The Strain (2014) s02e03 Episode Script

Fort Defiance

Previously on "The Strain" There's no cure.
And you can strike a blow against this disease, help stop it for everybody's children.
Harrison, we have to do this.
Please, listen to me.
If you go out there, you will be killed.
Hey! What are you doing? Stop! - Nikki! - Don't! The girl I was with at the store? We were more than roommates.
We were very close.
We're gonna take back Staten Island one block at a time.
Then we're gonna secure the perimeter so no more can get in.
We need a human soldier who can move freely in the daylight.
Someone who can use the power of the sun.
You have proven yourself capable.
I'm listening.
Here we go.
What are you doing there, pal? Hands above your head! What you got in the sack, buddy? What you got there, huh? It's full of dirt.
What are you doing in the middle of the night dragging that shit around, huh? Hey! I know you.
You're that singer, Bolivar.
You own this place, don't you? Don't touch that.
You're not worthy to touch it.
- This guy's as high as a kite.
- I wouldn't do that.
It's the Master's resting ground.
Come here! Freeze! Officer down! I repeat, officer down! This is 6 Delta 4.
Immediate backup requested at Vestry Hall! Ahh! There's those creatures! They're all over us! Ahh! == sync & corrections by Wolfen == Oh, my God.
It's working.
We did it.
It's happening too fast.
Come on, hang in there! Stay with us.
Ow! Oh! Damn it! - At least we know it works.
- It happened too fast.
If they die on the spot, we get no transmission.
Go get some rest.
I'll stay and work on this, make it less potent.
I haven't been sleeping much anyway.
I know.
Hey, how's it going? Damn, you look like you had a rough night.
Alright, now hand-to-hand.
Like I showed you.
I got you.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Offense, not defense! Focus! Excellent.
This is bullshit! Why you got me running around here like an asshole? We are about to embark on a most important mission.
Is that why you give a gun with only two bullets? You should've checked the magazine.
I should have checked my sanity to ever team up with a guy like you.
Now you gonna tell me about this big mission, the one that's so important, or I'm outta here.
Mm mm We're going to kidnap Eldritch Palmer.
Oh, God In Albany, the governor has signed an order to deploy state police to patrol and close highways leading to Pennsylvania - Is Zack in his room? - Always about the kid with you, isn't it? I thought you were gonna sit and have a kiki with me.
I might if I had any idea what that meant.
Like, gossip.
We sit, have a chat, like we're friends.
Thank you, thank you.
I just put up 300 of these all around Red Hook.
_ Did you draw this, Dutch? That's not bad.
- Mm, thanks.
- His talent is sexy, don't you think? Super sexy.
Zack! Zack? Hmm! Flyer's a little subtle for you, don't you think? Ah, well, firepower's coming Doc.
Tomorrow we're doing recon at the subway tunnel right at the edge of Red Hook.
Time to stop muncher tourists coming in from Manhattan.
You know, boom, boom.
You're going to blow up the subway? We're just going to seal off the entrance, you know? The tunnel will be fine.
- Is this foreplay for you two? - Vasiliy does love a good explosion.
Zack? When was the last time you saw the kid? I dunno.
About an hour ago when I left? His coat and boots are gone.
Alright, doc, wait up.
We're coming with you.
Jesus Christ! Zack! Stop! Hey! Stop the bus! Whoa! Whoa.
Sorry, sorry.
That's my son.
- Oh, thank God! - This your Daddy? Yes.
- Get your ass off my bus! - Thank you.
What are you doing? Where were you going? Queens.
It's too dangerous to travel alone, Zack.
You know that.
I want Mom to see me again.
I think she misses me.
Holy shit! What? Who put this up? Is that your friend from the convenience store? - The one that stole all your money, huh? - Yeah, who would put this up? Hey, you gave your Pop a scare.
You at least carrying? You're coming to the lab with me tomorrow.
- What for? - You'll see.
Hey, Professor, how you doing? You alright? I'm fine.
I I'm reading.
- Don't bother me.
- Alright.
You have a good night too.
Setrakian, I'm going to the lab.
I left some coffee on the hotplate for you.
Professor? Professor? Shit! Oh, God.
No, no Come on! Come on.
Oh, thank God.
One more.
What did you do? This blood is from your eyes.
My My eyes are old.
They They bleed.
Things give way at my age.
People's eyes don't just bleed.
What was in the eyedropper? I don't know what you're talking about.
I need rest! Please! _ Current wait time for entry is approximately 90 minutes.
Current wait time for entry is approximately 90 minutes.
- Fitzwilliam.
Isn't that Irish? - Yes, it is.
- What's your business on Staten Island? - I'm here to visit my brother.
Is that a "brother" brother or your real brother? Curtis Fitzwilliam is my biological brother.
He's a firefighter, Ladder 84, Drundegle Road.
He lives in Tauntenville.
Hurry up residents! Mister Fitzwilliam put your toes on the yellow line and your arms out to the side.
Now, please, open your mouth and tilt your head back.
- And if I refuse? - Buddy, you left your civil rights on the other side of the Hudson.
- All clear.
- You're good to go.
Welcome to Staten Island.
_ _ Mr.
I'm afraid I don't see you - on the schedule.
- That's right.
That is because I am never on the schedule.
- Eldritch! - Herr Eichhorst.
- State your business.
- Your encounter with Setrakian.
He was able to get way too close.
That could've ended very badly for us.
- But it didn't.
- Nonetheless, your security detail has gotten sloppy.
You are very important to us, Eldritch, so we're leaving Mr.
Bolivar here to keep an eye on things.
Will you excuse us please, Ms.
Marchand? Certainly.
Thank you.
The man is a pop star, am I correct? I'm a servant, just like you.
The Master wants me to stay here, I'll stay here until he says otherwise.
I appreciate the offer, but I must decline.
Respectfully, of course.
This is not a matter of declining or accepting, it is a statement of fact.
He stays.
Very well.
He stays.
Reggie! Do you want to tell me what's going on? - I quit my job.
- You're shitting me.
You were right about Palmer.
I should've listened to you years ago.
Good for you, man.
_ During the Revolutionary War, the Americans held you limeys off right here in Red Hook.
There was a fort that covered most of the Red Hook peninsula.
They called it Fort Defiance.
That's us.
We're gonna do the same thing.
If we just take out these columns over here, you know, that should do the trick.
Structurally, those are the critical parts.
- You wanna go look for your friend? - Yeah.
It's that, if her mother didn't put up those flyers up, then I gotta know who did.
You chicks like closure, so we're gonna get you closure.
But right now, I need your head in the game! Let's go.
It's not easy to get around our city these days.
Trust me, it's worth it to come out here.
I give you Councilwoman Justine Feraldo.
Well, you know it's an occasion when His Honor crosses the Verrazano Bridge.
I am pleased to announce that as of 9:00 AM this morning, Staten Island is a plague-free zone.
Now, this would not have been possible without the leadership of my Police Captain, my field general here, Frank Kowalski.
Good going, Frank.
Captain, please do the honors.
Hey, Mikey, get the other side.
Yes, boss.
Mikey's my nephew.
His dad my brother was a firefighter with my late husband, Tommy, in Tower 2 when it went down.
He's working for us night and day as one of New York City's finest.
Pull it down.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Murder! You can't do this Feraldo.
This is crazy! This is our message.
Yeah! Do it! We're with you! That's right! And we're going to leave it right at the entrance to our borough.
This is who we are.
This is Staten Island.
Yes, thanks, thanks my I want you to do what you've done here for the rest of the city.
- I don't think so.
- Justine, there are 8.
5 million people out there who need our help.
You can be a hero to them.
Not just here on the island, but over there, to all of them on the big island.
They need you.
They need you, Justine.
You can rise.
No interference.
I call the shots, end of story.
I have one condition.
What's that? This has to look like it comes from both of us.
We present as a team.
Great, great.
Thank you.
Suddenly you're healthy? Yes, so therefore you needn't concern yourself anymore.
I was the first to believe in you, to trust you.
To bring you with us.
And I just saved your life! You might be more disappointed in me if I told you the truth.
I don't care! You won't treat me like this! I'm your friend.
But you must promise not to tell anyone including Ephraim.
You have my word.
I've I've never confided this to anyone.
I consume the worms to maintain my health.
You've been eating the worms? Well, you can't ingest them orally.
I discovered I needed to, uh, absorb them in solution through the eyes.
Did you ever see this number on my arm? Did it not make you wonder about my age? I was a prisoner in a German death camp in 1944.
I'm 94 years old.
I need this to keep living.
I've made my choice.
It may be wicked, it may mean I go to a fiery and horrible place when I die, but it's too late to stop now.
I will not stop.
I'm going to win or die confronting the Master.
I will not fade away as a weak old man.
Thank you for telling me.
He can see me through you, can't he? Yes, he can.
Is he watching me now? You know, I don't know what He's doing.
So, reanimated, you are still in many ways who you were before? Yeah, especially the part that gets annoyed when pompous pricks ask stupid questions.
Well, this pompous prick would like you to wait in the other room.
I will allow you to be here, but not in here, or I will do no further work.
I'll be nearby.
I'm sorry about excusing you earlier.
My instincts tell me there's a whole layer here that I'm missing.
That's your writer's brain talking.
When I was younger, I modeled.
For five years, all across Europe.
Met a lot of, uh, bad people, had to grow up fast.
And I was lucky I didn't make a horrible mistake.
Because I could have.
Many times.
In my gut, everything I've learned makes me think about these men, Eichhorst and Bolivar and wonder if a horrible mistake isn't being made here.
Are they good men? Hardly.
Far from it.
But I am more than capable of handling them.
We are in a very serious crisis, and certain things have to get done.
Things good men won't do.
- Like what? - Let's just leave it at that.
And to the extent I can keep you out of it, I will.
I don't need to be kept out of it.
Trust me.
You do.
Hey, everything OK? - Yeah, he's much better.
- Good.
I was just about to go over what we've been doing with Zack.
So last night we went through several iterations of the formula to make the neurotoxins less potent.
The poison was too strong, so we lost our first vamp before it could spread the disease to all the others in their nests.
You mean the lady? - Mrs.
- Yeah.
That's right.
This is our version of a plague, but a good one, one for all the right reasons.
You never met my Dad, Zack.
He was a doctor in our small town.
And he would let the patients pay whatever they could, he made house calls And around Christmas time, patients would just leave stuff at our front door steaks, hand-knitted sweaters, keg of beer, fruitcake.
I didn't get that much time with him.
He meant so much to so many people.
Uh, excuse me here.
Yeah, I don't know where I was going with that.
Hey! Stop it! Stop it! Come here, come here.
Let go of me! See that stinger? If that wasn't covered, it would shoot into your neck and drain all the blood from of your body.
No Zack, - This is what your mother is now.
- Alright, Eph! Enough! That's enough.
That's a pretty place.
Late Victorian, probably built right after Please don't tell me the history of the building I'm not in the mood.
You're here for the right reasons.
Good luck.
Did you put this up? Have you heard from her? I checked all the hospitals, I went to the police, put those pictures up everywhere.
I never thought I'd miss the internet so much.
We're all in the dark.
You knew we weren't speaking, right? Yeah.
Had she never gotten involved with you, she'd be alive.
It makes me sick to think of all the time she wasted crying over you.
Well, if you hear from Nikki, can you tell her I came by? I was worried and I'm alive.
Well, of course you're alive! You know, Nicola met a vampire a very long time ago.
She sucked the good and the spirit out of her.
And after it was all done, this vampire didn't even have the decency to leave.
No, no, no.
She stayed around, haunting her Who do you think took care of her when you cut the money off? Well, I was not about to funnel money into a lifestyle that I didn't approve of.
And I am not talking about the gay thing.
You and your paintings, you marked her, and she was never the same.
When you violate someone's heart that way, the universe remembers it.
Life's coming for you, sweetheart.
Count on it.
The mayor and Councilwoman Feraldo had - an important announcement today.
- Staten Island is a plague-free zone.
- Amen to that, girl.
- And in related news, - gas lines, curfews - That's what I'm talking about.
This councilwoman's got balls, huh? She's kicking ass out there in Staten Island.
Hey, hey, hey Tell me.
She thinks Nikki's dead.
And you don't? She thinks it's my fault.
Oh, well screw her.
You want me to go tell her you're innocent? I'm not.
I never have been.
Yeah, you're such a horrible person.
- I I - Hey.
I don't know I don't know how that bitch gave birth to someone so lovely.
- We should get going.
- No Uh? Uh Or not.
She's right about me.
What's that, some kind of warning? I've already warned you.
So the Master can see through all you things, huh? Are you watching me now? You took my wife.
My son's mother.
I'm gonna take hundreds, thousands of yours.
I'm gonna work my way all the way to the top to you.
Hey! My eyes are up here.
You planning on sending my vampire wife after my boy? Here's the deal, Master.
I will kill him and then I'll kill myself before I let you turn us into anything like you.
Hey, what's up, brother? I'm here to, uh, inspect the elevator.
- ID, please.
- Oh, yeah, no problem.
I'm gonna grab my stuff.
Is that cool? Hey, uh, do me a favor? Can you grab this side for me? - It's kinda heavy.
- Little more.
Thanks, man.
You're only the third vendor making calls today.
Yeah, man, I got 12 other stops to make after this.
All kind of shit breaking down everywhere.
I hear you.
This way.
- To the right? - This way.
I'll be in and out quick.
You hear about that councilwoman out in Staten Island? Said the place is clean now.
Guess that means no more vampires.
Nah, I didn't hear that.
I've been too busy dealing with all this shit, you know? She's changing things.
We're gonna win this thing.
I'm planning on it.
We got an outside contractor.
Let's keep eyes on him.
Access to the elevator equipment is around to the left.
Hey, hold on real quick.
I gotta check a few things here first, if that's alright with you.
- Like what? - Just routine stuff, man.
I gotta update the sensors every two years.
Not a big deal.
What was that? What the hell? Perry, we show elevator one heading for the penthouse.
Are you with that maintenance guy? Perry, do you have eyes on the maintenance guy? Alright, keep trying him.
We've got a situation.
Let's go get the man.
Well, that seems a possibility.
- I certainly think so.
- Oh, excuse me - Sir, we have a Code One.
- I'm sorry for the disruption.
Palmer, thank you for the meeting.
You do good work, sir.
God bless you.
We must all stick together.
Thank you for coming - No! She stays with me.
- Very well, sir.
Come on.
You know, I used to know some guys who used to ghost ride elevators in the projects.
- How'd that work out for 'em? - How do you think? Let's go Everybody ready? Let's go.
There's nobody here.
It appears we have six intruders - how did something like this happen? - I don't know, sir.
Break down the door.
I never wanted this to happen.
UV light! Come on! Give me your hand! Come on! I'll shield you from the light! Get on! - Go! I can't be saved! - What are you talking about? Come on! - We need you! Get out! - I'm outta here.
What's this? Pasta night? That's good 'cause we've worked up quite an appetite.
"We've"? I never grow tired of your flirtatious badinage.
Someone's feeling better, huh? You look different.
My dear, I believe I've gotten my second wind.
Hey! I was just trying to get through to him.
- Do you think it worked? - I do.
But you'll never win with your son when it comes to his mother.
It's that simple.
Is he gonna die on us? There's less swelling, but he's fully infected.
- But I don't think he's dying.
- In other words we did it.
When do we test transmission? Tonight.
We cut him loose.
== sync & corrections by Wolfen ==