile.
It's an old pun.
What does that mean? Do not know.
Let's find out.
Hello? Anybody home? Hello! Anybody home? Where did everybody go? And they left everything open.
Scary, right? I also think.
There's something wrong here.
In such a beautiful place, what could be wrong? Well, at so much I know, no place is perfect.
I take a look around.
Hello! There is someone here? Ideal specimens reached the board.
Even you must admit that is a great challenge to prove my theory.
Who are you? What are you afraid? Are you afraid of me? Where is everyone? My name is Garth.
I come from Cypress Corners I suppose you've heard.
Look, I You do not have to defend me.
Where did everybody go? Something startled, any any danger? Why did I leave you behind? That's it? Any danger? Look, want help to leave? So it's safe to be here? Why has everyone fled? Still afraid of me? We have made some progress.
Now, what can we do for you? She gave no clue.
Only the feeling that there is some danger, that kept everyone, and abandoned here.
- What kind of danger? - I do not know.
She seems to feel that it's safe for us to stay here.
Let me talk to her.
My name is Rachael.
And yours? You were the one lagging behind? Por quê? Was it punishment? Why did not return to get it? Maybe it was every man for himself.
No one remembered or cared about you.
Where did everybody go? What they were afraid? Look, if we have the chance, you better get out of here.
It will take some time.
You can not take it with us? And what do we do? Sit here and wait? We can not simply abandon it.
I am not suggesting that leave.
We can not take it with us.
It belongs to this place.
I think we can get to find out what's going on.
I breaking them in 48 hours.
Admit that my view of "human beast" It is more realistic than yours.
Where they come from, you have some kind of ethics programming.
Moreover, they have friendship ties.
Precisely! See what will become when you start to break that bond.
Weak without faith, rude Um for each other.
A bestialidade! If I can make man so concerned about their own survival, where does the idealized view of human nobility? A myth that man has created for himself a self-defined image.
I think this time you will fail, Dr.
We will create a new race of people, able to adapt to any harsh environment, wherever that is the world that the ARK will colonize.
So we program each aspect of personality everything except the raw instinct of self-preservation.
You still disagree, even after years of working here.
Everything in this biosphere has been designed for this purpose.
Asgard, this institute was created to help people of ARK, not to prove their behavioral theories.
Do you still believe that their notions prevail.
Notions, Doctor? You call the idea of ​​decency, mutual trust, "concept"? Our new guinea pigs, for example.
These three know the absolute necessity to trust each other.
I say you will fail.
What if I destroy their friendship? Will bend to my teachings? Will? It's ok.
- To bring - Seu or é bring? You can now talk about your people? Others He says other drive them out? What others? Bring Brings, It is hiding something we should know? Stop pressuring her! Can not you see she's scared? I think she's hiding something.
Devon, be patient! She has still not recovered.
- She knows something.
- If you are so eager for answers, why not the demand out there? I can do this.
Lethe, there is some danger should I know? Protect-se.
Proteger do quê? Them.
Protect me from them ? Who are they? Your friends.
Our serpent in the Garden of Eden, Diana.
Phase 1.
Submit! What are you looking for? Information.
What? Information sources.
Here? Yes, here.
Or where I could find it.
Are you alright? Sim.
What kind of information? Well, I hoped to find someone, a computer, or anything.
Perhaps even the "Other" you mentioned.
Someone who could say something about the ARK.
- Because? - Because I need.
Por quê? Good, among other reasons, to save its biosphere.
And many others.
You are saying he wants to enslave us? No, I want us to work together.
Por quê? Because if we do not, we will not survive.
His friends also work for this? Clear! But they love each other.
and they are on their way.
Who told you that? I thought it was a smart man.
What's holding back? What you want? Devon, You are in great danger.
What kind of danger? Your friends are not as think.
I have work to do.
It does not seem very suggestible A minor setback.
You will not fail next time.
- I do not think they will come back.
- Who? - My people.
- Why do you say that? They do not seem to trust each other.
As his people, after so many generations, was lost mutual trust? - Do you trust your friends? - Of course yes! But his friend Devon, did not steal your wife? She chose.
But it belongs to you, right? No.
That was in Cypress Corners, not here.
Like me, do not you? Sim.
And if Rachael disappear, or die, and her friend solve steal from you? Devon would not.
- Do you know where he is now? - Yes, it is exploring.
Por quê? Trying to find his people, ask And if he bring them back, and then try to kill me? Why would they do that? - You protect me? - Of course yes.
Jura? Sim.
What is this? Where did you get that? - Your friend gave me.
- Devon? Sim.
I never found anything like it.
Why did you give it to you? You mean To use against me? - Phase 2 - No, Dr.
Asgard! Do not trust your eyes and ears? There must be more in human nature that distrust, selfishness, suspicion, eternal solitude Study the human history of the home planet, as I did - No other conclusion is possible.
- The truth is not only in history.
- And where to look for? - In the products of human genius Religion, Art, Science, Philosophy A thin veneer over deep scars.
The man is a monster.
Always has been, no use denying it.
It's like the youth in the ARK must be educated.
Never! Young people should be programmed to accept the instinctive nature.
A besta interior.
Do not deny it, or suppress it, as religions try pathetically to do.
If you do not follow these policies, I receive his resignation right now.
You have not won in their experiment.
It's one of them? You know I really like it here.
It's a good lifestyle, I suppose.
I would not want to stay here for life? Under the right circumstances - With Devon.
- Yup.
And if he does not return? Why not come back? You speak as if he had gone for days! How long have you left? What's the matter with you? Garth, what US? It's all so strange.
Because someone will marry me.
Where are the others? - Who? - Attackers.
Those who came to take our lands.
Where are they? You are the Leisure Village? Biosphere abandoned? Who told you that there are invaders? Why not stay in your land? I wanted.
But not him.
Not them.
I want to fight! But not alone! I knew I could not trust them.
They do not trust each other? Everyone knows that attackers can not be stopped.
Who are "all"? Who are the attackers? We were told to skewer them, do not feel anything.
If the stabbing, they do not bleed.
I'm bleeding, I'm in pain! I'm not invasive, there are invaders! It's a trick! They want us to return to the massacre! I am human! And as vulnerable as you do not realize? They are masters of deception! Everyone knows it.
Wait! - He bleeds! - So you're not one of them! It's not what they say? What you mean? If we show all he is mortal he stumbles, and bleeds and feels pain.
If we show everyone, may decide to stay and fight.
There is no reason to fight, we are peaceful and unarmed.
We are only three! Look, we have come to save their world, and all other worlds in the ARK.
We do not need your help.
We have a perfect life.
Down here? They live like animals! They do not trust each other! This is the perfect life? You are hungry! That's nice? The invaders are too strong for us.
The only intruder is their lack of faith in others.
It's the fact they do not trust each other.
We will use it to prove that the invaders are mere mortals.
Spread the word.
Tell our people that the invaders bleed.
Tell everyone.
And your friends? Will not save him? Diana, you've seen.
- It does not have more friends.
- You are wrong! His foolish optimist.
These three are different, are stronger! They keep the Earth's moral heritage! Let's see how good they are, where they can show their mortality.
Garth! Devon has not returned! Please stand up and help me find it! It is YOUR friend.
He is so friend of yours as mine! Please help me! Have you done that! Why not back to their people? Not helping us! They are not my people.
And I was never abandoned.
Then why? What have you done to us? Only studying in an experimental research which is already completed.
What kind of experiment? You will soon discover.
It's part of the experiment away from the village people? They left of their own accord.
And you expect us to do for our will? The same thing.
What? Flee in panic? They will know very soon.
Where is Devon? You are playing the role of disappointed? Where is he, Lethe? This is also part of the experiment.
But I'll leave that to see his friend.
We have no evidence that I am mortal? I can help more staying alive.
You claim that there is no enemy.
There is an enemy, yes! And I can help you master this enemy! That was your friend.
Offering to betray them to ensure their safety.
- He would not do that? - Listen for themselves.
He might be talking about you! You are the enemy! It seems that he has turned against us.
I want to see more! Garth, vestments that Find-It! Por quê? Devon is now our enemy.
You saw, heard You do not understand? We are part of an experiment! That's part! I clearly heard.
Devon is now my enemy.
That's the way it should be.
I was sent to hunt him Some witchcraft made me believe that he was my friend.
He even took you.
And I am not mistaken.
Can not you see? She hypnotized! Are you out of your mind! Devon is my enemy.
I'll go out and find it.
But just to take you to Cypress Corners, to receive a fair punishment.
You insist on going to the end? Admittedly, my theories are correct, we can stop here.
What will happen to the three guinea pigs? Does it matter? I suppose they those who survive the confrontation will go away.
And their concerns with the ARK? Young people have dreams of glory.
I assure you, Diana, the ARK in no danger whatsoever.
Asgard, espere.
If my life's work will prove useless, I want to see the end.
Until the last drop of blood? Until the last drop of blood.
- This way.
- As you know? Devon looked for computers when he decided to help the villagers.
They must be many, and forced.
Or he decided to think of himself.
He would try to help us if we were in danger! - I'm looking for him.
- Yes, you are seeking as a hunter, not as a friend! I know my duties.
Hello, Devon.
Where are they? - Your friends? - Who else? It seems to be sure that they are friends.
So why did not try to help him? When we find helpless, unable to speak, It was an act, right? It was part of the experiment.
I experience? A survey of the truth of human nature.
In order to create a rational education program.
I see.
We're just laboratory animals.
The last.
Others were easy.
But we three were the only ones to challenge the theories of Dr.
Asgard for a while.
But now the experiment is completed.
Coming soon, the inhabitants will celebrate and congratulate themselves, and will lead to death.
And your so-called "friends" They are only concerned about their safety.
Sabe, Devon, Too bad we have not known in better circumstances.
- What are they doing? - Do not know.
I said, every foreigner is an enemy They should be talking about Devon! They think that it is an enemy, he has no chance! Worried about what they will do to him? And you do not? What if I am? What do you expect me to do about it? - Does not care? - I care about just me.
And maybe with her.
Com to deliver? She cares about me.
You never cared.
That's not true, Garth! She just wants the best for me.
You do not want a woman, want a soulless doll! Well, I know what I DO NOT want.
I will return to it.
Now! Garth, espere! Devon needs you! He is your friend! We are not friends.
Not in this world.
That's not what your people need.
And what do you believe they need? The quality that enables people to live together in peace.
And what would that be? A mother plays the child into the air.
And he laughs.
He knows that his mother will not drop it, because it relies on it.
Unless someone destroy that trust.
We stop being children for a long time.
Once lost, do not restore confidence.
You are wrong.
And you know it.
Prove! Prove what? That people can learn to live in peace? Provo, if they prove they are human.
You have the floor! Convince us! Convince me that if I am in the midst of the fire, one of them will try to save me! Convince me! You're getting at?!? Only actions will convince his people.
You want us to trust in you, but we are not fools.
Only his death will appease fear.
RACHAEL!!! GARTH!!! Where are you?!? You said that only actions convince us, but where are the actions of your friends? RACHAEL!!! In moments, it's all over.
He did a good job, Lethe.
So why am I so upset? Troubled? I feel a a sadness, sir.
A melancholy.
That does not go away.
His education was incomplete.
Return to the Institute.
We will check your schedule.
There is something about it a beauty a fullness an understanding of himself.
Its mission is over.
Return immediately.
What mission? You scared me! And he returned.
Sim Is something wrong? My friend is dead.
That is, at any time.
He is not your friend! - He stole your wife! - Her life was in my hands.
And I did not do anything.
There was nothing to do.
What mission? I heard you talking to someone.
Institute of Reeducation.
Asgard? Institute I do not understand.
There was a theory to be tested.
It was a success.
Now my mission is over.
What did they prove? It does not matter, or matter? His friend died.
You have your life to care.
Talk to me as if we were strangers.
We are all strangers.
You smiled at me.
He took my hand.
It was part of its mission? Garth, is disturbing me.
That's what I am for you? An experiment guinea pig? - What you want from me? - I I thought I felt something for me.
No feelings.
Feelings are an unwanted subject.
Disturb my efficiency.
Goodbye, Garth.
- I thought it was late - need to do something now! Eu sei.
Doin 'it! It is also one of them? - I am his friend.
- Then you'll die with it.
You have no reason to kill him.
It is important for my people to prove that you are mortal.
We have nothing to fear from you.
Killing him will prove it? You know any better way? Corte-me.
Here it is.
That does not prove that I'm mortal? There is only one way to prove mortality.
Do not wait.
Instead of his life, take mine.
Crazy? Take my life! Por quê? - He would do the same for me.
- Because? If you do not understand this, do not understand friendship.
And never again be a people.
You came here to offer his life to your friend's place? There is no other way out.
We asked for a proof Proof that people can trust again.
Put your life in the hands of another.
I appreciate it.
for having tried.
Something went wrong.
The experiment was contaminated.
There were many unknown factors.
The only "unknown factors," Dr.
Asgard, were three very human.

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