The Strain (2014) s02e09 Episode Script

The Battle for Red Hook

Previously on "The Strain" Nikki! I'm so glad you're alive.
You wanted to come back here and get your clothes Why don't we both get our things? It's so much safer there.
Let's start with the train.
I did see Barnes.
He saw me.
We got into a fight and I'm the one that threw him off.
And all I managed to do is get four people killed! - Four? Barnes - Rob, the man that was sent to kill us - Who was the fourth? - Leigh Thomas.
I see.
We are going to give you back your streets, the shops, your restaurants, all of it.
But I'm not going to lie to you; it's going to take sacrifice.
Red Hook's surrounded by water on three sides.
It's manageable.
- Please, honey, let me in.
- Zack? - No! Don't! - You're wrong, Dad.
She needs our help.
No! Get off of him! Leave him alone! Zack? _ You start your day early, Captain Messina.
It's dangerous to be out before dawn.
Who the hell are you? A night owl, like yourself.
I would like to hire you to ferry a private party across the river into Red Hook tonight, immediately after sundown.
Ah, sorry, I don't do private charters.
Now if you don't mind, - I've got stuff to do.
- I promise to make it worth your while.
Open it.
This is only half.
You get the other half when we arrive safely in Red Hook.
Even at the current rate of inflation, I'm sure you'll agree the sum's more than fair.
For this, you can buy the boat.
No, I need you to guide us safely to the other side.
Who's "us"? _ And after I get you across to Red Hook? You drive home and count your money.
Red Hook has a lot of security now.
Your point being? - They might not let us dock.
- I'm confident we can overcome their resistance.
Now, now.
These things happen.
I've come so close now.
This is not a measure of failure.
Hmm She has replaced me.
Ah, Dr.
She is insignificant.
These thoughts are a holdover from your former life.
She's nothing.
You will show her that in due time.
Why do I still feel pain? It took a few years for pain to subside.
Be patient.
- Hmm - He belongs with you.
She's behaving as if the boy's hers.
They are tenacious, but you are relentless.
We will return.
- How? - I have made a plan.
It is time for them to see our true power.
Now, prepare your face as best you can.
The Strain S02E09 "The Battle for Red Rocks" - _ - Alright.
I checked all the window grates, no loose bolts.
Place is secure as long as we don't No one does anything stupid like open the door.
That creature manipulated you.
It's not your fault.
It retains all your mother's memories, so it's easy to simulate.
OK, I get it! Can we just not talk about this right now? I'm afraid we must.
The Master now knows we're here.
Because he can see through Kelly's eyes, Zack.
They will come for us again.
It may be 2 of them, it may be 200, but they will come.
We must be prepared - to defend this place.
- I've got a better idea.
- Why don't we get some backup.
- Eph is right.
We should go tell Justine.
She's got cops, guns.
She needs to know that strigoi got into Red Hook.
No, we should stay here.
Eichorst will come for me.
I know it.
We have a chance to finish him.
And we will.
But we need more firepower, and Faraldo's got it.
Shall we? Fine.
Do you know how to use that thing? Simple enough.
Where did you get it again? From the guy I operated on in the boat repair shop.
Oh That's right.
I'm going to head over to Nikki's apartment and check up on Dutch.
- Atta boy.
- No quitters here, Doc.
I'll meet you back at Faraldo's headquarters.
You need a bodyguard? I just might.
You stay by me at all times.
Don't worry, I will.
If we're going, let's go while it's still light.
_ Oh, whoa! What? You look so gay using that tool.
Don't know what you're talking about.
So you going to tell me about the phone call with your Mom? She, um, wants me to move back in with her.
Thought so.
She said a lot of mean things about me.
Some of them true? All of them, actually.
What she doesn't know is how I feel about you.
It's Fet and Nora.
- There you are.
- Hey.
Come on in.
I've been trying to call.
- How you feeling? - So much better.
Thank you.
We had some uninvited guests last night.
Kelly Goodweather came after Zack.
She and some spider kids trashed my apartment.
Everyone's OK, but I just wanted you to know that Red Hook's not clear.
It's just, uh, old man thinks they'll come back, so we're headed off to Faraldo's headquarters.
You should come, too.
- But they're not after us.
- They came to my apartment.
Who knows how that mother found us.
Safety in numbers, right? You should go if you want.
Yeah, well, we'll talk about it.
I'll wait outside.
- Be safe, you two.
- Yeah.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Yeah, I just want to get this done before it gets dark.
I'll talk to her, alright? Maybe we'll meet up later.
Nice job on the windows, there.
It's not bad, right? Bye.
So, this book Ephraim, if you're going to tell me how ridiculous my pursuit of the Lumen is, save your breath.
But what else will we talk about? No, no, I get it.
I'm not giving up my bio-weapon either.
It's an exercise in futility.
The Master can always create more strigoi.
I'll kill 'em as fast as he can make 'em, and when they report back to him, hopefully they'll kill him, too.
Something changed for you in Washington, DC.
Yeah, the rules changed.
I see.
I'm guessing the rifle you're carrying is not meant only for strigoi.
No, it's not.
Remaining human at all costs is very important, even when dealing with murderers.
Is that your bit of grandfatherly advice for the day? Merely a warning from someone who has lived among monsters.
_ Checkpoint B is all clear.
You see how we're protected here.
This is our main checkpoint.
These others spaced along here cut off the rest of Brooklyn from Red Hook.
Those UV lamps scare off those stingers like roaches when the kitchen light comes on.
And I imagine the waterfront helps.
That's our edge.
Now that we've established a beachhead here, I want to push inland, take back more of Brooklyn.
I was thinking we might try a bolder strategic move.
Such as? Manhattan.
Specifically, the Upper East Side.
Still some of the most valuable real estate in the city.
Yeah, where all your rich asshole buddies live in their - worthless townhouses.
- They're still very powerful, Justine.
With contacts not only here, but in Albany, DC.
They can still be - very helpful to us.
- We agreed I do this my way, and I don't think that's my best move right now.
Mayor! Sir, this is important.
- Who is this guy? - Councilwoman Faraldo, I worked with Nora Martinez at the CDC! - Hey! Get his ass out of here! - I believe you know my son, - Zack? - Yes, I do.
His mother she's turned.
She got into Red Hook last night.
She attacked us.
She was made up like an uninfected person.
I thought you told me Red Hook was secure.
- It is.
- It is not! They'll attack again.
In greater numbers.
Probably tonight.
- Who the hell is this guy? - You must listen! The Master saw through her eyes.
He knows where we all are.
- What're you talking about? - You think you've succeeded, but you have no idea what you're facing! Hey, that's enough of that! The point is, they're adapting.
They're finding new ways through the checkpoint.
Got it.
Thanks for the heads-up, but we need to get back to our meeting here.
Take 'em outside.
Outside, everyone.
- You're making a big mistake! - Get 'em out of here! _ I've done my part.
You're in Red Hook.
Pay the man.
Thank you.
You've earned a gratuity.
Ah! Done.
That's good, isn't it? Did Fet teach you how to do that? - Yeah.
- Do you love him? Yes.
- Did you steal my money? - No.
But I did throw your laptop into the Gowanus Canal.
- Why would you do that? - So much dark shit - seemed to emanate from it.
- Oh, God, here we go.
The judgements begin.
I don't judge you.
I ask questions.
I have a few questions.
Can you tell me your bullshit timeline again? - What do you mean? - I mean there are pieces - missing everywhere.
- Dude, I'm not the liar here.
No, no, no.
Come on.
You say that you went back to our place.
You know, after you ran away and left me for dead? And then you waited there but did nothing to try and find me.
And then you stayed with that douche bag, Ron, for three days.
- And then what? - I told you.
- Tell me again.
- What are you doing? - This is ridiculous.
- Oh, because we're talking about your behavior for once, and not mine! God, you are always on such a moral high horse.
Oh, can you You know what? This, this is why you and I together will never work.
Somewhere, somewhere buried way in the back of me, was this sensation that we had unfinished business.
And I couldn't kill that thought not until I believed that you were gone for good, and what a relief that was! I should've known that you would rise up from the dead.
You'd just show up again and you'd dig yourself into me - like some kind of tick.
- There is something - seriously wrong with you.
- Yes! You! You are what's wrong with me! I have always been in love with you, and it has never made me happy! _ Bob! Glenn, it's Jim.
Do you read me? Over.
This is Glenn, over.
Got a situation on D Level.
Need backup! Oh shit - Jim? Do you read? - Let's go! Come on, let's check it out.
Good evening.
I want you to turn the lights off in Red Hook.
Maybe you shouldn't have brought the Master into it just saying.
What are we doing here? Let's go! We're waiting for Nora and Fet.
They have a relationship with these people.
Maybe Faraldo will listen to them.
And if she doesn't? Then I guess we go back to Fet's.
What's going on? They're out all over.
- We've seen this before.
- Seen what before? Please, you must listen.
This is sabotage.
- The strigoi cut your power.
- The stri What? The infected.
It's Romanian.
It's a long story.
Now that you have no UV light, prepare yourself for a coordinated frontal assault.
They will come! - Over there! - Here, they're passing! Get the car.
We're getting out of here.
- You're leaving? - You said it, Justine.
The specifics of dealing with all this are up to you.
I can't believe I voted for that guy.
They want a fight, they'll get one.
Come on.
OK? Come on.
Hurry it up, guys.
Alright! Let's get a firing line, right up front! - Move it! Come in! - Give me a gun.
M-4 for the Councilwoman! You shot one of these things before? I'm a quick study.
Line up the sights, aim, squeeze the trigger.
Wrap your hand around the pistol grip, you flick off the safety.
Get a stable body position.
Shoulder the stock.
Put the red dot on their heads.
If they're moving fast, you lead them.
Squeeze gently, and repeat.
What he said.
Hey, Doc.
Just like old times, huh? - You find anything out there? - No, nothing.
Let's get some flares out there.
Yes, sir! Eyes out! Eyes out for anything that moves! - Right there! 50 yards out! - No more flares! Here they come! Hold your fire! Wait for my signal! Safeties off! Where the hell did they go? Why don't they come? Be careful what you wish for.
Hold your fire.
Don't shoot.
You ready? No.
Here they come! Get ready! Fire! Watch out, watch out! Hold your fire! Watch the gate! Check two! Check in! Everybody OK? - Why'd they do that? - That was a probe.
To test our defenses.
They'll be back soon enough, hordes of them.
Who's this guy again? Somebody worth listening to.
We gotta put more people on these barricades.
Thompson, I want you to call in all the curfew cops from street patrol.
Get them down to the barricades ASAP.
How many people we got patrolling Red Hook? - 25 or so.
- Get them all down here now.
You'll never hold this line without UV.
We gotta get to the power station.
Turn the juice back on.
- We can't spare anyone now.
- We'll go.
- Let's do it.
- Good hunting.
What the hell's he up to? Hang tight.
I'll be right back.
Get back quick.
Where are you going? We did our job.
Warned them.
Now I have a personal matter - to attend to.
- Eichorst.
This is my chance.
He'll be looking for me.
- At Fet's.
- Yes.
- Most likely.
- You probably shouldn't take him on alone.
You do realize that, right? Then come with me.
I will, but we have to get the power back on.
That's my - first priority right now.
- Not mine.
Others can do that.
- You can't wait? - You can't let them put - the power on? - Why are you so goddamned - stubborn? - You have your mission, - I have mine.
- When I get the power situation under control, I'll come meet you at Fet's, OK? Best of luck, Doctor.
Everything OK? Power's out.
- All over, it looks like.
- Oh, great, a blackout on top of everything else.
Jesus, it's a war zone.
Something terrible is happening.
Where are you going? - Gotta find out.
- Come on, you're not a cop.
You'll get hurt.
It's too dangerous.
That gunfire is coming from the checkpoint.
I'll be back.
Do not answer the door.
Do not leave the apartment.
Take it.
This is crazy.
You're just one girl.
What are you doing? Thinking about other people.
You think they're calling to each other? Signaling? You know, like coyotes? They're up to something.
We need to get up higher, see what's going on out there.
Jesus Christ, Frank! Look how many.
Where the hell are they all coming from? - Do we have any more men? - Everybody's out on the streets, here and at the other checkpoints.
This is suicide for all of us! These guys, they trusted me with their lives.
They believe in me.
What have I done? I have a police boat that can take you back to Staten Island.
Is that what you're hearing? That I want to leave? Yeah.
And that you lost your balls.
Those guys are down there because they belong there.
Got it? Never hesitate again, because that will get us killed.
You're right, Captain.
- Let's go.
- Lead the way.
Let's pick up the pace, huh? Wouldn't want to get trapped in here.
Why didn't Mr.
Setrakian come in with us? He's going back to Fet's to get Eichorst.
That's not a good plan.
Move! Come on.
Four down, who knows how many more to go.
I'll take care of the Jew.
People of Red Hook! This is Justine Faraldo speaking.
We need your help! Red Hook is under attack.
I repeat, Red Hook is under attack.
When this plague began, too many of us looked the other way.
We hid in our homes and we hoped that someone else would deal with this problem.
Now is the moment of truth.
No one is coming to rescue us.
If we want to survive, we must do this ourselves.
Join me and fight for all of us.
Don't let these monsters take this from us.
People, today we fight or we die.
Alright, mad scientist.
Where's the "on" switch? - Here they come! - Shit, they're coming! Hold your fire until they're right on top of us.
Every bullet counts! Now! Light 'em up! More ammo! Over here! Fall back! Fall back! CS01 CS01 Main.
- I think you're onto something.
- Alright.
You've got a handle on this.
I'm gonna go help the Professor.
You hold onto Zack.
- He'll be safer with you.
- Hey, Dad - Be careful.
- I will.
- Lock this door behind me.
- OK.
Follow me! Quickly! Citizens, to the barricade! Let's go! Let's get 'em! There's got to be something in here.
Good news is it looks as if the high-side bus is still hot.
Shit What are you doing? What's that sound? The transformers.
They're coming back online.
- Here? - Yeah.
- This one right here that one there.
- This one? We did it.
We did it! We're back on the grid! Son of a bitch! Look at that! - You did great! - We did it.
You OK? - You OK, man? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Good.
- Honey, come here! - You? - Come on! Yeah.
It's over! Power seems to be holding steady.
- Nora! - Zack! Got you.
Got you.
We can't wait here for her to get in.
- Draw her that way.
- Come on! Get down.
Go down, now! Stay there.
Ahh! Shit! Get him out of here! Come on! We've gotta go! Come on, sweetie.
Come on! Come on! Vasily Fet? Dr.
Martinez? Where are you? - Shoot her! - Up there! A230385.
I hope you're not hiding.
That would be most unworthy of you.
Are you here? Miriam.
What a lovely girl.
Looking for me? - Show yourself.
- Come out in the street! Let's finish this! You have too much faith in that sword.
If you're so eager to drink me, why do you stand there flapping your lips? I want to savor this.
Goodweather! Ephraim! He's coming for you, Ephraim! Goodweather.
I'll wager that's not your family's original name.
What country did your people immigrate from? Poland? Ukraine? Latvia? What was their original name? Goldstein? Gotlieb? I can smell your sweat.
Same stench as the old man's.
Like the Dead Sea.
That sound takes me back the satisfying crack of a Mauser K98.
The Master allows me to share Kelly's thoughts, her memories.
I must say, many of those about you are most unpleasant your ambivalence about having a child, for instance.
How selfishly you anguished over this, even after Kelly was pregnant.
Her desire for Zack is strong.
It will be very interesting to see whose desire for your son is stronger after I've turned you.
Hm! Five shots.
That's the one weakness of this rifle low capacity.
You're pathetic.
You OK? Yeah.
Dutch! Oh, God! - Hey! - Hey! Hey, Zack.
How did you maniacs get the power back on, then? - By divine intervention.
- Not quite.
She's a god damn genius.
Hm So you couldn't resist the battle, huh? - How did you do? - It was pretty dicey.
She saved my life.
Alright, folks, make a hole here, please.
- Step back! - Dad! - You're all in one piece, huh? - Yeah.
People of Red Hook! This day will go down in history as a turning point.
Right? As the moment that the people of New York came together and stopped these bastards.
Yeah! People are gonna remember this day and you.
Me? We all did this, Frank.