The Strain (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

First Born

1 Previously on The Strain Mama? Mama, it's OK.
I just want to give you this.
Alright? Here.
I will get them back for what they did to us.
- (Growling) - This book, it is bait! You want the Master? He will come for whoever possesses it.
We want the Lumen.
You have a choice to make.
The Lumen or Zack.
(Slurping) Mom? (Zack wheezing) What did the Master offer you for it? - My son.
- The Lumen will bring the Master out of hiding.
When he comes for it, I'll kill him.
How do I know you can get the job done? I've been preparing for this "job" for over 1000 years.
Alright, baby, you're doing great.
Just breathe deeply.
In out.
- Enough with the breathing.
- Oh, yeah, sure.
Sounds good.
Look, Dr.
Somani Dr.
Somani? Hi.
So we are all set here.
Many, many first deliveries are long labors.
- I wanted to do this naturally.
- The fetus could go into distress.
We've reached the time now where this is the right thing for everyone.
Yeah? So just lie back, try to relax, and this'll be over quickly.
Isn't that what I said the night we got into this mess? Here we go, OK? I just wanted it to be perfect.
It is perfect.
You're being too hard on yourself.
- Suction, please? - (Squelching) Thank you.
There we go.
Get those hands in there.
(Gasping) Oh! What is it? Eph? Is it a boy? A girl? What do we do? Eph? What is it? - Hand under there, please.
- What is it? - What's wrong with my baby? - It's within the caul.
But everything's fine.
Right, Dr.
Somani? Of course, it's just it's incredible.
Get it out! Get my baby out of there! - Scalpel.
- Scalpel.
Careful now.
Gently, gently.
Alert the PICU.
We might need them.
Get that head out.
- Hand under there, please.
- (Baby crying) Everything's fine.
It'll be OK.
- Beautiful baby boy.
- Well done.
(Baby crying) It was a great omen, Zack.
A caul baby is very rare.
You were delivered from my body but still part of me.
What do you mean? We have a bond no one can break.
Even with you like this? I'm sorry you saw me feeding, Zack.
I know it was a shock.
He was a boy.
I know.
But he was suffering in his old life.
It's like you.
You're feeling better.
How is your breathing? Better.
Really good, actually.
What did he give me? A tiny droplet of what makes the Master special.
So does it mean that I'm going to turn? The Master has seen this world through the centuries, Zack.
He wants to end all that.
And you can help him.
Yeah, but help him how? He will show you when you are ready.
I always knew you were destined for great things.
(Creaking) (Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == (Setrakian): Hey! Mr.
Fet! - It's gone.
- Gone? My book.
The Lumen! I warned you.
A half strigoi is still a strigoi.
The Born.
He took it? Could be handing it over to the Ancients right now.
Or even worse, the Master himself.
- We must get it back! - Can't see any way to do that.
Unless someone who never trusted the Born to begin with slipped a tiny GPS tracking device, like the ones used to track wild animals, into the book's silver binding where no sticky-fingered muncher or half-muncher could ever find it.
Is that true? Who's your favorite exterminator? And in the name of all that's holy, let's go get the son of a bitch.
(Intense music) - (Distant men yelling) - (Footsteps) Still agonizing? - Am I a fool? - Well, you're human.
It's a book.
Bound in silver, full of myth and folklore about strigoi throughout recorded history.
I It's just a book.
I know that.
If the Master wants it that bad it must have some value to him.
Or he believes it does.
Am I trading the future of human life on Earth for the soul of my boy? A parent's love for his or her offspring is one of the prime - movers of human experience.
- Or so you've been told.
Professor Setrakian informs me that your wife is one of the Master's principal servants.
- What about it? - I believe there are other elemental human emotions at play here as well as a parent's love, such as hatred and revenge.
Don't shy away from the truth of what motivates you, Doctor.
That book is the answer to both our problems.
You will get your son back.
And I will kill my father.
- (Hubbub) - - (Laughing) - Oh, you're right! (Man): Step up and see the demon child the two-headed boy! (Laughing and overlapping voices) Are you afraid? (Music playing) - the horse I gave you.
- Oh, yes.
(Overlapping voices) Gaze upon unknown and mysterious creatures.
Behold the Leech.
- (Snarling) - (Crowd murmuring) It is a mute.
The only thing this accursed being understands is a whipping.
(Growling) I wouldn't get too close.
I want to watch him feed.
- (Low growling) - (Goat bleating) I am Ancharia.
I have been searching for you for a long time.
(Clanging) - (Growling) - (Metal creaking) (Bleating) It's alright.
(Bleating) (Screeching) You are not unholy.
You are blessed.
You are a prince born of a dark being.
But I must enquire, for what purpose do you desire to possess this abomination? The truth, if you must know it, is that this being you call a "leech," and whom you have caged and whipped like a cur, is a hybrid creature.
Half-human, yes.
And half-strix.
A strix? But he does not resemble a strix as I have seen them drawn.
They have black hair and curved fangs.
Oh, by Orcus's sword, what have I done? Ask yourself, how much is it worth to you to remove its curse from your and your family's souls? (Owl hooting) Again.
Your name? (Stuttering) Kuh Quin Quintus.
Full sentence.
My name is Quintus.
So named because you are the fifth Invictus the unconquerable, the invincible.
Begotten of the Master, the seventh original strix.
It is too hard for you to understand now.
You bear the Master's mark, yes.
But not all who have horns are demons.
The desire you feel, your thirst.
It is your nature.
Animal blood is not enough.
You must feed on the very species you were created to save.
You must be strong.
The Master has surely been hunting you.
You will remain hidden here, with me, until such time as you are ready to fulfill the prophecy.
- (Low growl) - You are exalted, Quintus.
A unique being destined for greatness.
For you alone can rid this world of his foul scourge.
You are the savior.
- (Men yelling) - (Gunshots) - (Growling) - It's OK, Mama.
It's me, Gus.
I just wanna give you something to eat, OK? - (Screeching) - (Gus grunting) Relax.
Relax, Mom.
I don't want to hurt you.
OK, Ma.
(Growling) - (Knocking) - (Snarling) - (Knocking) - Go away! - It's not a good time! - (Man, muffled): Gus! (Man speaking Spanish) Angel? Angel, what's up, bro? Uh, I'm a little busy right now, OK? I'll catch up with you later, alright? Gus! (Growling, snarling) Angel! Just get outta here, OK? Gus! - Gus! - (Crashing) Gus.
(Screeching) (Growling) (Siren wailing) (Helicopter chopping) So help me out here.
The Master is not your biological father, of course, because strigoi, by their very nature, don't possess the proper equipment.
If that inquiry was meant to be a joke, I'm just as happy - to ride in silence.
- No, no, no, I'm dead serious.
I want to know how it works.
Is it transduction? The transfer of genetic material from one organism to the other by a viral agent.
I was conceived by two humans, just like yourself.
But at some point, my biological mother - was stung by the Master.
- Turned.
There is a stricture in the lore about turning a pregnant woman.
The lore states the resulting creature would bear their mark, but not carry their plague.
And that this creature would be their undoing.
At some point, the Master must have sensed the presence of a second heartbeat when he attacked my mother, but for some reason he was prevented from destroying her at that time.
So when your mother metamorphosed into a strigoi, the Master's infection changed you in utero.
An orphaned monster from the start.
OK, I think I understand that, but I still don't get how when he dies, you die.
All you need to know is that in me, the Master has sown the seed of his own destruction.
It is my destiny.
So, yes.
This is a suicide mission for me.
- If the mythology is true.
- It is true.
Three weeks ago you believed nothing.
Do not presume to know what you will believe three weeks from now if you're still alive.
Fair enough.
(Intense music) (Bird calling) (Crickets chirping) (Low rumbling) (Distant howling) (Owl hooting) (Growling) (Growling) (Screeching) - (Growling) - (Shrieking) (Crunching) (Whimpering) He has found you.
He will come here now.
Let him come.
No! You're not ready yet.
The Master is too powerful.
We must go, right this moment.
(Buzzing) (Crackling) (Dripping) (Growling) You are Invictus.
You would take up silver arms against me? You have spirit, Invictus.
My name is Quintus.
You carry yourself like a human.
Quintus, do not engage him.
I am the agent of your destruction.
The huntress has indulged your human half.
I will put your resolve to the test.
I am ready to fulfill my destiny.
Not in battle, Invictus.
Deprivation will reveal your true nature.
(Rumbling) (Snarling) That's my mom, Angel.
I don't care.
I don't care, OK? I live here; I can keep her safe.
You know, I can feed her until we figure out something to do.
You don't know how I feel! You don't know how this feels.
I won't do it.
I can't do it.
She's in there, OK? She's in there somewhere and that's all that matters to me.
(Growling) Let me do what you can't.
Don't even think about it, Angel.
Try me.
(Whispering): Crazy.
No! No! No! (Grunting): No! No! Don't make me choose! Don't make me choose! (Siren beeping) (Man): Attention residents! This is the Safe Street initiative sweep team.
We will be conducting a sweep of all the buildings on this street.
All residents are required to comply.
They're gonna get this building next.
Please exit your building for inspection or you'll be subject to arrest.
You gonna stand there or you gonna help me? You know, I've had enough of your shit.
I don't need you, OK? - OK, OK.
- Come on, before they catch both of us in here, man.
It's OK.
(Snarling) - Mexican seatbelt.
- That's funny.
Can we go now? This is never gonna work, man.
Then leave! Take the stairs or something! (Elevator ding) (Squeaking) (Rumbling) (Intense music) (Muffled voices) (Man): Down here.
Let's go.
OK, this is it.
Safe Streets Initiative! Is there anybody in here? Let's go! (Whispering): Hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Alright, open up! Check that door down there! Aw, shit! OK, mama's boy.
Now what? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Relax, man.
We can make it, OK? But you gotta move fast.
OK? On my cue.
Safe Street Initiative, anybody in there? Safe Streets Initiative, anybody in there? OK, check, check the back there.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - What the hell is this? - Police! - Relax! Relax! We're on our way out, alright? We didn't do anything.
- Take off the blanket.
- We are talking.
- We are people.
Let us go.
- Take the blanket off now! It's just my mom, alright? She's sick; we're just trying to get her to the hospital.
- Oh.
- It's alright.
- Take off the goddamn helmet.
- You don't wanna do that.
- Take off the goddamn helmet! - OK, OK.
- (Growling) - Don't move! - (Screeching) - (Groaning) - (Gus): Go! Go! Go! - Freeze! Stop right there! Put your hands in the air or we'll shoot! - Go! - Don't move! Hold it right there! - Hold it right there! Freeze! - This is your last chance! (Grunting) Stay down! Stay down! (Distant siren wailing) (Door creaking) (Distant clunking) Here, kitty, kitty.
(Snarling) (Growling) Well, that's quite a communications network you got going there.
Anyway, thanks for taking my call.
(Master's voice): Goodweather I'm doing the talking.
I got your goddamn book.
If you want it, you're gonna have to come through on your end.
Here are the terms.
You will show up yourself.
Not your Nazi butler.
You will bring my son.
You will show him to me before I give you the book.
He will be unharmed.
He will be human.
The exchange will occur just after sundown.
The location? A favorite fishing spot of Zack and mine.
He knows it.
Not Kelly, no one else.
If you don't bring him I will know that he is dead or turned and you will never get the book.
Blink if you understand.
I'm hanging up now.
The die is cast.
Will he go through with it? The Master will reveal himself for the Lumen.
That's all I need.
I know that you also thirst.
I am dying.
- (Groans) - You will continue to waste.
And when the Master returns, you will be too weak to defend yourself.
Drink me, Quintus, and use me and your strength to escape.
Do not fight him.
There will be another opportunity to defeat him.
But not here.
Not now.
You must escape.
I won't do it.
The Master cannot love.
So he takes it from others, feeds upon it, along with their blood.
I don't know if you can feel love, Quintus.
But I can.
And I do.
I love you like a son.
Please, my son.
I am suffering.
(Shrieks) (Gulping) (Rumbling) (Whooshing) The half-breed has chosen his path.
Come to me, Invictus.
I will show you and teach you things beyond your dreams.
Yes, I can only imagine the wonder of your world, Lord.
The majesty of residing underground like a snake.
A fugitive of nature.
Afraid of the sun.
Need I remind you; the night lasts as long as the day.
And I am doomed to stand astride both worlds the light and the dark.
You cannot control me as you do your creatures.
It frustrates you, doesn't it? To know you will never be my Master.
(Growling) The huntress has indulged your human half too well.
(Growling) We will meet again.
- (Alarm ringing) - (Siren wailing) The Lumen is heading out of the Safe Zone.
Why, I can't tell.
Alright? But this is the quickest route.
The last checkpoint is just up ahead.
After that, all bets are off.
(Rattling) (Distant siren) You alright? I will be if you drive faster! You know, catching up to him is just like half the battle, right? The Born is kinda fast and kinda strong and invincible.
It's a good thing I brought these along.
Revenge has clouded the Born's mind.
An affliction with which I have personal experience.
But if that white-blooded bastard costs me my best opportunity of defeating the Master, I I know where this is going! Hey, what is this? Huh, what is it? - (Radio chattering) - You didn't book us.
No fingerprints, no phone call? Not no more.
10 out, 3 back? - Yep.
- Then with these, uh seven bodies, that makes two full sweep teams.
- Get 'em down there! Now! - Hold on.
- Sweep team? What's a sweep team? - We are at war.
We're not gonna have able-bodied men cooling their heels in a jail cell.
You shitheads just got conscripted.
- Come.
Move it.
- Go.
Get your damn hands off me.
Why is Quinlan coming all the way back around to Bay Ridge? - (Distant siren) - And now it's getting late.
He's running out of real estate.
Next stop, the Lower Bay.
He's penned in.
Fet what, what does this mean? (Beeping) Is the Lumen on a boat? Can't be.
Strigoi can't cross moving water.
Not the Master, not even the Born.
Unless he has a human helper.
(Intense music) - (Seagulls squawking) - (Seagull shrieking) (Birds crying) Send out my wife and son! (Exhaling) (Hissing) OK, that's close enough.
Let me see his face.
Show me his face.
Now! (Growling) (Grunting) - (Grunting) - (Hissing) (Shrieking) (Screaming) (Eph groaning) (Shrieking) Where is he? Where is he?! (Grunting) We had a deal! You will never have him! - Give me my son - (Snarling) (Grunting) (Purring) (Shrieking) - (Screaming) - (Grunting) May I turn him now? No.
Leave him to suffer.
(Sizzling) (Gunshots) Thousands of years of hunting.
It ends here.
At an amusement park.
Sounded like gunfire.
Those are my Navy SEALs.
Hey, guys! They've been turned.
(Gunfire) - (Groaning) - (Chuckling) (Shrieking) Mr.
Quinlan! (Strigoi squealing) (Yelling) (Shrieking) (Whimpering) (Whining) (Yelling) (Buzzing) (Buzzing) (Seagulls squawking) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==