The Strain (2014) s03e08 Episode Script

White Light

1 Previously on The Strain I know you're hungry.
Okay? Here.
(Growling) It's my mom, Angel.
I can't do it.
She's in there, OK? - (Grunting and gunshots) - Angel! Get up! - Put the gun down! - Ugh! (Woman screaming) Come on, Angel, let's go.
You all right? This is a sampling of all strigoi communication occupying a fairly predictable range.
Until here.
A direct signal from the Master.
If we can set it out from the rest of the strigoi static, then we can use this technique to track him down.
We need a point of reference.
- JFK Airport.
- The black box.
It might still have his voice on there.
- I've found out something else.
- You're bluffing.
A vessel owned by Stoneheart.
Its contents were kept from me.
But clearly, it is of immense importance.
Whatever was on that ship, whatever evil it contained will lead directly back to the Master.
If I give you this, you will help us track it down? (Man): Give me the white.
We've been working all week to shave time off this process.
I think you're going to be very pleased.
(Clanking and squeaking) Shut it off! (Machine shutting down) What is this? This? This is This is what we've been using to test the system's capabilities.
This dummy is exactly 175 pounds, the weight of an average - American human.
- It's helped us get the whole process down to just 84 seconds.
Are you saying that, in your opinion, there is no notable difference between a person and a bag of sand? Uhhh For our purposes? No, there's no particular difference, sir.
ARGH! Ugh! - You see the difference now? - Argh! Can a bag of sand struggle, putting added stress on the system? - Ugh! - No, sir, it can't.
Now turn it on again, and start the timer.
(Grunting) - (Machine revving up) - (Man groaning) (Machine squeaking) (Machine shutting down) The the incinerator is not - quite up and running yet.
- I trust it will be soon enough.
We don't want these things piling up - now, do we? - No, of course.
Of course, um, sir.
It'll be up running.
- Very soon.
- And the time? It's 2 2 minutes 17.
53 seconds longer than reported.
You were right.
We'll be making adjustments.
Very good.
And in the meantime, you and I have other important business to attend to.
(Theme music) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound == - (Indistinct chatter) - Watch out! Watch out! - Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Watch out! Let us through! You're not gonna die, alright? Watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out! (Woman): Who do you think you are?! - Just right there.
- Come on.
- Please fill this out.
- Come on, we're almost there.
Hi, there.
Welcome to the Freedom Center.
- Is this a medical emergency? - You tell me.
Oh, yes, I see.
Let's get you checked in to be treated.
We can start the ID card process out here, so please fill in all the forms, then head on over to the photo and fingerprint line.
I'm not the one being treated so I don't gotta fill this out.
We strongly recommend that everyone register.
- That way - I'm good, alright? I'm A-OK.
I feel great, alright? Maybe you'd like to donate blood to your father? This isn't my father.
My father was a coward.
This is my guardian angel.
Got a bad knee, now he has a bad arm, but he's got a good heart.
Now, why does he have to give his fingerprints to get treated? I'm sorry, I don't make the rules.
Please complete the forms and then bring the clipboard back to the desk.
And I'll need my pen back.
Ah - Gracias.
- (PA system): Welcome.
- The Palmer Foundation - Sit down.
(PA): If you require medical attention, please have You sure you wanna fill this out? This is bullshit.
It's worse than Harlem Hospital ER on a Saturday night.
If our fingerprints get caught up in the system, we're gonna go back to the chain gang, you know that, right? What system? Then why do they want you to fill this out? Huh? Yeah, I can't do this.
This place gives me the heebie-jeebies.
No, you come meet me.
All right? (Other man): There's a line there.
There's a line! (Indistinct chatter) It's my home.
That's my mom.
Alright? That's my mom.
(Sigh) Monita.
- (Sigh) - (Kiss) - (Distant siren) - He's late.
Speak of the devil.
(Distant siren and gunshots) What a difference a day makes, huh? Feeling better, Eldritch? Ah, it's incredible.
My best biochemists failed to crack the secrets of the white, and yet, somehow, you found a way.
What have you found out about the shipment from Egypt? Cyrus Minow is the man who ordered me off my own ship.
That's his address.
The ungrateful son of a bitch is living in my housing under the protection of my own security personnel.
There's a key card and Stoneheart IDs inside giving you access.
You know, we could pay him a visit right now.
We're not going anywhere with you.
We work alone.
- Now, you listen to me - Mr.
Fet's right.
You'll only draw attention.
In the meantime, make yourself useful and get us some more information.
I fully intend to.
But I'd appreciate a little more respect.
The worm has turned, Eldritch.
If you want more white, you've got to earn that respect.
(Quinlan): It could be a trap.
- Palmer has everything to lose - by betraying us.
I don't trust the man, but I trust his self-preservation.
Fair enough.
What we need to find out is if any of the Old World Ancients have come over here to join the Master in the fight.
Would the New World Ancients know what their brothers are up to? I'd prefer not to go back there.
(Setrakian): Their information is critical.
You're the only one who can speak with them.
(Small sigh) I'll investigate.
In the meantime, Mr.
Fet, let's go meet this Cyrus Minow.
(Conversation from recorder): Foxtrot Alpha.
Right on Foxtrot.
- Hold short Four a left.
- After-landing checklist.
So what happened with the lady at the laundromat? Told her I was a pilot, and the look on this woman's face I may as well have been a school bus driver.
- Haha! - Regis 753, Foxtrot short at Four left.
Cross Four left.
Follow the Oceanic 737 to the ramp.
753, crossing Four left, Oceanic inside.
Turning left at Foxtrot.
You just gotta remember, most women, they've never been to Berlin or Tokyo.
You just gotta play up your, you know, jet-setting, James-Bond kind of thing.
I don't think James Bond ever sat in a crappy-ass hotel room watching CSI all night.
- CSI - (Men screaming) - (Static noise) - Well, I guess that's it.
- Wait.
Hold on.
- (Static noise) Look at that.
The Master's signal must have been powerful enough to interfere with the flight systems.
It might have even been what shut down the whole (High-pitched squealing slowly growing in intensity) (Rumbling) (Loud, high-pitched squealing) - Ugh! - Dutch! - Ah! - You OK? - Aaah! - Dutch! - Are you OK? - Aaaah! - (Loud, high-pitched squealing) - (Glass shattering) How do you turn this off? Dutch! - (High-pitched squealing) - (Rumbling) Dutch, wake up! Come on, wake up! Wake up, Dutch! Open your eyes! Come on! Dutch? There you go.
That's it.
You're all right.
What's going on? - For a second there, I thought - But I'm fine.
Looks like you're still feeling it, huh? - No, just a little woozy.
- I think maybe you should - lie down for a sec - I'm fine.
I think we should carry on working.
We really don't have to do this right now.
That was probably the Master's signal, right? The same thing that incapacitated those people on the plane.
Well, a very limited version of it 'cause we were only playing back the audio component.
So, if we'd heard the Master's full-spectrum signal, we'd probably be paralyzed by now.
So it's a good thing this stereo doesn't play back microwaves.
Though, come to think of it, there's no way that this black box could record microwaves so That's not necessarily true.
It has a shitload of data about the plane's electronic systems.
There could be a good amount of microwave data embedded in there.
Are you saying we may have a full recording of - the Master's paralyzing signal? - Hmm.
It's possible, yeah.
Well, we could use that.
Uh, disrupt their communications.
Maybe redirect it - and use it - Ugh! Yeah, maybe I will go and lie down.
I'll clean that up.
(Siren and gunshots) Five blocks outside the safety zone; this is all they got for security.
I imagine their security is actually provided by Mr.
- (Distant man shouting) - (Distant gunshots and siren) (Indistinct conversations) (Phone ringing) (Woman): OK, sure.
- Cyrus Minow? - Yeah? You pissed off some people that you shouldn't have pissed off.
(Screaming and groaning) What was in the shipping container on the Aurora Cutlass? I have no idea! Argh! Well, guess this guy is, uh, completely worthless to us, isn't he? Go ahead.
No, wait-wait-wait-wait-wait! All I know, it was a large wooden crate.
My job was to get it to a guy named Sanjay Desai.
He's the one you should ask.
- He's not the one we've got.
- I can take you to where I left it! Maybe it's still there.
Please! - - Get your coat.
Go on.
- (Irregular buzzing) - Mama? Mom? Mama, are you here? - Mom? - (Door squealing) (Floor creaking) (Dog barking in the distance) (Dog barking) (Distant man shouting) (Distant gunfire) - (Tires squealing) - (Distant gunshots) (Car alarm system ringing) - (Tapping) - (Indistinct talking) Gus.
It's fine, Mom.
- Your mother loves you, right? - Mm-hmm.
She does everything for you? Right now, she needs you to grow up a little bit faster.
You're the man in this house now.
Your father's gone away.
It's best for everyone.
When is he coming back? - Jorge! - Your uncle Jorge and I will be coming around more often.
But your mother needs you now.
It's time to step up.
A good man takes care of his family.
OK? (Reverberating footsteps) (Growling) When you last stormed out of this chamber, you vowed never to return.
Much has changed.
I have a question.
And perhaps a warning.
- (Growling) - We are listening.
A few days ago, the Master arranged for a piece of cargo from Egypt to arrive here in New York via ship.
- (Grunting) - Now, the Lumen recounts an incident some 3000 years ago in which an army of Egyptians managed to seal one of your kind in a sarcophagus.
- (Growling) - Is it possible that the cargo that the Master has brought here is that very same Ancient? (Grunting) There is a possibility.
- They were most eloquent.
- (Ancients growling) So, perhaps the Master has formed an alliance with one of your kind.
Do you understand what it means that he's not sought the same arrangement - with you? - (Grunting) It means he intends to do away with you.
- (Growling) - Fortunately, the pawnbroker has devised a plan, gleaned from the pages of the Lumen.
One does not necessarily need to slay the Master to defeat him.
We do not trust the pawnbroker.
Then I wish you a speedy death.
- (Grunting) - Wait! - What is your proposal? - I'm afraid it requires you to get down off those pedestals for something other than a captive human meal.
- (Growling) - We are ready to listen.
I'll return this evening with instructions.
Lucky for you, my current associates are amenable to dealing with undesirable partners.
(Growling) Knock, knock! Some soup for you.
- Hmm! - And, uh, looking through Fet's personal items which I recommend no one do I found a thermometer.
(Whispering): Thank you.
I washed it.
I don't have a fever.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- How are you? - I'm OK.
I have a violent headache but, obviously, it hit you harder.
Hm, it's probably an age thing.
Excuse me? Well, it's a well-known fact that older people lose their sensitivity to sound.
"Older people"? You're not - that much younger than me, OK? - Really? Would you like to discuss the state of technology when you were at college? Using UNIX, were you? Stone tablets, nerd.
(Dutch chuckles) Well, I am sorry for the hold-up.
Back on it.
If you go down, I don't have any chance of getting Zack back.
So the first order of business is getting some nutritious food in you and a good night's sleep.
And I can't do any of this without you.
I'll let you eat in peace.
Gus? Hey, Gus! Mama's boy.
(Sighing) (Indistinct talking) Ha! Last time we were here, I hit this place with a dozen sticks of dynamite.
- You'd never know it.
- Well, that would explain - the delay in construction.
- Where is the crate? I left it at the loading dock.
The loading dock's on the other side of the building.
And so is security.
This way is less public.
- - Keep smiling.
You're still alive, aren't you? Lead the way.
(Beeping) (Buzzing) What's wrong? No! No, no.
Not this way.
Here! My God.
What the hell is this place? A blood factory.
(Angry): Is this how you pay for your big-screen TV? I swear I have never seen this place before.
I did not know what they were What do you want me to do, hm? Do you want me to die? Do you want me to get turned? They've won.
- I was just doing my job.
- As said by countless facilitators of genocide throughout time.
Do not speak again if you wish to remain alive.
Take us to the loading dock.
I don't want to leave this place standing.
Agreed, but we have more pressing work at the moment.
Where's the crate? - It's here.
- You need to slow down.
- (Screaming) - We cannot let it escape! - Cover me! - Ugh! Argh! - Get in the truck! - Yes, sir! Get us the hell out of here! Professor, go, go! Do you want me to go back there? Finish them off? Your guards will hold them off.
This cargo is far too precious to risk any delay.
(Distant helicopter whirring) Gus? - Gus? - (Soft footsteps) - (Floor creaking) - (Low growling) - (Creature growling) - - (Gus): Mom! - (Gus's mom grunting) (Growling) (Squealing) Cheevo! (Word in Spanish) Hey.
Life looks good on you, man.
You know.
Lifting weights, knocking boys out - in jail kept me healthy.
- Hahaha! I hear you.
- Having a regular? - Yeah.
What you been up to these days? You still doing - that airport shuttle? - Yeah.
Feels like I'm running in place though, - you know? - I hear that, man.
Hey, Cheevo.
I was looking for some work on the side, you know.
Nothing too serious though, just, just trying to get by.
Promised my mom I'd stay out of trouble.
You know what? This white dude came in yesterday; looked like he had cash.
Said he needed someone to do some shit around the airport.
Right here.
"Thomas Eichhorst.
" (Distant gunfire) I promised I would take care of her.
- - She did so much for us.
She sacrificed everything.
Nah, man.
I failed.
(Sigh) I don't want to see you get hurt, that's all.
It's all good.
I'm gonna burn in hell anyway, right? Every decision I made killed her.
I did all this shit.
(Sniffling) (Exhaling) We gotta get the hell out of here, for good.
I don't know.
Somewhere far away from this city - before it drops on us.
- (Distant gunfire and siren) (Footsteps) - What are you doing up? - Don't know.
Just thinking about how many times I've almost died - in the last few weeks.
- Oh.
I feel much better now.
- Good enough for one of these? - Always.
- Thank you for taking care of me.
- (Pouring a drink) It was really quite sweet.
It's nice to see your nurturing, feminine side.
Oh, I figured you'd like that.
For a moment there, I really got lost in an old fantasy of mine about a very butch, very bald female nurse.
(Ephraim chuckling) But not quite the lesbian nurse-and-patient scenario you're used to thinking about? I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yeah, you're full of shit.
- No, seriously, I worked with a lot of nurses.
It's a busman's holiday for me.
Trust me.
OK, right.
So, say there was this really beautiful young nurse; topless or lingerie? - Topless.
- OK, topless with these divine, big, beautiful breasts, and she came to look after me.
And we just start kissing.
Like, tongues everywhere kissing.
That wouldn't do anything for you? Meh! All right.
So, she starts straddling me, and my hands are just all over her.
And then suddenly, we just stop and look at you.
Yeah, you.
- (Amused sigh) - And then we start - crawling toward you.
- (Chuckling): Crawling? Mm-hmm.
And then we're on either side of you, and she starts unbuttoning your shirt while I undo your trousers.
And as we're doing that, she and I lean in together, right over you, start kissing and touching.
And then slowly, our heads start moving down, down Whoa-whoa! What is this, torture porn? - It's your fantasy.
- Fantasies are nice, but I'm not really into the choreography.
Just one man and one woman.
It's probably a little vanilla for you.
That's not what I'm thinking.
Please report.
Our legion is spread out in the grid you suggested.
We are on the highest alert.
You believe the Ancients are located nearby? I do.
The sun-hunters are clever and elusive, but we've seen them surface near there before, only to lose them each time.
The Ancients need sustenance, yet cannot forage for themselves.
- No! No, no wait! - So when the hunters go out and search for food, we must track them back to their lair, but without being seen.
(Crouching creature growling and clicking) (Clicking) We will find them tonight.
- (Distant gunfire) - (Faraway woman screaming) What's wrong? Didn't Minow lead you to the cargo? He did better than that.
He led us right to the facility where they were keeping it.
On East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx.
That ring a bell? You knew its purpose.
- Of course.
- A slaughterhouse for harvesting human beings.
How many of these blood farms are there? In North America? Under construction? Perhaps 100.
I ought to cut you down where you stand.
These facilities mean nothing if we succeed in stopping the Master.
You said they are holding the cargo - at the Tremont facility? - They were.
They got away before we could get to it.
Loaded on a truck with your buddy Eichhorst riding shotgun.
Where did they take it? - That's for you to find out.
- Yes.
Yes, I can do that.
And you still have no idea what was inside? Whatever it is can't be much worse than the monster standing before me.
(Ancients grunting) So, are you finally ready to act - to save yourselves? - We are.
(Creatures growling) (Ancients growling) - What is the meaning of this?! - (Growling) You traitor! You did this! No.
This is not my doing.
Nor is it my fight.
You've invited your own demise.
The Born.
What an unexpected pleasure! Fitting that you should be here - and bear witness.
- (Growling) And you.
I knew the humans would be complacent, but I never anticipated how impotent you three would be.
You should have been masters of this world! Kings, emperors, gods! Instead, you are already so like statues to a fallen race.
This step I take is more merciful than triumphant.
- (Grunting) - (Very fast beeping) (Beep! Beep!) - (Fast beeping) - (Clasping sound) (Grunting) (Squealing) (Roaring and grunting) (Fast beeping) (Squealing and roaring) (Fast beeping) - (Fast beeping) - (Grunting and squealing) (Beep!) (Very fast beeping) (Rumbling) (Detonations) == sync & corrections by Wolfhound ==