The Starlost (1973) s01e16 Episode Script

Space Precinct

A gigantesca terranave ARK wandering in deep space for more than 800 years in the distant future your passengers the descendants of the last survivors the dead planet Earth Locked in separate worlds heading for destruction less than three young people can save The LOST STAR Biosfera M71 Scientific station of experimental agricultural research Position high tech Last recording communication 2386 A.
What is the access to the M71!? Rota regular para a M71 It is effectively sealed! Service channels, possibly open! Can you tell us the best way to get there of where we are now!? V964 links tubes in this level interceptando V982 service elevator E-40 for direct access to the M71 Let's get going ! Devon ! This is where I jump off There is ! What are you talking about !? Devon, we are walking in the ARK for months! We have ever encountered several people who are not close to solve the problems of ARK.
Mas Garth Assumed to be this way I am pare de tentar me convencer a continuar, Devon.
I'm going home ! Garth, you can not be serious! Rachel, I speak.
I really speak! All I know is I have to stop this search and settle down something solid for myself! Goodbye, Devon Garth, listen to me Bye ! Rachel Garth Take care of yourself.
Sounds! Right there! What is this !? Vire-se, hands against the wall! Who are you !? What is this all about!? I'll ask the questions! Move! Very good hauler is! Hands behind his head Look, I do not know what it is that all What is your name !? Who wants to know !? You want to play games!? I do not know you ! Why should I answer any questions!? What are you doing here, these connecting pipes!? I told you, I do not answer any question until you know what it is about it all! Very good ! Move O que é I.
!? Internal police ARK.
Police!? Let's get going Tech take these computer disks.
Mike is waiting for them.
All right, Chief! Put your hand there! The hold on! I'm done with you! What is all this !? You will see ! Garth, man identidade No.
774 833-CPU-871, Biosphere M124 also known como Cypress Corness.
Birth date 22/05/2767.
Parents: Mother - Rebecca Father - Old Garth Level of education: Q603 Occupation blacksmith! You took it all from me!? Their identity was registered at birth, and recorded in bar codes! Each person has a different code, so we have to make periodic checks to keep our records up to date! No criminal known link Prisons registration: no! M124 absent for 7 months Detection probes record the presence the subject in the following Biospheres M117, R605, R772 M202 Have you been following me!? To you and your friends.
Three people wandering loose ARK throughout filling gaps and eventually behind the pot of gold! Okay, you're clean! Now, you mind telling me what it's all about!? Excuse me, but I just had to check it! I know a lot about you, but I did not know him.
Eu I'm sure it did not hurt him.
You give everyone such exam!? Only those who behave suspiciously.
My name is Rayf Masters, Head of Internal Police ARK.
I do not usually get involved with this kind of work police routine.
But anyone hanging around these connecting pipes, this proximity, we have to check! What kind of ship is this!? Police patrol ship Deep Space I want to update all of the Federation data.
Some of the developments have hundreds of years.
Sure ! Sit down! What is it !? You are very suspicious, is not it!? Just sit, she will not bite you! What is this !? Just stay sitting there and relax we do not have much time, and I want to find out more about you! Mike, como está indo !? If we are not on time I'll not far from the ARK! I'm working on it, boss.
You must have a position on the launch in an hour ! Maybe less.
If you are not stopping to answer your questions.
How do I know the things I do not ask questions!? This should serve, thank you.
Would you mind telling me what it is all this!? I'm working on a big case, Garth I want to find out if you will have some use for it.
Eu !? For what you want me!? Possibly to deter an interplanetary war! Here we are E-40 Elevator Service! It has very little air in it! Probably there is no support system here.
You will not breathing here! I'll get spacesuits It seems strange without the Garth! Sim! The Federation of Planets Nugeet, It is an entire solar system.
Probably very similar to Earth That's where you're going!? We will anchor a headquarters of the Federation, a space station.
It is maintained by the government.
My contact there is the Head of the Planetary Police.
How you made contact!? They took our sign there are five years ago.
We have been coming ever since helping each other in difficult cases.
We are at the closest point at the moment and there is a viable launch window.
How long you plan to stay!? It depends Come here a moment Get me those tests we did in Garth, so you can please.
Immediately ! Thank you.
She's a cop!? Police Class A Special The best in the area! In fact, I only have the best in my Personal Group.
You could push those two blue buttons !? It is here that we are going This is a star!? Um Sol, Garth ! The Sun of Truth! It seems that we stopped! Sim! We stopped in the middle of nowhere! Ten planets in the system nine supporting life! Two powerful planets militarily, which are Moroque and Acromba.
Now they are both vying for the mineral rights possession of this rock Monkeys! Moroque sent the first men to land on Affix, There a few decades ago.
They took one look at the place and decided that it had no value.
Then, some two years ago, Acromba sent a team there.
And they found vital mineral deposits and began with mining operations.
Now, Moroque want the place back and Acromba not accept it! And as the Government of the Federation!? The Federation Affix also want to split among all the planets in the system! So Moroque is threatening with war And Acromba are paying to see! The other planets can not stop them!? The whole situation is getting polarized There are four planets in favor of Acromba and three Moroque.
IT IS My friend power politics! A gigantic scale! And there's this Space Station Government Association in the middle of the quadrant, unable to do anything.
This is all political! Where you and Police planetary fit!? Why right in the middle of this political impasse someone decided to start kidnapping as Acromba warships.
What does this have to do with me!? Tech Have the test results!? Coming up on your screen now, Chief.
Interesting! What does that mean !? This means, you have possibilities! Stamina of physical exertion, high intelligence quotient Real possibilities! And possibilities for what!? To join my team! Becoming a detective! It has No, I think not! I need a bright young man like you My Tech specializes in computer Mike is an experienced pilot, engineer, astro-browser I'm a forensic scientist researcher I need a good assistant! This requires much more work than I I can handle it with the solar system.
There must be a lot of other officers in your group that can be qualified Certainly tens! But I want someone I can train by my own methods! Not one of those Technical graduates books by the Academy of ARK! Now you tell me, Garth!? I'm offering you the chance of a lifetime! There must be some way to trigger an alarm for people to know where we are! Yes.
Did you think well! How long we have!? Not long! These costumes were built for a very limited amount of air.
It looks like it was made for you! At least it serves.
The way you passed those tests, he practically jumped on you! Thank you.
Oh, this is the head of the Planetary Police! Come This is the officer with whom you are working!? Yes and no ! She is the official with whom I have worked Hello, Reena! Hello, Rayf! Its launch window is almost open! Are you ready !? Wait for a moment, while I check with our resident genius Mike !? Almost there, Chief! Count proceed as scheduled.
28 minutes 57 seconds to launch! I give you a warning 5 minutes! Well below 29 minutes, Reena! Boss ! Something is going on here! We're stuck! How can that be!? I do not know, Rayf.
Is it some kind of outside interference! It is catching all my launch control! Whatever it is, caught the control bridge.
And will not let us go! What about the auxiliary control!? Negative! We have to cancel it, Tech! This release can not last forever! I'll keep working on it! Do not worry, boss.
We will try to trace! Good girl ! Garth, you better go and lend a hand to Mike on the Bridge! Sure ! Who in the ARK would try to stop us from doing this release!? I do not think it's coming from ARK, Head According to my reader, There is an electronic wave coming for us came from deep space! How is it going !? I do not know ! I can not see the computer is off! I'll see if I can find some deviation It is a long shot, but maybe you can bump into something.
You will need help!? No thanks Garth.
It is a solo work.
It is better to see if Tech can find the source this interference.
I'll see you later.
Any luck !? Not yet ! What about Mike!? No, it will be with Tech! Mike can not cancel it! Five years, to get near this release the speed of ARK for Planetary System, and the gravitations throughout the space, It will take a year before you have another launch window! There will be too late! Is there anything we can do to help out!? Reena e eu We have been trying for months resolve this situation! But there is not much we can do working separated by that distance! We need to work together! Out there in that space station! Where we can pool our data and their in a large food giant computers in them.
Boss, I got it! What is the history!? It's definitely some kind of electronic wave! And it's coming from the space station! Give space platform!? No doubt about it! I checked twice! You can isolate it!? I'm still working on it! Rayfer Someone else in the space station knew I was going!? No, only to Reena, and his personal staff! You think you can be security hole!? Security breach !? Check with the broader scanner For all we know the signal could come from this point.
You can narrow the scanners and locate the exact spot.
Rayfer Sim!? What about security in the Department of Reena!? Go to the main facility.
Let's leave the Tech do their job.
Reena has the best ship's crew and not contacted anyone but me! You could cause problems by following this line! You do not know all the legal implication about us But I still think! Do not think! You put me in, because he thought I could help you.
But every time I open my mouth you jump on it! That's why I want you to think the things carefully, before you jump on someone else! Well, I can not imagine any other way to let them know about us! I think we should do a check in her personal safety! Would you like to be the one to make the suggestion for it!? If you want me to do! I must say that you are more charismatic than I thought! Reena You've found the problem, Rayf!? Not yet.
Tech is working on it.
Ah, Reena my young friend here, Garth It has something he wants to check with you.
Well, Garth!? We would like permission to make a security check on his personal staff.
For that purpose!? We found that the interference with the module controls IAP is coming It gives space platform.
So I think someone on my team You are responsible!? No one else knew about the release to be the his personal staff! Rayf, that's your idea!? Oh, no, no, no! Ah Garth arrived at this result! Please tell your Assistant everyone was rechecado! At least twenty times! So far interest me My team has complete release of security! That's fine, Reena! But what about your security clearance!? Mine !? I just thought you should be checked too! Rayf if your recruits have anything else to add, he can speak directly to the computer.
I have other more important tasks to attend to.
You knew she was going to react this way, I did not know, Rayf!? I suspected, but I was not sure! Um, thanks for letting me know.
She had to face the possibility sooner or later.
Someone there could be involved.
You probably made her face earlier, that is all ! You had the same ideas that I had not!? But it made me play on it! That's what assistants are for, Garth.
Sim That's what I'm starting to find out.
Rayfer Hello, Reena! I'm sending you all the personal data for security clearance.
Thank you, Reena.
Any changes in its release situation!? Negative! Interference is still effective! I alerted the security here to do a thorough search for any type of electronic activity.
No report so far.
I keep you informed.
It seems to have worked, Garth! Reena go ahead with it! Safety checks on their own people! Well, you must have thought it was necessary! I know.
But that does not make it easier.
I know what I feel making a security check on Mike or the Tech! What is this !? A cry for help! Give space platform!? No, this is something from within the ARK.
Of where it's coming!? It is a device of one of the divisions of the Police They take the signal and give us a statement.
Someone will take care of it.
I can not open it! Best give it a rest! No time to rest! There is not enough air! We did it ! But the Chief will not like! Boss it came from the headquarters of the Interplanetary Police The Headquarters Interplanetary Police!? That's impossible! Sorry, Chief.
She checked twice, Rayf.
I know.
Czech tech everything twice! I'm sorry.
Forget that I cried! Tech is well, thank you.
I better talk to Reena.
And it will not be easy! Look go to the material, and bring me the names of all possible suspects in the team Reena.
You sure you do not want me to talk with Reena!? All I want from you is the name of the suspects! How to tell her!? Reena, someone in your department is wanting to cut your throat and start an interplanetary war.
Terrifying! We We got some new information, Reena.
A Tech descobriu que the interference is coming from his police complex.
I thought you should know in case you have to do something to respect.
Oh, sim ! Thank you, Rayf.
I wanted to be with you, Reena.
If I were there maybe I could do something Here I feel completely useless! Hey Chief! What is Mike!? The electronic interference was cut.
My controls are unlocked! I do not know what she did, Chief, but I'm reprogramming and starting to count again.
And the window is still open!? Wide open, Chief! But not for long ! But do not worry.
We'll get now.
I leave you informed! Ah Rachel Ah Rachel Rachel Ah Hold on! Ah Rachel, just hold on! Why they did not take account of this call!? What is the problem !? Do not know.
No team came out! We have no one available in this Division so close anyway! Of where it's coming!? It seems to be someone in the area Biosphere M71 M71 !? Wait a minute It was where Rachel and Devon were going.
Biosfera M71 ! Rayfer!? The situation is getting worse, Rayf! There was another kidnapping! Relations between Acromba and Moroque They broke through! Ambassadors are being called back! Reena, It has to be a deliberate provocation by someone other than Acromba or Moroque! Wait a minute ! We're going out momentarily.
You better be quick, Rayf.
It could be a matter of days! Count resumed, Chief.
25 minutes and counting Reena 25 minutes to release! Rayf we find the Elevator service, E-40 assets between levels 6:07! I would like to send a rescue team! Ask the Tech to call the Division 12.
They are the closest.
Maybe you can get the time! What do you mean by "in time"!? The E-40 is a freight elevator.
He has no life support system! If they are trapped inside, even with the costumes they must be killed on Saturday! Module 1 calling IAP IAP Patrol Division 12 Emergency rescue, Precincts 90.
Elevator service, E-40.
Property between levels 6:07! A woman and a man, We believe to be found! Subjects without life support.
We ordered emergency revival equipment.
Rescuers carry away! Do not worry, Garth.
This team will move fast! Ah, I should be with them! Do not be blaming, Garth! You were needed here! No clue that even kidnapping!? Nothing ! Same pattern Electronic interference with Acromba monitoring as warships.
Before desaparecessem as ships, without any trace.
When was the last communication from the scout ship!? She reported an unknown interceptor fighter.
That was all.
No further communication.
Like every other!? No sign of the ship No sign of the crew anywhere! The two planets are blaming each other.
And how to know that his two suspected saboteurs, Coliksen and Ragar!? Both claim to know nothing regarding! You better keep them in custody for a while! At least until we launch! All this andação so we did the ARK I never really stopped and thought to find out what I really wanted for myself.
And you think the police work can that be!? That's hard to say! Sometimes I'm not sure if the Rayf You are interested in me to become a detective, or if he's just using me! It's just his way, Garth.
He is very good ! When you get to really know him.
And he gathered a great researcher group! I hope it's good enough para encontrar o Devon e a Rachel ! I'm feeling pretty useless at this point.
Why will not lend a hand to Rayf!? He will need all the help you can get.
I call it, when I know something about your friends.
That's right ! Module Patrol IAP 1, calling IAP Division 12 cancel the emergency rescue.
Precinct 90 service elevator E-40.
I repeat cancel emergency rescue in E-40.
The subjects were found.
The rescue team must go back immediately! I have to endure! Abrir a porta, eu I do not know not the door.
I have to think thinking thinking the elevator ! The elevator ! Abrir a porta That ! Less well enter Yes he There are several new investigative techniques much more advanced that await us in their solar system.
New methods of surveillance detection of crimes! Experimental approaches and how to handle the various alien cultures and new patterns of culture! IT IS It is an exciting concept, Garth! Something very different, than we could imagine! And what a a fleet of police patrol ships! Five times faster than this old ARK! You seem to be thinking of getting a good time!? Sim! Reena and I were beating us with new concepts of police work for the last 5 or 6 years We have combined the technology of both planets as our special knowledge my training methods we will produce the largest group of supporters of the law no universe! We will be able to take care of everything from an assault by a space shooting.
Mike as you are!? 15 minutes and counting 15 minutes and we'll be on our way! With! entering With!? Air coming! Rachel, Rachel breathe! Breathe! Rachel, tem has air coming! Tem ar Rachel ! Breathe! Respire, Rachel ! Breathe! Chief, did it again! All ! Everything is stuck! Stopped at 14:15 and holding! Tech, you got that sign!? Chief, the same signal from the space station! Check again! I did it! It is exactly the same electronic wave! I do not understand it at all! We summarize the only two possible suspects, and both are in custody! But Rayf, there is another possible suspect That's ridiculous, we can not blame Reena long! Boss I've isolated the signal straight to the source.
Command of the Planetary Police Office of Reena! Reena !? Reena ! But on what basis she would sabotage the launch and risking a war!? Hello, Reena Rayf, I heard the signal.
It's all right !? Someone had access to your office while I was gone!? Well no ! Of course not ! Rayf, what's going on!? There's something wrong !? We were interfered again! But this is not possible, Rayf! Ragar and Coliksen are still in custody! The interfering signal It is coming from his office, Reena! Rayf, this can not be! You've been wrong before! Well, you are what's wrong now, Rayf! Look We are trying to avoid a bloody global war here I desperately need your help! We are waiting for you! Why would you try to stop you from coming!? Perhaps, in the final analysis because we are aliens! The only alien thing about you, Rayf Masters They are their police methods.
That is one reason why we need you here! Okay, Reena! Let passar to a exciting part we can!? We will move this ship if you have to go out in space and shove it! Mike Sim!? I go to the bridge.
We will release these controls intercruzando each circuit that can be connected.
We are coming close to losing the launch window! Start making the connections to get it! Reena, do what you can about this interference.
It's coming from your office! Okay, Rayf! I'll have to release Ragar and Coliksen custody.
I'll have to risk it! I need their help! This decision is yours! I hope it's the right! Heads up all police units on duty I want a full search of the headquarters of the Police.
Units 20:21 retake the tasks immediately! Security Section 3 libere tanto Coliksen quanto goals.
And help them to return to their stations.
Unit 15 ponha o escaner no módulo I.
1 da terranave ARK.
Retrace electronic wave to its source.
Safety Unit 4 I want another full security check for all staff of the Planetary Police.
Everyone but me.
All reports should be brought to my attention, and to my attention only! Complete safety regulations now in effect! I still do not buy this signal is coming from Reena This does not sound like you, Rayf! I trust my instincts instead of the computer.
Return to this your console and start track real source of the signal.
Come on, Garth.
We have things to do in Ponte Garth !? Your friends What about them!? In the excitement I forgot to tell you.
We found the Where!? Service elevator E-40, but eu topic it was too late, Garth.
I feel.
Garth you have to find the strength.
By Rachel Forgot!? She forgot!? Oh, the Rayf trust me.
He would never suspect me.
I know that.
They are all convinced that I am working as their orders to get the flight.
I followed all your orders! The new recruit, Garth, is about to fall in our hands.
Ha, ha.
I find it very attractive! But you need not worry.
He is still upset at the time on his friends It was fortunate they had bogged down in the service elevator E-71! A very useful distraction.
I was unable to call you for a few moments so until I could communicate with you, but it's better we hung up now! Thank you ! For giving me the opportunity to be part of your organization.
Bye ! Garth !? I thought you were up there on the bridge! Eu sei.
The Rayf asked me to check some data to it Oh, I understand! Oh, I was going to the bridge.
Anything you want me to say to him!? Oh, no thanks, Tech! I can tell him Once you have assured them! It's ok ! I feel for his friends, Garth Oh, obrigado, Tech.
If there's anything I can do No, it has nothing at all! Good I better go up to the bridge.
The Rayf can be very impatient! There has to be something here that she uses to shuffle controls! I will show it to Rayf No, Garth! Put it back exactly where you found it.
It was you all the time, it was not Tech!? Sabotaging Rayf trying to stop the release! It is what this device is not!? Some sort of computer embaralhor! Okay, Mike.
Try now Sorry, Chief.
Even scrambled! Road ! Perhaps we are facing this very hard, Mike! There must be some deviation some combination on the computer that surpasses this interference.
Chief, I have tried every combination of the book! What do you think I've been doing here!? Twisting my thumbs!? I know you tried, Mike! But it always comes up with something new.
Think, Mike, think! Sure Okay, I'll come up with something but it is very advanced! Me tente ! When I did not get any results with the deviation, I decided to use the line of Tech with the space station, to work something if you had a direct tracking to follow source of the electronic signal.
IS !? That's the weird part! I put that distance in my circuit, because I was curious because of interference but it was coming from a different source! Not the space station!? No, I was coming here as well! Within a radius of 500 yards.
Oh no.
This is not possible, Mike! That's what I thought, but I started to think that somehow they were able to act with someone from ARK someone who was besides being tracked Someone we never would suspect! They would have to have infiltrated us! Someone some young wandering through our pipes a young man who I brought here for questioning! One that I would not doubt even about the truth of the Force! And all the while he was working for them! I do not know how, but they were sure, you would fall for a guy like Garth! You were looking for a new recruit and he came walking! What could be used to interfere with computer!? It could be a lot of things! There are several types of devices available! I have three that I myself use.
Used to interfere with controls situations of persecution.
Lets frozen ship! Where do you keep these units!? Ali within Open! He could not get here, Chief! Need Police Security Code! Open it anyway! He is stuck too!? The code in this thing It is based on the number of times of opening! You have to change the combination to match the mechanism of the lock.
What makes reposition every time it is opened and closed.
Then it was open! It can not be! I do not know how ! You can open it now!? Yes, I just mute the single digit responsible for opening and closing! You have a missing! That's good, Garth Now turn to the left! By ali! Rayfer, Rayfer! Rayf, where are you!? Reena Here's the Tech! Tech I need to talk to Rayf.
Is very urgent ! Well, it's not on board now! I can help !? Sim! Tell Rayf we did a recheck.
And we found the source of interference It's coming from your own ship! Here!? But how can that be!? There is no doubt about it! I have my reservations this new recruit Garth ! And everything seems to fit! You are all in great danger! You must notify the Rayf immediately! Yes, I'll tell him, Reena! Thank you ! Right, thanks.
Thanks for the info.
Module off IAP No.
1! The rescue operation rescue team No.
12 Was canceled ! By someone here.
No identity! I wonder who has canceled! It's ok activate its sensor probes focus on E-40 service elevator.
Turning Garth probably ended up with them at this time Here it is ! What you got !? There are really two people inside Low metabolic functions! Signs of low life! Running out of oxygen! But they are still alive! Very good we have to provide them with oxygen immediately! Provide the staff 12 and the doctor to get them out of that elevator.
I will find a Tech ! Module IAP No.
1 calling Division 12 of the IAP .
Pare, Garth ! Now, go inside, Garth! Good ! You will not last long in there! Ar! Just like the one where your friends are.
Reena ? Rayf! We already had the first conflict.
Perhaps it is already too late to avoid a full-scale war! We need you ! We're trying, Reena! But the launch window is closing! And we have not solved the interference yet! Tech gave him my message!? What message !? I talked to her for a minute ago! We found that the interference was coming your ship! Mike and I found it too! And if Garth found that Tech knows, he must have taken somewhere! You may have to leave it, Rayf.
If you get this release! The lives of millions are at stake! If we can extricate us! We are walking on the rope right now! Boss ! Sim, Mike !? Boss, just get the release! I canceled the interference signal, using one of the other jammers! Using the same electronic wave! The count clock is advanced.
We have to move now! Tech is not here, Mike! You're the Boss, Rayf! Whatever you say goes! But you better decide quickly! Reena, we'll be here until the last possible second.
I owe it to Tech.
And we owe to this young man, Garth, something also If I had not insisted rechecar with me to all my staff, I never would have made another security check! And the last really showed some discrepancies in my junior Ragar had told me.
You think he's envolvivo!? He is being interrogated right now! So far, no proof! Boss ! Tech What happened.
Are you alright !? Oh, I'm fine! It was the Garth! He was working with the traitor in the Planetary Police! He tried to kill me in the same way he killed his friends, but I managed to escape! Instead, I arrested you! I knew ! I even suspected it, Boss! He tricked us all! Do you know who he was working the Planetary Police!? Sim! Rayf! Reena, I'll get back to you Where left the Garth!? I want to talk to him! He's dead, Chief! Three minutes to launch Está certo, Mike.
Keep rolling count.
Rayf, I had no choice! He would have killed me if I had not stopped! I know.
I get it I'm glad you're okay.
Chief, we can not proceed with this release It is in Reena who is behind the interplanetary war she used her police to kidnap the warship, fingindo as naves listen! And using us and our technology to help her! This may be right! But this man Garth! He told me everything! He feared for his life, would have no reason to lie! Rayfer! We now know who it was! We have positive identification! A full confession of Ragar he was charged with protecting the warships! Instead of, he was the kidnapping! And leading to the far side of Affix.
But they were detected by our surveillance.
Tech was working with him.
She is desperate, Rayf! Me acusando Garth era inocente ! We both have been used, Rayf! Net planejava Stay Rico, monopolizing all to war.
And the Tech promised my job! Head of the Planetary Police It's all a bunch of nonsense, Rayf! A minute to launch and counting What is the order, Chief!? Continue contando, Mike.
Rayfer!? The plan was to Tech come next launch window in about a year! Until then, the war will be over Ragar would be in total control and I dead! Do not move! Division 12 of the report, Rayf Devon and Rachel are good! They had a hard time! 30 seconds and counting Mike ! Here's the Tech abort launch! No, Mike.
Go ahead, throw! You throw, Mike and I kill Rayf in two seconds! What's going on down there!? Do it now, Mike.
Lance! Before the close window! I mean it, Mike I'll kill him! Head I can not! No, Mike.
We have to launch! It's too late, boss.
We missed the window! You've always been good at his job, Tech Mike, come down here.
Take Garth to Division 12, for him to see Devon and Rachel and hold our suspicion! I've told the other planets on Ragar The fight should end.
I'll take him back.
Talk to you soon!? You can count on it Reena.
Garth we'll even make you a detective! Well, I'll let you know.

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