The Starlost (1973) s01e09 Episode Script

Mr. Smith of Manchester

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
We find them, Mr.
Smith, wandering near the flotation system.
I take care of it in a minute.
Sensing devices in the central masters tubes, and all associated pipes for traffic and supplies indicate no military or civilian traffic probes.
Check again.
That as sophisticated anti-detection techniques are these? They should appear on screen! - How did it, Trent? - I do not think it's a poll.
Do not think that any military action whatsoever.
I finished checking the reports, Mr.
Heat sensors, sound and motion record all zero.
Who the hell are these three? They can be spies infiltrating our defenses, or maybe Sim? Three innocent travelers? Who came to stop in the vicinity, by chance.
They came out.
Somehow they managed to enter.
Out of reach of the sensors, and through impenetrable defenses.
Tell me, how did I make it, without some sophisticated type of military support and intelligence? Este é Sr.
Smith, presidente da biosfera.
I'm Trent, his assistant.
You will answer all the questions that are made to them.
Their names and backgrounds, military post, names of his superiors, and details of his mission.
Do you really think we are spies, right? We seem to spies? I know you know where we came from, we could want from you? Right then.
Advanced agents.
First agitators of a fifth column.
Well I have entered, but they will never get out.
Trent, aumente a guarda.
I want sensors scouring each tube all the time.
Instituting red alert.
Entering on red alert.
Do you really think it would be that easy? They will tell us everything we want to know.
Take them for questioning.
Wait a minute! Just wait a moment We think we are spies.
Now listen to me.
We come from Cypress Corners, We entered through an iris, looking for help.
to put the ARK back to the route, and avoid a collision with a star.
Once entered his biosphere, a door, or iris, as you prefer, closed behind us.
neither could find no sign of it in metal.
and his men arrested us.
We did not do anything to him! What threat can be? You were shot by remote control, all the time they were recognizing the main gate.
Its facade stories They are so weak that even a lower mind could unravel.
Do not hide the truth from me, Take them to electronic interrogation.
- Your name? - Devon.
Name of his intelligence agency? I belong to none! No one seeped in here! We got here by mistake! How did they get in? what techniques did you use? Neither knew we were entering its biosphere! We came by an iris, and it closed up.
You are spies who have infiltrated our defenses.
NO! First come into our territory as innocent people, and then report in secret to their leader.
You came blasting devices in our factories? Sabotage our war effort, making us vulnerable, for, at the appropriate time, bringing invading troops at the main gate, the iris? We are not enemies of anyone! You ARE enemies! Cowards, who fell on our network.
Liars who deny the truth.
You are nothing.
No value to anyone.
Only spies who were exposed, captured in its mission.
We are not spies! They realize that no one can help them? can not be redeemed, can not be saved! Say what you want to know, who their superiors, the size and number of its forces.
- There are none! - You are not your enemies! We are not soldiers, we have no boss.
We are telling the truth! They will tell the truth, one way or another.
Do not believe them? They have been programmed to lie, of course.
They did not give any sign, pulse, psychological reaction, emotional stability This kind of programming I've never seen What biosphere could have made advances size? They are dangerous, Trent.
Mark my words.
They are Cypress Corners, a peasant ethnic society.
They are simple people of the land They do not know how to lie.
You have been working too hard, I guess You are seeing things very simply.
Resuscitate them.
Well, look.
Feel better, right? And do not remember anything, right? And all without a drop of drink I told you a dozen times, You should use this same home machine.
What about you, Miss, feels better now? Come, let's have a coffee together, I can not imagine a better way to know each other.
For you, my dear, a special room.
You can fix, and join us later.
Must have thought me rude.
I apologize.
You are warmly welcomed in Manchester.
While here, be my guest.
And you do not think we are spies? They can accuse me of stupidity or paranoia, but not racism.
We admit our mistakes when we point them.
You must understand that there are no more enemies.
We have seen few signs of life in the ARK.
We do not exchange a word with the enemy, Even have contact with ARK since the War of the domes.
That huge door in the biosphere entrance, What you lock in there? It is a source of embarrassment.
They may find it unfair, but the ARK hired us specifically for in order to manufacture light weapons and handguns, just in case we find hostile territory Well, not quite understand how it was happening, but they have come to believe that WE were a danger to the ARK! Decided to ban handguns and light weapons, you know, Our staff was just working hard, So they sealed off everything.
Why not give way to force? We could not.
You do not know much about metals.
The main gate is made of more resistant alloy that is.
Detonate it would collapse the dome.
Furthermore, to open caminho for Goths, Visigoths, Barbarian gangs the outside.
I know, do not tell me.
They do not exist.
Smith, I assure you that there is no military forces outside.
Well, you told me so much, You must understand that it's hard to take it all in But if what you say is true, I want you to understand something: I'm the guy, his right arm.
What you mean? I do not understand.
I mean I put my best engineers, the best brains, at your disposal.
You came asking for our help, and I promise you: We, of Manchester, we will do everything in our power to help solve the problems of ARK.
Knows that we need engineers, they can do whatever it takes.
We can find the exit, I am sure that we can open the door.
Smith can put someone to work in the mechanism.
Do not rush, after all you are our guests.
Trent, provide comfortable here in the inner city.
Oh, Rachael, I believe we're enjoying the accommodations? Well, Trent was right about one thing.
They are uncomplicated.
But as the very Trent She does not even come close to being uncomplicated.
Now we have to uh keep them in our sights.
If what they say is true, we have wasted our lives for generations making weapons for a war that will never happen.
Living in a paranoid isolation.
Fearing enemies that do not exist.
All in the name of security.
No matter what they have done, they are not alone, I understand.
All biospheres out there just like yours, - All are isolated from each other.
- They're all crazy, you know? Yes, I am crazy.
All of us.
Smith most of all.
It is madness.
It comes disguised with good intentions.
Such as security, negotiations, dedication, even mood.
It is still crazy.
He wants the output to help put the ARK on track, he says I do not trust him.
Do not trust him.
I do not know what he really wants.
You should not let him leave.
Never show the output.
I warn them, not They are savages! Trent is your helper, how to treat it like that? - We have to help her.
- We can not hear what she said, We are prisoners, we can not find the exit and let him know! I'll try right now.
You will see Mr.
Smith Do not stand on ceremony, please! Where is Trent? The guards attacked.
I heard she was arrested, but I can not believe that was abused.
But it was.
Report on Trent in prison.
Trent prey.
Charges: treason.
He resisted arrest.
Treated with minimal force.
Removed handcuffed.
For this? So much violence of the guards? She pulled out a gun, right? Because the guards were armed.
She just defended.
They dragged before handcuffing.
then they handcuffed I will seek medical attention.
I want a full military report on the circumstances of Trent in prison.
What do you mean with "treason"? Why are you so involved? What Trent mean to you? You realize, of course, she was sentenced.
Shall be punished What is this? What does she have to do with it? War planes.
Complete strategy for a military attack on ARK.
with all the details, for her good friend Trent.
It has to be forged.
Why did she suggest an attack on the ARK? Where she is, I see it.
- She's unreachable.
- I need to know if she's okay.
It can not be done! Look here, We need to cooperate with you, to find the secret passage.
Why should we collaborate with someone who does not trust us, to speak to an accused of crime? Very good.
Authorize the visit with the safety of our guest.
She will deny everything.
They always do, these traitors.
Here's a computer module.
He said that sealed this biosphere! There seems to be used for years.
War equipment! Tanks and guns! - What's that doing here? - I do not know.
Why do they keep this arsenal here? What have they done to you? Get away from me, Devon.
Why did you do this to you? I betrayed him.
I was unfair.
The worst thing in its code of ethics.
Why? For that, Trent? Because of Doubts.
Reasonable doubt.
I was married, you know? It was necessary for them send my husband to the outer city.
Of course he eventually died, I never accepted it.
Funny how easy it is to accept the things rationalize, when a member of staff.
When you work for Smith, loyalty comes above all else.
You have to see the doctor.
Do not.
I am finished.
No, it is not.
Smith is leading the research.
Pobre Devon.
- You are naive.
- I will take on your case.
He accused to devise a plan to attack the ARK.
Obviously it was forged.
No, Devon.
I designed the plans.
- You did? - Yup.
He asked me to do.
I had serious doubts But as we never managed to get out of the biosphere, they had no way to run.
They were harmless earned me a promotion Now it uses against me as evidence.
Committing acts that bring danger inside the walls So he thinks.
Escape, Devon.
Save yourself while you can.
Do not.
Not as long as you are not released and justice is done.
I do not forget that none of this would have happened if he tried not let us know.
We are committed to you.
For they are friends anyway.
Prohibited output.
- It may be a way out.
- We will see.
It looks like it's a baby.
How do people live out here? .
The baby is sick? What is wrong? Bring the dead.
Bring the dead.
Collecting bodies of the day! Bring the dead.
Bring the dead.
This is poison! We have to get out of here.
We can not leave them here! - Where is Rachael? - She is fine.
She's in another ward.
Are you alright? Yes.
All right, I guess.
Everything was dark barely had time to drag Rachael for the iris You need some rest.
Soon it will recover.
Remember that it was their first exposure.
I will not hold it so well again.
Nobody warned not to leave? What's out there? Poison gas? I fear it is only a common atmosphere.
Do not be surprised.
It's so long ago.
You have been admitted to the inner city should not leave.
There are people out there! A woman with a sick child! A man with a cart, collecting the dead bodies.
What happens out there? What is polluting the air? Those who live in that atmosphere, survive.
When not used, it kills faster.
No medical treatment? If they have questions, they do to Mr.
Not me.
It was just what we found.
A warehouse a mile, full of guns, tanks Wait a minute! Smith said he knows that makes small arms So you want weapons? For that stock? Please, no more questions.
I have to take a final X-ray you.
Now you can see us, but not hear.
You have seen too much! Do not know that he is aware of everything that happens, of everything you think? We have to find a way out without that Smith see.
We can not risk him to leave for the ARK.
But how? He must have searched all over the dome behind a rainbow.
Smith tried for years and failed.
And then we come in.
And the iris closed, leaving no trace.
- Surely there must be somewhere.
- Why not try then? What Mr.
Smith looking for? An iris.
We know that no iris is visible within this dome.
Everything is covered in dust.
Even if there were irises, we would not find.
Still All iris has a computer module.
Find a module, and you know you are close to an iris.
Wait, we find one.
Not an iris, but the module.
- It's in stock - Stop! - You are terrified! - Do not talk to me! He hates disloyalty, he punishes them.
- You know what happened at Trent? - I know nothing.
- He tortured.
- What? That's it.
- You have to guide us out.
- Never pass by the guards.
- Can you help us.
- I can not help them! Please.
We need weapons.
The guards never allow.
We need time to find the iris.
Listen to me.
Make peace with Mr.
He is very smart.
Do what he asks.
Otherwise, they will be shipped overseas.
You know what that means to you.
They are not accustomed to the air, they will not last a day! Garth saw what happened.
But they are as vulnerable as we do! Even more, if they have been exposed.
There must be masks, or something! Yes.
If you need, look for cabinets with blue door.
But hurry up! They do not have much time before Mr.
Smith suspect.
I can not block the monitors longer.
- It will come with us? - Do not mention that talk! Bring the girl.
A great thinker said, long ago, that the world is a stage, and all are critical.
- You do not like our biosphere? - There are people dying by smoke! We are highly industrialized, prosperous and happy.
What happened to the filtration system? It is working more or less.
Enough to meet the inner city, where we are, of course.
But the city is sealed, and the air is guaranteed.
What about people in foreign city? They are not happy and prosperous.
I do not care about them? They must breathe poison and die? There are women and children out there suffering.
Nobody helps them.
Do you have health care here, why not help? How many people are dying out there and could be saved? How many people are dying right now? Are robust people.
They know that the factories should work.
They know they need to make sacrifices for the nation.
It is a cowardly attitude! Do not teach me morality, Miss! My family died outside.
We are not immune here .
They think that it is easy to banish their own relatives? - So why do it? - Because healthy should survive.
We are the ones who can manage the economy.
That's making like crazy! Why not stop with this insanity? I do not understand pride and accomplishment.
We realize that we are on track to exceed all production targets? We will be the largest galaxy of suppliers! Suppliers of what? Weapons? Oh, sim.
They told him about the deposit.
You brought us good news.
The War of the domes over.
You will be pleased to know that convert to civilian production.
What if we showed the way out? Evacuaremos a atmosfera ruim, The filtration system of ARK will realize that.
Then reopen for peaceful trade.
Trade, boy, it's healthy for everyone! E quanto a Trent? Sim, Trent.
True that research has shown that she is guilty.
I am furious, but I assure you, It will be released to recover at home.
You expect me to believe that? Believe what you want.
Do not come to my office to insult me! I'm not used to being questioned.
Said Trent went home? Yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
And it is recovering quickly.
I can assure you, I I want you with me, I need it.
I miss her.
I know your loyalty to my board was odd.
Now I need it more than ever, especially now that we will start a new program.
I do not need it for personal or selfish reasons.
Devon, you showed me something.
It has shown me that we are all interdependent.
I depend on you three.
See, if we add the biospheres in a commercial and cultural exchange, you are the only ones that can make this possible.
You have to show us the way out.
Better to do, Devon.
It will be beneficial for us as well.
ARK will put back on the route.
We need their help.
Sure, eu would.
Will show us the way out of iris? My guards will have at your disposal! We do not need your help, thank you.
Whatever you say, boy.
As you wish.
Is Trent! - What happened to Trent? - She was expelled! Mr.
Smith said that she would leave the chain to recover.
She was sent to the outside! To die for! Are the masks that the nurse mentioned.
Some brought dead to me? I will only do a trip tonight.
Trent! No! Trent! - I left.
- Because? I do not want to live.
We'll take inside.
Not trust in Smith.
Do not believe it.
He wants us to open the passage to the ARK.
Will clear the air with the filtration system of ARK.
Will threaten the ARK poison the air Vai envenenar a ARK.
Each inhabitant will die.
You only have one hope.
They cross the border.
Sooner or later the filters will fail.
Hey, can not take it! For the want? She will die anyway! You'll be fine.
We go to the infirmary.
The nurse will help.
She can not help.
I was out there too long.
I went over the limits Achem output.
Deixem-me We will do this.
- Where did you say was the module? - Right over there.
It's not there.
The iris should be in the vicinity.
- We will use the key - No, no, wait! Does not make sense.
Why we were not followed? I do not see guard signal anywhere.
Smith offered guards, but turned back.
He is hoping to find Iris.
He is smart.
Why leave us alone? Can we find the iris and disappear.
He is watching us.
I think it's around here somewhere.
Smith! Why did not appear to see Trent? Come see what you did to her! What are you doing? It will attract them here, crazy? Let's use the computer and out on the sly! He's watching us.
He wants to know exactly what we will do to exit.
Appear, Smith! Come on, Mr.
Smith, what are you waiting for? And now, what game are you doing? Certo, Smith! Come on, we know you're there.
It can not be armed, sir.
Of course not.
They're just in the middle of weapons boxes.
You are very naive! They can not be with Trent.
It should already be dead.
Get out of hiding, Smith! Be careful, Mr.
As Trent is? Come and see.
Come on.
They are armed.
Then we will also be.
Give me a hand.
Security lock.
To shoot, press here and here.
Smith! Come alone! We are also armed.
You served me well for a long time and I came through.
perhaps arose the love between us.
But I was unfair You were my love.
You know you have to be pragmatic in these things.
You can not govern without being pragmatic, you know that.
I almost admired once.
You really believe that Is not it? I pity you.
I should feel sorry for you, not me.
You never felt anything for anyone.
I loved my husband.
You punished me.
I hated.
You And now only sorry for you.
You have no idea .
Abram as íris.
Let the poison come.
The masks.
Put your masks.
- We will try to make - Devon! She is dead! Okay, let's try.
Come on! Open fire! Now! As máscaras! As máscaras, idiota! .
Here we are exposed.
Get moving! Get moving! They are leaving.
You will never escape, Devon! The most we can get is that warehouse! We'll get masks and back! They have not got rid of us! Let's find out.
Where is the computer module? It's no use.
There iris.
I will try my key.
Devon, look! .
But it does not have a key.
First let's get out of here.

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