The Strain (2014) s02e13 Episode Script

Night Train

Previously on "The Strain" I have something something people would pay a lot of money for.
The "Lumen".
I think we can do business.
The "Lumen" will be auctioned off tomorrow.
We need to prepare.
- I will be attending the auction.
- Not with my resources, you won't! If you do not provide the funds for the "Lumen", you will never - get another drop of the white.
- He's playing you.
Of course.
There is much more to come.
Tomorrow the "Lumen" goes on sale to the highest bidder.
- I need the Ancients to back me.
- The gold will not be an issue.
I will obtain the book.
After I've examined it, - I'll turn it over to the Ancients.
- Agreed.
Your mission was a success? - Got you 20 hungry wolves.
- Good.
Because your friend the pawnbroker is about to obtain a valuable book on behalf of the Ancients.
Your job is to convince him - to give up the book.
- What if he doesn't get convinced? - Kill him and take it.
- Kelly's parents - contacted the centre yesterday.
- Nana and Grandpa? - From where? - Sea Island, Georgia.
Dad, we should go there.
We'll be safe.
It's done.
We got the travel permits.
You had no other options for Zack.
Now you do.
I'm sorry.
I'm truly sorry for hurting you.
I still love you.
Good work, Mr.
- I am impressed by your progress.
- Well, it's been hard getting guys out here, given all the shit that's been going on.
That's why we are paying triple wages.
Yeah, that went a long way.
You know, this is one of the most complicated systems I've ever worked on.
Is it some sort of European model? It's origins are European, yes.
The enclosures open only from the top, yes? - Just as you specified.
- And the incinerator? It's being prefab in another facility.
Should be installed by the end of the week.
- Very good.
- Seems like a strange time and a strange place to be constructing an animal-processing plant.
Your point being? What kind of animal are you gonna be processing here? - Sheep.
- Ah.
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Setrakian, I'm leaving.
Very well.
Travel safe.
Give me your phone.
C'mon, get in there.
Nora, c'mon.
Everybody smile.
Everybody smile.
OK, that's that's great.
Not big on good-byes, huh? Not when you've said as many as I have.
Well, good luck getting your book, Professor.
Good luck to you too, Doctor.
Take care of yourself.
Get some sleep.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what? We're kissing now? C'mere, Zack.
Take care of yourself, big guy.
Yeah? - You, uh, send me a postcard.
- Yeah, right.
Well, it'll show up in a couple a years.
I thought this was a quick trip down the coast and back.
With a couple of stops in DC.
We've got some friends and contacts there.
- To put your bio-bomb together? - Yeah, that's the plan.
Well don't know where we'll be, but uh when you get back, - well, make sure - We'll find you.
Let's go.
_ You need to make them respect you, Eldritch.
They can't succeed without you.
They seem very certain that they can.
Remind them that they can't.
You don't need to die.
And we never have to lose what we have ever.
So, uh, how much gold are we talking about here? Gold? Yeah, gold.
You know, the thing that we're using to bargain for the Lumen? - How much do the Ancients have? - I have no idea.
No idea.
Doesn't that kind of make it hard to bid? One way or another, we will get the "Lumen".
One way or another? We win it, we take it, or we die trying.
Yeah, alright.
How 'bout we skip that third option, though, huh? Keep going.
Next! You folks are lucky.
You're on the last train out.
- The last train? - National Guard's gathering up all the trains.
Next! Here we go.
Step back! C'mon! - Come on.
Let's go! - Let's go, be quick.
Move it.
Two bag limit! No one is allowed on this train with more than two bags! How long until the train arrives? Your guess is as good as mine.
Attention all passengers.
We appreciate your patience.
The train departing for Washington DC, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando and terminating in Tampa/Miami should be arriving shortly.
The right thing to do is usually the hardest.
Well, this is going to be very tough.
You know, when we get to DC we get a fresh shot at putting that bio-weapon together again.
Maybe, uh Let's focus on getting there, OK? I know I don't have a right to ask you that No, you don't.
Well, at least I know that nobody can annoy you as much as I do.
This here is Quinlan.
He's the one responsible for getting you guys out of jail.
Pay attention.
This freak? - He's one of them, man! - I am not one of them.
I'll tell you what you are you're dead! Anyone else? Gentlemen.
Human life is fleeting.
I've watched many men perish, good and bad.
The act itself, the dying, is the same.
What distinguishes the honourable from the dishonourable is how in the few, most important moments in life, they conducted themselves.
How would you men like to be remembered? As human animals, marginalized, locked away in cages? Or as warriors? Fighters of the highest order? Today, you fight for one tribe: humankind.
It no longer matters what colour you wear, or what colour your skin is.
All that matters is the colour of your blood.
Red versus white.
Today you will define who you are.
Today you will spill white blood and change the future.
Are you with me? Then let us fight.
Everybody needs to find a seat! Keep your luggage out of the aisles! The train is full, but every ticketed passenger has a seat, so please be courteous.
We hope to depart within the hour.
_ Welcome, Professor.
I'm glad to see you made it.
It's gonna be a good time.
But first I'm gonna ask you and your friend here to check all your weapons.
You'll get it back at the end.
Now, how about a drink? No, thank you.
Alright, I'll have one for you.
We're gonna need you to verify and register your gold funds with James right over here.
OK, good luck, Professor.
Who's this guy? We are going to need to see your weapons.
- I have no weapons.
- Up.
- Who are you? - I am Thomas Eichorst.
Palmer's emissary.
- I will be bidding in his place.
- You got gold, you can bid.
Just register your funds right over there.
- Of course.
- I'll go get the book, so we can get this show on the road.
Here is my account information, which all will be verified.
- Where is Palmer? - This transaction is much too important.
I will have the honour of acquiring the "Lumen".
Abraham, how ironic that our duel should end not with a fight but with a simple transaction in gold.
I assure you, Eichorst, our duel shall end with a transaction in silver.
So, the Master passed you over for Bolivar.
A third-rate musical act.
Does it hurt at all to be bound by loyalty to one so obviously unimpressed by you? Four, nine one Does it not pain you to tally all the things that I have taken from you already? You're a creature of filth, Eichorst.
Were it up to me, I would suck you dry and snap your neck, denying you one final time.
But do you know that the Master has a plan for you? Yes.
He wants you to turn, to bear witness to that which you have been fighting - against for so long.
- Never! I will release you, Eichorst, to die like the soulless appendage you are.
I'm pretty sure he's right.
Easy hey.
Why don't you all step back? It's too bad that all these gangsters are watching us, huh? 'Cause I'm dying for a chance to stick a piece of rebar in your right ear and watch it come out your left.
Both credit lines verified.
Here we go.
Both your banks in Switzerland have agreed to convert funds into gold based upon the current exchange rate.
Highest dollar value bid wins.
Now, let me see.
What number should I start at? - $5 million.
- Alright, 5 million it is.
- 10 million.
- 15.
- Do I hear 20? - 30 million.
- 50.
- Whoa, let me catch my breath here, hmm? - 100 million.
- 200 million.
- 300 million.
- Whoa! I propose that the one with the most gold will win this book for exactly $1 more than the losing bid.
Deal? Agreed.
- Agreed.
- Alright.
James here will check each account to find out its limits.
- James? - All set, boss.
Alright, we'll start with Mr.
Setrakian here.
- What's the grand total? - Yes.
What? Say it again? $323 million.
This must be some kind of book.
What about the German here? What's he got? - You got the balance.
Let me see it? - Here's the number, boss.
8 million.
Damn! Sold to the German for Transfer the gold to my account, right the hell now.
You got it, Creem.
- Give me the damn book.
- The game is over, Abraham.
Nothing on this earth can stop the Master now.
Please, put it in a canvas bag for me, would you? For 323 million, hell, I'll gift wrap it if you want.
Yo, Creem.
You sure? What? Check again.
The German's access to the Swiss bank account has been rescinded.
That's ridiculous.
Obviously a mistake has been made.
It's not a mistake.
They checked twice.
Access to the gold account is withdrawn.
Sorry, you're out of luck.
I guess this is yours, old man.
I was rooting for you.
- No! - Whoa, whoa, that's far enough.
Allow me to call the bank and rectify the situation.
323 million is 323 million.
I ain't rectifying jack shit.
Hey! This is your last warning.
Try it.
Go ahead.
Do your thing.
Step away.
It seems at the end of the day, Eldritch Palmer would rather I have the book than let it fall into the hands of the Master.
I congratulate you, A230385.
I congratulate you greatly.
Enjoy this victory.
Savour it.
Plant it in your memory.
I will see you soon.
Party's over.
Off my island.
Thanks for making me rich, old man.
Come on, Professor.
It's gonna be dark soon.
I hope you put some money aside to get a helicopter or something.
Hurry up.
- Yeesh.
- Be vigilant.
The attack could come from any direction.
Why didn't you arrange for backup? The Ancients, they paid a lot of gold for this thing, you'd think they'd want to help.
Fet, there is something I neglected to tell you.
I'm not giving this book to the Ancients.
OK So, uh, we're ripping off one gang of immortal munchers and we're looking to throw down against another? That is an accurate assessment.
Is it much further? Almost there.
You know, you could have told me about double-crossing We need to move! Hang on! Here we go! Come on! Let's go! Damn thing's jammed! Come on! Hang on! Go, Professor! Go! - Abraham! - Uh-oh.
As always, your victory was fleeting.
Bring me the book and the Professor.
Let them know we're not going easily! Looks like somebody else joined the party.
- The Born.
- Can you see me through him? You were wise not to come here tonight.
Cowardly, but wise.
I fear no one.
Nor do I.
Go, go, go! Nothing will hinder the rise of my power.
Thanks, folks, for your patience.
We have been cleared for departure, and train number 323, with stops in Washington DC, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando and terminating in Tampa/Miami, is underway.
Go back to sleep.
It's a long ride.
I'm going to go hit the Club Car before they run out.
Excuse me? - Sandwiches, drinks? - Waters, please.
I'll be right back.
Great to be underway, huh? Where you headed? - Savannah.
- Nice.
I'm going all the way to What the hell's that? Something on the tracks? Shit.
We gotta stop! Whoa! Eldritch, you have crossed a line that cannot be uncrossed.
Do you really believe that I am a man to be trifled with? Who are you to give orders? Eldritch's pact isn't with you.
My dear, you will not speak unless spoken to.
There he goes again.
She can and will speak her mind.
You humiliated me at the auction.
You cost us the "Lumen".
But your most grievous crime was betraying the Master.
It's Setrakian.
My security team can have the book back in our hands before he's translated the title page but only, only, if you and your Master pay me the respect I deserve! - How dare you.
- How dare you! Without Eldritch's influence, without his abilities, - without what he has done - I see who is deciding things.
We want the white when we need it.
You will help us; we will help you.
But as equals.
That was, as I heard it, the bargain.
What do you think, mein Meister? I see I've finally warranted your attention.
These new terms the white for immortality do not materially affect our agreement.
Use my resources as necessary but do not ever take me for granted again.
The terms of our agreement remain unchanged.
No! No! She has a new mate now, Eldritch.
Devotion is a beautiful thing.
What just happened? We've derailed.
I can't feel my neck! Get your dagger! Come on! What about Dad? He'll find us.
We can't wait.
Come on! Zack! Zack! Nora! Zack! Watch out for the third rail.
Come on, the station's close.
Get behind me.
When I say "run," you run.
Get to the station.
Wait for your father or me.
Got it? Zack Come on! I'm ready! What are you waiting for? Run! Zack! Stop! Ah! No! Please! Let her go! Please.
Let me see you.
Mom? Zack.
Zack! That's it.
There we go.
Take your time.
Alright, Professor.
We're all set.
There she is! Huh? Home free.
Hey, pawnbroker! Try me, big boy.
You're lucky I don't shoot you for making me walk through that sewer.
Back off, man.
Just walk away.
I'm talkin' to Mr.
You made a deal, old man.
I'm here to see that you honour it.
Who the hell is this guy, anyway? Former customer.
I am not giving this book to you, or to the Ancients, or to anyone.
I'm going to walk onto that boat and either you are going to shoot me and Mr.
Fet is going to shoot you, or Or, I could kill both of you.
This guy! Mr.
Quinlan, you did not come all this way to do the Ancients' bidding.
- I know who you are.
- Do you? I know what you want.
It is not this book.
Same old pawnbroker, making deals.
Careful, Quinlan, you're gonna end up with a broken clock.
The Ancients will destroy this book rather than allow its secrets to be revealed.
And when they do, they will destroy the one item in this world The Master desires.
But as long as this book exists It is bait! Do you want the Master? He will come for whoever possesses it.
That I guarantee you.
Nora? Zack? Nora! Where's Zack? Where is he? - She took him.
- She turned him? No.
She took him away with her.
Nora Don't! Don't come close.
We can manage this.
I can figure something out.
You're always late.
I already hear his voice in me.
His will creeping into mine.
I don't want him to hear your words, to see you through my eyes.
- Nora! - I would come for you.
I would come for you and Zack.
Please don't leave me.
It's done.
I don't know about this, Professor.
Well? Somewhere in here is the key to the Master's origin and, hopefully, his demise.
You can figure it out though, right? In time, yes.
In time? We've got a stolen book on a stolen boat, sailing down a river.
We have no idea where we're going, Mexican gangbangers and a half-breed strigoi on board.
The Ancients and the Master are after us.
I'm sure we've got plenty of time, Professor.
Long ago, I pledged my life to opposing these monsters.
Since then, I have lost everything dear to me, driven to the edge of madness in my quest for knowledge and vengeance.
Now, one step away from victory, why do I feel more trepidation than triumph? What insidious plan does the Master have for humankind? We have become overconfident as a species.
We ignorantly believed in our primacy over all else over all other species, over our planet itself.
Will we perish under our own greed and selfishness? Or will we overcome and survive? A short time ago, our current reality was beyond imagination.
Now we have one last chance to win back our world.
In order to defeat the Master, we must be as cold and ruthless and savage as he is and yet without becoming monsters ourselves.
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