The Strain (2014) s03e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Strain" Pop, I didn't come here to fight.
I came here to warn you.
You need to get out of this city.
You appear after two years, and I'm supposed to flee my home on what? The word of a stranger.
What is the status of the Aurora Cutlass? - The ship left port in Egypt.
- Now we just need you to make sure that it ports here in New York.
We never cleared Central Park.
Until we take the Park back, we don't win.
The big nest.
You have a plan? Star-spangled time.
Rockets' red glare, bombs bursting in air.
Fire in the hole! (Creatures screaming) Pull up the checkpoint feeds.
(Man): They lured us to keep us out after nightfall.
Pull out of the Park! Now! Withdraw! All units, withdraw! It's over.
The strongest will prevail.
- Where's my son?! - Your wife and your child call to you.
Ugh! Yaargh! (Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == - (Gunshots and explosions) - (Men screaming) (Indistinct talking and yelling) (Man): But that's too late! That's too late! - (Gunshots) - (Man coughing) - Mmm - (Explosion) Finally gonna smoke it, huh, Fet? You've been saving that for a month now.
Better me than some German, eh? - (Both men chuckling) - That is a very good point.
(Explosion) - (Gunshots) - (Men shouting indistinctly) (Gunshots and man screaming) I will never see home again.
- (Gunshots and explosions) - (Men screaming and shouting) No.
We make a pact here and now.
We fight for each other.
To survive this.
For each other.
No matter what.
Fate will turn in our favour once again.
(Plane roaring) (Explosion and screams) (Crow cawing) (Men talking in foreign language) (Men moaning and groaning) (Speaking in foreign language) Fet! Fetrovsky, wake up! Wake up! (Fet coughing) (Soldiers shouting in German) (Soldiers yelling in German) - (Siren blaring) - Wiped out a nest of thousands of munchers.
By the time we got to the surface, reinforcements overrunning Central Park.
It was a bloodbath, Professor.
You cannot defeat an army that can regenerate itself every few days, which is why we have to be more creative.
Putting 'em in a box.
Not just a box.
A box lined with silver and lead.
The silver will incapacitate the Master.
The lead will cut off any signals from the Master to his army of strigoi.
Who am I to argue? After what happened last night in Central Park, I, uh don't know if the city's gonna make it.
Faith, Mr.
Fet, stick close to it.
I see you've been busy, Doctor.
You don't know the half of it.
- Strigoi brain stem.
- (Growling) We think this is their communication center.
- (Quinlan): "We"? - You haven't been introduced.
- Dutch Velders - Yeah, I know what you are, who you are.
Hmm What do you hope to gain from dissecting - these unfortunate creatures? - Their communications ability is one of their distinct advantages.
We saw that in action in the Central Park massacre.
See this? This is a sampling of all strigoi communication.
It's varying but occupying a fairly predictable range.
Until here.
That looks like a call to arms to me.
A direct signal from the Master, right? A passage in the Lumen refers to "the silent voice of the Master.
" Interesting, yet trivial.
Not if we can isolate it.
If we can set it out from the rest of the strigoi static, then we can use this technique to track him down.
So we need a point of reference.
- The black box.
- (Eph): From Regis Air 753.
(Eph): It might still have his "voice" or whatever command he used to incapacitate 210 souls on board.
JFK, that's well outside the safe zone.
Even if we go in daylight, we don't know what we'd be getting ourselves into.
(Growling) Are we going? (Growling) (Distant gunshots and explosion) Who is this guy we're gonna see? Another pawnbroker.
Specialized in silver.
We often bid against each other at estate sales.
- You think he's still alive? - I don't much care.
I'm after his silver.
Where are you going? This is the wrong way! Long as we're in this part of town, there's something I gotta check on.
My parents have an apartment nearby.
- Your parents are still alive? - (Siren blaring) It's what I want to find out.
- (Man shouting indistinctly) - (Distant gunshots) Have you been in touch with them? (Fet gasps) Goddammit! Told him to leave.
(Growling) Mrs.
Next-door neighbour.
Never liked her anyway.
- (Door closing) - (Distant gunfire) - (Distant siren blaring) - (Fet sighs) Mama.
You coward.
They were infected.
This was an act of mercy.
(Steady beeping) - (Sighing) - Mr.
Palmer, sir, your blood pressure is Ugh! Where is your primary physician? Is he reachable? I'm between physicians.
Or more accurately, beyond physicians.
- OK.
- Ah! Mr.
- Settling in? - Yes, sir.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I thought you'd like to know that the Aurora Cutlass - has docked successfully, sir.
- The Aurora Cutlass? The vessel from Egypt, sir.
It arrived in the port overnight.
Do you have the paperwork? The manifest? I have it right here, sir.
I can see I hired the right man for my new head of security.
What does this line say? Under "cargo"? "Tractors," sir.
"Spare parts.
" Tractors? - This signature.
- It's your signature, sir.
No, I never signed this document.
Looks like your handwriting, Mr.
It is a forgery.
Duncan, take me to my car.
Sir, I can't let you go anywhere, - not in your current condition.
- Carla, your job is not to tell me what I cannot do, but to help me do the things I need to do.
Now, help me to my car.
We're going to that ship.
(Distant siren blaring) Do you realize you're leaving the safe zone? Beyond here, Queens is a no-man's land.
We have plenty of daylight.
That guy in your backseat, he doesn't look right.
He's not.
But, uh, he's with me.
Keep your eyes open, sir.
Don't stop for nothing or nobody.
Good luck out there.
- (Distant gunshots) - (Distant siren blaring) (Distant dog barking) This place is picked over! Nothing left worth having.
Anything worth having was never on display here to begin with.
Trust me.
(Door creaking) Huh.
Looks like someone already tried to crack it.
Had no luck though.
Unfortunately, it appears the combination died along with McTamney.
- - Oh, there are other ways.
Again with the dynamite, Mr.
Fet? Do I look like a safecracker to you? Whatever came between you and your father? After all this time working together, I think that's the first time you asked me a personal question.
- I never had reason to.
- That's pretty simple.
Pop was a stubborn SOB; we never got along.
I never lived up to his high expectations, and he never missed an opportunity to let me know it.
One day on the phone, we had a blowout, and, uh, I hung up.
And that was six years ago.
Come on! Come on! (Thundering explosion) I finally broke the silence.
Went back to see him a couple of weeks ago, and I told him to get the hell out of the city.
You'd think he'd take some stock in what I had to say but he didn't.
Generally, I've found that more intelligent people are usually among the last to accept the existence of strigoi, and therefore the last to flee.
But at least, he spared you the horror of having to release him.
He took the soldier's way out.
This is exactly what we need.
- (Man): Wait! - (Man): Ah, screw you, man! - (Man): Get the hell out of here! - (Man): Get out of this! (Man outside car): Welcome to hell, buddy.
(Man outside car): I'll take what I want, alright?! (Whistling) (Man outside car): Don't even think about it! - (Man): Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - (Dutch): Holy shit! I was in South Sudan once.
It was like disease and war had a contest to see who could create more suffering.
I never thought it could happen here.
Civility is an illusion.
Savagery is the default state of humanity.
That's reassuring.
- (Girl): No! Get away from me! - (Man): Take what you want! - Please don't hurt us! - Shut up! - (Woman): Leave my family alone! - (Girl): Mommy! Daddy! - Get away from us! - Empty your pockets! Stop! Stop! We need to help them! Doctor, don't follow her.
- Stay still, bitch! - Let go of them! Let go! - (Girl): Mommy! Daddy! Let go of them! - (Thug): Move back! Move back! I'll shoot her! I swear to God I'll shoot her! Doesn't have to go down like this.
"Like this," meaning you dying and us taking your lady? You try it.
It's five on two.
So why don't you just (Screaming) (Gunshots) (Father): Go! Go! Go! - (Man): Get him out, come on! - No, no, no, wait! No, wait! We're not not dangerous.
Were you expecting a thank you? From now on, stay inside the vehicle.
(Low growling) (Many gulls squawking) Let me help you, sir.
Step aside.
I am Eldritch Palmer.
I own this ship.
With all due respect, sir, I can't do that.
- You are? - Cyrus Minow.
Well, Mr.
Minow, perhaps you don't understand the relationship between employer and employee.
You're fired.
Move him aside.
The captain has ordered no one will set foot upon the vessel, - and the captain's word is law.
- Then I will speak with the captain.
The captain's not here right now.
Duncan? Sir, I wasn't prepared to take the ship by force.
I have orders, and I have to uphold them, fired or not.
No one is to set foot on the vessel.
Even you, Mr.
And I'm very sorry, sir As the owner of this ship and its contents, I expressly forbid you to allow anyone or anything on or off.
Understood? Right.
Get me out of here.
- It's like a ghost town.
- This is where it all started.
You were here at the very beginning? Nora, Jim, - all gone now.
- (PA system): Welcome to New York Kennedy International Airport.
Passengers, please do not leave your baggage unattended.
You OK? I could have ended it here.
Right here.
- If only - If only what? If only I'd listened to Setrakian.
Maybe you should start listening to him now.
No, too many things have happened.
He doesn't want to have anything to do with me.
Sometimes you've gotta make the first move, Doc.
(PA system message in foreign language) - (Helicopter whirring) - (Machine beeping steadily) Did you think I wouldn't find out about your visit at the Aurora Cutlass, Eldritch? On the contrary, Eichhorst.
I'm only surprised it took you so long to get here.
I made it crystal clear to you, what is on that ship is none of your concern! "Tractor parts.
" You forge my signature.
You tell me what is or is not my concern.
I've paved the way for all of this.
All of this, including that ship.
Do not overestimate your role, Eldritch.
You are but a servant to the Master.
I am no such thing! I am not like you, his emissary, his employee.
I am Eldritch Palmer.
I answer to no one.
Certainly not to you.
Believe what you will.
The shipment has arrived, and as such, your responsibility in that matter is complete.
Thank you.
(Machine beeping) The Master has no intention of following through on his promise of eternal life, yet here I sit, still alive.
Why is that, Eichhorst? I ask myself that very same question every time I see you, Eldritch.
It vexes you that I am still untouchable.
Perhaps the Master has forgotten all about you.
(Deep breath) Not true.
The Master remembers everything.
So, he does still have a plan for me after all.
Is there something wrong with your hand, Eichhorst? Goodbye, Eldritch.
Enjoy your magnificent view of the downfall of New York City and the world.
Get whatever manpower you need.
We're going to take that ship.
- (Gulls squawking) - - (Vehicle doors closing) - (Palmer groaning) Oh, my God! All right! (Helicopter whirring) There.
Broken neck, sir.
Any idea who killed them? - Search the hold.
- Right away.
It's all empty, sir.
Whatever was brought - aboard this ship is - Is gone.
(Men speaking in foreign language) Keep working, Alexei.
Don't let them see you stop.
My hands.
I can't go on.
(Cloth tearing) Here.
Don't lose heart, huh? Think of home.
Go home in your mind.
Achtung, prisoners! The Reich has need of manpower.
I want volunteers for a new work detail.
An auxiliary corps of men to serve the Fuhrer and advance the glory of the Third Reich.
It is specialized labour, and accordingly, you will be provided better food, warmer clothing, and improved living conditions.
Here! Are you certain you will be able to fulfill your duties? Yes! Yes, we will.
You better make sure your friend is up to the task or else you will pay for his failure.
- (Dog barking) - Yes, sir.
- Get to work.
- Ja.
Service for the Reich is a great honour.
You will learn that respect, hard work and, above all, discipline are their own rewards.
(People chattering) You volunteered for this assignment because you wish to be useful.
You wish to contribute to the glory of the Reich.
(Man shouting orders in German) These prisoners are of no use to our cause now.
The weak and infirm must be weeded out in order for progress and production to flourish.
- And so, Schutzmann Boiko? - Shoot him in the head.
(People whispering) Step back.
Schutzmann Fetrovsky.
(Man coughing) Shoot him in the head.
Pull the trigger.
Do it! I-I-I'm sorry.
I You shoot or I do.
I-I'm afraid we're not fit for this special assignment after all.
As you wish.
Shoot them all.
Including those two.
Schliessen! Wait! You chose wisely but slowly, Fetrovsky.
Now, drop him into the pit with the rest.
- Proceed! - (Gunshots) There's something I didn't tell you.
- (Distant siren) - My pop isn't the first one in my family to commit suicide.
His father, my grandfather, also shot himself because he couldn't live with something he had done.
As a Ukrainian soldier conscripted by the Russians, he was captured by the Nazis and forced to work for them.
Or chose to? No one really knows.
However it happened, my grandfather was a Holocaust collaborator.
He killed Jews in the concentration camps.
To my pop, this was the shame of the family, you know? And he never spoke of it.
I learned all this from my mother.
He shortened our name from Fetrovsky to Fet, and became an academic you know, a life of the mind to separate himself from his father's darkness.
That's why he he hated me being an exterminator.
You know, someone who kills for a living.
He feared that darkness in himself and in me.
The war caused many atrocities, Mr.
It exposed the worst in human behaviour.
He had a choice.
Some men seek not the right path but the safest one.
Some men believe only in survival, no matter what the costs.
Your father made the right decision.
The difficult decision.
It doesn't change what his father did, but it shows that he learned.
Now you must do for your father what he could not do for his.
You need to forgive him.
What good does my forgiveness - do him now? - There is a saying, "To forgive is to set "a prisoner free "and discover that prisoner was you.
" This is the place? (Ephraim sighs) The plague hit so fast, hopefully they didn't have enough time to bring it down to DC.
It looks almost like a small generator, about the size of a bread box.
And it's not a black box; it's actually bright orange.
Aha! Oh, this trip isn't a total loss.
Ooh! Thank you.
You ever drink a drunk, Quinlan? No? More for us.
Aren't you gonna press some buttons or something? You gotta figure a guy who stashes vodka at work Yep! (Beeping) (Mumbling passcode) (Dutch clearing her throat) Here it is.
- How do you make it work? - Don't know.
But I'm gonna have fun finding out.
- (Gunshots) - (Creatures screaming) We found it? Good.
(Growling) I don't trust that old bag of bones.
What do you think he wants? Well, did you find out whose form the Master has taken? - Not yet.
- And yet you've come here to beg for the white.
- Pathetic.
- I beg for nothing! But I've found out something else.
Something significant.
Something potentially critical! You're bluffing.
What use is anything - without the Master's identity? - A vessel owned by Stoneheart docked here in New York from Egypt, carrying a very important cargo.
- What cargo? - Well, that's just it.
I don't know.
Its contents were kept from me.
But clearly it is of immense importance - to the Master.
- Let's just go there.
We'll find out what it is.
Too late.
I tried.
I was denied access to my own ship.
So I went back with armed guards.
All dead.
Every crewman on that ship.
And the cargo hold empty.
Surely, you must have some clue what it was.
(Palmer coughing) I simply don't have the strength to pursue the matter any longer.
Let me guess.
The formula for the white will help you regain your strength and stamina.
Abraham, I know we don't trust each other, but let's put that behind us.
We share the same goal.
Help me to help you! Give me the white.
This is a single dose.
You want the formula? We still have a long way to go.
- (Palmer groaning) - (Distant gunshots) Aaah One drop in each eye.
But not here.
I warn you.
Take it somewhere where you can rest afterwards.
The serum's initial effect is traumatic.
You won't regret this.
Get me out.
(Distant explosion) Seriously? What the hell you think is on that boat? The Master is one of seven Ancients.
Three on this side of the Atlantic aligned against him and three Old World Ancients.
- What the hell does that mean? - It's conceivable that he made some sort of accord with them, brought them over to the New World - to finish the job.
- (Palmer's vehicle revving up) Carla, I have been given a new medication.
- You might call it experimental.
- What is it? I need to look it up.
What if it interacts badly - with your other medications? - You don't understand.
This removes the need - for all other medications.
- I can't let you have something if I don't know what it is.
Not only will you let me, you will administer it yourself.
One drop in each eye.
Take great care.
- Mr.
Palmer, I-I can't - Do it.
- (Sigh) - He tricked me.
The old fool tricked me! (Carla gasping) Mr.
Palmer?! Mr.
Oh no! Oh no! (Carla gasping) - (Carla gasping) - Aaah! - (Palmer gasping) - Oh, I quit! (Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==