The Strain (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

New York Strong

It has been 23 days.
23 days since the landing of Regis Air flight 753 transfixed the world.
Our response to the threat was needlessly delayed by indulgence in political debates, media distractions, punditry and grandstanding.
The quarantine in New York was a moderate success, but locking predators in with a reliable source of food also helped the strigoi evolve more quickly.
Isolating the plague helped it to burn more brightly.
The United States announced plans for a massive surge deployment of National Guard troops and US Army Reserves to push into New York City and wipe out the infected enemy.
But when new outbreaks occurred in other cities, military support was redistributed to other population centres in the hope of halting the spread of the disease and, just as importantly, the spread of panic.
The invading presence was a far graver threat than anyone ever imagined.
If humanity had any hope of defeating this plague, - it had to happen now or never.
- - Move in! Go, go! - Door down, moving in! - Got one! - We got eyes.
Engage! - Ford, Coley, check 'em.
- Copy that.
Clear! Nope.
Nothing here.
- What about her? - Poor lady.
Sorry, ma'am.
Clear here.
Scaggs, report.
Just checking the basement now, Captain.
Got two down! Right there.
Move up, move up! Kroft, we got stingers here.
- I got you covered! - Got us a rabbit hole.
What's that rat catcher's name again? Yeah, that looks like a smuggling tunnel.
They're all over Chinatown.
Do you or do you not think this King Rat could be down this hatch? Yeah, affirmative.
- Then down we go.
- Hey, buddy! - You with the army? - Yeah, something like that.
Are we finally taking the fight to these things? - Oh, yeah, buddy.
- That's what we want to hear.
- New York strong! - New York strong, brother! - Oh, shit, that ammonia smell.
- Makes your eyes wanna tear up.
- Let's go dark.
- Roger that.
Pair up.
Watch your backs.
Clear your lines of fire.
Roger that.
- Targets set.
- Weapons free.
Engage! Check your cuffs and seals.
Remember, one worm gets inside, - and you become the enemy.
- Roger that.
- All clear.
- Nothing here.
No matches.
Alright, let's keep moving.
We're going to find this guy; give him our autograph.
Let's go! == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == Zack.
I'm sorry.
Zack, I'm sorry.
- Open up! Open the door! - Let us in! Hey, we got one! Say something! So we know you're not one of them.
How about an alphabetical list of prepositions? About, above, across, after, uh, against - What are you doing in here? - This is my house.
There's a mandatory evacuation to St.
Show me some ID.
- Will that do? - I'm sorry, sir.
- We didn't mean to - What are you doing here? That badge is gonna get you hotel privileges, security, food I'm waiting for somebody.
Who exactly are you waiting for, sir? My son.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Alright, guys! Let's move on.
Time to make the donuts.
Hold on! Brought you more raw materials for the bioweapon.
You know where to put it.
There's the new batch.
One of my teams reported you were sleeping in Woodside last night? Or not sleeping, by the looks of it.
What's going on there? Just keeping an eye on some property I own out there.
Not smart.
You're too important to this fight.
Not to mention the fact that you're technically still a federal fugitive or would be if you weren't - under my protection.
- Well, technically, if I were in jail, you wouldn't have any bioweapon.
Jesus Christ.
Eph, you're an epidemiologist from the CDC.
You can train others to do this grunt work.
I need you on my staff trying to figure this thing out on a larger scale.
Not interested.
Do you know what's really going on? On the news it says you're winning.
The middle of Manhattan around Central Park is basically under our control.
So is Staten Island, Red Hook, parts of Queens near the shore.
We're pushing the munchers further out.
Did you just say "munchers"? It's something this guy I know calls them.
I believe that confidence goes a long way.
The message is that we are winning.
But the truth is, we don't have the manpower.
At this current casualty rate, we can't push out any further.
What's the kill ratio for the bioweapon? Around 75% ballpark.
- Last week it was 100%.
- It was.
I don't know.
Maybe we didn't get a big enough sample size.
No, that shouldn't be it.
It should be lethal.
All I know is I need more of your weapon or I need a better weapon.
Or I need a new plan.
What I've got are cops and citizens with guns and sticks.
If we don't stay ahead of these things, we're done.
It's not a question of if we're going to fail only when.
And take a damn shower.
75% effective.
Is the latency period too short? Too long? Are they adapting? They're sure as hell getting smarter.
- This is all I could find.
- Is that alright? Thank you.
Come on.
It's worth a lot.
Yeah, yeah.
Here you go, man.
- Hey, Raul.
- You find asthma medicine? Yeah.
I can give you three.
And I'll have some tuna, cans of soup and the fifth over there.
Do you have a Taser? "The seven plagues, mortal only to the face of God.
" The face of God.
"Countenance divine.
" Moses said, "The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, - and give thee peace.
" - Perhaps a literal translation - is not the best approach.
- Nonsense! - The answer is in here! - The clues are in there.
The answer is not.
I am aware you are anxious to take action.
Each day we wait our task grows harder.
The Master is building an army.
I will not be rash.
I made that mistake once before and I will not make it again.
We will not strike until we possess all of the knowledge in this text.
Yeah, well, I expected - the federal government to bend me over - but I thought my fellow city council members would at least buy me a drink first.
Let me save you some breath and me more high blood pressure.
We are not giving back one square inch of the territory that so many New Yorkers have fought and died for.
Period, done, end of story.
I've had this disease ever since I was young, Fet.
- Makes me speak my mind.
- Don't you ever take the cure.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Yeah, sure.
So these Navy SEALs.
What's the latest? Well, we took out two big nests near Chinatown.
These munchers are getting faster.
I need more help.
Is there any way that we can convince them to change their mission? To help me secure Manhattan? Any way we can get them to call in reinforcements? I don't think so.
I'm just like a translator for these guys, you know? I speak New York City.
Other than that, these guys are doing their own thing.
Fine, whatever you can do to help them succeed, do it.
I'll take a win wherever I can get one.
- 531 dispatch, go ahead.
- Yep.
Let him through.
Come on! Mama.
Mama, it's OK.
I just wanna give you this, look.
I just wanna give you this, look.
I know you're hungry, OK? Just relax, alright? Here.
I just wanna give it to you.
OK? Mom! Mom, please! Mom! Mom, relax, OK? Here.
That's all I got.
I know you hear me.
I will get them back for what they did to us.
OK? I promise.
My name is Lar.
- A sun-hunter.
- I speak for them.
I don't care who speaks as long as they do the listening.
We are surprised to see you.
You think me a traitor because for the moment I have thrown my lot in with the cattle.
But you should know better than anyone; I have no allegiances, only an enemy.
Is that how you justify your thievery? I'm taking action.
Unlike you, who lurk in your chamber, paralyzed by a truce that has lasted centuries and has now been broken.
You have grown indolent.
What became of the Ancients from the Old World? - The rest of the seven? - We have not had - any contact with them.
- My guess is that He destroyed them before coming to the New World.
And now he's come here to finish the job.
Setrakian may be a thief, but he's a fighter.
Which is more than can be said for the lot of you.
We want to know what you've learned from the Lumen.
Of course you do.
You want to know if our search for the Master's demise might also bring about your demise as well.
The book is not yet deciphered.
We still have much work to do.
You will share with us what you have found! You would be wise not to threaten me, your only ally in this war.
I am not your servant! I am your best hope.
Fortunately for you, your enemy and mine is the same.
- Can I help you get - Back off, big fella.
- Back off! - I see you got it, huh? You have a great day! That's my kinda lady.
Hey, sunshine.
Miss me? You were gone? Only for four days.
Guess you didn't notice.
So, how soon can we end this thing and go back to ordering takeout and yelling at the TV - like normal New Yorkers, huh? - In time, Mr.
In time.
You've had that thing for a week now.
This book has been compiled over the course of centuries.
One week's reading is not enough to unveil all its mysteries.
What's that? Oh, what have I been up to? Oh, thanks for asking, professor.
I got assigned by Justine Faraldo to work with these Navy SEALs the government! They're investigating a theory that there might be a King Rat muncher that started the whole outbreak on the plane, huh? So they're sending these SEALS in to see if it's true and I'm supposed to help them find him.
They're finally coming around to the reality - of what's really going down.
- Well, it's as sound - a plan as any.
- Yeah, right? Me steering these Navy SEALs towards strigoi hot spots you know, wherever they're massing.
Professor, these SEALs, they go in and they slay 'em with extreme prejudice, you know? - I mean, that's gotta be good, right? - Why not? There's the rousing vote of confidence I was looking for.
Thank you, Professor.
Word to the wise, don't ever sneak up in my blind spot unless you wanna eat a rebar sandwich.
Your centurions if they do find him, you must alert me first before they pursue him.
I can finish him; they cannot.
Lemme tell you something, Born-o, alright? First off, in our world, listening in on people's conversations? Not polite.
Second, these centurions you're talking about? They're, like, the best of the best.
Every failed empire has a legion of elite warriors.
None with ISR drone support, night-vision goggles and automatic assault rifles.
Technology offers no advantage over the Master.
What these guys do, they do better than anybody else in the history of the world.
Including half-vampires.
10 bucks says we get to him before you - or the magic book do.
- Why would you bet against me - if we're on the same side? - Because I don't like you.
Because you've got a stinger like a full-on strigoi, and you drink human blood.
Now if that makes me a racist, or a creature-ist, or an anti-strigoic, well, then, there you go.
Fet's a hater.
Fet, that's enough.
Would you give me and the Professor a moment alone to have a conversation? Humans only.
- Happy hunting.
- Yeah.
You too, slick.
How can you trust that guy? Mr.
Quinlan has been instrumental in translating these pages.
What happens when he gets everything that he needs from this book? You're splitting rent and utilities with a muncher on steroids! What happens if you wake up one morning with his stinger in your neck? If I do, your "I told you so" will be a source of great comfort before you dispatch me.
Don't be so sentimental.
You go ahead and do your thing.
I'm gonna head back out, hunt for the Master.
Good luck.
If I see him, I'll tell him you said hello.
City Hall Station.
Opened in 1904.
One of the crown jewels of the New York subway system.
You really love this city, huh? It's my home.
And it's under attack.
Tell me the truth.
Is there Is there any version of this where we might get more troops? More troops? Not a chance in hell.
Truth is, we've got two more days here.
If we don't find your King Rat, we're gone.
On the big map, New York's been written off.
Not sure "sorry" covers it.
- Ford.
- Yes, sir.
You're heading up Two.
Get with your guys.
Roger that.
Fet, what do you got? Strigoi returning to nest at dawn.
Hundreds of them are going underground right below where we're standing right now.
- And where there's lots of strigoi - That's where we have our best shot at finding Bolivar.
Hey, I've been thinking I've been down there, so why don't I gear up with you guys and I could lead you to the muncher nest myself? No civilian ride-alongs, my friend.
Enjoy the show.
Here we go.
- See ya, Fet.
- I got your back, buddy.
Alright, eyes everywhere.
These things can move.
- Patience, patience, patience.
- Got your rear.
Sentinel munchers.
They're like lookouts.
Just get as close as you can to them without alerting them to your presence.
Coming up on our six! Prepare to engage.
Stay sharp.
We're moving.
Hold fire! Fet.
I can see a person down here - in a suit.
A human person.
- Hold on.
You see what I'm seeing? Fet, come in! - What? - Fet! - Get on him! Don't lose him! - What the hell - are you talking about? - That's Bolivar's number two! - Move! Going up! - Kroft! Be careful! I'm warning you! He's fast.
Not faster than a bullet.
Actually, I think he is.
Team Two, keep your distance.
Let's see - where this guy's going.
- Copy that.
He's heading to the church.
Wait for me! We're at the church.
Alright, boys.
Stack it up.
Let's go, let's go.
On me.
Ready? Go, go, go! - Go, go, go! - Cover, move, cover, move.
Watch your step, boys.
- Watch your backs.
- Clear.
Got the rear? - Moving.
- Go! No! Don't go down there yet.
Kroft? C'mon! Somebody answer me! Cut the pie, guys.
Check the corners.
What was that? What the hell was that? Team leader, over.
Kroft, come in.
Oh, shit.
It looks like a good time to fall back.
Ford? Ford! Something's happening to the feeds.
Ford? You read me? - Kroft! - Talk to me.
You're not hunting him anymore.
He's hunting you.
- Let's go.
- Go, go.
- Move, move, move! - It's open.
- Move in.
- Ford? - I've lost visual.
- Me, too.
- Scaggs? Vannelli? - Nothing.
- Get it? - I dunno.
Playing with us.
- Scaggs? - Holy shit! - He was just here.
- Scaggs! We're coming for ya.
Everybody, eyes on.
Kroft! I'm coming! If you see a flare, don't shoot! Anyone! Holy shit! What was that? Vannelli? Let's move! Vannelli? Kroft! Fet? Get out of here! Vannelli? Coley? Coley, what is it? Where the hell are you?! Damn it.
Fet! - I'm close! I'm in the tunnel! - No! Listen to me! Something's in here! It's taking us out one by one! Find the other team! Save my guys! Get 'em out! Come on.
Up, up, up.
Come on.
Let's go, come on.
Lovely evening! Is it not? Goddamn you.
Mom? Will you help me? The Master is going to let us be together.
Why? Because I am going to do something for him.
Get out of my way! Ah.
About, above across, after, among, against around Around, at Zack? - Where is Zack? - Zack is alive.
- You can get him back.
- Where is he? - He's safe.
- Where is my son? How much of you is still alive in there? Enough.
When His voice leaves me, when His leash loosens, I still feel sadness like a void.
Then the thirst drives those emotions away.
But I am still here.
We want the Lumen.
The book?! You kept Zack alive to trade him for a book? You have a choice to make.
The Lumen or Zack.
== sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==