The Strain (2014) s03e04 Episode Script

Gone but Not Forgotten

Previously on The Strain - Where's Zack? - We want the Lumen.
You have a choice to make.
The Lumen or Zack.
- What did the Master offer you for it? - My son.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Take off the goddamn helmet.
- OK.
- Go, Mama, go! Seven bodies that makes two full sweep teams.
- What's a sweep team? - You shitheads just got conscripted.
That book is the answer to both our problems.
You will get your son back and I will kill my father.
Send out my wife and son! - Let me see his face.
- (Snarling) Those are my Navy SEALs.
They've been turned.
Quinlan! (Screaming) (Yelling) Can you just to the right? OK, give me a sec here.
OK, how's that? - Would you put this on, please? - Better, thanks.
I only have a few minutes here.
- Oh, of course.
- We can roll.
So how big's the team covering what's going on here in the city? You're looking at it.
Our New York bureau shut down three days ago.
My guys and me refused to leave.
All right, we're rolling.
Faraldo, you've been leading the charge here in New York City.
But in the last few days, there's been a shift.
The strigoi as some people are calling them have taken ground from you in Harlem and parts of the Bronx, Queens and Lower Manhattan.
According to reports, you're having trouble holding battle lines.
Not true.
- We're making progress.
- Where are you making progress? All throughout Manhattan Upper and Lower Harlem, Queens.
I understand that in Lower Manhattan, the fight isn't just being fought by your own security forces.
We have confirmed reports that chain gangs of conscripted prisoners are being forced into the fight.
- What? - How many of these chain gangs has the NYPD set up? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Are you familiar with someone named Ben Greene? - Should I be? - Ben was arrested for breaking curfew and was denied due process.
According to Ben's account, these chain gangs are comprised of people who have committed any range of offenses.
And they're being forced to clear strigoi from infected areas.
Many go in, most don't survive.
- Turn the camera off! - Ben is 16.
You really think turning people against our efforts is a good idea right now? We're hanging by a thread! The citizens have a right to know what's going on! Turn the camera off! What are you doing here? Documenting the fall of New York.
Get these assholes out of my office.
(Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == - - Two things about your great plan that didn't work out.
One: you didn't die.
You know, that whole myth that "he dies, you die," that never really made sense to me.
Although neither does how fast you appear to be healing.
And, uh, two I don't have my son back.
That was kind of a big part of the plan for me.
So congrats on chopping your Dad's head off and sorry your suicide mission didn't really work out.
And, uh thanks for leaving me here with nothing.
It's been a long night, Professor.
Come on, take a load off.
I cannot sit at a time like this.
I have worked my whole life towards this end.
We killed the Master, right? I saw his head go plop.
We should celebrate with a drink.
I mean, seriously, I'm worried, Professor.
You should exercise - your facial muscles more.
- Mr.
Fet, this is me happy but we still have work to do.
That deceitful, half-human, full-on thief decapitated the King Rat, right? Come on, come on.
Na Zdorov'ya! Hey? Now the question is what's next? Without the controlling intelligence of the Master, the strigoi are on their own.
- Every muncher for himself.
- Precisely.
Well, then, you're right; our job isn't nearly done.
Lots of throats left to cut.
But the tide has turned.
And this is becoming a proper extermination now.
I should start charging my hourly rate.
Hey, Doc? Join us for a drink? (Quietly): Stupid question.
How's the patient? He's gonna make it.
Not that he's happy about that.
(Quietly): Well, neither am I.
So how'd you end up on the pier? How did How did Quinlan talk you into it? Kelly offered me a deal.
The Lumen for Zack.
I helped Quinlan steal the book.
The plan was to kill the Master and get my son back.
It half worked.
- Wait a minute.
- You stole the book? And teamed up with that filthy half muncher against us? - It wasn't about you.
- No? You came here and you told us that Nora had died.
Was that some kind of excuse just so you could rip us off? - Was that what it was? - Those were different things.
You had no right to do that.
I went out there to try to save my son.
I failed.
You won.
- There's your thank-you.
- You should have come to me.
They were keeping Zack alive to trade him for the Lumen.
- Now there's no need for that.
- I'm sorry about your boy, Ephraim.
Now, please leave.
I don't want to see you right now.
(Door opening) (Door shutting) (Distant yelling and sirens) (Bird squawking) (Heartbeat) (Growling) (Shrieking) (Knocking) (Louder knocking) (Knocking) - May I use your bathroom? - Where the hell have you been? You don't wanna know.
Clearly you've been sleeping in a dumpster.
You're smelling pretty ripe there yourself, Doc.
- You Oh.
- (Dutch peeing) So anyone else here? - No, Dutch.
- (Toilet flushing) That's cool.
I was just in the neighbourhood and I thought, yeah, well, bloody hell, why not, you know? So I'm here.
I see we're both on the same liquid diet.
That obvious, huh? I'm known for my keen intuition.
Oh, God, I'm not feeling great.
I'm sick.
Not strigoi sick.
Booze sick.
So don't cut my head off.
I'm gonna lie down.
- (Bottles crashing) - OK.
Welcome home! (Distant scraping) (Growling) (Rattling) - Mom? Mr.
Eichhorst? - (Growling) (Banging) Mom?! (Growling) Mom! Help me! Mom! - (Growling) - No! Mom! No! Mom! No! Help me! - Mom! - (Squealing) Zack.
Are you OK? What's happening? Things have changed.
How? That thing was trying to sting me.
I'll protect you.
I'm here now.
What is going on here? He's fine.
He's just scared.
And you? Are you fine as well? He was supposed to be safe.
Scheisse! (Speaking different language) This cannot pass! There was a plan! It cannot be abandoned! - What can we do? - We must act.
We will strike back.
Am I alive? Or are you in hell with me? Purgatory at best.
- My weapons? - Over there.
- What happened? - You saw it.
- I killed the Master.
- You chopped his head off.
That does not qualify? Could you have been wrong? About dying after the Master dies? One only has one chance to prove such a theory.
Why? What is the state of the city now? Strigoi roaming the streets, still feeding, but rudderless.
- No central intelligence.
- That's promising.
- Yes.
- You seem not to be convinced.
As do you.
I didn't expect to be pondering this issue.
Quinlan, I want to know for sure.
You're right.
We must know.
And there's only one place we can go for an answer.
(Alarm ringing) - Come on.
Everybody up! - (Whistle tweeting) - Everybody get up! - Morning! Wake up.
Let's go, guys.
Come on! - Hey, get up.
- Come on! - Come on! Everybody up! - Come on! Get up! We've got heavy assignments today.
Come on, everybody up! Up! I don't want to be here either, shithead.
(Quietly): He's gonna get what he deserves.
- Oh, no, not now.
- I need five guys.
One, two, three, four.
- I'll be your fifth.
- All right.
- (Whistle blowing) - Enough with the shuffling along.
- Pick up the pace.
- Just woke up.
- Damn, sister man.
- Move it! - Mad cracker.
- Whoa.
Empty your pockets.
(Distant man): Let's go, guys.
In the line.
- What the hell's this? - The other officer told me I could keep them.
For my protection.
We gotta go! Let's move 'em through the chow line.
'K, you got 10 minutes to eat, then we're loading in the trucks.
- Where we going? - I'm only a cog in the wheel just like you.
Come on.
- Move it.
Move it.
- (Whistle blowing) What are you guys in for? My dumbass brother says, "Hey, let's loot.
Forget the curfew.
" - Story of my life.
- We were starving out there.
- You got us locked up.
- I was in my office building, just trying to get some of my stuff out.
I just wanted to leave town.
Apparently, I read the "cleared/not cleared" signs incorrectly.
The past doesn't mean shit now.
(Indistinct conversation) - Alright, get back to work.
- You got it, man.
- Morning.
- Chain gangs? At best, I look like an inept asshole.
At worst, a lying sack of shit.
That interview was humiliating, Frank.
Not to mention, a 16-year-old boy? We are doing what's necessary, for this city and for you.
Ah, I love that.
For me, yeah? - That's rich.
- In case you haven't noticed, the prison system has collapsed.
We're putting these dirt bags to good use.
Since when do you make these calls, Captain? You know what? I wanna see for myself what this gigantic favour that you've done for me looks like.
Get in.
Our job here today is to clear all the tunnels between here and One Police Plaza.
Got it? Where's our guns? We don't give guns to inmates.
How stupid do you think we are? Pretty stupid.
(Laughing) You say something? I said, what happens if we refuse to go in there? Then I have to use this.
Do your job and I won't have to do mine.
Tough guy, right? But you're not tough enough to go in there yourself.
See, me, I don't got a problem going in there.
All I need is a pair of gloves.
But the rest of these guys? They're not prepared for this.
(Groaning) - Smells worse than a bum's ass.
- Please, brother.
You throw up, we all vomit.
- (Chuckling) - Hold on.
I feel the breeze.
Let's go this way.
(Creepy music) (Low growling) (Growling) Ay dios mio.
(Distant growling) - (Shrieking) - (Grunting) (Screeching) My man! Angel De la Plata.
Thank you for coming, senoritas.
Let's go back, get the hell out.
- We're going to die here.
- (Screaming) Help me with this thing! Get it away from me! - Kill it! - (Grunting) Let's get out of here, man.
(Distant man yelling) (Thump) - (Snarling) - Get out, get out! Come on, come on, come on! (Shaky breathing) (Indistinct conversation) You made it back.
I knew that you could.
There's there's something different about these creatures.
OK? I mean, they're not moving together anymore.
Right? They're doing their own thing now.
I'll make a note of it.
- Can I help you with something? - Officer? Hi, yeah.
I'm Justine Faraldo, Director of Security for New York City.
Yes, ma'am.
We know who you are.
I'd like to talk to one of the prisoners.
Anybody got something to say? (Quietly): Watch yourself.
- Justine Faraldo.
- Augustine Elizalde.
Elizalde, is there anything you want to tell me about how things are being run here? You can see for yourself.
Yes, I can.
All right, then.
Carry on.
Jesus Christ.
Is this who we are now, Frank? May I have your attention, please? Hey! May I have your attention! You have been selected to undertake a critical task much too critical to be left to imbeciles like yourselves.
These are trying times and we will persevere.
Won't we? Ugh.
You want to feed, yes? If you can follow my simple instructions, I promise you a great feast.
The virgin blood of 70 humans.
But only once the task is complete.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Nod if you understand.
You are fine specimens.
Justine Faraldo's own employees.
Come with me.
Stay here.
You first.
Hop up here.
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
Once more.
" Lie back.
"In peace there's nothing so becomes a man, "As modest stillness and humility;; "But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger.
" Hold still now.
"Disguise fair nature with hard-favor'd rage; "Then lend the eye a terrible aspect "Let pry through the portage of the head, "Like a brass cannon.
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood.
" This is a great honour.
"Be copy now to men of grosser blood, And show them how to war.
" I'm telling you, we took out Bolivar, the King Rat.
- "We," who? - Myself and some associates.
That's why you're seeing - what you're seeing out there.
- Come on.
We're getting the same number of attacks as before.
Yeah, but random.
One on one.
We took out the strigoi WiFi.
You know, these monsters can't get a signal.
You know, they're too dumb to hide or coordinate.
Like animals, you know? They see food, they go after it.
It makes them easy to trap and kill.
- Well, that's good, right? - It's great.
Yeah, now's our chance, all right? Now's our chance.
We need a big push.
We need everybody that you got.
Sweep this city clean of munchers once and for all.
I can't sleep.
Well, not without boozing until I pass out.
And then when I eventually do, I just end up dreaming about Eichhorst's dungeon, that chain around my neck.
I usually wake up around 3:00, choking.
And I can't get back to sleep until the sun's up.
- Have at it.
- What are these? The green ones are for when you wanna stay awake and the tan oval ones are for when you want to go to sleep.
- Do you still dream? - Unfortunately.
- One in here for heartache? - I didn't want to ask you.
God, I can't believe Nora's gone.
And the Master's dead.
And Zack? They're not going to keep him alive.
There's no reason to.
You don't know that.
I'm not one for magical thinking.
There's no way they're keeping him alive.
I've pissed off Setrakian and Fet.
You did what you needed to do to try and save your kid.
Thank you, but letting myself off the hook is not exactly my style.
I believe that.
Where in the hell did you get a Taser? - Woo! - Guy I know.
(Stuttering) Would it work on a strigoi? Uh, contracts muscles.
Should incapacitate them for 10, 20 seconds? All I'd need.
What are you gonna do now, Doc? You're looking at a man without a plan.
So I guess I'll just have another drink and think about it.
I'm sorry for everything you've been through.
I wish I'd been here to help.
Well, you're here now.
The Master is slain.
I've cut off his head.
After centuries of pursuit, he is fallen.
We felt it.
He was weakened.
His guard was down.
Briefly? What do you mean? He is formless.
That much we understand.
What does that mean? He has not yet taken another body.
But he will? - (Growling) - Is that what's happening? With you, we will share nothing! We want our book.
Lots of stealing books going around.
I saw something.
A red worm crimson.
- Not like the others.
- (Growling) If you did not kill the crimson worm, you did not slay the Master.
What worm is this? The essence of his being.
He has not yet taken another host but when he does, he will be just as powerful as before.
A crimson worm.
You might have told me.
You might have You might have tried to help me.
How about I cut off your useless heads and expose the essence of your being? (Growling) I risk everything and you three husks just sit here, awaiting the end of your days.
Take a good, long look at me.
You will never see me again.
(Growling) (Radio chatter) (Indistinct voices) (Chatter) (Intense music) Look, I'm not saying it's gonna be easy-peasy or anything.
- These things are fast and feral.
- Excuse me.
(Beeping) Now that we're holding Staten Island (Escalating music) - (Screaming) - Get down! (Alarm blaring) (Yelling) Get it off! Get it off! - They're all over me! - Get it off! - Get it off! - (Screaming) They're all over me! Christ almighty.
- Goddammit! - Shit! - Take it off, off, off! - Get it off me.
Get it off me! - What is that? What is that? - Hold still.
- Hold still.
- What is that? (Man): Don't touch anything! Nobody move! Ah! Ah! (Grunting) Did you get it? I think so.
- Are you hit? - Yeah.
Get a doctor here! Get Goodweather here, right now! Goodweather, she's over here.
Come on.
A very terrible thing, huh? Sickening, yeah.
Is that my shirt? Oh, shit.
Yeah, Eph let me stay at your place last night.
He's quite a guy, huh? Takes over my place, gives away my clothes, amongst other things.
- Yeah, I heard.
- Since when have you two been best buddies? Since I lost all my friends.
- Where's Nikki? - She left town with her mother.
You didn't go with her? Wasn't invited.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
Eph said you don't come home anymore.
Yeah, I'm staying at the Mayfield.
You know, closer to the action.
Easier that way, cleaner.
You know, fewer attachments, fewer opportunities for disappointment.
Do you mind if I stay at your place a couple of days just until I get myself sorted? Be my guest.
It doesn't really feel like mine anymore, anyway.
You know? I gotta go help here.
So, you know, - you take care of yourself.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- You too! Well, there's no sign of worms.
- For now.
- All right.
We'll know for certain in two hours.
Two hours, huh? Not even enough time to put my affairs in order.
Well, it looks like Fet got it.
Time will tell.
Straight talk, Doc.
How many others that have had worms get to their eyes have survived? Zero.
I need some time alone, please.
(Door shutting) You think you got it? I don't know.
It happened too fast.
Well, it's a good thing you were there.
We weren't the only ones hit.
Staten Island, two other checkpoints.
Death toll's 60 and rising.
So much for your theory.
The exploding strigoi here targeted this place and Justine.
Feels like a coordinated attack to me, Doc.
I gotta say, yours and Quinlan's great adventure didn't seem to work out so well.
(Distant siren) (Men yelling) (Distant siren) (Knocking) You ready? You know when my husband Tommy went down in the towers? There were a few hours where we just didn't know.
Would they find anyone alive in there? How many survivors would there be? 1000? 50? All those people lined up outside St.
Vincent's to donate blood.
Ambulances waiting, beds in hospitals being prepped for bodies that never came.
We just waited.
But then we knew for sure that no one was coming back.
A different kind of hell.
I'm ready.
(High-pitched ringing) My first thought was go someplace in the city.
My favourite spot.
But Make a big public thing of it? Or my car, even, but I like my car.
Like my house.
Don't want to leave that mess for someone else.
Which is what it comes down to.
So, my garden.
Still winter but, you know.
My own backyard.
Looking up at the stars.
You're clean.
You're shitting me.
Absolutely certain? 100% positive? - No questions? - Clean.
- Thank you! - Don't thank me.
Thank Fet.
I'm having a moment of extreme clarity here.
I can't believe it.
I'm so relieved! Justine Frank, have the guys bring the car around.
I need to pay someone a visit.
Yeah, of course.
Incredible Faraldo walked away from that.
- God, I love second chances.
- I'll drink to that.
Do you think New York will get one? I'm trying to remain optimistic.
I'm hungry.
I'm out of booze.
What do you say we go out tonight? - Drinks and dinner? - No dancing? I think the burglary tools might weigh us down too much.
I know some places that haven't been looted.
You had me at "drinks.
" Hang on a sec.
- Hi, I'm looking for - Whoa, what are you doing? Ah.
There you are.
Hi, Bella.
- Excuse us, please.
- No, we don't need privacy.
Get out.
Stay right outside that door, OK? - You got it.
- Come on, let's go.
You heard about all the shit that went down today? And still, this is what you're working on? I'm sorry, how is this any of your business? Shut up.
Faith in the war effort is paramount.
And what you're doing here undercuts all of that.
Your work does nothing but serve your ego and cause me and my people more harm.
And too many brave souls have given their lives for me to put up with your shit.
You really don't have a choice about what I do or don't do.
- Clean it out.
- What do you mean clean it out? - Everything.
- You can't hold me back.
This is my equipment! - What are you doing? - No, no, no, no.
Stop it! Stop it! You can't do this! No! Get out! Stop it! Look! This is illegal! - (Grunting) - Arrest her.
You piece of shit! - What is this? - Come on.
This is your due process.
(Distant gunshots) (Dog barking) (Distant woman yelling) - You OK? - Yeah, fine.
It's just a little darker out here than I thought.
- Yeah, it's night time.
- You really missed your calling.
You of the witty retorts.
- (Beep) - What? You're charging me? - People keep flagging me down.
- It's like nothing - in New York has changed.
- Holy shit! It must have been nesting back there.
I've gotta start locking this cab.
Do you know how hard it was to find a car with gas and keys? - (Roaring) - (Buzzing) - What do you know? It works.
- Hell, yeah.
(Deep voice): Goodweather.
You failed.
You want to ask me about your son, Goodweather, but you're afraid of the answer.
- Where is he? - He is with me.
Always with me.
Is he turned? Answer me! - Answer me! - (Screeching) - (Sizzling) - (Dog barking) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==