The Strain (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

By Any Means

Previously on "The Strain" _ - Welcome, children.
- Is this the new school? Your journey has indeed come to an end, but your adventure is just beginning.
Rejoice, Kelly.
The Master's bestowed upon you the blessing of a new family.
They have unique abilities sight and perception beyond the physical spectrum.
Behold the Feelers.
Finding a cure or making a vaccine is nearly impossible, but what we can do is take everything we know about how to stop an epidemic and use that knowledge - to start one.
- Infect the infected.
Break the chain.
Don't shoot! Ahh! No, wait, wait! We need them.
Beautiful, is it not? Each figure has a meaning of its own.
Together they form a larger meaning a glorious prophecy.
I don't understand.
Our Master is about to undergo a wondrous transformation.
Our enemies burned his flesh, but soon he will select another vessel and rise again.
Who will he choose? That is for him to decide.
And when he does, all his followers must embrace his wisdom and continue to serve him faithfully.
Are you prepared to do that? Of course.
- How's that? - That's better.
- I still feel kind of hot.
- Yeah.
You have a fever.
- What's that for? - You've been through quite a shock.
This will help.
When can we go home? To your storage shed? Not anytime soon.
It's crawling with vampires.
We'll find a safer place for you when you feel better.
When are we gonna tell 'em? In a couple of hours when they wake up.
You mean when they're too sick to put up a fight? They're infected Does it matter? Scene of another bizarre murder that claimed the lives of a young couple in Brooklyn who were found in their basement - Morning, sunshine! - Come in.
Just checking in, you know.
It's almost noon and you hadn't come out and, uh You thought I dropped dead.
I figured there was a 20% chance.
Now look, Dutch and I, we're we're gonna go clear out some local munchers.
I just wanted to check in and see if you need anything before I go.
No, nothing.
All right.
Well, don't forget to eat something, all right? You want to remind me to go to the toilet, too? Professor, I was wondering, what do you hope to find in these books? Something I overlooked.
Of all the evils a man faces, growing old is the one I cannot do anything about.
When I was young, I could hold all this in my head, and now it seems to be slipping away from me.
Somewhere in here, there, there, there must be a clue.
- A clue to what? - An ancient book.
If I can find it it may tell me how to destroy the Master.
Workers discovered these bodies while building a roadway in Gliwice, Poland.
They were buried almost a thousand years ago.
Notice how their heads have been severed and placed beside their feet.
Thus we can see the pagan myth of vampires persists well into the Christian era.
Isn't it possible that these myths persist because vampires are real? Some still believe that.
Here is your homework assignment for Monday.
Remember, all quotes must be footnoted.
Professor Setrakian? Eldritch Palmer would like to speak with you.
It is an honor to finally meet you, Professor Setrakian.
Well, I am a great admirer of yours.
- May we speak frankly? - By all means.
Well, I understand your caution.
If you were to publicly admit the truth, then you'd lose your position at the university.
- And what truth is that? - You believe that vampires have walked among us for thousands of years - and are with us still.
- Well, suppose I do? Well, I share your conviction, and I want to help.
Now, I'm willing to put my resources at your disposal.
That's a tempting offer, Mr.
Palmer, but my work is too dangerous, and I can't afford to be encumbered by An amateur? I assure you that I am many things but that.
Have you heard of a Polish nobleman by the name of Jusef Sardu? According to legend, he was attacked by a vampire while on a hunting trip in 1873.
And he was said to have carried a cane.
With a wolf's head handle made of white gold.
Silver blade.
It's been missing for decades, but my sources tell me that it may have recently resurfaced here in Vienna.
That is the first I've heard of this.
Well, is it true? That's what I need you to find out.
I'll see what I can turn up.
and Mrs.
McGeever, we need to talk.
- What's happening to us? - Would you both please raise up your arms? Oh, Mother of God! What is that?! You've both contracted the disease that's broken out in New York.
The worms carry a very aggressive virus.
There's no cure.
You'll both die in 15 to 48 hours.
You knew this the moment those things wounded us.
We did, but you wouldn't believe it - until you saw it for yourself.
- Why did you bring us here? - Because we need your help.
- For over 200 years, yellow fever ravaged American cities, killing hundreds of thousands of people.
The disease went unchecked, until a group of US soldiers volunteered to be test subjects for Dr.
Walter Reed.
They helped find a way to eradicate that disease.
We'd like you to help us - do the same with this.
- Forget it.
Come on.
- Let's go.
- That's your choice, but let me be perfectly clear.
Untreated, you will both die slowly and painfully.
The virus will reanimate your corpses.
You will then seek out and infect anybody you love.
Is that what you want? Oh God.
Evan! We could infect our son? Count on it.
It's true, we can't save your lives.
But we can make you as comfortable as possible - during the time you have left.
- And you can strike a blow against this disease, help stop it, for your son.
We have to do this.
We don't really have a choice, do we? _ First of all, let me say mistakes were made.
No shit.
Thanks for the newsflash.
Councilwoman Faraldo, Secretary Barnes here has been - good enough to come up from Washington - Good enough? It's his job, which he has not been doing.
Have you seen what's going on out there?! You mean, the people shooting six-foot snakes out of their mouths and sucking their neighbors dry? - You had a look, Mayor? - Of course I have! I've been on the phone night and day with the governor, with Senator Lang, with Homeland Security trng to get us more help, but everybody's been too busy pointing fingers and covering their own asses.
And still, the press blames me.
Here, look at this.
See? Canker sores.
I haven't had these since law school.
My God, what have I done to deserve this? - I'll make a list.
- Look, we're facing the most severe crisis in this city's history.
My predecessor failed to understand the gravity of the situation, but we have corrected the course and now have protocols in place to contain this epidemic.
- What protocols? - The CDC has established quarantine stations in each borough.
Symptomatic individuals have been placed in isolation units for a 24-hour incubation period - to confirm they're carriers.
- And if they are? We're running down every person they've come into contact with, and placing them in isolation to determine if they've also been infected.
No, I meant the original people, the ones infected.
What are you doing with them? Well, for the moment we're confining them in secure facilities.
You're warehousing these things?! These are vicious, evil predators.
- They need to be put down.
- Put down?! The United States government is not in the business of euthanizing its citizens, no matter how sick they are.
I have over a thousand doctors working - around the clock in labs - Meanwhile these things, they're running wild in the streets.
Where's the National Guard? We have more than 10,000 troops in the city protecting vital Bullshit! I have seen a few soldiers protecting City Hall and other government offices, but tell me, where are the rest? I don't have the file in front of me.
Seriously, where? I haven't seen them either.
Once we get control of this thing, - more troops will be available.
- Listen to this guy.
There's only one way to solve this problem.
Screw the government.
We handle it ourselves.
- How do you propose we do that? - Oh, I'm already doing it.
We're gonna take back Staten Island one block at a time, flush these things out and blow their goddamn heads off.
Then, we're gonna secure the perimeter so no more can get in.
Now if you'll excuse me, you all can carry on with your mental jerk-off here.
I've got work to do.
- I accept your offer of a job.
- Marvelous! I read that you studied English at Boston College and had several plays produced.
So you're a writer? Yean, I write.
How do you know all that? Well, after I impulsively offered you a job, I less impulsively ran a background check on you.
Don't worry, you passed with flying colors.
It sickens me to see what's happening to this city.
You seem to be the one person trying to turn things around.
- I want to be a part of that.
- And you will, believe me.
So, where do you want me to start? I'm establishing a dozen food-distribution centers across the five boroughs.
My wholesale network will supply them, and Stoneheart Security will protect them.
Well, it's a wonderful idea.
So many stores have been looted, people are desperate for the essentials.
First one opens tomorrow.
The mayor wants me to say a few words at the ribbon cutting.
I've jotted down some notes.
Type them up and add a little sizzle and topspin.
I have to go to a meeting.
You want me to write your speech? We've already established you're a writer.
Yes, but if we could just go over this - so I can get your input - I have complete confidence in you.
Just make me look good.
Why here? Ah A great journey starts with a single step.
In this case, we're gonna start with our own block.
Yee-haw! Ah.
Consider trying the door first? But where's the fun in that? Hey, hey, hey.
Be careful, all right? I love it when you get worried about me.
Munchers all around the clock.
I want you to get back and make a racket.
Why do I always end up as bait? Because you look so appetizing.
That's right, I do.
Creatures of the night, come and get it! That's it.
Come on.
That's it.
Aaah! Love the look, you know.
It's bound to catch on, right? Silver's not my color.
Hm Let me see.
God, I needed that, huh? Nothing like a win to get the endorphins flowing.
One small step for man You know, if we, uh clear out the rest of the buildings on this block, um, and then clear out the buildings on the next block, then we'll, uh, you know, we'll extend our perimeter What are you doing? Washing off the silver.
It beats that dribbly old shower at your place.
You shouldn't knock a man's water pressure.
- Hits him where it hurts.
- Come on in, Rat Man, - the water's warm.
- No thanks.
Never thought a guy like you would be shy of a little skinny dip.
It's not that.
It's just, um What? There's no reason to be embarrassed.
I can't swim.
It served no part in my parents' agenda, all right? I can talk to you about neoclassic architecture - all day if you like but - Get in the shallow end.
I'll teach you.
Can you blow bubbles? Yeah, I think I could do that.
- That's very good.
- It's good? OK, now.
Lean on me.
- Relax.
- Yeah.
- It's OK OK - OK? - All right.
- Now let your feet drift off the floor.
Oh! Oh! - Yeah.
Oh! Oh! - Oh! I'm floating.
- Yeah.
- Well, what if I get water in my mouth and I can't breathe? Then I rescue you.
Yeah? Yeah? : The NYPD is encouraging displaced persons to seek out approved How are you doing? and advise people to avoid I don't want to interrupt, but our test subjects will be turning soon.
Throats restructuring, ringing in their ears this after the apparent suicides of more than I need some advice.
You said the Master can see through the eyes of his strigoi.
Wille be able to use them to identify our location? Do they know where they are? No.
We took them to a lab in the back of the van - before they turned.
- Well then, you have nothing to worry about.
If they don't know where they are, - neither will the Master.
- Are you sure? You doubt me because I was wrong about sunlight destroying him? After all the things I've shown you, suddenly you think me a doddering old fool?! Look, I know you're dealing with a lot, but guess what? So am I! We all are! for the past two nights, according to police, leaving behind possessions and makeshift tents.
What you are doing to those poor people, it's distasteful, maybe even cruel, but you're doing it for a noble purpose.
A couple of weeks ago, you wouldn't have had the strength to do such a thing.
Couple of weeks was a long time ago.
the incident at 85th Street I've seen people do things for the sheer love of cruelty but you'll never be one of those.
- Ha.
- In a related report, the blaze which started inside the building _ That is Dresden China.
Those pieces survived the Allied bombing.
They are very rare.
China is of no interest to me.
And what is of interest to you? Artifacts from the war.
So come with me.
I'm certain you'll find something of interest in here.
Mein Kampf.
A first edition, personally autographed by Adolf Hitler.
Oh, now that is Mayan.
They believed that the skull could bring forth the beast from the abyss.
It is part of the personal collection of Heinrich Himmler.
Tell me about that cane.
Magnificent, isn't it? May I have a closer look at it? Of course.
It is my most prized possession.
I didn't want to sell it, but in times like this, one does what one must to survive.
Look, there is a feature I think you will enjoy.
Forged by Wladyslaw Stankievicz, the finest swordsmith in Poland.
For Jusef Sardu.
Someone obviously shortened it.
Sardu was a giant.
It went through many hands before I acquired it.
You know your history.
Unfortunately, it is already spoken for.
- When did this happen? - Yesterday actually.
The buyer is coming to take possession this evening.
Would you consider a second offer? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I could not break my word to a client.
I'm a man of honor.
You are a man of honor, Dr.
Dreverhaven? Ha! "Dreverhaven"? I think you are confusing me with someone else.
My name is Rolf Steiner.
You don't remember me? A230385.
I used to hose down your operating room after you were finished experimenting on my fellow prisoners.
I told you, you are mistaken.
You don't remember the operating room, Doctor, or your patients screaming as you injected turpentine into their veins and clocked their deaths? Ugh! Ah! Just passing through.
Oh my! Ah! Ah! Funny, we used to give blood to save lives.
We're still trying to save lives.
Two pints of blood won't sustain our strigoi for very long.
If we find an effective pathogen, they won't need to live very long.
Who won't need to live that long? We have volunteer subjects.
They're infected.
Are you gonna cure 'em? Uh, not exactly.
Good evening, Dr.
How's the mad scientist business? - That old couple turn yet? - They're turning, fast.
Poor bastards.
You should've put 'em out of their misery.
The phone board is gonna light up.
What's going on here? What are you doing? We're working on the disease, Zack.
You are? How? What's your plan? It's it's very hard to explain.
'Cause you don't think I can understand or you just don't want to tell me? Right now? Both! Let me get a little bit further, and then I'll walk you through everything.
I'm just trying to figure it out myself.
Okay? - Anything? - Nothing yet.
The last batch is still cooking, but check this.
Pseudomonas antibiotic resistant, nasty stuff that will infect anything.
One drop of strigoi blood.
Killed them.
Never seen a die-off like that.
It's absolutely efficient, ruthless.
This virus would make a great antibiotic, if it didn't turn us into vampires first.
Goodweather! Be right in, Mr.
- What's the problem? - Pauline's in pain.
- You gotta give her something.
- Mrs.
McGeever? - Pauline? - You've got to give her something now! Come on, come on, come on! - This should make you feel better.
- My throat! - I can't breathe.
- Give her more! Give her more! If I give her more, it will kill her.
Then maybe it's time for that.
What? No.
Now you agreed to this.
I don't care.
You said this thing was gonna kill us? Well, let's end it now.
Put enough in my wife to put her down and then you do me afterwards.
Please, Doctor, make it stop or, God help me, I will.
Please, calm down.
See? The crisis is over.
She's resting peacefully.
Maybe you should too.
Ugh! Ah? You've Bastard! We trusted you! No! Bastard! Bastard! Ah! _ God! Damnit! It's all lies! Fairy tales! Stories! - I'm wasting my time here! - Hey! Hey, hey, calm down! Hey! Hey? Calm down.
Take a breath now.
Hey? Just a wild guess, but So you couldn't find anything about that lost book, huh? What? Well, you've done it.
Now we need to discuss our next project.
Now, this is reputed to be an image from the Occido Lumen.
Have you heard of it? It's an ancient book said to offer an account of the exact nature and origin of the strigoi, and perhaps even the key to - their destruction.
- If it exists.
There's documentation of the Lumen passing through many hands before it went missing more than a century ago.
I believe that it is still out there.
I will pay you a generous stipend plus all your expenses, so that you can focus exclusively on finding it.
I'll need all the information you have on it.
Abraham, what about our classes? The university? You'll lose your position.
If you find it for me, I'll endow a chair for you here as full professor.
Now, I have a flight to catch.
Think it over.
I'll be in touch in a few days.
Can you imagine what an incredible find that book would be? And to be secure as a full professor? I don't like it.
- He's using you.
- And I'm using him.
- He wants to fund our work.
- Abraham, please reconsider.
The tongue has begun to bifurcate.
Vestibular enlargement is palpable, but, as yet, no stinger has developed.
Still, we will soon have to implement precautions against it.
McGeever, can you hear me? How is she? She won't be with us much longer.
Can I see her? Thank you.
What the hell are you doing? Oh, I love the sound of breaking glass.
Nothing grew? Not a damn thing.
Strigoi appear to be biologically bulletproof.
That can't be.
Maybe some strains won't grow, but S.
Cerevisiae should grow on just about anything.
Oh, great.
Maybe we can give the vampires trench mouth.
Or, uh, maybe a nasty case of thrush.
Watch out.
Ha! Can you do that? It made it in.
Well, we should have looked at more pathogenic organisms.
Anthrax, tularemia, - plague.
- Our objective is to find a pathogen that won't kill people along with the strigoi.
Oh, yeah, that's that's pretty important.
These are all pure research strains.
Ah Elliot had nothing but the best.
"GPY 1100," auxotrophic for leucine.
This strain absorbs that amino acid from the culture medium.
And vampire media are deficient in branched-chain amino acids! These lab strains cannot synthesize one amino acid or another.
Our bugs starved.
Eph, go check if there's any complex media left.
I'm gonna mate two of these haploid auxotrophs.
The next generation will be able to synthesize everything.
Then we'll try them on our vampire media.
I think we have a winner.
It's multiplying, taking them on in cerebrospinal fluid.
It's munching on vampire brain juice.
I can see some justice in that.
If we can get this to happen in the wild, then this bug can obliterate the vampires' central nervous system.
Let's grow up a batch and give it a try.
May I have the speech? You should read it first.
We should go over - a few things in it before - I'm sure I'll love it.
Thank you, Mr.
Mayor, esteemed council members.
It's a pleasure to be here with you today for the opening of our first Freedom Center "I know that most of you didn't come here "to listen to some blowhard "congratulate himself on what he's done "for his city.
"You came here to get food and necessities for your families "and we're going to let you do that in a moment "but I think it's worth reflecting on the quality "you all have in common.
"You are the survivors.
"You're the ones who didn't run, "who hung on.
"Why? "Because as much as we all love to bitch "about our city, we're not about to let anyone "or anything take it from us.
"Now When the Twin Towers were built, "there were very mixed feelings about how they looked, "but when terrorists brought them down, "they became a symbol for our city.
"We all banded together, and we rebuilt the site.
"Because whether we loved or hated them, "those towers belonged to us! "Why? Because we New Yorkers are family, "and when faced with a threat, "we will link arms "and help each other up, and we will endure! "Because this is our town! "We take care of our own! And that's what today is all about!" Thank you.
Freedom for all.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Here's your Freedom Card, go on in.
Why do you need my blood type? I'm just here to get groceries.
This will serve as ID when we open our medical clinics.
Thank you so much for coming along.
Lovely to see you.
Pleasure we could all make it out here today.
- Thank you.
And - Thank you.
You're looking good, Eldritch.
Do you realize what you've done? Oh, yes.
Very much so.
It's all right.
I have you to thank.
Without your efforts, I never would have met him, and none of this would have been possible.
Don't claim victory just yet.
There's another card left to play.
Oh, the Lumen? Still chasing it after all these years.
And soon I will have it.
Look at you.
Withered by age and failure, yet your blind optimism carries you on.
Don't tell me you still cling to your belief in the Supreme Being? - You should fear his wrath.
- Your "Being" doesn't exist.
Realized that when I was 10 years old.
Prayed for him to heal me.
He never answered.
Yes, he did.
The answer was no.
Your god also turned down Miriam's cry for help.
She wasn't worthy either, I suppose.
By the way, I have her heart.
I keep it on a shelf over my desk.
I'll place yours beside it once the Master has dispatched you.
He tried.
I scalded him with the sun and he ran.
Next time, I'll finish him, and I'll come for you.
Don't let him leave the facility.
- What was that? - Go, go, go! Get him out of here right now! Go! Grab him! Come on! I'm on him! Hey! Ah! Argh! Run, run, go! I hope you got something out of that.
When I mentioned the Lumen, Palmer grew anxious.
Means he doesn't have it, which means we still have a chance of finding it.
Not the kind of odds I'd want to play in Vegas.
The odds have been against me from day one and yet I'm still in the game.
You're late.
Herr Standartenflihrer, I must get away.
- I've been identified.
- By who? A former inmate.
Do you have the money? The cane, where is it? I dropped it.
I had no choice.
The Jew was right behind me.
He knew my real name.
He knew everything about the cane too.
Please, Herr Standartenflihrer, I need the money to get out of Europe.
The Mossad are here in Vienna looking for me.
If that Jew goes to them What's happened to you, Doctor Dreverhaven? Once, you were a proud knight of the German Reich.
That was a long time ago.
How often I've wished I could return to those days.
You can.
A new Fuhrer has emerged.
Wiser and stronger than the first one.
He needs soldiers like you to serve as instruments for his unshakable will.
- Does this interest you? - God, yes.
I'm tired of running.
Welcome to the fold, comrade.
Argh! Ah! Argh! Argh! Ah! Ah! _ _ _ Cross your fingers.
Let's hope this works.
Find him.
Find my son.