The Strain (2014) s02e11 Episode Script

Dead End (72 min)

Previously on "The Strain" If you guys stay, you'll die.
Will you come with us? You can save her, Gus.
But the only way is to give her up.
- Tell me who has the book.
- Rudyard Fonescu.
- The boy from the convent.
- Rudyard! Run! Nothing is more important than the Lumen! We must find it before somebody else does! It is said to be cursed, bringing death and disaster to anyone who reads it, but I'm willing to take that risk.
I'm going to kill Eldritch Palmer.
- Sniper his ass? - We need a clean shot.
We'll never get another chance.
Now! Do it! Go! Freeze! Stay right there! Hold on a second! I'm the one that you want! - Where's Dutch? - Mayfield Hotel.
Dutch Velders.
I brought you some company.
I always enjoyed schnapps.
Especially on a cold day.
Every once in a while I enjoy a human cocktail.
It relaxes me.
What are you going to do to me? Everything.
The Strain S02E11 "Dead End" - That is not going to work.
- Show yourself.
- Where did you get that book? - I'll ask the questions.
Who are you? Your ear.
Your father burned it against a stove when you were a young boy.
Am I right, Rudyard? Who told you that? In 1966, a man arrived at a nunnery in Austria.
Right after your mother died.
That man found you hiding in the library, and that man saved your life.
You didn't recognize the cane? Untie me.
Tell me something about yourself.
That no one else knows.
I'm a mystery to myself, Mr.
You enjoy being looked at.
Your hair, your clothes.
Your perfume.
It's all very calculated.
I don't wear perfume.
Yes, you're right.
I'll tell you something about myself that nobody knows.
Your scent reminds me of a certain perfume that used to fill me not only with desire but despair because I knew I could never possess the woman who wore it.
My life didn't include that for some reason.
I possessed other things: power, respect of other men.
Listen to me, the philosopher.
Funny to long for desire when it never brought me any happiness.
So you joined the Nazi party because you couldn't get laid.
Someone like you could never understand a thing like that.
Yes? Good day, Madam.
My name is Thomas Eichorst.
I'm here to offer you an exciting opportunity to radioize your home, courtesy of the Triebig Electrotech Company.
Oh, my.
They're beautiful.
Yes, the mahogany cabinets make for an exciting addition to any parlour.
Now, with a simple twist of this knob, you'll have the power of an orchestra conductor, calling forth the melodies of Beethoven and Wagner.
How much is it? Triebig's easy installment plan lets you acquire this very model for just two marks a month.
Just sign here and the radio's yours.
Oh! I am buying you a new radio.
They are laying people off at the plant.
I might not even have a job next week.
It's just two marks a month, sir, a very modest sum.
There is no such thing.
Ah, Tommy! We're all waiting to declare a winner.
So, how many radios did you unload today, hmm? Today? None.
Why do did I even ask, hmm? Tommy, your problem is you have no fire in your belly.
Most people can't afford a luxury item like a radio right now.
People aren't buying the radio.
They're buying you! You have to project confidence, huh? Especially in times like these.
If they sense your weakness, you are dead before you even say a word, huh? Helga, may I have the sales bonus, please? - Thank you.
- Bitte.
To Karl Spurzem! A salesman who leads with courage and strength! To the bar! Drinks on me.
Oscar is a bully who will never be more than a salesman.
I think you're terrible at selling radios, Tommy, because you're destined for bigger things.
Thank you.
Thank you for saying that.
I mean it.
Helga, - I was wondering - Yes? Would you have dinner with me tonight? I can't.
- I have plans.
- Oh.
But I could on Saturday.
Saturday it is! Hey Aanya? Angel told me you might be up here.
Yeah, I'm just doing some sorting.
- Is it OK if I come in? - Sure.
What? Nothing, it's just, it's just funny having somebody else up here.
Is it OK? Yeah, you can help me remember it after we leave.
You're not coming with us.
It's not in me to run, you know? It was a stupid idea anyways.
I mean, how would that work? _ This can't be the place.
Wow, this is the National Guard Headquarters.
Now what? Aanya.
It's time to go.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Would you mind? Please? - Yeah, yeah.
No problem.
- Um - Angel, you are with us.
Smile, guys.
One, two, three.
Got it.
Now we can go.
Are you ready, Angel? - Is everything alright? - Yeah, everything is alright.
Ready to go.
That cop lied.
He said she'd be here.
There's only one Mayfield Hotel.
Come on.
Let's look around.
- Fet.
- What the hell? She was here.
She could have been moved to another car.
If you're gonna switch cars, you don't do it behind the National Guard Headquarters.
It's right there.
Right in front of our goddamn faces.
Look at the hotel The right side is all lit up but the left is dark all the way to the top.
No lights at all.
Not even a television.
The Mayfield was a famous hotel in the '30s and '40s, then it became a flea-bag, transient kinda place until the At some point they must have sealed that section off.
Maybe they ran outta money.
I dunno.
How do we get inside? Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Not the answer I would expect, but OK Are you going to untie me? - Why would I do that? - I saved your life.
So, now you need to pay me back.
But if I let you go, you'll take my book.
I'll purchase it.
Name your price.
Mother Superior told me it was cursed, that I should burn it.
But it's never been cursed for me.
It's been special.
It is special, Rudyard.
Very special.
In the right hands, it could save all of mankind.
It's in the right hands now.
Please, just tell me what you want for it.
You're not the only person who wants to buy it.
Maybe someone else will give me more.
Who else have you spoken to? Eldritch Palmer? Rudyard, you are making a calamitous mistake! The fate of the world is literally in your hands! People always underestimate me.
They talk to me like you do now.
Like I don't understand.
But I do understand.
I have the book.
All this time, I've kept it safe.
People would say: "You couldn't even find Tahiti on a map, Rudyard.
" But I am going there now.
And this is my silver ticket.
Rudyard, please! Don't.
Rudyard! Rudyard! OK, you're clear to go.
Close the gate! How can I help you? Augustin Elizalde.
You have some papers, Mr.
Elizalde? I didn't know I needed any papers.
You living under a rock? 'Cause everyone knows that this gate is only open to government officials and citizens with special credentials.
Can you do me a favour and - check that list for my name? - This isn't a night club.
There is no list.
Can't you just let us go through? Just relax, Ms.
Gupta, OK? I'll take care of it.
What the hell? Hey! Turn off your brights! - What do you want me to do? - Nothing.
Don't do nothing.
- Clear? - OK.
Drive through.
Let's go.
- Aanya! Wait! - You know, you can still change your mind.
Just so you know? We would've worked, just not right now.
When it's all over, I'm coming to get you.
OK? OK? Hey, c'mon! C'mon, Let's move! - See you guys later, alright? - Thank you, Gus.
- Yes.
We are very grateful.
- Be safe, alright? _ Hey, guys.
Let 'em through! - Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Open the gate! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
_ _ _ Alright, gate secure.
What is this? This this is the Silver Angel.
Nice to meet you.
Now, are we gonna talk or we gonna drive? I don't feel as though I'm playing the violin so much as it's playing me.
What what do you mean? Well, it had so many owners before me.
Each with their own way of playing.
Their own emotional life.
It seemed to me as if the violin absorbed all that and created its own personality and sound.
- Sounds kind of crazy, I guess.
- No! Not at all! But why haven't you pursued a professional career? That was my dream.
I was hoping to go to Vienna; audition for the symphony.
But then the crash came.
Father lost his job.
My family needs every penny I can bring in.
But you must go to Vienna.
If you don't, you'll regret it.
What about you, Tommy? Do you have any idea what you want to do with your life? Oh, I don't know.
I envy you, Helga.
You have a passion.
A direction.
At school, my friends they all knew they wanted to be lawyers or engineers, or what have you.
But me? Nothing's worked.
I can't seem to find anything at which I can excel.
Some people are late bloomers.
Pardon me, I need that table.
Gentlemen, ladies, please may I have your attention! On my way here tonight, I passed a bread line that stretched over a kilometre.
People who have lost their jobs, their pensions, their homes, their self-respect.
Some say Germany's days as a great nation are finished.
But I refuse to believe that, my friends.
- Let's get out of here.
- A Third Reich is rising - Just a minute.
- like a phoenix from the ashes of the Weimar Republic.
A Reich in which there are no more bread lines.
A Reich in which each and every German has a job, a sense of purpose and pride.
A Reich that needs the blood and sweat of true Germans.
- Ja! Ja! - A Reich that needs you! And you! And you! Yes, you, my friend.
Germany needs you! Who here has lost his pension? Who here has lost his home? Who here thinks they've lost the ability to hope? What is the matter? That was a great speech.
Hitler wants to unite all the German people.
Except the Jews.
You do know what the Nazis think? Of course.
They're finally saying it out loud: the Jewish bankers crashed the stock market.
They're the ones who saddled Germany with debts and ruined our economy.
They're parasites and leeches.
What? You're so blind.
You can't see what's right in front of your face.
What, Helga? I'm a Jew.
Is that how you see me? Am I a parasite? - Or a leech? - Oh, I didn't mean you or your family.
Hitler was talking about the foreign Jews.
From Poland and from Russia.
Hitler has no problem with the German Jews.
And neither do I.
I was wrong about you.
You're not destined for better things.
You're right where you belong.
At the bottom of the blackboard.
No, Helga.
I brought you a snack.
What? You're seasoning me now? No, thanks! No, thanks.
Did you hear me ask, "Would you care for some pineapple?" No, you did not.
This isn't a dinner party where someone passes you the peas and you say, "No, thanks.
I'm fine.
" Tell me you will eat the pineapple.
Yes, I'll eat it.
No! Say, "Yes, I will eat the pineapple.
" Yes, I will eat the pineapple.
Good girl.
And yes, as a seasoning, pineapple is exquisite.
Take off your pants.
What? Remove your pants, Dutch.
Now! Well, I know you lost your dick 70 years ago, so what are you gonna do? You'll be surprised.
It is a night for trying new things.
Your mouth.
Give it to me.
Gut gut.
Spread your legs.
Bend over.
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, shit! Ah, God! Come on, come on, please! Come on! What is this? Now, the Mayfield sits right above two dead-end lines from Grand Central, tracks 61 and 63.
Now, back in the day, they used those lines as a private subway entrance for President Roosevelt whenever he came to New York.
So then no one would see him in his wheelchair.
Here we go.
- Careful.
Looks likea strigoi passage.
- Exactly.
Not good.
Let's go! Agh! Ah We got it! Where are you, Fraulein Velders? Please stop running.
There is no way to go.
Your shampoo, Fraulein, and your blood I'm almost there.
No! No! ! No! No, please! Please! Get away from me! : No! Did you hear that? : No! Get away from me! Come on! Thank you for an engaging chase, Fraulein.
No, stay away from me! Oh, please.
You know, most days eating is simply a duty.
But this I have not looked forward to a meal like you in I can't remember how long.
I hope you choke on me! Aah! Time for us to be going.
No! No! What? No! Screw you, you arsehole! Ah! Dutch! Dutch! I'm coming for you! You all might wanna get back.
No! No! Help! Help! No! No! No! Somebody! Help! Dutch! You alright? Hmm? Gah! Ah, Unterstrumfuhrer.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- How can I help? This Jew claims to know you.
I'm so sorry to bring you into this, but they are threatening to deport me, and my whole family.
Thomas, please tell You do not address an officer of the SS by his first name.
Do you understand? Yes.
Is it true? That you have a relationship? We worked in the same office for seven months.
Then she was accused of stealing.
- What? - It was never proven, but the money was gone, nonetheless.
- None of this is true! - That was the extent of my relationship with her.
Thank you for clarifying this matter, Untersturmfuhrer.
Sieg heil.
Guten tag, mein herr.
Heil Hitler, Herr Untersturmfuhrer! It's good to see you again, sir.
Wait right there.
- State your business.
- Mr.
Rudyard Fonescu to see Alonso Creem.
- Is he expecting you? - Cardinal MacNamara sent me.
There's a man here.
Wants to see you.
Says the Cardinal sent him.
He's good.
Move over.
OK, let's go.
- Right.
- Clear.
My name is Rudyard Fonescu.
The Cardinal said you could help me.
Cardinal's dead.
This was before he died.
In fact, I think it's why he died.
I I have something.
Something people would pay a lot - of money for.
- The Lumen.
- How do you know? - Let me see it.
I need money.
I need safe passage I need to see the book.
I think we can do business.