The Starlost (1973) s01e10 Episode Script

The Alien Oro

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Xar planet chamando scoutship 531 Xar planet chamando scoutship 531 YTM proceed on course, to investigate interplanetary foreign object, now visible in long-range micro-trackers.
Identify the object, but do not try to make contact.
I repeat: Identify foreign object, and immediately return to base orbital K7.
Explorer ship 531 emergency reports.
Emergency reports.
Scout ship reported 531 emergency.
Xar planet chamando scoutship 531 [ Xar pronuncia-se "ekzar" .]
Warning: depressurized area from that point.
Space equipment required.
Gravity switch must be used.
Port number 1 must be sealed before opening door number 2.
Warning: depressurized area from that point.
Gravitational units and required autonomous life support.
- It's just repeating what is written.
- Why is it depressurized? I will try to formulate the question.
Why the area beyond the iris is depressurized? What happened? Depressurization occurred.
Sim, we know! Why??? Sound level is above acceptable levels.
Please sua moderate voice.
Moderate ??? Listen, if you do not know the answer, why not say so? Garth! Calma I said, why the area was depressurized? The atmospheric integrity has been broken.
- It is a module or a biosphere? - Module.
It may have been in the crash of ARK! When this accident happened? 0320 outer.
April 3, Earth year 2790 AD.
It was less than a year.
- What caused the breakdown? - An external force.
What force? No information on the nature of force.
Only one way to know.
Devon, come here! Is anyone in there.
Where? There was a woman there! - Garth, there's no one here.
- She was right there There are others with you? I made them a question.
There are others with you? Yes.
Many others, and they are looking for us.
Tell the truth, to cherish their lives.
Do you have weapons? Raise your arms.
I said to raise your arms! I want to know who's calling the shots.
- Devon! - It's okay, it's just a voice.
Lembra de Cypress Corners? A "Voz do Criador" It's ok! If I open the iris where they came from, you go away from here? Do not.
I will not make promises to a voice.
Why not let us see her? I mean, how many of you are there? Who are you? What they want? Who are you? Eu sou Oro, de Xar.
Bom, eu sou Devon, de Cypress Corners.
What happened back there? - It happened? - Yup.
The module wall was smashed, as if hit by a boulder! - A stone, indeed - You know what? Your questions will be answered.
What do you want to know? That's the woman I saw.
What do you want to know ??? Let's start with names.
I'm Devon.
I heard.
- Who are you? - Ygrek serial number 9B2 Also known as Idona.
Where are you from? Already said.
- Is the name of a dome? - A biosphere? Yup.
- As Cypress Corners? - No, not like Cypress Corners.
This man who claims to be de Oro Xar.
Where's his dome? Xar is a planet, the nebula Xenaphon.
Planet? Saying it came from somewhere else? Other How did you get here? Garth! Realizes that if he came from another planet, certainly can replace the ARK on the route! Rachael, you can stay here? Be right back.
He can not leave.
Unless Oro permits.
For that keeps us prisoners? I understand that they are fugitives.
All fugitives are prisoners until they escape.
We may be fugitives.
But we become wanderers and explorers, trying to save our world.
You are not trying to rediscover his world.
No! We are trying to save him.
Idona is a fugitive? Or you? I am what you've become.
An explorer.
Coming soon very soon back home.
In its dome women do this kind of work? In his different? Sim.
Cypress Corners women beat butter, make bread They sew, sometimes work in the fields.
Garth is who does this kind of work, it's blacksmith.
How many children do you have? I have not yet, I'm not married.
Married? For a moment, I thought you and I pray But he said it came from somewhere else.
Not to disturb talking about these things? What are you doing? This does not concern you.
Excuse me.
I will not disturb you more.
I've never seen anything like it in ARK.
The way it is here, I doubt you've seen.
- Do you really done? - With the help of Idona.
- Where did you get the materials? - Wherever we had available.
Are you saying you've been taking the ARK parts, - To use for other purposes? - It was raw material.
No good for anything else.
How do you know? And if we need it to reactivate the ARK? You can not.
It is a manifest impossibility.
I mean who knows about the accident? We learn in Xar.
It was observed and recorded at the time.
I'm seeing And yet, no one did anything to help.
For such a powerful planet, It is good to have such an advanced society Devon, what is your ARK? A spark in the universe.
But you were not ignored.
When the route of the ARK was close enough, one scout ship was sent.
- So you - Yes, I was in charge of the mission.
- Then came help us? - No, I told you.
Your situation is hopeless.
So for all this? Para mim.
E para ankle.
To ensure our safe return.
DEVON!!! - How you are called? - Why does it matter? - The important thing is what it is for.
- I know but It is easier to talk if we know the names.
- I mean I did not know his name, and - Yes.
And now who knows ? Good I'm just never met anyone called Idona before.
I can help with that? What is this for? You did not answer my question.
Look, I'm blacksmith I mean, I was in Cypress Corners.
I never had tools for a job like this.
I've never seen a woman so using tools before.
Eu sei.
There Cypress Corners, women beat butter, They make bread, sew, sometimes work in the fields.
- How do you know that? - Rachael told me.
- Where is Rachael? - Surely not know.
- Because? - Well, I do not know You should be walking around.
I worry about her sometimes.
She should not be here.
Maybe I should be in Cypress Corners cleaning, cooking, sewing - Yeah.
Something's wrong with that? - No It all depends on who you are cleaning cooking and sewing DEVON!!! So, Devon, The hole in the module was not caused by a stone, but it was the responsibility of a small defect.
which resulted in me missing the port of landing.
So all this only serves to help you and Idona to return to Xar.
What do you think? I did it myself.
Traveled through the tubes, discovered supply modules, In one of the modules found Idona, Considering the primitive state of its technology, its ARK It was built in a very ingenious way.
Exactly how you plan to return to Xar? You said that the ARK can not be repaired.
Out of the question.
It's all right.
I'll take that for now.
Thank you.
So how are you back? Walking? His young friend shares his curiosity.
- Rachael? - She has just discovered the answer.
- Where is she? - She is not in danger.
Where is she? Devon! ABRA A PORTA! Garth, he is repairing his ship with his own hands! Part after part.
Do you know what that means? Sim.
- That he's good with his hands.
- Good?!? It is a genius! I know more about the ARK than I dreamed of learning! Yeah, you know.
When finished the ship repair, it goes back to his home planet.
- Do you know what it takes with it from? - I know.
Sim, my eye.
Mas, Garth, it takes something even more important.
All you know.
His skills.
Everything your people learned.
Ages experience.
You really think he can save the ARK? Yes.
Very well done.
Continue with the installation.
Air? Can you save the ARK? If I could No longer.
For any of us.
There is no time?!? Xar is part of a solar system.
The ARK will pass through this system, and for a brief period we will be close enough to launch.
A capsule tem limited in scope, if not leave the launch window, we will not have another chance.
For you, maybe.
But I can stay.
I know it is not easy to save the ARK.
But it lasted so many centuries after the accident It could not last another? It should not matter to you.
The ARK, there is no longer for you.
- I know you told me - But I do not want to believe! A life that ARK na Suddenly it became so precious to you? - Idona! - I am fine! You are weak.
- Give me.
Let me do it.
- I can handle it.
When the launch window open I want the capsule is ready for you.
My eyes? A janela.
The window is open! - Garth, Rachael, where Oro? - Just left.
Because? He said that when he finished his ship, will help us! It will not be that way.
Why not? You know the message he was expecting? - A partida para Xar? - Sim.
It has already received.
What is this? Something that I need, and you do not.
Why do you believe? How do I know we will not need to repair the reactors? I want you to show me where the reactors, NOW! No longer.
The message I received said I already know The window is open.
And go away soon.
Must go! But I never see my world again.
You need to understand.
I understand one thing.
What are you doing is stealing.
The idea to steal mean anything to you? Old material, found in excavations in Xar, can be used How to fight in Xar? .
I never touched you.
You have bones? They break if they are achieved? I'm warning you: You said you would do anything to return home.
Because I do everything to save mine.
You are a fool.
What is your mother like? She's beautiful, like you.
- When will you get some rest? - There is no time! I have to help with the ship.
Mine, Men in Ygrek, what's wrong with them? He said he never saw men over 18 years.
They died.
Barely lived and have died.
They say there's something in the air, and we have to be breathing it! - I could not stay there.
- I could not have children Then I ran away.
After all, in Ygrek, a woman can not raise children.
So I pray found.
He saved my life! He found me choking.
So I want to help you now.
You know, I do anything.
After you reactivate the computer, I'll need help in the final stage.
Would you help me? Of course.
If that's what you want.
Go ahead and prepare the pieces.
I will then.
Where are you going? I'll need some special tools.
I'll get them.
You saw Devon? He was looking for Oro.
I did not see.
I'll stay with you.
- Stay? - Yes In ARK.
I thought I pray need you on the spacecraft.
He can get along without me.
I created an automatic device to assist in navigation.
I understand.
Already told Oro? I plan to tell before departure.
It's useless.
You will not use it.
It is trying to appeal to my conscience? Make me feel that I am abandoning you? Not me I think I was asking too much.
After all, you have a chance to escape.
A chance to return home.
You are right.
And Idona has a chance to escape.
Idona die if you stay here.
- We will all die if nothing is done - In her case is imminent.
Something happened to the atmosphere of Ygrek centuries ago, possibly caused by the accident of ARK.
Gradually, the people of Ygrek adapted to the changes.
Women better than men.
But now, they can not live long outside the biosphere itself.
I mean Idona It will not survive more than a few weeks.
She must come with me.
Does she know that? She knows that the only salvation is in my hands.
Once everything is ready, I will help you.
Can I stay with you, Rachael? Why do not you ask Garth? Do you know? Wow! He must have said something.
You can tell.
I do not know what he feels for me.
In any case, it's a new feeling for him.
You must understand, take a break for it.
Do not tell him why I decided to stay.
Why not? I do not want him to feel I do not know how to say it indebted to you? - In charge - An expression of Cypress Corners.
I get it.
I will not say anything.
Except I want to stay.
Except you want to stay.
I told him I would only pick this up - How much longer? - Do not talk, who spends most breath.
It seems to be raising a horse.
- Are we there yet? - Just a moment.
Get away, this thing will fall.
I'm not holding.
- Let me help.
- Get away, will fall! Garth! Hold on, we will help.
Hold it! What are you doing? Will ruin your work! Will not be able to lift with it turned on.
They can raise.
My dream Are you all right? I am fine.
And you? I'm OK.
I must return to repairs.
- There is still time.
- Not enough, of course.
Is weird.
I had no home, and wanted to help Oro to return to it.
Now he can not.
Oro will help us now that will stay in the ARK? Yes.
He has not thought about it, but will have to stay here.
It is in his interest to help us.
It seems so hopeless I hope not, for the sake of Idona.
My eyes? She will die if you stay here.
- Die? - Oro told me.
I suppose you can save it to Xar.
According Oro can.
He's doing it to believe it! And you, and Garth! will convince everyone should take it! - She has no choice? - Yes, Devon, she has! She wants to stay here, with Garth.
She may only have weeks to live.
How can you be sure? And even if you are sure, she loves him, Devon.
She told you that? Did not have to say.
I can see for myself.
And loving him, she wants to spend every moment that remains with him.
But I can not allow, can I? Garth! It can not be true! Oro may have invented it, when she realized that she was not with him.
I do not want feelings of anyone.
Or pain, or love.
Or disappointment.
- I'll know if it's a lie.
- Where are you going, Garth? Do what it takes.
Save her.
Perfect fit.
I would not hurt done.
Eu appreciate, I did not know that anything you are doing is for me.
Must make final preparations.
I'll be in my quarters.
It is almost over.
We need to hurry.
My eyes? - I can help you with that? - No, not this time.
It's almost ready.
See! Screws handmade.
He said he does not use screws in Xar for thousands of years.
Go ahead, I guarantee.
I do not go, Garth.
You have to go, you can not stay here.
- Why not? - It's not safe to stay here.
- You get tired easily - And Xar will be much better? Can be.
Oro said I'm not interested in Oro or Xar said.
I want to hear Young Garth, Cypress Corners.
What do you say, Garth? If you say a word, I am.
I can not.
- You do not want me? - Want you? Oh, Kitchen! I am the owner.
You must decide for yourself.
Computers on Xar sent the flight plans, They said the launch window is still open, if we leave now.
Idona, hurry up.
No longer.
I assure you, if sending help or instructions - I'm not going with you - But you must.
- I told you - I know what I said.
I decided not to go.
That's what I chose for my life.
The time is now! Now! And you are sentenced to death.
- It was my decision, not his! - But he influenced.
Look what you did to her.
I want There is still time to save her.
Can I use the life support system on my ship.
I have to go, or the window will close.
Take good care of it.
Maybe someday see again.
Control Xar planet calling ship operator 531.
Control Xar planet calling ship operator 531.
Enable automatic navigation module computer.
RT-499 course.
Launch time range 0080012-030 Control Xar planet calling ship operator 531.
Control Xar planet calling ship operator 531.

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