The Starlost (1973) s01e14 Episode Script

Farthing's Comet

A gigantesca terranave ARK drift into deep space more than 800 years beyond the future.
Their passengers descendants of the last survivors Earth dead planet closed worlds apart heading for destruction unless three young can save the Lost Star.
We're being attacked! - What do you think? - I do not know.
The Spherical Projector! Can I be of service? We are sinking! What is going on? The ARK is suffering an external attack.
Who is attacking the ARK? Source unknown.
We are in danger? Not scheduled to give security responses.
So who is authorized to answer security questions? Chief security officer or chief astronomer.
How can we contact the security officer? Safety officer available only by appointment.
As for the astronomer chief? Dr.
Linus Farthing, chief astronomer, Located in astronomy module stern.
The message code: 226-45-41-03.
He will explain what's going on? Your question has no record.
Classified as safety.
Can I be of service? I want to contact Dr.
Linus Farthing, The message code: 226-45-41-03 Unable to make.
Astronomy module staff in operation, They can not be disturbed.
We could go there and see if anyone.
Best fast go before us to be apart.
This is not a wreck, it's like a bombardment of cannons! Way to reach astronomy module stern.
Authorized request.
Path now being shown on the screen.
Come on! Serious structural damage.
Tubo AA-171 rompido.
Cracks appear in the dome 281 ceiling.
- Domo 281, confirmed? - Yes, Doctor, 281.
- Are you checking? - Just dial 281, Doctor.
State gives atmosphere, please.
Stable atmosphere, except for areas that report breaks both in primary and in the secondary walls.
Keep monitoring on red alert.
Situação report will deteriorate.
Understood? Understood, Doctor.
Doctor? Excuse Yes, yes, a moment I wanted to have a word with you No, no one will have a word with me.
That's a hey! Who let them in in the first place? Anyone got ourselves They may fall off already.
I did not see the red light? Yes, but Listen, we No, you listen to me: My name is Farthing, Dr.
Linus Farthing, what I say is law here, and I say: Get out.
Farthing We can not leave because we have nowhere to go! We need your help! - I need my what? - Your help! - Something is happening to the ARK! - Yes Yes Yes Let me show you something.
Something is happening to the ARK, in fact, Beautiful, is not it? My dreams have come true.
Come, my dear.
Close your eyes, and show a view no woman except McBride, seen before.
Go ahead, see for yourself.
You see what is? You two, come check it out.
You know what this is? The three of you just witnessed, It is part of the tail of a comet.
As the ARK approaches the comet nucleus, a 96 km / s As you approach, it is bombarded by external particles.
So we are not being attacked by aliens? Where they got that idea? Well, we heard bangs and felt the ARK shake We assume that we were under attack from someone Oh, you assumed that You do not know the first thing about science Doctor, we do not have time to scientific lectures, - We came for help.
- What kind? Help of any kind, you can put the ARK on track.
However noble their motives may be, his battle is as useless as a feather floating in space.
Nothing I will repeat, nothing can be done to save the ARK.
- There is no hope? - Precisely, my boy.
But it will happen so fast the collision will be so soon, you will not know what hit him.
Will be very painless, I assure you.
But first you can witness the "stravaganza" astronomical millennium! - What you mean? - I'll show you.
See these things coming? size varies from a grain of sand, up to four to five meters in diameter And they are reaching us now? Unfortunately, not everyone is deflected.
According to the reports I was receiving, when you interrupted me, there were some structural damage, A lot of damage occurring before our defenses respond.
What defense? I always forget that you do not understand what happens Doctor, we understand that time is short! There is nothing you can do to protect the ARK? Calm, my dear, do not press me, allow an old man who has time to sort your thoughts Can see.
The problem is the meteoroids, Right now we are in outer edge of the meteoroid cloud, so our defenses are enough to eliminate most of them, This was the big one.
As they pass through the defense? Come here, I'll show you.
Now pay attention This is ARK.
See this thing in front of her? They are defensive fields of ARK.
They are designed to shatter anything threatens to collide with the ARK, and - Worked satisfactorily.
- Why not work now? Because we never had a situation like this before.
See, most of the particles are deflected by the shield, but as the shield is not operating at full capacity, unfortunately some particles can pass through the shield, reaching the ARK back here, which is right where we are.
Simply put, the ARK is designed to eliminate major threats, Not to protect themselves against thousands of particles, a swarm of meteoroids.
Listen! It's getting worse.
Doctor should know the potential danger of the comet! Of course I knew.
I knew about the comet for years! Doctor If you knew the password, and enter your computer, would be able to obtain enough data about the comet? there are many things stored in my computer, I did not ask about many things, I asked about the comet.
It has the potential to destroy the ARK.
The nucleus of the comet will not damage the ARK, do not worry, the core is millions of kilometers from the ARK.
- It's ok? - Yup.
Do you see? I am the first astronomer coming so close to a comet! You are saying it is the first man to look at the barrel of a gun, as you look, there's someone on the other side pulling the trigger.
Oh, I'm not so stupid, boy, stubborn, maybe, but not stupid.
Answer my question.
Why ARK is on the route of this comet? - Chances are slim.
- What do you mean ?.
What I mean, doctor, is that You, or someone, put the ARK in the cloud route.
- On purpose .
but - But what, doctor? You know, for someone who have no knowledge science or astronomy, you are a very perceptive young.
Doctor what did you do? Only I arranged for the ARK rumasse the comet, to observe and record.
You mean you can change the route of the ARK? As? I worked on it for years.
All data is on my computer, and the more I study, the more I am fascinated with the possibility of being the first astronomer to closely observe the nucleus of a comet.
How could bring ARK so close? Did not realize the danger? It took me years to develop a formula that would allow bringing the ARK towards this comet.
but all that did was shoot the reactors for a couple of seconds, simple as that.
You shot the reactors?!? I think I got it wrong, those who were shot It was the auxiliary reactors astronomy navigation.
OK, but still they are reactors, you could - Do you really triggered the reactors? - I think that's what I said.
So our search is over! McBride reporting.
Doctor, you read me? McBride! Report! The shields are failing! The shields are failing! Emergency! Emergency! McBride reporting, doctor.
You read me? Receiving, McBride.
Report please.
Now! Stabilizing situation.
Cracks are not as severe as initially reported, for the most recent impacts.
ARK damaged, but not in immediate danger.
Keep monitoring in red condition.
Keeping monitoring on red alert.
Farthing turn around, we have seen enough of that.
Persistent, eh? - Ah, precisely on time.
- We're out of the woods? Momentarily, we are in a coma, a quiet area within the cloud.
We will have to leave here.
He speaks like a child's play.
Frankly, I think the ARK hold on.
How much time do we have? Still need to make sure, do more action It involves making some great precision calculations.
An educated guess? Scientists do not make guesses! You would be the pioneer.
Twenty four hours Why are you so interested in the exact time? Doctor, what would happen if you find a safe route for the computer? Shoot the auxiliary reactors to divert Cloud ARK.
- We can fly out.
- Why would we do that? Doctor, not yet answered my question: You can shoot from this module? O console de disparo fica logo ali.
- Stop reeling, teacher.
- It's a waste of time.
- Because? - The reactors will not fire.
They need to be replaced or repaired.
Simple like that.
Well, replace is out of the question - How can it be repaired? - From the outside.
- You know how to fix? - Look, I'm a scientist, not a repairman! I did'm wearing overalls and helmet? It is possible to repair the mechanism? I suppose anything is possible, but it is impossible because McBride and I are the last who remained in the module.
3 people are required to operate the vehicle.
What makes McBride? It is also an astronomer? She is my right arm.
It Systems Engineer, and senior programmer.
She is an engineer? Could help fix the mechanism! We would need 3 people in the ASC, and someone has to stay here and monitor the data.
- What is ASC? - Astronomy Services Vehicle.
[Astronomy Service Craft.]
I mean you have a spaceship? Here, in this module? Yes, of course, in the service bay on the other side of the module.
- I suppose it did not work - Oh no, is operational.
We could fly? I do not know, I suppose so.
All the controls are on the control panel.
It's really quite simple.
Suppose we could go where the reactor is.
It is broken, we have to fix it? Ah, yes, yes, you have everything you need in the vehicle.
Need a person to drive, a person to go out and do the repairs, and one person to take care of the umbilical cord.
What do we do when we are out there? Hoho, in fact, what will? We McBride, we can say what we'll do! Why do not you ask her? Give us a force.
No promises.
Can come here right away, please? Forget monitoring.
We visits.
This way, McBride.
What is it, Dr.
Farthing? I would ask permission to visit my family I wanted to be with them while there is still time I would like to give permission, McBride, but appeared new.
Who are these people? These people refuse to accept what you and I know to be inevitable.
The Ark is beyond salvation.
Any idea now would be waste of time.
What if the firing mechanism was repaired? and from firing reactors? The ARK change course and would remove from the cloud.
It's a big "if.
" The trigger mechanism can not be repaired within the ARK.
and in fact, I do not know if it can be repaired.
What do you expect us to do? Expect the cloud destroy us? Wait, would not be possible to make a provisional mechanism, You could bypass the damaged circuit? I really do not know.
I suppose it's possible.
Let's say I design a provisional triggering device.
that would bypass the control panels.
Say you and your friends go out on ASC reach the reactors, and follow my instructions to install a temporary device.
Never give time to make and return to the ARK.
We could not shoot the reactors with you in ASC - Why not? - You would be vaporized by the firing.
the shooting of the reactors.
Worth a try, we will be vaporized by the comet anyway.
They are going well, Garth.
We are monitoring you.
Just follow the instructions and soon see the reactors.
And Devon, can you hear me? Sim.
You also follow the instructions that McBride and I will give - Literally, you know? - Got it.
- He will be able to do? - I doubt it, but I got tired of arguing with him.
- When you complete the project? - It's ready.
- It will work? - Of course it will, Doctor.
E Devon, When in decompression chamber, remember what I told you: Do not rush.
Think first calmly and carefully.
I understood.
Garth! Your only job is to fly the ASC Rachael will be your eyes.
Do not be distracted by what happens in space.
- Are you ready, Rachael? - Yes, I'm ready.
They all strive.
It's your chance, the last chance.
All right, Devon.
Enter the chamber now.
I start the countdown.
Rachael, depressurize.
How long do we have? One hour, 37 minutes and 21 seconds, and counting.
This does not include any margin for error.
Devon, will be able to see it when you leave, to save time, do not talk and do not repeat my instructions, unless you ask them to confirm.
Understood? - Copy that.
- Good.
My indicators show that the pressure in the camera is zero.
- Confirm? - Confirmed.
Certo, Devon, Open the exit hatch.
All grants, Devon.
You are on the way.
Verified that the cord runs free? Yeah.
You want me to pull to make sure? Good idea, can balance it then.
Rachael, keep an eye on the spit! Excellent, excellent, Garth! When I say move to Devon for the reactors, all you have to do is press the "pro" button.
It is standing next to the stabilizer.
The stabilization indicator.
You see it? Yes, doctor.
Devon, when you hear me give the order Garth to press the "pro" just be aware that the umbilical cord will stiffen.
The ASC will push you to the reactors, and when you are within arm's reach, return the cord to the flexible state to maneuver.
I understood.
Good luck.
Rachael, stay attentive to Devon all the time.
Never lose sight, even for a moment.
Garth, I want you to keep away from the ASC ARK.
so you can reach the machines behind.
Point to 83.
4 south now.
Garth, get ready to hit the "pro" button.
Devon, Garth will begin to move it slowly to the reactors.
It's going well.
Hold on, Garth.
Calmly now Reduce a bit it is almost in position.
A little more - It's all right? - Yup.
Here is Farthing.
Is listening, ASC? - Listening to, doctor.
- Are you okay? I think so.
The ship was damaged.
Make fast and reporting.
- Can you hear me, Devon? - Clearly.
What are you trying to do to me? Are you okay, Devon? Devon, report situation.
Yes, I'm fine.
I thought it was going to turn the ship and take me for a walk.
I believe that we are whole.
It was far from that meteoroid impact.
It was one of the great? Large enough to cause much damage.
- How long do we have? - One hour, 04 mins, 56 s.
OK, McBride, they are already there.
Now tell them how to get around the firing mechanism, and activate the reactors.
McBride? McBride! Doctor? I reached the reactors.
Doctor? Dr.
Farthing? Dr.
Farthing, is there? Doctor? McBride left.
As well, he is gone? Exactly what he said.
I believe it was joining the family.
You have to bring it back! We can not mess around here! - I can not stop it, it's too late.
- What do you mean, too late? Devon is risking his life, you better bring it back! All right, try to contact her through the pipes communication system.
McBride? McBride, do you hear me? Here is Farthing.
McBride, answer the nearest unit.
McBride, do you hear me?!? McBride, sei que está no tubo.
Está no meu monitor.
Can you hear me, I know! Take a drive and answer! Do you think she'll come back? She has to go back.
Farthing? Sim, Devon? - McBride can you hear me? - You can, if I connect.
Do it.
McBride, here is Devon.
I need your help.
I'm in the reactors.
What should I do? As vidas de todos na ARK, including those you love are in your hands.
Can I repair the reactors, if you tell me what to do.
ARK save The cometary cloud depends on you.
Help me.
McBride, here is Rachael.
You have to go back.
Devon needs you, we all need! Go back now, please! Devon.
McBride returned, are you ready? I am ready, doctor.
I'm switching places on the island.
McBride assume agora.
Devon, I will not repeat the instructions, and you will not have time to go back and redo anything.
You will have to make sure at first.
Understood? - Sim.
- Garth, keep the ASC exactly where it is now.
Devon has enough mobility.
closer could screw it.
You will be your anchor.
Rachael, did not take his eyes did not even blink.
If you see something strange, let me know immediately.
- Understand? - Understood.
First, Devon, should remove the cover.
She will turn to her.
- What do you think? - Are you sure it will work? Oh, McBride, do not collect in your new shell, just because I dared to question anything you did.
You are not infallible, you know.
- I do not deprecio their education.
- I did not do it, is exaggerating.
- I know what I'm doing! - You did not answer my question, If Devon follow your instructions will work? Let's get one thing straight once and for all, doctor: I know what I'm doing! It's more than I can say to you at times.
What do you mean by that? So the great Dr.
Linus Farthing does not like to be questioned their professional capacity? - How are you, doctor? - Oh, McBride, will start again? Every time is the same, whenever someone asks what you do or say, you go on the offensive, reversing the question and returning to the questioner, It is already typical! Devon, a few yellow wires coming into the unit on the left.
You see them? Sim.
Yes, here.
How many can you count? Eight.
To the right of the wires, you will see four connectors.
Remove the two red.
Just pull them.
Do not remove the blue.
You resent questions, does not it? Of course not hard feelings.
Not resent any well-founded question.
What I resent is when they take one of my questions, reverse and use it as a point of attack against me.
it is a kind of - Forget it.
- No, I will not forget.
You said not to hide in my shell, but that's exactly what he's doing.
I will not take part in discussions I'm not arguing, doctor.
I'm just answering the initial question you asked, which raised doubts about my professional skills.
McBride You're darned! Any problem? Do not.
It's just it's getting stuffy in here.
Do not worry, you're doing fine.
Now what? You must have some blue wires coming from the right.
- You see them? - Blue Wires? Yes, here.
The box to the right is all burned.
It is that we will exchange.
Disconnect the 6 blue cables of the burned unit, and reconnect to the corresponding numbers the unit before him, marked LST 5 - Are we there yet? - No.
44 minutes 05 seconds.
Check all connections to see if they are safe.
I checked.
- What next? - It's almost done.
You bypassed the trigger circuit.
What remains now is to activate the new circuit.
for reactor connection you just connect.
How do I do that? Lift the lever control, the panel base.
What is wrong? How long falta? It's almost over.
Because? We have to bring it back to the ASC, and back to ARK.
in 10 minutes it's all over.
Ten minutes?! We still have 37 minutes, according to the clock! I was wrong.
I was so focused on Devon and the ship, I figured wrong, we are 27 minutes late, we have to bring them back.
Sorry, McBride, usually do not make stupid mistakes.
All right, doctor.
Human error.
Eu desperdicei no tunnel 12 minutes.
Close the lid.
- When we will tell him? - Once you are safe.
- Now bring him aboard the ASC - Okay, I'll bring.
Devon will come here, or we up to it? It will to you.
Prepare to depart from ARK, so that Devon has enough room to maneuver.
On my signal Start now! Slowly Devon, is facing the cord.
Make your way back.
The cord automatically rewind.
So anyway Calmly and slowly Rachael.
Prepare-se para trazer Devon à cabine do A.
logo que a cabine pressurizar.
I'll be ready.
Now, Rachael, you need to lose sight of Devon, because it will pass under the ASC and rise to the hatch, at the same time.
It is near, I can see it.
Rachael, cheque a comporta.
Farthing, is not pressurizing! What do you mean? - What are they doing? - What is happening? Rachael says that the gate is not pressurizing! - What is wrong? - I do not know, maybe the seal has broken.
You can see what's wrong, Garth? Is true.
Not pressurized yet.
There is no way back.
Maybe the door has stuck with the effort.
My air is running out.
Can you hear me? We can not open the hatch, Devon.
- Why not? - There has been an accident.
The behaves the seal broke.
What does that mean? It means that if you open the entry hatch, you kill Rachael and Garth.
We can not wait any longer.
we are approaching the core.
You have nine minutes flat.
What are we going to do? I have no answer.
- I just do not know.
- As well, do not you? Devon're stuck out there! McBride, it is an engineer.
Think of something! Please McBride is the only one who can save him.
There is nothing I can do.
Absolutely nothing.
How can you say you can not do anything at all? There has to be something, you have to do! She's right, Rachael.
There is nothing you can do for your friend.
We can not sit and stare! Garth understand Everything possible has been done, He knew the risks when he agreed to leave.
I never agreed with the death of Devon.
I think your friend will understand.
I will let go.
Garth, volte para a ARK.
No, Devon! Do not do that! Devon! Do not move, do not go anywhere.
Farthing, do something! Please! See if you can fix the gate.
Hold here.
What happened? Rachael está no controle.
I try to seal the gate.
Look, you have to maintain stable ASC, Rachael.
Take it easy.
It's useless.
- He has disconnected? - I do not think so.
I have an idea, It may not work but worth a try.
Devon, do not disconnect.
I repeat: Do not disconnect! - Garth! You want to try something? - Anything! Can be tricky and dangerous for you and Rachael.
- This will help Devon? - I do not know, maybe yes.
We will do.
I can not see Devon clearly on the screen, how is he? Having trouble, is far from the ship.
Devon, you hear me? Yes, I'm listening.
Keep away from the ship, and move forward.
What for? If you align with the bow, ASC can push it to the dock.
Once you are inside, the dock can be pressurized, for everyone to join the ARK safely.
- Splendid! Good job! - Not yet, doctor.
As we are in time? Three minutes, twenty six seconds.
Dock behaves is depressurized, and open to receive ASC They're getting close.
It's working.
Devon? What reading the life support? - "Danger".
- Do not panic.
There is a reservation that does not appear on the marker.
- I hope you're right.
- I'm sure.
I helped design the costumes.
I did not know that.
Garth, slow down, or will make Devon hit the inner wall of the dock.
It is far ahead for me to evaluate.
Maybe I can help.
How long will I have to disconnect the cord, since you are in the dock? No more than a few seconds.
Devon, this has never been tried before.
Do not tell me.
It will not, there's no time! If it was not - Go ahead, you can say.
- Say what? If not for my miscalculation Now, doctor, we all make mistakes.
Not expect you to commit one.
Let's forget that.
You are more generous than me.
This is questionable, doctor.
We will give them another minute.
We'll shoot the reactors, if required.
even if they are destroyed.
Are so close, we can not wait? We do not have much choice.
The cloud is also closer every second.
I see a door next to the dock.
What is it for? It is a service stairway to the dock floor.
Because? What happens if I go there, and at the last moment I disconnect the cord? If you do, you are safe.
If you fail, you will be crushed.
I do not have much choice.
Ok I'll try.
Garth, Devon disappeared! I can not see him! - I will revert - Do not reverse! Wait, there he is.
Can I see you now.
One minute, 58/2.
Pressurize, McBride, Pressurize! They are still not safe.
There is no time to lose.
I have to shoot the reactors in less than 2 minutes and I will shoot, wherever you are.
Prepare to exit the ASC and the dock now! - Hang on! - It's getting worse! We are entering the cloud.
Shoot the reactors and take the ARK here! McBride, let's shoot, thirty to zero, then at least one zero Disappears! Apenas disappears, McBride disappears! So momentum.
Ok, let's go to the second.
Do not fail this time.
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