The Strain (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

The Traitor

1 - Previously on The Strain - We're here, and now we're coming for you.
You really think the nuke's gonna be safe just, like, sitting here - while we go find your friends? - That's an excellent point, Roman.
We'll send word as soon as we can.
(Somber violin music) (Muffled screaming) We can't think that this doesn't involve us anymore.
Every deal you make, the Master has a hand in it.
And if we don't fight, we're helping him win.
I think I know how we can find the Master.
Sanjay Desai.
If we grab him, we can bring him back here and make him tell us where the Master is.
- (Grunting) - (Screaming) Our enemies are closing in.
They have managed to bring an atomic bomb onto this island.
There must be something we can do.
- There is something.
- You have nothing to worry about, Zack.
You were born to do this.
That's why the Master chose you.
We bumped into this kid out there.
Said he was looking for you.
What kid? Where? - He was in the market on MLK.
- Zack? (Door creaking) Hey.
I brought you some food.
(Sighing) Sorry for locking you in here.
The others don't trust you.
What about you? You were with the Master for more than nine months.
I want to trust you.
But you don't.
Why don't you tell me what happened after you left me at Stoneheart? The whole story.
Can we please just talk about this later, Dad? I haven't slept in days and I can barely keep my eyes open.
Get some sleep.
We'll talk after.
(Lock clicks) What did he say? Uh Not much.
He's exhausted.
I'll talk to him when he gets some sleep.
Need I point out that this is an incredible coincidence? Right after we bring a nuclear weapon onto Manhattan to use against the Master, your son suddenly escapes and miraculously finds you.
Full of heartfelt pronouncements about how much he missed me.
I know, it's suspicious as hell.
Who knows? Maybe he has Stockholm syndrome.
Maybe the Master warped his mind.
Or maybe he's just a scared, confused kid.
(Sighing) I need you to tell me that your feelings for this boy will not comprise our mission.
There's too much at stake.
You think in a moment of emotion I'm gonna tell him where the bomb is hidden? Your attachment to your son has clouded your judgment before.
Not this time.
He was brought here blindfolded.
He has no idea where he is.
As long as he's kept locked up, he won't know anything we don't tell him.
I should remind you, he could tell us where the Master is.
As long as he tells us the truth.
He could have been sent here to feed us lies.
Trick us.
That's what I intend to find out.
(Coughing) Help me understand.
Help you understand what? How you could sit in your office every day, sipping lattes, while right outside your window bus after bus of people arrived to be drained on your assembly line.
Okay, hold on a second.
Let's just be clear about one thing.
That's not my assembly line, all right? I mean, technically, yeah, it's it's in my area of responsibility, but I didn't build it, I didn't design it, I didn't run it.
It was Eichhorst.
- Eichhorst did all that.
- Huh.
So the screams the stench of human bodies piling up? Did that that didn't bother you at all, no? Of course it did.
It was a horrible, horrible thing.
That's why I I went in there as little as possible, because I had to stay focused on saving as many human beings as I could.
You see, if if I could prove to the strigoi that most of us believed in The Partnership, then millions of people could have a chance at at meaningful, productive lives.
So the thousands drained on hooks they were just our price to pay to survive.
The price we pay to build a better world.
So this this here this is a better world? Do you remember what it was like before The Partnership? The carnage in the streets, the the gangs creating mayhem, the terrorists, the armed lunatics that walked into churches and schools, slaughtering innocent people? We were living in a dysfunctional society.
And why? Because no one had the balls to face an inconvenient little truth.
- What truth is that? - Too many people.
Drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill.
And how many billions of dollars did we spend warehousing them in prisons or or keeping them going on welfare? Come on.
So the solution is just to put them up on hooks and drain them of their blood, huh? Yeah, I know it sounds cold, but at least they're making a positive contribution.
With their blood? You look at me like I'm some kind of monster, you hypocrite.
And how many people have you killed, huh, on this messianic campaign of yours? How many more are you gonna kill when you blow up that nuke in the middle of a city? What? Two, three million? Yeah, sure, we paid a stiff price but it was worth it.
Worth Sophie's baby? You let them take it and drain it.
So Sophie could live, you Look, I am not gonna sit here and pretend that all these compromises were ideal.
But, come on, if we're gonna be absolutely, brutally honest, a newborn baby is hardly worth that of a of a fully-developed adult.
It's-it's not self-aware, and it didn't even know what was happening to it and no doubt is in a better place right now.
Prick! (Grunting) Hey, hey, hey.
Look, that's enough.
Okay, All right.
All right, all right, all right, all right, all right.
All right.
All right.
(Coughing) (Indistinct speaking from television) (Distant clattering) (Tires screeching in distance) (Footsteps approaching) Stop right there, buddy.
Step into the light.
Drop your weapon.
Okay then.
Don't shoot.
I told you to put your weapon down.
How about you put yours down instead? You shoot, I take your friend with me.
That's unlikely.
But let's not find out, all right? Vasiliy Fet sent us.
Russian? With a beard? Nice try.
His face is plastered on every video screen in the city.
He calls strigs "munchers.
" And your name's Roman, right? Okay.
So? Now, you wanna know what's funny about this, Rambo? What? We're here to help you keep the nuke safe.
Now, put the gun down.
Put it down.
I'm Gus Elizalde.
That's my boy Marcus.
- Where's Fet? - They captured Desai.
That dude from The Partnership videos? Yeah.
They wanted to ask him some questions.
Oh, yeah.
I want to know why The Partnership bars - taste like donkey ass, man.
- (Laughing) Yeah.
Hey oh.
Come on.
Got something to show you.
We're good.
We brought you some brand new power tools.
Holy shit.
So, where do you have the nuke? (Whistling) So, if we set this off how big is the explosion? You can adjust the yield.
All the way up? Pretty much half of Manhattan.
(Grunting) It's like talking to someone from an alternate universe.
He's completely convinced himself that he's some kind of hero.
How else could he live with himself? He can't afford to face the truth.
If none of this had happened, he'd probably be some asshole executive in an office somewhere.
A prick, definitely.
Not a killer.
So, the Master just changes all the rules, and says wrong is right and right is wrong and he just embraces it? Are we any better? If none of this had happened, we wouldn't have killed anyone either.
Are you sure that we're doing the right thing? What's the other option, hmm? We let Desai go free? We let the Master win? It's the best hope that we have.
I wish the professor was here.
(Sighing) Yeah.
Me, too.
(Door unlocks) You're awake.
We need to talk.
What did you do after I last saw you at Stoneheart? I was so upset that I ran.
I ran down the stairs into the street.
I saw all the dead people and all the trashed buildings.
I had no clue what to do.
Then I ran into that guy Eichhorst.
What was Eichhorst doing? He was looking for the Master.
So he took me with him.
And you were with the Master from then on? What was that like? It was all right, I guess.
He gave me lots of cool stuff like computers and video games.
But he was always working on me.
Telling me how he was trying to help the human race.
Did you believe him? No.
But I pretended to 'cause I was afraid of what he might do.
He had me do some pretty messed up things.
Like what? He took me to the Central Park Zoo and made me kill the tiger.
Why the hell would he do that? He said something about feeling the power of looking into the eyes of a creature and taking its life.
And did you feel that power? It made me feel sick to my stomach.
But of course, I didn't tell him that.
Why do you think he did all this? 'Cause he wanted me to turn against you.
'Cause he knew I was upset that you killed Mom.
That wasn't your mother.
That was a parasite.
I know, Dad.
And I see that now, but I didn't then.
I just missed her so much.
And he said you hated Mom.
And when she turned, it just gave you the excuse you needed.
Is that what you think? I did for a long time, but he was just trying to get me to hate you.
And I couldn't.
'Cause I remember the look on your face after you did it, and I realized that couldn't be the truth, no matter what the Master said.
(Sighing) So, how'd you escape? I didn't.
The Master let me go.
Why would he do that? Because he wanted me to find you, and spy on you.
Find out where the nuclear bomb is, and go back and tell him.
Goodweather took these videos in Pennsylvania.
He's also seen the official Partnership manifests ordering people to be transported to half a dozen of these places.
If the Master gets his way the entire human race will end up in these feedlots.
Look, I know people who've been to New Horizons and those places.
They're nothing like that.
They're communal farms.
Everybody is pitching in side by side in those fields.
And, honestly, it's working beautifully.
But you've never actually been to these places.
Can you just think for a second? Use your brain.
Why would the strigoi put people into conditions like that? Can you imagine the diseases that would breed? It would contaminate their blood supply.
It's the last thing they want.
Bottom line.
The healthier we are, the healthier they are.
- Then how do you explain this? - It's fake.
You really think we have the resources to build a camp and gather thousands of people to stage this? I think that if Dutch Velders has the skill set to crash the Internet, a few little pictures on a cell phone are child's play for her.
Tell me something, then.
Why the hell would we go through all that trouble? The same reason you're blowing up a nuke in the middle of Manhattan.
To sow chaos and panic so that you can seize power.
This is getting us nowhere.
Have fun with this guy.
DESAI: What? Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no, no.
Look, you don't want to kill me.
You don't want to kill me.
Dutch, you can't kill me.
You'll have nothing to bargain with.
(Gasping) Oh.
Thank you.
Listen to me.
You don't want to do this.
Let me talk to you.
I swear, you don't want to kill me.
(Groaning) (Grunting) Sanjay.
- What's going on? - Selah? How dare you? Selah has nothing to do with this.
Your wife profited from the people you tortured and killed.
She's just as guilty as you are.
We're finished debating the moral ramifications.
This woman may be all you love in the world, but to me - she's lunch.
- (Gasping) - No, no, no, no.
- Tell us where the Master is or I drink her.
- Sanjay.
- I can't.
If we tell them, the Master will come after us.
I am so sorry that this is happening, but you have to believe me, I did everything I could to protect you.
No, no, no.
Stop this! Oh, Sanjay, please.
Stop it! Okay! All right! The Master's nesting in the Empire State Building.
He's on the 102nd floor.
Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Draw us the layout.
Where everything and everyone is.
Leave nothing out.
So, what do they want? They just want to ask you some questions.
Hey, Fet.
And this is The Born.
Shall we get on with it? Zack do you know where the Master's nest is? Yeah.
I've been there.
Where is it? It's at the top of the Empire State Building.
Can you draw what you saw there? Sure.
I never thought silver could be this heavy.
That's 'cause you never ripped off anything bigger than your grandma's tea set.
You got that right.
(Both laugh) What rock did Quinlan find you under, huh? Hold on.
What is that supposed to mean? I thought you were here to help me guard the bomb.
Now you're down here and you're looting the vault? Slow down, bro.
You see any gold on this cart? Now, there was a time I would've worried about lining my pockets, but that kind of thinking brought me nothing but grief.
So, what's this about? It's cool.
Now, this plan to nuke the Master, it might work, but it might not.
I've been on this merry-go-round a few times.
This man I knew, he taught me the most valuable thing in this fight is silver.
You gonna help us or not? ZACK: That's all I can remember.
They're almost identical.
Zack and our prisoner were kept separate.
Neither knew the other one was here or what we were talking about.
Yes, it appears he's being truthful.
But, then, a good spy would tell the truth, or at least a portion of it, to gain our trust.
ZACK: You don't trust me? Fine.
Lock me back in that cell and leave me there.
Can I can I just go back now? Sure.
What about 34th Street? Same problem.
If I were the Master, I'd have strigoi on top of every one of those buildings to spot us before we got into reach.
How is he? He's upset.
Or doing a good job pretending to be.
If ever there was a kid that had a right to be messed up, it's Zack.
Losing his mum, his home, his friends.
So, you think he's telling the truth? I didn't say that, I'm just saying he's traumatized.
So, you think he's lying.
No, I didn't say that, either.
I want to believe him.
There's just something in my gut telling me not to.
What do you think? Look, I want this to work for you.
And for Zack too; I really do.
I was always fond of him, but But he knows that.
And maybe he's using it against us.
What about the anti-tank rockets? You want them all in there, or should we put some in with the nuke? Let's start with the silver; I'll let you know.
Hey, Roman? Uh-huh.
About these rockets.
If one of them gets hit, - is it gonna set off the bomb? - No, no.
These things are built to blast into space, survive reentry, and still go off right when they're told to.
Miracles of engineering.
These miracles of engineering, they're responsible for climate change, right? I mean, why the hell would you mess with these things - in the first place? - I didn't join up to sling missles.
I wanted to fly fighters.
But I was an LT and, uh there were four captains in my class.
Well, life isn't fair, my man.
Tell you what, though.
We kill this Master, vaporize his super worm, or whatever that gold downstairs would come in handy.
Holy shit.
Captain Roman is a thief at heart.
I'm not.
I just got to, uh I got to promise myself something good or I'll I'll stop moving.
Don't you need something to dream about? You know, like going someplace you've never been or or looking up someone you want to see again? Aanya.
It's just this girl I met.
I helped her and her family get out of the city before it went to hell.
I just pray she didn't die like everybody else I know.
Or like I'm going to by the end of this whole thing.
Well I mean, if you don't make it, you want to give me her address so I can console her? Nice try, Romeo.
But that's what I'm gonna do.
(Door creaking) Thanks for getting me out of there.
Well, we put you through the wringer today.
You deserve a break.
Thirsty? (Chuckles) Can't remember the last time I had a ginger ale.
What are you looking at? It's just so quiet.
You remember when all this started? Sirens every night, helicopters everywhere.
I wish we could see some stars.
Me, too.
It's been a long time since I've seen stars.
Since I set off the nuke.
Dad I'm so sorry.
I know I did a terrible thing, and I wish I could take it back.
You can't any more than I can take back my mistakes.
Then what do we do? We move on, somehow.
You're getting big.
You'll be taller than me soon.
I doubt it.
What happened? - Ah.
Cut my thumb.
- Let me see? You know, we should probably get this cleaned up.
Come on.
(Door opens) (Door closes) (Dog barking in distance) (Door closes) You gonna get some disinfectant? Yeah, not yet.
Is something wrong? How many cans of soda have you opened in your life? I don't know.
You ever cut your thumb opening a can of soda? - No.
- Why'd you do it tonight? I was upset, I guess.
I think you did it on purpose.
Why would I do that? To mark our location with the scent of your blood.
That's crazy.
I don't think it is.
I think you came here to betray me.
Dad, I told you everything I know.
As a matter of fact, I think you've been lying to me from the second you got here.
I'm sorry for what I did, okay? But I already told you that.
Will you just have the decency to look at me and tell me the truth? The truth is my mother is not a parasite.
What-what do you mean, your mother is not a parasite? You didn't kill her.
She's still alive.
What are you talking about? Mom's alive, inside the Master.
And he lets her come out and talk to me.
She remembers everything.
You're the liar, not me.
She told me all about you and Nora.
How you had sex with her.
That's why Mom kicked you out.
That's the truth.
Guess what, Dad, you were right.
The feelers can track the scent of blood for miles.
Now listen carefully, Dad, 'cause we don't have much time.
The Master said I get to decide what to do with you.
So tell me where the nuke is, and I'll let you live.
(Whimpering) Where is it? Goodbye, Zack.
Where are you going? You made your choice.
Live with it.
Dad! Dad! Listen to me! I'm trying to save your life.
- (Banging) - Dad, wait.
Dad! We could surface right here, around 42nd Street.
Then we'd have to steal a vehicle and transfer our payload.
We have to go right now.
You were right.
Zack's working with the Master.
I took him up to the roof.
He cut his thumb open.
It's like setting off a flare.
Oh, goddamn it.
I'm so sorry, Eph.
Me, too.
But right now, the Master's sending his troops.
We have to go.
Where? The Federal Reserve.
We'll come up with the rest of the plan there.
What's our target? Empire State Building.
Zack and Desai, they both confirmed that the Master was nesting there.
Zack is a tool of the Master.
If he told us about the Empire State Building, it's because the Master wanted him to.
Means he's moved somewhere and probably set a trap for us there.
It's possible.
But if it is a trap, we can turn it to our advantage.
Like a rat springs a trap to get the cheese.
This is an opportunity we can't afford to ignore.
Obviously the Master wants to lure the nuke out into the open where he can get at it.
Is there a way to trigger this bomb remotely? Yeah, I, uh I rigged this up.
Problem is you can only trigger from about a thousand yards, which means you're still gonna be in the blast zone.
It's not a factor.
I don't plan to survive.
If the Master wants to draw us into a trap, then into his trap I shall go.
If I can lure him to me, I'll contact you via radio.
You'll then drive the bomb to the base of the building and escape before I trigger the weapon.
Hey, that's a hell of a Hail Mary play there, Born-o.
You have a better idea? How how big a boom are we looking for? We just want to take out the Empire State Building.
(Clears throat) I'll set it to 15 kilotons.
The fireball will vaporize the building and leave nothing but a crater a hundred feet deep.
Jesus Christ.
Are you sure you're okay with this? No.
But it's the least-bad option we have.
We should have seen some strigs by now.
Where the hell are they? Something's not right.
You know, I'd feel a damn sight better if you stop monkeying around with that trigger.
I've been handling weapons safely for 2,000 years, right.
But it takes one screw-up to ruin a good streak, Born-o.
Stay here.
Wait for my call.
Well, Born-o Good hunting.
Good luck.
All of you.
That one has quite a pair of balls.
Actually, he doesn't.
(Chuckles softly) Hear anything? No.
They must have left someone to guard us.
Not if they're going for the Master.
They're gonna need every last person they got.
What if they all get killed? No one knows we're locked in here.
We could starve to death.
Selah, it's okay.
(Crying) Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I'm sorry this happened.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from this.
But you have to believe I tried.
- Everything I did, I did for you.
- Shit.
- What? - You didn't do a goddamn thing for me.
You did it for you.
I no.
You're saying I I liked working for Eichhorst, dealing with all that that pressure and that shit? Yes, I do.
(Laughing): Yeah.
I'm very sorry that you feel that way.
But you're wrong.
I did do it for you.
And what about banging your assistants? Did you do that for me, too? Excuse me? You really think I'm that stupid? You have always been the one for me, always.
I have never been unfaithful to you.
(Muffled crashing) What was that? (Clattering) (Door opens) Where is the weapon? They wouldn't tell me.
You were not supposed to signal me until you found it.
I know, but they saw through me, so I thought Where are they now? - What do we do now? Hmm? - Shh.
- Sanjay.
- Just shut up.
I'm trying to figure this out.
(Door opens) Master.
Thank God.
You're injured? Oh, uh.
Dutch Velders, she did this to me.
They interrogated you? No.
They tried.
What's she doing here? They tried to use her as leverage.
But it didn't work.
We we didn't say anything.
ZACK: He's lying.
He told them you were at the Empire State Building.
I heard the others talking about it.
(Snarling) She she told them.
- Sanjay.
- I tried to stop her.
- You know I didn't.
- Selah, I'm so sorry.
I begged you to stay quiet.
I wish you had listened.
You son of a bitch.
I (Bones snapping) I tried to control her, sir.
She was always so impetuous.
It wasn't your wife.
It was you.
But it was only because Sir, please.
Please don't.
You need me.
(Crunches, Desai grunts) (Body drops) Such a creature is beneath contempt.
Perhaps it is clear to you now that I have no tolerance for the weak.
(Snarling) (Beep) (Beeping) We've gone hot.
What's going on, Born-o? I'm just entering the lobby now.
Looks like nobody's home.
I'm going up.
Could be a boatload of munchers between you and the top floor.
Then it might take me a while.
(Elevator chimes) He's not here.
Where is he? You think I'm gonna tell you? Quinlan.
Do you hear me? What's going on? (Labored breathing) Tell them, Invictus.
Tell them how you have failed yet again.
He's not here.
Not here? Not here as in not on the top floor? Or not here as in not in the building? Not in the building.
So, what do you want us to do? Such a pity you've wasted your existence with humans instead of taking your place beside me.
And become a pawn like the boy? He's more of a son to me athan you have ever been.
(Growling) (Snarling) (Scoffs) Pathetic.
Is this the best you can do? Dispatching these vermin instead of having the courage to face me yourself? You think I'm foolish enough to come within range of your bomb? Understand this, until you confront me, you will never have the security you crave.
No matter how many humans you enslave, no matter how many cities you hollow out, I shall never give up my pursuit of you.
(Growling) You'll have your confrontation.
But not here, not now.
It'll be at a time and place of my choosing.
Not yours.
- Quinlan.
- (Demonic laughter) He didn't take the bait.
Leave at once.
Get the bomb to safety.
What about you? (Snarling) Born-o! (Snarling) We got trouble.
(Snarling) Shit.
Brace for impact.