The Strain (2014) s02e08 Episode Script


Previously on "The Strain" Was that my Mom? I'm not letting you get in my way again! I found a way to kill these things, it's a bioweapon.
It needs to be refined but it works.
I have a great contact at Kemerall.
What did he tell you about me? Oh, shit! No, please! He's been five steps ahead of us this entire time, from the plane right till now.
- What are you gonna do? - I'm going to kill Eldritch Palmer.
I've studied your photographs, think I can do you justice.
Is this your color? The Master has released his will enough for you to find yourself in him your thoughts, your memories, your voice.
Answer me.
- Is this your color? - Yes.
Your voice You will feel it along with him, like tinnitus or two speakers badly aligned.
But they will tune in, and the ability to speak fluently will become second nature.
Your tissues are still firm.
The soft ones will go first.
Your nose is losing vascularity, but it will remain for months.
Ha! We'll match the neck piece to this.
Soon you'll be doing this yourself.
You must learn to control these contractions.
It's difficult.
It feels unnatural, I know, but you can dominate the urge.
Now, we mustn't forget the eyes.
They are, after all, the windows to the soul.
See? I was correct.
This is the mother our dear Zack cries for in the night.
_ I assume you haven't told Nora? Oh, no.
She'd have 1,000 reasons why it was a stupid idea.
And she'd be right.
No stupider than helping the old man find a book with a magic spell to kill the Master.
Medication for that bullet wound? Breakfast.
So you tried going through Palmer's front door, that didn't work out so well.
I figure my best shot is to nail him from a distance.
- Sniper his ass? - Mm-hmm.
It might work.
Pity we don't have a rifle, though.
I was hoping you'd know somebody who could hook me up with that.
You know, it's New York.
You want something like that, you need to know a guy.
All right.
Go see this guy Jimmy Wu.
Boat repair place along the Erie Basin.
Yeah, at least in the front.
In the back, he's a little more diversified, if you know what I mean.
allowing official government or police vehicles through.
_ Good morning.
How are you? Wonderful.
I feel so safe here with you.
Haven't felt that way in a long time.
Wish we could just stay here.
Why not? I could cancel the Cardinal this morning.
No, don't do that.
I take it he found that book.
What is it anyway? An ancient text, only one of its kind.
It purportedly chronicles myths in pre-Christian Europe.
Didn't think you'd be interested in that sort of thing.
Which one? What else is on the agenda for today? Herr Eichorst in the afternoon.
I know he's important to you, but I can't stand that man.
I need him.
Doesn't mean I like him.
Have you noticed he smells funny? - Like rotten fish? - Let's not talk about him.
You said he does things for you.
What sort of things? - You don't need to know.
- Yes, I do.
I'm a big girl, Eldritch.
Whatever it is, I can handle it.
I can't be an asset to you if you keep me in the dark.
You are an asset.
But this is one area I can't talk about.
- Don't you trust me? - This is not about trust.
- I'm trying to protect you.
- From what? I'm doing everything in my power to save this city, but there are forces out there working just as hard to make sure I fail.
The truth is, when you're dealing with a cruel and ruthless enemy You need people on your team who can be just as ruthless.
- I get it.
But - What? I see the way he talks to you, and how much you hate it.
Why him? How is he helping you? If I knew more, - I could help you more.
- I appreciate that, Coco, more than you know.
The way I grew up It's hard for me to talk about this.
Just Just trust me.
I'm on your side.
Be patient.
Give me some time.
It's three minutes past the hour, time for the Accuweather forecast You're going out? Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.
I'm taking Zack on some errands.
Did you hear about Barnes? It's been all over the news.
Apparently, he fell off a train.
The same 1:30 train that you were on to DC.
They found his body outside of Baltimore.
- Did you see him? - No, I didn't.
And you didn't hear anything or notice No.
I'll see you.
When are we going to talk about exactly what happened down there? I don't know what there is to talk about.
I shouldn't have gone when I did.
You were right.
I was wrong.
OK - OK.
See ya.
Councilwoman Faraldo's taking care of business, huh? A couple more days, she'll have - all of Red Hook sealed off.
- Admirable, but at best only a holding action.
We should have set off earlier.
He's a busy man.
If we're late, he's liable to cancel the appointment.
Yeah, I forgot that blowing those transit tunnels would play hell with the traffic.
- I thought Dutch was coming along.
- No.
Her friend Nikki, she's uncomfortable staying with us, so, uh, Dutch is helping her find a place in one of the buildings we cleared.
Fet, get your head out of her skirt and back in the game.
You need to be focused up here.
No, don't.
Don't you worry.
_ So, how you doing, Zack? You've been pretty quiet this morning.
I had a dream about Mom last night.
Oh, yeah? What kind of dream? I went back to the house and she was there in the kitchen.
I asked her where she'd been.
She said, "I've been here all along, waiting for you.
" She looked so normal.
She made spaghetti, - garlic bread - Your favorite.
It was so real.
When she hugged me, I could smell her hair.
You do understand that wasn't your mother who showed up at the church, right? Your mother is dead.
That creature took over her body.
Her one goal is to turn you.
- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do! And after everything you've seen, so should you.
- What was that? - I don't know.
Come on.
What's that smell? Gunpowder.
Hello? Whoa Careful with that thing.
We're closed.
- Go.
- We saw somebody running away.
- What happened? Are you hurt? - No! My dad's a doctor.
Pa, he's a doctor.
Jimmy Wu? I'm a friend of Vasiliy Fet.
Let me see.
This is a serious injury.
What happened? A guy came in, a guy that we know.
A guy that we thought we knew and he He wanted to deal, so We have a lot of side businesses.
Looks like the slug went right through.
That's good.
What's not so good is the damage it may have done on the way.
- He's losing a lot of blood! - I'm not a surgeon! This isn't what I do.
- But with no hospitals up and running - Can you help him? - Please! - There isn't much I can do - without a surgical kit.
- Oh, we have those.
They're a really popular item for people who can't go to the hospitals like gang members.
Can you save him? I'm gonna try.
So, who is this mysterious seller, and how did he acquire it? I promised to protect his anonymity.
Given the book's history, he is concerned about his safety.
How much does he want for it? Well, it is one of his most prized possessions.
It's terrifically painful for him to part with Skip the soft shoe and give me a number.
Tell me what you're willing to pay.
I don't think that's going to get it done.
Half a million.
Well, you really want this book.
In cash.
- In gold.
- Done.
There are other interested parties.
Who? Is one of them Abraham Setrakian? The man's not a serious player.
He's wasting your time.
- I appreciate the advice.
- Name a figure that will - close the deal right now.
- I can't, not as long - there are other bidders.
- Don't play games with me, Paul! You'll regret it.
I can attest to that.
And who is this gentleman? An associate.
He's helping me with the Freedom Centers.
I'll be in touch.
Now, what could His Eminence possibly have that would be worth half a million dollars to you? How dare you barge in here unannounced! You haven't answered the question.
Because it's none of your damn business! Everything that transpires in this office is my business.
Coco, will you give us some privacy? Are you sure? Yes! Poor dear.
I believe you hurt her feelings.
I won't be micromanaged.
If you continue to scrutinize my every move, I won't make our timetable.
And if I fail, you fail and your Master will be displeased.
We don't want you to fail, Eldritch.
We are all on the same team.
Though, speaking of timetables, when will our facility be back on track? Fortunately, the sabotage was inept.
It should only take a couple of weeks to repair.
You have one week.
Not a day more.
By the way, I haven't seen your man Bolivar lately.
I hope nothing's happened to him.
- Bolivar has a new assignment.
- Really? - Doing what? - The Master has chosen him as his new vessel.
Well! Imagine that! I always assumed he would pick someone with a distinguished record of loyal service like you.
Instead, he selects a washed-up pop star? It boggles the mind.
A narrow mind is easily boggled.
Well, it's not for us to question.
The Master does or does not.
In this case he did, but not with you.
It matters not to me.
I only live to serve him.
Of course you do.
So, when I see Bolivar again, what's the protocol? Do I get down on my knees? Kiss his ring? What do you do? Chundo, coriander, vindaloo, An-ar-darana seeds _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Oh, shit! _ _ Take a look at that, huh? of neo-Gothic perfection.
Oof! Cardinal's doing all right for himself, huh? Huh? - You're late.
- My apologies, Your Eminence.
Not necessary, Nicholas.
They won't be staying long.
I'm listening.
My clients wish to purchase the Occido Lumen.
The Lumen is an exceedingly valuable artifact.
And forgive me for saying so, but you two do not appear to have the resources to enter the game.
We don't, but our clients do.
- And who are these "clients"? - Not important.
All you need to know is they can meet your price.
Is that so? Well, the price is now $750,000 in gold.
I can have it to you within 24 hours.
I'll be in touch.
You have another bidder.
Is it Eldritch Palmer? I must warn you, you're dealing with a very dangerous man.
He probably has people watching your every move.
Your position will not protect you.
Duly noted.
And I'm moved by your concern for my personal safety.
But if you gentlemen will excuse me, the mayor has requested I deliver an address at his fund-raiser tonight, and I've yet to write word one of my speech.
- When will we hear from you? - Check back tomorrow afternoon.
Nicholas, escort them out.
So how are we gonna get our hands on 750 grand in gold? That is not our concern right now.
If this man has the Lumen, Palmer will take it from him.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
How are we gonna stop him? We're going to take it first.
Rob a cardinal? I prefer to think of it as recovering a stolen artifact, but yes, we're going to rob the son of a bitch.
Get some gauze and get ready to wipe.
There's going to be a lot of blood.
You might not want to watch this.
I'm fine.
You, too, buddy.
You don't have to be here if you don't want to be.
- I think I'll be OK.
- OK.
You've been doing great so far.
OK, wipe.
What's going on, Officer? Quarantine inspection, miss.
Would you mind taking off your sunglasses? Red Hook is under quarantine? What is that light for? Some people, they don't know they're infected, but UV light shows the goddamn worms right under the skin.
Would you pop your trunk, please? - Stingers! We've got stingers! - Take them out! Drive on! Go, go, go! Drive on! Move! Move! OK, Zack, pull the wheel back and stop the blood flow.
I tried to repair all the damage.
It's a miracle there was no GI involvement.
Wu, on a scale of 1 to 10, would you rate your pain? Do you have any pain meds? OK, that'll do.
OK, here we go.
Give him two of these every four hours.
Wu, you're a very lucky man.
I'll leave the post-op - instructions for your daughter.
- Hey, Pa Pay him.
Pay the man.
Oh, no, no, no.
I actually came here to buy something.
Oh Take it.
Whatever you want.
Medical supplies? Not exactly.
So, why do you want a rifle? For protection.
Against Mom? If it comes to that.
Hey, Zack, I want you to know, I couldn't have done that back there without you.
It was gross, but kinda cool.
You know, I performed my first procedure when I was 14.
High school biology.
We dissected bullfrogs.
The captain of the football team, he passed out.
But I was fascinated to see what was inside a living organism.
I think that's when I decided to become a doctor.
Well, maybe you could try to save Mom the same way you saved Mr.
- Or at least talk to her first.
- Zack Mr.
Setrakian said that sunlight would destroy the Master.
He was wrong about that, so maybe he's wrong about her, too.
_ Forget it.
We are not going anywhere.
We've been through hard times before.
This will pass.
No, this isn't some temporary economic downturn, Dad.
If you guys stay, you're gonna die.
- All of you.
- He's right, Mr.
Everywhere we went, places were wrecked.
place, built it from nothing.
If you did it once, you can do it again - someplace safe.
- What about the quarantine? Nobody gets papers to leave the city unless - they work for the government.
- We'll find a way.
Our people have been crossing borders without permission since Texas was Mexico.
Sí o no? When we left Amritsar, we were just as desperate.
Please, Naren.
I'll go look at the road blocks, find a spot for the car to cross.
In the meantime, you guys pack light in case we have to walk.
Gus, wait! Thank you.
You know, for all your help.
Will you come with us? You want me to? Augustin Elizalde! We need to talk.
It's OK.
What do you want? - Are you frightened, Gus? - I'm smart.
- Smart enough to be careful.
- Smart enough to be the only one to walk out of Stoneheart alive.
I don't care who you are, where you're from or what you're selling, but if you don't get away from here, - I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.
- If you were going to shoot me, you would have done so already.
It's OK, baby! It's OK, baby! Shall we invite her to join us? Vaun trained you.
Did he ever mention who trained him? Nah, he didn't mention nothing.
A good soldier, but he underestimated the Master.
My name is Quinlan.
Well, hi, Quinlan.
But like I said, I don't work for those fools anymore.
The Ancients? Fools they are, indeed.
I don't work for them either I'm merely - using them to get what I want.
- Which is? - The Master.
- Oh.
Oh, cool.
Well, best of luck to you.
No, seriously, godspeed.
Give me my gun back.
His shadow looms over you.
You crossed him and he does not forget.
What has it cost you thus far? Your best friend? Your mother? Do you not see a pattern? She's very beautiful.
Beauty and love are fleeting but powerful.
I've known both.
I've lost both.
You can save her, Gus, but the only way is to give her up until we slay the Master, that is.
I don't get it, man.
Why? Why me? Why me? That is a question I learned to stop asking myself many centuries ago.
Nicholas, bring the car around.
- Nicholas? - It seems like such an odd way for a father to express his love for his only son.
Don't you agree? How the hell did you get in here? Uh, Nicholas let me in.
Oh, I'm here for the Occido Lumen.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I think you do.
Eldritch is hardly a man of faith.
I doubt he would offer you $500,000 for some arcane religious texts.
Hmm Suppose I did have the Lumen.
Why would that interest you? My client is most eager to acquire it.
I hope he has deep pockets.
The current price is one million.
- I have a better offer.
- Hmm! Let's hear it.
Your life.
You need to leave my house.
Get the hell out! - Nicholas! - Nicholas is indisposed.
Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux! Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux.
Vade Retro, Satana! Do you hear him, Lord? Your faithful servant beseeches you in his hour of need.
Won't you come to his aid? Unleash a thunderbolt to strike down his tormentor? Hmm It appears your Almighty has better things to do.
Now, one last time.
Where is the Lumen? I don't have it! I was selling it for someone.
Who? Where can I find this person? I can't say! I swore before God I would never tell.
Well, we wouldn't want you to break that vow.
No! Can you feel the worms burrowing through your flesh? When they have finished, you will have no secrets from the Master, the true Almighty.
He will learn who has the Lumen.
Now, now, don't look so gloomy.
Soon you will meet your new Lord He was telling the truth.
Once the worms turn you, the Master will read your thoughts and the Lumen will be his.
But there is a higher power watching us right now, and he wants you to stop the evil that has cast its shadow over this city.
How? Tell me who has the book.
It's our only hope.
Tell me, and I will release your soul to God before the forces of vile darkness take it from you.
Rudyard Fonescu.
Of course.
The boy from the convent in Austria.
May God have mercy on your soul.
- Holy Christ! - The Cardinal's body was brutally mutilated.
Signs of forced entry were discovered - What's wrong? - but there is no evidence that valuables were taken from the residence.
A second body - also found - Oh, my God! Who would do such a thing? Could it be because of that book? Eldritch, you're obviously upset.
If you tell me what this is all about - I don't want you involved! - Do you think Eichorst - had something to do with this? - Coco, please! - I can't help you if - This is not your concern! Do you understand? Yes, very clearly.
Coco? What are you doing? Coco, where are you going? Coco, please! I gave you every chance.
You want to keep your secrets to yourself, then that's exactly what will happen.
- What are you doing with that? - Thought it might come - in handy.
- Hey, Zack.
You hungry? What's that all about? He's still in denial about Kelly.
We keep having the same - circular argument.
- I wonder why.
Think about it, Eph.
You've sent him mixed messages since day one.
First, you shield him from the truth.
Then you rubbed his face in it.
Then you take off to Washington and leave him here with me.
You told me to do that! Because I couldn't stop you from going! Zack wanted you to stay.
And yet you never even called him.
Not once.
It's your responsibility as a father to check in.
God knows why you couldn't find the time.
What's that supposed to mean? You're hiding something.
I can see it in your eyes.
Alright, you want to know what happened in DC? Fine.
Let's start with the train.
I did see Barnes.
He saw me.
I wanted to get off at Baltimore, we got into a fight and I'm the one that threw him off.
Why didn't you tell me? I don't know.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I went down there to save the human race, and all I managed to do was get four people killed.
- Four? Barnes? - Rob, the man that was sent to kill us Who was the fourth? Leigh Thomas.
She was a pharmaceutical rep.
The hit man shot her and she bled out in my arms.
I see.
Mom? I've missed you so much.
I've missed you, too.
Please, honey, let me in.
There is so much I have to tell you.
But I can't.
You're Look at me.
You can see that that's not true.
I was sick, very sick, but I'm getting better.
Just let me in and I'll explain everything.
Thank you for telling me.
I can't! Did you hear something? Zack? I'm so cold, Z.
Just let me in and we can work this out together, OK? Zack, you all right? - No! Don't! - You were wrong, Dad.
Look at her.
She needs our help.
Don't let her in! Eph, give him to me.
You never wanted him anyway.
Let's let Zack decide who he wants to be with.
I wonder who he'll choose.
Zack? Honey? Stay there! - Come to me.
- Kelly, where are you? Come on out.
You wanna talk? Let's talk.
Nora! Watch out! Eph! Go.
No, get off of him! Leave him alone! No, stop! Please stop! Zack?