The Strain (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

The Third Rail

Previously on The Strain Ah, mi hijo.
So good to have two kids together again.
How many times I have to tell? No recycling in the hallway.
Now we're talking about the way you speak to my mother.
If she ever tells me you talk to her like that again, you're gonna find your body in one of those recycling bins you love so much.
What was in that coffin? Soil Where's that cabinet? That box was 500 pounds; nothing could lift it up like that.
If you have the coffin, then you still have him! Do not allow it across the river! Something evil has taken root.
Rats don't migrate like that.
Something's driving them off from underground.
It's hiding down there in the dark.
I tracked the epicenter of the rat-free zone.
We have to look at all the decommissioned tunnels - near the World Trade Center.
- Kill the Master and his spawn will die.
They're coming.
Uh alright.
UV light bomb test.
Hey! No, no, no.
Come on! Come on! - Now I can't see anything.
- That's right.
It's better than burning out your retinas looking - at the UVC rays.
- No fair.
This is a good idea? Uh Well, we're about to find out.
Fire in the hole! You might want to put that out.
- What happened? - In engineering terms, uh You'd call that a fail.
An epic fail.
Well, light was strong while it lasted.
- Was it long enough to hurt them? - Could be bigger.
Need to keep the bulbs bright enough to do the job without - burning them out so fast.
- Well if it were me, I would make the lights cycle on and off, strobe like a camera flash.
That might stop the bulbs from burning out.
I could rig up a fog machine too, you know, crank some tunes, really get 'em dancing.
Just boom, boom, boom.
- Forget I mentioned it.
Do what you want.
- I'm just joking, Doc.
Hmm? I'm not saying I disagree because I do agree with you.
Don't fall off your high horse.
Problem is, is that Well, we can't do any more tests.
I could put the rest of our bulbs in Tinker with the circuit board, put in an oscillator But we're gonna have to go with what we end up with.
Hope for the best.
Fet, you've just described my method of operation for the past six decades.
- sync & corrections by wolfen - Mama, what are you doing?! I can't find anything in this damn kitchen! Apparently she's searching for an ashtray she once owned from the Alvear Hotel, Buenos Aires.
I know it's here somewhere.
Mama That broke years ago.
Hm? I'll clean it up.
This is not your kitchen.
An ashtray here.
Thank you.
- I don't like him.
- Mr.
Setrakian is our host.
He has a dark soul.
Mama, basta.
_ _ Toma.
I'm sorry.
I understand what she's experiencing.
She's wrong, what she said about you.
No, she's not.
Is your mother going to be OK? She gets confused sometimes.
She mistakes memories for reality.
She must have really liked that ashtray.
It was from a hotel-restaurant where my father took her on their first date.
He wanted a memento, because he knew right then, from that first night, that he was gonna marry her.
Well then, maybe it's good that she still remembers it.
I think you're right.
Crispin, open the door.
Crispin, open the damn door! I'm not playing, bro! Mama? Where's Mom? Crispin, do you hear me? Where is mom? No! No! No! First, do no harm.
Things have changed.
Have they? Take a remote village, say 200 years ago.
Residents are manifesting strange symptoms.
Dying, fear and superstition rule the day, and a curse is blamed until someone like you or me shows up and, through a scientific process of elimination, traces the disease to a source and destroys it.
The curse is lifted.
People are saved.
Order is restored.
So you believe now? If we slay the Master, this plague of vampirism - ends today? - I have to believe it.
Otherwise, I can't justify leaving Zack here at the risk of being orphaned or worse.
- We'll make it back here.
- What if we don't? Maybe one of us should stay.
You mean me? - I-I would never ask you that - You just did.
- The answer is no.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- I'm leaving my mother behind.
- I know, I know you are.
You and I are not assassins.
Fet, that kill-happy exterminator, this kamikaze mission is his wet dream.
And the old man is consumed by an ancient grudge.
No plan B, because they have no one but themselves at risk.
I don't think we have any other choice.
This was the, uh Weapon Jim Kent chose to use.
You would honor him by taking it.
Thank you.
- When will you be back? - Sundown, absolute latest.
- That's the whole day! - Hopefully sooner.
- What about Mom? - I think the best thing is to, uh take out that The thing that's causing all this.
Setrakian has a plan.
I understand, but why can't I come with you? I don't know what's out there.
I I can't control that environment, but here You've seen Mr.
Setrakian's basement, it's a fortress, it's an armory.
It's the most safe place - I could imagine for you.
- You'll be careful, right? Of course.
I promise.
In the meantime, keep an eye on Mrs.
Shouldn't that be the other way around? Should be.
But you're in charge.
You stay in the basement.
Both of you.
Don't let anybody see you.
Time to go.
You're brave.
I love you.
I love you too.
Get up in the morning slaving for bread, sir So that every mouth can be fed - Poor - Poor, poor The Israelites Young boy! Where is my ashtray? - I don't know, it's not here.
- What did you do with it? I didn't put it anywhere.
Nora can help you when she comes back.
Poor, the Israelites Shirt, they might tear up, trousers are go I don't want to end up like Bonnie and Clyde - Poor - Poor, poor The Israelites Wow! After a storm there must be a calm You catch me in the farm, you sound your alarm - Poor - Poor, poor Poor, the Israelite Where is my daughter? She went out with all the others.
Is she getting my cigarettes? I need my cigarettes.
See? I need cigarettes! You shouldn't my mom says you shouldn't smoke.
In the morning slaving for bread, sir Nora will get you some when she comes back.
So that every mouth can be fed - Poor - Poor, poor The Israelites, sir My wife and my kids Let's haul ass! Come on! - Everybody's having fun now.
- Every man for himself.
That's what the Master is counting on.
Don't stop! Run! Run! Run! Run! C'mon, Mama, pick up.
Pick up, Mama, please.
_ Thank you for calling Harlem's Hospital Center.
If you know your party's extension - Nurse's desk, 4B.
- Yeah, can I speak to Guadalupe Elizalde, please? It's an emergency.
- May I ask who's calling? - It's Augustine Elizalde, her son.
- Yeah, hold on.
- OK.
Elizalde, Guadalupe's shift isn't till 6pm.
It's totally crazy here.
She might have called in earlier, Come in early, I don't know.
But I haven't seen her.
Thank you.
Somebody please! Help me! I need to get out of here! Help! It's locked! Help me, please! Help me! Please.
Martinez! Oh, there you are, young boy.
The keys! Give me the keys.
My dad gave me the keys.
Do you want to go back downstairs? My daughter, my Nora, they've taken her.
I must go to her! No, she left on her own.
She's coming back.
- They're all coming back! - They never come back! Never! We must leave this place! Please! - I need to get out of here! - If I If I go get you cigarettes, will you go downstairs and wait for me? Why the World Trade Center? The Master is drawn to places of great human misery.
He seeks out suffering.
Eau de strigoi.
I think we're in the right place.
"The cave you fear to enter Holds the treasure that you seek.
" Oh, God! With any luck, Dr.
Martinez, it's gonna get a hell of a lot messier than this.
Stay to the right! The third rail.
I don't know if it's live down here, but, uh That's 625 volts, we don't want to find out.
It's everything that defined these people.
Well, I hope I'm defined by more than just my wallet and my wristwatch.
Everything you see represents somebody's mother, - father, son, daughter.
- Don't bother.
Following either a grey Ford or a Plymouth We're looking at two male caucasians moving South Hey! Does your phone work? Can you get a signal? No, mine doesn't work either.
The station was abandoned after 9/11 Doubt anyone's been here since.
Anyone still human that is.
They're nesting.
During daylight hours, always.
Especially when first turned.
The, uh, transformation, it exhausts them.
That's a lot of necks to chop.
Releasing them would alert the Master to our presence.
Switch off.
Kelly? Eph, it's not her.
We must keep moving.
I should have been there for you, Mama.
Farrell You're here for the rent, puto? Look.
The rails are clean here.
Ah, service cars.
They use the abandoned stations for turnarounds.
I know these tunnels like the back of my hand.
Now, this line was built on top of the old original Yeah, it's like, uh Ancient Rome or the City of David.
Shhh! We were hearing that the whole time, Doc.
No, no, this is different.
These tunnels, they do strange things to sounds.
You know, like whispering chambers.
You know? If there's a train coming, we're gonna know it, OK? Come on.
- Go! - Run! You were saying? "I know these tunnels like the back of my hand.
" For future reference, that's the back of your hand.
- That's your ass.
That's your elbow.
- You want to take lead, yeah? Take point? Then go ahead.
Be my guest.
Go for it, Doc.
I'm sick of this Brooklyn-pride shit.
Save it for somebody who cares.
You're used to having the last word, huh, Doc? How does it feel to know that a pawnbroker and a rat killer know more than you do, huh? You've been waiting for this your whole life, haven't you? Congratulations on the vampire apocalypse.
The first will be last.
- The last shall be first, Doc.
- Enough! Both of you! Pay attention! We cannot afford to be seen.
Not yet.
It's a shitty way to go, even for them.
Now, I know another way to kill them.
Next outing, you carry the power transformer.
She was heading this way, so we're close.
Just be careful.
they'll get any better.
Widespread looting.
- Emergency services stretched.
- Hello? Infrastructure's crumbling, and there are serious concerns that hydro and water services are in imminent danger of collapse.
Added to that, last night's events, on the George Washington's Bridge particularly, has sparked concerns over a recent wave of vigilantism that has spread panic over law-abiding citizens.
And many citizens have actually decided to pull up stakes and get out of town.
We have one such gentleman on the line right now.
Marcus Ohhh, jackpot! Sloppy seconds is more like it.
But food's food.
Check the cash register just in case.
And grab another bag to fill.
We'll trade what we can't eat.
We might not find another store like this again.
Ohhh Damn! Hey, Val, the clerk, he, uh Don't be such a pussy.
You want to eat, don't you? Check the backroom, look for canned tuna.
- Oh, Jesus! Hey! - Let go of me! What are you doing here, kid? Hey, Belle! Where did you come from, kid? Hey, uh Somebody else here.
Hey, watch it, kid.
- Dead-end.
- What the hell? Where did all the vamps go? Where'd they How did they get through? If I were hunting rats, this is exactly where I'd assume they'd go.
Or if this is a trap.
Goddamn it! All clear.
Behind us.
I'll hold them off.
He knows we're here now.
Oh well, all the more reason to hurry.
Eph? Eph? Doctor! Eph, are you there? Give me a hand.
Goodweather! I'm so cold.
Find me, Eph, I need you.
- Kelly? - Don't! - Listen to me! - Don't let them hurt me.
Doctor! No! Listen to me! - Doctor! - Something's happening.
Holding them off with the light isn't gonna get it done.
Go! Go now! Go! Eph! Eph! Eph? Gah! Gaaah! Gah! - Ah! I'm stuck! - Go! Go! Aaah! Where are they? Let's go.
Eph? Eph, where are you? Hurry.
Kelly, I'm here.
Where is she? Goddamn it, come on! What are you waiting for?! Come on! Aaah! Ugh! Ugh! Have you come here to destroy me? The old professor has a new pupil to fail as he failed.
I have taken everything from him.
And I will take everything from you.
Your wife your son.
I am a drinker of men.
Martinez! Mrs.
Martinez? Mrs.
Martinez? Mrs.
Martinez? I got your cigarettes.
Oh, thank you! Sweet young boy.
Did anyone see? Which way did he go? - Which path? - Eph.
- We had him.
- No, he had us.
Are you OK? I think so.
- You saw him? - Yeah, I saw him.
I heard her voice.
She was calling out to me.
- He tricked me.
- Of course, he tricked you! How could you run off like that? Hmm? We ended up hunting for you instead of that thing! Why did you ignite the light bomb? It chased him away! - We had no choice! - He was right there! Right within my grasp! Now gone! I'll not rest until the Master is destroyed! And now, neither will he! I'll break you, you strigoi! Kill you! Die, you! Die, strigoi! Die! This way! How did you know he went this way? The Master is here somewhere.
We should think this out, regroup.
And let them regroup? Why would we do that? We may not get this chance again.
- Goddamn it! - Tough choice here, huh? That's basically a random choice.
Whoa, look I get it, I'm on your side, but this is crazy.
We've got him on the run! We must press on! Do what you like! - Stop! - Hold on! Flashlights off.
UV only.
Huh? You see? I was right! Now, let me go! Stop! Wait.
What are we waiting for? That's a lot of monsters.
No way, Pops! He is here! Unhand me! For God's sake, this is suicide! No! No! No! No! - sync & corrections by wolfen -