The Strain (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

The Disappeared

Previously on The Strain I'm the only one who could slow the Internet down to worse than dial up.
You're hired.
We need to get Zack out of the city right now.
Go to your mother's in Vermont.
- What hell are you talking about? - Something awful is happening.
If there's such a big emergency, why isn't there any news about it? You called the FBI? - Take it easy, Doctor.
- OK, Doc.
Stop right there.
Uh? No, you shut your mouth and you listen to me.
I invited you in, you are a guest, and you need to start acting like one.
We got inventory tonight and it's going to go late.
I won't wait up.
Jeff, what happened? Hey! Did you do this?! Jim, what happened? Scraped it when she knocked me down.
Close your eyes.
I think you got nicked.
It's a worm.
- Oh God.
- You have to kill me.
Once I turn, I'm going to go after them, right? The ones you love.
Release him.
Do it now, before it's too late! No! Oh! Ahh! OK.
Will you tell your mom to call me, OK? - None of this texting shit.
- OK.
Maybe her phone broke or she lost it.
I left her a lot of messages, normally she calls me - to tell me how annoying I am.
- Maybe the battery died, sometimes she forgets to charge it.
My God, with the noise all day! The cops, helicopters I don't know what's going on.
Hey, hey.
Honey, honey.
Are you sure Matt's home? You know, it's looking - kind of dark in there.
- Look, mom.
There he is.
Alright, alright.
You go quickly, it's cold.
My God, what'd you got in there? A dead dog? You tell her to call me even though I'm pissed off.
- OK.
- OK, darling.
Have a good one.
Mom? Mom? Matt? That's my place right there.
What happened to the house? Mom? Oh, my God! For your protection.
- Just in case.
- Measures to address the unrest in New York City.
The legislators are reluctant You OK? - I don't know.
- Be right back.
Leave me alone! Zack, get down! Hurry! No, get down! Stay away from his body.
Are you OK? - Are you bleeding? - I don't think so.
Where's your mother? Did you talk to your mother? I don't know, I just got home and that's when he attacked me.
Who was that? - My ex-wife's boyfriend.
- Not anymore.
We should search the house.
- OK.
- Is there a basement? If my wife is down there, nothing happens when my son's here.
Understand? Fair enough.
- I'll search upstairs.
- Did you hear me? - Loud and clear.
- Hey.
Where would I find some booze? I don't live here anymore.
- Ah! - Dad, what's happening? This is part of the epidemic we've been investigating.
Matt was infected.
Now I need you to tell me, when was the last time you heard - from your mother? - This morning.
They were arguing about you because you told us to go to Vermont.
Matt thought that was stupid, he didn't even come home last night.
Did you do that to Matt's face? No.
He was like that when I got here.
He was wounded in another fight.
Use your inhaler.
Just relax.
The house is empty.
You understand that if the worst has happened your wife will return for her son.
We should take him from here, quickly.
And you must get rid of that body.
How? We burn it.
I never felt so sick in my whole life.
This asshole promised me a doctor.
How many times I gotta tell you to get a doctor in here? This some illegal shit.
We got rights! Look at him man, he's dying.
You hear me? He's not the only one suffering.
A lot of guys are coming in here sick.
The city system for first responders is messed up.
This is bullshit! If there's such an emergency, why don't y'all bring more doctors in here? Settle down, we've got a transport van out back to take you to Rikers in a few minutes.
No, no, no.
We not going nowhere until he sees a doctor.
He's not going to make it to no Rikers.
If you want your friend to stay alive, get his ass on the van.
There's a doctor who checks every new arrival at intake.
Elizalde, Williams, Orlando, Riley.
Up and at 'em.
We gonna get you some help.
Let's go.
Hey, yo.
Help me get him up.
On three.
One, two, three.
Help me, Gus! - I'm here.
I'm right here, OK? - Gracias, hermano.
I know you do.
- How did you get out of jail? - I escaped.
From the FBI? For real? Yeah.
I saw an opening and I took it.
I shouldn't have been arrested to begin with.
I didn't do anything wrong.
- Careful.
This is warmer.
- Where did you get that dagger? From Mr.
Setrakian, the older man from downstairs.
He's helping us out.
Now listen, Zack, I have to stay here and fix the place up.
Your mom will flip if she sees it like this.
- OK.
- Mr.
Setrakian will take you to his pawn shop.
That's where I've been hiding out.
I trust him.
He'll protect you and I'll be right behind.
Nothing will stop me from getting there.
What about Mom, Dad? Did something happen to her? I don't know where your mom is but I'm going to find her.
Your mom's a survivor.
You want some? I had some bread.
Can I get you something? You know, if we had handled your friend the way you wanted to, we'd all be dead.
There is no hope for those who are infected.
- You must understand this.
- You don't know everything.
- No, but I do know about this.
- I did what needed to be done.
- He's right.
- Nobody's asking you.
How would you have handled it, hm? Teach me something.
If someone was going to help him die, it should have been one of us.
Someone who loved him.
But you weren't ready to do it.
I can't teach you how to be a human being.
Eat your bologna.
Well if we're about done here, I'd love a ride home.
- We're done.
I'll drop you.
- Then we go to my shop.
I have things there To plan for our next battle.
Weiter! Weiter! Schneller! Schenller! Schneller! Schneller! Zack is going back with you.
I'll meet you in an hour.
I'm trusting you with him.
Please take good care of him.
- Of course.
- I'm trusting you.
Yes, I know.
My hearing is excellent.
I'm staying, too.
We'll get it done faster.
- Hey, I'm Fet.
- Zack.
Maybe it's weird to say, but it hurt me, too.
Seeing that happen to your friend.
Even if it was the only way.
Don't let the cops get you again.
The cops are very busy, they don't have time for me.
When Mom comes back, tell her I'm mad and Diane is mad, too.
You first.
Go on.
Thanks for the lift! It's been a real blast.
I'm coming up with you, to make sure it's safe.
I'm not making out with you, though.
Nikki? Nikki?! No, no, no, no No, no, no Bitch.
Nikki I'm going to kill you! Shit, she stole my backup! Nikki, the girl I was with at the store, she um stole all my money.
Every last penny that I had.
This is why I don't have roommates.
Yeah that, and 'cause you're 40.
We were more than roommates.
We were very close.
This is why I don't have friends.
She took my laptop.
Everything I have is on my laptop.
Maybe, um She thought you were dead.
That's even worse! All the bloody ugly shit that you love! Ah!!! Come up here, son.
federal officials tomorrow to ask that the city be declared a disaster area.
- What's the matter? - My mother's going to be upset about her boyfriend, Matt, being dead.
I I know you'll find this hard to believe, but Matt came after you because he loved you.
Why did you call him a vampire? Because that's what he turned into.
- My dad didn't use that word.
- He will.
Trust me.
There's power in naming things.
He was so mad at me.
No, no, no.
He he was hungry.
Like a rabid animal.
No different.
Beloved dogs turn on you after they've been bitten by a fox or a bat or any infected animal.
Think of it as rabies being passed from human to human.
Mourn Matt's passing, then move on.
Life will insist.
You mustn't fail life.
Die Juden A230385! What are you doing in here? You are bereft after finishing that superb project.
I've read artists are afflicted that way.
The emptiness that follows when a great thing has been completed.
The fear that you will never be able to replicate it.
Perhaps you are correct, Herr Standartenfuhrer.
What will become of us? For now, you will rejoin the others.
You OK? - Yeah.
- I'm going to go.
Ronnie, not now, OK? The boy smokes so much weed, his brain is fried.
Ronnie, this isn't your apartment.
- Ronnie? - Move! Oh! This was handy.
You can't stay here.
This building's infected.
- He was like another brother - No, no, no, no.
Stay away from the body, alright? Look at me.
You go grab some clothes, then we're gonna.
Yeah? You alright? Go.
We've been waiting.
We'd be gone had you left the keys.
Which is why I didn't.
- It wasn't good in there.
- Were there vampires? Yeah.
Well then we best get moving.
I assume she's coming with us.
- She's coming with us.
- Right then, well then.
Since you've decided, let's go! You think this is funny?! Leaving me here! Who are these people? I'm not cooking for them! Nora's mother.
- Obviously.
- Come.
Close the door.
- Whoa! - My God, it's like the Batcave.
Read and learn.
It will, uh It will help you.
You saw this coming, huh? I hoped it wouldn't.
There must be humans helping this cause.
Do you know who they are? No, but I can speculate.
Those who are seduced by the promise of power and who yearn to leave a mark that will somehow elevate them.
They inadvertently hurt many people, but inadvertent or not, the damage is done.
- May I? - Sure.
We can get the Master, the one responsible for all this but I need your help.
You're unsentimental.
Not ruled by your emotions.
- I have feelings.
- Leave the feeling to others.
He's nesting.
Somewhere in the city.
You know New York.
We could find him if we work together.
I'm going home to get a few things.
I'll be back.
Do you think Kelly did that to his face? I do.
And I hope she got away.
Where the hell is she? She could be anywhere.
Maybe Matt scared her and she's hiding somewhere.
You know in Argentina, you inherit the dread of things turning upside-down overnight.
Just like this.
- People disappeared.
- This isn't Argentina.
She's not disappeared.
My son isn't growing up without a mother.
I can't believe Jim is gone.
He was the kindest man I knew.
Always generous.
When he lifted up his shirt and I saw his back, that was the worst moment of my life.
This is the weirdest memorial ever.
Should we say something about Matt.
Back at the store you said the vampires were targeting us.
- Is that true? - It is.
These are coordinated assaults; disabling methods of communication, the Internet, cellphones, they're all part of it.
Making sure people don't put the pieces together.
Do you know who Eldritch Palmer is? One of the most powerful men in the world, yes.
He hired me.
To do what? I thought it was about corporate bullshit and greed about making him more money.
What did you do? I worked my ass off to shut the Internet down.
You disrupted communication on behalf of Eldritch Palmer? Me and my hacker group, yeah.
Now I had malware in the city's top four fibre optic centres.
Crashed the shit out of those.
Plus Twitter and Facebook and a big chunk of the deep web.
Now, normal people don't even know what that is, but it's all dark now.
Well, I uh I appreciate your honestly.
Yeah, I was feeling so superior.
Like I'd gotten one over on those bloody assholes.
Took all their money.
Which is now stolen from me.
Deserve that.
I should've followed my instincts.
Did not like that plastic-faced freak.
Stomach dropped the moment I saw him.
Who's that? With Palmer.
Some German dude.
- We weren't introduced.
- Yes.
Can you undo what you've done? Well, isn't it too late for that? We don't ever make that concession.
Agh! Agh.
Ah Ah! Abraham You have watched me for how many nights? Eyes open, lying there.
Thinking I can't see you.
Agh After all this time, is this the best you could do to try to stop me? - Oh God, please help me.
- Where is he? Where is your God? I don't see him.
Ah! Ahh! There is no one to help you, wood carver.
- You better swallow that shit.
- Mind your business.
Give me some space, man! When I get out of these cuffs, I'm going to knock out whatever's left of those rotten ass teeth you got.
You hear me? Bitch.
Yo you alright, Felix? Felix? Hey, cut the shit back there! We have a male armed with a 9mm caution.
I know I left you there for a long time.
I'm sorry.
Mama, tranquilizate por favor She alright? This is dispatch.
Please respond.
Hurry up, man! - I promised you.
- Do you need backup car 739? Assholes! Nobody better move! - Help us, man! Help us! - Shut up! - Get us out of here, man! C'mon! - Shut up! - What's going on?! - C'mon! What are you doing?! Get me outta here! Please! Shoot him! - Shoot him! - Shoot him! Perdóname, hermano.
Felix! - Does my dad have the key? - Yes.
I hope nothing happened to him.
- Do you think he's on his way? - He will be here, I promise you.
It It takes time to do what he has to do.
What does he have to do? Please, David.
David, my fingers.
Could you help straighten them? Please, just help? - Did the guards do this to you? - Yes, they caught me stealing bread and they crushed my hands in the pantry door.
- Please, just pull as hard as you can.
- OK.
Agh! Sorry.
Ah! That group.
You, this group.
You, that group.
That group.
- Are you not well? - I'm fine.
Do you hide something in your hands? - No, sir.
- Show them to me.
This group.
- Up, around! - That group, now.
- This group.
- Come on, that group.
Knien! - It's your turn, go! - I can't! I can't! I can't! Hey, hey! Pull him over, please! Please! Thank you, thank you.
Agh! Run, run! Come on! Kelly, are you home? Oh! Oh! What?! Are you freaking kidding me?! What are you doing here? Where's Kelly? What am I doing here? What are you doing here?! Beyond the obvious.
Zack's not answering his texts, Kelly's MIA all day.
I'm looking for her is what I was doing here.
- And who are you? - Nora.
Oh, right.
Yeah, yeah.
You're Nora.
Yeah, Kelly's told me a lot about you.
You two work together, right? Where's Zack, Eph? - He's fine, he's with my colleagues.
- It's not safe here.
She's serious.
You have to get out of town as soon as possible.
Oh yeah.
This is amazing.
Right, right.
In all your concerned state, you still find time to screw on the rug.
This is important, Diane.
If you hear from her, call me.
That's Nora's number.
I lost my phone.
You hurt my friend, I will cut your heart out.
Just so you know.
I love my wife.
She's the mother of my son.
I'd do anything to find her.
We should go.
Your son's waiting for you.
Yeah, she's definitely calling the cops.
Don't forget your dagger.
New York City emergency rooms are swamped with patients complaining of flu-like symptoms.
Doctors have been unable to identify the cause of Refuse to speculate on whether it may be related to the rising acts of Ah, good.
- You're back.
- I'm back.
Did Mr.
Setrakian take good care of you? Yeah.
Did you burn Matt's body? Yes, I did.
Did you hear anything from Mom? No.
Um Diane came by the house.
Couldn't tell her about Matt.
- She must be mad.
- She wasn't happy.
- She's not my biggest fan.
- She makes Mom laugh.
That's good.
So Mom? First thing tomorrow.
- Maybe I can help, too? - Of course.
We're a team.
Rgh! Why have you forsaken me? I have done everything you asked.
Yes, Herr Eichhorst.
You have.
I'm ready.
Then it is time.
To a new order.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! - sync & corrections by wolfen -