The Strain (2014) s01e05 Episode Script


Previously on the strain You've grown old, a230385.
Surprised to see me? You look exactly the same.
And we don't know why.
and we don't know why.
There's no answer to why us, it's just random luck.
But I'll take it.
Why do you want that list, anyway? I'm going to visit their families.
Pay my respects.
Well, now that you mention it.
I know a urologist who might be persuaded to make an emergency house call.
You have two bosses now, Jim Kent.
The ones you report to at the CDC and me.
They paid me a little bit of money to do 'em a favour, alright? And then the favours kept getting bigger and bigger.
And you waited 'til now to tell us?! I would do anything to keep my wife alive.
- Ah! You're going to murder everyone on that list of yours? Yes.
Of course.
You know the serenade for the eclipse concert is Mr.
bolivar's number one priority.
I understand that, Sean, and I will do my best.
I'll let you know as soon as I have a firm answer.
Thank you.
I'm doctor Evanston.
The urologist.
Ruby wain, Mr.
bolivar's manager.
Thank you so much for coming on short notice.
- Dr.
box said it was urgent.
- It is.
The concert is tomorrow, Mr.
bolivar isn't doing well at all.
I don't know if it's this all plane thing, but it's vital that we get him on that stage tomorrow.
And this goes without saying your discretion is of the most importance.
Gabe? Dr.
Evanston's here.
bolivar I'm Dr.
Evanston, the urologist.
Can I do at three o'clock? Yes, a full mani-pedi.
Oh, no, no, no.
That won't work.
Let me do chiang instead.
- Ok, well then how about four? - Ah! Oh my g Gabe? Dr.
Evanston? Gabe, are you in here? Gabe are you ok? Oh! Rrrrhhh Mine! Ah! Ahhh! - Mine - Oh God! Please help me Ow! Shit! Ahh.
H oh! Ah! Aaahhhhhhh! - Come on.
Come on.
Answer! It's it's me.
It's me.
Something happened.
No, no, no, no.
The concert is cancelled.
Sh oww d no! Just stop listen Listen, listen to me! It's Gabe I think he's um He's hurt someone.
Like, permanently bad.
Of course I didn't call the police.
I haven't talked to anyone.
At the townhouse.
He's still there.
Are you sure? You have somebody that can do that? Cause I can't be connected to this in any way.
We should call someone.
Who do you suggest? The police? I just got out of jail and have no wish to return.
But if you'd like to spend the next few vital days in custody to appease your guilt, be my guest.
This scourge we're now witnessing has existed for millennia.
It is a corruption of both flesh and spirit.
It ravages what is human in its victim.
Instills a raging thirst.
That is his goal To destroy humanity.
"His" goal? Who's he? The master.
The master.
Is that a proper name? I suppose you might call him "patient zero".
He spreads his virus through the parasites in his blood, driven by his horrible will.
Do you know why there are different rate of infection between the "dead" passengers and the survivors? Some people get the flu and have a sniffle.
Some die.
Well this master why would he let four passengers live? The media focuses on the miraculous survival of four as opposed to the deaths of 200, allowing the dead time to change, return home and spread the disease.
The master excels at manipulation and disinformation.
Which is why they created a scapegoat, the unfortunate Regis ceo.
So it's a disease, but it has an intelligence? What I can say is that this was all planned.
Not just the events on the plane, the but the fallout surrounding it.
Who is he? An ancient creature.
Who feeds on the blood of his victims.
Like a vampire.
I use the term strigoi.
- Which is what? "Vampire" in - Romanian.
Now, take away the cape.
The fangs.
The accent.
He's a predator, a leech, a blemish.
And I know it's it's hard to believe.
Even I didn't at first.
How do you know all this? When I was a little boy, my grandmother, my bubbeh meiseh, told me fairy stories about the strigoi, about the master.
I thought they were only stories until I Saw the devil with my own eyes.
Once we're there, you'll be able to stretch your legs, bubbeh.
Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
This train I would not wish to go any faster.
I don't think we will be happy to arrive at our destination.
We don't know that.
- Don't be naive.
- Abraham Remember the stories I told you.
Evil lurks in this world and I fear we are soon to meet it.
Out! Out! On behalf of the camp administration I bid you welcome.
Raus da.
Just as our soldiers risk their lives, you will work here for the welfare of a new Europe.
Together, we create a better world for future generations.
This is a place of order and discipline.
Do your work, and you shall be treated accordingly.
After the war we shall assess everyone based on his merits - and reassign him.
- Frauen und Kinder an die Wand.
- Frauen und Kinder an die Wand.
- That's my wife No.
Wait, please! Please! - Abraham, go! - No! Abraham! Leave him! You want to die right now? Let her go.
- I have to protect her.
- And if you try, you'll be killed also.
You think she wants that? You.
And you.
Over here.
Skills? We are carpenters.
I have six weeks as an apprentice.
This is how we live.
- Time to get up! - We made you breakfast in bed.
- I cooked.
- I did.
- Making toast isn't cooking.
- Thank guys.
Okay, you two, slow down.
Mama doesn't feel good.
- No, no, it's okay.
- Any better? I'm fine.
If you'd just stop fussing.
My throat is sore and I'm tired.
Regis idiots aren't gonna know what him 'em, when I'm done with them.
Yes, miss Joan.
Now, drink your tea.
- Ok, ok, I got it! - Shit! I wish you weren't sick, mom.
Ah Yeah, me too.
Neeva, I I need some rest.
Thank you guys for breakfast.
So now what? I assume you have a plan.
Of course.
I visit the next person on the flight manifest.
And you kill everyone on that list? Remember, they are no longer people.
And to think they are is very dangerous.
This early in the infection they're easier to kill.
Now that I have recruited you, perhaps at the next house, we find another person to help.
And maybe at the next, another.
With 20 people we can cover 10 victims apiece.
So that you can build a little army? If I can.
Well I need film of one of the victims alive so that my bosses will know how dangerous and violent they are.
- Who's next on the list? - Ansel barbour.
One of the survivors.
He's probably turned by now.
It's a nail gun.
Modified it years ago.
Loaded with silver nails.
Silver affects them, it can even kill them.
For my purposes, it weakens them enough to allow me to get close enough for a final blow.
You think you're taking a risk in trusting the word of a stranger but I'm taking the greater risk in trusting you.
What we're dealing with here is the fate of the human race.
So, I don't expect you to believe that yet, you believe you're drafting me into your cause, but truth is, I'm drafting you into mine.
Just to be clear, if in your attempt to film Mr.
Barber, he infects you, I will not hesitate to release you.
Duly noted.
How long have you been doing this? Long enough.
Interesting vehicle here.
Oh yeah, Esther? I got her in the Congo.
That's a long way to go for a truck.
It was one of my first assignments.
We were dealing with an epidemic of human African trypanosomiasis that was burning its way through the oriental province.
I had to get from my camp to this village that'd been hit.
I traded my Rolex for it Which was a gift from my father-in-law which was not ideal for my marriage.
Anyway, uh.
She was beat to shit when I got her.
Would hardly run, but just fell in love with her.
Shipped her home, restored her, I've been driving her ever since.
It's very impractical, driving on the wrong side of the road.
Is there a heater in here? I know.
It just a reminder.
We saved a lot of lives back there.
So you're a romantic and impractical.
:This is Dr.
Nora Martinez.
Please leave me a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Hey, Nora.
I know you don't want to talk to me, but just Just call me back to let me know that you're ok.
Just just call me.
You two are close? We're friends.
Nothing more? What does it matter? Those we hold, dear if they are turn they come back home and destroy those they love the most.
- Oh! Zajak died last night.
Did you see the body? I try not to look.
He was sick.
Not that sick.
- Something killed him.
- Being here killed him.
No, I saw something in the bunkhouse last night.
What did you see? I saw a creature.
It was feeding on him.
Sounds like you had a nightmare.
It was real.
My bubbeh told me stories when I was a child.
Stories about a monster who fed on the blood of men.
She said the monster was drawn to human misery.
What place is more miserable than this? Well, that part I believe.
She told me the only way to kill it was with silver.
If we can get into the metal shop - where they are melting down the silver - Stop.
Stop looking for monsters.
We're already surrounded by them.
Wetter! You're lucky the bossman's not in yet.
- Small favors.
- He's pretty angry at you.
That rich guy called.
Said you were rude.
You wonder why there's so many rat calls lately? Mmm nope.
You know, I was getting on the subway today and I did see like, ten rats.
Like, on the platform.
Yeah, and then they just ran up the stairs and outta the station, - ballsy as you please.
- Rats don't migrate like that.
Unless they lose their food source, or something disturbs them.
There's plenty of food down there.
Something is driving them out of their nests.
Like what? A bigger predator.
- Gah! - Ah! - Hey.
- Mmm? - What about these calls? - Give them to Mitch.
The eclipse is one of the most spectacular astronomical events that most new yorkers will ever witness, but viewing it will be exceptionally dangerous.
The massive occultation of the sun will cause permanent blindness, macular damage, and thermal retinal burn.
Do not view this event directly unless you take the proper precautions Dr.
Yep cellphones haven't been working.
What? She did? I'll be right there.
- How'd you find her? - Oh, she walked about six blocks, went into a coffee shop, and ordered a Martini.
Fortunately, she was wearing her id bracelet.
There she is! My beautiful daughter.
- Hola, mama! - Dr.
Martinez This is her third incident.
I understand, but please.
- She loves it here.
- I do not! Mama, please.
Why don't you go sit down.
I'll be right there.
She has friends here, people here to talk to.
We would have to hire someone to look after her, it would be expensive.
I'll pay for it.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
_ _ _ this is my daughter, Nora.
She's in medical school.
- Hello, I'm Doris.
- Nice to meet you.
So you're studying to be a doctor? Actually I'm already a doctor, I work for the centres for disease control.
My Nora is good girl.
She came to help me pack.
I'm just here to visit, ma.
I want you to take me home.
You are home.
- We gotta get her down.
- Wait.
What are you doing? In a silver mirror, if she's infected, her reflection vibrates.
- It's one of the signs of the strigoi.
- Really? - Help me with her.
- We have other priorities.
Here we go.
She left the children with his sister.
"I am so sorry, ansel" "I can't bear to face this world without you.
" "Forgive me forgive me" Be careful.
Do whatever you can to avoid the blood.
One worm is all it takes.
Raah!! Did she chain him up in here? He chained himself.
To spare his family.
It makes our job easier.
Use the nail gun! Stun the strigoi! Sabia Mea fredoneaza de argint.
Avoid contact with the worms.
Don't touch the blood.
Gg Use the nail gun! - Stun the strigoi! - Good enough.
Do you believe it now, doctor? The evil we're facing? Rrrr Ghh hgg! Hgh hh.
Nora, just call me back.
I need to know you're safe.
We must leave.
Good luck with your video, doctor.
Come with me.
Help me get this quarantine declared.
You must do what you think is right, as must I.
I hope you succeed and prove me wrong.
Until then, well I know my cause seems hopeless, but I have seen what happens when people stand by and do nothing.
Inaction is the greatest evil.
We both have work to do.
Please Stay with me.
Was I speaking? No, sir.
How am I, doctor? Surgery was a success.
Of course, it's too early to say if there will be any rejection issues.
Is there something else on your mind, doctor? It's a fact now, eldritch.
Your body cannot endure the trauma of another major operation.
And I the ama gets wind of this organ harvesting I won't require you to operate on me again.
The fee you collect for this procedure will be your last.
Thank you for understanding.
It isn't always up to us.
Of course it isn't.
One must rely on a higher power.
Never sneak up on a working man like that.
I'm Jack noon.
Your manager requested that I come and do a little tidying up.
So, you just back off for a while and I'm gonna make sure this never happened.
There're some blood.
It's not a big Messy disaster like I've seen.
Cell phone triangulation and GPS places her here.
We'll just deposit that on the street.
Now your story is, she arrived, she administered to you, and then she mentioned that she was feeling a bit under the weather and then she left soon after.
But for right now, the less you know the better.
I'm going to have to insist that you back up.
Ok? Keep some space.
I'll be out of your hair in no time.
- Comprende? - Rrah! That was a serious mistake, dude.
Don't make another.
Now who's gonna pay me? What Hh I don't know how many times I have to tell you I'm fine.
You need a doctor, miss Joan.
No, I need fresh air.
Not more goddamn tea.
A run's gonna clear this up.
No, I don't think that's a good idea.
I don't think I asked you.
Oh God! - What's the matter? What? What! - There's something in my eye.
Do you see it? What is it? Nothing.
Ok, that's super helpful.
Where are we going? Are we going into the city? Mama needs some rest, so we are going on an adventure.
Whoever is the first one out the door gets a prize.
Neeva! I was taking the children to a movie.
Yes! We will be back in a few hours.
Just not too late, neeva.
No, of course not.
Rrrggghh Remember how I used to braid your hair for school? - Every day.
- Appearances matter, Nora.
- I know, ma.
- I'm sorry I have to work so much.
It's just so hard with your father gone When are we going home? You are home.
This is not my home.
I don't know these people.
You force me to live with strangers.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you have to stay here.
Why? You always say stay, but you never say why.
Please! Please.
Don't do this to me right now Que te pasa? Tell me what's wrong.
Let me help.
- Tell me.
- Something bad happened.
At work.
We're working on this case and I don't think I can do what needs to be done.
You'll figure it out, my smart girl.
Why do you think I did what I did to put you through school? Because I always knew you could conquer anything in this world.
I don't want to go back to my room and this isn't my home.
I'll lie down with you until you fall asleep.
- Just like we used to.
- Rr Raah! What's going on? Hey, what are you doing? We have to go, come on! - Nora, stop! - We can't! Nora, where are we going? Home, ma.
We're going home.
Everett! You and the secretary wanted proof? Here it is.
What are you doing here? I'm doing my job.
I've been following the spread of this disease.
And believe me, it is a disease.
I have video documenting the physical effects of this infection.
I also have video of an infected person in the full throes of the illness.
Everett, this is moving fast.
What is it you want? What do you mean, what do I want? I want a broad quarantine.
We need to lock down anyone related to the plane casualties.
You want to lock down relatives of dead passengers? They're not dead.
They're dormant but infected, and at a certain point they all wake up.
It's like It's like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.
They look dead, but They're undergoing a metamorphosis.
And when they come out the other side, they are something completely different.
So you found the bodies? No.
But I I know where they are, generally I performed the autopsy on captain redfern.
I also have empirical proof that the victims are returning home and infecting their families.
I saw Gary Arnot, Emma Arnot's father.
He was infected.
By Emma.
- Eph, this is - I know it's hard to fathom.
But if we can just contain this in this level, this family level, we might have a chance to beat this.
I need you to do this, Everett.
Everybody above me would be against this.
- I would have to move mountains.
- And if you did, you'd be the man who beat this plague, wouldn't you, Everett? You'd be right up there with pasteur, salk This event, it's that big.
Please Just look at the video.
Once you see the proof, you'll know it's the right call.
- Raah!! He chained himself.
To spare his family.
Makes our job easier.
Use the nail gun! Stun the strigoi! Sabia mea fredoneaza de argint.
Hang on.
I'm gonna go cancel my next appointment.
Thank you.
- It's spreading? - Massively.
Right now.
Deny it.
He's not cancelling his meeting, is he? They have you on video dragging redfern's body down the hallway in the basement.
I have to get out of here.
- He shut down my card.
- Not mine.
Eph, I'm sorry.
I had no idea that this was gonna happen You want to do the right thing? Get Barnes to declare that quarantine.
Get every passenger and their family members in our control.
Eph drop your phone.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm trying to email myself these files.
The Internet is all screwed up.
You gotta drop it.
- They can trace you.
- This is my evidence.
I can't.
They can't trace me without the SIM card, right? Gimme a paperclip.
Eph! Take this.
Look, whatever I did, I never did it to betray you.
You wanna be helpful? Do your job.