The Strain (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

The Master

Previously on The Strain What the hell? What is it, man? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where you taking me? Get your hands off me! He's nesting somewhere in the city.
We can find him if we work together.
Have you come here to destroy me? We've got him on the run.
We must press on! Thank you! Sir? Come along, Mr.
I want all this boxed up - and brought back to my office.
- Right away, sir.
That can stay.
Take special care of this valuable item.
Certainly, sir.
How quaint! Eldritch.
Look at you! How are you feeling? I expected it to be traumatic, to say the least.
But I feel wonderful! - Huh! - Strong, energized, no pain When does my, uh Oh Did you think you had been turned? The Master gave you the white, yes, but not the worm.
He gave me health but not immortality? Ugh He visited you in your hour of need.
He spared you the way of almost all flesh.
- How long will this last? - I don't know.
- But not forever.
- Oh, no.
You're turning people right and left all across this town, yet I'm on some some sort of waiting list? True, they are being turned, but being turned the way you seek, well that is a far different thing.
I've done too much, come too far - to be treated this way.
- He chose you, Eldritch! He anointed you.
You will serve at his right hand for eternity.
"Eventually"? When? Think of this as another test for your everlasting devotion.
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Oh, my God, this is so cool! - Thanks, Mom! - It's from Dad, too, okay? Let's bring it on the street, let's bring this down Oh, and I want to take some video to send to your dad while he's at his conference in Atlanta.
I'll go around the corner and circle back.
- Perfect.
Watch out - For a car.
For cars, you got it.
Hey, Dad, we miss you! Thanks, Mom, I love my bike.
I love you too, honey.
So why did we see all those vampires in one spot? Safety.
Without the coffin, the Master needs to be protected during daylight hours.
So those 500 or 1,000 down there They were his security.
The Master will be nesting nearby.
So, whatever's above ground here, it's important to him.
It's gotta be dark or protected Most likely both.
Did you just agree with me? In this instance, yes.
You two are falling in love.
It's a beautiful thing, huh.
My vote: Reconnaissance.
Now, Doc and I, we go down to Vestry and Washington and see what's there, yeah? And we should move.
We wanna burn as little daylight as possible.
Excellent idea.
I heard you guys talking.
What's going on? Uh, we're just discussing our plans.
Are you going to try to attack him again? We most certainly are.
We're just, uh Fet and I are going down to Tribeca to check some things out.
- What about me? - You? Uh, get dressed! We'll be back before you know it.
When can we go home? Zach, we can't go back.
I'd appreciate it if you let me decide what I want to tell my own son.
Sheltering him will ultimately only make things worse.
He needs to know the truth.
The whole truth.
Including what happened to his mother.
That's not your decision to make.
Keep your mouth shut.
Shortest honeymoon on record, huh? Come on, Doc.
We're burning daylight.
Who's there? Huh? You must be real scared to have me tied up like this.
You scared to look a Mexican in his eye, you coward? Huh? That's more like it.
What is this shithole? What the hell are you? You planning on eating Mexican tonight? You gonna choke, I promise you that shit.
I did not bring you all the way down here to drink you.
- Down here where, huh? - Deep underground.
Somewhere safe.
Safe from what? What are you gonna do with that, huh? You be patient.
So what do you wanna do, huh? Wanna just talk, have a conversation? Bad idea.
- Son of a bitch! - Come with me.
This is the heart of one who has been turned.
I thought it would make a nicely ironic addition to my collection of my own failed organs.
- If you say so, sir.
- Apparently, Dr.
Goodweather made an unauthorized broadcast last night, using the emergency alert system.
Why was I not made aware of this? You were dying, sir.
It didn't seem important.
Well, it was important enough that the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Maggie Pierson, is talking about quarantining all of Manhattan.
I need to have a serious chat with her.
Bring the car around.
Contact Eichhorst.
No, sir.
- Excuse me? - Won't do it.
Not anymore.
When people called you cruel and selfish, I defended you.
I said they didn't know you as I know you.
Then Eichhorst showed up and his ilk, and I told myself it was them, manipulating you, warping your judgement.
I was wrong.
You've been by my side the entire time.
Yes, I am complicit, because I served you loyally.
This is the part where the whore declares herself a virgin.
You made a devil's bargain.
You pulled me into it with you.
Your sudden resurrection is an affront to nature and to God.
What a load of horse shit! You self-righteous son of a bitch! How dare you defy me! Part of me thinks I should kill you right now, restore the natural order of things.
But I can't.
Not after all you did for me.
Consider my debt to you paid in full.
Never come after me.
You fool! Deserting me when we're on the verge of triumph! Where will you go? What will you do without me to protect you? The question is, sir, what will you do without me to protect you? That Goth douchebag.
Uh, share the wealth, Doc? Bolivar? The one who attacked Nora's mother? He was one of the four survivors on the plane.
He said he was buying a theater in Tribeca.
- He's living there.
- He bought the Vestry, huh? Oh, this place goes all the way back to vaudeville, you know? And since then, it's been a silent movie theater, Yiddish stage, speakeasy, uh, burlesque house This boulevard is one of the Master's favourite vamps.
Then there's a high probability the Master's inside.
Probability's not gonna cut it, Doc.
We need to know for sure, you know? What? You know how I said that theater used to be a speakeasy? - Yeah, and - Yeah.
In the 20s, this place was called Hawk's Tavern.
It was run by a gambler named Diamond Jim O'Brien who also owned the Vestry Hall across the way.
But Diamond Jim, he was a legend during the Manhattan bootleg wars because his place had been raided so many times but never found any booze.
You know why? I don't need to, you're going to tell me.
They never found any booze because he built a secret tunnel, a tunnel that he connected to the sewer tunnel that connected to the theater, huh? That's how they ran the booze back and forth.
No vampires.
That's a good sign.
He used to have, uh, secret latches to unlock the door.
Not bad.
Alcoholic's sixth sense for booze.
What are you doing? We're not going in there without back-up.
- I'm your back-up.
We got weapons.
- We have 30 bullets between us.
We don't know what's on the other side of that door.
It's just recon, Doc, you know? A little sneak and peek.
Come on.
There it is.
The old sewer tunnel.
Look, smell and listen, huh? Look over this way.
Look at this! Wow! To haul liquor up and down during prohibition.
This is our stop.
Come on up.
Coast is clear.
They're reassembling it.
The Master must be around here somewhere.
Huh? Okay, that's enough recon.
Let's get the others while it's still daylight.
What the hell are you doing? "The secret to all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
" Marcus Aurelius.
We're gonna flood the sewer tunnels with sunlight.
We don't want any more monsters to get into the theater before we come back.
Come on.
Do not pull the plug on me! Ugh, God! I am trying to gauge the impact of our pirate broadcast, but all the channels are gone.
Well, I think that's your answer, right there.
- What - We've got work to do.
Tell me you found something.
The Master's at Bolivar's theater in Tribeca.
The coffin is there, at least, pieces of it.
When do we leave? I can't go.
Because of Zach? Kelly's gonna find him sooner or later.
- I can't leave him alone again.
- So bring him.
To Bolivar's? Are you crazy? We didn't go 30 feet before we ran into vampires.
Open your eyes, Eph.
Where I grew up, people disappeared in the middle of the night.
You do not have the luxury of choice anymore.
All we can do now is fight.
If you want to protect Zach, just keep him by your side.
And we'll see this thing through.
Every bridge and turnpike.
Shut down all the airports, the ferries, tunnels.
Nothing gets through.
Something always gets through.
We're gonna need every National Guard unit in the Northeast.
Eldritch! What are you doing here? Preventing you from making a grave mistake, Maggie.
Where's Mr.
Fitzwilliam? On leave.
This is a colleague of mine, Thomas Eichhorst.
Secretary Pierson, Everett Barnes, with the CDC.
A pleasure.
Eldritch, you look amazingly well.
How did Wonderful new medicine.
Soon to be all the rage.
- Now, Maggie - Eldritch, someone has lied to you.
Either that, or you've been less than truthful with me.
You think I lied to you? Whatever happened, the situation was misrepresented.
Now, I have a call in one hour with the President.
I am strongly recommending that he declare martial law in New York City and order a complete quarantine.
You're panicking, Maggie.
It will mean the end - of your career.
- My career? Human beings are being converted into these horrible monsters! We have absolute proof.
I know it sounds preposterous.
- Preposterous, indeed.
- At the end of the day, Eldritch, my loyalty is to the American people, not to you.
I'm sorry.
Maggie, could you and I have a private talk? Have you been in Mr.
Palmer's employ for very long? Oh, I'm not in his employ.
Your accent Are you from Germany? Originally.
Uh I once was in Munich for a conference.
I didn't care for it.
You wouldn't.
Oh, looks like the conversation's coming to an end.
Oh, my God! Maggie Oh, my God! And this one? Dr.
Barnes, do you have any thoughts on how to deal with this so-called crisis? Crisis? What crisis? Well, say you were promoted to Secretary of Health and Human Services in the wake of Maggie's tragic suicide, what do you think should be done? I think we should stay the course.
That is, if you want.
Now, if I remember correctly, Dr.
Goodweather worked under you at the CDC, - did he not? - Goodweather went rogue.
I told him to lay off.
I got him fired.
I had him arrested by the FBI.
I did everything I could do to stop him.
I think we'll keep him.
Hey, Zach.
Turn that off? What's up? We're leaving.
All of us, including you.
Son, this is for you.
It is very sharp, very dangerous.
Handle it with great care.
This weapon is forged from silver.
Silver burns vampires.
That's right, you hold it with two hands.
Grip it tightly.
You want to show it to them first.
They fear silver.
Strike here, if you can reach.
If you can't, - strike here.
- Where there is no bone.
The blade goes deeper.
Quick thrusts: in and out, in, out.
- You know why we're doing this, right? - Yeah.
Since the beginning of creation, boys have hunted beside their fathers.
- This is no different.
- This is very different.
We're fighting to protect each other.
We're going to get through this.
And we're going to win.
Remember, he will use whatever advantage he can against us.
Whatever you see, whatever you hear, do not stop until the Master is defeated.
Ready? I knew it! Nice, huh? They won't hold.
Now they've seen us, they'll push through, sacrificing however many it takes so the others can get through.
Remember when I, uh, went back to my place that one time? I grabbed a few things.
I've been saving these babies.
- Is that - Dynamite, yes.
It's, uh, a common exterminating tool.
You flatter me, Doc.
You guys might want to get back in the tunnel.
Munchers are going boom-boom.
Fire in the hole, vermin! Good.
Come on, we're good! Cover your nose.
Ammonia overload.
:Woodcarver You're hearing him, aren't you? Now it's his turn to hear me! Let's finish this.
Spread out and attack! - Dutch! - No, wait! It's Jaimie.
She works at a gallery in SoHo.
Oh, God! Bloody hell! Ahh! - Keep moving! - Go find him, Professor! You too, Doc.
We'll handle these monsters.
Now, aim for the head! Like that! - Dad! - Come on! Let's go! - I got you, Zach.
Come on! - That a girl.
Dad! Zach! Clear this level.
Incoming! Shit! Ms.
Velders! - So I'll drink you first.
- Yeah, try it, asshole! Abraham Abraham, come to me! Abraham, I'm here! Abraham, come to me, please Come to me! Abraham! You wanted to find me, Woodcarver? Here I am.
I have waited for this day.
Break the windows, let in the light! It's over,strigoi! Come on! Come to me! In the name of all that is holy! Where is he? He ran down the building and disappeared.
- In direct sunlight? - In direct sunlight.
I thought that couldn't happen.
I thought sunlight would kill him! What he did, I did not know he was capable of doing.
But you injured him, right? I mean, that's why the others ran off? I was wrong.
Well, if sunlight doesn't kill him, what does? We're lost.
Don't do that again.
What is this? I've seen you kill other vampires, and I know you've got a sting or two.
What do you want with me? - You work for the German.
- I don't work for nobody.
I did a job for him once - and I regret it.
- You transported a box from the airport, across the river, into Manhattan.
Yeah, and I owe him for that.
He's number one on my list.
Do you know what was in the box? Whatever it was, it cost me my mother.
It cost me my best friend.
It cost me everything.
Maybe you would like some revenge? Well, you know what? Now that you mention it Oh, what's up? You brought your homeboys? Holy shit! You are standing before beings of great honor, dignity, power.
The Ancients.
- Are they alive? - In a way.
- I mean, can't they speak? - I speak for them for now.
Well, why is he looking at me like that? They're not looking at you.
They're dreaming.
If we wake them, we'll have to feed them.
I don't think you'd enjoy that.
An ancient truce has been broken.
An act of war has been declared.
We need a human soldier, who can move freely in the daylight.
Someone who can use the power of the sun to massacre the unclean.
You know what it sounds like to me? Sounds like you got a vampire turf war going on.
You have proven yourself capable.
Why should I help them? - Or you? - Payback.
And a rich payday.
I'm listening.
We'll go to my place to regroup.
I have tools.
Zach, where's your inhaler? The extra inhalers are in there.
- Wait two minutes.
- Make it one, Doc.
Okay, Zach, I got it.
Come here.
Come on! - You're not wheezing.
- You said we were never coming back.
Did you do this just to get this photo album? It's dangerous here.
Where are we going? Right now, we're going to Fet's.
How will Mom find us? She'll find us.
I remember that birthday party.
We had that that pony.
- And Mom made that farm cake.
- Yeah, that was awesome.
I'm surprised she kept all this.
She wouldn't just trash all these pictures just because you two split up.
Time to go.
Zach No.
- Mom! - Zach - Zach - Mom! - No.
It's not her! - Mom! Let me go! - Stop it.
Stop it, Zach! - No, Mom! - No, don't shoot her! - It's not her anymore! No! Mom! Mom! Mom She was here? Why aren't there any more coming? There will be.
She won't stop.
Not until she gets what she wants.
The Master will use your wife, her love for your boy.
Eph don't.
He'll use your wife's love for her son to pursue us.
- Don't.
- To the ends of the earth, if necessary.
Let him try.
Too long I've lived, too much I've seen.
This planet, our host, once so wild and unknown; we've mapped it, paved it, arranged it on a grid, never imagining that something else was watching us, a creature even more ruthless and predacious than we are, eager to exploit the very infrastructure we so obligingly arranged.
Is the war already lost? Are we destined to be cattle for monsters? Or, now that the enemy has finally shown his face, do we have a fighting chance? The world today is not what it was one week ago.
What will it be one week from now? One month from now? Nothing is written that cannot be changed.
It is a small world, after all.
We made it that way.
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