The Starlost (1973) s01e07 Episode Script

Circuit of Death

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
CIRCUIT OF DEATH - Someone's been here.
- The bodies are gone.
It seems that their trip is over.
They disappeared in the air like demons.
Who would have done this? Never mind, never mind.
Let's get this over with.
DANGER Room circuits Bridge.
Come on, Valerie, you know it's the right thing to do.
The only.
Do not.
No, Dad, I do not know.
That no return.
It's an eyesore.
I have already spoken the consequences.
Either I do it my way, or will happen slowly, terribly hard way.
We lost everything we had, We can not return to Alfa-5.
And even if we could, that place is biodegrading.
We both know that is the best thing to do.
Yes, father.
Are you all right? - Yeah.
- Everything will work out.
Trespassing na sala da Ponte circuit without gold security clearance.
Trespassing na sala da Ponte circuit without gold security clearance.
System of self-destruction of the ARK in danger.
Gold safety staff, attend immediately to the bridge.
Make immediate arrest of any unauthorized person.
Someone entered the Bridge.
They fired automatic alarm.
- What is Self-Destruct System? - Do not know.
If the alarm went off, you should have someone on the bridge.
Gold safety staff, attend immediately to the bridge.
Make immediate arrest of any unauthorized person.
We disable the fault-tolerant system.
Keep constant tension.
Starting Who built self-destruct installed security against failure.
- I'll turn off.
- That's final, Dad.
Why no one should come here without authorization.
Too late to find some authority, will in the same hard way.
Control the source, the voltage should not vary more than 1% Food within 1% at around -12V.
I will move, stand firm.
Dammit, I dodged one of the doors.
Security mechanism diverted without authorization Gold.
Security mechanism diverted.
The alarms went off.
So what? You have no one to hear.
The important thing is to disable security.
Security mechanism diverted without authorization Gold.
Control voltage level, that is critical.
We have a negative voltage of 12 Volts.
Computer readings indicate stabilizing operating, Source conectada backup automatically, voltage restored at 12.
0 V I did.
Good job.
At this time the existence of everything in the ARK, all within a radius of 100,000 kilometers It depends on a brief movement of my hand.
Pai, please! No not yet.
I still have something to do.
Who are you? What are you doing here? This room is limited! I ask them the same question.
Electronic technician first class Richards Biosphere Alfa-5.
Who the hell are you? I'm Devon.
She is Rachael, and he is Garth.
We Cypress Corners.
- Oh that place - Know Cypress Corners? Enough to stay away from there.
That's my daughter, Valerie.
Nice to meet you.
It's our pleasure.
We never met people on the bridge.
What was that alarm? "Fail Safety".
Something about self-destruction.
Oh, I was moving in the circuits.
I must have bumped into something.
Everything is in order now.
You said it was an electronic technician You are doing repairs on the Bridge? Ah Sim, eu Yes, I'm doing what I can.
You can make a course correction? No one is in charge, the ARK is drifting! Ah, you have had knowledge of the alert.
So you know about the ARK.
Yes, yes, we have known for years.
But Alfa-5 has its own problems, political, social divided society internal conflicts If they are correct the course of the ARK would like to help.
It's all right.
This way.
- What is this? - It looks like a spaceship.
It is a capsule to save the logbooks of the ARK, and all of Earth's records.
A very ingenious system If something happens, the capsule is automatically ejected.
The entire system is automatically microcontroller, programmed with navigation data of ARK.
The capsule will follow closer to the planet livable.
It carries all the history of the world, Memories of Earth languages, literature, biology, etc.
We keep for safety years ago My daughter is of invaluable help, but she can not bear much weight.
Your help is welcome.
You can help too, Miss.
You can not keep this up, Dad.
What's gotten into you? Maybe what she says is right, I do not know.
For me, enough.
Even if your arguments make sense, I can not accept them when I think of human lives.
Are you thinking about your friend Cort security force Alfa-5.
He just wants to be loyal.
He shares the blame with all those fools who think that the world can exist without free scientists.
He only cares about you because they sent him behind me! Emergency rations Do not worry about the grateful place to which we can not come back.
All are in the same biosphere.
Continue ignoring this, and fail.
Seeing them, I think that humanity has hope.
A ARK está condenada.
All systems are biodegrading, soon begin a slow, horrible death from lack of oxygen and energy! Condemning them to this kind of torture who is being humane? A quick and sudden death or a slow and painful? Trust in me.
I'm doing what's right.
I know there is not much space, but it should fit all.
If the capsule will save journals and objects, for rations? Maybe in the old days, they have planned send a caretaker.
Think you are Muggles? To carry food and water if you are not going to embark? Will you help me fix the steering system, or stand still accusing me? Will fix the steering system? Can come along and watch.
Richards! - Richards! - No! Do not do that! Richards! For two! I have orders to arrest the electronics technician Richards.
Oppose, and all will be arrested.
You'll have to break the door first.
Valerie is with him? Richards! Open! You are under arrest! No, Dad! Do not do that! Richards! Cort! Are you listening to me? Are you there, Cort? The capsule is armed for launch.
We're in the countdown.
When the time runs out, nuclear warheads will be detonated in all biospheres, ARK reducing dust.
Started the countdown to launch escape rocket.
Loads of self-destruction of the ARK enabled for detonation.
Started the countdown to launch escape rocket.
Loads of self-destruction of the ARK enabled for detonation.
- Devon, this can not be! - He is insane! Brilliant but insane.
He averted his safety circuits! - You have to stop it! - It's too late.
They not exploded yet, perhaps there is still time! Time? There is only time to escape the capsule! I do not know how long! They can go in minutes! We have to go there.
- Where are we? - In the capsule, Valerie.
Awaiting the release.
I'm sorry.
It was the only way.
Stop, please! What are doing is wrong.
- We'll be safe.
- You're wrong, Dad.
You think you're doing the best, being merciful, but do not know if life in the ARK can not be saved.
- Can not be sure.
- Is already done.
Self-destruction is activated.
And now.
Aborted launch sequence.
Aborted launch sequence.
Failure ship's ignition exhaust system.
Aborted launch.
We will not be released, Dad.
We will end up in the ARK.
We will not go, dad.
We will not.
Daughter, listen! You have to understand it I could only activate the self-destruct disabling safety circuits that would save us in case of failure.
I do not know how long we have.
I never cared since we left.
You can stop, Dad.
You need! Sealed capsule.
It can only be opened from the inside after release of the safety circuits.
Can be opened from the launch area.
Can be opened from the launch area.
Aborted launch! We are locked inside the capsule! The mechanism of self-destruction is activated! I do not know when it will explode! Get them out of here !!! Launch failure.
Released circuits.
Launch failure.
Released circuits.
- Do not open - is sealed for launch.
Let's cut the power.
Hang on! There are off limits! If it does, they will be in danger! The life support is turned off! They will die! Get us out of here! Hurry! They will die if we do not open.
Abra a comporta! Aborted launch.
Signal sent to open lock.
Standing systems supporting life.
Richards! Está preso! With this mind, it's no wonder that part of the security force.
I doubt help arrest me before everything explodes.
- You can stop it? - I do not know, I damaged the protective circuits of self-destruction If it was clever enough to activate it, then stop it.
Pray so that we have time.
Here it is.
fifteen minutes, thirty seconds.
- That's enough? Fifteen minutes should be sufficient.
Father, we can try! - Know something about microcircuits? - No.
Nothing at all? I mean, electronics? Do not.
We have no choice, you come with me.
Go where? If you want to fix a chip, you need to enter it.
Valery, follow the schemes.
Watch carefully.
If something happens to it, replace it.
Circuit 7089 Correct.
I want to enter a diversion on the line, to disable the system of self-destruction.
Here's what we do.
We'll need it.
- I do not understand - I did not expect you to understand.
Come here.
Put this on.
Radiation will flow through our bodies.
Our bodies will be rigid, semi-conscious.
Our bodies will be here, we and our minds will be generated thumbnails in microcircuits.
One misstep, and I will not leave alive there.
Of course, if we blow up, it makes no difference whether it's out here or there Rachael, control the time carefully.
make checks regularly.
Ensure that your computer maintains the correct voltage levels.
Valery will show you how.
But I do not understand anything of it.
Learn, girl.
Is fast.
Okay, send us inside.
Be careful.
They are there.
Rachel, get ready.
Monitor the time.
- Where are they? - Ali.
We are within microcircuit do? See for yourself.
This space that looks like a living room has centimeter fraction.
If you do not believe, Just give a look up.
Rule # 1: Never make contact between two circuits.
Time for self-destruction: 13 minutes, 12 seconds.
What's going on, Rachael? Devon and Richards are sitting there, unconscious or semi-conscious, I do not know what, but they say they are not there, but inside the chip.
Even they are? This is a joke? Devon is in danger, or what? I do not know, Garth.
We have to rely on Richards.
Might be telling the truth, I do not know.
I want to find out what's going on.
There should be a spherical projector here.
- You think you can find it? - I'll try! Just in case, keep an eye on them.
I will return as soon as possible.
I do not understand, how can I help you? Just be quiet and listen.
It will be harder than I thought.
Rachael, checking time! Rachael, checking time, please! Excuse me, Mr.
Remaining 9 min 40 s We communicate? She listens to us here? No, actually we're up there.
We seem to be down here, but only managed miniaturized bodies.
By telecinese.
Thought transference.
We spoke to our real bodies, and hear in the same way.
Then we heard with our ears outside.
because we are there.
Can I be of service? - Can I help you? - Yup.
I want to know how people can be in a room, while, within a chip.
The human ability to apply force to distant objects known as Telekinesis, it is known.
but it is rarely exercised, and only for special people.
Electronic processes allow you to extend the inherent capabilities, possessed by all.
The presence within the circuit is just a convenient viewing the operative mental forces.
Valery Give me the name of the junction between the circuits and 6733 Found.
Go left, pass the CI, and turn left.
The driver left is the junction.
Care! Do not touch anything unless I ask.
Power can be dangerous for someone miniaturized, just a touch and Here it is.
Which way to the 7089 circuit? Follow the driver IC to the left.
I need to know the inputs and outputs to -12V and mass.
I've already found it.
Notify when ready.
All right, I'll keep you informed.
Now we see if you can help.
We have to make three connections, and break one.
Input 1.
Start from the fourth of 7089.
Connect five places ahead.
They came to restore the security mechanism.
They can actually stop the self-destruction of the ARK? The possibility of fail-safe circuit restore exists.
depending on the skill of the electronic engineer availability of correct diagrams of circuits, and enough time.
Probability of the estimate, with all hypotheses with equal weight, One chance in 53.
You are saying he will not get? Repeat: probability of 1 in 53.
Probability mathematical prepared beforehand.
Who are these people? Where is this Alfa-5? Enter the person's name or those of Alfa-5.
Richards, electronic technician.
Richards TE class 1 Also former leader of the defeated and extinguished Party Citizens the Administrative Meeting of Alfa-5.
What happened? Alfa-5, formerly political democracy.
Two parties.
Party control, elected to form the government, banned the Party of Citizens.
Control Party considers discipline and control of critical thinking to maintain peace and social order.
Citizens party argues that one can not preserve freedom eliminating it.
Party of citizens lost.
That's it.
Rachael, give me a reading time.
8 min 22 s How is the negative voltage? Keeping in 1% Continue to monitor the readings.
Know if it vary more than 1% Give the output driver.
Connect to pin 1, seven positions ahead.
Input 2 Plug in the seventh position of the IC behind you Is that! Richards is in order? It is reliable? Controle de registros de Alfa-5.
Richards, I.
TE classe 1 Confined in rehabilitation center for his philosophical beliefs.
At that time, it was considered pessimistic and prone to anxiety.
In this state of mind, he gives the job done? Not scheduled to judgment.
See psychiatrists and / or social engineers the central medical facility.
That is not an answer.
I repeat: not scheduled to judgment.
Can I be of service? - As there is still to do? - I do not know, only my father knows.
Why his father called self-destruction of the ARK? We were an advanced civilization in Alfa-5 Gradually society became more restrictive, and no one else would call freedom.
He was taking forever to become free.
The ruling party was getting stronger, and co-opted security.
Sorry, Corr, I know that is one of them.
Scientists and thinkers became increasingly isolated.
My father was the last of the independents.
Then our environment began to deteriorate, and no one left to stop politicking and do something serious.
My father fought the enemy coming He tried to take all the misery.
The situation is not so bad, Valery! We can save her, I know.
Many say the same! Its biosphere is not the only one in ARK.
There are dozens of others, and they are not damaged! Tell that to my father, and he listens.
He is very attached to their own ideas, Rachael.
There are other biospheres, why not led to one of them instead of following this insane plan? The biospheres you saw were the lucky ones.
We have crew, or propulsion, we are unguided, and on a collision course with a star class G.
A synonym is optimistic idiot.
And I think everything is exploding solution? Just listen to me! I'm not as well known as you, but I've seen! What we found when exploring the ARK was amazing.
Resources almost beyond imagination! You have to help us organize the resources and use technology.
Its biosphere can be repaired.
We have seen several biospheres that repaired automatically.
And there is a central control that provides power and resources to all biospheres.
Talk to someone who believes in God, a distant entity that controls everything in our lives.
But all I saw was the creation of men, never seen any God.
Maybe not want to see.
Get on with it.
- What happened? - I do not know! Negative supply down 2.
No load circuit exceeds limits.
Return to normal limits immediately.
A short? They gave short on something.
- Father, can you hear me? - Devon, is everything okay? I am fine.
Richards is injured.
- He's fallen between conductors.
- Wait, Devon! Do not touch it, do not touch anything, just wait! There energized circuits.
Which is it? Hurry up, Devon! We only have 7 min 8 sec He is unconscious.
I'll check.
In which drivers he? In marked 2 and 3.
Do not touch him! It is in a power driver! It is close to -12V, it is worse than the others.
Richards! Are you listening to me? Sim - What happened? - You played the wrong connector.
Do not try to move.
Valery says the driver side is -12V Father, can you hear me? Sim.
You are next to -12V, please do not move! I will die.
All going.
Tell Devon to do.
He can! She is right.
We still have time to get it out of short circuit.
Take the reading voltage.
Valery, what happened? - Valery! - She's shaking! Seizure.
She should rest.
It's up to you, Rachael.
I do not know what to do! Listen to me everyone.
First, can see reading the computer? Sim.
- What Valerie was checking? - That's it.
Give reading.
He says, "negative voltage lowered by 2.
3%" "Charging circuit not exceeds limits.
Return to normal limits right away.
" 2.
3% below It can not be.
Check again.
She is right.
3% below.
I must be overloading the circuit.
If you drain the power, the system will automatically divert this circuit, and will route the sequence to another.
We can never discover each other without Valery.
Tell the computer to increase the voltage 1% to -12 volts.
Increase voltage at 12V in 1% Increased Voltage 12V in 1% Power supply working overhead.
Overload should not be maintained for more than 6 minutes.
We can not overload for more than 6 minutes.
Good girl.
Give me reading time.
Five minutes and ten seconds.
We can not do anything with it, in the next 5 minutes to make a difference.
Tell me what to do! You can not afford to do what is lacking.
Nothing happened as planned, except the explosion that will destroy everything.
It's not too late! Valerie, please! My dad! It is safe? He is fine.
Please tell me the truth.
Did you see.
He can not move.
We have to bring it back, please! You have to stay calm.
You know that it takes time to recover from seizures.
We have to bring it back, please! Let's bring her father back.
We can not.
No time.
Richards, listen to me! Gave way to pessimism before, should not indulge now.
He found that all biospheres were like yours, but we find many who are healthy.
Was wrong about them can be wrong now.
We can fix! I can not help! We Garth, it can help! Hehe, you think he is able to save us I know he is! Rachael checking time.
4 min 50 s I'm going in, Devon.
Can we do this? I watched as Valery did.
- It's ready? - Go ahead with it.
- Are you alright? - Yes all right.
What do I do now? Walk carefully.
Never step into two conductors at the same time.
What do you mean? I need your help.
Let's get him out.
Look at me.
Walk exactly how I walk.
Do not touch anything.
He will tell you what to do.
Can we trust him? We have no choice.
- Let's get it out there - No, wait! First connect the bypass.
Call this second connector to the IC.
Where? The connectors of my two sides.
Connect slowly.
Wait! Rachael! Sim? Give check time.
3 min 48 s Make the connection.
Connect with caution in -12V behind me.
Rachael, take the voltage reading.
Yet it is within 1% Monitor carefully.
From now on, should be ready to assist if necessary.
if they give short, we will explode.
- Let's raise it.
- Do not wait! If they stop me, they will close the circuit.
Sure, calmly now.
Slowly - Rachael, take them here.
- Because? Not over yet.
You can not do it alone.
I can do the rest, you must go back.
Let us all together, or not at all.
It has only two connections, and is considered an expert! - Come back now! - Are you hiding something I feel that there is something wrong.
Come back soon, no time! Do nothing, Rachael! Listen! I just have to break a connection, I do not need help with this, and we need to get out fast.
Please check back, Devon! All right, we will.
- You will be fine? - Yes.
Rachael, take them back! Somehow I did not see how it's done! I do, Dad.
- Valery, are you okay? - Yup.
- Rachael! - I'm here.
Please come back! When you break this connection, the system of self-destruction will be deactivated permanently.
Instruct the computer to keep it that way until further notice.
Use o código 1100010 Educational or computer that there is no one left in the ARK with gold safety level.
Hurry up, missing 50 seconds! I want to see Valery.
Yes, father.
Valery, when you break this last connection, and turn on the power, the system of self-destruction turn off automatically.
And, daughter, I did what I did because I believed to be right.
I still believe that I am.
But I want to give you all a second chance.
I wish you all can solve everything together.
Eu te amo.
System off self-destruction.
Again, self-destruction disabled.
Security mechanisms functioning normally.
Return to their posts.
My dad!
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