The Starlost (1973) s01e11 Episode Script

The Astromedics

A gigantesca terranave ARK adrift in deep space for more than 800 years in the distant future Its passengers, descendants of the last survivors Dead Planet Earth.
locked in separate worlds, Heading for destruction, less than three young people can save The LOST STAR Devon Garth, what!? My head is spinning.
You can open the iris!? The control panel is there! Give me your key.
Help me ! Keep an open iris, I get it.
We have to get medical help for him! From where !? You know one of biospheres.
There must be someone! I had a Medical Section at the Bridge.
It was deserted There must be some other Medical Section! Here, I'll talk to the computer.
I can be of service? Yup ! Devon is hurt.
We need medical attention, please! Declare specific position of the individual when injured.
Was the Computer Sector Sonic.
Is there anyone who can help!? The message will be passed on to authorized personnel.
No, do not go away.
Please ! I need to talk to someone! A human being, not another machine! Yes, Captain!? Emergency call: Sector Sonic.
Nature of the problem? Not stated ! Okay, standard procedure.
Docking procedure, set the course M16 sector, Dock Port 12.
We have an emergency in Sector M16, alert all staff, Jean.
Yes, Doctor.
You'll need me, Chris!? I think not, Martin.
Come on, Jean.
Not good, Rachael, no one will come.
Someone will come! Please, you have to help him! The bio-signals are below 3.
Let's move it.
Exposure to often! Where you will take it!? For medical or module 7.
Where is this in the Ark!? He is not the Ark, uh What happened here !? If I had not stuck my head in that chamber Devon would never have been wounded.
The sonic device is to destroy micro-organisms, not people.
Destroy!? He just stood there shortly.
That's all it takes.
Come on.
Let's see what we can do for him.
Garth, is not it!? Sim.
Eu sou a Dra.
Jean Pelletier.
I think you better come with us.
That girl may need you.
After what I did with Devon, Rachael will not want me around.
Who pulled out? I took it out.
Then you should have saved his life.
Oh, please wait here.
I'm going to the infirmary.
I myself will make full diagnosis, Martin.
Of course.
I just thought to take him to the medical specialty work better.
I think I even said it.
Thank you.
Oh, please, write these readings Cerebrospinal Processing, 66257331 Mullet died, 66472115 Telecéfalo, 66543992 Mesocephalic, 66472592 We are learning the exact extent of the damage.
How bad is it!? We will not know for sure until all the numbers are quantified.
Chris will not be long.
Try not to worry.
He looks so pale! This was a huge shock to his system.
How do you know that !? I have some knowledge about the numbers.
Nothing yet !? Momentarily We are expecting some moderate damage.
Possibly labyrinthitis.
If you have nothing better to do Martin, I suggest you go monitor the communications console.
We have other patients! Who is this old man? That's Dr.
Martin Trask, one of the most eminent neuro surgeons medical biosphere.
Medical biosphere!? Come, we'll talk in my office.
Chris does not like that they are diagnosing for him.
You heard how he spoke to his father.
His father!? What about Devon!? It is in capable hands.
Hard but capable.
Extensive cell damage, labyrinthitis Dano de senso postural.
The respiratory control is still good.
Damage engine is higher on the left I will say this Put it in the resuscitation unit MS, totais motor apparatus.
E se o EMR dele passar de 3.
000, I want it immediately prepared for the surgical procedure 7003.
I want a better recovery to reach the surgical level.
There are five modules as this medical throughout ARK.
Medical calls are transferred by biospheres.
Originally there were many more, but or they have been destroyed, or disabled when the disaster.
So you know about the accident!? Destruction the collision course of ARK, all We know but there is nothing we can do.
We were trained for a specific task.
Provide medical assistance where and when needed.
You know, with our current team we can only meet one tenth of our duties.
But if you have a crew that can navigate this module, Why you can not fix the course of ARK? Well, the ARK is much more sophisticated than that It needs expertise for those computers.
The codes, controls the data propulsion more knowledge than any of our staff has.
It is all meaningless.
Our search, questions and attempts for what!? If your staff can not do it, what chance we have!? For all this started!? Devon is almost dead.
Rachael has nothing on her head but concerns.
EU What about you, Garth!? Nothing ! You know, you have to stop blaming stay! Who else can I blame!? To Devon!? Garth you know, and I know that Devon would not blame you for what happened.
You have to be strong, because maybe it has been left for us.
If Devon does not recover, I will not get without you.
You mean you still want to continue!? We'll know soon about your friend.
You have determined what procedure? He had damage very extensive.
And the answer to uh the EMR, what we can do is to use the 7003 programs and applying plasma to help prevent the cells from being destroyed.
What all this means!? I will tell you directly, there is a very slight chance that I can save the life of his friend.
There is even a chance it can be normal, but It is more likely that he has no salvation.
I feel Dr.
Trask, medical emergency! Biosphere!? No, Doctor! An alien spaceship.
Where is she !? You can not be sure.
It is sometimes mixed.
But it is definitely a call for medical assistance.
Let me see ! Let me see Lethargy fell on our crew heavy movements rambling physical Funções I request immediate medical help! Without knowledge of this virus! We have to get to them! But who are they!? What can we do for them!? Chris, we have to know more.
Ask the Captain to get the coordinates when we get to reach.
Aliens! this is the real challenge! What about that your man!? You heard me before.
They're almost dead.
These creatures are alive! I may be able to keep them alive! Request medical help Critical situation I need specific coordinates.
Can you provide it? We will provide Wait for grid coordinates We have their coordinates.
The computer will look for the star-browser charting the course.
Requesting information on their mission Seer ship Galaxy CG-2111 on a mission of exploration The Galaxy has 742 of the people of our planet Villion.
The same requirement biography Module 7 linked to medical Earth ship ARK, in realocamento mission inhabitants in habitable planet.
The coordinates indicate that you are on a collision course with star class G.
Changing course is advisable.
Unable to do this.
We need help of experts and new coordinates and propulsion data.
If successful medical help maybe we can provide help to you.
Establish their position, Captain.
Good ! How long before we know the situation on fuel and return time? Are being processed now! In a few moments, sir.
Ship's commander Galaxy Seer CG-2111, we have the position, now recalculating data possibility to reach them.
It is imperative that you do so! The medical crew here is unable to determine the factor I'm transferring you to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr.
Christopher Trask, for further consultations - You have nothing yet!? - I'm doing a check, Captain.
Early indications show a very narrow margin.
We can get to them!? We can get to them, sir.
The problem is we can go back again!? How is he !? There is no change! We have to do something for him! I do not know ! I do not know ! Did you eat something!? No, I can not! I want to stay here ! Let me bring you some food.
Garth leave me alone.
You have not done enough!? Excuse me.
I do not mean it! No, you're right.
I've done enough.
Look there he dropped like this he did not even know we're here.
Maybe you know! But when he wakes up I want to be here.
I want to be the first person he sees.
I want to be the last! Dr.
Trask, is there any hope for him!? From what I heard, you do not seem to have any doubt.
I do not know if I'm lying to myself, or if I'm trying to make everyone else believe so you can believe as well.
Believe can be a very strong thing.
Almost as strong as the will.
An extraordinary thing about humans It is that they have a strong desire to live.
I suppose that's what is the ARK the survival of humanity.
This man here Devon With all its fabrics fibers, nerve endings cellular structures, and something that men of medicine do not really understand.
This special will to live.
I think that's what has kept alive so long.
So I think he'll be okay? Judging by the readings and usually stable condition, I think that if we operated it would have better chances.
So why do not the works now, immediately!? It's not me, girl! These hands Those eyes No ! It has to be Chris.
- So I want to see him.
- I feel.
At this time my son seems to be totally involved with this alien ship.
He will not waste time leaving the communications room to such a long and delicate operation.
But it could help the Devon! First he has to operate your miracle for the aliens, after that if not too late, you will deal with his friend.
You are his father, can not make it!? Forcing him!? Dr.
Christopher Trask is the team leader on board this module.
Once I went, until I felt it was time for a younger man take over.
Chris parecia a logical choice.
If you could not reach the aliens and you operate immediately!? My understanding is that if we we were not able to reach them Captain would not be getting ready to board.
That is not fair ! Devon could be the one to save all ARK! We should be doing everything possible to help you.
It is my understanding that the aliens can help us too.
I fear that the fields of Chris They are fully justified in doing this for this purpose.
And it may well be right.
Were you able to determine the rate of deterioration in their stockpiles.
Negative deterioration food storage in crystallized form not deteriorate - Chris - Commander you could - We have to talk! - There is no time ! Then get time! Do you have a patient who needs you now.
Commander ah you could do another reading I want to know the specific rates of decline in the body of your personal It will take some time We are many We support immediate departure to meet our ship.
Our output is momentary, Commander.
Please readings, I wait.
Why are you so agitated? Do not you think I have a reason to be!? Do not answer a question with another question.
Do not be so so negative.
You became obsessed with this alien, with the idea of ​​trying to save them.
Do not you think that's a worthwhile goal!? These aliens are in deep space, unable to help themselves.
A small change in direction will put us near, and I intend to take advantage of this small window as I can afford it.
What about Devon!? He does not deserve your best efforts too!? Yes, if he had a chance of survival.
But you know he has not.
Not what your father thinks.
Now do not start playing Martin on top of me.
It has its share of mistakes.
We all have.
Including you ! It is just possible that Devon can be saved.
- If you operate now! - No ! No ! That's impossible! These aliens are far more important.
I thought a man was as important as many.
Or you do not support this theory more!? Yup ! I support this theory.
And I do not start making me look like a man cold and heartless, you know very well I'm not.
Correction I knew you! Let by last!? The past may be all we have.
Jean what I'm trying to do here these aliens can be of great importance to us.
They they possess advanced technology.
They know about astro-navigation.
They can for this ARK back on course again.
Even lead us to a habitable planet.
This is not worth the life of one man!? Valley!? I do not know the answer to that, Chris.
You have to decide that for yourself.
Jean I feel can not be the man you want me to be.
And I feel that you can not be the man you want to be.
Medical Module 7 on takeoff, reactors shooting to escape velocity.
Worsening situation Please aconselhe You have those new readings for me? We have the Okay, pass them to me and I can help them.
I'll help you Devon ! Devon ! Please somebody help me, please! I just took a nap and he fell.
No, do not! Martin, he needs Telemetro.
He needs is that operation for a living.
That's what I'm going to give him.
It will take some time until we have a visual contact.
That's something I'm looking forward to seeing.
Calculations should be very complex? Everything is done by computer, provided the system to guide the docking procedures.
It's all these buttons and controls!? Well, not everything.
But it helps a lot to know what the controls do.
If there is any miscalculation and you need to stop, what do you do !? Stop!? All !? Well, there's abort key there.
And it puts us adrift until redispararmos reactors.
Astro something new in the readings What did you do !? I stopped the ship, Captain! You idiot, you put us all in danger! Now get away from there! Tell everyone to stay in their place, Captain.
Or I'll push all the buttons on that island.
- You want to destroy this ship!? - No all I want is that Dr.
Christopher Trask works or Devon.
Now, when I know that he will do this you can continue to go to your alien ship.
It is too late ! So let's go back to the ARK! You seem to not understand what I'm saying.
This is a medical ship! And we pledge to save those aliens! Our own lives are secondary! Devon comes first! Not our fault help compromise the integrity aliens and those throughout the ARK in danger! Now, we do not know what kind of creatures they are.
We do not know what they are capable of.
We have to go to them.
But you you threw out the coordinates.
So that when we get to the aliens it may be too late to go back to the ARK.
You did not help your friend.
You condemned! And all of us Nave da terra ARK Medical module 7 our scanner indicates you are drifting I repeat You are drifting Let me talk to them, at least.
It's ok.
But be quick! Commander, you hear me!? We're looking forward We had accidental abort I repeat: Accidental abort! Necessary to recalculate the course.
You want assistance!? We'll let you know.
Please wait.
We'll wait I repeat Urgent that you continue the course of interception The situation is hopeless level Now I understand the seriousness and the extent of your actions!? If Dr.
Trask had operated Devon, this would not happen! It is not in my control.
This ship is my responsibility.
By the time that we will be able to rebuild that course and reach the alien ship there will be enough fuel to get together to ARK! We arrived at this to abort the flight! Captain what's going on!? Why we stopped!? Man Garth.
He aborted the mission! Put this ship moving.
These people need us! Negative! We are unable to take the doctor's command module.
What are you talking about !? Garth remains close to the control console.
He said he refuses to leave the less you operate his friend.
Ah Garth, Garth.
Do you hear me !? I hear you.
Oh, Garth, what you're doing it's wrong ! It is wrong and dangerous! Your friend you can not be saved.
You hear me Garth, his case is hopeless! I do not believe in that ! His father says he can be saved.
My father is an old senile! Ah Garth, you've seen for yourself.
I diagnosed the Devon.
Believe in me.
It is beyond saving! But Devon is comfortable.
He feels no pain and will stay that way until the end.
Garth, you have to understand that Devon's going to die! There is nothing we can do for him.
Garth, you have to understand that Devon's going to die! There is nothing we can do for him.
Cale-se Chris ! Jean what you're doing!? I will tell the truth Garth Garth listen to me Devon vai ser operado.
Pelo Dr.
Trask ! - But he just said - Dr.
Martin Trask! And contrary to what Chris says his father is anything but senile! He is a brilliant man! He allowed himself to be banned and buoyed by his son to the point that has lost confidence in itself.
But it is gaining that confidence back, and he will try to save the Devon! Martin Trask was the Chief Medical Officer on duty at the Medical Biosphere.
He gave up a very comfortable life to join the Astro-Medical.
And he brought Chris as his assistant.
Now, as he passed the job to Chris he could retire and go back to that comfortable life.
But choose to remain in the active! Garth, can you hear me? Sim! Jean's right.
My father is the best there is.
Now we can please! Do something about making this module walk!? Astro give me new coordinates.
We have to find those aliens.
Captain, we can lose the window for us to get back to the ARK! When we get to the aliens Yes Yes Yes.
I know that ! But maybe we can ask the aliens to come to us.
Take it gently.
They will bring it in anytime now Still feeling guilty, huh!? - I do not want to talk about that ! - Because !? Afraid for out your feelings of guilt!? Do you like them so much!? What difference does it make what I feel!? Devon is what is important, not me! Oh, no Garth! That's where you're wrong! - That's what Rachael said.
- She is right ! Look let me tell you something about the guilt it can affect you for life.
I know, I've seen the effects! It's bad in a certain dynamic sense of his friend's condition.
I know what you're thinking: "Why not happened to me?" "Por que o Devon" !? You continue to think that way and will happen to you! Look what you did at the Bridge! It's how good your fault! Yeah, I guess I should feel guilty about it.
Oh, you will not! You will not change a fault with another.
I do not allow my patients to do so.
Patients!? I keep forgetting that you are a doctor too! I am a doctor and go! I find out what makes people behave the way they behave and try to help them understand themselves.
That's what I'm doing for you, Garth.
Trying to help you see that what happened was a a fatality! A chance to happen a stupid accident! Not his fault.
Not the fault of Devon.
No one's fault! So take it slow with himself.
I will do my best, Dr.
They said I could wait here Yes, come and sit down! I would like to thank you for everything you did to help us.
Strange as it may seem, I feel that you are here, is helping us all! They're bringing him! Let's take readings on the temple and the divisions of the hall.
All Vega factors and try to achieve a nerve.
Continuing sentence Disease rates in personal increasing Lethargy, relaxation and weakening the rhythm of heartbeats Commander, I'm not getting any as it relates specifically to the symptoms of your staff! IT IS no prognosis because the alien nature of your body Dr.
Trask, here is the Captain! We have data to get the aliens Very good.
Go ahead, Captain, I I am not getting success so far in my diagnosis.
Nothing nothing !! I'm missing something, I know that! But what, what, what, what ? You have our data, Commander It is feasible!? If your drift rate remains constant We will intercept in section 775 49211 Is there any way you can reach us sooner!? Our computers show Negative It is a high risk factor, Captain very high ! Yes, yes, I know! But we have no choice.
Comandante da nave Galaxy Seer CG-2111 we'll keep the drift situation, hoping that this factor favors Devon.
Islands brand na restore the cells and the vestibular set.
Industry ready for input SA Martin Oi, Chris I assume you came to take now.
Martin, I need your help.
I help!? I dont understand.
The aliens.
I do not understand the code nor the information.
Our computers only relate to comparable human factors.
I have no data available to give them a significant diagnosis.
Sure Right! I I fear that my entuasismo got the better.
So let me confess something too, son.
Mine too ! I understand what needs to be done here, but it is past time that I could operate blindfolded.
But right now I could use your - Tunnel vision instead of hands.
- You'll help Martin!? On the condition that you assume there for me.
It's ok.
Good ! I'll see what I can do about your aliens.
I've always been a reasonable diagnostician.
The best Martin, you're the best! Some information is isolated in the marks there is extensive cell damage, and there are many nearby cells that contain information that must reprogram without much difficulty.
Okay, I'll follow its procedures, now you better situate in the case of aliens.
Let's not waste any time walking in the wrong territory.
The recordings will give you a total view.
Maybe you can come up with something, because nothing occurred to me.
Christopher Trask, Medical Hero Galactic Expedition.
Save your man and you will surely be a hero to them.
Okay, give me those readings isolated.
I will not go over again, I'm just going take of where Dr.
Trask stopped.
I'm sure that what he did is accurate.
Chris ! Sim!? Good luck ! Checking sensitivity between in their duct signs.
700225 Something is wrong somewhere! According to these figures, they should be within sight at this time.
It would not take much for these calculations take us miles out of reach.
We can not keep our drift factor as a constant! Even a slight disturbance in our galactic sphere could affect you.
Um I'm almost tempted to turn on the reactors and head for these coordinates! Mr !? I am a human being and not like feeling useless more than you! Captain! Look I understood you to say you have a heart with 3 cameras!? Correct.
So they tend to make fresh oxygen into the blood with this is no oxygen! Not registered please repeat.
No, Commander.
It's all right ! Can you give me specific details of certain brain functions Unbeknownst without anatomical training I'm interested in the hypothalamic region.
Particularly on the pituitary pineal body and related structures.
You can get these readings for me!? The information can be obtained We pass it directly from computers To the Noble Doctor.
Good ! Be careful not to inform about Let's deal with section by section.
Our computers are not here capable of dealing with a total input of its giant complex.
I understood.
Wait for restart Esfiridural syntax 922654 9.
Islands and marque para or SA.
Internal carotid pituitary side operation What's that !? What is it !? Humanoids in many ways, with minor differences.
The key these differences have to be Esfiridural syntax 922654 9.
Islands and marque para or SA.
Sintaxes later intercavas What is the time factor now!? 7.
8 minutes for the meeting, sir.
Hum And indefinitely for Docking procedures by computer to the alien ship.
What is the situation to reach the ARK!? It is not good, Captain.
I know she is not good, man! Just give me the time and I make my own judgments.
You have the projection time!? Yes sir ! 94 minutes prior to window closing, sir.
94 minutes This means that if we do not return to the ARK within that time, it may not matter.
Astro, when you I have a minute to spare, could please compute all the data for the ship's lifetime and all its staff.
And do not forget to include our three passengers.
This correction Not that room, Jim.
There is not much room to play in this area as it should.
Why are you taking so long!? It is a delicate procedure, Rachael.
I think it will not take much longer.
Please, why do not you sit down and rest? Oh, I'll be fine.
Garth !? He will live!? I think there is great chance that he will live! Because we do not know the extent of functional damage for now.
Functional damage!? Garth, I think you should be prepared for the possibility that Devon can not be the same again.
He may be paralyzed or your mind become like that of a child.
I'm just saying that can happen but it sure Chris will reprogram all bad sectors and Devon will be completely normal! If the Devon end like this your mind missing! He better not live.
Jean, Garth, acabou ! Chris !? He is alive.
All bodily functions have normal readings at the moment but we we still do not know if the Reprogramming of cells will remain constant or whether there will be variations when Devon wake.
Jean ah Martin still no word!? No discovery yet, but he thinks he's close to something.
Yes, that's what I thought too.
And what a bridge!? I have not heard anything from them yet.
Okay, let's take it to safety.
Commander I am trying to establish a exact nature of the virus.
In the affected areas, I can not describe definitive treatment until you make sure It could be dangerous for you We are at a point no other alternative If necessary, we are prepared to experiment on volunteers Well, just give me a few more minutes, Commander.
If I do not solve, try treatments blindly.
Oh, he's all hectic, but he's looking good.
He will soon wake up!? It can be any time now.
And you it looks like you could get some rest, Rachael.
I have to stay here.
All right, I give a checked it later.
Trask Thanks.
Do not thank me yet.
He seems at peace.
He'll be fine, Garth.
I know he will.
- Maybe - You will see! He'll be just as it was when we return to the ARK Rachael, we can never return to the ARK.
We will, Garth! Any luck, Martin!? Sort of? I think when attitudes do not work, that's all we have left.
How's your patient!? Our patient is well, it is now with him.
The temperature is a little high but she'll download soon.
Temperature!? Sim! Wait a minute You are playing all the data!? Not only the data on the hypothalamus.
I can not stop thinking you have something missing You must have heard! A temperatura !? Clear why I did not see!? No neuron to dissipate excessive heat.
What is this how is it possible!? I'm not sure, but I have an idea When they said that they had hearts with 3 cameras Get me the original data they gave us, uh especially relating to the home planet of them.
No neuron in the hypothalamus, because they do not need them! You're right There is a constant temperature in the home planet! They do not even have a concept of heat and cold! Their temperature is always the same! So it does not regulate its temperature because they They operate on the basis of behavioral control temperature instinctively when they are heat they change to a cooler area.
When they are cold, they move to a warmer.
Their behavior resembles that of reptiles.
Reptiles, heart of 3 rooms You know what it all fits!? Look into skin structure data It is reptilian Oh, if it's a heat issue so why they do not instinctively resfriaram!? As !? At home they could do this instinctively.
Because the environment said their patterns of behavior, but in a spaceship they created an artificial environment.
Which is obviously deteriorated.
You can prescribe measures to be taken, Doctor!? I think it solved, Commander! It is not a virus problem, I think is a temperature problem.
Devon oh yes, I'm here! The Garth is here too! Ah, Garth Are you alright !? Yes, I'm fine, Devon.
That's nice ! You know, I was afraid would not take you out in time.
You took, Devon.
You removed ! Oh good The temperature in your spaceship increased? The temperature is in the normal point.
You can lower the temperature? For that purpose!? Is it hot in there! That's why his people are suffering.
You are stubborn called Devon!? I'm still feeling a bit paralyzed but overall I'm fine.
The feeling of anesthesia will pass soon! I thought you might like to know that Chris and Mark They may have solved the problem of aliens.
Then we can go back to the ARK!? I do not know ! The bridge is working on the problem, but I will not deceive you our chances are very small.
It is less a matter of a few minutes, sir.
I can not see how we can proceed.
By the time that we trace the position of the ARK, It will be too late! Even though doctors have dealt with their problems we can not anchor!? Yes sir ! So The aliens live we die Yes sir ! Our life support systems can be maintained for 16 full days before hopefully you falhem systems! Maybe we should go and atraquemos with you Wait Commander.
Yes, it is!? The alien commander, sir We want to tell the acclimation seems relieved to have the conditions Remarkable and rapid recovery rates in all cases less extreme I believe for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment prescribed Commander, you can keep the temperature constant!? All indicative data is positive We are grateful for the efforts made on our behalf You are totally welcome, Commander.
We were just doing our job.
Humans of Earth spacecraft, ARK, seem to be wonderful creatures Thank you sir.
I would like to speak to your captain Our understanding is that You will lose the window to return to the mothership Its two delays excessive time to calculate coordinates It's nothing for you to worry, Commander.
Our duty was clear! Indications are you still have the window to reach your ship I suggest immediate departure You wish coordinates? Commander!? You can give them to us!? We calculate your course from the first contact The coordinates can be transferred to your computer instantly Commander, sim, please! How fast you can! Wait for coordinated transfer They are entering now, Commander.
We feel that time does not permit additional help course change Earth to the spacecraft ARK Suggest that problem is treated with priority otherwise, spacecraft from Earth, ARK inevitable destruction Goodbye, Captain Goodbye, Commander.
We are proud to help.
We are ready, sir! Wait to restart the reactors They are going away Do not go work out much for a few days, Devon.
Make sure it rests.
Doctor, you know what I do not leave us much time.
I will ensure that you rest! I think you have to keep your eye on them, Garth! I always do! Nem me fale, Garth I have the feeling that I do this with these two Emergency! Emergency! Biosfera M23 Well, it's us
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