The Starlost (1973) s01e13 Episode Script

The Return of Oro

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
Warning! Warning! Access to the master control is restricted.
Access to the master control is restricted.
Restricted? Not for me! Warning! Warning! No one will let me out! Who are you? What do you think you're doing? Why is this door locked? I'm going in by force! .
- They're trying to keep me out of there - who? How do I know without going? You can not enter, no key! You're not the only one key! Hey! Wait a minute, this warning says you should not go there! Oh yes? And who will stop me? A moment! Stop! Look, if you do not want to take one foot crowbar in the head, better get out and leave me alone! Final notice! Final notice! Gold safety sensors are activated.
Release master control access area.
What happened? That man was shot down.
- Safety sensors hit him.
- He is dead? He is unconscious.
- Where you go? - Spherical projector! There must be a hospital somewhere.
Who is he? Can I be of service? We have an injured man.
Safety sensors overthrew him.
How can we help you? Safety sensors have temporary debilitating effect.
Patient will wake up shortly.
What authority ordered him to be overthrown? Commander of the authority of the ARK, exercised through the Master Control.
Master Control? Central banks of computers, monitoring all automated systems, now set to Master Control.
How do I join? I want to talk to someone there.
Say your name.
Zeta Tau officer in command, high-ranking authority.
You are contacting the Master Control.
Please wait for security clearance.
What is this? - Looks like some kind of weapon! - Garth, he's still unconscious.
There must be something we can do for him .
The projector has just said that someone took charge of the ARK.
I mean, the commander of the ARK? Then the collision course can be changed! Maybe.
If it is taking control of the ARK, you should know what to do! Sou Devon.
I look for gold security clearance.
Master Control: Authorisation Gold.
Devon, should not go alone.
I am the only one allowed.
Increase recycling from strength to 117 Amperes.
Increase strength in 117 Scheduled seasonal decrease 5.
0 ± 0.
1 So you're the Devon.
Do not mind the mess.
It happens all the time.
I do not even care anymore - What the are you? - Tau Zeta.
Vice Admiral, computer monitoring section.
Wait a minute.
See that ionization entrance of negative H circuit.
Monitoring ionization.
Applying correction.
Do not worry about my patent, we are very informal here.
Could you tell me By the sensors overthrew that man out there? Oh, I always do that to him.
He has been reached by all safety sensors ARK.
- But who is he? - His name is Williams He's always trying to get somewhere.
Who is this new commander? We will contact you.
Zeta Tau, computer monitoring section reporting.
Devon have here with me.
Devon my friend! - I know that voice - Of course I know! Not so long ago we met.
- Oh, my head! - He's coming around.
Damn rats! They zapearam me again, damn sensors! They're always bringing me down.
- Who are you? - I am Williams.
My name is Garth, and this is Rachael.
Big deal.
Who cares? - These things always kicking me! - Calm down But they will not get.
Pray, why did you come back? We'll talk later, Devon, now need to dock.
I thought I had gone back to Xar! Devon! I thought I would be happy to see me! For my part, I am delighted to see old friends.
I consider myself your friend, Devon.
And soon prove to you.
Oro did not answer my question, Why come back? Patience, Devon Explorer ship in final approach.
10 wharf depressurized.
Open floodgates Okay, now listen to me.
AIR! For now that's all, Devon.
until the docking has been completed He is alien! You have the right to command the ARK! Really, Devon? Wander without captain for 400 years, now that we have one, everyone should be happy! - Where you go? - Give welcome to my "friend.
" - I need to get there! - Garth! Out over there! Get away from me! I have to get there! Take those filthy hands off me! Iris will open that even if with the teeth! - What are you doing? - I got opened Let me go! Let me go! Ahhh closed again! I need to get there! - Guys, what is it with you? - What is with YOU? You're acting like a crazy, Williams! You have no right to insult me, I never bother you.
Why not leave me alone ??? Williams you are a danger, you know? There is nothing there besides a robot.
We have bigger problems to worry about now.
- What kind of problem? - Oro returned.
- Oro? - A-ham What is a Oro? An alien.
Have we met with him, it is the Xar planet.
We came to investigate our ship, collided with us, stole from ARK parts, He repaired his ship, and returned to his world for some time.
Um alien, hein? And as we find this Oro? Why did you come back? That's what I want to find out.
It can be dangerous.
I am very happy to review it.
Air - Rachael, Garth.
How are you? - We are well, and you? I returned to my job with maximum efficiency.
- You returned to Xar, right? - Yup.
There will be time to tell my adventures.
I have many interesting memories that will astound them.
- How is Idona? - Farewell.
It was established in Xar.
No! Who is this, a kind of itinerant computer? Can anyone introduce me? Oro, este é ahn Williams.
Hello, Williams.
It is a great pleasure for me, I know I mean, I've never met an alien before Ah, I see I wanted to go in there, you know, within your spacecraft I'm afraid is not allowed.
Who does not allow? You are the commander of the ship, which prevents him from let me in? I do not understand.
Why is this so important to you? Oh, I pray, what is? I thought you were different them.
Taken a look at this bunch? I will take your request into consideration.
But for now, my ship should be considered off limits.
My friends, There is much to be done.
Come on.
Air You have not answered my question.
Why did you come back? By that, Devon? To help save the ARK.
Will be saved, they promise.
The ARK enter into orbit around the planet Xar.
Xar orbit? You know enough of the ARK system to do this? I know enough, Devon.
And before returning and I used my time.
Copied information from the databases of the ARK, both scientific and cultural.
I'm even more humane.
And what are your plans for the ARK? My assistant will describe the situation.
Zeta Tau! All systems are normal ARK.
Automatically self-monitored and self-corrected.
Only propulsion and navigation still require human control.
And the rest? Computers banks maintained the required information.
All that is necessary is to retrieve the relevant data, reprogram computers and restart the controlled thermonuclear propulsion system.
Here it is! Everything is there, waiting for us.
And then? You will help me help them? That, Devon! Everything we were looking for.
Devon, something or worried? - Still not sure - But I think it's great! We'll be able to get out of this stinking Ark, able to walk into an entire planet! My Oro, you're the guy, you know? .
I have a lot of cool trinket to offer you Air There's something I do not understand Tell You are taking control of the ARK.
Who gave you the authority? I discovered the authorization code, and introduced him to Zeta Tau.
It does not seem to trust me, my friend! Everything I do It is for the good of all of you.
I know that all decisions are driven by self-interest, I do not pretend you went back to Xar only to help us.
Our pragmatic philosophy did not abolish the kindness the kindness.
- You want something in return.
- I do not want anything.
Perhaps we should consult someone in a better position to judge Tau Zeta.
This information is not available.
Por quê? I am not programmed to know why.
But his information about Xar psychology proves to be of great accuracy.
He was a big selfish when we know, for that would have changed? It has something to gain by helping us? He would not go back for anything.
Do you really think Oro is our best chance? Who cares? He is the way to get out of here! Where does this his compulsion to get out of wherever you are? Hey, respect there! I do not have to answer that, you know? I have to put up with people from making ##### #### questions What's that noise? Moderation in language is essential in the vicinity of robots.
Oh yes? So listen: You had better watch out! Because, you know, if you do not let me talk, you will have punched their microcircuits on the floor and the rest of the electronic billboards as well.
Attacks on high-ranking officers are not allowed.
Devon, I understand their fears.
In fact, my help is not a gift, it is an imposition.
My superiors saw fit to send me here They understand that the main purpose of ARK is orbiting a favorable environment.
a place where you can start a new life.
I can do this for you, but not against his will.
Wait! Oro, Devon does not take all the decisions for us.
We would like to stay to fix the ARK No, wait a minute! How can we know what will happen when we get to Xar? Or we find a world to us.
Devon, we have some other alternative? Devon right.
I would not leave without knowing more about the destination.
Pass recording, please.
Movie 011-759-7478 Not everything on our planet is that way, but it would be rude not to show what we have to offer.
They must have heard on Earth, where they came from their ancestors.
I know you did not know him, but there are similarities to Xar.
Even if they have not seen for themselves, Your beauty should be kept in their racial memories.
- Yeah me! - Thank you, Williams.
No need to thank! I will go anywhere to get out of this ##### ARK! .
Then we come to an agreement.
- I agree to go to Xar.
- Makes sense to me.
Devon, what do you say? I know there's something wrong.
His decision saddened me, Devon.
Think of what would have been, carry the message about the rescue of the ARK to all biospheres.
Why "was"? I soon return to Xar, as they are not in agreement.
I'm sorry.
Forgive me for hopes up.
I have to leave now.
Prepare my ship for the return trip.
Ei! Rachael! Garth You certainly understand.
Understand? If I understand? IT IS.
I get it.
I understand that you threw away the last chance out of this stinking ARK.
But I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll piggyback on that ship.
I'll get on that ship and get it, until you reach Xar! I do not care what you will do but I'm leaving.
How about you, I will say one thing: I've dealt with people like you, always controlling what people say, and what they do.
Explorer ship calling Xar control.
Natives of the ARK are not cooperating.
I repeat: uncooperative natives.
Moving on to plan B.
Devon, this time you're wrong! Oro can help! Do you want to continue this quest meaningless, only because it gives meaning to your life! Listen to me! And all the people in the biosphere? No one asked their opinion! And if you do not live in Xar? It is a too important decision to leave Oro convince us! Look, Oro wants to help us! You think you can do better? I say he should continue.
We must help him.
Air? Oro? Where u? Air? Where are you, pray? Very beautiful! So much so that Xar look like? Xar? No! Location does not match.
Where is all this Oro showed us? He programmed the journey log for replay.
The travel diary of Xar No.
We do not have Xar recordings.
This is the recording of the ARK 011-759-7478 Information Center So what we were seeing? Historical record.
Planeta Terra.
He lied to us.
Tell me how Xar? Far 0.
5 parsec Atmosphere without oxygen levels.
Cold weather, snowstorms.
Sustain Earth's life forms only in sub-human levels.
Report: Terranave ARK.
Thermonuclear reactors.
Reactors operative: 6 elementary schools, 6 secondary.
Reactor 11 north not operating port Ei! Devon! Devon! Where is Oro? Williams! Where is it? I'm in space dock, where I thought I would be? Oro is not here.
- What have you done with him? - Williams - Stop this.
- Do not tell me what to do! Tell me where I pray, I need to know! Right.
What happened to Oro? Location of Oro can be ascertained by the heat sensors.
Forget the sensors.
Where is he? In the bunker of controlled thermonuclear reactors.
11 km down the Master Control.
It is accessing the power generators to power reactors.
- Can he do that? - Already you are doing right now.
Initial power required to shoot? 5,5 Gigawats We can have this power? 5.
1 GW available immediately.
Sources for remaining power? Booking nuclear reactors can be used.
What is the safety margin in the six main centers? Kernels 7 and 9 port, 6 and 8 starboard sufficient for normal use.
[Entry prohibited.]
[Units CTR.]
[Only with security clearance.]
Did you know that solve their doubts, Devon.
You lied to me.
The images shown are not Xar.
Are databases of ARK Historical images of the Earth.
Of course it is.
I have Xar pictures with me.
Just used them to inform them.
It is calling the CTRs! Will lead to ARK to Xar, like it or not.
- Sim.
- Por quê? The ARK is a colossal source of energy and technology.
Something so great need to serve our higher intelligence.
I was ordered to take it to Xar.
Save the ARK is an act of piracy! Save a ship drifting is not piracy.
It ransom.
So I claim the ARK on behalf of my planet.
I see.
And we will be your prisoners? I prefer to say who will be under my protection.
At this point, you should be more concerned with Rachael.
Rachael? - Yes, Zeta Tau informed me - Wait a minute! - What's up with Rachael? - I'm afraid she had an accident.
A real shame.
It seemed so eager to get to Xar.
Where is she? In an office on the Master Control, is recovering.
Zeta Tau notified a medical biosphere, but had not yet answer.
Tau zeta I have instructions for you.
Vai me tirar dessa ARK! How about this? Where did everybody go? Devon is expected soon.
Ah, sim.
Hey, listen, I was not very nice you know, let me out that way.
Was you? No.
This action was taken by Devon.
Devon? Pra quê? He was annoyed by his bad manners.
Listen, I need to hear insults from anyone, taking into account that I am a guest You DO NOT invited.
You opened the door for me, a tapir! The door was opened for the imminent arrival of Devon.
Devon again? How he goes in and out, and I have to sit around waiting for the doors to open? Unscheduled for appropriate response.
What's behind that door? Office Second Officer.
It is locked.
I need to get there.
Open the door, OK? Official rooms are off limits to you.
Which is! I want to get !!! Where is she? Unscheduled for appropriate response.
Where is Rachael? Subject matter of the jump tube A-23 Abra a Iris.
Operation Iris suspended by order of the Command of the ARK.
What's in here? Ah, forget it.
They do not leave us or move here.
Hey! Look that! Zeta Tau! Open this door! Office sealed by the Command of the ARK orders.
- What now? - Oro locked in here.
- In locked for what? He can not! - Apparently, it can.
Hey, you there! Let me out! Negative.
I have instructions to keep the office locked inside with Devon.
But what about me? Why locked me along? Williams, it's an accident.
I must return to my duties.
There will be no communication until further order of the Command of the ARK.
Hey, wait a minute.
Zeta Tau! Will let me out, will not you? You know what? I do not mind getting locked in here.
But not with you.
I've got news for you, Devinho No one keeps Williams stuck for long.
- What do Oro in CTR bunker - I do not know Zeta Tau said to meet him there.
He may have changed his mind, and help us.
Rachael Think Oro might be angry that Devon have it thwarted? No, I do not think Oro is such.
I know it's an alien, and think differently from us, But he said his stay in the ARK humanized.
You could find me.
Zeta Tau said you wanted to talk to us.
I want to tell my decision, before Devon try convince them that I am an enemy.
I saw Devon.
Rachael and I think he is wrong.
We would like to reconsider.
It comforts me, Garth.
I've reconsidered.
So here I am.
Reprogrammed the computers, and the reactors are almost ready to trigger.
I trust are for the journey to Xar.
Oh, my! You really helps getting planted there.
What is this? Unauthorized incursion into service passage.
Check office Second Officer.
Unauthorized incursion into service of passage located at the pit entrance ventilation FG34-25 It seems that Devon is determined to do it is his way.
Fortunately, I'm almost done.
I must return to my ship for the final adjustment route.
It may be useful staying here.
Any interference with computers can disrupt the plans.
Not bad.
Almost there.
Xar control.
Xar control.
Ship operator asks vector.
Again, asking vector.
Transmitting the speed offset vector computer for ARK Already corrected.
Speed ​​and ETA will be provided immediately prior to the firing of CTRs.
and early change of course.
Provide estimated time to trigger.
3 time units Xar.
We await your signal.
We await your signal.
Relatando fuga de Devon e Williams.
I repeat: Custody escape.
I await instructions.
Inform their position.
Service passing of Master Control.
Cover the ventilation shaft FG34-25 was forced.
They disappeared into the well.
Are you sure you know what you're doing? .
No! Hey! Take a moment! I think I can kick this cover off.
We come here.
Emergency! Emergency! Fugitives reached level 5.
Williams! It's ok? Of course I am not well, stupid.
I think I broke my foot.
- Hang in there.
- Hang in there?!? I need to go to Bunker of CTRs! - Where? - I'll be back as soon as possible! Espere, Devon! I want to leave!!! A fugitive in the service pit.
Another heading to CTR bunker.
Rachael! - Are you alright? - Of course yes.
Because? Because Oro tried to convince me that you had an accident.
- Where's Williams? - It's in the service well, he fell.
- Can you help him? - I? - Why do not they helped him? - I need to talk to pray now.
! Because? You changed your mind? That's between Oro and me.
Where is he? He said he would return to his ship.
But I think he back here.
Stay here and wait.
Garth, can help Williams? He's in the ventilation shaft.
You think I would abandon an old there? Sure, as the date? The jump tube.
It has an open panel.
Rachael I know it's hard but you have to believe.
Oro images shown are lies.
It was Xar.
It was the Earth.
Why would you do that? For all that want Oro is the ARK, does not give a damn about the people in it.
Sorry, but I have to do this.
Sounds! Como comandante da ARK, for the sake of the lives of other people, I decree execution, Devon.
Your vandalism is insubordination - Against my legal authority.
- Legal Authority? Who let you command? Goodbye, Devon.
Attention: Bunker CTR.
Attention: Bunker CTR.
There can be no shooting guns near reactors Tau Zeta, ignore this restriction.
Environmental control system in the bunker is automatic.
All deactivated weapons.
Again, ignore this restriction.
Master Control in emergency automatically Entry suspended.
High-ranking officer Zeta Tau assuming interim all security and policing functions.
I advocate a course of action, Devon.
And you another.
It's time to decide this peacefully.
Who will decide who is right? Zeta Tau.
With perfect objectivity.
All parties in a debate end up running out of arguments, sooner or later.
The sum of its logic and probability is cumulative and conclusive.
Want to test their arguments against mine? Sim.
There are conditions.
First: There can be only one leader.
The winner decides the fate of the ARK.
I agree.
And there is a penalty for the loser - Your life.
- Hang on! If you agree, to participate in the debate, and my arguments win, Zeta Tau will take care of the execution.
Zeta Tau is a robot.
A mobile computer.
Computers do not execute people.
It is underestimating Tau Zeta.
Where is Devon? We have to leave now.
Of course we have to get out of here! I can not stand! It is not so serious, we It is not serious for you, is my leg is hurting! This will be an open debate.
Point and counterpoint.
Please enter the recycling pipe.
The recycling tube serves to destroy unsuitable objects, including robots.
Forcefield now operating.
Points are data according to the weight of the arguments.
The score reflects the increased electrical capacity.
When the power maximum capacity, I will release the participant.
One who is inside will be instantly disintegrated.
The challenger begins.
I assumed the command to have more experience.
So I am more apt to lead I think it's bullshit.
You claim that we are inferior, You have no evidence of that.
I have superior intellect I used it to absorb in a few hours, their culture for generations.
Do you have desire, but unaware.
So you must obey.
Score: Oro 75, Devon 15 You told us that Xar was like Earth.
But it is not.
Oxygen is low, the atmosphere is thin and cold.
The ARK is no master.
No direction.
Heading for destruction.
It is a better alternative to go to Xar? even if his dubious claim was true? You lied to us.
Since we can not trust that diz? I lied for good reason: allay their fears.
You are primitive.
Your emotions, dangerous.
It's like knocking someone to save him from drowning.
Score: Devon 85 Oro 230 You may be right by your standards, but our civilization has other values.
Resource? Right now, I'm your last resort! If it is our last resort, so why does not correct the course and avoid the collision? Score: Devon 215, Oro 330 - Seu bruto! - Cala a boca, Williams.
Whatever you say, I do.
Just do not leave me here! One more word and I'll throw you down there.
The sole purpose of ARK is to get people to a new home.
Xar guarantee that will be the new home more convenient.
We want to decide ourselves! You just want to ARK for its features! People mean nothing to you.
You can not force us.
Furthermore, Xar not support life as we know it.
Life as we know? This reveals their ignorance about life in the universe! Score: Devon 390 Oro 495 What awaits in Xar is a life full of pleasures.
Freedom forever.
Without responsibilities.
It is offering us life! It is becoming pets! Fed, but arrested.
As caged birds.
We are pleased with our free will.
To live as we wish, taking responsibility for it.
Score: Devon 490 Oro 645 Calma! You can not solve your dilemma without me.
Either refuse my offer for their own benefit? You are terribly selfish.
You want the ARK because it represents energy and supply resources.
Well, we do not want your help.
We will do our destiny into our own hands and assume the consequences.
Score: Devon 650 Oro 795 You did not come to rescue us, .
Score: Devon 750 Oro 795 O debate acabou, Tau Zeta.
- Stop the count, I won.
- Hang on! Robots, aliens, and all others should have the opportunity to control their own destiny.
To live their own lives.
We must continue trusting who steals and mind? or, on the other hand we must use the special qualities of humans, I believe being the claw, ingenuity, courage, and, yes, our own dreams? .
The computer was biased! I order you to reverse the judgment! The computer has a bias against me! We admit that there is bias We were built by the kind of Devon They programmed their attitude patterns in us.
Tau Zeta! Cancel the force field! Devon, the verdict was obtained.
I'm in charge now.
Cancel the force field! The execution was awake.
I do not want his death, or anyone else.
Free in the ARK, he will be a constant danger to their mission.
I demand the release.
You have the command.
Unleash Oro.
You could have his revenge, but refused to.
I do not understand you.
Gold sometimes para its ship, and start from ARK.
In the current circumstances, this should be the most appropriate.
You were great in that well.
Thank you.
See you.
Where you go? You know, need help! Maybe, just I can not stay.
I do not know about you, but Gotta get out of here.
Xar control.
Xar control.
Scout ship.
I am reporting that the mission failed.
I repeat: mission failed.
I'm preparing to launch return to Xar.
Will remain aboard the ARK, and complete their mission.
Terranave ARK must be brought to orbit Xar at any cost.
Activated self-destruction of the ship operator.
Self-destruct in 10 9 8 7 What is happening? His own people destroyed his ship! It can not be snooping by ARK.
Oro, here is Zeta Tau.
Terranave ARK can not fall into their hands again.
You are now a fugitive.
You will hunt wherever they try to hide.

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