The Strain (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Last Rites

Previously on The Strain Hello, Ms.
An old, rich guy hired us to crash most Internet traffic.
- Eldritch Palmer.
- I never wanted to hurt people.
What the hell happened to you? He is nesting somewhere in the city.
We could find him if we work together.
I am a drinker of men.
- Why did you ignite the light bomb?! - We had no choice! He was right there! Right within my grasp! - No way, Pops.
- He is here! Unhand me! For God's sake, this is suicide! No! No! No! No! Your pulse is slowing and your heart is struggling, Eldritch.
I can hear it.
Is he here now? Oh no, I came here on my own.
I've kept my part of the agreement; the Master will keep his.
He will not be compelled or coerced.
He is the Master.
He does or he does not.
I used every resource at my disposal.
No one else could have done his bidding as I have.
And if he denies you what you want? What if he sent me instead in order to offer you your last rites.
You will save me.
He still needs me.
I have faith.
- sync & corrections by wolfen - The Strain 01x12 - "Last Rites" Zack, we're back! - Zack, we're back.
- Dad! Ah! I'm so sorry we didn't come back when I said we would.
It's alright.
Did you get him? No.
I got close.
I guess close doesn't count though.
Everything OK here? Yep.
- Sure? - Yep.
Please, give me strength.
_ - 500 lek.
- Sir, no.
No, no.
It's not the price, is it? It's the destination.
The castle? The ruins? Has anyone else enquired about Castle Drisht recently? Kalaja e Drishtit? A German? Well-dressed? Only comes at night? Are there any people missing from the villages? I buy her.
Miriam! That farmer was terrified.
He could sense an evil presence.
We're so close this time, so close.
Abraham, you have said these words before.
Here's here, I know it.
A victory here would validate our lives' work and avenge the deaths of Frankel and Jurgis, and shame those who have denounced us.
The castle is a half-day's ride.
I'll be back before sundown.
Promise me if you see signs of nesting, you will get away.
You should not do this alone.
I'm never alone, Miriam.
You're with me every step.
Please, Abraham do not let vengeance cloud your vision.
I know your heart, I know the toll my obsessions have taken on our lives and the sacrifices you have made.
After this is finished, we'll settle down in peace.
We'll adopt.
A boy and girl, yes? Just like you've always wanted.
Until sundown.
No later.
Next time.
Do you know how long I have hunted him? My last encounter with him was decades ago.
There may be no next time.
- You should rest.
- Please, Dr.
Martinez, leave me alone.
What is this? Is this a vampire heart? How did you How old is it? I asked you to leave me alone.
- You've kept it here, why? - Stop with your questions! Mr.
Alonzo Creem.
You remember me? Yeah, I remember you.
Give me your gun.
You think I'm playing with you?! Give me your gun! Slowly.
Now, start the car and drive.
Best approximation, we were right about here when we saw that horde of vamps in the tunnel.
A radius of half a block in either direction.
OK, is nobody gonna bring this up but me? You guys saw what happened with Setrakian back there.
Oh He was upset.
It's understandable.
Upset? He wanted the four of us to take on maybe a thousand vampires.
That did happen.
You saw that, right? He's been on this hunt for a long time, Doc.
So, it was just a senior moment? Is nobody questioning this but me?! - I think you're overreacting.
- I hear you, but what choice do we have? OK, good to know.
So it is just me.
Would you look at that? Miss me? Now that you mention it.
Run out! Nothing is working! What happened? Is everyone OK? As good as can be expected.
Did you bring us some pizzas in there or what? Better.
I brought you a plan.
We don't need any more plans; what we need is a win.
OK then.
I've brought you a win.
I'm gonna set up here, OK? Where did you steal that stuff from? Look, I get it, yeah.
We're never gonna be best mates.
It breaks my heart, truly, but you need me even if you don't know it yet.
Oh, is this the time where I remind you that you broke the Internet? Ever heard of the Emergency Alert System? It's that thing that always interrupts the radio and television.
Now, "This is only a test," right? Established to allow the president to address the nation in a time of war or national crisis, for 50 years throughout various incarnations.
It's never been used, not once.
Not even on 9-11.
Well, that's because we have Broadcasting bullshit stories about strange influenzas, random violence, celebrity weddings I can cut through all that noise.
Broadcast, cable, satellite, I can put you on every television and radio in this country, unfiltered and uncensored.
I'm an escaped fugitive wanted for murder, who's going to believe me? Use that notoriety, Doc.
People know who you are, that you worked for the CDC.
Make some noise.
Get people talking! Hmm, with your charm, the sky's the limit.
It actually could work.
Not could, it will.
Now, figure out what you can say in about 30 to 40 seconds to wake up the world.
What's your name again? They call me Gus.
I'm just curious.
Why take me off among all the people you can go after? Well, I needed guns, ammo, money; - you seemed like a safe bet.
- Whoa, what do you think - you know about me? - I know enough.
Here's the problem, "Gus", I have a lot of friends, friends that want to do me favors; and once you steal from me, a lot of people are going to want to get on my good side by finding you.
You take a look around the city, brah? A plague done broke out, turning people into killing machines.
There's about to be a whole lot of chaos, ain't nobody finding me.
You got a plan in that head of yours? 'Cause it better come out just as quick.
You feel me? No problem.
"Professore" _ _ Miriam! You have been hunting too long, Jew.
I knew you would not be able to resist such an inviting trap.
Eichhorst! I leave you here to ponder your mistakes.
No! Eichhorst! Eichhorst! Come back and face me! That's gonna go all the way up there, huh? Here.
I'm gonna fool the system into thinking it's receiving the weekly "This is only a test" test.
And then it's lights, camera, Dr.
You can do all that from here? Not here.
This hunk of consumer electronics is just a dumb sending-receiving unit; bypassing the satcom encryption from my laptop, now that's gonna be the tricky part.
That is an NSA-level hack.
How did you get started doing all this stuff? It's a long story, some other time.
I assume that you answered an ad in Misfits Quarterly.
You know, some correspondence course for antisocial anarchists.
My, uh, My dad worked for New York Telephone tracing phone phreakers.
And then the phone monopoly broke up, and he moved into cybersecurity.
Right about the time phreakers were turning into hackers.
You rebelled against Pops, huh? No.
No, I loved my dad.
He used to go undercover to these hackathons and take me along.
He saw that hackers were more curious than malicious.
Had he, uh, been born a few years later, he would have been one too.
Uh, well, wait a second.
What you did to the Internet, that was, uh that was plenty malicious.
Yeah, well, I lost my way.
That's why you came back? To fix things? That and I left a really good pair of boots here.
Ha! Hmm! You know, I'm pretty good at New York accents, but yours, I can't seem to place.
Dad met a London girl, moved across the ocean for her.
It's love, I guess.
My dad died when I was 12 of a heart attack.
My mom took it pretty hard, married too quickly to a proper shithead.
Things were pretty bad after that, and I left home when I was 15.
So much for love.
More details you require? Only one.
Men or women? I specialize in passionate, destructive relationships.
The best kind.
And we're up.
You are preparing a speech? Yes, I am, Mrs.
A very important speech.
My Nora was first in her class at public speaking.
She won every debate at school.
And most of them at home.
- She still does.
- Mama? - She's here in the kitchen.
- Why aren't you in bed? - I came to check on you.
- I couldn't sleep.
The noises, the sirens, it No, no, no.
No more smoking.
Come on, go to sleep.
I'll sleep with you tonight, OK? The mother is the daughter; and the daughter is the mother.
It's how life goes, huh? Yeah, buddy.
Go easy, man! Easy! You'll get your head knocked on.
I got an AR-15, MP-5 and a couple of pistols.
Now, take and leave.
Never ever let me see your face again.
- Yo, who's that? - Nobody.
Creem, who's that?! Look, just a delivery I'm expecting.
I'll handle it.
He'll be in and out in two minutes.
Get him out of here.
Greg, come on in.
Don't worry about him.
He works for me.
We dropped the container this afternoon.
Spot D-42.
Yeah, good, good.
It will be shipped out in the morning.
- Any problem, let me know.
- Of course, my brother.
You have a good night.
Yo-yo-yo! Yo-yo! Let me see what's in the bag.
What's in the bag, brah? Now, that's what I'm talking about, Creem! Look, you got your guns.
Get that shit and get the hell out of here while you still got a chance.
If that dude is willing to pay you this much to ship some containers, then what's in there has got to be worth a whole hell of a lot more than what's in here.
So I want to take a look-see.
Ready for your close-up? Do you think we should maybe do this in the morning when people are awake? They can override our feed in the TV-station control booth.
We want to exploit the inexperience of the overnight shift.
An extra 10 seconds of airtime can be critical, so put the good stuff at the top, yeah? protect us.
Where are they? Here, they're all vulnerable.
They're not idiots.
Really? You think more guns on our streets is the answer? I can't think of anything less likely to curb the current crime spree than decrease the number of bullets in here, but thank you defeated.
I had dedicated my life to hunting the Master and his ilk, but at that moment, I I turned my back on that quest.
The, uh evil that had presided over this world for so many centuries had withdrawn into the shadows once again, and I I felt I had missed my chance.
But still we've been in your basement, the weapons, your books you've prepared.
I prepared, yes, but I had resigned myself to the reality that I would pass from this world without ever facing him again.
Seeing the Master in the tunnels after all that time, I, uh I lost perspective.
I realize that now.
I reacted with raging impulses, and anger, and emotion.
I I apologize.
But I have rested and I'm ready to press ahead with the fight.
Miriam! Miriam! OK, get ready.
And make sure the volume's turned off so it doesn't feedback.
Oh, my God! Eph, it's working! Go! Go, Eph! My name is Dr.
Ephraim Goodweather.
This is not a test.
I'm an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control.
I'm here to warn you of an urgent danger.
There is a disease spreading through New York City and possibly beyond.
This plague is responsible for the mysterious disappearances we've been seeing.
These photographs show an autopsy I performed on one of the victims.
This strain, this virus virus changes its host body through a violent, corruptive metamorphosis.
You can see a bizarre growth emanating from the throat forming a kind of stinger through which a worm parasite passes from the carrier to the victim.
In fact, your loved ones, once they are turned, once they are infected, will come after you.
- Sunlight kills these - That's it.
- It's off.
They stopped it.
- Woo! We did it! Bloody hell! - We did it, it worked! - Toaster even too! Mama, I'm coming! No! Mama! Mama! Mama! Get downstairs, now! Mama! Get down to the basement now! Hurry up! Go! Go! Time is up, A230385! Come on, keep moving, brah.
Ain't no walk in the park, taking your time and shit.
Is this it? So open it.
I can't, man.
They don't give me a key.
All I do is ship it.
- Damn! - Now, open it.
Shit! What the hell? What is it, man? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Give me the gun! Hurry! Hurry! Bitch! Oh, it's like that? Yo! You wanna play like that, uh? Oh.
Grrr! Damn it! - That's for shooting me.
- Ugh.
Uh-uh! No, don't.
Not him! Him! Who the hell are you, huh? Huh? Get off me! Get your hands off me! Get off me! Hey, get your hands off me! Will you take your Oh! Hey! We need to go.
You're not thinking of taking them on? No, that will not work.
I prepared for this, there's another way out.
Secret passage through the meat locker.
- That sounds better.
- I have to agree.
Everybody, arm up.
There will be a time for condolences, my dear, but now we must flee.
I can't leave her here.
We could take her with us.
Maybe there's a chance.
Go get Zack.
I'll be right there.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Come on, let's go.
Come on! It had to be done for her.
A230385! I know you can hear me.
I am coming for you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ah.
Goodbye, Miriam.
Till we meet again.
_ _ _ Fitzwilliam? Are you there? I knew you'd come.
I believed.
Save me.
Yes! Thank you.
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