The Strain (2014) s01e06 Episode Script


Previously on The Strain You know, I was getting on the subway today and I did see, like, 10 rats on the platform.
Rats don't migrate like that.
Something was driving them out - of their nest.
- Like what? A bigger predator.
Oh, shit.
Oh God! We were talking about - finding a cure.
- That was before we knew - how quickly it spread.
- But this isn't my home.
I'll lie down with you until you fall asleep.
What's going on? - We have to go! Come on! - What? We need to lock down anyone related to the plane casualties.
I have empirical proof that the victims are returning home - and infecting their families.
- They have you on video dragging Redfern's body down the hallway.
I have to get out of here.
Drop your phone, I'll see what I can do.
Reporting similar accounts of widespread service interruptions.
Certain sources are implicating the "Citizens For Liberty" The US and international markets continue to plummet.
The cure Everyone's freaking out.
I mean you've got, like, all the best elements of New Year's Eve and Times Square and you've got pickpockets and perverts doing their thing and then you've got this added attraction of a lunar event.
And then of course all those people that are like, "oh no! This occultation, that's the sign - "of some apocalyptic thing.
" - You guys, I am one of those people.
I am freaking out, there's so much craziness - in the city right now.
- The way the news is going these days, this could be the end of the world.
- The Strain 1x06 "Occultation" - - aired on the 2014/08/17 - Oh, my God No no Just k Just kill me.
That is what I am doing.
No! No! Please! Please! Please! No! No! Argh! Someone help me! N no! No! No! No! Please! Somebody help me! H But while we wait for the world to change, I need you to last me a few meals more.
Kelly Goodweather? I'm Special Agent Monroe, this is Special Agent Woodbridge.
- OK.
- We're looking for your husband Dr.
Ephraim Goodweather.
Is he here by any chance? - No.
Um, we're separated.
- Oh, sorry to hear that.
We've been having trouble reaching him Well, do you know where he is right now or how we can get in contact with him? I I have his phone number.
Yeah, no.
His cellphone has gone dark.
Wait, is Eph OK? Does this have something to do - with the airplane? - It does, yeah.
- What's going on? - FBI.
I'm Agent Monroe and this is Agent Woodbridge.
We're looking for Ephraim Goodweather.
And you are? Matt Sayles, Kelly's boyfriend.
What's the matter? You know what, Matt, I've got it.
If you want to go check on Zack.
Make sure he doesn't wander over.
If Dr.
Goodweather gets in touch with either one of you, we'd appreciate it if you contacted us immediately.
If you don't mind, I have to get my son off to school.
- You think he's in there? - With his wife's boyfriend in the house? Eh, not a chance.
Can only be Thursday, can it? - You jammed up to? - Office's so flooded with calls, we're referring business to the competition, - who're too busy to take it.
- I know, you dope.
I'm the competition.
Something's going on.
One of the mafia 'Scuse me, the sanitation department, forget to do their trash pick-up this week? I was on a roof in Mott Haven yesterday, a whole squad of munchers livin' up there, like pigeons.
Yeah, I saw them pourin' out of a sewer in morning-side heights.
Like somethin' biblical.
It's a mass displacement.
Something's driving them out from underground.
- How you know this, Fet? - I seen 'em.
In the tunnels.
- Seen what? - Something big.
And it's hiding down there in the dark.
- What? The mole people? - Ha! Ha! Ha! You'd be happy to see the mole people instead of these things.
What'd they look like? Fsh I'm just saying be careful, that's all.
Hey, Fet.
Next time you see 'em, - thank 'em for all the overtime.
- Yeah.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh! - Is this boring or what? - Didn't come here to pitty-pat.
Pretty boy, I never liked you anyway.
- Now you hurt my feelings.
- Uh oh! My ride here? It is.
I'm here for Mr.
Pitty-pat that.
- With who? The queen? - Mr.
Nah, I don't work for him no more.
You'd better step up out of here, home boy.
I'm afraid he insists.
Alright, man.
Be easy with that heat, eh? Let me get cleaned up.
- What's up? - This guy I used to work for.
Putting the press on me.
We gon' end that shit today, though.
What did those men want? - Nothing.
- Is dad in trouble? - Why do you ask? - 'Cause he's on TV.
Wanted for questioning by the FBI.
This morning the Bureau announced that Dr.
Ephraim Goodweather is a person of interest in the sudden - Dad! - disappearance of Eph what the hell did you do? Redfern apparently went missing last night from St.
Sebastian's hospital Whatever they're saying, it's completely bogus.
We need to get Zack out of the city right now.
- Go to your mother's in Vermont.
- Wait what the hell - are you talking about? - Something awful is happening.
Um the contagion.
It's a terrible disease, an outbreak.
It's burning its way through the city and they're trying to make sure nobody'll listen to me.
- Is it that bad? - How did you get in here? Just just pack a bag.
Throw some clothes in, get out.
- Look, you're scaring me.
- I'm scared.
- I've never seen anything like this.
Nobody has.
- If there's some big emergency why isn't there any news about it? Why isn't the government warning us - instead of looking for you.
- They're trying to turn it around on me.
Look, I know too much.
- Maybe that sounds crazy.
- You gotta get rid of your phone, dad.
They can use it to trace you.
- I did that already.
- Go upstairs and get ready for school.
Upstairs, Zack.
You're scaring me and you're going to scare your son.
Is it the custody hearing? I mean, have you finally snapped? How many drinks have you had this morning, Eph? You know me Kelly.
You need to do this.
Look, you need to stop giving me orders, OK? Besides, how many times have you said "you can't outrun a virus"? Well this one, you need to try.
Look, I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't important! You can take my office, you can tear it down, you can turn it into a game room, I don't give a shit.
But this matters.
- You called the FBI? - Goddamn fool.
Take it easy, Doctor.
Put your hands behind your head.
- OK, Doc.
Stop right there, eh? - My God, Eph.
We just have a few questions for you.
Put your hands behind your head! Run.
They left with him in the backseat.
I don't think any of the neighbours noticed anything.
- Why did you do that? - What? Call the FBI as they instructed us to do? What? You want us to be an accessory to whatever? - It wasn't your call to make.
- He forced his way into our house.
Into my house! My ex-husband.
And I will decide how to deal with him.
Wow you you're actually defending him.
- Why did they arrest dad? - You know what? It was just a big misunderstanding and we're going to sort it out.
- Are we going to Vermont? - Know what? Maybe we should.
- Just to be safe.
- Are you kidding me? And do what? You're just going to pull Zack out of school? And how are you going to find a substitute for your class this late? I'm sorry, but I'm not losing my job because - your ex went crazy.
- Don't say that about him! Zack, just go wait in the car for me, OK? Look, I know you're upset.
With your history No, you shut your mouth and you listen to me.
This is my family, my life.
I invited you in, you are a guest and you need to start acting like one.
A guest? Maybe this was a mistake.
Maybe I acted too quickly.
No no no.
We know what we're doing here, OK? I'm here.
I'm here because I love you.
I'm here because I'm trying to protect this family.
- We're way past me being a guest.
- I need to go to work.
- We're not done here! - I am.
Fine, I gotta go to work too.
- Great.
- Great.
We've inventory tonight and it's gonna go late.
I won't wait up.
Sabia mea fredonaza argint.
Agh agh! Grrr! M agh Mama, are you OK? Do you remember anything from last night? It it was a lovely dinner.
I wish I could forget like you.
Hello? I've been better.
Have you heard from Eph? He took Redfern's autopsy video to Barnes who put the FBI on him.
Arrested? Who's been arrested? Don't they see what's happening? This doesn't make any sense.
Nora? Nora?! Jim? - Jim, I'm losing you.
Don't! - Mama, don't open the door! - Nora! You're hurting me again.
I'm sorry.
Are they making people disappear? We have to go.
Don't die in my cab.
Thank you for your concern.
Harlem is a long fare.
You got money? I have money.
Just Get me home before this eclipse.
This eclipse is making everyone nuts.
The plane thing and cellphones aren't working.
The whole city's losing their minds, it's like judgment day out there.
You wanna help fix this? You wanna help me stop all of this? You can't fix crazy, man.
You can't.
- The hell are we, man? - One story above hell.
This idiot's the devil's Butler.
You got my gun on you? Yeah.
Ah, you brought a friend.
Look, slick.
I told you.
I'm out.
What do I gotta do to convince you that I'm done? Gus.
You violated one of the three rules.
You attempted to take some of the cargo.
The deal we made therefore is no longer valid.
But you remain in my employ.
I didn't look in that box.
We're not going to debate the issue.
Here is your new assignment: In the basement of St.
Sebastian's hospital, you will find the refrigerated remains of a body.
An associate will pick you up and take you to this body.
You will remove it from the hospital premises and you will dispose of it.
I trust you know of a secure location for such a task.
I don't think you're hearing me.
_ _ _ _ _ You shoulda never brought her into this.
You love her very much.
What I find fascinating is how love is considered a gift, a blessing, with no acceptance to the fact that it also binds and chokes and strangles.
Shut up, fool.
You're over! Ah argh.
- Yes? - What are you? I am your salvation or your downfall.
Your choice.
You're a smart boy, Gus.
I doubt you will make the same mistake again.
Now get going! Everything you've been told is So you didn't kill Doyle Redfern, the pilot? No.
I did not kill Doyle Redfern the pilot.
Just happened to be dragging his body down the hallway, is that right? Look, could you text my son? You handcuffed me right in front of him.
You can type it in, I'll dictate it to you, he just needs to know that I'm OK.
Yeah, but I'm not sure that you are, Doc.
In fact, I'm sure that you're not.
Now I'm not going to dick around with you, you are in a shit-storm of trouble here and the best thing you can do for yourself - is to tell me the truth.
- Look, I know that this is the way that you do things but we really just don't have time for this shit.
- That's all you got is time, fella.
- No, I don't.
We don't.
These hours are crucial.
We need daylight to fight these things, to hunt them.
What time is it? I don't give a shit who you are or what fancy medical school you went to.
Now I own you.
Buzz me out.
Let's leave this asshole in here for a day or two and let him stew.
You? What's this? Just put 'em on and don't talk to me.
Here you go, thanks.
- Cellphone's still out.
- Where are we going? I don't know, mama.
But it isn't safe here.
It'll be dark soon Don't be silly mi hija, it's the middle of the day.
- Eclipse glasses! - Just wait here.
- Just $1.
- Yes.
Souvenirs! Eclipse glasses.
Excuse me.
I think there's someone who can help us.
Protect your eyes! $1.
- Necesito sentarme, por favor! - Come on, come on.
- We'll be there soon, OK? - OK.
You two hear about the house explosion out in ozone park? Didn't know you had a little girl.
Gonna need something with a little more punch.
Munchers sneaking in the enemy headquarters, huh? Boss? You alright? Rah! Rrgh! Yah! Gah! OK then.
Lauretta? You were right.
Shoulda waited a couple of days instead of bringing him back in.
And hearing this bullshit.
You wanted to hear the whole story, that's it.
I just gave it to you.
All of it.
It's the truth.
Well, not everything.
What about that guy? Peter Bishop.
Head of airport ATC, found dead at JFK.
Was he also one of these infected people - who needed to be destroyed? - How about just for one minute, you entertain the possibility that I'm right.
That there is a massive contagious event rolling through New York City.
Well, just go to one of the passenger's houses.
Just pick one, any one and see what you find there.
Let's put this guy back in his cell.
Goodbye Doctor, we'll see you in court in five or six months.
Alright, alright, alright.
I I'll take you to the bodies.
I know where the bodies are.
Are you saying something different now? - I am.
- You know where the bodies are? - I do.
All of them.
- Give us an address.
No, no, no.
No address.
I need to show you.
- It's just more bullshit.
No, no, no.
I want to make a deal.
If you're jacking us around, what I did to you before was nothing.
You want answers to your questions you're not going to find them in here.
As far as I'm concerned, eclipse is French for happy hour.
I've just never seen Eph like that.
It's a classic cock-block.
"Oh, there's just some big city "Wide emergency, save yourself and Zack, I'm your hero.
" I mean, I just shut Matt down hard.
He was trying to help.
Failing, but trying.
Hey, what you did was fine.
They need to be put in their place from time to time.
He hasn't called or texted, I mean, that is so not like him.
That's male pride.
You think this redecorating thing is some random home improvement? You're lucky he's not marking his territory in a more traditional way.
Maybe I let him move in too soon.
Maybe I did want to hurt Eph.
Divorce is a street fight.
Don't you forget about Eph's spicy side-dish there at work, OK? - Stay strong.
- Right.
- And what if Eph's right? - I don't know Then go to Vermont.
Take a long weekend if you're stressing out about it.
You don't have to justify it you don't have to You don't have to ask Matt's permission.
You go, you deserve it.
What about you? You're not worried that there's some horrible new epidemic they're not telling us about? - You want to come with us? - Nah! Kel, come on.
I'm a Queens girl, we never leave.
Aw man, it's so loose and nasty in there.
I'm telling you, someone got their ass chopped up.
Who is it? Mob guy? Politician? - You don't need to know.
- Leave it alone, Felix.
Nice try, homie.
I gotta see this.
Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Hey, what are you doing?! That shit ain't human.
Get out of the way! Goddamnit.
Let's get this over with.
- Pop.
- Vassily.
- Mom's not home? - She's on her way.
Market day.
Mmm Pirozkhi.
Fresh made, huh? You need money? Sorry to disappoint you.
Still the mad genius I see, huh? It is almost done.
The history of Ukrainian architecture.
Authored by a man who fled the country 30 years ago - to never return.
- My book is to be published in June by the Odessa Mechnikov University press.
I have also been invited to lecture there in Odessa, - Kharkiv and Kiev in the fall.
- Congratulations.
And you Vassily? Too busy killing rats to come visit your mother? I always wonder if you'll get past it.
Do Mr.
and Mrs.
Yodka still think I work in city planning? I should advertise what you do? Is there any gain for me in telling people that you turned down a graduate school scholarship in architecture at Cornell to become a rat catcher? No.
Not much.
But I didn't come here to fight.
I came here to warn you.
You and ma.
You need to get out of this city.
And why is that? Something evil has taken root.
Some disease.
Some horrible, horrible strain.
A pestilence that's overrunning the city.
It's turning people into hungry vermin.
Your job, Vassily, it has warped your mind It's the truth.
This is what I do.
This is what I know.
You need to take that vacation you always promised ma, but never given her.
You know, you need to go.
I knew this would happen.
You appear after two years.
And I'm supposed to flee my home on what? The word of a stranger.
I tried.
Goodbye, dad.
For your mother.
For me.
Make sure you put these on before you look up.
- It's so cool.
- Yeah, I don't like it.
It's a bad omen.
So what should we do, Z? Stay here or go? Dad says go.
I'm sorry you had to see that this morning.
I'm sorry everything is so chaotic right now.
Maybe what we both need is a little normalcy, huh? No place like home, right? And you've got school.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
- C'mon.
- Why'd we go this way? - Because my phone told me to.
Jesus, look at that! - Bennett? - What? That's the Manhattan medical examiner.
That's the guy right there who disappeared along with the bodies of the passengers.
- That's him, right there.
- He's just a crazy homeless guy.
Ah! My God! - Ah! - Holy shit! Leave it, it's not our problem.
- You kidding me? - Leave it! - Ah! Ah! - Hey! - Damn New York City - No.
No! No! No! Wait! Wait! Stop! Federal agent! Stop! - Ah! Ah! - Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop! I said stop! FBI.
Freeze! Help please Give me your keys.
- Give me your keys! - Help me.
I warned you I'm sorry.
Yo Matty, you missing the big show in the sky.
- You OK, man? - Yeah, yeah.
I just got into a fight with my girlfriend.
Just trying to find a way to make it right.
Ah, don't text her man.
It's impermanent.
Look I know a guy who could sleeve you up a real apology, though.
I was thinking more along the lines of flowers, but thanks.
- Alright.
- Ah! Agh! Jeff, what happened?! Call security, get a first aid kit.
Go! Go! Hey! Hey! Hey! Everything Help is on the way, OK, buddy? Who who did this? Who did this? Many reports of gruesome attacks occurring Hey! Did you do this?! - What was in the bag, homie? - Shut up, bro.
Let me think.
We should've burned it, gusto.
Need a priest.
Coulda washed my hands in holy water.
How many times I gotta tell you to let it go, Felix.
That dude who picked us up He was scared And so were you.
And that German dude? We met a diablo today, esse Man, I told you.
Shut up! I wasn't scared, you were scared.
Hey yo, be easy man.
Back up, man.
Back up, puto.
Gusto! Help! Help! Ah! What is it? Gusto, help! - What is it? - Get it off! What is that shit, bro? Get it out! Agh! Hey! Police! Come here! - Here we go.
Stop resisting! - Ha! Ha! Ha! Now you show up.
I'm ready to talk.
Follow me.
You're here.
You're both ready.
I have a new plan.