The Strain (2014) s02e10 Episode Script

The Assassin

Previously on "The Strain" People of Red Hook! This day will go down in history as a turning point.
As the moment the people of New York came together and stopped these bastards.
This is reputed to be an image - from the Occido Lumen.
- An ancient book.
If I can find it, it may tell me how to destroy the Master.
Still chasing it after all these years.
Soon I will have it.
Tell me who has the book.
Rudyard Fonescu.
The boy from the convent.
What happened to your ear? My father, sir.
He held my head against the stove to drive off the devil, he said.
- Do you know how to use that thing? - Simple enough.
I'm guessing the rifle you're carrying is not meant only for strigoi.
- No, it's not.
- What are you going to do now? - I'm going to kill Eldritch Palmer.
I don't suppose you got all this stuff at the nearest Radio Shack.
Called in a favour.
What did you do for all these techie criminal weirdos - that they owe you favours? - My mother taught me that cultivating relationships is just as important as cultivating skill.
- Especially for someone like me.
- Like you how? Someone who can't skate by in life just on her looks.
What? If I showed you my school yearbook photo, you'd understand.
Yeah, well, you pulled it together pretty well.
How's that work? The laser can read incredibly subtle vibrations on the window glass.
Isn't that how they found out where Bin Laden was hiding? A rudimentary version of it, yeah.
This beauty has an interferometer, which can convert the readings back into crystal-clear sound.
Or it will as soon as anybody's in there.
So, you wanna to tell me your life story? Not really, no.
No, me neither.
You have raised your voices, my friends, and we have answered: the Safe Streets Initiative is coming to the Upper East Side! We're movin' on up! Uh, and I will now pass the podium to my fearless co-leader, Councilwoman Justine Faraldo! Thank you.
I remember walking by this very store when I was a kid.
I was with my mother and my brother, and my mother said, "If I worked for a month, I couldn't afford to buy a key chain in that place.
" Well, Ma, now I got keys to the front door! We're going to make all of New York safe, but we're coming here next.
But the safety and security that only we can provide comes at a cost.
All residents of the Upper East Side will contribute one percent of their property value to the S.
, payable in gold, silver, or other approved commodities.
Across the river in Brooklyn, the good citizens of Red Hook rose up and fought shoulder-to-shoulder with my men.
They paid with their blood.
Something tells me the Upper East Side would prefer to pay with their wallets.
Quality, as you people know, does not come cheap.
So, Captain Kowalski will now explain to you in detail implemented.
how the S.
will be implemented.
Thank you.
Justine! You can't do this.
Mayor, I just did.
Settle down, people.
- Has anyone ever actually seen this book? - I'm not leaving you behind.
Several people have seen it.
None of them, however, are available to discuss it.
There are strange stories of the book turning up in India and Burma, always presaging massacres, upheavals.
So if we find this, it might hurt us.
You're not wrong, Dr.
In 1856, it was listed as part of an auction in Marseille.
The auction was canceled when a mysterious outbreak gripped the city.
Since then the book has disappeared.
It is said to be cursed, bringing death and disaster to anyone who reads it.
But I'm willing to take that risk.
Stay here.
What are you doing here? You walk up three flights - every time you come in and out? - That's how it works.
I, uh I I've come to apologize.
It's too late for that.
Coco, I've never felt anything like this.
It's like I'm being burned alive.
It's called heartbreak.
And I'm sorry it's unpleasant for you, but you caused it.
It's not my job to fix it.
All my life my illness separated me from everyone else.
Over the years while my classmates all married and had families, I just sank further and further into my own bitterness.
All that changed when I met you.
I need you, Coco.
You think you're the only one who's had a difficult life? You think that entitles you to something? Please.
Come back to me, Coco.
I want to I love you.
I will prove myself to you.
_ I can't believe that there are this many "R.
Fonescu's" listed - in the phone book.
- Yeah.
A couple generations ago, some virile, happening Fonescu must have gotten around, huh? Gotta respect a guy who, uh, keeps the party going no matter what, huh? I'm not getting a strong book collector's vibe.
Two down, two to go.
Do you know what bonobos are? Yeah, they're a kind of pygmy chimpanzee.
Zoos don't want to keep them.
Do you know why? Because they're constantly having sex with each other.
Males and females, males and males, females and females.
It's not exactly family-friendly.
I'm glad I'm finally getting a window into what's happening inside your mind.
My point is, they're completely promiscuous and happy.
They resolve all their conflicts through shagging and don't feel the need to kill each other.
Maybe monogamy is just some arbitrary, punishing rule.
Society does not accept the idea that you can love more than one person at a time.
You have to make a choice.
And if you don't, you're a selfish bastard.
You've betrayed someone.
Making choices is part of life.
Be honest with me.
No judgment.
Did you really resist the sultry temptation of Dr.
Martinez 'til after your divorce? As a matter of fact, I did.
Still wanted her though, right? You wanted them both.
It's only natural.
Is that why you're here? Is that why you wanted to do this with me so badly? So you could avoid your little love triangle back home? Letting go of one of them feels like cutting off one of my arms.
See? Your desk is just as you left it.
Shall I order us some lunch? I'm not hungry.
Palmer and his secretary.
Looks like you're not the only one with love troubles.
Screwing the assistant, eh? Bit of a cliché.
- I shouldn't have come back here.
- But of course you should have.
You've changed my entire Yes? What? Of course, send him in.
No, no.
I don't want to see anyone right now.
- It's the Mayor.
- Ugh.
I would appreciate it if you would call ahead.
There's no time for that.
Eldritch, I need a favour.
Do you have a relationship with Councilwoman Justine Faraldo? Uh, no, I can't say I've had the pleasure.
You know she's coming to the Upper East Side next, right? Yes, I had heard that.
Well, she jut dropped the bomb that, in exchange for her services, she's instituting a one percent parcel tax on the entire neighborhood.
- She has no authority to do that.
- What are you worried about? Let her self-destruct over this.
No, she won't.
She's too clever.
The only one who's going to be destroyed by any of this is me, for suggesting she take on the Upper East Side next.
What do you want from me? Talk some sense into her.
Tell her she is not going to save the city by pissing off its most influential residents.
Well, it's high time for me to meet the Councilwoman anyway.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
Coco, will you tell Joshua to get the car ready? We'll pay the councilwoman a little unexpected visit.
Oh, and tip off the press that we'll be there at 3:00.
We gotta find a perch and get set up.
We need to get moving.
Say good-bye to eternal life, you son of a bitch.
Someone lives here? Perhaps Fonescu has an apartment above his place of business, as I used to.
Fet? It'll take us a year to get through all of these.
The book is much too precious to be kept in a public shop.
Here, Professor, after you.
Knock first.
Or be less formal.
Start searching.
My sources tell me the Lumen is bound in silver but check every volume just in case.
It has to be here somewhere.
It's almost time.
- We good? - All good.
We'll just need to haul ass down the fire escape, get to the bike, and we're good.
And there's nothing blocking our way? Oh, I thought you might like a rest, so I put a nice big sofa-bed down there.
Was that not a good idea? You look pretty cool right now, by the way.
You've changed a lot since my first impression of you.
Seriously, though.
This is pretty badass of you.
Yeah, well.
I won't be that badass if I miss.
Your specious proposition is illegal and unconstitutional.
Do you really want your clients to go on record as saying that they refused to do their part in the war effort? Who are they more afraid of, the vampires or pissed-off fellow New Yorkers? - There is room for compromise here.
- I could compromise my guys right out of the Upper East Side, how about that? We'll go back to cleaning out Brooklyn! - You wouldn't dare.
- Trust me, you don't want to play "you wouldn't dare" with me.
Excuse me.
I'll return momentarily.
This time tomorrow I'm gonna be back here with a court order to stop this extortion.
Bring it.
In the meantime, does anybody else have any intelligent questions to ask me? Where is he? He's here.
You ready? Okay, this is it.
Just remember to breathe.
We're good.
Palmer, what message do you intend to deliver to Councilwoman Faraldo? Do you believe what the Councilwoman is doing is illegal? I think she's doing a marvelous job, and I'm here to offer her my encouragement and assistance.
- Shit.
- We'll get it; just be patient.
I think I can get him, if he'd just stop moving for a second! Just wait.
Palmer, is Stoneheart contributing financially to the Councilwoman's Safe Street Initiative? We're gonna lose him.
I'm gonna take the shot.
No! If we miss, he'll be on lockdown.
We'll never get another chance.
You need a clean shot.
- Come on, move! - Wait.
Wait Now! Do it! Oh, my God! We gotta go! - Move it, Doc! - Oh, my God! C'mon! There's no time! Move it! They're already coming! Guys, who's got eyes? - What happened? - You're all right, sir.
I'm not sure what's going on right now All units at the perimeter.
Find me the shooter.
Coco! Shit! Here! Stairs, it's really important.
Attention all units, shots fired at the patrolled area.
Look out for anyone suspicious.
Copy that.
We're heading south right now, proceeding on foot.
Hey! Hey, you! - Run! - I got 'em! Madison and 56th! Ah! Ah! Go! Freeze! Get your hands up! - You find anything? - Uh Nothing about the strigoi, but I did find Fonescu's secret stash of vintage girly magazines.
- Rrr.
- Charming.
We have breaking news.
there has been an assassination attempt on philanthropist Eldritch Palmer.
Palmer was arriving at Councilwoman Justine Faraldo's new headquarters at Neuman Vogel's when a single shot was fired.
We are receiving unconfirmed reports that the suspects, a man and a woman, have been taken into custody.
We have no word on Palmer's condition.
Stay with us for updates on this important story, right here at WHXV New York, where we bring you the news - You know something.
- It's Eph.
The suspect.
And the woman is Dutch.
Jesus Christ.
We should be commending him.
He may have just struck a significant blow.
And he'll probably be executed for it.
They both will.
I'm sure they understood the consequences.
Nearest precinct that would be holding somebody would be, uh the Downtown South at Wait, you can't leave! We have more searching to do! - This can wait! - Nothing is more important than the Lumen.
We must find it before somebody else does! That's not true, Professor.
They are more important than this.
You could've told me, you know? What Eph was planning.
I have an aversion to rats.
What would you have said anyway? I would have said crossing this line would change you forever you don't murder people.
And then he would have done it anyway.
Make sure the IV is running well.
Scalpel? I think we got major damage to the right side of the artery.
Suction? Attaching another saline.
She took a bullet meant for you.
Tell the Master I need to see him immediately.
The Master is aware of the situation.
You listen to me! If the Master doesn't save her If she should If she doesn't make it through this thing, I am finished.
No more help.
Everything that He has been working for, it will all fall to pieces.
You understand me? Yes, I think I do.
You are demanding that the Master come here and release His own divine and invaluable essence just so you can continue fornicating with your secretary.
I will pass along the message.
But what the Master does or does not do is determined only by Him.
And matters of the heart are not a high priority.
- I need more suction.
- Suction.
- Attention with this.
- Got it.
- She's stable.
- When will she wake up? - When can I speak to her? - Uh, Mr.
Palmer, there was a lot of damage.
She also was in pulse-less arrest for nearly four minutes.
It's likely there was neurological injury.
But she will wake up? I can't say for sure.
Her injuries were very severe.
We won't know for a while.
Please, let her rest.
In fact, the best thing that you can do right now is get some rest yourself.
Hey, guys, do me a favour? Could you give me five minutes? - Oh, OK.
- Thanks.
Aw, come on, Doc, we did it! We took out Eldritch Palmer! And now we're in here.
I don't see any version of this that ends well for us.
Hey guys, why don't you go have a cigarette? What? Just go have a goddamn cigarette, would you? - Ah! - Wait! What the hell's going on? Hold on a second! I'm the one that you want! Keep talking, buddy.
Hey! You'd better not hurt her! Hey! Yes, I'm alive.
You failed.
If I didn't hit you, then who did I hit? You shot an innocent woman.
- Is she alive? - She's possibly brain dead.
I'm sorry for her.
But am I sorry that I fired that bullet? Did Abraham Setrakian send you to kill me? It was my idea.
It's odd that a man as smart as you should follow him.
You must know that all this will be settled in a matter of weeks, if not days.
The die is cast.
We've won.
Why do you continue to resist? You're not obviously insane.
Megalomaniacal, certainly.
Sociopath? Probably.
I persist because I understand the salient facts.
Civilization is in free-fall.
Our world is about to change, violently and forever.
With you selling out the human race so you can live as one of these monsters.
The dominant species ravages the land and makes it its own.
This is a fact beyond morality or conscience or sentiment.
Recognizing change is the key to survival.
Is this what you came here to tell me? Because I don't give a shit how you rationalize this evil.
The Master couldn't have hoped for a better lackey.
- I'm sorry disciple.
- We are partners.
Partners? Is that how he treats you? Huh? Fifty-fifty? Total respect? Why would he share his great kingdom with anybody? Ask yourself that.
God, I wish I had succeeded in killing you.
- The world would thank me.
- But you didn't.
And the world will not even notice when you die.
Rudyard? Master.
You are here.
Eldritch, what's happening? You are being saved.
Oh, my God.
Was that Bolivar? What did he do to me? That was the Master.
I am his partner.
The Master? There is so much to tell you.
I hated lying to you.
But now you have experienced - His power for yourself.
- What are you talking about? Coco, I helped Him because I wanted Him to save my life.
And He did.
And now He has saved your life too.
Pretty soon I'm just gonna be eating gum.
I'll go check it out.
Holy shit! What's going on? Oh, God! Behind you! They're all over the place! Hey! Let me out! I can help you! Thank you.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Shut up.
You okay? Where's Dutch? They dragged her out of here hours ago.
They didn't tell me anything.
Dutch! Dutch! Jesus Christ! We're getting out of here.
I suggest you do the same.
Now, tell us, where's Dutch? Where? My buddy, Reynalds, took her.
He was supposed to deliver her someplace.
Where? Mayfield Hotel.
_ What have you done with it?!