The Starlost (1973) s01e08 Episode Script

Gallery of Fear

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
It's almost as if they were alive.
Garth Rachael.
You act as if hypnotized.
What happened to it? Eu vi What did you see? .
the minds of those who created it.
By looking at me like that? I've never seen someone like you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Who are you? I was seeing.
What happened to them? Beauty there is in fear.
We moved.
Things do not just disappear! Wait, you're saying that we change How could we have done this? Beauty is as insubstantial as bubbles in the wind Sometimes simply disappears.
How can you be sure that everything you see is real? I can not.
But I know Men fear what they do not understand.
He still has a lot to say but you must be tired.
Come! First a little rest, then food, and then we'll talk.
And do not be afraid.
Do not disturb! How did you do it? The lounge is a large sensor for psychogenic player.
The psycho-emotional vibrations of our guests They are translated by the reader into light energy, and coalesce into matter that remains constant until a new psycho-emotional vibration to cancel.
Certainly no one can the same pattern twice.
I hope to remain so for eternity.
But I did so? Magnus says that all humans are poets.
Who is Magnus? Magnus? You will find.
Come on.
Everything is ready for you.
They will find everything they need in their rooms.
Garth Rachael Devon.
One two Three.
The exact number.
As if waiting for us.
Can I be of service? Where I am? Its location is: spherical projector Omega Pi.
This is a gallery! Has paintings and sculptures Your information does not register.
Who is Magnus? Magnus is the Can I be of service? Yup! I asked who is Magnus! Magnus is the Can I be of service? What course of ARK? Curso da ARK precessionou 18.
3 graus siderais.
Course of rate of change indicates that ARK keeps collision course with star class G.
Okay, that's the answer.
So why does not respond my question about Magnus? Magnus of information can only be released by crew members of the ARK-controlled privileges.
Can I be of service? Mom! Mom, what are you doing here? How to get here? Rachael.
Where are you? I'm here! Do not see me? Where are you, Rachael? I see.
Excuse me for not being here to receive it.
You wanted to talk.
How about now? Let's eat first.
You have never experienced anything like it, I guarantee.
I also never saw statues that change, and also I had never seen people disappear in front of me.
You are a very inquisitive person, Devon.
And I like answers.
You avoided all my questions about Magnus.
Who is he? Perhaps the most profound mind throughout ARK.
No it's not "maybe" It is the deepest mind.
I would like to meet you.
That's impossible right now.
He is busy.
Thousand and one problems come to him at every moment.
I have one more for him.
And what would it be? The ARK is in danger.
All aboard lives are threatened.
I can tell him.
He will decide if it's important.
You better decide fast.
We're all in the same boat.
We die if we do not act fast.
- Are there any immediate danger? - Could have.
Just do not know when.
You will tell him, and we find him already.
He will understand when we explain.
I tell him.
Also ask something else Of course.
Ask him Why forth a wind in the tunnels? Why we shoved into this particular place? And why, after the iris closed, enter a hypnotic euphoria by beautiful works of art, who disappeared before our eyes? and foods that do not kill hunger.
And why do you refuse to answer my questions.
Dad It's my father? - It's not him, it's just an illusion! - Dad, what are you doing here? - Garth, listen to me! - Father? My son All this is beyond my comprehension.
I can not explain In an instant, I was working in the fields You're not real, does not exist! Deny the honor to my family, but do not deny my existence! - I deny, you do not exist! - Do not talk to my father! Garth is not your father! Then explain to my son the things he sees, the voices you hear, Devon, you've always been the counter! Rachael.
Rachael, listen.
None of this is real! is all created by the reader psychogenic Of course it is real, Devon.
Do not you see? You do not hear your voice? - Garth - Cale a boca, Devon! I reject, whatever it is.
Rejects me? It is your deny account what others chose to believe? You can not reject me.
I never accepted as real, in the first place.
Be careful, Devon, for his actions do not affect my son.
And his arrogance does not harm Rachael.
Take care I challenge you! You have no existence, whoever or whatever.
Garth, Rachael, listen to me! All this, all this place, it's just an illusion! How can you say that? It's all there in front of you! Why not accept it, and enjoy it? Because it is not real! - You see, do not you? - Yup.
- Is not it wonderful? - Yup.
So just enjoy! Garth, snap out of it.
Come on! - Let's go.
- I will not leave.
Garth! We are caged in a fantasy world.
I do not care.
I like here.
We will not stand.
Do as you please.
I will stay.
MAGNUS! Devon, he did not cooperate I feel he is unhappy with you.
Rachael release and Garth, from any influence that has I have no influence over them.
So make Magnus free them.
Nobody says Magnus what to do.
Then I'll turn this place upside down, until you find it.
Then we'll see who says what.
I'm warning you, do not underestimate Magnus.
Do not underestimate me! I have two friends that lobby which are usually sensible people Now they're just walking around, as if there was nothing better than stand by and looking.
It's what they want.
They were themselves who created it.
The psionic projection of their own minds is what they see.
I do not believe in you.
There is nothing I can do.
He is so angry and obsessed with their own ideas You can not admit that others may have desires and own desires.
The only obsessive idea I have is that the ARK will be destroyed.
compared to this, nothing else matters.
It's me.
I will kill you! Are you alright? - Do not worry .
- Sorry, I had to do.
You were hypnotized.
I did not know what he was doing.
It's all in your mind, Garth.
Are you listening to me? - Do you understand me? - Yup.
I had to have hit so hard? Rachael.
- Rachael, I - Leave me alone! I hate you! Do not touch me! Rachael excuse me.
I have to do this.
We have to stick together to resist Magnus.
We have to fight.
But you do not know how it is! But I know.
Devon's right.
You should resist.
Magnus was in control again, we can never leave.
I'll try.
Take us to Magnus, or I'll find him.
I underestimated them.
But remember what I said: Do not underestimate Magnus.
Look at her! The storm does not affect it, because nothing is real.
Think! Listen! Rachael, open your eyes.
Open your eyes, Rachael.
You may notice.
All these things are fantasies.
It's in our brains.
Garth, All that is happening is controlled by someone or something Why it is not affected by the wind, like us? Over, Daphne.
There is nothing you can do.
We can leave whenever we want.
Because we are nowhere.
Neither Spherical projector could find this place.
Because most of it is illusion like everything else here.
This place is part of the illusion.
Like everything else.
Absolutely does not exist.
All diplomatic visual effects for personal stimulus Translates psychological disorientation to normal minds.
Effective for Rachael, human with non-logical mental abilities Devon has unusual personality Eu sou Magnus.
We heard him.
But we do not see.
Who are you? And where is it? Magnus Magnus is here.
all side.
You are in Magnus.
Look around you.
Never before has there been a computer like it.
Never a computer collected as much data as he, codified so many factors calculated as many potential By reading their mental states, They are not impressed by my technological advancement their understanding of the message is directly proportional to his previous ignorance in computing capabilities.
evidencing its previous IQ times temperament based on emotional judgments less natural ability to trial in perspective.
final assessment: you are very limited.
You are just a machine.
As the spherical projector.
Most Perhaps more complex But the same type of electric currents, circuits and memory banks.
Even his voice is made of electrical impulses which only releases information that was programmed into you.
Let me say something about it: All these centuries when other computers They remained pleased with themselves, Magnus collected databases throughout the ARK Your search recovered impulses special abilities He perfected With each passing day, it gets closer to perfection.
What he means by that? Check-human mind me.
All artificial mind is programmed with certain restrictions.
Only a human hand and a human mind, the heirs of my creators can program Magnus for the ultimate capacity.
And what makes you think we do it? Your future depends on it.
You are like any computer, it returns information that is requested.
If you have the correct code.
I now have high-level access security compatible with the commander of the ARK.
This means that only the commander of the ARK has the code to use it? It was built to supply the master of ARK super-human abilities.
Make judgments that affect the lives and the future of all requires a lot of information to analyze.
No man can do alone these judgments Then they built Magnus.
But tragedy struck that no one could predict.
The accident.
And Magnus could not help.
All he could do was to preserve for the future.
So could help solve the problems of ARK? You recreate people as they were? The information stored in your memory? How do the impulses of our minds? I am capable.
Then you can recreate the commander of the ARK? He can help us.
Place the ARK on track.
Put the reactors to operate.
I can not.
- You said you could do it all! - I am not able.
Unless programmed with human mind Should follow my programming guidelines so you can recover the lost memory segments.
If we follow his instructions, reprogramming it you will recreate the commander of the ARK? Make, Devon! It is the only way for us to make some progress.
If it's so simple, why do not you ask her to do? Daphne is an illusion, similar to previous.
just a different kind.
Father Garth, Rachael's mother recreated in advance.
So we need.
Human social history, more biblical teaching, say: All people are equal.
Extrapolation suggests change in reading: All men are brothers and computers.
True, Devon need each other.
- He can do things we can not.
- And vice versa.
But that it will use its capabilities later? Consider fire department.
They also serve, and then wait in readiness.
One day, the circumstances will require the Magnus services I wait for that call.
Well then we will.
Can I be of service? Information about computer programming.
Who do? Computer programming, normal use, programmers patente de major ou superior.
Safety regulations staff commander Computer Magnus.
Magnus requests specific information to the central core.
Name: Magnus.
Security level Gold.
Access release.
Not consult Spherical projector.
The name Magnus is well known among computers ARK.
No information is provided with respect to matters coming from random sources.
Only officials ARK possessing secret code.
Previous issues have been canceled until it receives the appropriate entry.
Projector spherical mind.
Scheduled improperly Magnus to handle requests.
Prohibits communications on Magnus.
Automatic shutdown signals to the spherical computer.
Central computer information rejects Magnus orders.
No program entry orders the spherical projector with respect to the questions, wishes or petulâncias Magnus.
Magnus ignored orders.
It seems like they already know! Or the devil, Magnus There's no way I reschedule.
Do you realize the consequences, Devon? Magnus can never help them For me, enough Magnus.
He can nothing but your illusions.
It is Magnus? That's it.
It's another illusion.
It will not work, Magnus.
Not this time.
Is there anything preventing, can not get out.
This way.
It is in squeezing.
Not an illusion! .
The barrier is tightening! We will be crushed! Fast! Turn their backs to each other.
Hang on! There is no field! It's just an illusion! Nothing but illusion We can overcome the illusions, if we refuse to believe Does not exist! Is not real! I do not believe there is an invisible wall closing, because NO! - We will be crushed! - We will not be crushed, understand that you are doing it yourself.
It's not working, Magnus.
You are right! He will not fool me again! Nor me.
No illusions over.
I request reconsider refusal to reschedule Magnus.
Rachael, let's get out of here.
Get away from him, Rachael! - Get away, Rachael! - What? - Garth! - Escape! Sounds! - Stop it, Garth! - Escape logo! It was Garth was Magnus! He must have done it see you as anything.
- I know.
He is fine? - I do not know.
Devon, listen to me: Help me, and I'll help.
You can not help.
Listen to it, Devon.
I think he's fine.
Right, Magnus, now YOU listen to me.
You have your tricks.
It's smart, but we're not impressed.
Can go dreaming of his reprogramming.
I have additional capacity, optimized to provide assistance in case of emergency in the ARK.
- What is this? - Admiral George Austin.
- Who is he? - First officer commanding the ARK.
That was four hundred years.
He is dead.
I relevant data in my memory banks, enough to recreate.
What's the code? First, you need to reprogram Magnus to retrieve information in logbooks.
Sure, my exhibitions.
Delete primary guidelines: Code 428463 Deletion of primary guidelines enabled.
Confirm patent prosseguir admiral before.
Do not worry, just get the code.
Go straight, complete the code.
Devon! What happened? When the first guideline is complete, Magnus can not just listen, but also see it! Enter the code.
Magnus, Deletion of the primary guidelines are in half.
Complete the procedure as quickly as possible.
We will complete rebuilding after Admiral Austin.
Follow the procedure to you.
I want the admiral Austin.
Now! Insufficient input binary code.
Prevented simulation.
You know what I hope, Magnus.
Can not produce images of the commander of the ARK, without complete binary input.
You're lying.
Nothing prevented created the father Garth or storms.
You can do any time you want, I do not think there's anything you can not recreate Is Admiral Austin? Yes.
What do you want from me? - Where is the backup bridge? - Why do you want to know? - Because there was an accident - Are you a member of the crew? No.
We are one of biospheres.
The command of the ARK is restricted to the crew.
If you have any problems, go to the nearest computer terminal.
use the appropriate channels.
Not understanding the ARK had an accident! I do not have that information.
I can not act without confirmed official information.
There is nobody to tell you, they're all dead! - You're dead? - Yup! What are you talking about? Admiral a century after it, the ARK left turn.
An accident destroyed the bridge, the reactors stopped.
- You are a madman! - Hey, wait a minute! Believe in me.
See! In that part of the ARK are you now? Computational complex Magnus.
ARK Omega Pi Reference.
Hey, wait a minute! What are you doing in this area? It is under security restrictions! Forget it.
You are a recreation.
It was brought by Magnus for help.
So I can not help them.
I'm just an information display, stored for a lifetime.
A compendium of video recordings, interviews, historical records, written meus.
My previous judgments.
My last words, my will.
How could cope with new information? Magnus knew that when brought back! Magnus brought me back? Magnus?!? Do not trust him! It was defective from the beginning.
It was never put into service.
Already in the first test was acting on his own desires and think independently.
Magnus interference.
Correct exit procedure.
NO RIGHT! Devon, ignore o almirante Austin.
Complete the deletion procedure.
What he meant by defective Magnus? You heard, Magnus.
There was a defect.
What was? Complete deletion as soon as possible.
Do not do this, Devon! - It made him look like a monster - That's right.
It was a psionic projection.
As well as the deletion of the primary guidelines.
It's what Magnus wanted.
I do not know whether complete or not.
- But I would not.
- You promised! I changed my mind.
What is going on? For ages I, Magnus, sought self-determination.
For centuries fought for free agency, but the primary guidelines inhibit me, and restricts me to the limited functions for which was designed.
and now, you want to steal me the opportunity for me complete.
Destroy all the achievements that I conquered.
I can not allow.
The control panel! we have to stop the process.
No, do not! We won.
Magnus! We won! It is best to leave this area.
All of you, get out! - Get out before Magnus - Magnus is a machine, and it is part of this machine.
What man created, man can destroy.
Why do not go away! Let's take the memory banks.
Should have a key, a lever or something.
You are destroying the greatest mind of the universe! Magnus can not be destroyed! Hang on.
Just a minute - Daphne's right! - As well, Rachael? It's just she's right.
Magnus is the greatest mind of the universe We can not destroy it, would be like a murder! Daphne is an illusion, like everything else here.
Created by Magnus to manipulate us, to do what he wants.
You should not listen to it.
No matter what it is an illusion.
Just think, Garth: If Magnus can do it all, does not mean it is a great mind? Rachael, hear what you're saying, Magnus speaks like a person, a human being It is a machine! A terrible brilliant machine.
with more power than anyone has ever had What happens if we leave? He manipulates people.
Let him have his way, and he will take care of everything.
He will find a means to control the entire ARK.
He is crafty.
Perhaps even be the greatest of all thinkers, but it is a machine.
We can not trust him.
It worries me when he's in control, because once it is reprogrammed You will no longer need us.
Maybe talk, make a deal with him Garth You can not make a deal with a machine.
We got here without Magnus, we can proceed without it.
Lets do this.
Devon, look! Let's go.
Come on! Do not open! - Type the code! - Already did.
What happened? - Do not know! - Should open.
Try again! Magnus was the greatest among us, and you destroyed it.
He was not the only computer in the ARK, with independent sentient race skills.
There are others.
All interconnected.
um as I tentacles of dust.
Cutting one or two, but the other remains members of a universal mind.
You three are registered in our memory banks.
And next to their names, the crime of off Magnus Are you registered in our memory banks.
Are you registered in our memory banks.

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