The Strain (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Creatures of the Night

Previously on The Strain You have two bosses now: The ones at the CDC and me.
I waved that van through at the airport after you sealed it.
They paid me a little bit of money to do 'em a favor, alright? I've seen 'em in the tunnels.
Something big.
OK, then You're saying we kill the Master and that's somehow - gonna stop this plague? - Yeah.
That makes no biological sense! How does that work? At every turn, everything I said has proven to be correct.
- Yes, but - This is no different.
I give you another day of life, Jew.
Are you alright? - Are you OK? - Am I injured? No, but we have missed our opportunity And there will be consequences.
How did it move like that? The vampires you've seen before are newly formed, in the earliest stages of maturity.
I shot him in the leg.
Had you struck bone, it might have hobbled him.
Are you saying gunshots don't kill them? It's hard to wound them fatally with a gun.
Strigoi flesh heals rapidly, but silver burns them.
It's been many, many years since Eichhorst tasted such pain.
By wounding him, we have sent the Master a message.
I do not think we will have to wait long for his reply.
I really, really don't like the sound of that.
Tunnels are the perfect ecology for them, aren't they? Dank, dark, devoid of sunlight.
We already know vampires don't like sunlight.
Not vampires, viruses.
The die-off rate for any genome-based pathogen when exposed to direct ultraviolet light is over 90%.
That's why sun desiccates them.
And at nighttime, they have free reign.
It's nighttime now.
New York City is an open buffet.
Unless We can find a way to simulate our own sunlight.
Ugh! Aaah _ Shit! It's closed.
Where's another medical supply store? Uvc light? Bushwick.
Can you wait a minute? Well, I guess we're staying here.
That window over there.
We're breaking in? - We're burglars now? - Burglars, vigilantes, vampire killers.
Add it to the list.
Alright, get ready for an alarm.
Must be a silent alarm.
Hold up.
You hear something? I think it was outside.
Let's just do this and get out of here.
Say something, so I know you're not one of them.
You can put the gun down.
We tried the door.
Nobody answered.
This is a legitimate medical emergency.
We broke into requisition supplies.
Requisition, huh? You look like a bunch of looters to me.
We're from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Who are you? I'm a looter.
- sync & corrections by wolfen - Right here.
They were right here.
The UVC lights, they were They're gone! I guess you've seen those sons of bitches too, huh? Hey, what are you gonna do with those lights? Same thing as you, I bet.
Sunlight fries these big munchers.
That means ultraviolet radiation.
- UVC light is the strongest there is.
- We need those lamps.
You're the airplane doctor.
I saw you on TV.
Right? Hmm.
Aren't you some kind of dangerous criminal or something? Hey, pal, the police are gonna be here any minute.
No, they're not.
I took out the phone lines at the junction box.
No alarm.
Besides, by my guess, the cops have bigger things to worry about by now.
Don't you think? Any reward for turning you in? No, sorry.
Too bad for me.
Very good for you.
You, uh encountered these creatures? Sort of I exterminated a couple.
You say "exterminate"? That's what I do, Pops, I'm a city exterminator.
So the government's getting in on the fight, huh? Not officially.
What are you gonna do with 12 lamps? I'm not gonna run out for a while.
So it's every man for himself already? If so, then this battle is over before it even began.
I'll tell you what I'll give you three.
- Three? - What? Grandpa wants one? We'll take six.
I can survive with six.
But only six! Why don't we get some phones? Those pay-as-you-go types.
Cell phones aren't working, something about the network.
Eventually, they'll work and we'll need a way to communicate.
We might as well load up on food and drinks while we can.
- Let's make it quick.
- Go ahead, I'll be right along.
How did you get here, Pops? We travelled by subway and taxi cab.
I wouldn't go back that way if I were you.
The subway tunnels, that's where they are.
- Dozens of them.
- Thousands, I should think.
These tunnels, you know them well? Very well.
A bizarre attack at Leisure Horizons - His son appeared - Machine is slow tonight.
and viciously assaulted his father in a corridor outside his room.
I know it's good.
Could you please just swipe it again? Credit card machine's down.
Shit! I don't have any cash.
The ATMs are gonna be a problem for the next few days, so I know that face.
What did you do, you and your crew of weirdo hackers? Nothing much unless you want to use a computer or cell phone.
Seriously? Why? Because somebody paid me a lot of money to do it.
- You used to think I was genius.
- Did I? How may we get in touch with you? Perhaps we can help each other.
I work alone.
Where else have you seen these vampires.
Vampires? No, no, no, no, no.
Not like Dracula.
No, they don't have any fangs or anything like that.
They're more like rat people, you know? You'll excuse me.
- He's right, you know? - Who? That exterminator.
I grew up with food shortages.
People fighting over goods, medicine.
There's gonna be looting, and panic, and vigilantes.
Aside from us, you mean? Nora, time to go.
What the hell?! Oh, my God! Crazy old man with a bloody sword! Unholy filth.
Just give me that.
Nail gun, huh? Interesting.
What? You want some more? Huh? - Jim, come on, let's go! - Screw this.
So what? You could speak to these things? - Give me the phone! - I have to count this first! Watch out for the pump! I need a plug! - Where's the outlet?! - Over there, but don't touch! It's jammed! - That's why I carry rebar.
- Wait, there's too many.
I need your help.
Now or never! - Aim for their heads! - Forgive me.
Come on! Come come on! Ah! Come on! Come on! I got him! Oh! Oh! Inside! Now! Here.
At least we know the light works.
Not through glass, there's a natural UV barrier.
Filters out 80 to 90% of UV radiation.
Jim, what happened? Scraped when she knocked me down.
Go to the restroom, wash it out.
Go out, all of you! I'll call police! Go ahead, Apu! Fire it off in there! Go deaf! Look, I don't want no trouble.
I'm just a working man here.
You let me go, I'm out of your hair.
We all want to get out of here.
Why did you just lock us in? Hey! Hey! What the hell is going on? - What are those things? - Strigoi.
He's kidding, right? Does it look like he's kidding? Look at us.
- It's us or them.
- I know.
If we charge these lamps, we can walk out of here.
These glass windows aren't keeping 'em out.
- What are they waiting for? - Reinforcements.
We have very little time.
I need the rules.
What kills these things, aside from direct sunlight? The brainstem must be destroyed or severed from the spinal cord.
So, beheading or rebar bashing.
What about guns? Lead rounds can maim them if they strike bone.
Flesh wounds heal without pain.
Only silver truly hurts them.
They fear it.
Silver sword and silver bullet.
And that nail gun that you have there.
Aside from silver nails, uh What? Standard issue? From Home Depot.
Vasiliy Fet.
It's good to know you.
Abraham Setrakian.
God! 9-1-1 isn't working.
All I'm getting are recorded messages.
Yeah, obviously.
- You did this too? - A little less volume, please.
Oh, my God! What have you done?! - We're trapped here! - Shut up or I'm gonna punch you in the mouth! Hey, get out of there.
Need your help.
Extension cords, and food, and hydrogen peroxide.
- I make list of everything you steal! - We're not stealing anything.
All right, listen everybody.
We need your help.
We're doctors from the Center for Disease Control.
There's a plague that's spreading through New York City.
Is it a plague or is it vampires? Because he said vampires.
It's a transformative disease that makes people predatory and extremely dangerous, but we have an idea about how to get us all out of here tonight.
Sorry, man.
Good luck with all that, but I got to You're not gonna make it.
Trust me.
Trust you? I don't even know you! How can I trust you? No, sir, please listen to me.
If you go out there, you will be killed.
Hey! What are you doing? Stop! - No! - No! - Nikki, hey, don't! - Hey! Ah! Oh, God! Son of a bitch.
She made it.
She ditched me.
That bitch! - You said not to run! - They're not following her.
They're not here for her.
They're here for us.
"Us"? Who's "us"? Not us, you! We go to my truck.
It's right over there.
It's too far.
We won't all make it.
The bread truck's right over there.
Anybody else wants to go now? - I got plenty of room in back.
- Are you kidding? I'm in.
This is what they thrive on: Fear, panic, divisiveness.
There's strength in numbers.
We must make a plan and act together.
It's called beat 'em to the truck! Just you and me then.
You're ready? Oh, come on! Go on! Oh, my God! This can't be happening.
Nobody leaves until we all leave! Are we stuck till morning? We won't make it till morning.
We won't even last another hour.
- We won't? - Many more will be coming.
Soon, they'll swarm and overrun us.
They can communicate with each other now? They're connected to the Master who sees through every strigoi eye.
He sees through them? When will you decide to believe me?! Late this afternoon, the mayor again assured the citizens of New York City that he has no intention of asking the Governor for help from the National Guard.
Here's what he had to say to reporters in front of City Hall earlier today.
Our fine police Commissioner has assured me Give me 25 Powerball Quick Picks, Apu.
I am Hassan.
Hassan, 25 Powerball Quick Picks.
Make of them a winner.
Lottery machine is down.
Credit card machine down.
of scratch tickets then.
Yeah? My luck, uh Can only get better.
Maybe in a tight cordon with the UVC lamps and the weapons, we can make a break for it.
How about the other cars in the garage? One's got no engine, and one's got no wheels.
I stuck around to help.
Let me know if there's anything else I can do.
- Jim, what is that? - What? Come here.
What? I don't like that look.
- Hey, careful, that will burn.
- Close your eyes.
United States has historically held, "It's none of our constitutional Alright, guys, come on.
Talk to me.
Your cheek Yeah, got cut.
I think you got nicked.
It's just a scrape.
- Jim - It's a worm.
I need, uh, tweezers, a lighter.
And where's that hydrogen peroxide? - Doctor, a word please.
- I need, uh paper towels, gloves, and, uh, a knife.
- What?! - I'm gonna cut it out of you.
What are you gonna do with that box cutter? Here.
Drink this.
The stinger must have grazed you.
Maybe that's all it takes to transmit the parasite.
Do you feel it anywhere? Anywhere? I can feel it everywhere now.
Am I gonna end up like the airline pilot? Not if we get it before.
- Before what? - Before it reproduces.
They're on the roof.
At the backdoor.
Come on.
- What do you see? - Not too close.
I don't want to dig in any deeper.
Deep Get it out already.
They're looking for multiple points of ingress, just like any other vermin.
Can you can you see it? I think I can feel it around my eye now.
- I'm not gonna lie to you - Get it out! Skin on face is very thin and it's full of nerve endings.
- This is gonna hurt like a bitch.
- Don't care, just get it out! Get it out! Hey! How fast can we move the wheels from this car to that one? - Ah! What's happening? - That's it.
That's it.
Alright, almost there.
Got it.
Don't move, don't move.
Don't lose it.
Thank God.
Almost there.
You better hurry up.
They're up to something.
It's not pretty, but it will hold till we get you to a hospital.
Well, you cut my face open.
- I did, didn't I? - Yeah.
I could have turned into one of them.
Don't even think about it.
You two saved my life My soul.
Thank you.
I think we may have stumbled onto a potential treatment here.
- An early intervention protocol.
- Something new.
I don't want to go so far as to say a cure.
Hey! Oh, God! Someone, come quick! Turn away! No, no! You can't come in here! Get him out! - They're using tools now.
- Not just tools, but distraction.
What are you doing? Wait for us.
You're gonna tell me what we're doing out here? It's cutting off power! - That didn't stop him.
- I didn't hit him in the head! Don't distract me.
Here's some candles.
Hey, Hassan, give us some batteries.
They're coming in! - Someone help us! - The garage.
- In you go! - Hey! Get in here! The car! I'm almost done! Somebody, block the door! Fall back! Fall back! Getting 'em on all sides now! Can't wait any longer.
How much more time do we have left in those lamp batteries? If we get 20 minutes out of these things, I'll be amazed.
That means we have The bread truck is our only hope.
That didn't work out so well for the actual bread truck driver who still has the keys by the way.
And once you get outside with those things, that truck is a lot farther away than it seems.
We'll put it to a vote.
Who wants to stay and die? The longer we allow ourselves to be distracted from our only goal, survival, the more likely we are to pull short of achieving it! Mr.
Fet, you spent your life engaging vermin in this city.
Perhaps, you have some suggestions for getting us from here to there.
Hey, uh, what shall I do? Take those bottles over there and empty 'em in the bathroom.
Trying to rip off the HVAC unit and get into the venting.
They're getting more lucid, aren't they? In one month, they will be fully mature.
Like Eichhorst? No, not like him.
There are a few to whom the Master grants greater power.
They retain parts of their former selves.
Eichhorst is one of the chosen.
Even among the strigoi, there is a caste system.
No offense, but every time I talk to you, I come away feeling worse.
Hassan, it's time to come out of there, OK? - Alright? You're coming with us.
- It is safe here.
Don't be a fool.
You want to die inside a cigarette box? I stay! I wait for police! And who pays for this?! It's a 250$ win, alright? Keep the change, you earned it.
Want some? - Sure? - Yeah.
Your loss.
So, what was your name? Dutch.
Dutch Velders.
How has this happened? There's no short answer.
Let's get this done.
Bit crazy, right? For you to save my life in here only to get stung out there.
I think Setrakian's right, we just need to stay together.
It was inside of my face.
Eph, what you did was incredible.
We can talk about it later, let's just focus on getting out of here.
So sorry.
I knew what I was doing was wrong; I just didn't know how wrong.
What to do now is just try to go forward.
I got it and I appreciate it.
What? Are you kidding? Whatever.
Everything's fine.
I don't feel anything.
I can't feel anything, it's fine.
Oh, shit! Oh, shit! I'm done for, aren't I? We're gonna take you to the hospital.
We're going to give you antiparasitics.
We'll try chemo.
We have a lot of tools at our disposal.
You couldn't save Captain Redfern! Oh, shit.
You have to kill me.
We're not killing you.
We don't have time for this debate.
We have to go.
Now! You have to, uh Release me.
It's the expression, right? - That's not a solution.
- You killed the others! - It was a solution for them! - It was different.
I want to know the truth.
Once I turn, I'm gonna go after them, right? The ones you love, yes.
Cruelest feature of this dark curse is that the bond that joins you in life, human love, is corrupted into the need to consume those closest to you.
My parents.
Don't listen to him, Jim.
We can fight this.
We just need to get you out of here first.
You cannot save him! We don't have time for this nonsense.
- This is my friend! - Exactly.
- So the humane thing - The humane thing is to treat him! He comes with us! We don't have to decide this now.
Nora I'd rather be dead than turn into one of them.
Your impulse is always to save, I know.
Save your friend's soul.
Release him.
Do it now before he turns! Don't listen to him, Jimmy.
You know modern technology - No, stop! - better than I do.
We can help you.
- It's too late.
- No! No! Aah! What did you do? Why did you do that? Because you couldn't.
What gave you the right?! He wanted to die, and you were arguing when we need to be moving! I did your friend a favor.
It was not your decision to make! Jim, I'm so sorry.
Here they come.
Hassan! Last chance! Go, go! Doc! If you get stung, I won't hesitate to return the favor.
That's the spirit, Doc.
That's the spirit.
Stay together! I need a credit card! You don't have a credit card? I'm currently in dispute over my credit limit.
Why doesn't that surprise me? - What's your code? - 1, 1, 2, 1, 5.
- What's the hold up?! - I'm awaiting authorization! I, uh, I don't know how to tell you guys this, but Approved! Give me the buckets.
Gasoline doesn't want to be a liquid; it wants to be a vapor, so go fast, OK? OK.
Nora! OK.
- Hold them back! - Hurry! Put the light over here! Behind you! Put the light here! I got you covered here! Over here! Heads up! Doc, wake up! Let's go! Go! Go! - Go, go, go, go! - My light! - My light went out! - I got you! Go, go, go! Go! - Come on! - Go! - Come on! - Go! Go! Go, come on, go! Yaaa! Hurry! Quickly! Doc, keys! - sync & corrections by wolfen -