The Starlost (1973) s01e12 Episode Script

The Implant People

A gigantesca terranave ARK, adrift in deep space for more than 800 years in the distant future your passengers descendants of the last survivors of the dead planet Earth locked in separate worlds heading for destruction less than three young people can save The LOST STAR O que te deu, Devon !? Bring us to this place.
Garth be quiet and try to get some sleep.
Sleep!? That dirt! Rachael does not complain as much as you.
Rachael is too tired to do nothing except sleep.
You have no right to bring her here ou eu ! Very tired, Garth.
Do you know.
Yes, very tired! Not too tired to bring us to this hunt .
Wild! Locked in the middle of a tunnel may support near the bridge.
Or halfway to an early grave.
Oh, Garth vá dormir ! Ahhhh .
What is this !? What's going on here!? What you want !? A guy quietly stole my beast.
I came after him to get it back.
The Rouloff does not have enough to worry him than to be sending guards behind innocent children!? I do not know what this is all about, but I am not guard anyone.
Feche a grade ! Wait a minute, my friends are back there! Who are you !? My name is Garth, I come from another part of the ARK.
Look, I do not want any trouble, so do not get me none! No no no.
We will not give any work! We never do that! Please you can ensure Rouloff we are simply doing our daily tasks Look, I told you! I do not know this Rouloff, and I am not guard it! All I want to do It is take my friends out of this sewer, and try to find someone who might help us here! You are a stranger here! That's what I'm trying to tell you Your friends They are also foreigners!? We are all foreigners! Find friends this man and Bring them here! Sooner or later we have to rely on someone else! Perhaps now is the time! What's your people? And those things on their heads!? In our society is the Elite.
Incipient the greatest honor that can be imputed to man.
We are the Implant people! I do not like what I have heard, Dumal I have always attended to his wishes faithfully, Serina.
What about those reports of division among men of the Council? If we advise you properly we must have freedom! No one is denying their freedom, Dumal! But their first priority is develop some business programs to the people! We have always done our best to fulfill our obligations Council.
I respect the views of the Council, but I really hope my programs are implemented with a reasonable speed! That's exactly what we have been doing! Really !? My information It is that there are raw data on the very simple materials business.
Surely all we're asking It is a simple vote in the problems that are presented.
Exactly! Mused you know that I have the interest of the popular heart.
Why there has to be these delays and, and doing what is best for them! Maybe it's just because the Council members feel that they can contribute more for proposals! They never questioned me before! What can they possibly add!? I do whatever is in my power to see that the people is well fed, well housed and I'm giving them the best in social benefits.
Of course ! But if you go out and see the people! You know it's impossible! I do not want any more discussion on this subject Certainly! A city tour! I think Serina It became perfectly clear.
I feel, Serina.
That will be all, Dumal.
We warned, Dumal Serina will be presenting new legislation in a few days and it would be better if there were no delay in approving them.
What I think must be said, it is that there will be no delays, Serina.
What's wrong with them, Rouloff!? They know that I give my best.
See the measures that I introduced to ensure that all have decent housing, but Now, with the wonderful implant Professor Brant to increase the efficiency of the brain to its maximum capacity.
There is no limit to what our people can achieve.
And yet they fight me every step of the way! Most of our time is to manufacture the implants! It is a slow and delicate business this leaves us little time to research in other fields.
These things you deploy help them work better!? Yes, satisfactorily functional, yes! They do anything else!? Oh, sim no ! The implants stimulate us.
They make the brain function at peak efficiency! You all seem to be scared, why!? It is difficult to know where things started to go wrong perhaps with the implants.
Perhaps with the death of Loren.
What we lived was a sense of wonder here.
Aspiring for better life for all but now Serina keeps us locked in chambers and Her Advisor is the first You mean Rouloff!? I said too much.
That's not safe.
Ahhh Sometimes I do not know what the right thing.
Loren always knew.
Loren está dead, Serina.
Sim and I'm alone.
But you have me.
You have made a great effort to comfort me.
You have also been a good friend.
But Loren was my husband.
Oh, it makes me feel good.
You work too hard, Serina.
I wish you'd let me take some of the burden.
You do enough.
But it would do more.
I want you to accept my advice and wear an implant.
You work much better with less stress and worry.
No not until all people have their implants.
And then I can die.
People will have implants, but first the other.
Yes, first the others.
It's hard to know who to trust.
I want to believe that you are my friends, but I can not know for sure.
Now look Teacher, all I can do is give you our word.
We no longer know this place, beyond what you told us.
But one incident in which his bow was stolen, It is typical of children here.
That dirty little boy live here!? This is how all the people live, but we just piled up here, and The Council.
Because !? You have high-tech here.
Means that can produce a lot! If Serina is so, uh devoted to the ideals of her husband, as she leaves this kind of things happen!? She does not know ! I'm convinced! Now that she's locked in his quarters, listening Houloff and accepting every single his suggestion Why do not you say to it!? We can not reach it! But it is foreign you may be able to get an audience with her and if you tell her what's going on, which really are the conditions, She can do something! As for the Council, we can ask for help to them!? They are afraid! We all have fear.
Fear, fear of what!? Do Houloff power That power!? Do not resist.
Go peacefully, please.
No, wait a minute.
Do not resist, Garth.
We do not know what these weapons can do.
You ask for our help and do it!? We do not ask for your help! We do not need your help! Please leave us alone! Foreign a different biosphere interesting! We came here by accident.
There is nothing we would like more than to leave as soon as possible.
I will assume that you are not enjoying it here.
This whole place is deformed! Deformed!? People here seem to be in mortal fear of you.
You have this strange power over such a Serine All that you have learned with Professor Brant? It's correct ! Garth ! Oh no ! It's all right.
Nothing you have to say surprises me.
I see that I'd better explain a few things as well.
First of all you did not see anything for themselves.
Are you based your judgment on WHAT Professor Brant told them.
Should not we!? No, you should not! Let me explain we have a very serious situation here.
Serine is in mourning for her husband.
She locked herself in the rooms and decided not to leave.
She takes care of the affairs of state from there.
She does the best he can but is faced with the Council against it.
Every inch of the way.
I do my best to help and sometimes it means to be rude I admit.
But, It is for the good of the people.
So I decide what is good for people!? No ! Serina decide.
It legislates with fair proposals and progressive.
And people here, contrary to what the Brant told them, They are happy and satisfied.
They have a very good life.
What about those implants!? Those who have the implants are geniuses! At this time, only technicians and members of the Board have them.
But we are working for the day when every one of our citizens to be benefited.
Mas Brant.
and his associates, I do not support it.
They prefer to remain an elite group.
So whatever he told us is a lie!? What about that child!? Oh! That little with rags and fast with your fingers!? It's correct ! If everyone is so happy here, so why he walks around in stealing rags and desenformando people!? Well, I'm afraid you have to ask Prof.
Brant about it.
Professor Brant !? Sim! That poor beggar is the grandson of Brant.
He is the grandson of Brant!? The boy is mute and a bit delayed.
Something that is an embarrassment to his grandfather endowed.
Brant is a very strange man.
But I see that you begin to see that now.
Perhaps it would be wise, you have an audience with Serina and if you doubt any of the things I told them you can ask her.
What can you do to help us!? On this collision course where the ARK is!? I do not know if there's anything I can do, I I have no knowledge of propulsion or astro-navigation.
But however there is a possibility If you find that will help we can for implants in you! Just think of it.
Meanwhile, the guard has an outside door that will show them the rooms of Serina.
The biggest dream of my husband, It was that the people live their lives in peace and purpose.
And it has come very close to realizing that dream!? Sim! And I have a lot to thank Rouloff the progress made here.
Some people seem to be afraid of him.
Fear!? From Rouloff!? I think you may be confusing jealous scared.
Many people resent the fact that he is my confidant! He is aware of it and asked my advice.
What did you say to him!? To ignore.
Some people still need to clear their minds.
I hope that soon we can get over it.
When you complete the program implants? Sim! My only regret is that Loren is not alive to see it.
He encouraged Prof.
Brant in the development of implants.
Ironic to think that the teacher is the one holding back production.
But at least it has Rouloff to help her.
Sim I can count on Rouloff to do the right thing.
No Please Can not you see I feel? It will not happen again! Please ! I'm sure it will not, Brant! Gentlemen I do not mind repeating myself This Council is dissolved Serine can not stand it! What if I told you it was her instruction.
Ah ! I do not believe in that.
No one really cares what you believe or not.
Look Gentlemen Oh, you too, Duval! Wait Lord Dumal we give you a little touch of esteem in appreciation for their past services to Serina today.
Rouloff, have mercy! I do not like it, Devon.
Why !? The whole idea of ​​implanting something in your head we do not know exactly what it does! Well according to claim Serine and which Rouloff they can make a big difference in my ability to be able to discover how to solve the problems of ARK.
I do not know.
I think we should talk to Prof.
Brant first.
I do not know.
I just do not think he can be trusted.
I feel that no one here can be trusted! Rouloff, where have you been!? You left me alone to entertain our visitors.
Eu me desculpo.
We have some urgent business, Serina.
What is it !? I fear that the Council has resolved to dissolve.
I dont understand ! Why do such a thing!? They resent their progressive measures.
Oh I told him I had odds that they only cared about their own well-being.
I warned you, Serina! You wanted me from overpowering the Council We should have moved against them! Taken controls do Implant Center.
Now they took it, and use the implant in its own staff.
Loren dream is dead, Serina.
Good This should not happen.
If we take the Implant Center and deploy to all those who we can trust you may have a chance.
You can count on us.
Thank you, Rachel.
And you, Garth!? I do not know, maybe.
Serine, you'll have to have an implant, too! There is no other choice, is not it!? No ! It was what Loren would want.
All right, I'll do it.
The guards are waiting Devon, Garth, come with me.
We can reach Prof.
Brant before the members of the Council do the implant, and will implement in you first.
And then we come back for you, Rachel! And you Serina! I hope it's not too late.
I have to find it! There is no need to crawl, Professor.
I, I dropped something.
I know how you hate to turn from their precious implants, but I must ask you to implant these two men And who will be the first!? What about you, Rouloff!? I plan to do this after the Serina.
I think the first you would need to be deployed.
Devon, no time to discuss it.
Decisions have already been taken! No, they were not! Está certo, Devon I'll go first.
I need the key to the storage closet.
Both will work in reality.
All right, where's my bow!? Where's the other!? Brant !? I do not know.
I have not seen ! Vá Find-it, fast! Put this one in the chair.
Well, Teacher We have a new patient.
I am sure you do not mind making your small operation on him instead of me.
Did you really think I was going to let you deploy, this little dangerous device in my head!? Ha, ha do it, Brant.
Now, Brant! Your patient is waiting.
You welcome Garth.
Who are you !? My name is Dumal.
Chairman of the Board.
Sure, the former President since Rouloff dissolved our legislative body.
He said you have dissolved themselves.
A lie ! A lie about a lie, another lie about And this little fellow is Jardy.
Neto do Professor Brant.
Sim! And even angrier that his grandfather I fear.
I do not know how angry he is stealing a man's survival weapon.
He stole it for us.
To be a weapon for our survival.
That's right.
I want some straight answers.
Something that makes sense in all this.
Please Come, come here I'll by familiar with the situation and you'll have to judge the truth for yourself.
I'm listening Loren on the government several years ago, when this child was born changes Brant tried a device that could help you.
What he has developed It was a sort of brain stimulator.
It seemed to make us more aware! Sharp, with more awareness, and understanding.
If the implants are a good thing, I These implants They became a tyranny weapon! Brant experienced many devices.
One of them was this! That infringe wounds and the pain.
Rouloff forced Brant and his technicians, to deploy themselves.
The rest of us got caught in crops.
With modifications of the original stimulator.
Then we learn the truth We are all slaves! Slaves!? We do everything we can, to avoid that horrible pain.
Anything ! And since in Serina!? - She knows the truth!? - No ! She trusts all the Rouloff.
So nothing is done to the people! Nothing ! Most of them are like that poverty na constantly hungry.
You can fight Rouloff!? As !? When he has this power over us! That's why we need your help.
Yours, and that of their friends.
We need to get the implant equipment.
Remove these chains our heads.
But now, in the Implant Center, Rouloff said he was going to deploy itself.
So Devon !? It's a trick! Rouloff never would deploy itself.
Your friend is in grave danger! We need to take these deploy our heads.
And destroy Rouloff! Welcome Devon Deploy to the People! Garth was right I should have trusted in his instincts.
Personally I prefer to trust my intellect.
Have you ever felt threatened, not Devon!? Sim! And I've seen the corruption, evil but I've never seen a man with such greed before.
Devon please do not try to irritate him.
Now this is a useful advice.
An appropriate ticket for you.
Why Rouloff? Because I !? Why you deployed me!? I have not threatened you! Because I'm evil and corrupt.
You're not an idiot, Devon.
Why does everyone have an implant? Because it is a means of control.
Keep track it means power.
You can keep tabs on the Serina without implants.
Oh, Serina is a wistful widow.
She is impressed by my godly attitudes and concerns.
Moreover, I I think she sees some of Loren qualities in me.
And answering the question, the way it is in her chambers, she would never know if you're in heaven or hell.
I'll tell you something, Rouloff you do not control many men up here, just a few.
You do not control the people.
Oh, I leave poverty handle it.
They are so busy finding some bread to feed their stomachs find a thought for their heads is a luxury that they can not have.
I think I will not have that hunger!? You will get ! Where are they, Serina!? I have confidence in Rouloff.
You know what he is to me.
Look, I'll have to go look for them.
This could be dangerous! Dumal and others are out there! And from what Rouloff says they are capable of anything.
Why are you not here with me!? Listen, you'll be safe here, if I see anything that looks in trouble I return.
But please be careful, Rachel.
And if you can not find the Devon or Garth, Look for Rouloff.
Stay close to him and you'll be safe.
I will ! Now, can you tell me how to get to Implant Centre here? Come, I'll show you Here we are where we are And that's the Implant Center.
And now I think we better find his friend Garth.
Wherever you are.
He is too stubborn to want to fight us, Devon.
Please encourage him to accept this small reminder here.
No no.
I'll tell you the truth.
Ah, Devon ! I see what it is you have not had the pleasure your pain.
Already endured pain before.
Never like this Rouloff! Touch it and I go through you with this I think Devon will prefer Garth, you release your bow, otherwise I yank his head.
Rouloff when I was deploying Devon I had two implants in my hand.
I removed the main circuit of one of them, so if you look at what you're holding You will see that it is complete.
Good always has its head Professor Professor Professor, can you hear me? - Can you hear me ? - Yup ! Quitting Let's get out of here.
Others are waiting.
What other!? We'll meet in the middle of the climb.
- You think you can walk? - Yup.
I think so.
Professor, I must thank you You took a big risk in giving me the defective device.
But I did not.
That was a lie! We must remove your implant! And all others We can not stay here.
Rouloff will return with help.
Bring the equipment.
We should go to our friends! E quanto à Rachel !? Serina and how long it will be safe!? We are all useless while we have these implants.
We must remove them while we still have a chance.
Devon !? Garth !? Rouloff !? There finally.
Okay, Teacher It's your turn now.
It was a long wait.
You certainly understand how it's done? Yes, I think so, Professor.
Oh, espere The Jardy have to do it before me.
Jarda! He is not here Brant! I'll find it.
If anything happens to the boy I kill Rouloff.
Professor, O Garth vai encontrá-lo.
Now let's get this implant.
Jarda where are you ? Good Ola, Jarda.
It is a pleasant surprise, is not it!? You know what that is, Jardy!? You should.
Have you been out there several times, like a little mouse thief.
Do you want to take a peek!? This is a map where I can track the movements of my enemies.
And that's what they get for making plans against me.
That is the device that the explosive charges will detonate who will take care of them once and for all.
With them out of the way I can get rid of Serina.
Quietly permanently.
You sure you can do it calmly, Rouloff!? What a fool I've been.
A fool!? No Serine you have been a good and beautiful puppet! But negligent.
Yes, I can see that.
This child all my people are like that!? Most I trusted you ! - And he betrayed me.
- I did not betray you, Serina.
You betrayed herself locking themselves in your camera writing its legislation.
Do you think I would miss the opportunity to grab power for myself!? You never had a chance of that legislation passing! And the Council did not block me!? Was you !? Your advice !? Your Council was nothing more than a bubble, a shell that has not approved any legislation for years.
It's hard to tell where the Rouloff may be.
In his quarters no de Serina.
Even with the guards.
I know.
Where do you think is the most likely? No.
You can not think like a man that neither Rouloff.
It does not have a pattern of normal behavior.
It has a psychotic personality, and it is very dangerous! The guards are with him it keeps a small force.
On the other hand If you are cooped up in her own quarters, ou no de Serina so I think we may be able to catch him.
There is always the possibility that Serina it can use as a hostage.
Ou a Rachel ! Devon you and your friends are strangers here.
You should not get involved.
Not your fight! Serina! You really believed in small stimulator Brant brain, did not believe!? That device is locked for a long time.
As well as its precious Loren.
This gadget has a very different thing brings men to their knees It gives them a pain, so overwhelmingly unbearable that you can hardly describe it.
And neither do you in your wildest dreams you could imagine it.
But you do not have wild dreams, you have Serina!? They should be serene as its name, but I can promise you they will not be! What are you !? You are not a man! You are anything less than an animal.
Be careful, Serina! I'm not afraid of you, Rouloff! No matter what you think I'm a useless and stupid woman! To be used, to be manipulated for their purposes.
I do not care what you think.
But I am a Queen! And I will not kneel down due to no man! Jarda come here boy.
Come on.
Look at your queen, Jardy Look at she is the last of your lineage Ai! Ai! Uh ! Let the child alone! Stand sideways, Serina.
It is a valuable hostage, and at this point I'm vulnerable! You have me, do not!? Or am I not more valuable to my people? Jarda! Jarda! Are you okay Boy!? That ! What is this, Jardy!? A blast!? Down here !? Jarda where you got it!? Rouloff! He knows about you.
We have to leave immediately! If we lose the element of surprise he can easily dominate us.
I'm afraid we've lost the element of surprise! From Serina she left ! No! Jardy, come here! Escu Jarda The Garth is looking for you, now you have to find it.
Not the boy've done enough! I've removed the implant his head.
There is no need for him to get more involved! Teacher, while the Rouloff is loose, no one is free! This includes Jardy and all other children in this biosphere.
You know, it's obvious to me that the Jardy know what is at stake here.
Maybe it's a boy but has a very large world that little head! Maybe you should let him decide for himself about that, huh!? Jarda What did I do I did it for you! I was afraid you were hurt by Rouloff.
But I have been a coward.
You were in the middle of the fight.
Now I'd rather you stay out of it.
But you have to make the decision You know what is right.
Now What will you do !? Certo, Jarda We have to find the Garth.
And ask him to meet us at the top level of the mansion.
And tell him not to try to stop Rouloff alone! You remember the girl who came with us!? If you see tell her to join Garth.
Tell her these things we're planning, right!? Okay, go ahead! Be careful, Jardy.
Serina is Rachel, let me in! Serine, where are you!? Here I am, Rachel! I've been waiting for you.
Like Serine You can not stop them! Stop them!? My dear, I do not even think about it.
Let them have their little revolution You will probably do well to them.
Help them get rid of their frustrations.
You seem very comfortable with the possibility of his death.
My death !? How are they going to kill me!? These little men are all cowards.
Although they have probably done some things imagined how to remove the implants if not already done so But then where it stops! Do you think they will suddenly give up!? Oh, of course! See I understand these men.
They have fear in their souls.
All of them ! Let them have their little moment of freedom.
But you have to see they are afraid of me! The implants if they were removed.
They have nothing to fear.
But they fear me! Remove the implants does not change that.
They have been afraid of me for a long time! They are naive enough to associate me with your pain.
But Devon and Garth have! They will give them the courage to face you! But how they will fight if you are my hostages!? That's where we stopped they will not do anything to risk their lives.
So who will leader their revolt!? Brant ?! He wondered?! The leadership of them will dissipate in the wind but it is not relying on other members of the Council.
They should blame me for this poverty that plagues.
Oh, they do not smile at you, Serina.
After all, all they received from you was dissatisfaction and regret! I allowed myself to be under the influence I gave him my confidence.
You used this trust to destroy our people.
You destroyed our society! Serina not I just started to reach my goal.
After this foolish rebellion I will have it all! You'll have to kill me first! There you are, Jardy.
I've been looking everywhere! Where have you been!? What was !? What's out there!? Someone is in trouble!? Who, Devon!? A Rachel !? Rachel and who else, anyone else!? Who !? Wondered Brant, Serina!? Come on, show me where they are! He is not here ! He may have left the Mansion and be anywhere in the Biosphere! Not Rouloff.
This is the city of power! It can not be far behind! Very good take them inside, and complete the search at this level.
If you are not here go to the next level.
Where are you going !? You should not try to deal with it alone! He is a man with limitations I do not want him to fight the Rouloff, Brant! Sim, this could be dangerous! No, not that! I want Rouloff to myself! I was here all the time that the Rouloff controlled it.
That was the private chamber of horrors it! How many times, He tortured in this place!? How often do you feel that pain inside!? Never NEVER !!! They are here, Jardy!? Now how do I go? Where you stole it!? Me Escu Jarda I want you to leave now! Vamos, Jarda! Come on.
Rouloff! Are you prepared to use it against me? Se for preciso.
Liberte-as, Rouloff ! Oh, I'm not prepared to do this, Garth.
Rouloff I go through this with you straight arrow! Sim, eu I believe you could.
Garth, Devon is well!? Yes, they had all implants removed! Oh, that's a shame! Of course there will be other ways to deal with them.
There will not be for you.
Now hurry up Rouloff! I do not think it will be necessary to free them now.
I'm warning you Rouloff, I'll kill you! I do not think like that Jardy, why did not you!? Oh, you poor little man you're so predictable.
Thank you.
You know, Garth if I were in your place I would not have hesitated to use it.
This way, Garth.
Oh, this is working very well.
It is putting us on the path of success.
It's still not here! Where it might be Brant!? Here is Rouloff their revolt is over! Serina is my hostage Dumal.
Serina is my hostage! And Rachel and Garth are here too, Devon! I have your friends here! E Brant the small Jardy is my guest also.
I have a proposition for you Let the Mansion immediately! I do not want complaints then.
Devon, we are in the rooms of Serina! I want an answer! Never Rouloff! NEVER ! They are there.
Put it down! Oh, Dumal think about it! We should not do anything to risk their lives! And then what!? Stand here like idiots!? I want Rouloff! Rouloff! Open the iris! You are defeated! Open it! It seems they are showing more spirit than anticipated.
It's time to give up, Rouloff! Devon ! Mused! Brant ! You have 5 seconds to move away from this door Jarda! Jarda! Jarda! That's right Brant, call the boy to show the bravery, we all know what a coward you are! Hey, your chit come back here! Ahh Are you okay Jardy!? Jarda! I do not feel able to offer them more help.
We do not know much about the ARK.
Well, then it's time to go.
We have to continue our pursuit.
What will you do with the Rouloff!? It will be judged by the Council for their crimes.
And I know what will be the punishment of him Not Dumal! No more implants! Even for Rouloff!
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