The Strain (2014) s03e06 Episode Script

The Battle of Central Park

Previously on The Strain What is the state of the city now? Strigoi roaming the streets.
Still feeding.
The strigoi have taken ground from you.
According to reports, you're having trouble holding battle lines.
The message is that we are winning.
But the truth is, we don't have the manpower to take back New York City.
Tell me how the hell they're getting in here.
They must be coming from underground somehow.
They're digging their own tunnels now.
Good news is that now I know where they're coming from.
Central Park.
Central Park, central nest.
- - (Indistinct voices) (Siren) So the convict teams will clear out all of the tunnels - underneath the park - Got it, yeah.
and the police strike units will secure the park surface, comb through every tree, bush, gully, and building until every last one of those creatures is dead.
- Concerns? - Same ones you have.
It's a big gamble.
There's no question.
It's a huge deployment, but this is what our problem has been all along.
We never cleared Central Park.
And until we take the Park back, we don't win.
So that's what we're gonna do.
Let's do this.
Get everything in place.
We go at first light.
- Great.
Let's go.
- (Indistinct voices) - Good luck.
- Captain.
So, the big nest.
- You have a plan.
- Star-spangled time.
Rockets' red glare, bombs bursting in air.
We're setting you up with an insertion team to help you get to your target.
Those tunnels are too small for a big team.
It'll be small and tactical, but you're going in there with a team.
Good luck, Mr.
And to you, Councilwoman.
- Good hunting.
- You too.
Boom, baby.
(Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == That's the Jeter foul ball.
The one you spilled a soda on me trying to catch.
Everything in your room; this is what you choose to bring? You know, the sun's out.
- And? - Let's do something fun.
- (Knocking) - (Man's voice): Zack? (Kelly): Zack - What time is it? - It's breakfast time.
Why can't I have a clock? There's no need.
Eichorst and I have something for you.
Don't be afraid, Zack.
She's a feeler.
She is here to protect you.
I've seen those things kill people! These are very special creatures, Zack.
Very perceptive and agile.
(Low growling) What's wrong with its eyes? She was once a child about your age but she was blind.
- Now she can see? - With all her other senses, - better than you can.
- What's her name? You can name her.
Anything you like.
She's here to serve you.
Give her an order, - and she will carry it out.
- Like what? Bed.
It's OK, Zack.
Try it.
She will do anything you want her to do.
But, most importantly, she will keep you safe.
Maybe once you become more comfortable with her, the two of you can go outside together at night.
Get some fresh air.
I know you want to go out.
It's OK.
Come on.
You two have fun.
(Low growling) (Eerie music) (Indistinct voices) - Hey, Officer.
- Hi.
I'm looking for a Captain Rogers? - Uh, I guess just over there.
- Right over there? - At the table, yeah.
- Alright, thank you.
Hey there.
Captain Rogers? Right here.
Captain Kate Rogers.
I thought you were stationed on the other side of town.
I was.
Yeah, but it looks like we've gotta throw everything we've got at Central Park.
That's the plan, Captain.
I drew the low card, though.
I've gotta run some civilian down underneath the Park.
Supposedly he's gonna blow up this big nest of strigoi.
- A civilian, huh? - Yeah, some city exterminator.
Doesn't make sense to me.
I'm the guy who found the nest.
You were with the SEALs, right? - I was advising the SEALs.
- Oh.
Oh, you didn't think that you had a night with a Navy SEAL, - did you? - No, that wasn't the reason - for anything.
- No, you know, 'cause some women, you know, they meet a guy, they find out he's a rat catcher, you know, they get caught up in all the glamour.
Yeah, I bet.
You know, when I met you at the bar, I didn't need to review your resume to know you were the right man for the job.
Why don't you come with me and I'm gonna go pick up a couple of things.
Nah, I'm good.
Got a couple of things to pick up.
Come on.
Alright, let's go.
Captain Rogers! You don't have a key to your own door? Door bolts from inside.
Also, I don't want to get shot by my new tenants, so (Bolt unlocking) Hey.
- Sorry to wake you.
- It's alright.
- This is Captain Rogers.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- My new partner in crime.
This is Dutch Velders.
And that's the Doc.
We just came to pick up some stuff.
It's your house.
I didn't think you would turn it into some kinda hospital - for munchers, but whatever.
- The bio-weapon's played out, so Eph and I have been looking for other angles.
Us, too.
Grab those bags of powdered silver.
- What do you need that for? - Feraldo's mounting a big assault on Central Park today.
- Why Central Park? - 'Cause we found thousands of strigois nesting under it.
- It's infested.
- Doc! This could be exactly what we need.
A major battle, loads of strigoi talking to each other.
- When is this happening? - First light.
What, are you two Are you two coming? We're studying strigoi communication patterns.
This is an opportunity to learn something.
You're trying to figure out what they're saying to each other during the battle? We don't need to know what they're saying.
We just need to learn how to disrupt it.
Uh, the rally point is Columbus Circle, 5 AM.
See you then.
Be careful.
Good luck.
- Be safe, huh? - Yeah, you too.
- Where'd he find her? - Don't know, don't care.
Now which of these should we use for the receiver? - Marley.
- Marley like Bob Marley? No, like Jacob Marley, Scrooge's old business partner? Now a tormented ghost of his former self.
Works for me.
Want me to name you? Would you like that? Right.
You don't talk.
(Creature growling) (Creature moaning) You don't have to stay over there.
You can come over here if you want to.
(Creature purring) - (Distant alarm ringing) - Looks like they're bringing in everybody now.
What, you think a girl can't fight? I didn't say that.
That's not what I meant.
(Siren) Everybody out! - Right this way.
- Listen up! Good news, people.
We are giving you the opportunity to take part in a historic battle.
The fate of Manhattan depends on it.
If you fight bravely, full pardons.
No more tunnel duty.
Pick a weapon.
Take this one.
- How'd you get here? - I got arrested last night.
I didn't even do anything.
I was just lifting shit off bodies.
Anything I could trade for food.
So if we make it, they pardon us.
Come on, man.
- Don't listen to that.
- Alright! Follow me.
I guess so.
Move it! None of the captains reported any contact yet.
I hate being here.
When we fought in Red Hook I was scared shitless, but at least I had a rifle in my hands.
- Kowalski? - Oh, hold on.
- What is it? - It's on.
Three of our teams - have engaged the strigoi.
- Any news from Fet? Not yet.
(Fet): Ugh.
About 20 blocks to go.
- Where are we going? - This old water tunnel.
So, the silver powder how do we disperse it? Ah, it's easy.
We just tape the grenades to the bags, set off a timer so it blows in mid-air and let the barbecue begin.
You can do all that without blowing us up in the process? I'm excited to find out.
We're hitting the tunnels.
Lights! This should do nicely.
Close enough to the tunnels to catch their communications.
Plenty of sunlight to keep us safe.
This kind of reminds me of when we were spying on Palmer.
Except he was speaking English.
Out loud.
Always the technicalities with you.
If they're talking, we will hear them.
The question is, will we hear the Master talking back? We just need to look for anomalies, anything that breaks the established communication patterns.
You never rendered your opinion on Captain Rogers.
- Who? - You know, Fet's new comrade-in-arms.
Oh, yeah, I did.
I said I didn't care.
Am I sensing some jealousy here? No.
Not at all, actually.
She seems very lovely.
She could be very good for him.
Yeah, but you're imagining your sword at her throat.
I wish her nothing but the best.
That's good, because she could probably take you in a fight.
Now you're just baiting me, which I'm not going to rise to, not even to defend my fighting skills, which, I might add, - are vastly superior to yours.
- OK, now you're baiting me.
Not my fault if you're telegraphing your moves - all the time.
- That's absurd.
I very consciously misdirect my - (Squeaking sounds) - Wow.
Look at that.
Chattering like magpies out there.
(Siren) - OK, we're clear.
- (Whispering): Heads up! - (Growling) - (Gunshots) Watch your flanks.
(Whispering): Keep your eyes open.
(Growling) - Eyes up, OK? - Yeah.
- Lee, clear.
- Copy that.
(Shrieking) (Gunshots) (Squealing and shouting) (Growling) (Lee wailing) Lee? Riley? You good? Shit.
(Snarling) Stay down! When they come, you wanna make sure you keep them at least two arm-lengths away from you, OK? That's as far as the stinger can reach.
Just remember, if it touches you, you will die.
I know.
Alright, listen up.
We're gonna go in here.
Elizalde, you and the big guy, you go first.
Why don't you go first? You got the guns.
That's right.
We do.
If you see any stingers, lead 'em back here.
We'll take them down when they come through.
Oh, really? OK, because I just saw you back there, shaking like you were about to start crying.
I don't wanna come through there and you hit me by accident.
Does this look shaky to you, pendejo? Let's go, let's go.
- Real funny.
- She stays.
Look out.
- (Snarling) - Right there! (Shrieking and growling) Should we go in? You got the guns! What do you think? No, we've gotta stay here and protect the whole team.
Elizalde? Hurtado? (Elizalde): Tunnel's clear! Country Club, Bam-Bam, get in there.
See what's going on.
Come on, hustle.
Come on, go, go, go, go, go, go! Awesome.
It's really not that hard.
You've just gotta go for the head.
Think they were looking for you, bro.
- All clear? - Yeah, I think I said that already.
Nice work, Elizalde.
Stay right by me.
Come on, this way.
Watch the white.
OK? Wait.
(Shrieking) (Distant man): Somebody help me! Ah! - Check me.
- (Beep) (Beep) Ah, shit.
Lee, I'm so sorry.
No, wait, don't (Gunshots) You're OK to keep going? We're coming back for the bodies.
This is us.
I'm pretty sure this is police brutality.
You gonna at least say "please" this time? (Growling) What was that? You.
Come on, get in there.
Me? - Yell out what you hear.
- I'll do it.
No, no, she goes.
- But I don't know - Get in there! Come on! Just go! Come on! Come on! Come on! - (Gun clicking) - Don't try me! Go! (Elizalde): Angel! Put the gun down! Put the gun down! - Let go of her, piece of shit! - You don't got a clear shot, - bitch! - I do.
Look, look, nobody has to get hurt, OK? We're just gonna walk outta here.
Soon as we're in a safe place, I'm gonna let her go.
Alright? Come on, Maria.
Just do what he says, Tardi.
Just put the gun down, OK? (Grunting and screaming) Oh, God! (Maria crying) Hey, hey, hey.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Come here.
It's OK.
Come on, come on.
Drop this, drop it, drop it.
Take this.
It's OK, it's OK.
Just point it and pull the trigger.
Alright? Come on, let's go.
Come on, Angel, let's go.
You alright? (Low growling) Ready? Not bad.
- What? What is it? Hey! - (Creature growling) Come back here.
Zack, pack your things.
We have to leave.
Why? It's no longer safe here.
People are coming who want to kill us.
Hurry up.
Take whatever you want.
We are not coming back here.
You have three minutes.
We're observing clusters of sonic activity at irregular intervals, but will require further Setting off your own bullshit detector again? Let me try.
We have a shit-ton of signaling and no idea what it means.
And we may never.
Don't be such a glass half-empty bloke, Doc.
We are going to be like the Bletchley Park Enigma code ladies.
I've always had a little fantasy about that.
Being in World War II, code breaking, - tidy lipstick, rolls in my hair.
- That's delightful.
(Beeping) Hard to tell where we are on this map.
But there should be a shaft somewhere around here - that leads to the surface - (Growling) (Clattering) (Growling and squealing) - (Growling) - Everybody be careful! (Shrieking) (Yelling) (Creature snorting) I'm out! They're trying to make us run out of ammo.
They're doing a good job.
- (Squealing) - (Gunshot) Where did that shot come from? - (Fet): Who's there? - Where's that coming from? - Who was that? We will shoot! - Who's there? - (Overlapping voices) - (Fet): Everyone shut up! Fet! Fet, is that you? You know this guy? Gus! (Laughing) - Fet, good to see you.
- Gus.
This is Gus.
That's Angel.
- This is Kate and I - Maria.
What the hell are you guys doing down here? - We thought you guys were dead.
- Cops arrested us, forced us to fight.
Did you know anything about that? Feraldo needed more bodies.
Look, I'm not gonna force you to do anything, alright? I'm just gonna ask you.
We need your help.
You're already down here, you know? I don't know, Fet.
I mean, we really ain't into being in the whole chain gang anymore, you know.
You're not going back to no chain gang.
I promise you.
You gotta let these two go.
It's no place for her, Angel.
You gotta get her to safety.
Take the map.
Thank you.
You'll be alright.
OK, this way.
We're burning daylight.
Where is he? Where is Fet? On his way.
Which means that we don't know if he'll make it to the nest before dark.
Your call but you can turn him around.
After dark, it's gonna be a whole different ball game.
Keep going.
What is this place? You're the New York City expert.
It's not on your map? No.
What? What is it? The doc's kid.
He was here.
Doc? You read me? Dr.
Ephraim Goodweather.
This is Vasiliy Fet.
Please come in.
So, did we get anything out of this? Anything of use? Once we analyze the data, yeah.
Well, that's promising.
Were you expecting to hear their plans - for world domination? - I don't know - what I was expecting.
- (Gurgling sounds) I wasn't expecting that.
This is a massive communications spike.
Ephraim Goodweather.
It's Fet.
You out there? Fet, yeah.
This is Eph.
Go to channel three.
Fet? You there? - What's up? - Doc, it's it's about Zack.
You should get down here.
(Siren) Sun's gone down.
Please tell me we are close.
We're close.
Fet's almost at the nest.
(Feraldo sighing) (Dutch): You sure it's this way? (Ephraim): It's what Fet said.
- (Creature shrieking) - (Dutch yelping) Shit.
Guess what? They know we're here now.
- (Rumbling) - Here we are.
This is it.
Let's do this.
(Creatures growling) Holy shit.
Have you ever seen anything like that? Looks like we found the slumber party.
Pass them down.
- You got it, Fet? - Got it.
(Distant snarl) (Growling) (Growling) Hear that? Shit.
Fet, hurry up.
(Snarling) (Screaming) - (Creatures shrieking) - Fet! Here they come! They're coming from everywhere, Fet! - You ready, little bastards? - Forget the wire! Just pull the pins and toss them! No! I gotta make sure that the silver spreads throughout the cavern.
It's gotta go off at the right height, or else we're not going to get all of them.
Hurry up, Fet! Let's go! - Fet, watch out! - (Creature shrieking) Fire in the hole! Save me a leg! (Creatures screaming) Watch out! (Shrieking) (Laughing) Woo! Oh, shit.
- It's about damn time! - Oh, shit! Fry, you bastards! This is Kowalski.
Copy that.
It's done.
Fet took out the nest.
Yeah, but we still have to get through the night, OK? Well, I'd say you've done it, Councilwoman.
The park is ours.
Tomorrow, Manhattan.
Then on from there.
It's a good night.
He's still alive.
Well, he must be close by! (Distant door closing) Zack? Zack, are you here? (Footsteps) - He is not.
- Where is he? Where is my son? He is a very special young man.
So much potential.
He is safe.
From you.
He told us how you abandoned him, so many times.
But please allow me to congratulate you on your great victory here today.
Perhaps a monument will be built to Councilwoman Feraldo in Central Park.
Or perhaps not.
(Man): Command.
Checkpoint Bravo 116.
Command, we're in a world of shit.
- What's going on here? - On speakers.
Copy Bravo 116.
This is Command.
- Secret, over.
- Command, we've got thousands - of strigoi pouring in.
Fence - Pull up the checkpoint feeds.
15 men down.
We need help fast 116 Command, respond.
- 116? - Christ almighty.
They've overrun our checkpoint at 116th Street? And 110th and Amsterdam? They've broken through our entire northern perimeter.
They lured us to keep us out after nightfall.
Command, up north! It's a goddamn flood! Why don't you surrender, Dr.
Goodweather? Do you truly believe there is a grand design predicated upon human dominance? Of course you don't.
As a scientist and a man of medicine, you know such matters are not left to the whim of divinity but are the result of sheer force.
The strongest will prevail.
- Where is my son?! - Your wife and your child call to you.
Yaaaah! (Shrieking and grunting) - We can't stop fighting.
- Get that rooftop camera - from the Met for me.
- On your screen now.
That means we cracked our lines at the reservoir.
Mother of God.
I hope you're ready to be a hero.
What I'm ready for is to knock back a couple of beers.
(Man on radio): They claimed our position.
Five guys left! We're surrounded.
Nobody can We need help right now! (Siren) (People yelling) This isn't good.
- Hey! Hey! Where are you going? - Infected! Thousands of them! Get the hell outta here! The strigoi are taking back the park.
Doc! We need to get our shit out of the kiosk or we risk losing everything! Let's not leave here empty-handed! - I'm not leaving.
- Zack's not here, Eph.
We'll find him later.
(Creatures growling) (Sirens) It was a trap.
So they could sweep south through Harlem.
I never dreamed there'd be that many.
We're not gonna hold the park.
All units, this is Justine Feraldo.
Pull out of the Park! Now! Withdraw! All units, withdraw! It's over.
(Roaring) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==