The Strain (2014) s02e12 Episode Script

Fallen Light

Previously on "The Strain" The safety and security that only we can provide comes at a cost.
We are going to give you back your streets.
All of it.
We fight or we die.
Don't let these monsters take this from us.
They're gonna remember this day and you.
All residents of the Upper East Side will contribute one percent of their property value to the SSI.
- Justine, you can't do this.
- Mayor, I just did.
We need a human soldier who can move freely in the daylight.
You have proven yourself capable.
I'm listening.
I have always been in love with you, and it has never made me happy! So we go straight to Washington, DC tomorrow morning.
I found a way to kill this things.
It's a bioweapon.
It needs to be refined but it works.
- I have a contact at Kemerall.
- Oh yeah? Let's start with the train.
I did see Barnes.
He saw me.
We got into a fight and I'm the one that threw him off.
And all I managed to do is get four people killed! - Four? Barnes? - Rob, the man that was sent to kill us, Leigh Thomas.
I see.
Inefficiency in antibiotic distribution could multiply the toll by as much as seven times.
Keep in mind that most US communities Did you find the part about the variola incubation periods stimulating enough? Riveting.
I didn't understand half of it, but it was sexy.
Look, if somebody asks a less than enlightened question, - try not to be condescending.
- Condescending? Yeah.
You're gonna have to accept the fact that - not everyone is as smart as you.
- Asking somebody to clarify their thoughts is not condescending.
Kinda is the way you do it.
Would you please welcome Just throw in some of your natural charm, and everything will be fine.
Well, luckily I have an abundance of that.
Ephraim Goodweather.
That's your cue.
Knock 'em dead, boss.
So as you can see, the recent SARS outbreak caught us surprisingly off-guard.
We weren't ready for how fast airliners would carry it across the world.
We were lucky that SARS didn't turn out to be as virulent as Lassa fever or Marburg.
But the lesson is that in our modern world, the time between the small spark of a disease and our barn burning down is very short.
Thank you.
I'll take some questions now.
Sir? How do you propose to prevent sick people from flying? Well, first of all, Homeland Security needs to get off their ass and set up - a national "Do Not Board" list.
- With incubation times far exceeding travel times, wouldn't we have to track passengers on arrival, too? Absolutely.
We'll need to expand our quarantine facilities to cover all major ports of entry into the States.
And we'll need more quick-response teams like Canary.
But it'll still be a crapshoot, because you won't have any true control over whether infected passengers will travel.
Do you have any better suggestions? Yes.
Focus on vaccine development.
Oh, you mean engage in an entirely different crapshoot 'cause you'll just be guessing which strain to defend against.
And any successful mass immunization effort will just trigger a huge political fight, - like it did with Swine Flu in '76.
- And yet that program prevented at least 1 million cases in the US alone.
I can see we disagree on tactics, but I'm sure we can all agree that if we just sit back and rely on sheer luck to protect us, we'll be courting disaster.
And on that happy note, let's go to lunch.
Sounds interesting.
You should make some time to visit us at USAMRIID.
- Just an hour's drive up the 270.
- I'm flattered, but um, bioweapons not really my thing.
Actually, we're the first line of defense against infectious disease Oh, shit.
I'm about to get my head chewed off.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
Nora Martinez.
Ephraim Goodweather.
Nice to meet you.
I hope you didn't mind my questions.
Your boss, Gary Lazar, told me to watch out for you.
He said you were brilliant, but you were likely to challenge all my assumptions.
Gary said that? He said you were the most brilliant biochemist in the entire CDC.
How'd you like to work for me? In other news, Councilwoman Justine Feraldo has moved forward in her controversial one percent parcel tax for citizens of the Upper East Side Hello? Speaking.
Oh, my God! Yes.
Hold on.
Got it.
Thank you so much.
We will.
What's up? Your grandparents they're alive! Wait, Nana and Grandpa? - How do you know? - Justine set up this call centre so people can locate their missing relatives.
I gave her Zack's info, and Kelly's parents - contacted the centre yesterday.
- From where? Sea Island, Georgia.
They're gonna call here in 20 minutes.
So they're OK? Dad, we should go there.
We'll be safe.
Let's see what they say.
Find out what the situation is.
- Is it OK? - OK.
Finish your breakfast.
I can't take him to his grandparents.
- Why not? - Because running is not the solution.
We just need to rethink this.
The bioweapon works.
We need a new plan to scale it up.
Yeah, but where does that leave Zack? We can't just park him at home while we're out fighting.
You had no other options for Zack.
Now you do.
The Strain S02E12 "Fallen Light" _ Is this your plan? _ _ _ _ _ Yo! Anybody home? Special delivery! Plan B? _ We're here to kill them, not bless them.
I'm just saying.
_ _ _ _ Hello? Nana? Yeah.
It's Zack.
I'm fine.
It's great to hear your voice.
Really great.
I'm fine I miss you too.
So much.
Just one second, OK? It's OK, it's OK.
You've held it in for a long time.
- What's the problem? - Did I say there was a problem? You didn't have to.
That thing with your eyebrows? - When you're upset? - I'm not upset.
I just wish you had consulted me before offering her a job.
I'm consulting you now.
It's not written in stone.
- What? You don't think she's qualified? - She's abundantly qualified.
What, is it because she's so confrontational? - 'Cause I actually think that's a plus.
- So do I.
Wait - Is it because she's so attractive? - Oh, you noticed that, did you? Of course.
But that won't be a distraction, will it? - You brought it up.
- No, no, I just said out loud what you were thinking.
By the way, how are things going with Kelly? Does she still want you quit the field and take that desk job? You're unbelievable.
You actually think I would hire Nora Martinez 'cause I'm frustrated with Kelly? Well, I'm glad to see that the possibility never even crossed your mind.
What are you, the morality police? Hey, I know how to separate my personal and my professional relationships! Morning.
- How you feeling? - Better.
Uh, um.
I was about to write you a note.
Um, couldn't figure out exactly how to say what I wanted to say.
Good thing I'm here.
I, um I really thought that I was going to die in there.
That finally I'd gotten myself into something that I couldn't get out of.
And then you came.
Why wouldn't I? Because I have been such an utter shit to you.
That's no reason to let you die, is it? Oh, God.
You're such a better person than I am.
Aren't you being a little hard on yourself? Am I? Because I'm about to walk out on a man who risked his life for me.
Who knows exactly who I am.
And who loves me anyway.
I'm gonna be with Nikki.
I have to try to make something real with her.
I hope you do.
I want that for you.
You don't make it easy, do you? Nothing good comes easy.
So basically we have to barricade this way before we - even get to the subways.
- Have we closed the subways? - We're getting to that.
- Alright.
Justine! - Have a seat, George.
- What in hell are you thinking? I told you not to extort those people and you went ahead and did it anyway.
You also told me to drive the plague out of New York.
I need cops to get the job done.
And cops expect to get paid.
With loot stolen from the citizens - they're sworn to protect? - It's a tax like any other tax for public services.
My officers are putting their lives on the line every night.
They have families! I didn't come here to debate you.
I want your letter of resignation on my desk tomorrow morning, or I will instruct the DA to indict you.
After everything she's done for the city? You ungrateful piece of Here.
Call the DA right now.
Meanwhile, I'll take this to the City Council.
Way ahead of you.
I've already spoken with Bernstein and Morello.
They both agree that you need to step down, and the rest of the council will follow their lead.
Captain Kowalski, please remove the Mayor from the premises.
With pleasure.
- Come on, let's go - Get your hands off me.
You're fighting on my turf now.
_ _ Anybody out there? If it isn't El Pisaro.
You comfortable in there, man? - Can I get you something? - Elizalde? Is that you? You know this guy? He used to like to get you away from the security cameras and beat you down.
- It wasn't personal.
- Naw, I know, I know.
You were just doing your job, right? Please.
I've been trapped in here for days without food.
Get me out.
I'm going to need your ID card to open the lock.
- _ - Hey, hey wait.
You can't just leave me here! You don't tell me what I can and what I can't do.
Not anymore.
No, no, no.
No! You can't leave me here.
Don't! I gave you the badge.
Wait! Perez! - Perez, you alive? - Elizalde? - What the hell you doing here? - I'm here to get you out.
Best idea I heard all day.
Could have used some of these three days ago.
From what I saw on the way in, it's a good thing the CO locked you guys up.
You're the only ones that didn't get infected.
Silver? Classy.
So if we fight for this guy of yours, this Quinlan, - he can supply more of this shit? - Everything we need.
- But why we gotta take orders? - 'Cause he knows how to win against these things.
He made us a deal.
We work with him, we can own this city.
You saying he can be reasonable? What I'm saying is, the man doesn't care about material things.
Anything we grab on the way out we can keep.
- Then what are we waiting for? - Stay quiet.
I don't want us to have to fight on the way out.
I don't want to lose anybody that we don't have to.
Councilwoman Feraldo's really getting the word out, huh? "Homeland.
" "Fatherland.
" When politicians use these words, it usually precedes murder on a grand scale.
_ They're here now.
Go on.
He's expecting you.
Let 'em pass.
I got eyes on them in the courtyard.
Pretty good security.
You get a lot of munchers coming up from the subway? Closed it off.
That's very smart.
Nobody goes on or off this island without Creem's say-so.
Your cane.
Creem said you should hand it over for safekeeping.
Good to see you, old man.
You sure you don't want to sell this? The Occido Lumen.
If you really have it, I want to see it.
Right to the point.
I like that.
- May I? - Oh, by all means.
All that silver give a muncher a hell of a burn, huh? That was the intention.
Those suckers hate silver, huh? Guess I picked the right bling.
Can bite 'em all back.
So is it the real deal? It would be impossible to forge to match the parchment, the colouring, the quality, the oak gall ink.
Yes, Mr.
It's genuine.
Here, take it.
And this completes our transaction.
I'm afraid not.
We have another player.
Eldritch Palmer.
Creem, I will use the book to end this plague.
Palmer will not.
He wants the book so that nobody can stop it.
Yeah, this apocalypse has been very good to me.
I mean, hell, look.
I even got my own island.
This is why the "strigoi" are winning.
They're counting on humanity to take short-term profits and to hell with the long-term consequences! If you're accusing me of being human, I'm guilty as charged.
Give me 24 hours, and I will beat Mr.
Palmer's offer.
Fair enough.
Both of you can meet here tomorrow, can bid it out.
Man with the deepest pocket wins.
And leave the timepiece.
The last Patek 1563 went for 1.
57 million.
I'll credit this to your account.
And the rest of the funds must be paid in gold.
Gold? Tomorrow then.
Hey, hey, hey, Elizalde! What's going on, man? - Get them to the bus.
- Follow me.
- For Chrissake, let me out! - Shut up! You're gonna wake - up every vampire in this place.
- OK.
Thanks, man.
Who the hell's that? - Mira El Pisaro! - We're all the - same, man.
I can help you out.
- Payback time.
No, no! Right now is not the time; you're gonna wake them up.
- So what? - No! No! Yeah Pigs bleed too! What the Come on, keep moving.
Let's go! Let's go! We got 'em all.
There's our ride.
So we can work for this Quinlan, like braceros? Don't think so.
I make these calls not you.
Thanks for the weapons, but Anyone else? Now, the rest of you can stay here with him or you can get on the bus.
How's he doing? All throughout family therapy and the custody battle, all I wanted to do was get him back.
Make up for all the time I wasn't there.
Now I've got him back and none of that's happening.
- Where are you going? - Councilwoman Feraldo's.
If anybody can get a permit to get Zack out of the city, it's her.
He'll be safer with his grandparents.
But he'll miss you terribly.
Have no doubt about that.
- Have you found the Lumen? - Yes.
Tomorrow the Lumen goes on sale to the highest bidder.
I need the Ancients to back me.
With gold.
The gold will not be an issue, but they'll be reluctant to trust you with the power of the Lumen.
- You could use it against them.
- True.
But the Ancients must now decide who is the greater threat an old pawnbroker with a few confederates or the Master, backed by Palmer and his billions.
One thing is certain.
If the Master obtains the book, he will destroy us all.
It seems we have no choice but to trust one another.
I will obtain the book.
After I've examined it, I'll turn it over to the Ancients.
- What about Cohen? - I left three messages.
He hasn't returned them.
If we don't have Cohen, we're in deep shit.
Councilwoman Feraldo.
Detective Paul Sampson, NYPD.
I need to ask you a few questions.
- Did the mayor send you? - The mayor's dead.
_ You said he was shot in the mansion.
Where the hell was his security detail? They were outside.
They found his body.
His wallet and his watch were missing, along with some valuables from an upstairs bedroom.
But no one's buying that it was a robbery.
Lyle's assistant said that you and the mayor exchanged some words this morning? He threatened to fire me, and I had him thrown out of my office.
What I heard was he wanted to have you indicted.
I knew the man for over two decades.
We exchanged a lotta threats.
But I sure as shit didn't kill him.
We would have resolved our issues.
We always did.
You know, some people think they can take advantage of the chaos in this city.
Get away with anything.
Not on my watch.
You mind if I have a few minutes here? We worked together a long time.
Suit yourself.
I'll be outside.
Can you believe that prick? Did you do this, Frank? What?! No! Did you get someone else to do it? No.
So none of our people were involved.
Not as far as I know.
Find out! You have to admire it.
This took vision.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Glad to finally meet you.
How is your assistant doing? Oh, a couple of inches one way, and the bullet would've killed her.
But she's going to make a quick - and full recovery.
- Glad to hear it.
If you've come here to convince me to resign, take a number.
No, on the contrary, I'm here because Mayor Lyle's tragic death has left the city in even worse chaos.
New York needs a strong leader.
And I think that leader is you.
There are a lot of people on the City Council who would disagree with you.
Well, I've been on the phone with the leadership all morning.
I believe you have tremendous support.
In fact, this afternoon, at my urging, Councilman Cohen will introduce a resolution to have you appointed Special Director of Security for New York City, in charge of waging all-out war on this terrible plague.
Why the sudden impulse to help me? I need a strong partner at City Hall.
We're both fighting to save this city.
Together I believe we can get the job done.
Yeah, kumbaya.
Let's hear the rest.
Well, going forward, you're going to need tools to fight.
Just like you did for the Pentagon? Stoneheart provided our troops with $300 toilet seats.
Then there was that base in Iraq.
Cost you $30 million to construct, and you charged the government $300 million for it.
Yes, when this is over, I shall be even richer.
But I also intend to win.
Are you interested? Feraldo's a fascist! - I need you to take two steps back! - Excuse me.
Let's go! - Move it! Move it! - Hey, take it easy, buddy.
- Come on, move back.
Move back.
- _ - We're here to see Councilwoman Feraldo.
- Get back! - Ask Captain Kowalski.
- There he is.
- Let 'em through.
- Let's go, let's go.
Back up! Move it! Quiet! Quiet, please! Quiet in the chamber, please! The final tally is 38 to 13 in favour of the Enabling Act.
- This makes a mockery of our democracy! - Councilman.
We will challenge this in court! The people won't stand for this! It's unconstitutional! You fascist! And now, it is my honour to present our new Special Director of Security, Justine Feraldo! Thank you, fellow members.
Apparently, Councilman Bernstein feels passionate about his civil rights.
And I understand that.
But you know what I feel passionate about? The right of every New Yorker to be free from this vile menace that grips our city.
No more! I will be damned if I'm going to let any more of these things take our children, our mothers, fathers and neighbours.
No, goddamn it! I'm going to stop these bastards.
By whatever means necessary.
Until each and every one of those bastards is dead on the ground! - She's incredible.
- _ A vast improvement over our mayor.
But can you control her? Well, you let me worry about Feraldo.
You're looking much better, my dear.
The white has brought a new blush to your cheeks.
The Lumen will be auctioned off tomorrow.
We need to prepare.
- Whatever do you mean? - Setrakian will be there.
When I outbid him, he and his confederates will certainly try to take the book from me.
For that very reason, the Master cannot entrust such an important task to you.
- I will be attending the auction.
- No, no.
Not with my resources, you won't! That's the way the Master wants it.
Don't agree to this, Eldritch.
Ungrateful whore.
If you do not appreciate his gift, I can easily reclaim it.
Misogynistic son of a bitch.
If you dare touch her - You'll do what? - Harm one hair of her head, you will not get one ounce of gold from me.
The Master saved your life, Eldritch, as well as hers.
Do you not remember this? If you do not provide the funds for the Lumen, you will never get another drop of the white.
Oh! You thought its effects are permanent.
Sorry to disappoint you.
If you don't get more soon, you shall wither and die.
All right, we've established that we all need each other and that we are united by a common goal.
We must not allow petty differences to divide us when victory is within our grasp.
- Absolutely.
- See to it that funding's in place tomorrow morning.
Agreed? Consider it done.
He's playing you.
Of course.
There is much more to come.
_ Is she here? Yeah, she's inside.
Please, she has a chance for a better life.
Let it happen.
Here, I'll take that.
Where are you going? Mom's friend got us papers to get out of the city.
So you were just going to disappear? - Not even a note? - Like the one you left me? "On a job.
Back tonight, I hope.
" I waited.
Two days; not a word from you.
I was arrested.
- Let's go home.
- Home? What home? To that apartment you've appropriated? God only knows what happened to the woman who was living there.
There's this tragedy everywhere, and you want to play house.
- I am not playing.
- Mom, can you leave us alone, please? You asked me to make a choice.
- I chose you.
- Listen to me.
I can't sit at home and wait for you anymore.
Then we'll stay home together.
Come on, you don't stay home.
It's impossible.
You've found something you believe in, this fight.
But it's not my fight.
Has she brainwashed you? It's not her.
This is all me.
A bioweapon? We already tested it on a strigoi.
It infected more than a dozen others.
- All of them died.
- If we can get the tools to mass produce this, you could kill every strigoi in the city.
Then the rest of the country.
You could be the person who ends this plague.
What do you think, Frank? What do you need from us? A bio-reaction facility, and your teams to help disperse - the agent once we make it.
- I can do that.
Thanks - for bringing this to me.
- Thank you.
We have one more favour to ask, two travel permits and two tickets to go to D.
to get the reacting agent.
Then I'll drop my son off with his grandparents and come back.
Three travel permits and tickets.
I'm coming with you.
I want to make sure Zack gets there safely.
_ Have I told you how much I love you? Don't laugh.
I'm serious.
It's not funny.
Come on.
I mean, we're like family.
Right? Closer than my family.
Surely better than them.
Of course we are.
It took you all this time to figure that out.
It took me a bottle and a half of wine for me to say it out loud.
I think you've had enough, partner.
Oh, well, if that isn't the cat calling the pottle black or whatever You OK there, champ? Here, have some water.
You know what? You two look great together.
I'll call Sylvia.
- Thanks.
- I was wrong, Eph.
- What about? - About Nora.
Man, if she makes you happy, go for it.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Even you.
Even me? Oh, thanks for the affirmation, buddy.
Sleep tight.
- Was Sylvia mad? - Not at all.
She was glad he had such a good time.
She's great for him.
I'm so happy he found her.
Especially after the others, huh? Remember Michelle? Michelle from hell.
And Stephanie? Is she the one who did DNA tests on the hairs she found on his jacket? Yeah, she was a real prize.
Well, now he's got Sylvia.
Just goes to show, you only have to choose well once.
What's wrong? Kelly filed for divorce yesterday.
Oh, she actually did it? And she wants full custody of Zack.
- What? - I can't believe she's that angry with me.
It's because of us.
What are you talking about? Nothing's happened.
It has.
It's been happening for a long time.
Are you going to stand there and pretend you don't know what I'm talking about? Well, it's done.
- We got the travel permits.
- You going to tell Zack? Yeah.
Hey thank you for coming with us.
This'll make him very happy.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly so sorry for hurting you.
I can see that.
I know it's hard to believe this, but I never stopped loving you.
I still love you.
Your mission was a success? - Got you 20 hungry wolves.
- Good.
Because your friend, the pawnbroker, is about to obtain a valuable book on behalf of the Ancients, the Occido Lumen.
But Mr.
Setrakian I do not expect him to honour our agreement.
- Why is that? - Because I wouldn't if I were him.
Your job is to convince him to give up the book.
I don't know, man.
The old bird is pretty tough.
What if he doesn't get convinced? Kill him and take it.