The Strain (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

The Born

Previously on The Strain I found a way to kill these things.
It's a bio-weapon.
It's crude, it needs to be refined, but it works.
- Goodweather.
- He's here for me, not for you.
No! Wait! Who put this up? That's your friend from the convenience store? We were more than just friends.
- Men or women? - I specialize in passionate, destructive relationships.
The best kind.
This airport's in a restricted area.
There's a quarantine.
I sensed him when he was injured.
I will stop him, but for my own reasons which you well know.
I need to know who got close enough to hurt him.
And I need human hunters.
That is, if you have any left.
They called him the Barbarian Gladiator.
A warrior like none other.
Unmatched in speed, strength and savagery.
He defeated every challenger man and beast.
None lasted more than a few minutes.
Most, not more than a few seconds.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! It's not I who wants this outcome.
Your own kind demands it.
A senator with more than a passing familiarity with the dark arts sponsored the Barbarian Gladiator.
They call you the Night Demon of Sicily.
It took an entire army detachment to capture you at the cost of 20 soldiers.
They wanted me so badly; I decided to see what for.
You were to be crucified.
The games saved you.
The greed of the Patrician class and the savage impulse of the masses saved me.
You care not for food or drink.
You care only for the juice of one animal.
The human animal.
You bleed white, yet you tolerate exposure to the sun.
You are the half-breed, birthed of human flesh and demon blood, possessed of a God-like strength and agility.
Why do you not escape? I am a student of human instinct and behavior.
I find I learn best as their instrument.
If you want to learn about man's true nature, I can offer you a complete education on the field of battle.
_ Hey.
You watching me dream? I was just waiting for you to wake up.
I'm sorry I wasn't there last night.
Just still working through some things.
Poor Fitzwilliam.
Yeah, that's too bad.
He could've been helpful to us, you know? I don't want to get dressed.
I don't want you to get dressed either.
- That's not what I meant.
- Are you sure? I have been wearing the same three outfits for days.
Maybe I should go and get the rest of my things.
You should! Just clear all your stuff out and move them in here.
Moving my things in.
And that's not a commitment or anything.
Of course not.
_ What about the furniture? Is it yours? Most of it's Nikki's.
Paid for by her generous mother.
- Is that the wrong key? - No, it's dead bolted - from the inside.
- Step back.
I don't smell vamp shit.
Vamps don't lock doors.
Show yourself! Hey.
Nikki! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - You're alive.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Are you OK? Are you OK? _ Everything all right, Mr.
Palmer? I'm sorry, I was just thinking.
Looks like an absolutely gorgeous day.
Maybe I'll take a ride later.
Perhaps you'd like to accompany me? That sounds wonderful.
Palmer, excuse me.
I have an update on Goodweather.
Coco, could I trouble you for a cup of that wonderful herbal tea you recommended? Certainly, Mr.
Sorry, sir.
You said you wanted to be updated right away.
- Yes, yes.
What happened? - Leavitt's dead.
Goodweather shot him and got away somehow.
- Has Leavitt's body been found? - No, we took care of that.
- And Goodweather's bio-weapon? - In friendly hands.
- It's contained.
- For now.
He certainly could reformulate it.
How soon until he's taken care of? That's the thing, sir.
We've lost his trail.
We don't know where he is.
- Everything OK? - Couldn't be better.
- Do you have chilled bourbon? - Well, I've got bourbon and I've got ice.
Bourbon straight.
Double, please.
You know, some people like to sip and enjoy.
Maybe next time.
After the convenience store, I came back here looking for you.
I didn't come back, not right away.
I was scared out of my mind.
Those creepers at the gas station, they gave up on me pretty quickly.
That's 'cause they weren't there for you.
- They were there for the old man.
- So, you stayed with them? - Those strangers from the store? - Yeah, well, I didn't have a choice at first.
And then Yeah, I stayed with them.
She joined the fight.
She's a hell of a fighter too.
How 'bout you, Nikki? Where you been all this time? You been hiding out in that closet, or what? I, uh, strained my ankle, falling, running from those things.
I thought it was a fracture.
I tried to go to the ER, but I got so scared.
I've been holed up in here every night since.
I'm so glad you're alive.
Well, it's, uh, it's great.
It's really, really heartwarming.
It really, it really is.
- But - Yeah.
Setrakian He's waiting for us, right? Yeah.
You said you wanted to come back here to get your clothes Why don't we both get our things.
It's so much safer there.
We have company.
- You're from the convenience store.
- It's me.
This is Nikki, my roommate.
This is Nora.
She's a doctor.
She has a bad ankle.
She hurt herself running away.
- Tell me where it hurts.
- I've been waiting for you - all morning.
We need to go.
- Just give me one second.
Hey, Dutch.
- Can I have a moment, please? - How about later, yeah? How 'bout now? So? So? Aren't you going to ask her? About the money that mysteriously disappeared from - your apartment? Your laptop? - None of that's important now, is it? She's terrified.
She's been through it.
Oh, is that why you seem, uh, a little reluctant to tell her about us? She is dealing with so much right now.
Just give her time.
And me.
Give you time? What for? I've got to get back to her.
Dutch, Setrakian needs us.
He wants to go to that factory that Fitzwilliam told us about, so I can't leave her here like this.
You understand that, right? Yeah.
- You can handle this.
- Mm-hmm.
- You go.
- I will.
Fet! Coming! _ "She's dealing with so much right now.
" Dealing with what? Leaving her apartment closet? - What? A twisted ankle? - Mr.
Your romantic worries have no relevance at this moment.
None at all.
You're right.
I have a very strong instinct about this.
Something very bad is happening here.
Well, let's have a closer look.
After you.
What's a school bus for blind kids doing at a Stoneheart factory? - I trust you've come prepared? - I'm always prepared.
Control, this is Security Officer So, what about the big guy? The Russian.
- What about him? - What's his deal? He doesn't really have a deal.
That's kind of the nice thing about him.
What you see is what you get.
So, what are the sleeping arrangements here? Where's your, um Alright! Dr.
Goodweather, I presume.
How did it go in DC? Total success by the looks of it.
Do I know you? Because I feel like I do.
Hey, yeah, we all met that fateful night at the convenience store? The track star! That's right! Welcome back.
Uh, where's Fet? Out, with Setrakian.
- Is Zack in? - Yeah, in his room.
Alright, OK.
Why don't you just sit down before you fall down? Come on.
Sure, I should get some shut-eye.
Nora's napping up there.
- She'll be glad to see you're home.
- Yeah, maybe I should lie down in yours and Fet's room.
These critters.
Necks snapped.
Culled from the herd.
What is this, like a mass grave? The opposite.
A nursery.
Blind kids.
That just ain't right.
- Professor! - I hear it.
- They're coordinated.
- The Master.
I'm just gonna keep on firing, hope I get lucky.
Just in case, I'm gonna save the last two for us.
Now, come on, you little monkeys! Come on! Bring it! Let's do this! Mr.
What? Hello, Professor.
And to think I was looking forward to a nice car ride.
Perspective, Coco.
Difficult to maintain but critical for success.
I've never been this high above the city before.
I'm sorry, I have to ask: earlier today your head of security mentioned - a Dr.
Goodweather? - The disgraced CDC epidemiologist? Yes.
Apparently, he found his way down to Washington DC and murdered three people, including his former boss, Dr.
Everett Barnes.
Everett was a dear friend of mine.
Joshua was just breaking the news to me.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- It's tragic.
As terrible as this plague has been for New York City, there is something to be said for regeneration.
Yellowstone National Park, for example.
Much of it burned in a massive wildfire.
Ten years later, the landscape was completely renewed.
And while no one would ever wish for a catastrophe such as this, complacency is the enemy of empires.
Just ask the Romans.
The Ancients gave me your name, Professor Setrakian.
I followed you here.
But who are you? My name is Quinlan.
And you and I have something very much in common.
- What's that? - We are both hunting the Master.
You know the Ancients? Hold on.
What are the Ancients? What the hell is this guy? If you discharge that weapon in my direction, I shall come over there and tear you in half.
I see you've been hunting the Master for some time.
Most of my life.
You? All of mine.
_ You from this place? Sire.
This home is abandoned.
The entire village forsaken.
First, it was the children.
Drawn from their beds, taken in sleep.
The next night, they returned to spread the sleeping sickness to their kin.
Soon after, the healthy fled for their lives.
The ghosts still come down after nightfall.
The giant in the castle.
Is he still here? - You know this tale, sire? - This tale is what brought me to this place.
But now I fear I am too late.
So it is "Sardu" now? Your new host body no longer requires this fine cane.
You knew I would hear of the strange tale of the possessed giant and come for you.
I suppose that's why you left these here.
To taunt me.
But your vigilance belies a deeper concern.
Your fear.
You know this cane.
The Sardu legend.
That cane is proof that it is not a legend.
There are no myths, Professor.
Only exaggerations.
Or hidden truths, such as the Ancients.
What did they tell you? They told me about a mortal who'd succeeded in hunting down and wounding the Master.
The Dark Lord has taken on various forms over the centuries, but always by choice.
No one has ever forced him to transform.
Until now.
He has taken on a new form? And yet your first victory is a minor one compared to this.
What's that? You have led me to his nesting place.
His his what? Here? What the hell just happened? - He's here.
In this building.
- I got that part.
But what the hell was that? We can't let the Master escape.
We must bring down this structure on the Master.
Well, we can do that.
It'll be pretty messy, though And what about your new friend, Mr.
Myth, over there? Nothing matters more than destroying the Master! Go! Fast as you can! Stay close.
Why didn't you wake me? My God! What happened? Kelly got close, Eph.
Setrakian thinks the Master has made her one of the more - sentient strigoi.
- Jesus Christ.
I'm pretty sure Zack saw her.
You need to talk to him.
Maybe he didn't.
Don't downplay this, Eph! They nearly got us.
She's not gonna stop.
I'm so sorry.
I should've been there for Zack.
It just It seemed so good.
Like it was all coming together.
And then it was all taken away.
It was Eldrich Palmer.
You're sure? He had Rob murdered.
He's been five steps ahead of us this entire time.
From the plane right till now.
He hasn't beaten us.
We can grow more of the bio-weapon ourselves.
We'll take our time, make it even more lethal I'm sorry; I'm all out of optimism right now.
- Hey! Hey, what are you doing? - You guys got - an emergency alarm here? - Sure do.
Better get someone to hit it.
Someone just called in - a bomb threat.
- Who? - Me! - Hey! Hey! We got a maniac with a bag of dynamite.
Evacuate! Evacuate! - Hurry! Let's go! - Hurry! What are you now? I have been expecting you.
Welcome to the new world.
I see you had little time to prepare your new vessel.
I chose this host for its loyalty.
Something you know nothing about.
It lacks intimidation.
You'd hoped to find me weakened and hurt.
- As ever, you are too late.
- What's this? Your new lapdog? I'm curious about something.
Your power depends on darkness, invisibility, obscurity.
Yet this siege exposes you.
Leaves you vulnerable.
What is it you're after? - You.
- Now it's a proper duel, complete with seconds.
What a team you two make.
United and crippled by lifelong hatred.
This human embarrassed you.
Now I'm about to destroy you.
On the contrary.
I'll make you scream out in agony.
As I did your mother.
No! I had him.
He was here.
You cost me a chance to destroy him once and for all.
Now he will shore up his defenses.
This is my fight.
I will take it from here.
You all right? - Did we get him? - They're gone.
Who, the Master or, what, the other guy? Who? We gotta get outta here.
Fast! Dad? Dad.
So, what happened? Things, uh, things didn't go exactly as I had planned.
But why not? You said you had a solution.
Well, sometimes a solution isn't enough.
Sometimes you need to knock down a lot of doors before you find the right way in.
But, that's all over for now.
- I'm back for good.
- OK, good.
Nora told me about last night.
That must have been - really scary.
- I think I saw Mom.
- Was it Mom? - I don't know.
I wasn't there.
Nora saw her.
- Tell him, Nora.
- I already did.
Well, I do know that your mother loved you very much.
And sometimes, when people turn, that bonding instinct can become a source of attraction.
Yeah, the "dear one" Mr.
Setrakian already told me about it.
He did? Well, I'm gonna keep you safe.
That's a promise.
Hey Dad? Maybe you shouldn't promise.
You know what happens every time you promise.
No promises.
I promise not to promise.
I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but you really should call your mother.
These are up all over.
She's worried sick.
Have you been carrying this around? Hey.
You're never going to guess what we saw today Hi! We've been making dinner for everyone.
Um There was this guy, he was leaving and loading up his car and he gave us some fresh tomatoes.
Yeah, that's great.
- Hm.
- What happened? What did you see? It can wait.
People are hungry.
Hey, Mr.
How goes the battle for New York? The prodigal son returns, huh? So when do the, uh, fighter jets appear? You're still blowing up our fair city.
I like to think I'm doing my share.
More than my share, actually.
We saved your boy last night.
I guess it does take a village to raise a kid especially when his father ain't around.
Hey, where the hell is this coming from? Ah I see a lot has changed since I left.
Drink up, Doc.
Everybody just make yourselves at home! Hm? Fet! Fet! - You happy now? - I'm not the one he's running away from.
Ah! Reinforcements.
Thank you.
Today was amazing.
It's rather nice to have a helicopter.
I'm learning so much from you.
- As am I from you.
- From me? Like what? Well, as absurd as it may sound, I had no idea how isolated I was.
It's so reassuring to have someone to talk to.
I know you never married.
No long-term relationships? No short-term relationships.
A man of your success, - your power? - Good health makes all the difference, my dear even this late in life.
It's not that late.
Forgive me, I I'm not in the habit of opening up, even after two cocktails.
Me neither.
How about a third? It would put me right to sleep.
So, where do you sleep? My bedroom is right above this room.
Can I Can I see? This was more of a hospital room than a proper bedroom for most of my adult life.
Needs a woman's touch.
Oh, my dear! You are simply exquisite.
But I'm certain I would only disappoint.
Shut up.
Just shut up, Eldritch.
His disappearance coincided with the fall of the Roman Empire.
While his immediate fate was unknown, sightings persisted throughout Eurasia over centuries.
Yet to this day, no record exists to explain where he came from nor how he was created.
Perhaps a clue lies in the nickname given to him by his sponsor, Senator Sertorius: "The Born.
" I don't understand.
Is that a legend, or is it real? The answer to both questions is yes.
- You OK, Doc? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Mm Bartender made me promise I'd sip this, but, uh, booze is meant to make you feel good, not taste good.
DC was that bad, huh? Worse.
So Dutch's roommate Nikki, huh? Yeah.
"I specialize in passionate, destructive relationships.
" I guess it was never meant to be.
It's funny; you don't strike me as a quitter.
I think sometimes people quit on you, you know? So Washington, DC didn't work out.
What are you going to do now? I'm going to kill Eldritch Palmer.